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Sekhm Energy Healing

Levels I, II and III


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The sky and the stars make music to You. The sun and the moon praise You. The Gods exalt You. The Goddesses sing to You.

“The conscience (heart) of a human is his or her own god.” “I have not done iniquity. I am pure of heart and worthy of Immortality.” “The soul is a prisoner of its own ignorance. In this condition, it is fettered with the chains of ignorance to an existence where it has no control over its fate in life. The purpose of each virtue is to remove one fetter.” “Now, make thy body still. Meditate that you may know Truth.” “Harmony is the union of opposites.” “As above, So below. We are created in the image of Neteru (Gods).” “Morals are judged by deeds.”


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Spiritual Matrix Sekhm Healing is a type of nonlocal Healing. It works with subtle energies (universal energy known as Prana, or Sekhem/ Skhm in old Egypt) and operates through quantum entanglement between our biofields. Before practicing our Healing System, it is recommended you know some basics about working with the chakras, human magnetism, and raising energy (prana, chi, sekhem). This type of Healing at Distance is categorized by medical scientists (in their research studies) as Biofield Therapy or Energy Medicine. We like the term Nonlocal Healing. Biofield therapies are non-invasive therapies in which the practitioner explicitly works with a client's biofield (interacting fields of energy and information that surround living systems) to stimulate healing responses in patients. We send the energy to a focal point to produce positive effects. Training in these practices is increasingly prevalent among healthcare professionals, and such practices are offered to patients in a limited number of clinical settings, including hospitals. At the end of this book, you can read a few medical studies about Distant Healing. Our system is based on the original source, the ancient method of healing: Sekhem (Skhm), though it has many different names. We also use extra-terrestrial symbols of the principal crop-circles. Some people on the internet promote their “Egyptian” healing systems but use symbols from Mikao Usui reiki, which is contradictory. They are just copycats. I assure you, this book is one of the most powerful and complete books you will read on this subject because it contains the real Egyptian (Kemetic) symbols and prayers, and includes methods for working with your chakras and raising your vibration! We don’t make “Energy” a business. We will not charge money for attunements. We respect the universal energy, and we know how to harness and channel that energy with love and respect. Sekhem is the universal and sentient energy, and the energy associated with the goddess Sekhmet (daughter of Ra).

In addition, “Reiki” is a lucrative business. If you want to take the initiation, it will be expensive. They charge a lot of money to send you universal energy (which is free

8 energy). Here in Portugal, some Reiki Masters charge more than 120 euros for each level of teaching. In our Spiritual Sekhm Healing, you only need to pay for this book. I will never charge money for energy or attunements. Energy is free; the universe doesn’t charge us money to receive its energy. We cannot set up a business based on free energy. We respect the universal energy, Sekhem, which is conscious energy. The universe is also Conscious. David J. Chalmers of the University of Arizona has proposed that consciousness may be a fundamental property of the universe, not reducible to anything more elemental, not derivable from anything else. For those who might think I have little experience, you are wrong. I have studied and practiced spirituality since I was 16 years old. I frequented a spiritualist center, learned about chakras and mesmerism, I practised laying on hands healing (applied with hands, like reiki), I worked with crystal therapy, I published my own books, etc.

The Earth is changing, human consciousness is changing, and people are awakening. We don’t like secrets; we don’t like “Elitist groups” who keep secrets from people to maintain the Power for themselves because they are afraid of losing it. There is no need to be touched by the hands of a Master in your crown chakra. You weren’t born with any imperfection or “closed chakra”, and you were born to function properly. You receive energy from the source; we are all entangled.

You may stimulate your crown chakra with meditation, visualization, and crystals.


The goddess Nephthys (left) and the goddess Isis /Auset (right) with hand gestures, sending vital energy to reanimate and resurrect Osiris (Ausar).

