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2013 Sika Flooring Contractors Meeting 㺬ࢎ2013ౝಗឬᐧੳᎡч

8 PRODUCT ϔ৮ The Project that Sets Records

Sika® Ceram Tile Adhesives




Young Professionals Grow 㺬ࢎ͚పᎡ䒨㏼⤳ ϧࣾᆂ䃎ܿ









Dear Readers,

䓴ࣨ⮱‫܍‬ক᜾࣯ߍγᒵ็⁎ч䃛喑⃼⁎᜾䘪ч䬛 ̭͗䬛䷅喟ౕ㺬ࢎጒ҉喑ҍᙌ‫ݝ‬㜗䆗ॄ喤ҍज㘪ч㙞ऐ 㔹‫ܧ‬䄡喟ᒀ♣喆ѳ᭜喑㺮ⱌₐఋめ䔆͗䬛䷅喑䔅᭜䃖᜾ Й⌞‫ڒ‬ౝγ㼐̸̭㺬ࢎ⮱ࢳट喟

Within the last weeks I had a lot of meetings with our teams and I asked them one question: Are you proud to work for Sika? Well, you can quickly say yes but to really answer the question we looked a bit into the history of Sika worldwide:




㺬ࢎ⮱ࢳटጟ䊲䓴⮫Ꭱȡ ᑧ๔⮱৮❹喟҉ͧᄾ᪝ B2B ⮱‫ڙ‬थ喑㺬ࢎ̻㦄ऺ⮱ ຏҵ৮৮❹ຯߠ߈ธহ⁔ㆠ㠱ᝃ⊵䉦৮৮❹ຯ䯭 ጏ℁㗖喑‫ڒ‬䔶 2013 ᎡᰭҠ⦋ธ৮❹ 50 ᑧ喍す 6 䶢喎ȡ 㺬ࢎ᭜‫⤰ڕ‬ᐧまࡃ ႓৮ጯ౧䶳ᄩ 㔲ȡౕ 䓴ࣨ⮱ 10 Ꭱ喑㺬ࢎ‫⮱⤰ڕ‬䨭ਜ਼䷊ϻ 20 Ϭ⦋ธ∂䗻෋䪬‫ݝ‬䊲 䓴 50 Ϭ⦋ธ∂䗻喑䔆᭜ᒵ็》ζᄦ᝸䘪ᬍ∂Юࣷ ⮱෋䪬䕌Ꮣȡ


Sika has more than 100 years of experience.


A strong brand: Sika is one of the few B2B companies that are on eye level with famous luxury good companies (like Rolex or Omega) or end customer brands like Nestle (see page 6).


Sika is the world-wide market leader in construction chemicals. With an increase in sales from 2 Bio. CHF to more than 5 Bio. CHF within the last 10 years, Sika clearly outperforms all competitors.


…and in China? ȋ


㺬ࢎጟ ㏼ 䔈 ‫͚ڒ‬పጯ౧ 20 Ꭱȡ䊤⎽λᎬጋ喑㺬ࢎ Ⱋ‫ౕ͚ݺ‬పጟ㏼᠒ᰶ 10 უ⩌ϔጒࢯВࣷᒵ็უᤲ ៹〆ȡ‫ౕ͚ͻ܍‬ప⮱Ш҂ౝ᫦喑ҍ䘪जВ䉚Ν‫ݝ‬㺬 ࢎ倅䉕䛼⮱ϔ৮ȡ 㺬ࢎ͚పঅጒ䊲䓴 1200 ऺ喑Ꭱ䨭ਜ਼䷊䊲䓴 17 Ϭϧ ℾጮȡ

ᰡ 䛺 㺮⮱᭜喑ౕ͚ప⮱⃼ ̭ ͗ౝ᫦喑ϻҍ䏘䓦侣 䓴⮱ࢎ䒓হ↪䒓̷ᰶ㺬ࢎᱽ᫆⮱࢝䔦喠ҍ΅౽⮱▘䒓Ƞ ҍ࠳࠳㔹䓴⮱下ᱧ౧喑㺬ࢎ⮱݈᫝ឭᱜ吅吅ౝ᣽ӈԊ ៑喠ᒀҍ⁐䉼̭Ꮤ䯱ь⮱ᐧまᬣ喑ҍⴒ䖀㺬ࢎ⮱ϔ৮ ౕ䔆䛹ΌᰶᏁ⩕ȡ ⣝ౕ喑⃼๖ᬖ̷᜾䔼䓴⿄ᝤ䘪㘪ⰸ‫̭͗ݝ‬ₐౕ᫪ ጒ⮱ᐧ ま喑䔆 ᭜㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ౧喑䔆݈͗䕍γప‫็ڲ‬䶦 ᐧま㏗ ᒂ⮱䶦ⰛΌᏁ⩕‫ݝ‬γ㺬ࢎ⮱ϔ৮ȡ఍ₑ喑ౕ㺬 ࢎጒ҉喑᜾ᙌ‫ܳ ࡮ݝ‬㜗䆗ȡ᜾ Όͧх⻭⮱㺬ࢎ͚పఏ 䭌ᙌ‫ݝ‬侱‫ן‬喑ₐ᭜ЃЙ݈䕍γ䔆ψ͇㐖ȡहᬣ䲋፥ᙌ 䅏̭ⰡВᲒᩜᠮ᜾Й⮱व҉цѡȡ ⽳઱হ 㺬ࢎ͚పᕨ㷮


20 years of history. Starting from Guangzhou, we now have 10 factories and numerous mixing stations: Sika Quality is produced nearly everywhere in China.


We are a team of more than 1200 people and create more than 1.7 Bio. RMB sales.


MORTEN MUSCHAK President of Sika China

But most important: Wherever you are in China today you can find trucks and cars that are built with our materials. You can use the train or sit in an airport and enjoy innovation made by Sika. Wherever you see an impressive building you know: Sika technology helped to build it. Today the Suzhou Central Plaza, a record setting project, is built in the town where our headquarters is located - with our materials. I can see it every morning when I look out of the window. So I am proud to work for Sika. I am proud of the strong team of Sika China that has achieved all that and I am grateful to all Business partners that support us. Yours

Morten Muschak President of Sika China

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Welcome


NEW HORIZON #13 2014 20


25 40 6

BRAND ৮❹ Top Swiss Brands


㺬ࢎѾℾ⩌䭟▘㈨㐌ౕₓⅶ倅䧮〆⮱᜽ ߌᏁ⩕





2013 Sika Flooring Contractors Meeting 㺬ࢎ2013ౝಗឬᐧੳᎡч 12

Cooperation on Roofing Insulation

Fire Protection for Millions of Passengers

The Flooring that Protects 㺬ࢎౝಗ㈨㐌ౕࡻͧጒࢯ⮱᜽ߌᏁ⩕



Continuing Success Story with TSMC in Taiwan झ⎫㺬ࢎӈᏁझ⎫䯳᜽⩢䌜‫ڙ‬喍TSMC喎 ∮ۭბ⣜⅔㈨㐌


Sika FFI AP Distributor Meeting 㺬ࢎ䬕⿄ᎂෆ㈨㐌А⤳ੳч䃛



Sika® Ceram Tile Adhesives ᠜᩾უ㷲䨣⇠㈨⮱㺬ࢎ⨤ⵃ㘣

PEOPLE ϧ➖ A Dark Horse from China Jumped into the Top 3 of the AGTO




PROJECT䶦Ⱋ The Project that Sets Records

New Iconic Buildings of A City ⇶೻᫝ౝᴴ ÿ ᆞ͉倅䕌Ꭼ౧


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Contents

SUSTAINABILITY जᠮ㐚ࣾᆂ Sustainability in the Logistics 䯳㷲マ⋟㶸⮱‫ܧ‬ऐᏁ⩕


Tara Oceans Polar Circle 2013 2013Ꭱඁ៶ࡄᲮవ⊤∸⻾႓㔰ᄌ


EXPRESS ᔘ䃜 Shanghai Water Reclamation Trade Association Visited Sika China






74 58 ̷⊤ጯᢿⅡ㵹͇ࡼч䶳ᄩ࣯㻯㺬ࢎ


A Hot and Cost-Saving Project 㟼ጋጒࢯ๗䭠㘪͚ᓰ〆㈨㐌


Green Building Expo 㺬ࢎ࣯ᆂGBC2013̷⊤ప䭲㐬㞟ᐧま̻





Marintec China 2013







Corporate Technical Department (CTD) Meeting

TEAM ఏ䭌 Young Professionals Grow

㺬ࢎ㝦㝣䯁䴠⊛ߕౝᲬࣷ㇅ᣒჳᄮ㼐۠ ᫦ᵵϛⰥ2013⊤θⰈч


New Mixing Station in South Taiwan


From Classmates to Workmates 2014㺬ࢎᵎచ᠈㖅䃝

ENJOY ⁐䉼 Being Present in the Greatest Works Worldwide




Regional SEDIS Training ࡧഌSEDIS‫ڠ‬䩛⩕ᝤദ䃚

IMPRINT 㑃䒾䘕喟㺬ࢎ͚పጯ౧э྿䘕喑̷⊤ጯࡻႮ䌜 4555 त ࢝‫ڙݤ‬थ喟̷⊤卬∸࠲㷲࢝‫ݣݤ‬৮ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ



Safety Week in China 㺬ࢎ͚ప2013Ⴖ‫ڕ‬ক≨ߕ

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Upgraded Facility for Better Products

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Ꭼጋጒࢯ⣜⅔ధࡃ‫ࣷݯ‬PU⩌ϔ㏬ ࡴ㏔ᩦ䕍

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Contents



TOP SWISS BRANDS 㺬ࢎѺ݄ 2013 ᰭҠ⦋ธ৮❹ す 45 ᑧ

The brand value of Sika has grown 7% than last year and the position has increased to No. 45 from No. 47. 㺬ࢎ৮❹Фթ⽠ₒ̷ࡴ7%喑ϻࣨᎡ⮱47Ѻࡴ㜠45Ѻȡ


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Strong Brand


ᬒ‫⤰ڕݺ‬ᰭ๔৮❹৕䄏ᱧ Ჱ Interbrand 䃱 䔶 ‫ ܧ‬2013 Ꭱ ᰭҠ⦋ธ৮❹ 50 ᑧȡ⊵䉦৮৮ ❹Ƞຏҵ৮❹Ƞ䛾㲺͇৮❹ࢍᢛ ๔䘕ܳፚѺȡ 㺬 ࢎ ৮ ❹ Ф թ ⽠ ₒ̷ ࡴ

7%喑ϻ 2012 Ꭱ ⮱ 47 Ѻ ࡴ 㜠 45 Ѻȡⰸ Interbrand ຯ҂㼐䄨 㺬ࢎ喟 Ą㺬 ࢎౕ ‫ ⤰ ڕ‬㠰 డ喑ᅑ ‫ڣ‬ ౕ ᫝‫ڡ‬ጯ౧喑㐔 㐚 Ԋ ᠮ ⽠ Ⴧ ෋ 䪬ȡ䕇 䓴 ͧᐧ ま হጒ ͇㵹͇ ᣽ ӈ݈ ᫝ ϔ৮ হ ᰺ ߎ喑㺬 ࢎౕ ‫ڕ‬ ⤰ 㠰 డ ःᓄγ᜽ ߌȡ̻ 㺬 ࢎ ݈ ໸ϧᰭ݊ჇͶ㺬ࢎ৮❹⮱⤳ᔢ ̭ 㜡喑㺬 ࢎ ᣕ ‫ ⮱ܧ‬᫝৮ ❹ ᴴ 䃳 হऐत Building Trust喍䄇 ᅞ ࢀ 䊷喎ᰡͧ䉡䓾჏ᝤ喑ͧ৮❹෋䪬 ෋⌨ߕ߈ȡą

R e cen t l y t h e lis t o f t h e Best Swiss Brand 2013 was published by Interbrand, the largest brand company in the world. Most of the top brands are in the fields of consumption, luxur y and f inancial products. The brand value of Sika has gr o w n 7 % than 20 1 2 and the position has increased to No. 45 from No. 47. The Interbrand report describes: “Sika conduc t s it s global growth strategy especially in the emerging markets. With its innovative products and services for the construction and the industry is globally Sika successful. A significant part of its sales in the Sika is the Consumer business. True to the philosophy of the company founder positioned the brand new with “Building Trust”. The refreshed Corporate design and the close customer communication have boosted the brand name.”


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Strong Brand




The meeting was held in Sheraton Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort.

2013 SIKA FLOORING CONTRACTORS MEETING Ąߞ㇫ᰡ໸ą ÿ ᫝᰸ᬔࣸ命㖇㒷೻喑ᥧ᝸㺬ࢎ‫݈ں‬Ҡ㐖

This yearly meeting is considered as a great event to bring together the contractors for better communication and relationship. 㺬ࢎౝಗឬᐧੳᎡч㷘㻳̭ͧ䶦х㞜э㐌㞯Ⱋ喑᜽̭ͧᎡ̭Ꮣ㺬ࢎ ̻ऱ๔ឬᐧੳЙ⮱๔㖇чȡ TEXT: ᑍ⥠ RACHEL ZHANG


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Contractors Partenership


γ㺬ࢎౝಗ 2013 ᎡᏓ͇㐖Ꭳᄦ 2014 Ꭱ ᣽‫ܧ‬γ᫝ ⮱ࣾ ᆂ ᫦ाȡᮇ ს ̷喑ᰭ 䃖 ϧ ౝಗឬᐧੳᎡч᭜ᰶटВᲒ㻱὎ᰭ๔⮱ ᱌ᒲ⮱㣘䓴λ㺬ࢎᎡᏓ࡮๔䶦Ⱋহ࡮๔ ̭⁎Ꭱч≨ߕ喑ᕨ䃎࣯ߍϧ᪝䓾͑⮫ϧȡ ឬᐧੳ຃䶦⮱ᤚᮀ喑䔆͑͗ ຃䶦⮱䃫⿸ ͧ㺬ࢎ⮱ឬᐧੳ ᴾ ⿸γᴴᱳ喑Όहᬣ 㗜 ҉ͧౝ ಗ 㵹͇⮱䶳‫ۈ‬㔲喑㺬ࢎ 䓾 Ꭱ Ⴧγᓄ຃⮱ឬᐧੳ᝭ःᓄ⮱᜽㐖ȡ 㔹ऻ喑 Გ ̭Ⱑ ౕ ̺ ᫚ ጖ ధȠព ๔Ƞ᣽ ࡴឬᐧੳ ㇫ᒖ⮱㞯Ⱋ㏤㜠⇀Გ喑ᰶຯ㵹 ξ≮ Ⅱ㝙 㑾 㐉ȡͧ Ԋ ᠮȠߍ ᑧ ̻ व ҉ цѡ ⮱㞜 ສ ⮱෕㝋㶕⑁喑 ιϧͽ䭌䔮̷⮱ᔭᬔ䛾ᰟ喑 ⇌䕇 ϑ≮喑㺬ࢎౝ ಗឬᐧੳᎡч Ό㷘㻳 ࢠ‫ڡ‬ᄼ⍥᜼䊲㏔ᬍ᩹ᢹ䬕ϧ喑ᮇчᰭ ऻ ̭ͧ䶦х㞜э 㐌 㞯Ⱋ喑᜽̭ͧᎡ̭Ꮣ 㺬 ౕ ឬᐧੳЙ㜗ࣾ ⮱ ࢎ៶ ok ⣜ 㞯͚ ᣕ ा ࢎ̻ऱ๔ឬᐧੳЙ⮱๔㖇чȡ 倅⒛ȡ ̭Ꭱ̭Ꮣ⮱㺬ࢎౝಗឬᐧੳᎡчλ

2013 Ꭱ 12 ᰵ 2 ᬒౕᎬጋ䮳䛺ङᐭȡₑ⁎

Ꮑ⩕ͨᠮϧ⮱㐀᲌䄚喟 Ąఋ仃 2013喑 ᜾Йᔅ̺γ䏘̷⮱ↄⅡহ᜽ߌ⮱ૉᗓ喠 ᆂ ᱈ 2014喑᜾ Й ␎ ᔭ ጹ᱈喑‫ ␎ٲ‬Ԏᓰ喆 ᰸ࣸЙ喑䃖᜾ЙᲒᎡ‫Ⱕں‬ч喆ą

2014 Ꭱ ᄦλ 㺬 ࢎ ౝ ಗ ឬ ᐧ ੳ হ 㺬 ࢎ䘪᭜‫␎ٲ‬ᠾᝅ⮱̭Ꭱ喑ѳहᵤ䲏͡ᒵ ็᫝⮱ᱧч喑 ㏼䓴䔆⁎͝ჹহ䄽⮱㖇ч喑 ㏼ 䓴㺬ࢎౝ ಗ э 䔿 㐆 ๔უ⮱ 2014 Ꭱ⮱ ᫝᫦ाহ᫝ጯ౧喑᝭ᰶ 㺬ࢎឬᐧੳцѡ 䘪␎ᔭ‫␎ٲ‬Ԏᓰ⮱ᔮᏓহߴλ݈᫝⮱ߴ ⅁喑ࣨ䓻ᣒࢠᄳ‫ݝ‬Გ⮱ 2014ȡ

ః ᇇ ‫۾‬ ဵ ༬ ஢ ੑ Ѥ ௡ ၅ ᇝ ఌ જ ී ޫ ѐ

ᇝ ఌ ߌ ୐ ࿜ ฤ ્


! !