Sekhm Energy Healing – Silvio Guerrinha Š


Everything is Energy

Quantum physics says that everything in the universe is pure energy; the only difference is the type of vibration. Everything that exists is in energy form, from the physical dimension to where scientific instruments cannot measure the level of vibration. Everything exists in the form of energy, from the densest to the subtlest in vibration. The source of all is the Divine Mind. The physical universe was created by the process of changing energy from one form to another. “What we call matter doesn’t exist, all matter arises and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibrate and maintain balanced this miniature solar system that is the atom. We have to accept the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind behind this force. " Max Planck (Creator of Quantum Physics)

Change your mind set and align yourself with the Existence.

Everyday you wake up, thanks to the Universe, thanks to the Divinity. The first time you see the Sun, in the morning, honour him. Thu sun is the source of life on Earth, and the Sun irradiates light (information), heat and Energy (Prana, Sekhem). Follow the 11 Universal Principles in your life.

Many of our emotions are programmed reactions to circumstances, these principles can deprogram and reprogram our reactions so we can instead respond in a way that is conducive to our spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Society has already programmed us through the media to be "conformed to this world. It is time for us to start programming ourselves to be transformed and renewing our minds.


11 Universal Laws:

Law of Amen: You were created in the likeness of peace which cannot be disturbed. Regain your original state of peace to attain to your reason for coming into existence--the enjoyment of life.

Law of Ausar (Osiris): Your nature is an unconquerable peace. Therefore, nothing and no one in the world can be against you. All experiences come to you to promote your reclamation of peace that you may, in turn, acquire wisdom and power.

Law of Tehuti (Toth): When your thoughts, feelings, and actions reflect the Word of Divinity, then the power of Universal spirit and peace that nothing can challenge will flow through your being.

Law of Sekher: When your emotions manifest in response to the Word of the Divinity they have the power to influence all events in the world.

Law of Ma'At: Divinity needs you to come into the world. Fulfilling Divinity's need is the highest act of love and only through your love for the Divinity can you fulfil your love for others. Become Divinity's love in the world for the protection of the world.

Law of Herukhutt: Know that Divinity neither punishes nor rewards nor protects. You will have the comfort of controlling these for yourself.

Law of Heru (Horus): You have the power but not the right to ignore the Universal law. Choose to follow Universal laws with the love and joy that comes from understanding and the wisdom and power of Divinity spirit will flow through your being.

Law of Het-Heru: It is not what you imagine but who is imagining. Are you a human or a divine being?

12 Law of Sebek: It’s not what you think or affirm. It’s who is thinking or affirming. Are you a human or divine being?

Law of Auset (Isis): Prepare to sacrifice everything to become the vessel of Divinity on earth, and you will, in turn, receive everything.

Law of Geb: Know that from heaven you came and to heaven you will return; seek not enduring works on earth.

Notice that I’ve used the Original Kemetic names of these gods, and in parenthesis, the name they were known by the Greeks. The original name of Osiris as an example is: Ausar, the real name of Isis is: Auset, the real name of Horus is: Heru. But I don’t believe that they were all gods, they were aspects (or sub-divisions) of the Universal Divinity. I don’t use the biblical concept of “God”, a humanized exteriorization and masculine aspect of divinity. I believe in a Cosmic Universal Consciousness, which have both polarities (feminine and masculine), Spirit is energy, doesn’t have a body or a gender. So, I used the word Divinity.


9 Principles In Human Being

9. Head (Ikh) = Ether … Mental, Meditation. 8. Brow (Mer) = Spirit … Intellect, thinking. 7. Nasal (Shiru) = Breath . .. Air, life, breathing. 6. Throat (Sehem) = Mucous … Protecting 5. Heart (Heper) = Blood . .. Healing 4. Diaphragm (A'b) = Solar Plexus … Heating 3. Navel (Tekht) = Liquids . Life, nourishing. 2. Sacral (Tchet) = Semen (Men), Ovum (Women) .. Reproducing 1. Carnal (Setekht) = Soul, Emotions ...Lusting


Hymn to RA (Re) the Sun

Homage to thee, O RA, at thy beauteous rising. Thou risest, thou risest; thou shinest, thou shinest at the dawn. Thou art King of the Gods, and the MaÄ ti goddesses embrace thee. The Company of the Gods praises thee at sunrise and at sunset. Thou sailest over the heights of heaven and thy heart is glad. Thy Morning Boat meeteth thy Evening Boat with fair winds. Thy father is the Sky-god, and thy mother is the Sky-goddess, and thou art Horus of the Eastern and Western skies. O thou Only One, O thou Perfect One, O thou who art eternal, who art never weak, Whom no mighty one can abase; None hath dominion over the things which appertain to thee. Homage to thee in thy characters of Horus, Tem, and Khepera, thou Great Hawk, Who makest man to rejoice by thy beautiful face. When thou risest men and women live. Thou renewest thy youth, and dost set thyself in the place where thou wast yesterday. O Divine Youth, who art self-created, I cannot comprehend thee. Thou art the Lord of heaven and earth, And didst create beings celestial and beings terrestrial. Thou art the God One, who camest into being in the beginning of time. Thou didst create the earth, and man, thou didst make the sky and the celestial river Hep; Thou didst make the waters and didst give life unto all that therein is. Thou hast knit together the mountains, Thou hast made mankind and the beasts of the field to come into being, And hast made the heavens and the earth. The fiend Nak is overthrown, his arms are cut off. O thou Divine Youth, thou heir of everlastingness, self-begotten and self-born, One, Might, of myriad forms and aspects, Prince of An (i.e., On), Lord of Eternity, Everlasting Ruler, the Company of the Gods rejoice in thee. As thou risest thou growest greater: Thy rays are upon all faces. Thou art unknowable, and no tongue can describe thy similitude; Thou existest alone. Millions of years have passed over the world, I cannot tell the number of those through which thou hast passed. Thou journeyest through spaces [requiring] millions of years [to pass over] In one little moment of time, and then thou settest and dost make an end of the hours.


Sekhm Energy Healing – Silvio Guerrinha ©


The Chakras (Arats)

The Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) definition of chakras is known as Sefech Ba Ra: Seven souls of Ra, also known as the Arats. Through the Arats (Chakras) it flows our vital Energy, or Sekhem. The Chakras are consciousness centers or conduits and realms of existence through which consciousness moves. The Chakras represent all the consciousness levels as well as the levels of the Ta, Duat, and Pet Realm. Thus, the chakras and the consciousness encompass the path and attainment of SelfRealization and Self-Mastery, enlightenment, and ascension. Each Sefech Ba Ra Chakra exists at a vibration. If the vibration is high, then the activation and consciousness level of that Chakra is expansive and unfettered. This means pure energy and health at that specific Sefech Ba Ra consciousness.


To maintain a good level of energy in the body and uphold the energy to flow and to avoid energy blocks, there are some exercises to align and energize the chakras. The crystals (gemstones) can also be used to work with the chakras, like mantras (sacred songs), and chromotherapy (color therapy). Each crystal has a specific vibration and a specific color, such as the seven chakras.

«Sen-t» Root Chakra ("Base and Foundation" & "support"), is the base of Sekhmet energy. It begins in the rectal area (in the base of the spine), root chakra. It brings vitality to the physical body. Its function is survival, including personal safety, basic physical needs such as eating, drinking, and sleeping; things beyond sex and shelter. The Sen-t chakra is the site of the coiled Kundalini, vital Shakti, or serpent energy, sekhem. The root Chakra deals with survival and is blocked when you feel fear. It is very important in relation to the general vitality of the organism. It stimulates all other chakras, all the energy system, and consequently the entire physical body. Color: Red. Element: Earth. Realm: It is associated with the Ta realm (Physical plan) and the Conscious, low vibration. Deity Sekhmet.