ₑ ⁎ Ꭱ ч喑䔶 ౭ౕ ䷻ ᮜ х 㒻Ƞ‫ڤ‬ᰶ ᐯഌ䷻ᗲ⮱Ꭼጋ⌲䔉⠛ၽ⎃ૉᲒ⮨Ꮣմ 䙿ᏄȡᎡч≨ߕౕ䒨Ძ⮱̸ࡵ 㡣≨ߕ͚ ៶ᐭᎼᎂ喑ऱ๔ឬᐧੳЙহ㺬ࢎ⮱ጒ҉ ϧঅౕ⠛ၽ⎃⪁৮㡄㕷๖喑ⅈడ㲺≪ȡ㔹 ऻ喑̭ фౕ⻭ͪ⮱⠛ ၽ⎃⪁ 䯳Ҁ⪆ᒞ ㏗ ᔢȡᮇსౕ㺬ࢎ͚పᕨ㷮 ⽳઱হ‫⩌ٵ‬হ 㺬ࢎ͚ప‫ޜ‬ᕨ㷮喑ᐧま䘕䉌䉐ϧ কႼश ‫⮱⩌ ٵ‬㜡䓋͚ₐ ᐼᐭ໸喑ଶძ͚పᐧ ま ᱽ᫆㖁वчౝಗᱽ᫆ܳч⼅Γ䪬ٰ݅᫝ ‫⩌ٵ‬Ό㜠 ̷䉧䃺ȡ㺬ࢎ͚పᐧま䘕ౝ ಗ হ⊯᫆ᕨ⯾ᑍ☕◜‫ౕ⩌ٵ‬ч̷⑁⹧ఋ䶫

ᯈஙሤ ᑖޫफ़ ቏‫ڳ‬ቸ ೆᐭ࢔ വዻੜ ᎈීᖙ ᏐᏜᖙ ѤѤѤ ౶ᄴ৺ ྇ቦᎍ ‫ܘ‬ᄴৢ ્ಘ෫ ጓ໻ส ৎߪቤ ঱ሿῪ ѐѐѐ ኦ ਱ ݈ ᔫ

A poem by Carl Xue about the meeting

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Contractors Partenership


䶮ࣾ 2013 㺬ࢎౝಗ࡮๔ឬᐧੳ຃ȡ

2013 Sika Best Flooring Contractors


The 20 13 Sika Flooring Contractors Meeting was held in Guangzhou. It was the biggest one ever and had invited about 200 people. As a leader in the flooring industry, Sika has been expanding and strengthening its contractor network. The yearly contractor meeting is considered as a great event to bring together the contractors together for better communication and relationship between each other. This year, the meeting started with an afternoon tea by the beautiful Lion Lake of Sheraton Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort. People sat together, having tea, talking and communicating in an easy atmosphere. The welcome speech by Morten Mus-


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Contractors Partenership

chak, President of Sika China, and Kelvin Chew, Vice President of Sika China, kicked off the evening party. Mr. Liu Yuanxin, General Secretar y of China Flooring Association, was invited to give a speech as well. In the speech of Leo Zhang, Head of TM Flooring and Coating, he presented the achievements in 2013 and proposed the outlook for 2014. The most exciting moment was when the 2013 Sika Top Flooring Projects and 2013 Sika Best Flooring Contractors were announced. The two awards set a benchmark for the contractors and also were the great recognition of the achievements that the contractors had made. Followed excellent performances of the beautiful Chinese ink dancing and classic songs by a band. Both the players

and audience had much fun in the stage games. People were reluctant to leave after all the performances finished and they came to the stage and sang karaoke themselves. To quote the host speech, “When looking back at 2013, we could never forget the sweat we had shed or the joys that success brought. Outlooking 2014, we are full of hope and confidence. Friends, let’s meet in 2014 again.” 2014 will be a year full of both challenges and opportunities for both Sika and our contractors. In this annual meeting, we had delivered the message of new aims and markets in 2014. Sika contractors will be confident, full of innovation courage, to welcome the coming 2014.

㺬ࢎ͚పᕨ㷮⽳઱হ‫⩌ٵ‬喍ጓι喎হ‫ޜ‬ᕨ㷮কႼश‫⩌ٵ‬喍ጓ̭喎 ౕᮇს⣝౧ȡ

Mr. Mor ten Muschak (second from lef t), President of Sika China and Mr. Kelvin Chew (first from left) , the Vice President, were on the meeting.



The contractors enjoyed the games.

Toast by Mr. Liu Yuanxin (second from right), General Secretary of China Flooring Association


Afternoon tea, good time for communication

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Contractors Partenership



Sika and Nanjing Henxiang Management Teams and Leaders of CWA at the Ceremony

COOPERATION ON ROOFING INSULATION 㺬ࢎ̻ᕿ㔁Ԋ⍖䓫᜽ᝅ⪒व҉ Sika signed a partenership with Hengxiang Insulation to roll out its SarnaTherm brand rockwool insulation boards. व҉ऻ喑㺬ࢎᄳчᣕ‫ܧ‬SarnaTherm৮❹㈨݄ᅸ䲏ᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖Წȡ TEXT: ↗㒻⣺ MANDY WANG PHOTO: ᝡᬹ⼜ DAVID DAI


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Insulation Cooperation

SarnaTherm ৮❹㈨ ݄ᅸ䲏ᇖ᷶Ԋ ⍖ Წ⮱ᰭ๔хౕ߬λ⽠Ⴧज䲍⮱䉕䛼হ ‫ڤ‬ᰶጯ౧》ζ߈⮱Фᵩȡ


2013 Ꭱ 10 ᰵ 16 ᬒ喑㺬ࢎ̻ᕿ 㔁 Ԋ ⍖ ౕࢄϙፊᮜప䭲䙿Ꮔカ㒟ᝅ⪒व҉ࡼ䃛喑 ‫ڞ‬हᣕ䔈ࢂᅯᅸ䲏䭟ⅡԊ⍖㈨㐌⮱ࣾᆂȡ ̻ᕿ㔁व҉ऻ喑㺬ࢎᄳчᣕ‫ ܧ‬SarnaTherm ৮❹㈨݄ᅸ䲏Ҭ⩕⮱ᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖Წȡ ₑ⁎ᝅ⪒व҉喑ᄳ䔈̭ₒ෋ᑧࣹ᫦ౕ ͚పࢂᅯᅸ䲏䶳ഌ⮱》ζ߈ȡᕿ 㔁᭜ 䓾‫܍‬ ᎡᲒ䓲䕌ࣾᆂ⮱ᇖ᷶‫ݣ‬䕍Ю͇喑̀∕λᇖ ᷶Ԋ⍖ᱽ᫆⩌ϔ喑ౕࢂᅯᅸ䲏㈨㐌䶳ഌᰶ ๔䛼⮱჋䭲Ꮑ⩕ᵵҸহ㞜ສ⮱ऐⶾȡ Ⱋ‫ݺ‬喑 ᕿ㔁ౕࢄϙ‫ښ‬व㏼≻ᐭࣾࡧ⮱⩌ϔ̻ឭᱜ ᐭࣾധౝࢍౝ 58000 Ꭰ᫦ㆠ喑Ꭱ⩌ϔ㘪߈ ͧ 50000 ॕ喑ₑ⁎̻᠒ᰶ⮫Ꭱࢳट⮱㺬ࢎ ᥧ᝸ᄳ๔๔Ӱ䔈ᕿ㔁ౕᅸ䲏㈨㐌⮱ጯ౧ࢍ ᰶ⢴ȡ 㔰ᄌϑ≮ຍჇव҉⮱ധ⵭ व҉͸‫ݺ‬喑㺬ࢎ̻ᕿ 㔁ࣹ ᫦䘪䔈㵹γ ㏳㜡⮱㔰ᄌহϑ≮ȡ㺬ࢎ喍͚ప喎ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ ‫ޜ‬ᕨ㷮কႼश‫⩌ٵ‬Ƞᅸ䲏ϔ৮ノ⤳ࣷឭᱜ 䘕ᕨ⯾㦈‫⩌ٵٳ‬喑ᕿ 㔁‫ڙ‬थ㦐θ䪬Ვ㉍㠞 ຠธぶ็⁎䔈㵹ο䃬Ƞឭᱜϑ≮হᣏ䃕व ҉὎ᐼȡ᱌䬡喑㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थ䶳‫⮱ٵ‬ノ⤳⤳ᔢȠ ‫ٵ‬䔈Ⴙ઱⮱⩌ϔহ჋侹䃫ิȠᑧ๔⮱ጯ౧ ৮❹तङ߈হ͇̀⮱ឭᱜ᰺ߎ㐆ᕿ㔁‫ڙ‬थ ⮱ఏ䭌⪆̸γ⌞‫࢝ݨ‬䆎喑㔹ᕿ 㔁ΌВ‫ڣ‬㞜 ສ ⮱䉕 䛼Ƞ⽠ Ⴧ ⮱৮ 䉕喑ᰶ ᩵ ⮱⩌ ϔ ノ ⤳ ᩵⢴হ᜽᱙ᣔ‫ݣ‬㘪߈កߕγ㺬ࢎノ⤳ᅯȡ ࣹ ᫦䓫 ᜽݊ₒव҉ᘼाऻ喑㺬ࢎᅸ䲏䘕ឭ ᱜ᰺ߎఏ䭌‫᠉⁎ں‬䃬ᕿ㔁喑ࣹ᫦ᅞࢂᅯᅸ 䲏㈨㐌͚ᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖Წ⮱ឭᱜᠴᴴᆂᐭ⌞‫ڒ‬ ⮱ᣏ䃕হϑ≮喑 Ꭳ⶛Ⴧγᝅ⪒व҉⮱὎ᐼȡ

ᑧᑧ㖁व჋⣝ᅸ䲏䭟Ⅱࣷᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖㈨㐌ज ᠮ㐚ࣾᆂ 㺬ࢎ⍄㔽᭜‫☚⤰ڕ‬ൾᕔᅸ䲏হ䭟Ⅱࢤ ᱽ ⮱ 䶳 ᄩ 㔲喑Ό᭜ す̭ უ 㣤ᓄ NSF喍㒻ప ప უ ࢘ ⩌ ധ䛾 ч喎/ANSI 347 ࢂ ᅯ ᅸ 䲏 ࢤ ᱽजᠮ㐚ࣾᆂ䃱ѝ䧯䛾㏔‫⩌⮱ݘ‬ϔࢯუ喑 ‫ ڣ‬PVC 䭟 Ⅱࢤ ᱽጟᰶ ρ࡮ Ꭱ В ̷ ⮱ ჋ 䭲 Ҭ ⩕ ࢳटȡ҉ͧ㵹͇䶳 ᄩ 㔲喑㺬ࢎ ⍄ 㔽̭ Ⱑ㜡߈λⵁࣾこवजᠮ㐚ᕔࣾᆂ㺮Ⅿ⮱ᅸ 䲏হ䭟Ⅱࢤᱽ喑࠲᠙㘪⎽᩵⢴Ƞ⣜Ԋϔ৮Ƞ ‫ۼ‬ᄾ⍖ბ⅁ҀȠ䭺ѻᏌ৮ᢿᩫぶȡౕ͚ప喑 䮼ⱭᩬᏉহ͇ͨᄦλ㞯㘪‫ۼ‬ᢿВࣷ䭟▘ᘼ 䃳⮱෋ᑧ喑҉̺ͧ⛰ ᱽ᫆⮱ᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖Წౕ ᅸ䲏㈨㐌͚अᓄ䊷Გ䊷䛺㺮ȡ㺬ࢎ̺ϲጹ ᱈ߍ‫ ڒ‬䔆͗㨙߰᜽䪬⮱ጯ౧喑㔹́ጹ᱈ౕ ᱗Გ⮱‫܍‬Ꭱ‫ڲ‬㘪์⼜Ხౝᣕߕᅸ䲏䭟Ⅱࣷ ᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖ ㈨ 㐌⮱ࣾ ᆂȡധλₑ喑䓻 Გγ㺬 ࢎ̻ᕿ 㔁͑უ‫ڙ‬थᝅ⪒व҉⮱๾ᱧȡᕿ㔁 Ԋ⍖⮱ᇖ᷶ᲬВ㇫䔶⮱х䉕๖♣ᇖⴠͧ࣌ ᱽ ᫆喑䛴 ⩕ప䭲 ‫ ٵ‬䔈 ⮱ ឭᱜ ⩌ ϔ喑‫ڤ‬ᰶࢀ 䊷⮱䭟▘Ԋ⍖䯁☚ࣷ॥䴠㞯㘪䭺஗ᕔ㘪喑 こव㺬ࢎजᠮ 㐚ࣾᆂ⮱Ⱋᴴ䰭㺮ȡ㺬ࢎ̻ ᕿ 㔁 व ҉ ऻ喑ᄳ ч ᣕ ‫ ܧ‬㺬 ࢎ SarnaTherm ৮❹㈨݄ᅸ䲏Ҭ⩕⮱ᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖Წ喑‫ڣ‬ᰭ๔ ⮱х߬ᅞ᭜⽠Ⴧज䲍⮱䉕䛼হ‫ڤ‬ᰶጯ౧》 ζ߈⮱Фᵩȡ⩞ₑ喑㺬ࢎᄳч㐆Ꭼ๔͚ప჏ ᝤ᣽ӈႹ᪡⮱ᅸ䲏䭟Ⅱࣷᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖㈨㐌喑 㼐۠჏ᝤᄦᅸ䲏㈨㐌̭Ҁࡃ⮱䉕Ԋ䰭Ⅿȡ

थ⮱ϸ㏺Ꭳ ࣯㻯γᇖ᷶Წ ⩌ϔ㏬喑γ㼐⩌ ϔጒ㞧ȡ♣ऻ喑ౕᘶᔘহ㲺≪⮱ⅈడ͚喑㺬 ࢎ͚పᕨ㷮⽳઱হ‫̻⩌ٵ‬ᕿ㔁Ԋ⍖ᕨ㏼⤳ Ვ㉍㠞ຠธౕࢄϙፊᮜప䭲䙿Ꮔカ㒟ᝅ⪒ व҉ࡼ䃛喑ࣹ ᫦हᬣᄦࣾᆂ‫ݺ‬ᮜΌ㶕䓫γ 㞜ສ⺊ ᙬȡカ㏓З ᐼ̷喑㺬ࢎহᕿ 㔁౴㶕 ⹧喑䕇䓴ᝅ⪒व҉喑ࣹ᫦х߬ο㶒喑̺ϲҬ ऱ㜗ϔ৮Фթᓄ‫ݝ‬γᰭ๔ࡃ喑㔹́Ό ᄳ ᣕ ߕᅸ䲏䭟Ⅱࣷᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖㈨㐌जᠮ㐚ࣾᆂ⮱ Ⱋᴴȡ ₑ⁎カ㏓Όऄ‫ݝ‬γ㵹͇ࡼч䶳ᄩ⮱呀 ߞ̻‫∕ڠ‬喑͚ప䭟Ⅱࡼч⤳θ䪬ᱞۙ䱿‫ٵ‬ ⩌喑͚పᐧまᱽ᫆⻾႓ⵁ⾣ᕨ䮏㟼ጋ䭟Ⅱ ⵁ⾣䮏䮏䪬㓎Ⅵᒗ‫ܧ⩌ٵ‬ፚγカ㏓Зᐼȡ ᱞۙ䱿⤳θ䪬ౕ㜡䓋͚㶕⹧喑ᰭ䓾̶ᎡВ Გ喑ᩬ Ꮙᄦᐧま䭟▘⮱㺮Ⅿч䊷Გ䊷倅喑 ᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖Ꭼ∈⮱Ꮑ⩕‫ࢂݝ‬ᅯᅸ䲏͚᭜㵹͇ ⮱䊸߬ȡࡼчΌጹ᱈䕇䓴䔆ᵤ⮱ᝅ⪒व҉喑 㺬ࢎ㘪ិప䭲̷䕇⩕⮱ᅸ䲏⩕ᇖ᷶⮱ϔ৮ ᴴ۳হ㺮Ⅿ䕇 䓴ᕿ 㔁ᑂ‫ڒ‬ప‫ڲ‬喑㻱㠰㏓᲌ ࢂᅯᅸ䲏ᇖ᷶Ԋ⍖ጯ౧⮱֒Ꮴࣾᆂȡ हᬣ喑 䭟Ⅱࡼч䲋፥ᩜᠮ㵹͇͚⮱䶳‫ۈ‬Ю͇̻䙺 ຄ ㈨ 㐌 ᱽ ᫆ ӈ Ꮑ ੳ ᐧ ⿸䪬 ᱌ᝅ ⪒ व ҉ ‫ڠ‬ ㈨喑ᥧ᝸ᐭ᠀‫ڤ‬ᰶ倅〜䭟▘㺮Ⅿ⮱ᅸ䲏ጯ ౧喑჋⣝ࣹ᫦⮱ο㶒Ƞο‫ݖ‬হ‫ڞ‬䊏ȡᏁ䖭࣯ ߍカ㏓Зᐼ⮱䔅ᰶࢄϙ‫ښ‬व㏼≻ឭᱜᐭࣾ ࡧノ༁ч⮱䶳ᄩহ㺬ࢎౕࡻ͉Ƞࡻ͚ࡧ⮱ ͨ㺮ᅸ䲏ឬᐧੳȡ

2013 Ꭱ 10 ᰵ 16 ᬒ̸ࡵ喑㺬ࢎ喍͚ప喎 ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थᕨ㷮⽳઱হ‫⩌ٵ‬হ‫ޜ‬ᕨ㷮কႼश ‫⩌ٵ‬হ࣯ߍカ㏓ଶძぶ̭㵹࡮็ϧ២䓫ᕿ 㔁Ԋ⍖⩌ϔധౝ喑ख़ःγᕿ㔁ノ⤳ᅯᄦ‫ڙ‬

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Insulation Cooperation



Morten Muschak, President of Sika China, visited the production line of Henxiang.


On 16th October, Sika officially signed a strategic partnership with Nanjing Hengxiang Insulation Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to jointly promote single ply roofing and insulation systems. In partnership with Hengxiang, Sika will introduce SarnaTherm brand rockwool insulation boards to the roofing market. This cooperation will further enhance the competitiveness of both parties in the single ply roofing market. Nanjing Hengxiang is a fast growing rockwool insulation manufacturer whose insulation boards are widely used in roofing systems. Hengxiang is based in Nanjing, and has a 58,000 m2 production facility with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes/year. This partnership will greatly increase its share in the roofing market. VISITS AND COMMUNICATION LAID THE FOUNDATION The management teams of the two companies visited each other and had many discussions before they made the decision to cooperate. Sika’s management concept, production equipment and lab facilities, strong brand name and professional technical services impressed Hengxiang. Meanwhile, Sika was persuaded by Hengxiang’s good and stable product quality, efficient production and cost control. Sika Roofing Technical


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Insulation Cooperation

Service team worked with Hengxiang to define the technical specifications for rockwool insulation in roofing systems. JOINING HANDS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF SINGLE PLY ROOFING Sika Sarnafil, the worldwide market leader in thermoplastic membranes, is the first manufacturer to achieve platinum certification (NSF/ANSI 347 Sustainability Assessment) for single ply roofing membranes. Its PVC membrane has more than fifty years of application history. Sika Sarnafil leads the industry in developing roofing systems that meet the key sustainability goals of energyefficient and environment-friendly products. In China, with the increasing awareness of energy efficiency and fire safety by the Government and building owners, non-combustible rockwools will become more popular in roofing systems. To cater for this dynamic market, Sika is dedicated to promoting roofing systems using rockwool thermal insulation. Hengxiang’s rockwool insulation is noncombustible, with excellent thermal and acoustic performance, which is in line with Sika’s key sustainability goals. In partnership with Hengxiang, Sika will introduce the SarnaTherm brand to the roofing market, and provide rockwool

insulation boards with stable quality and a competitive price. By supplying complete roofing systems, Sika can provide quality assurance for the whole roof. On 16 t h O c tob er, 20 1 3, Mr. Mor ten Muschak, President of Sika China, and Ms. Yang Suying, General Manager of Hengxiang Insulation, signed the strategic cooperation agreement in Nanjing. Mr. Zhu Dongqing, President of CWA (China Waterproofing Association), and Mr. Xian Yongbiao, Head of Suzhou Waterproofing Research Institute, attended the signing ceremony. In his speech, President Zhu said he hoped that through this par tnership Sika can introduce international standards for roofing rockwool insulation to the Chinese market, which is essential for the healthy development of single ply roofing systems. At the same time, he said, the CWA is always supportive to an industry leader’s strategic cooperation with a system component supplier. This cooperation will be sure to promote competitiveness for high fire safety roofing systems, and will be a win-win situation for both companies. Sika certified roofing contractors from eastern and central regions were invited to witness the ceremony.

SIKA FFI AP DISTRIBUTOR MEETING 㺬ࢎ䬕⿄ᎂෆ㈨㐌А⤳ੳч䃛 In November, Sika FFI AP Distributor Meeting was held in Taiwan, assisted by Topco, one of the best distributors. We got a chance to know Topco, which has a 10-year cooperation history with Sika.

2013Ꭱ11ᰵ喑㺬ࢎ䬕⿄ᎂෆ㈨㐌χ๗ࡧА⤳ੳч䃛 ౕझࡄङᐭȡч䃛ᓄ‫ݝ‬γА⤳ੳሴ䊷⩢䕇㗎Ъᰶ䭽 ‫ڙ‬थ⮱๔߈ࡼߖȡ䃖᜾Й䊝䔈ሴ䊷喑γ㼐䔆უጟ̻ 㺬ࢎव҉䓾10Ꭱ⮱‫ڙ‬थȡ


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — FFI Distributor


2013 Ꭱሴ䊷হ㺬ࢎ व҉㥒͇䷊ 䓫 ‫ݝ‬ 200 ̴⁔ٰȡ


᱙⁎ч䃛⩞㺬ࢎ䬕⿄ᎂ ෆ䘕ͨߋ喑⩞ ᕨ䘕Ѻλझ⎫⮱А⤳ੳሴ䊷⩢䕇㗎Ъᰶ䭽 ‫ڙ‬थի߈ࡼߋȡ ч 䃛 ͚喑㺬 ࢎ ⦋ ธ ᕨ 䘕 ⮱ Joerg Szybalski হ๔უܳϘγᰭ᫝Ԏᖜ喑ᲒᎡ⮱ ᆂ ᱈̻ ゃ ⪒ȡJoerg ፓ Გ ⮱ ̺ϲ ᭜ ͇ ߎ Ԏ ᖜ喑䔅 ᰶЃ 䗐ᬒᅁᰩℾ ᫼ ❪᱄⮱ 〾 ฝȡౕ ⑁⹧ĄInnovationąᬣ喑ᰶ䋐⮱⩨䲏䙺̷Ѓ ⮱⣖〾হ㜗ୟ喑䕄ᓄϧЙ̺᭜ 㣋ᅁ㔹᭜৵ ৵ȡ᱙Გ䲆吅⮱ч౧̻䃑ⱌ䶳ऄ⮱ϧЙ䶬 ᬣ‫⩌␎ٲ‬ᱧ̻≨߈ȡ ч 䃛 ⮱ ͨᬕ ̺ ᭜ ა 䃟 㔹 ᭜ ࣸ 䄷 ⮱ ᠀ ᆂȡ㺬 ࢎ Ռ ₑ ᱧ ч ⩞ 㶤 ౝ ᙌ 䅏 γ̻ 㺬 ࢎ 䬕 ⿄ ᎂ ෆ ఏ䭌व ҉ ࡮ Ꭱ В ̷ ⮱ ᔍ჋ А ⤳ ੳȡ Ąᔍ჋ ㆶ ͊ ຃ą䶮 㐆γ喟∝ ప⮱ Saeng Charoen Patana Enterprise Co., Ltd.Ƞ侙Გ 㺬χ⮱ Sri Ribuan Industries Sdn. Bhd. হ ̷⊤ᇇ䴠䉥ᭀᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थȡ ᄦλᅪౝͨ͸䄷⮱ሴ䊷⩢䕇㗎Ъᰶ䭽 ‫ڙ‬थ喑㺬ࢎ 䔮 ̷ᄼ ᄼ ⹩ ➖喑㶕 䓫γ᜾ Й⮱ ᓰᘼ̻᪙ᘼȡ 䭠ᬻᆞ̷ສ䷻‫ٶ‬喑Ⴐ䃝䒪⮱̺ϲϲ ᭜ 㺬ࢎ⮱࢝䔦喑ᰡ᭜㻮䃮γव҉цѡ ̻㺬ࢎ ⮱㉔ჳ‫ڠ‬㈨喑䔆̭Ъࣸ䄷᭜ 䊲䊷⩌ᘼ⮱㖁 㐀喑䔆᭜ఏ䭌⮱߈䛼喑 ๔უ̭ᓰ喑‫݈ڞ‬䒶♹喆 䊝䔈झ⎫喑䊝䓾ሴ䊷

14 ẩ喑ሴ䊷⮱☚ᗲ䬛Ն̻ᣒᒲӬϻϧЙ̭ 䌕‫⩢ܧ‬ᷜऐᐭ໸ȡ ࣯㻯ሴ䊷‫ڙ‬थ᭜᱙⁎ч䃛⮱㇫ᒖᬒ⼸ ͸̭喑ч䃛ბ‫ڲ‬㥪Ꮤऻ喑ᑍ㘉হࢇธ喑ሴ䊷 झ⎫ᕨ䘕⮱ᕨ㏼⤳ ཀཀ㔹䄵喑λ᭜ሴ䊷⮱ ࢳटȠࣾᆂ̻ࣷ㺬ࢎ⮱व҉ౕ๔უ⛌ᖶ⮱ झ⎫ ᴁ 㒻 㚁 䄰͚ 䔽 ⌽ ⌲ ᮝ ౕ ๔ უ ⮱ 㘾 ⊤ 䛹ćć ҉ͧ㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थ⮱х䉕А⤳ੳ͸̭⮱ሴ 䊷喑᭜⩞⢸㏜֒㢐㾶㦐θ䪬ぶϧፓ䶳⮱݈ ͇ఏ䭌অጒ݈ߋ⮱Ąሴ䊷䉥ᭀą喑ͨ㺮͇ߎ ᭜А⤳䨭ਜ਼झ⎫ࣷᬒ᱙Ԏ䊷ࡃ႓ጒ͇ᵗᐼ ч⹫᝭⩌ϔ⮱⴪‫ٶݖ‬喍Silicone喑 ⵲⵽喎ϔ৮喑 䕇䓴̻䔆უᬒ᱙‫ڙ‬थ⮱ጯ౧ᗲ្ϑ≮̻व ҉喑ᄳᏁ⩕㠰డ࣌᱙ᅞ࡮ܳᎬ∈⮱⵲⵽ϔ ৮᱊ाᰡ‫ٵ‬䔈⮱䶳ഌࣾᆂ喑ຯ喟↪䒓Ƞ㏧㏴Ƞ ⩢ၽ䕇䃜 ‫ݝ‬倅⻾ ឭ ϔ͇ぶȡ1992 Ꭱ喑䮼Ɑ ๔䭳 ጯ౧⮱ᐭᩫ喑ሴ 䊷 ᅞጟ 䔈 ‫ ڒ‬๔䭳喑㔹 ̻㺬ࢎᐭ໸仃⁎⮱व҉᭜ड़໸λ 2004 Ꭱȡ ϻ 2004 Ꭱ‫ݝ‬ຯϷ 2013 Ꭱ⮱ᆮ᱘喑ሴ䊷̻ 㺬ࢎ⮱व҉Ό⿸ࢠ㺮䔈‫ڒ‬す࡮͗Ꭱ๡喑ϻ ݇ᐭ໸⮱⸕व‫ݝ‬䔆ψᎡ⮱吅๾喑2013 Ꭱः ᓄ͑⮫̴⁔ٰ䔆͗᪝ႄ⮱व҉㥒͇䷊̺᭜ ̭ ͗ᄼ᪝Ⱋ喑͚䬡‫ ܊‬㖇γࣹ ᫦ఏ䭌็ᄾ⮱ ᓰ㵭Გ‫ڞ‬हᐭ᠀ጯ౧喑㗹ऻ Όᰶ็ᄾ⮱ߗ ߈ᩲθթᓄ䖀‫ܧ‬Გߞᔄ̭ិȡ 㔨ᐭሴ䊷⮱‫ڙ‬थキϸ喑䔆͗λ 1981 Ꭱ ݈͇Ꭳλ 2006 Ꭱᠯ❹ϑᭀ⮱̷ጯ‫ڙ‬थౕ ‫ڹ‬ၽ̷◦‫⮱ܧ‬Ю͇᪴ࡃȠ㏼㥒⤳ᔢ̻ጒ҉ Фթ㻯ᅑ‫ڣ‬॥ᑂγ∕ᘼ߈喟

̻ሴ䊷⩢䕇⮱ᑍࢇธࣷ叱ࡼ⤳ᬖጟᤎ 䓴᝸喑͑Ꭱ ‫ ݺ‬ᅞᰶ䓴 ϑ 䯳喑㔹 ⱌ ₐ ⌞ ‫ڒ‬γ 㼐ሴ䊷⩢䕇᭜䕇䓴㺬ࢎ䬕⿄ᎂෆ䘕㏱㏴⮱ Ю͇᪴ࡃ ÿ Вϧͧ᱙喑䛺㻳ጒ҉ѓ 2013 ᎡᏓχ๗ࡧч䃛喑ሴ䊷ノ⤳ᅯ⮱倅Ꮣ 䛺㻳ࣷ㥒͇ఈ䘕ఏ䭌⮱ի߈ࡼߋ䲋፥㐆߈喑 ⤳喑呀ߞ‫ڲ‬䘕݈͇ ; ㏼㥒⤳ᔢ ÿ অጒࢠ᭜㗎͉ȠЮ͇ѓ ͧ᱙⁎ч䃛Ɑ჋෋㞟̺ᄾȡ ౕ̻๔უ㕠⛌㘪䄓⮱झࡄᔍႊ͉䌜Ꭰ ⤳ࡃ ; ጒ҉Фթ㻯 ÿ ⼜ᲮȠͽ㻯Ƞ๸᫄Ƞ៞ 㵹⮱ጯℾ๔䖀̷喑᜽⿸λ 1981 Ꭱ⮱ሴ䊷⩢ 䕇㗎Ъᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ喍キ⼝Ąሴ䊷ą喎ᕨ䘕ᅞᏔ ᠮᔘͽᓰᗲ ÿ ᜾ᙬᘼև喠 㥪ౕ䔆䛹⮱̭ᎏ‫ۆ‬ႄẩ͚喑ᓗ⩢ᷜ㔹̷㜠 ⰸѩᱡ჋⮱䃺䄚喑ࢡ㪡क़Ɑ̺̭ᵤ⮱