Glands: Adrenal. Faculty: Survival. Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Red Quartz, Red Jasper, Onyx, Hematite. Black crystals, as Onyx or black tourmaline, remove negative energy of this chakra, while red crystals (Red Jasper, Granada) confer power, courage, and power of decision. Foods that stimulate this chakra: Cress, eggplant, beets, tomatoes, strawberries. Mantra: LAM (pronunciation is thus: LLLL AAAAAA MMMM) Affirmation: "I am the Self; the Self is eternal.”


To maintain a balanced energy in this chakra, you should develop your strength of will, seek to acquire a thorough knowledge and introspect, avoid being selfish, and maintain a healthy diet.

Khept-ti, Sacral Chakra ("Home of pleasure"), spleen of Hathor, in the groin and belly base. It is located just below the navel, but its power is in the entire genital area. It is associated with desire, emotions, vitality, self-esteem, pleasure, and relates to the creative power of sexual energy. Creativity is at the level of the perpetuation of the species breeding. This chakra is also related to emotional patterns, and how the person reacts emotionally in individual relationships. This chakra is blocked when you feel guilt.

Color: Orange. Element: Water. Realm: It is associated with the Ta realm (Physical plan) and the Conscious, low vibration. Deity Hator ( Sky goddess, lady of stars) Goddess of fertility. Glands: Gonads. Faculty: Sexuality. Crystals: Jasper, Agate Fire, Granada, Coral, Carnelian, Orange Calcite. Orange crystals stimulate creativity and bring optimism (Carnelian, Orange Selenite, orange calcite). Food: Pumpkin, carrot, corn, orange, mango, persimmon. Mantra: VAM Affirmation: Every cause has an effect. Every effect has a cause, everything happens according to Law. There are several planes of manifestation. To keep this chakra balanced, remember that happiness and pleasure are not always on the outside. The pleasure and happiness are within, inner happiness. Let go of desires that imprison, do meditation. Do not be addicted to sex, think primarily about love. Make love with a partner, in conscious and spiritual form. Read about tantra.


Say this prayer: ÂŤ I live in the moment. I release the fear within. I observe myself objectively. I let go of judgement. I believe in myself.Âť

Hati ("City of Jewels"), solar plexus of Ra, the belly area, is associated with the digestion, emotions, metabolism, humor, authority, power, and personal transformation. It is said that the solar plexus is our inner "sun". Governs the sense of personal power in the world. The sense of control over one's life, in relation to the will, to the needs, and personal goals. If this chakra is poorly energized, we will have little magnetism. Is blocked when you feel shame. Color: Yellow. Element: Fire. Realm: It is associated with the Ta realm (Physical plan) and the Conscious, low vibration. Deity RA / Re (associated with light, Sun).

Organ: Pancreas. Faculty: Power. Crystals: Yellow Citrine, Amber, Imperial Topaz, Yellow Calcite. The yellow crystals provide energy. Food: Butter, egg yolk, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, banana, pineapple, melon, peach, lemon.

20 Mantra: Ram (the 'R' is spelled as in the word 'root'). Raaaaaaaa mmmmmm.

Affirmation: I express my supreme vital energy. The principle of rhythm, everything flows, in and out, everything falls and rises. The principle of the pendulum is manifested in all, the rhythm is compensated. Always express your feelings; do not hold anything back. Be expressive, without fear. Love yourself as you are. Learn to develop the powers of the mind, and to master the emotions.

Ab, heart chakra, Isis heart, energizes the physical body and the blood, provides unconditional love, compassion, balance, harmony, peace. Selfless love. This chakra is blocked when you feel grief. Color: Green. Element: Air Realm: It is associated with the Duat realm (Astral plane) and the Subconscious. Average vibration. Deity Ma’at (associated with Justice, Honour, integrity like the heath).

Gland: Timo. Faculty: Love. Crystals: Green Calcite, Green Quartz, Tourmaline Emerald Green, Malachite, Quartz Green. Jade. Green crystals promote health, balance, and safety. Food: Green fruits and vegetables (avocado, kiwi, green apple, grape, watercress, lettuce, endive, broccoli).