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — FFI Distributor

߈䛼ȡ䔅䃝ᓄ⁏䓻ᮇს̷᜾ЙᰶᎥ㻮‫⮱ݝ‬ 㢐 㾶 㦐 θ䪬 ⢸ ㏜֒ ‫⩌ ٵ‬喑Ꭱ䕫̰ ᬙȠᙵ ⺒ ⮱Ѓ㼭䄚̺็喑⁏ 䓻䓋͚ᰭऻᕨ㐀䭵䃺ࢡ 䗐͵⛌ᖶ : WE ARE FAMILYȡ䔆̺Ό᭜㺬 ࢎ ‫ڙ‬थ ̭Ⱑ В Გ ߗ߈ ࣨ 㥒 䕍 ⮱ ̭ ͗ ⅈ డ ͵喤็͵Ⱕѩ⮱౧ᮜ喑็͵Ⱕѩ⮱᪴ࡃ喑䗐 ̭͗ძͨᅪ⁏⮱ᮇ̷喑ᘠ̺䚶䘪䯫ćć Ό䔅䃝ᓄ ̻㺬ࢎहθϑ≮䄵䃧ሴ䊷 ᬣ喑 ᄦλሴ䊷ϧ⮱ጒ҉ᔮᏓ䘪᭜䊋̺㐊ऐ喑 ఍ͧहθϟ䏘㏼ࢳ䓴ສ็⁎喑๡๖ᮖ̷̺ ノШ ҂ጒ҉θߎ̻Ꮑ䚙≨ߕ‫ں‬ᮇ喑すι๖ ᬖᮕ喑ሴ䊷ϧ䘪᭜̭ᵤ㇫⺋ៃᨋౝ۳◦̷ ⤚喑℘ᬍጛ↍ȡ ̺ ᭜ უ ᫼ ᐼ ⮱ ‫ڙ‬थ ࢡ ᰶ Ɑ უ ᫼ ᐼ ⮱ ϟᗲ喑̻ሴ䊷ϧϑ䄵⮱䓴⼸͚ᒵ㘪ᙌऄᓄ ‫ݝ‬䔆ᵤ⮱㏼㥒᫦ᐼ᝭ፓᲒ⮱̭⻺ᑿᆋ̻䔋 㐀ȡ ‫ ڣ‬჋ ᰡ ᘠ 䔈 ̭ ₒ็ ̭ ψγ㼐 ሴ 䊷 ̻ ሴ䊷ϧ喑 ̻ᑍࢇธᰶ㏓䓴䄡㺮䛴䃬Ѓ᱙ϧ喑 䅓䔷ᰶ⹩Ƞ᪴ϧ䷻㠰⮱Ѓ䄵‫ݝ‬ᰭ็⮱̺᭜ 㜗ጞ喑㔹᭜ ϻ̭ ͗ᝅ⪒㻿Ꮣຯ҂̻㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬ थ䔈㵹䮑 䨭ਜ਼ใᰡ㉔ჳ⮱व҉喑㗖៲䛺Ш ⮱ЃᰶⱭ倅⳨䔉Ⳗ⮱㘥ᔭ喑䃖ϧ̺⩞ᓄᯄ ᯄ䧓Җ喆 䊝‫ܧ‬ሴ䊷䗐ᎏ๔ẩ喑ᬣթ݊ۙ⮱झࡄ ᓛ䰕͚喑ϻጯℾ๔䖀ឱ䓾䖀ఋ‫ݝ‬䒓Ⅱ侙哆 ⮱ᔍႊ͉䌜ᬣ喑̭䌜䔅ౕᘠⱭሴ䊷ϧ⮱ጒ ҉㻯喑䔅ᰶ䗐͗㷲Ɑ☚㚫㚫ৃ઎⮱㏥Ნ̷ ‫⮱Ɑۆ‬ሴ䊷‫ڙ‬थ䨚喟䔪Ⅿࢀ䊷喑‫݈ڞ‬᱗Გȡ

喍ጓͧ㺬ࢎ⦋ธᕨ䘕 Mr. Joerg Szybalski, ͚ͧሴ䊷㢐㾶㦐θ䪬⢸㏜֒‫⩌ٵ‬喑 ठͧሴ䊷झ⎫ᕨ㏼⤳ᑍ㘉হࢇธ喎

Left: Mr. Joerg Szybalski from Sika Services AG. middle: Wang Chunjian, Honorary Chairman of Topco; right: Zhang Shenghe, General Manager of Topco Taiwan


Sika presented a thanks gift to Topco.

㺬ࢎा侙Გ㺬χ Sri Ribuan Industries Sdn. Bhd. ‫ڙ‬थ䶮ࣾᔍ჋А⤳ੳ຃ȡ

Sika presented the Award of Loyal Distributors to Sri Ribuan Industries Sdn. Bhd.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — FFI Distributor



In November 20 13 Sika AP FFI Distributor Meeting was held on Yangming Mountain in Taipei, bringing together the major FFI (facade, fenestration and insulation glass) distributors in the Asia Pacific region. The conference was organized by Sika FFI team and sponsored by Topco Technologies Corp., one of Sika’s distributors headquartered in Taiwan. Joerg Szybalski from Sika AG shared the latest news, future perspectives and strategy. In addition to the business news, Joerg’s German sense of humor also impressed the guests. In the section of his presentation on “innovation”, he joked about himself as he showed funny pictures on the screen. People could no longer stop themselves from laughing. The quiet meeting room suddenly became lively. Friendship rather than education was the conference theme. Sika expressed its gratitude to the loyal distributors who have cooperated with Sika for over ten years. These include Saeng Charoen Patana Enterprise Co., Ltd. from Thailand, Sri Ribuan Industries Sdn. Bhd. from Malaysia and Shanghai Lanyin Trading Co., Ltd. from China. Sika also sent a gift to Topco who hosted the event to show our sincere thanks and respect. The beautiful landscape of Yangming Mountain now has the mark of Sika and it has also been the witness of the close cooperative relationship between Sika and its partners. It is a special kind of teamwork, a bond beyond business. Let’s work together to create more successes! IMPRESSIONS OF TOPCO I had already met Dr. Zhang and Mr. Huang from Topco Technologies Corp. two years ago. However, it wasn’t until the 2013 Sika AP FFI meeting that was sponsored by Topco that I gained a real and deep understanding of the company. The efforts of Topco made the meeting even more successful.


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — FFI Distributor

Founded in 1981, Topco Technologies Corp. established its headquarters on Citizen Avenue, parallel to the famous Zhong Xiao Dong Road. Taking the elevator to the 14th floor, we were greeted with a warm welcome from Topco when the door opened.

Operating principles — employees are shareholders, emphasis on corporate ethics

It was one of the best parts of the meeting to visit Topco. In the meeting room, Dr. Zhang Shenghe, General Manager of Topco’s Taiwan headquarters, briefed us on Topco’s history, development, and cooperation with Sika. Dr. Zhang’s Taiwan accent was very gentle and elegant and his speech left a deep impression on us.

This simple language has a special power. I still remember that we were pleased to see Mr. Wang Chunjian, the honorary chairman of Topco at the welcoming banquet. Being over seventy, he looked nice but talked little. However, the last words of his welcoming speech sounded familiar, “We are family”. Isn’t that the atmosphere that Sika has been trying to create? What a similar scene and culture! Both the host and the guests had a great time.

As one of the best distributors of Sika, Topco was originally Topco Trade, established by Wang Chunjian, the Honorary Chairman, and his team. Its main business was as sales agents of silicone products produced by Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd, in their Taiwanese and Japanese factories. Through the exchange of market information and cooperation with the Japanese company, they developed silicone products, which already had a wide application, for more advanced fields, such as automobiles, textiles, telecommunications, and high-tech industries. In 1992, Topco entered the Chinese mainland market in the tide of opening up. Its cooperation with Sika started in 2004. By the end of 2013, the cooperation has lasted for ten years. From friction at the beginning to the smoothness now, in 2013 the turnover of the cooperation reached two million euros, which is a considerable amount. Both sides have devoted a lot of time and effort to develop the market together and we have many encouraging stories to tell. Opening the brochure of Topco, we were attracted by the corporate culture, operating principles and working values of Topco, which was established in 1981 and listed in 2006. Corporate culture — people-oriented, emphasis on working ethics and encouraging internal business establishment

Working values — activity, optimism, hard work, maintaining a happy attitude — I can do it!

When I talked with my colleagues in Sika about Topco, they complimented the working attitude of the Topco staff highly. Our colleagues had seen many times that, no matter how late they worked or socialized, they would come to work on time in a good state the next morning. This is not a family company, but it is like a family. We can feel their sense of belonging and the bond developed by this kind of management. In order to know more about Topco and the staff, I requested an interview with Dr. Zhang. However, being polite and cultured, he didn’t talk much about himself but how to conduct closer cooperation with Sika from a strategic and sales point of view. I was impressed by his far-sightedness and his sense of responsibility. It was drizzling on an early winter day in Taipei when I walked out of Topco’s building. I took a shortcut from Citizen Avenue to Zhong Xiao Dong Road. I had been thinking about the working views of Topco and the mission statement of Topco written on the coffee cup — Pursue excellence and create a future together.


Photo: 叱⢶双 / Topco

Copyright: James Chou/ Creative Commons

Copyright: Eazy Traveler/Common Creative

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — FFI Distributor




Zhanchang Huo from Beijing ZhengmeiFengye Automobile Service Co., Ltd., won the third place in the 8th Annual NordGlass Auto Glass Technician Olympics (AGTO) held in USA out of 32 competitors from all over the world. He used Sika’s products throughout the competition. Გ㜗‫⤰ڕ‬32Ѻ䔶᝸命㖇㒻ప࣯ߍす‫ژ‬ᅷ↪䒓⣨⦰ឭጵຒ᳄ࡦ‫ٸ‬ ๔чȡᲒ㜗͚పࡄϙₐ㒻͇͝↪䒓᰺ߎᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ⮱䰺ࢍࢯ‫⩌ٵ‬ 㢐㣤๔䊈す̶⩟ȡЃౕ℁䊈‫⼸ڕ‬Ҭ⩕㺬ࢎϔ৮ȡ



NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Competition Winner


Mr. Huo got the 3rd place in the competition.


䔅⇎Გᓄࣷ䶳⪒䓫ጋ⮱䷻ౌϧᗲ喑䰺 ࢍࢯࣷ͑Ѻ䮼㵹㔨䃾Ӭ䷻ᅅϳϳϻ㒻ప䊣 ఋࡄϙ喑̭ক⮱㒻ప͸㵹ౕ㉔‫۾‬㔹‫ٲ‬჋⮱ ᬒ⼸ Ⴖᢿ̸ళ␎㐀᲌喑䰺ࢍࢯఋ‫ࡄݝ‬ϙ喑 ̺ϲፓఋᲒγ̓⩹䶣㏔↪䒓⣨⦰๔䊈⮱͝ ჹ㏼侹喑ᰡፓఋγ͚పす̭⁎䬜‫⩹̓ڒ‬㏔ ‫↪ݘ‬䒓⣨⦰ᰡᢏ๔䊈‫⮱⩟̶ݺ‬㜠倅㢐㾶ȡ

9 ᰵ 18 ᬒ ÿ 20 ᬒ喑ₐթ͚ప⮱͚⻸ Ҡ㞯͸䭲喑す‫ژ‬ᅷ↪䒓⣨⦰ឭጵຒ᳄ࡦ‫ٸ‬ ๔чౕ㒻ప҈㒄䛹䓫ጋಓፂጯ䶧‫៶ݖ‬ᐭ፤ ᎂ喑Გ㜗‫ ⮱⤰ڕ‬32 Ѻ䔶᝸命㖇㒻పȡ↪䒓 ⣨⦰ឭጵຒ᳄ࡦ‫ٸ‬๔ч᭜ധλ↪䒓⣨⦰ᰡ ᢏႶ‫ڕ‬ᴴ۳喍AGRSS®喎䃱㏔⮱ప䭲㏔๔ጵ 䊈喑࣯ 䊈 䔶 ᝸ Й ᓲ 䶨 㺮 ౕ 75 ܳ 䧌‫ڲ‬Ⴙ ᜽ ⣨ ⦰ Ⴖ 㷲 ⮱ ‫ ڕ‬䘕≮ ⼸ȡຯ᳉ ᱗ 㘪 ౕ 75 ܳ 䧌͸‫ڲ‬Ⴙ᜽ ⣨⦰Ⴖ㷲喑ᄳः⊵℁ 䊈䉱ᵩȡ ऱ Ѻ 䔶 ᝸ 䘪 ᓲ 䶨 ᠶ ⚔ ๔䊈 㻱 Ⴧ ⮱ ᪴У ᴴ

۳䔈㵹᧺҉喑ຯ᳉‫⮱͚ڣ‬ₒ俑᱗ᠶ⚔㺮Ⅿ 䔈㵹喑䃱༁ᄳ䔈㵹ថܳั⤳ȡ

41 ᆮ⮱䰺ࢍࢯ‫⩌ٵ‬喑᠒ᰶ䊲䓴 24 Ꭱ ⮱↪䒓⣨⦰ᰡᢏࣷႶ㷲㏼侹ȡⰛ‫ݺ‬ᒀШࡄ ϙₐ㒻͇͝↪䒓᰺ߎᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ⮱ឭᱜᕨ⯾喑 ࡄϙₐ㒻͇͇̀͝ϻθ↪䒓⣨⦰Ⴖ㷲᰺ߎ喑 ́᠒ᰶ㜗ͨ৮❹喑ౕࡄϙ᠒ᰶ 17 უᏄȡᢛ 䰺‫⩌ٵ‬ϸ㏺喑Ⱋ‫ࡄݺ‬ϙᕨᏄᎠ౴⃼๖͇ߎ 䛼ౕ 120 झ䒓ጓठ喑䗷ࡧᏄ䲏⃼๖Ό㘪ᰶ ͗ 7-8 झ䒓⮱͇ߎȡ

ਜ਼ऻ᰺ߎ㵹͇ፓᲒγ‫ڕ‬᫝⮱倅Ꮣহ㻳䛻喑 Ӱ䔈͚ప⣨⦰ᰡᢏࣷႶ㷲㵹͇ाᰡ͇ͧ̀ ࡃ⮱᫦ाࣾᆂȡ 㺬ࢎ喟℁䊈䊈⼸ຯ҂喤 䰺‫⩌ٵ‬喟℁䊈̭‫͑ڞ‬䒛ܳ͑๖䔈㵹喑 ⃼䒛 16 Ѻ䔶᝸ȡ⃼Ѻ䔶᝸ᄦ̭झ䒓䔈㵹⣨ ⦰Ⴖ㷲᧺҉喑Ꭳ⩞̶Ѻ䃱༁हᬣ䔈㵹䃱ܳȡ ℁䊈䃱‫⮱ݑ‬ᴴ۳䮑γᰶ 75 ܳ䧌⮱ᬣ䬡䭽Ⴧ喑 䔅ᰶ͇̀㏳㜡⮱䃱ܳᴴ۳ȡ᜾℁䒰Ꭵ䓽ܳ ౕすι๖℁䊈喑す̭๖ͨ㺮᭜㻯ᝅ‫ڣ‬Ѓ䔶 ᝸⮱㶕⣝ȡ

ₑ⁎࣯䊈喑䰺‫⼸ڕ⩌ٵ‬Ҭ⩕㺬ࢎϔ৮ȡ 㺬ࢎ喟ప䭲℁䊈⮱ᴴ۳̻͚ప⮱ᴴ۳ ҉ͧ㒻ప๔ጵ䊈⮱䪬᱌䊋ߖव҉ࢯੳ喑Ό ҉ͧࡄϙₐ㒻͇͝⮱͇ߎव҉цѡ喑⦋ธ ᰶ҂ࡧ‫ݘ‬喤 䰺‫⩌ٵ‬喟㒻ప↪䒓⣨⦰ឭጵຒ䓽ч⮱ 㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थᄦ݇ఋప̺Ͳ⮱䰺ࢍࢯ‫⩌ٵ‬䔈㵹 γ̀ 䃬ȡ䰺ࢍࢯ‫͚ͧ҉⩌ٵ‬ప̻‫ ↪⤰ڕ‬䒓 ᴴ۳̻͚ప⮱᧺҉ᴴ۳Ⱕ℁喑⇎ᰶ๔⮱ࡧ ⣨⦰Ⴖ㷲㵹͇⮱⇌䕇ᶒᶮহҬ㔲喑ͧ↪䒓 ‫ݘ‬喑ͨ㺮 䘪᭜ ㏳㞯̷⮱ࡧ ‫ݘ‬ȡ℁ ຯ⊯Ⴙ Ꮒ