Mantra: Yam. Affirmation: "I am in the All, and the All is in me, we are One."

21 The heart Chakra holds the energy of love. It is important to have self-esteem, as well as unconditional love. Avoid jealousy or selfishness, or lower feelings. Do not do anything upset, do activities that make you feel accomplished, and work on what truly loves. Control the ego and let awaken your true Self. Learn to forgive.

Ashas-t ("The cleansing"), the throat chakra, Tut throat. It is in the throat area, associated with communication, sound, vibration, creativity, knowledge, honesty, integration, strength of character, Truth, and intuitions. It is also associated with thyroid. This chakra is blocked when you lie. Color: White. Element: Ether. Realm: It is associated with the Duat realm (Astral plane) and the Subconscious, average vibration. Deity Toth / Tehuti (Associated with Speech, knowledge). Gland: Thyroid. Faculty: Creativity. Crystals: Aquamarine, Blue Quartz, Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Chalcedony, Larimar. Light blue crystals provide wisdom, insight, and peace. Food: black plum, raisins, blueberries, fish, asparagus, potatoes. Mantra: Ham Affirmation: The Self expresses consciousness in the form of creation. The principle of vibration, nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates... Here too it is important to control the ego and learn to master the mind, leaving your Higher-Self express themselves freely. The important thing is not to talk much but speak the right things at the right times. Use the gift of the word spiritually.

Self-awareness, self-discipline, and knowledge lead to spiritual mastery.


Aar-t: ("The command center"), brow chakra, Eye of Horus. It is on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and is associated with the third eye, psychic vision, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepathy. Revitalizes the nervous system and vision, provides devotion and imagination. This chakra is blocked when you believe in illusions. When the kundalini energy, or serpent power, rises and reach the spiritual clarity, the chakra of the third eye is activated. This was symbolized by Uajdit snake on the forehead of the Egyptian pharaohs. The Egyptians call the practice of awakening the kundalini: "Serpent Power" because the spine is like a snake, and that energy flowing, is an energetic snake.

Color: Blue Indigo Element: Thought. Intellect. Realm: It is associated with the Duat realm (Astral plane) and the Subconscious, average vibration. Deity Horus/ Heru (The eye of Horus, Wadjet, is a symbol of protection, knowledge, it’s the all seeing eye) Gland: Pituitary. School: Intuition. Crystals: Sodalite, Azurite, Lapis Pencil, Kyanite, blue tourmaline. Provide clarity, help in meditation. Food: Eggplant, beetroot, black plum. Mantra: Om.

Affirmation: My inner self is awake, alert and protected. Correspondence principle: As above, so below. Energy and Matter are not separate, they are one. Body (matter) and mind (energy) are united. We are the Microcosms, as the Macrocosm. See beyond appearances of the physical world. Direct your energy to your higher mind. Sekhm Energy Healing – Silvio Guerrinha ©

Qemhu, the crown of Osiris, is at the top of the head.

23 Is associated with higher energies, communication with the Universe. Revitalizes the brain. Opens the consciousness to infinity. Receives the divine light. This chakra is blocked when you are attached to materialism and earthly things. Color: Violet. Element: Spirit. Realm: Associated with the Pet realm (Divine plan) and the Unconscious, High vibration. Deity Osiris. (Osiris, Ausar, was the God of the Afterlife, the Spiritual realm). Gland: Pineal. Emotion: Happiness. Crystals: White Quartz, Amethyst, Topaz colorless, Mica lilac, golden Calcite, Fluorite. Violet tone crystals benefit the transmutation and spirituality. Mantra: Aum

Affirmation: I am a transcendental Being. Mentalism principle: Everything is mind, the Universe is Mental. We merge our spiritual self with the Cosmic Self. Transcending all the concerns of the material world, think about higher matters.

Whenever one of these chakras are little energized, or there are energy blocks, the negative side of its features is revealed. For example, the heart chakra is associated with love. An imbalance in this chakra will express jealousy and selfishness.

You also have a chakra on each Hand Palm (called Tchet-t) and in your feet (Teb-ti)


Meditation with The Crystal of Each Chakra:

Make your meditation last between 10 and 20 minutes. To begin, place the crystal on the member or between the hands’ chakra. Sit in a comfortable position. Relax your body and breathe slowly and deeply. Take a detailed look at the crystal for a while, until you can close your eyes and "see" it in all its details. Keep breathing deeply, erase any thoughts that flow inadvertently. When you have achieved a reasonable level of relaxation, "see" the crystal in thought. Account for 7 seconds. Let the crystal grow inside your imagination to the size of a mountain.

Once the crystal reaches this size, see yourself walking on the surface of the stone and explore it. Scroll out and find some way up it, explore it inside too. Chant the mantra of this chakra. Once you are satisfied with your explorations, go back to the place where it started again and count from one to seven. But this time, you can view the crystal at normal size. Breathe deeply a few times and move gently back to normal alertness. Open your eyes.


Neteru Crystal Exercise Neteru are ancient Egyptian Gods. Take hold of a clear quartz crystal, or if you want a higher resonance, try something like Apophyllite, if you want to enhance your own intuition. Lay down and place the crystal so that it touches your skull. You can also add another quartz crystal over the third eye, between your eyebrows, if you want to. Close your eyes and focus on the sensations running through your body. When you are relaxed and still, move your awareness up to your third eye and call in your desired Neteru. Ask them to help you anchor the crystals’ energies into your aura. Then be open to the images, sensations, or feelings that occur within your own energy fields. Take at least 15 minutes to do this exercise. When you have finished, be sure to place your hands over your crown and third eye chakras to close them down. Drink some water to ground yourself, and record your experiences in your journal.


Imagine the chakra you want to stimulate (e.g. imagine a green light in the heart area, heart chakra, Ab). Picture the green light running in a circle in a clockwise direction, to focus on it is already boosting the energy. Place your right hand on top of the chakra and a circular motion clockwise.


Egyptian visualization of the Sun:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, meditate to enter in a state of total relaxation, Alfa. Imagine a bright sun above your head. From that sun come six light rays. The first ray enters through your forehead (Aar-t chakra) and illuminates your pineal gland and the pituitary gland. The second ray enters the throat chakra (Ashas-t) and illuminates the thyroid. The third ray enters the heart, heart chakra Ab. The fourth ray enters the chest (solar plexus, Hati Chakra). Then raise your arms and place your hands crossed, the left over the right shoulder and the right hand over the left shoulder, your arms crossed in the shape of an "X" (the position of the Pharaohs). Imagine the fifth and the sixth rays of light entering each of your hands. Now that the six rays illuminate your whole body feel the light flow throughout your body, through your blood, your organs, your nervous system, up and down the spine. With arms still crossed, hands down to the level of the chest, hold the light within, feel revitalized. Repeat to yourself ÂŤI am a Being of Light.Âť


You may also apply Healing energy to your pets, here is the animal chakras chart.

Sekhm Energy Healing – Silvio Guerrinha Š


Raising your magnetism If you raise your magnetism you also raise your vibration and you will be healthier. If we can keep our body’s frequency above 62 MHz, we should not have to worry about getting sick. This is because harmful micro-organisms have a hard time thriving in a body with energy that is vibrating above 62 MHz.

Breathing (pranayama technique) we absorb air magnetism, ether, this magnetism called life force: prana or chi, ether (Egyptian Sekhem). Exposure to sunlight, the sun radiates light, heat, magnetism, and prana. Honour Ra. Meditation. Thoughts are magnetic and generate an energy field around us and attract energies in resonance with our own energy. Meditating will make you reach higher states of consciousness and will receive power directly from the Universal source. Tune in to the cosmos. Attending places rich in magnetism (beach, forest, places of worship where there are many people in prayer or meditation, etc.). Grounding: Place your bare feet on the ground, absorbing the telluric magnetism of the soil. Food: Eat healthy foods that provide nutrients and vitamins to the body, amplifying the body's magnetism. Water: Natural water or magnetized water (water absorbs local energy, for example in spiritual centers implement a practice of fluid therapy). Or, another method is solarized water, water exposed to sunlight.