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Competition Winner


๔䊈㺬ࢎᆂѺጒ҉ϧঅₐౕ䔈㵹ϔ ৮⑁⹧

Product demo at Sika booth


Mr. Huo with Sika people


⊯ऻ䰭㺮ぶᒲ࡮ܳ䧌͸ऻ᝺㘪ក㘣喑㔹᜾ ЙᎠᬣᎣ⇎ᰶぶᒲ䔆͵䪬⮱ᬣ䬡喑䃱༁ౕ 䔶᝸᧺҉⮱ᬣՆᅞчᠴ‫ܧ‬䔶᝸⮱䩆䄜喑ह ᬣ䔈㵹កܳȡ 㺬ࢎ喟ౕ℁䊈䓴⼸͚喑ਗψ᧺҉Ⱕᄦฺ ᱯ喤 䰺‫⩌ٵ‬喟Ꮒ⊯হ≨ࡃ‫ݯ‬᭜℁䒰䯫ᢹᤎ ⮱⣜㞯喑఍ͧ䰭㺮۳⶛ិᤎ Ꮒ⊯হ≨ࡃ‫ݯ‬ Ҭ⩕⮱ᬣ䬡হぶ Ն⮱ᬣ䬡喑䔆͗䰭㺮็Ꭱ ⮱㏼侹⼜㉜Გ‫ݑ‬᫚ȡ 㺬ࢎ喟ᗕౕ℁䊈䓴⼸͚喑ͨ㺮⮱ថܳ◦ ౕਗ䛹喤 䰺‫⩌ٵ‬喟̭ ͗᭜ ᥴ ߕᏂ ⊯ ⮱ᬣ 䬡喑᜾ गᥴ᭰γ 10 ⻿䧌喑ѳ᭜䃱༁㺮Ⅿ㺮ᥴ̭᭰ ܳ䧌ȡ䔆 ψᅞ ᭜ ㏳㞯̷⮱∕ ᘼ◦喑ͨ 㺮⮱ ថܳ◦䘪䯳ౕ͚ㆨѩ䔆ᵤ⮱㏳㞯̷ȡ 㺬ࢎ喟ຯ҂ദ‫ڨ‬ឭጵϧ᝺喑ຯ҂эᢵ㏼ 侹喤 䰺 ‫⩌ ٵ‬喟᜾ Й ⃼ ͗ᰵ̭⁎ ദ 䃚 ч喑ិ ऱѺ䕴‫⮱ݝ‬䬛䷅䔈㵹㼐めহ䃟㼐喑ͨ㺮䔅


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Competition Winner

᭜ 㼐 ۠ ๔ უ ౕᬒ፥ ᧺ ҉ ͚ 䕴 ‫ ⮱ ݝ‬ऱ⻺ 䬛 ䷅ȡⰛ‫ڠݺ‬λ⣨⦰Ⴖ㷲ឭጒ႓ᵎ䛹䔅⇎ᰶ ͇̀ ⮱䄫⼸喑႓ ᵎ႓⮱᭜ ᱧ ᷝ ⤳䃧喑᫝᝸ 䌌Ɑጵֲ̭Ꭱऻ᝺㘪⠙⿸Ⴖ㷲হ᧺҉ȡጵ ֲэᢵ⮱ͨ㺮䘪᭜็Ꭱ⼜ᨿ̸Გ⮱㏼侹喑 ᰡ็⮱ ᭜㏳㞯ȡ᜾ЙΌౕ̭ₒ̭ₒិ㏼侹 ⤳䃧ࡃ喑↟ःγ㺬ࢎឭጵദ䃚᝸‫̭⮱ڹ‬ψ ㏼ 侹喑㐀 व ᜾ Й ౕ ჋ 䭲 ᧺ ҉喑ᕨ 㐀‫ܧ‬γ̭ ຄᰡͧ䄓㏳⮱Ⴖ㷲᧺҉ₒ俑ȡ

㺬ࢎ喟⣝౧℁䊈⮱㏼侹ᕨ㐀喤 䰺‫⩌ٵ‬喟͚ప≫‫ܧ‬䔶 ᝸す̭⁎࣯䊈喑

50 ็ऺឭጵ喑̭‫ܳܿڞ‬᜽̰͗㏔‫ݘ‬喑ᵦᢛ

᜾Й۳ิ⮱ጒ‫Ⱕڤ‬ᄦ̺䋠喑ፓࣨ㒻ప⮱̭ ψጒ‫ڤ‬Ό ̺᭜➦‫ݘ‬䔯 ⩕喑఍ౕ͚ͧపప‫ڲ‬ 䕇፥䘪᭜͑͗ϧ̭䊤᧺҉䔈㵹⣨⦰ᰡᢏࣷ Ⴖ 㷲喑ౕప ใ ᭜ ̭ ͗ϧ ᧺ ҉喑℁ 䊈 㻱 ݆ Ό ᭜̭ϧ᧺҉ȡ͑ϧ᧺҉হ̭ϧ᧺҉᝭Ҭ⩕ ⮱ጒ‫ڤ‬ᓲ♣ᰶ᝭ࡧ‫ݘ‬喑ᄩ㜡ౕ℁䊈䓴⼸͚ ጒ‫⼺ ڤ‬̺᭫䋠喑̺䓴ౕ⣝౧ᰶф็⮱৮❹ ࢯੳᆂ⹧ЃЙ⮱ϔ৮হጒ‫ڤ‬喑ᒀᬣౕ⣝౧ ᜾ౕ⦋ธ㺬ࢎ⮱ᆂѺ̷Ռ‫ݝ‬γᰡͧ䔯⩕⮱ 㘣᳗হጒ‫ڤ‬ȡ

ឭᱜ㘪߈হ⛌㏰⼸Ꮣ喑 ͨ㺮ܳͧ݊㏔ឭጒ喑 ͚㏔ឭጒ喑倅㏔ឭጒ喑݊㏔ឭጵ喑͚㏔ឭጵ喑 倅㏔ឭጵহ➦㏔ឭጵȡ㺮ᘠϻ᫝᝸䓫‫➦ݝ‬ ឭ ឭጵ⮱㏔ ‫ݘ‬喑ᰭ ᔘΌ 㺮‫ژ‬Ꭱ ⮱ᬣ䬡ȡప უⰛ‫ݺ‬䔅⇎ᰶ⣨⦰Ⴖ㷲ጒ⻺⮱䃱㏔喑᜾Й Ό ͨ 㺮 䲍‫ڙ‬थ‫ڲ‬䘕 ദ 䃚喑э ᢵ ㏼ 侹ȡ‫ڙ‬थ Όчౕ‫ڲ‬䘕㏱㏴ ᧺҉๔䊈喑ߍᑧឭᱜϧঅ ⮱႓΍হϑ≮喑ߍᑧ‫ڙ‬थ⮱ጯ౧》 ζ߈ȡ हᬣΌч࣯ߍప‫ڕڲ‬పᕔ⮱๔䊈喑䊝‫ܧ‬ప 䬕࣯ߍప䭲ᕔ๔䊈ȡ

↪䒓ਜ਼ऻጯ౧҉̭ͧ͗ਜ਼ऻጯ౧᰺ߎ ᕔ 㵹͇喑䰭 㺮 ᣽ ӈᔘ ᢤ ᰺ ߎ喑Ҭ ⩕Ⴖ ‫⮱ ڕ‬ 㘣㇅‫ݯ‬ϔ৮হ࣌ࢯ㏔⣨⦰喑䮑ₑ͸ใᰡ䰭 㺮͇̀ ㏳ 㜡 ⮱ ⼸ ᔮ Ꮣȡ჏ᝤ䛺 㻳 ใ㻯喑҉ ͇ͧ̀㐡ԛϧঅ̺ϲ㺮䛺㻳ใ㻯喑ᰡ㺮䛺 㻳 Ⴖ 㷲 ㏳㞯喑ₐ ᝭ 䅀Ⴖ ‫ ڕ‬ᬍ ᢤᒱ喑᜾ Йग ᰶԊ䃮⃼̭͗ₒ俑䘪և‫͇̀ݝ‬㏳㜡喑᝺㘪 ᰡສ⮱Ԋ䃮䒓ͨࣷ΅჏⮱Ⴖ‫ڕ‬喑Ӱ䔈⣨⦰ Ⴖ㷲㵹͇ाᰡ͇ͧ̀ࡃ⮱᫦ाࣾᆂ喑䌨䏘

‫ڙ‬थ⃼Ꭱ᠈ᩣ᫝⮱႓ ᒿ喑Ⱋ‫ڙݺ‬थᰶ



Before Zhanchang Huo had time to appreciate Florida’s landscape, he and his two interpreters had terminated the one-week tight and substantial trip to the USA and rushed back to Beijing with abundant experience from the world’s top auto glass technician competition, as well as China’s first honor of winning the third place in a world-class auto glass replacement competition. From September 18-20, 2013, the Chinese mid-autumn festival, the 8 th Annual NordGlass Auto Glass Technician Olympics (AGTO) was held in Tampa, Florida, USA, which attracted 32 competitors from all over the world. The AGTO is an international competition that is based on the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS®). The competitors are allotted 75 minutes to complete an auto glass installation, and if not finished, they will be disqualified from the competition. All competitors shall complete the installation according to the documented standard regulated by the competition, and the judges will deduct points for mistaken steps. Mr. Zhanchang Huo has more than 24 years of experience in auto glass replacement and installation. Currently, he is a technical director of Beijing ZhengmeiFengye Automobile Service Co., Ltd., an auto glass installation service pro-

vider with an independently developed brand and 17 stores in Beijing. The head store offers services to about 120 cars per day on average, and the stores in the outskirt of Beijing offers services to at least 7 or 8 cars per day, said Mr. Huo. Mr. Huo used Sika’s products throughout the competition. As a long-term sponsor of the competition and a partner of Beijing ZhengmeiFengye, Sika exclusively interviewed Mr. Huo soon after he returned to China. Acting as a bridge and messenger connecting China’s and the international auto glass installation industries, Mr. Zhanchang Huo lifted the level of China’s automobile after-sales service industry, widened the views of the industry, and drove the specialization of China’s auto glass replacement and installation industry. Sika: How abou t the compe ti tion schedule? Mr. Huo: The competition was divided into two rounds, with 16 competitors per round and each round cost one day. All competitors were allotted 75 minutes to complete an auto glass installation on a car, and then simultaneously scored by three judges based on a set of professional and detailed standards. I was lucky to be assigned to the second round, so I could watch other competi-

tors’ performance on the first day. Sika: What are the differences between the standards for international competitions and Chinese competions? Mr. Huo: AGTO follows a similar standard with the operation in China, except for some dif ferences in details. For example, only after 10 minutes after gluing can the ground coating be implemented; however, we have never waited a so long time. In the competition, the judges pointed out the mistakes and then scored the operations. From the first round on September 21st, I found that the foreign competitors were more meticulous when replacing the glass. Sika: Which steps were relatively complicated during the competition? Mr. Huo: I think it is hard to master when implementing ground coating and using the activator as well as the waiting time before the next steps. You cannot make a wise decision without years of experience. Sika: In which steps did you mainly lose points? Mr. Huo: I shook the Primer for only 10 seconds while the judges regulated 1 minute. This is a detail that cannot be

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Competition Winner



Sika people had technical discussion with Mr. Huo.


ignored. I mainly lost points for such details. Sika: Can you summarize the expeirence you got from the competition? Mr. Huo: It was the first time for a Chinese contestant to participate in this competition, so we did not prepare sufficient and applicable tools. In China, the glass usually is replaced and installed by two people jointly, but in other countries, it needs only one person, the same as the competition regulated. The tools for two are inevitability different from those for one, and the former ones were a little inferior for the competition. However, plenty of vendors displayed their products and tools on site, and luckily, I borrowed a more applicable glue gun and tools from Sika. Sika: How should one train the technicians and share the experience with them? Mr. Huo: We hold a training meeting each month to answer and explain the


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Competition Winner

technicians’ questions, mainly concerning the problems we encounter in daily operation. Currently, the technical schools have not yet opened a specialized course on auto glass installation and only impart mechanical theories to the students. Therefore, a beginner has to absorb the master’s years of experience, which is mainly about details, before independent installation and operation. Now we are theorizing about the experience, and formulated a set of more detailed installation and operation procedures based on our actual operation by referring to the Sika technicians training manual. In addition to annually recruiting apprentices, Our company has more than 50 technicians grouped into 7 levels based on their technical competence and proficiency - junior technician, intermediate technician, senior technician, junior master technician, intermediate master technician, senior master technician and super master technician. An apprentice may take at least 8 years to upgrade to a super master technician. There is no

system to grade the auto glass installation workers in China, and we mainly get experience through the internal training by the company. Our company not only organizes some operation contests internally to facilitate technician growth and communication and improve our market competitiveness, but also participates in both the national and international competitions. As an after-sales service industry, aftermarket shall offer quick services and apply secure adhesives and glasses from the original automobile manufacturer, and shall even show a professional and meticulous attitude. The customers attach importance to the appearance; however, we shall not only focus on the appearance, but also the installation details. As a saying goes, "There is no shortcut to safety." Only if we keep a professional and meticulous attitude toward all steps, can we ensure safety for the vehicle owners and passengers, drive the specialization of our auto glass installation industry, and jump to the top class in the world.


THE PROJECT THAT SETS RECORDS 㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ౧䶦Ⱋ Suzhou Central Plaza, located in the central business district of Suzhou, sets six records for its unusually large scale in China. About 2,000 tonnes of Sika® ViscoCrete®-3301 C will be used in this giant project. 㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ౧䶦Ⱋ఍‫ڣ‬㒂㻮⮱Ҁ䛼㻱὎㔹̸݈γప‫ڲ‬ᐧま ⮱‫͗ښ‬Ąす̭ąȡ㺬ࢎใߍ‫ݯ‬ϔ৮ Sika® ViscoCrete®-3301 C Ꮑ⩕ౕ䄒䶦Ⱋ̷喑䶱䃎⩕䛼ᄳ䓫2000ॕጓठȡ


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Concrete





㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ౧䶦ⰛѺλ㟼ጋጒ͇ చࡧ䛾华⎃㺬Ӕ喑℄䗨͉᫦͸䬕喑⩞ 10 ᎏ ᐧ ま Ჱ᜽喑㻱 ܿ࠲᠙ 500 ㆠহ 450 ㆠ䊲倅ᅯᐧまऱ 1 ᴸȠ100-280 ㆠ倅ᅯ ඁẩ 7 ᴸȠ๔ಸੳ͇ᐧま̭Ꮤ喑ᕨែ䉱 ㏓ 285 Ϭٰȡₐౕ‫ ڡ‬ᐧ⮱ 7 ᴸ 倅ᅯඁ ẩ⩞㟼ጋጒ͇చࡧ䛾华⎃೻ጯࣾᆂᰶ 䭽‫ڙ‬थ ែ 䉱喑㟼ጋιᐧ 䯳ఏ হ͚ᐧ ‫ژ‬ ᅭ‫ڞ‬हឬᐧ喠2014 ᎡᏂ ᄳ‫ڡ‬ᐧ⮱ 500 ㆠ 䊲倅ᅯ ᐧ ま喑⩞͚ࢄ䯳ఏ হ 㟼ጋጒ ͇చࡧ䛾华⎃೻ጯࣾᆂᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ‫ڞ‬ह ែ䉱ȡ 㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ౧ᅲ㟼ጋጯഌ CBD ᵥ ᓰ Ѻ 㒛喑͑᲎ 䒕 ϑ ㏬䉜 ⾬ ᪡ ͗䶦Ⱋࡧ ഌ喑䶦Ⱋ᪡Ҁࢍౝ 21.1 ‫ڙ‬䶤喑ۭౝ䲏⼜ 13.9 ‫ڙ‬䶤喑 ᕨᐧま䲏⼜㏓ 182 ̴Ꭰ᫦ㆠ喑 ‫͚ڣ‬ౝ ̷ ᐧ ま 䲏 ⼜ 130 ̴Ꭰ᫦ㆠȠౝ ̸ᐧま䲏⼜ 52 ̴Ꭰ᫦ㆠȡ 㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ౧఍‫ڣ‬㒂㻮⮱Ҁ䛼㻱 ὎㔹̸݈γప‫ڲ‬ᐧま⮱‫͗ښ‬Ąす̭ą喟

1. 㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ౧䶦Ⱋᕨ䲏⼜䓫 182 ̴



4. 5.