Crystals: Using crystals to amplify our energy field, or transmute bad energy into positive energy. One of the most used is magnetite crystals.

Sekhm Energy Healing – Silvio Guerrinha Š

29 Good food for the brain and the pineal gland:

Banana: Carbohydrate source and tryptophan which help produce serotonin, improving mood, good for neurotransmitters. Other sources of tryptophan are beans, peanuts, almonds, dried dates, grapes, and fish.

Natural cocoa: It is good for the brain (we are talking about natural cocoa, not those chocolates filled with sugar and a low percentage of natural cocoa). Natural cocoa, according to a study by Italian scientists of L'Aquila, has flavonoids; natural substances that help improve cognitive functions such as memory and reasoning. The researchers analyzed a group of 90 elderly people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a precursor of Alzheimer problem and noticed a large increase in verbal fluency and levels of attention of the participants.

Algae: Chinese, Irish, Icelandic, British, Canadian, Japanese, American Indians, Hawaiians, Koreans, Russians, and Eskimos are just some of the people who have cultivated seaweed to be used as food for centuries. The Marine algae have more calcium and iron and more minerals than the plants of the earth.

Afa algae (Alphanizomenon Flos Aquae): Neuropeptides rich in low molecular weight, allowing them to readily pass through the blood-brain barrier after they reach the brain enhance neurotransmitters. Chlorella: Chlorophyll contains a group of photosynthetic pigments which absorb blue and red light in the electromagnetic spectrum and thus reflects a green color tone. By ingesting chlorophyll purify the body are furthermore Chlorella contains betacarotene, selenium, zinc, vitamin B 12, vitamin C and vitamin E, and Chlorella Grow Factor (CGF) growth factor that enhances stimulates our immune system wound healing and tissue replacement.

30 Nori: Name of an edible seaweed Japanese origin, widely used to make sushi, detoxifies the body, is a source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and B-12, a source of potassium and iron.

Wakame: (Undaria pinnatifada). It contains vitamins A, C and E, niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, riboflavin, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese. Can prevent cancer, an article in "Breast Cancer Research" in 2003 reported that the seaweed is rich in iodine, there is a low rate of breast cancer in Japan, and iodine seaweed can suppress or kill breast tumors.

Walnuts: Walnuts slow cellular aging; reduce cholesterol levels and the formation of blood clots, thereby preventing 60% the risk of heart disease. Have anti-inflammatory action due to fatty acids such as linoleic. Antioxidants, vitamin E and selenium contain, prevent cancer, rich in calcium. Improving pulmonary resistance thanks to the antioxidants it has. Contains vitamin B6, good for the proper functioning of the brain (ever noticed that the nut has the appearance of a brain?) And red blood cell production.

Pumpkin seeds: Rich in iron, provides the appropriate oxygen transport in blood. Rich in zinc, help maintain a healthy prostate, zinc is also good for the protection of bones, aids in bone mineral density preventing osteoporosis. Rich source of magnesium, manganese and phosphorus, copper, magnesium, healthy minerals, and proteins. Garlic, ginger, and turmeric are traditionally used as stimulants of vitality. Truffles, mushrooms, broccoli, and celery, have an odor that emanates from the skin after eating for several hours. These are foods that raise their magnetism and your attractiveness. Ginseng is another alternative to increasing the magnetism and is particularly good for men. Chard: This vegetable contains a lot of magnesium. Magnesium is a nutrient that is a vital part of the biochemical reactions that increase energy levels in the human body.