Ꭰ᫦ㆠ喑᭜Ⱋ‫ݺ‬ప‫ڲ‬㻱὎ᰭ๔⮱᪡ Ҁᐭࣾ೻ጯ㐩वҀ喠 䶦Ⱋౝ̸⾧䬡 ᕨ䲏 ⼜ ㏓ 52 ̴Ꭰ᫦ ㆠ喑᭜Ⱋ‫ݺ‬ప‫ڲ‬㻱὎ᰭ๔⮱᪡ Ҁᐭ ࣾౝ̸⾧䬡喠 ౕ㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ౧‫ڲ‬䃫ᰶప‫ࢂڲ‬Ҁ㻱 ὎ᰭ๔⮱䉚➖͚ᓰ喑ᕨᐧま䲏⼜䓫 40 ็̴Ꭰ᫦ㆠ喠 䶦Ⱋᄳᐧ 5 ̴Ꭰ᫦ㆠ⮱ᅸ䶣㟞చ喑 ᭜ప‫ڲ‬㻱὎ᰭ๔⮱⾧͚⩌ᔮ㟞చ喠 㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ౧䃫㒛䯳͚ӈۤӈ☚㈨ 㐌喑᭜Ⱋ‫ݺ‬ప‫ڲ‬㻱὎ᰭ๔⮱೻ጯ㐩 वҀ䯳͚ӈۤӈ☚㈨㐌喠 䶦 Ⱋ ᪡ Ҁ ౝ ̸ ̶ ᅯȠ䘕 ܳ ౝ ̸ ఈ ᅯ喑ധ౾ࢍౝ䲏⼜䓫 14 ̴Ꭰ᫦ㆠ喑 ᐭ ᡃ⌞ Ꮣ 17 㜠 22 ㆠ喑ᐭ ᡃౌ ᫦㏓ 220 ̴⿸ ᫦ㆠ喑᭜Ⱋ‫ݺ‬ప‫ڲ‬㻱 ὎ ᰭ ๔⮱೻ጯᐧまധ౾ጒ⼸ȡ

䄒ጒ⼸す̭⁎⮱⌤‫≴ౌ܊‬まጟᰶ పϔ჋͇喍㟼ጋ喎⌤‫ౌ܊‬ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ᣽ӈ喑 㺬ࢎใߍ‫ݯ‬ϔ৮ Sika® ViscoCrete®-3301 C ϔ৮ΌጟᏁ ⩕ౕ 㟼ጋ͚ᓰᎬ ౧ 䶦Ⱋ ̷喑䶱 䃎 䄒 䶦ⰛᏁ ⩕㺬ࢎ ใߍ ‫ݯ‬ϔ৮ 䓫 2000 ॕጓठȡ

Suzhou Central Plaza is located to the west of Jinji Lake, adjacent to the Gate of the Orient in Suzhou Industrial Park. It will be composed of 10 buildings, including one 500 m high and one 450 m high skyscraper, seven 100 m to 280 m high towers and one large commercial building. The total investment is about CHF 4.4 billion. The seven tall towers under construction are financed by Jinji Lake City Development Co, Ltd. of Suzhou Industrial Park, and will be constructed by Suzhou 2nd Construction Group and China Construction 8th Engineering Company. The 500 m high-rise building, which is financed by South China Group and Suzhou Industry Park Jinji Lake City Development Co, Ltd., will be built in 2014. Located in the central business district of Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Central Plaza boasts the convenience of two metro lines. The whole project covers an area of about 21.1 hectares with a net ground area of 13.9 hectares. The total construction area is about 1.82 million square meters, including 1.3 million square meters above ground and 520,000 square meters underground. Suzhou Central Plaza sets six records for its unusually large scale in China currently: 1. The largest urban complex, with a total area of 1.82 million square meters. 2. The largest underground area of 520,000 square meters. 3. The largest shopping mall, which will cover more than 400,000 square meters. 4. The largest roof garden, covering an area of 50,000 square meters. 5. The largest central heating and air conditioning system. 6. The largest foundation pit with a depth of 17 to 22 m and an area of 140,000 m2. The first pouring of concrete for this project was done by the Goldsun (Suzhou) Concrete Co.,Ltd. Sika® ViscoCrete®-3301 C has been used in this project. It is estimated that about 2,000 tonnes of admixtures will be used in this project.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Concrete




NEW ICONIC BUILDINGS OF A CITY ⇶೻᫝ౝᴴ - ᆞ͉倅䕌Ꭼ౧ The latest masterpiece of French architect Paul Andreu, who also designed the famous Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport and Beijing National Center for Performing Arts, is Shandong Express Way Plaza in the city of Jinan, where full range of Sikasil® products were applied. ∂ప䃫䃎ጵԊ㒄ŢႶᓤ冮喍ᰫ䃫䃎∂పᝡ倅ͽప䭲ᱧ౧Ƞ͚ప పუ๔‫ޔ‬䮏ぶ㦄ऺᐧま喎⮱̭ࣵ߈҉ ÿ ᆞ͉倅䕌Ꭼ౧⮱̶ ᎏ倅ẩᏁ⩕γ㺬ࢎ⵲䚛㘣‫ڕ‬㈨݄ϔ৮ȡ TEXT: थ᳄݇ SI LINGANG




䄒䶦Ⱋ᭜す࡮ᅷ͚ప㞧ᱜ㞯⮱䛺◦ᐧ 䃫䶦Ⱋ喑Ѻλ≻ࢄ㺬䘕᫝೻ ᵥᓰࡧ㙷ᆞ⇠ ᮜ㻯ፓহ㺬჏〆͉㺬ᮜ㻯䒡ϑⅴ◦喍倅䧮 ≻ ࢄ 㺬〆Ꭼ౧͉Ӕ喎喑̻ᆞ͉Ⱞч ๔ ‫ޔ‬䮏 ‫ڞ‬ह㏱᜽Ąᇞ䱿⊤㨊ąᐧまᮜ㻯ȡ 䶦Ⱋ⩞̶ᴸඁẩȠఈᅯ㸆ᝬȠఈᅯౝ̸ ⾧䬡͚ࣷᓰᎬ౧㏱᜽喑ᕨᐧま䲏⼜㏓ 39.3 ̴ Ꭰ ᫦ ㆠ喍ౝ ̷ 20.35 ̴ Ꭰ ᫦ ㆠ + ౝ ̸ 18.95 ̴Ꭰ᫦ㆠ喎ȡ‫ ͚ڣ‬1 तඁẩͧ⩟ A ㏔ ‫ۆ‬ႄ ẩ喍22 ᅯ喎喑ᐧ ま 倅Ꮣ 110 ㆠ喠2 तඁ ẩͧρᭌ㏔䙿Ꮔ喍48 ᅯ喎 喑 ᐧま倅Ꮣ 200 ㆠ喠 3 तඁẩͧ⩟㏔ 5A ‫ۆ‬ႄ ẩ喍31 ᅯ喎喑ᐧ ま 倅Ꮣ 150 ㆠȡᎂෆᕨ䲏⼜ 87000m2 ጓठ喑 ᎂෆጒ⼸ែ䉱 1.53 Ϭȡ ‫ܧ‬λ᪡Ҁใ㻯᩵ ᳉⮱㔰㭾喑ᎂෆ䛴⩕ γ‫ڕ‬䮽ᐼ⣨⦰ᎂෆ䃫䃎喍‫ڕ‬䮽ࢂٰᐼহ‫ڕ‬ 䮽ᵳ ᳣ ᐼ喎Ƞඁẩ䶣䘕䛴 ⩕ի᫉ᐼ‫ ڕ‬⣨ ᅸ 䶣䃫 䃎Ƞඁẩ㐊๔䘕ܳ䲏⼜ 䛴⩕๔ᄼ❴͚ ⾧⣨⦰䃫䃎Ƞ㸆ᝬ䛴⩕ቹἪᐼ͚⾧⣨⦰হ ᱧ ᷝ ᠯ 䧖 㐀 व ⮱ ᫦ ᐼ 䖬 ‫ٺ‬γ㐀 Ჱ㘣 ⮱ Ҭ ⩕ȡ⠙➦⮱ᎂෆ䃫䃎ᄦ⵲䚛㘣ᱽ᫆㜗䏘ࣷ ጒࢯߍጒ䓴⼸Ჱ᜽γᒵ๔⮱ᠾᝅȡ 㔰㭾‫ݝ‬䶦Ⱋ⮱䛺㺮ᕔ喑ϻ䃫 䃎݊໸䭣 ⃢喑͇ͨࢠᄦ⵲䚛㘣ᱽ᫆㜗䏘হऻ᱌⮱䙺


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Sealing and Bonding

व᰺ߎ᣽‫ܧ‬γ㠈‫⮱ݨ‬㺮Ⅿȡ㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थ䬕⿄ ᎂෆ㈨㐌ఏ䭌䕇䓴㇫ᓰ۳ิহゃܿ喑ౕ䶦 Ⱋ⣝౧็⁎ͫߋγ䦵ᄦ͇ͨহ䶫䬛‫ڙ‬थ⮱ ϔ৮ᣕᎬহឭᱜめ⪾ч䃛ȡ‫⮱⼸ڕ‬ឭᱜ䙺 व䌌 䍗 ጒ҉喍࠲᠙ఫ㏥ 䃫 䃎৕ 䄏Ƞϔ৮᫦ ᵵᣕ㡽Ƞ㞯◦ᅧᄥᵥツȠ჋侹ბ≸䄂Ƞ⣝౧ ദ 䃚ȠჇ᱌ጒࢯᵥ ᴒ ࣷ ᜽৮‫ޟ‬㘣≸䄂喎হ ๔䛼⮱᰺ߎᵵҸ喑䃖჏ᝤ䔽ₒԎШ㺬ࢎ̀ ͇⮱⵲㘣㼐۠᫦ᵵȡ䦵ᄦ》ζ৮❹ज㘪䃫 㒛 ⮱ ឭᱜ ᕔ䬕 Ἀ喑㺬 ࢎ ᱗䰕 㐥 㑗喑ᰶ䦵 ᄦ ᕔ⮱۳ิγⰥ‫ڠ‬䶱ᵵ喑ࡃ㷘ߕͧͨߕ喑ζः γᬣᱧȡ

ߍጒࢯ⮱ϧঅ᧺҉ⅡᎠᒵ๔⼸Ꮣ̷۠ Ⴧγ⵲䚛㘣ϔ৮⮱㔽Ͳ⼸ Ꮣ喑఍ₑऻ᱌⮱ ឭᱜ᰺ߎ᭫ᓄᅑͧ䛺㺮ȡᎂෆߍጒ݊໸䭣 ⃢喑㺬ࢎຯ㏓ᄦऱᎂෆ‫ڙ‬थ⩌ϔহ䉕ᷭϧ অ䔈㵹γ‫ڕ‬᫦Ѻឭᱜദ䃚ȡϻ㘣∢⌲≄ᵎ ₐ‫ݝ‬Ꮒ⊯⮱㻱㠰ࡃҬ⩕喑ϻ፥㻱䉕ᷭ჋侹 ≸䄂‫ऻݝ‬᱌Წ಄‫ޟ‬㘣≸䄂喑㺬ࢎ᝸ិ᝸Ƞ 䃑ⱌ䉌䉐⮱ᔮᏓ䊏ᓄγ᫪ጒ᫦হ͇ͨ⮱̭ 㜡ສ䃱ȡ

䄒䶦Ⱋ᭜䓾ᎡᲒ㺬ࢎ⵲䚛㘣ప‫ڲ‬ጯ౧ ᰭ๔ࢂҀ ᎂ ෆ䶦Ⱋ喑᪡͗ጒ⼸Ҭ⩕γ⵲䚛 㘣ϔ৮ Sikasil® SG-500ȠSikasil® SG-20Ƞ 㺬ࢎឭᱜఏ䭌হੳߎఏ䭌⮱䕇߈व҉喑 Sikasil® WS-305 CN ࣷ Sikasil® IG-25喑ⱌ ᰭ㏵हᬣ䊏ᓄγఈუᎂෆ‫ڙ‬थ喍↵䭠䔉๔Ƞ ₐ჋⣝γϻ͚⾧⣨⦰㐀Ჱ㘣‫ݝ‬ᎂෆ㐀Ჱ㘣喑 ⊆↌͚ࢄȠᆞ͉≒ࢂࣷ⌞ౠࡻ䒶喎⮱ԎШȡ ϻ䭟▘ჳᄮ㘣‫ݝ‬䭟Ⅱჳᄮ㘣ぶ̭〆ᐼϔ৮ ࠲ ᠙ ࣹ ㏱ ܳᎂ ෆ ⵲ 䚛 㐀 Ჱ㘣 Sikasil® SG- ᰺ߎȡ 500 CN, ࢂ ㏱ ܳᎂ ෆ ⵲ 䚛 㐀 Ჱ 㘣 Sikasil® SG-20, ࢂ ㏱ ܳ ᎂ ෆ ⵲ 䚛 㔽 Ն 㘣 Sikasil® Ϸऻᒀҍ΅౽ϙ⇗倅䧮㏼䓴≻ࢄ㺬〆 WS-305 CN, ⵲䚛䭟▘ჳᄮ㘣 Sikasil® FS- ᬣ喑ࢠजВⰸ‫̶ݝ‬Ꮤ‫ڕ‬⣨⦰ᐼඁẩౕ䭠‫ٶ‬ 665 ‫ڕ‬㈨݄ϔ৮ౕᎂෆ‫ڙ‬थࣷႶ㷲⣝౧ᓄ ̸⛍⛍⩌䒶喑ₐ᭜㺬ࢎ⵲䚛㘣ₐౕ吅吅ౝ ‫ݝ‬γ‫ڕ‬䲏Ҭ⩕ȡहᬣ喑ࣹ㏱͚ܳ⾧⣨⦰⩕ι ͧ䔆 Ꮤౝ ᴴ ᕔ ᐧま ᣽ ӈज䲍ȠᠮͲȠ⽠ Ⴧ 䖀⵲䚛㐀Ჱ㘣 Sikasil® IG-25 䕇䓴γప‫ڲ‬ᰭ ⮱䭟Ⅱ㇅㐀Ԋ䯉ȡ ๔⣨⦰‫ڙ‬थࢄ⣨䯳ఏ⮱͒ᵩ‫ڲ‬䘕≸䄂䃱ѝ হใ䘕≸䄂喑᜽ͧγ᱙䶦Ⱋ͚⾧⣨⦰व❴ 㐀Ჱ㘣⮱ੜ̭ 䔶⩕৮❹ȡ䄒䶦ⰛΌᐭड़γ 㺬ࢎ䓾ᎡᲒ̻ࢄ⣨䯳ఏ⮱჋䉕ᕔव҉ȡ


The application skill is critical to the stability and durability of the products.