Pineal Gland – Eye of Horus (Wedjat) The pineal gland is a reddish-grey structure with an oval shape, about the size of a pea. In the human being, it is 5 by 8 mm and has 150 mg mass. It is in the Brain on the top side of the thalamus. Its function is to receive information from inside the body and send the information directly or indirectly to the rest of the body. It's a kind of radar and the informative epicenter of impressions received from the exterior through the senses and various types of hormones. It is called the "third eye", third vision, psychic vision and associated with the Aar-t chakra in the center of the forehead. 'Eye of Horus' (Wedjat)

The pineal gland is associated with feminine energy, and the pituitary gland is associated with masculine energy, each has a different polarity. The two glands working in synchrony, form a line of energy transfer connecting them when activated, which is transferred from one pole to another. The Yogis of India ensure that the pineal gland is the window of Brahma, the Diamond Eye, the eye of the versatility which through special training gives us the perception of ultra

32 In the absence of light (when eyes closed) the pineal gland produces dimethyltryptamine (N, N-dimethyltryptamine), abbreviated as DMT, a psychedelic belonging to the group of tryptamine, and melatonin. A magnetic field is generated around the pineal gland. On December 11th, 1980, Semm and Vollrath published articles in the Scientific magazine Nature, about the conversion of electromagnetic waves into neurochemical stimuli by the pineal. In Brazil, Dr. Sergio Felipe de Oliveira, MD, a researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, University of SĂŁo Paulo, concluded in his study of the pineal gland that the Pineal is like a sensor being able to "see the spiritual world" and relate it to the biological structure. In his Master's thesis (1998) on the "Structure of the Human Pineal Gland", Dr. Sergio Felipe de Oliveira, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Pereira Esem Cerqueira, showed that "the intercellular spaces of the pineal granules contain calcified material known as sand or cerebral corpora arenacea". "The pineal form apatite crystals can exist in large quantities in a child whereas in an adult they hardly exist. Through research, it is known that when an adult has a lot of these crystals in this gland (seen in the scans), it is easier to capture electromagnetic fields. Finds it easy to incorporate into his field information of the mental world of others. " "These apatite crystals vibrate according to the electromagnetic waves that they capture, and this would explain the regulation of the menstrual cycle in women according to the phases of the moon" The pineal gland contains micro crystals of calcite inside; a crystal is a solid whose atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in an organized pattern. Our thoughts emit waves that follow patterns too, and our thought patterns emit frequencies. Dr. Marcel Joseph Vogel noted that the frequency patterns of thinking can change the way the crystals of the gland will be organized. Negative thoughts, fear, or insecurity have low frequency, thoughts of love have a higher frequency. The micro crystals in the pineal gland can store these frequencies of thought repeating patterns, such as crystals on a computer, the pineal gland is as it were a hard drive in your brain. Pay attention to the kind of thoughts that you send, because these patterns tend to be memorized and repeated in the pineal gland. We must avoid certain refined products, soft drinks, tap water (containing fluoride) among other products, as they affect the health of the pineal gland and fluoride tends to make the pineal "crystallize".

33 I hope with all my heart that this book has been helpful to you. What makes this healing system different is that we relied on ancient and original wisdom. What makes this system different is our way of thinking and our acting as a group, as a family that we are in the spiritual matrix. We support each other, we send energy to each other, as needed, for free. Sometimes there are people who receive energy of four or five members simultaneously. We are all connected, energy knows no distance in space-time, separation is an illusion. Now, both our consciences are aligned.

“Mastery of Passion allows divine thought and action.� Kemetic Proverb

Ankh Wedja Seneb Life, Prosperity, and Health!


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Sekhm Energy Healing  

Egyptian (Kemetic) system: Sekhm healing. Ancient Egyptian "Reiki". Kemetic system of chakras, methods of remote energy healing.

Sekhm Energy Healing  

Egyptian (Kemetic) system: Sekhm healing. Ancient Egyptian "Reiki". Kemetic system of chakras, methods of remote energy healing.