The whole project is composed of one wing building and three tower buildings, with a 22-story Tower 1 (110 m high), 48-story Tower 2 (200 m) and a 31-story Tower 3 (150 m). The façade area is 87,000 m2 and the project represents an investment of RMB 153 million. In line with the architect’s request, the façade systems were specially designed in a way that made great demands on the glazing system. A hidden frame façade system that includes a hidden frame 4-sided bonded glazing system and a hidden frame 2-sided bonded glazing system was adopted. Without mechanical fixing devices, the structural silicone would bear long-term external stresses such as wind-load, seismic load and snow load. The sloped roofing glazing would be exposed to direct sunshine, which would cause much higher thermal movement of the building materials. UV stability and adhesion stability of the silicone material needed to be guaranteed within a reasonable service life. The majority of the insulating glass was stepped IGU which was quite unusual in the Chinese façade industry. The insulating glass of the wing building was toggle-fixed on the frame instead of the traditional bonded system. FULL RANGE OF SIKASIL® PRODUCTS APPLIED ON THE BUILDING Due to the special façade design, both

the project owner and façade consultant placed high requirements on the reliability of the silicone material and asked for technical supervision during the whole façade fabrication process. At the bidding stage, Sika’s FFI team organized four technical seminars aimed at the project owner, façade consultant, project supervisors and façade contractors involved. Sika’s professional technical service, which included joint reviews, product recommendations, joint calculation, internal lab tests, on-site training, regular factor y audit and deglazing tests, deeply impressed all parties. To compete with other imported brands, the FFI team analyzed and collected relevant job references and previous technical service documents in advance, to ease the owner’s doubts about the Sika brand. With the joint efforts of the sales team and technical team, Sika finally won the trust of all four façade contractors (Shenyang Yuanda, Zhejiang Zhongnan, Shandong Jinshan & Shenzhen Huahui). A full range of Sikasil® products were applied on the façade, including twocomponent structural adhesive Sikasil® SG-500 CN, one-component structural adhesive Sikasil® SG-20, one-component weather sealant Sikasil® WS-305 CN and one-component fire-retardant sealant Sikasil® FS-665. Moreover, with this project, Sikasil® sealants were suc-

cessfully used by the world’s biggest IGU manufacturer — China Southern Glass (CSG). All IGUs manufactured by CSG are sealed with Sikasil® IG-25. As promised, Sika provided training to the customers’ production and QC staff on the pump system adjustment, the most effective way to flush the pump hose, professional methods of surface pretreatment and daily QC requirements. Regular factory audit and deglazing tests were conducted to make sure Sikasil® sealants were properly applied with expected adhesion performance. All these services and effort enhanced the reputation of the Sikasil® brand. 2 The 87,000 m façade project was Sika’s largest local façade project in China in recent years.

If you take a high-speed train from Shanghai to Beijing, you will see the three shining high-rise buildings as you pass through West Jinan High Speed Train Station, where the full range of Sikasil® products are providing reliable and long-lasting waterproofing protection.

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FIRE PROTECTION FOR MILLIONS OF PASSENGERS 㺬ࢎѾℾ⩌䭟▘㈨㐌ౕₓⅶ倅䧮〆⮱᜽ߌᏁ⩕ In Wuhan Highspeed Railway Station, Sika® Unitherm® coating has been providing the fire protection to millions of passengers for 4 years and the protection will continue. ౕ㍮ᔆ⮱ₓⅶ倅䧮〆喑㺬ࢎѾℾ⩌䭟▘⊯᫆ͧᲒᲒᒭᒭ⮱ ᫲჏᣽ӈ䭟▘Ԋ៑ȡ






㺬ࢎѾℾ⩌᭜ప‫ڲ‬仃͗Ꮑ⩕ౕ͉ࡄ倅 ㏙Ꮣ͒ჿౝࡧ喑㏼ࢳۙ႐᫪ጒ㔰侹⮱ 䭟▘⊯᫆৮❹ȡ >

ₓⅶ倅䧮〆᭜ₓᎬ჏䓽̀㏬⮱͚ᓰ᳏ ㏪ 〆喑λ 2009 Ꭱ 12 ᰵ 26 ᬒែ ‫ڒ‬Ҭ⩕喑ᐧ ᜽ऻ̶͗ᰵᅞ̸݈ 5.5 ̴ᬒ౴ࣾ䔮΅჏䛼 ⮱ࢳट䃝 ᒂȡౕ 䔆͗㍮ ᔆ ⮱倅䧮 〆喑Ⴖ ‫ڕ‬ ᬍ⪾ ᭜ 䛺͚͸ 䛺ȡϻ ᐧ ⿸ᐭ໸喑㺬ࢎ Ѿℾ ⩌䭟▘⊯᫆ᅞ̭ⰡͧᲒᲒᒭᒭ⮱᫲჏᣽ӈ 䭟▘Ԋ៑ȡ ₓⅶ倅䧮〆᭜ప‫ڲ‬仃͗䛴⩕๔䌕Ꮣ≮ ㏬ಸ䛾ᆋ䧏㐀Ჱ⮱▘䒓〆喑̻Вᒭ㔮ᬔѻ ⴛ⮱▘䒓〆̺̭ᵤ喑᫲჏Йౕぶ䒓͸҆喑 ̭䓦⁐䉼Ɑᰶຯᆂ㓲⮱๔卼⮱ͨ〆ᝬ喑䔅 जВౕ〆ࢲԜⳝ〆ᝬ‫ڕڲ‬䘕⮱倅䕌ߕ䒓喑 䃖ϧ㕠Ⱋ̭᫝ȡ

䲏⼜ȡϻ 2009 Ꭱ 4 ᰵ㜠 2009 Ꭱ 7 ᰵ喑ₓ Ꭼ倅䧮ₓⅶ〆䭟▘⊯㷲ጒ⼸喑㉜䃎Ҭ⩕㺬 ࢎѾℾ⩌䭟▘⊯᫆䓾 180 ॕȡ ຯϷ喑ఈᎡ⮱ᬣ䬡䓴ࣨγ喑Ѿℾ⩌䭟▘ ⊯᫆Ό㻮䃮ⱭₓᎬ倅䧮ₓⅶ〆᫲჏ोऽ䛼 ⮱ᬒ᫝ᰵᐯ喑ౕ 㐆΅჏䉼ᓰᗓⰛ⮱㒻 ᙌ⮱ हᬣ喑Ό吅吅⮱ͧᲒᲒᒭᒭ⛆⛆ᩅᩅ⮱ϧ 㓑᣽ӈⱭ倅䉕䛼⮱䭟▘Ԋ៑ȡ ҉ͧప‫ڲ‬仃უ᣽‫ܧ‬䊲㪱ಸ䭟▘⊯᫆㔽 Ͳᕔ㺮Ⅿ⮱৮❹喑㺬ࢎѾℾ⩌䭟▘⊯᫆ ౕ ͚ప㛕㗭ಸ䭟▘⊯᫆ࢳट̷Γ‫ۆ‬γ⊀䛺⮱ ̭ぁ喟

҉ͧ‫ڥ‬ಸ⮱倅ჳᏓϧ㓑㖇䯳ౝ喑‫ڕ‬䧏 Ɖ ప‫ڲ‬ੜ̭᠒ᰶ 15 ᎡВ̷Ꮑ⩕ᵵҸ⮱䭟 㐀Ჱក䕍⮱ₓᎬ倅䧮ₓⅶ〆喑‫ڣ‬䭟▘㼐۠ ▘⊯᫆৮❹喟ࡄϙ仃䘪ᱧ౧ T2 㝗〆ẩ喑 ᫦ᵵ̭Ⱑิऄ ‫∕ڠ‬ȡ2009 Ꭱ 1 ᰵ喑㺬ࢎ Ѿ 1998 Ꭱ᫪ጒ喠 ℾ⩌䭟▘⊯᫆喑‫ܚ‬Ռᑧ๔⮱৮❹х߬হ‫ܧ‬ 㞟⮱Ⴖ‫ڕ‬ᕔ㘪喑ౕప‫ڲ‬ใф็》ζᄦ᝸⮱ Ɖ ప‫ڲ‬仃͗Ꮑ⩕ౕ ISO 12944 C5-M ⊤∸ డ䔪ൢ᝗͚㙞䷃㔹‫ܧ‬喑̭ͫ䊏ᓄ 40000 Ꭰ 㙽㮭⣜ධ̸⮱䭟▘⊯᫆৮❹喟⌞ౠ๔ᶲ ᫦䧏ᅸ᳣ 1.5 ᄼᬣ㔽▘वह喑 ౕ䔈౧᫪ጒऻ喑 ⇆⊤␕‫ڙ‬చᙬ᱈ඁ喑2003 ᫪ጒ喠 ࣵВ㒻㻯⮱ใ㶕喑᫦Ӭ⮱᫪ጒᕔ㘪㣤ᓄ͇ ͨ 䔈 ̭ ₒ仃㗜喑䷊ ใ෋ߍ 8000 Ꭰ᫦⊯ 㷲 Ɖ ప‫ڲ‬仃͗Ꮑ⩕ౕ͉ࡄ倅㏙Ꮣ͒ჿౝࡧ喑


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Fireproof Coating

㏼ࢳۙ႐᫪ጒ㔰侹⮱䭟▘⊯᫆৮❹喟๔ 䔋㏏⇬⇠ᵥ⩢〆喑2009 Ꭱ᫪ጒȡ ҉ ͚ͧప 㛕 㗭 ಸ 䭟 ▘ ⊯ ᫆ ⮱ 䶳 ᄩ ৮ ❹喑ₓᎬ倅䧮ₓⅶ〆ग᭜Ѿℾ⩌䭟▘⊯᫆ ф็ᵵҸ͚̭䷄⦭⧕⮱ᬻ⤍ȡ㜗ϻ 1996 Ꭱ 䔈 ‫͚ڒ‬పጯ౧ВᲒ喑㺬ࢎѾℾ⩌䭟▘⊯᫆ ㉜䃎 ⊯ 㷲 䲏⼜ 䓫 ‫ ݝ‬900 ̴Ꭰ᫦ȡहᬣ喑̭ ⰡВᲒ喑᜾Йϻ᱗։₏䓴ౕ䭟▘ឭᱜ䶳ഌ ⮱ߗ߈ȡ Ɖ 2011 Ꭱ喑ౕ㟼ጋᕨ䘕ⵁ͚ࣾᓰᐧ⿸ప‫ڲ‬ ੜ̭⮱Ю͇‫ڲ‬䘕⛰☔≸䄂჋侹ბ喑ͧ̀ ͇ᕔ⮱䭟▘ᷭ≸ក̸㞜ສ⮱ധ⵭喠 Ɖ 2013 Ꭱ喑䶧 ‫ ݖ‬჋ ⣝Ѿℾ ⩌ 䭟▘ ⊯ ᫆ Ҁ ㈨⮱᱙ౌࡃ⩌ϔ喑๔፲㑖ⴚӈ䉔ᬣ䬡喑 ᰡӬᢤ⮱␎䋠჏ᝤ͗ᕔࡃ⮱䰭Ⅿȡ Ⱋ‫ݺ‬喑ᠶ⚔ᐧま㈨㐌䘕 R2F ‫ڕ‬㈨㐌㼐 ۠᫦ᵵ㻱ܿ喑Ѿℾ⩌⊯᫆҉ͧ䧏㐀Ჱ䭟៑ ⮱䛺㺮̭⣜喑ᄳ〚߈ͧ㺬ࢎ᜽ͧ㈨㐌ᱽ᫆ ӈᏁੳ෋‫⌨ٶ‬ᒖ喑‫݈ں‬䒶♹ȡ



Wuhan High-speed Railway Station was put into service on 26th Dec 2009. After only three months the station broke the record for handling 55,000 passengers per day. In such a busy station, safety is the most important issue above all others. Sika® Unitherm® is the coating that provides fire protection to millions of passengers as they come and go. This was also the first domestic use of large-span steel structures. Unlike the old low station building, passengers can enjoy the bright and clean wing structure, with a clear view of the high-speed train for all. What a refreshing change! As a typical high-traffic environment, the fire protection solution for Wuhan Station has been the driving focus for a long time, especially since it is a totally steel structure. In January 2009 Sika® Unitherm® fire protection, with its strong brand advantages and excellent safety performance, won a 40,000 m 2 coating contract for 1.5-hour fire rating out of a total of four brands including foreign and local competitors. Furthermore, after it had been applied on-site, the owner of Wuhan Station approved an additional 8,000 m2 coating contract for Sika® Unitherm® due to its aesthetic appearance and convenient workability.

From April to July 2009, the consumption of Sika® Unitherm® in the Wuhan station fire protection project was nearly 180 tonnes. Now that four years have passed, Sika® Unitherm® has witnessed the soaring number of passengers, providing a comfortable feeling and high quality fire protection for the crowds passing through. As the first brand to propose durability requirements for super-thin fireproof coating, Sika® Unitherm® has inspired the development of intumescent fire protection coating in China. – The only fire protection brand with 15 years of reference projects: Beijing Capital international Airport, Terminal 2, was treated with Sika® Unitherm® in 1998. – The first fire protection brand with successful application under ISO 12944 C5-M anti-corrosive conditions: Will tower in Dameisha seaside park, Shenzhen, treated with Sika® Unitherm® in 2003. – The first fire protection brand which passed winter application on-site testing in a high latitude area in

northeast of China: Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station, Dalian, treated with Sika® Unitherm® in 2009. As the leading brand in the Chinese intumescent coating field, Wuhan station is just one example out of numerous references for Sika® Unitherm®. According to statistics, Sika® Unitherm® has provided solid fire protection in steel structures over a total area of more than 9 million square meters. Moreover, we never stop the innovation to enhance our leadership in the fire protection field. – In 2011 Sika successfully built a fire protection test laboratory in our Suzhou headquarters technical center, which is unique among all coating material suppliers and laid a good foundation for future technical development. – In 2013 Sika® Unitherm® completed the process of full localization, which will reduce lead-times and enable us to meet more individual needs from our customers. Currently, in accordance with the R2F full system solution plan, Unitherm fire protection for steel structures will continue to contribute to Sika becoming a complete building system supplier.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Fireproof Coating


THE FLOORING THAT PROTECTS 㺬ࢎౝಗ㈨㐌ౕࡻͧጒࢯ⮱᜽ߌᏁ⩕ It has almost 10-year cooperation history between Sika and Huawei. In 2013, Sika flooring systems was applied in Huawei’s South Factory in the city of Dongguan, which has a floor area of 170,000 m2. 㺬ࢎ̻ࡻͧ⮱व҉ᄳ䓾10Ꭱȡ2013Ꭱ喑ࡻͧࢄ᫦ጒࢯ᭜ࡻͧ‫ڙ‬थ䓾ᎡᲒ⮱̭䶦 䛺๔ࣾᆂᝅ⪒䶦Ⱋ喑ͨ㺮⩕λ⩢Ԏϔ৮⮱⩌ϔহߍጒ喑ౝಗ䶦Ⱋ䲏⼜䓫‫ ݝ‬17 ̴ Ꭰ᫦ㆠȡࡻ̭ͧຯᬏᒭౝិౝಗ䶦Ⱋϑ㐆γ‫ڣ‬ԎШ⮱㺬ࢎȡ TEXT: ⢸᭒ GARVIN WANG


䲆⩢㐆๔䘕ܳϧ⮱࢝䆎喑ज㘪ᅞग᭜ ۙ ႐㙞℈㶐ᬣϔ⩌⮱Ąગગąฝহѡ䮼⮱ 㨊 ‫ٶ‬ȡ㔹 ᄦλጒ ͇ ⩌ ϔ 㔹㼭喑ᅑ ‫ ڣ‬᭜⩢ၽ 㵹͇喑 䲆⩢⮱ϔ⩌হ⼜㉜чፓᲒ䄥็叨☓喑 ⩇㜠᭜▫䯫ȡጒࢯ⮱ౝಗ⩞λ㏼፥ऄ‫ᦖݝ‬ ᨓღᭀ⼜㖇๔䛼䲆⩢㢤喑ϻ㔹໕ⶺ⩌ϔ䓴 ⼸ হ ϔ৮ 䉕 䛼喑͒䛺 ᬣ݆ᑂ䊤 ▘ ▫Ƞ✳ ◥ ぶθᩲȡ఍ₑౝಗ⮱䭟䲆⩢ᕔᄦλϔ৮⮱ 䉕䛼হ⩌ϔႶ‫ڕ‬䘪㜠‫ڠ‬䛺㺮ȡ

2004 Ꭱ喑㺬 ࢎ 䭟 䲆 ⩢ ϔ৮ Ꮑ ⩕ ౕ ࡻ ͧ ⌞ ౠᕨ䘕喑䲏⼜ 5000m2喑ᅞₑ៶ᐭ㺬ࢎ̻ࡻ ͧ䪬᱌व҉⮱Ꮌᎂȡ2008 Ꭱ喑㺬ࢎౝಗ㈨ 㐌Ꮑ⩕λࡻ͉ͧ㣋ࢄ᫦ጒࢯ̭᱌ B1 䶦Ⱋ喑 䲏 ⼜ ㏓ 60,000m2喠2011 Ꭱ喑ࡻ ͧ ࢄ ᫦ ጒ ࢯ̭᱌ B2 䶦Ⱋ喑䲏 ⼜ ㏓ 100,000m2ȡౕव ҉䓴⼸͚喑㺬ࢎ䦵ᄦ჏ᝤ̺᫚᣽‫⮱ܧ‬㏳ࡃ 㺮Ⅿ̻᜽᱙㺮Ⅿ㘪㐆εᐧ䃫ᕔ⮱᫦ᵵ̻⼜ Ხ⮱ࣺ亵喑ౝಗ⮱䭟䲆⩢㈨᪝वᵩ⢴䓫‫ݝ‬ 95% В̷喑㺬ࢎ⽠Ⴧ⮱ϔ৮䉕䛼ःᓄγࡻ ͧ⮱ԎШȡ

㺮Ⅿ喑㺮Ⅿౝಗᱽ᫆ӈᏁੳহ᫪ጒੳ䘪ᓲ 䶨㺮‫ิڤ‬䋠์⮱㻱὎হឭᱜ჋߈ȡധλ͸ ‫ݺ‬㺬ࢎౝಗ⮱х⻭㶕⣝喑ࡻͧⰡᣒह㺬ࢎ 䃛ФᎣᄳ䶦Ⱋᢵεγ㺬ࢎȡ㺬ࢎ̻ౝ ಗឬ ᐧੳ̷⊤Ვḛ⻾ឭࣾᆂᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ䕇߈व҉喑 㺬ࢎ᜽⛌⽠Ⴧ⮱䭟䲆⩢ౝಗߍ̷̷⊤Ვḛ ͝ჹ⮱⣝౧᫪ጒহノ⤳㏼侹喑ͧ䶦Ⱋ⮱䶧 ‫ݖ‬䔈㵹ຍჇγ᝻჋⮱ധ⵭ȡͧₑ喑ࡻͧࡻͧ ͧ㺬ࢎ͚ప䶮ࣾγࡻͧጒ⼸ᰭ倅ଶ຃ ĄB+ą ㏔ጒ⼸喑ᄦ㺬ࢎ͚పহ̷⊤䭠ḛ⻾ឭࣾᆂ ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थౕࡻ͉ͧ㣋䶦Ⱋ̷⮱‫ܧ‬㞟䉎⡛㶕 ⹧ᙌ䅏ȡ

҉ͧ‫ऺⴒ⤰ڕ‬হ䶳‫⮱ٵ‬Ԏᖜ̻䕇Ԏ㼐 ۠᫦ᵵӈᏁੳ喑 ࡻౕͧ⩢Ԏ㑾㐉Ƞ Ю͇㑾㐉Ƞ ⊵䉦㔲হξ䃎ツぶ䶳ഌᲱまγ〜‫⮱〜ݝ‬㼐 ₑ⁎ѺλᎬ͉͉㣋⮱ࡻͧࢄ᫦ጒࢯ᭜ ۠᫦ᵵх߬ȡⰛ‫ݺ‬喑ࡻͧ⮱ϔ৮হ㼐۠᫦ᵵ ࡻͧ‫ڙ‬थ䓾ᎡᲒ⮱̭䶦䛺๔ࣾᆂᝅ⪒䶦Ⱋ喑 ̻ࡻͧ⮱䪬᱌व҉᭜㺬ࢎϔ৮⮱⽠Ⴧ ጟ ㏼ Ꮑ ⩕ λ 140 ็ ͗ పუ喑᰺ ߎ ‫ ⤰ ڕ‬1/3 ͨ㺮⩕λ⩢Ԏϔ৮⮱⩌ϔহߍጒ喑ౝ ಗ䶦 ᕔহज䲍ᕔ⮱Ҁ⣝喑᭜㺬ࢎఏ䭌ᠮ㐚ⵁࣾ ⮱ϧऐȡ Ⱋ䲏⼜䓫‫ ݝ‬170,000 m2喑ጒ⼸䉕䛼ᴴ۳͒ ݈ ᫝ 㼐 ۠ ᫦ ᵵȠ͇̀ ⮱ ⣝ ౧Ꮑ ⩕ᩜ ᠮȠ̺ ᵩ喑㺮Ⅿ∮ۭ 㒻 㻯 ⮱हᬣ喑ࣵ㘪 䓫 ‫ݝ‬䭟 䲆 ᫚␎䋠჏ᝤ䰭Ⅿ⮱㐀᳉喑ᰡ᭜㺬ࢎ̻х⻭ 㺬 ࢎ ̻ ࡻ ͧ ⮱ व ҉ ᰭ ᬖ ज 䔪 ⏜ ‫ ⮱ ⩢ ݝ‬㺮Ⅿ RE1*105-108 ¢ 䔆̭ߌ 㘪 ᕔ ⮱ ⮱ឬᐧੳव҉⮱‫ڥ‬㠰ȡ


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Flooring



In daily life, static electricity is just the snap and the blue spark that occurs when we take off sweaters in winter. However, in industrial production, especially in the electronics industry, the generation and accumulation of static electricity can cause a lot of trouble or even disaster. The static charge caused by friction, if it cannot be conducted away in time, will become an electrostatic accumulation, which can reach more than 10,000 volts. The floor of a factory can easily accumulate a large amount of static charge due to friction, which can affect product quality. In some serious cases, fires or explosions can happen. Therefore, an anti-static floor is vital to product quality and production safety. As a world famous information and communication solutions supplier, Huawei has established its leading position in endto-end solutions in telecommunication networks, corporate networks, consumer products and cloud computing. To date, Huawei’s products and solutions have been applied in more than 140 countries,

serving 1/3 of the world’s population. The cooperation between Sika and Huawei can be traced back to 2004 when 5,000 m2 of Sika’s anti-static products were applied in Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen, signifying the beginning of a long-term cooperation between the two parties. In 2008, 60,000 m2 of Sika’s flooring system were applied in the B1 project of Huawei’s Dongguan South Factory. In 2011, Sika provided about 100,000 m2 of flooring for Huawei’s B2 project in the South Factory Phase One. During the cooperation, Sika continued proposing constructive plans and gave active feedback on the classification and cost requirements of the client. The qualification rate of the flooring reached over 95%. The stable quality of Sika’s product won the trust of the clients. Huawei’s South Factory in Dongguan, Guangdong Province is a major strategic project for Huawei. The factory, which will mainly produce and process telecommunication products, has a floor area of 170,000 m 2. The strict construction

standard requires that it must be clean, neat, and anti-static. The RE1*105-108 Ω standard requires both the flooring material supplier and constructor to be qualified in scale and technology. Because of the previous brilliant performance of Sika’s flooring, Huawei directly signed the contract with Sika after some negotiation. Sika worked with Shanghai Yangsen Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Sika’s flooring contractor. Sika’s welldeveloped and stable anti-static floor, as well as Yangsen’s rich experience in construction and management, laid a solid foundation for the success of the project. As a reward, Huawei presented a B+ Project Award to Sika China for the outstanding contribution of Sika and Yangsen to Huawei’s Dongguan project. This long-term cooperation with Huawei shows the stability and reliability of Sika’s products. Constant development of innovative solutions, professional on-site support and meeting the client’s requirements have made the cooperation successful and it is a good example of Sika’s cooperation with an excellent contractor.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Flooring



Applying conductive epoxy


Applying self leveling epoxy

CONTINUING SUCCESS STORY WITH TSMC IN TAIWAN झ⎫㺬ࢎӈᏁझ⎫䯳᜽⩢䌜‫ڙ‬थ喍TSMC喎∮ۭბ⣜⅔㈨㐌 Sika Taiwan has provided clean room flooring systems to TSMC for over ten years. 䊲䓴 10Ꭱ⮱᜽ߌ㏼侹ȡ TEXT: ᑍ‫ٮ‬䆗 STEVE CHANG


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Flooring

⩞λᮣళ⩌ϔᓲ䶨ౕ̭͗Ⱕᒀ∮ ۭ⮱⣜ධ喑ᄦ⍖⎬ᏓȠ∮ۭᏓ㺮Ⅿ ᅑ‫͒ڣ‬ᵩȡ >

झ⎫䯳᜽⩢䌜‫ݣ‬䕍㗎Ъᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ喍झ⼜⩢喎喑᜽⿸λ 1987 Ꭱ喑 ᭜‫⤰ڕ‬ᰭ๔⮱͇̀䯳᜽⩢䌜‫ݣ‬䕍‫ڙ‬थȡझ⼜⩢⮱‫⤰ڕ‬ᕨ䘕Ѻλझ ⎫᫝〦⻾႓చࡧ喑Ꭳౕझ͚ࣷझࢄ⻾႓చࡧ䃫ᰶ⩌ϔጒࢯȡ‫͚ڣ‬ ࠲क̶़Ꮤ 300mm喍࡮ιस喎ᮣళࢯȠఈᏔ 200mm喍‫ژ‬स喎ᮣళࢯȠ ̭Ꮤ 150 mm喍‫ښ‬स喎ᮣళࢯȠ๔䭳⮱ 200mm喍‫ژ‬स喎ᮣళࢯВ ࣷѺౕ㒻ప⮱ WaferTech 200mm喍‫ژ‬स喎ᮣళࢯȡ झ⼜⩢Ꭳ䃎 ܿ ౕ ̺Ͳ⮱ ᄳ Გ 㐔 㐚 ౕझ⎫ ⮱ ᫝ 〦Ƞझ͚ࣷझ ࢄ⻾႓చࡧ㐔㐚‫ڡ‬ᐧ 300mm喍࡮ιस喎Вࣷ 450mm喍࡮‫ژ‬स喎 ᮣళࢯȡ ⩞λᮣళ⩌ϔᓲ䶨ౕ̭͗Ⱕᒀ∮ۭ⮱⣜ධ喑ᄦ⍖⎬ᏓȠ∮ۭ Ꮣ㺮Ⅿᅑ‫͒ڣ‬ᵩȡͧγ䓫‫ݝ‬झ⼜⩢ᄦ∮ۭᏓ⮱䰭Ⅿ喑Ҭ⩕⣜⅔ᴾ 㘯⊯㷲ౕ᝭ᰶใ䱟⮱⌤‫ࣷౌ܊‬䧏俕㶕䲏᭜ᰭສ⮱᫦∂ȡ䮑γᬍᅅ ⮱䰭Ⅿ喑 䘕ܳࡧഌ䔅ᓲ䶨こव倅㔽⸕Ƞោ䲆⩢ࣷ倅㔽ࡃ႓ぶ䰭Ⅿȡ ͧγこवझ⼜⩢ᄦ∮ۭბ็अ⮱䰭Ⅿ喑㺬ࢎ᣽ӈγ䃥็こव 㻱㠰⮱⊯㷲㈨㐌喑Ҹຯ喟

Sikafloor ®-156 + 261 Ꮑ⩕λ㜗≮Ꭰࡧഌ Sikafloor ®-156 + 2530W Ꮑ⩕λႁ≋ౝᲬࡧഌ Sikafloor ®-156 + 220W + 262AS Ꮑ⩕λᄩ⩢ࡧഌ Sikaflor ®-156 + 381 Ꮑ⩕λ倅Ꮣ㔽ࡃ႓Ӣ㮭ࡧഌ Sikafloor ®-81 EpoCem for damp area Ꮑ⩕λ⒛⎬ࡧഌ Sikagard® Wallcoat Ꮑ⩕λ∮ۭბෆ䲏ࣷ๖㟞ࡧഌ Sikagard® Elastocolor Ꮑ⩕λ䲋∮ۭბෆ䲏ࣷ๖㟞ࡧഌ

Founded in 1987, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), is the world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry, with its headquarters and main fabrication facilities located in Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan Science Parks, Taiwan. These include three 300 mm (12-inch) wafer fabs, four 200 mm (8-inch) wafer fabs, one 150 mm (6-inch) wafer fab, TSMC 200 mm (8-inch) fab in China and WaferTech a 200 mm (8-inch) fab in the USA. TSMC has also announced plans to build new 12-inch (300 mm) and 18-inch (450 mm) wafer fabrication facilities in Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan Science parks in the near future. As wafer production must be done in a very clean environment, the temperature, humidity and cleanliness requirements are especially strict. In order to meet the cleanliness requirements, epoxy coatings are required to cover all exposed concrete and steel surfaces. Apart from the dust-free coating requirement, the facility also demands high wear resistance, anti-static properties and strong chemical resistance in certain areas. In order to reach TSMC’s various requirements in the cleanroom, Sika has provided qualified systems, such as: Sikafloor®-156 + 261 for self-leveling areas Sikafloor®-156 + 2530W for cheese table areas Sikafloor®-156 + 220W + 262AS for conductive areas Sikafloor®-156 + 381 for high chemical resistance areas Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem for damp areas Sikagard® Wallcoat for cleanroom wall and ceiling areas Sikagard® Elastocolor for non-cleanroom wall and ceiling areas.

В̷ ᝭݄㈨㐌⮳ጟ㏼ 䓴झ⼜⩢䃑ज喑́㜗 1989 Ꭱ䊤ࢠᐭ໸ Ҭ⩕喑Ꭳᠮ㐚ӈᏁ㜠Ⱋ‫ݺ‬ᰭ᫝⮱ࢯᝬ᫝ᐧጒ⼸ȡझ⼜⩢໸㏵ᄦλ 㺬ࢎ᝭᣽ӈ⮱⊯㷲㈨㐌ᙌ‫ݝ‬䲋፥␎ᘼ喑́ᄦ㺬ࢎ᣽ӈ䊲䓴࡮ᎡВ ̷⮱ᩜᠮȡ ౕ䓴ࣨ⮱࡮Ꭱ䬡ᕨ䃎ౝಗ᫪ጒ䲏⼜䓫‫̴⮫̭ݝ‬Ꭰ᫦ㆠ喑 ෆ䲏᫪ጒ䲏⼜Ό䓫‫̴⮫̶ݝ‬Ꭰ᫦ㆠȡ The above systems have been approved by TSMC and continue

to be supplied to TSMC from 1989 up to the present. 䮼Ɑझ⼜⩢ᠮ㐚⮱ែ䉱ពࢯ喑Вࣷ䶫჏ᄦ᜾Й㞜ສ⮱䃱Фহ 㺬ࢎႹ᪡⮱᜽ߌӈ䉔䉱ࢳ喑ⰥԎ᜾Йౕ᱗ᲒϺ♣जВᠮ㐚ӈ䉔㐆 झ⼜⩢喑Ꭳ̻䔆͗̓⩹す̭⮱ᮣళࢯ̭䊤᜽䪬ȡ

TSMC is very satisfied with Sika systems and has been continuously supporting Sika for more than 10 years. The accumulated coated area has reached 1 million m2 of flooring and 3 million m2 of walls in the last 10 years. With the continuous investments of TSMC in Taiwan and with our well-known reputation and project references with this customer, we believe we will be able to continue to supply our systems to TSMC and to grow together with this, the world’s number one foundry company, in the future. NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Flooring



SIKA® CERAM TILE ADHESIVES SAVE YOUR HOME DECORATION ᠜᩾უ㷲䨣⇠㈨⮱㺬ࢎ⨤ⵃ㘣 Sika® Ceram tile adhesives free you from the worries in your home decoration. ҍ䔅ౕͧ⨤ⵃ⾧呀Ƞᐭ㷯‫ޒ‬㥪䬛䷅☓ᖩॄ喤䃖㺬ࢎ⨤ⵃ㘣Გ፛ߖҍȡ TEXT: ᑍ⣒ MELODY ZHANG >

⩕䛼ᄾȠ᩵᳉ສȠ᜽᱙ѻȠ᩵⢴倅⮱⨤ ⵃ㘣喑᭜ࣾ䓫పუᰭĄऄჍą⮱➦⻺⴯≳ȡ ⨤ⵃ㘣ౕ͚ప㏼䓴γ 10 ็Ꭱ⮱ࣾᆂ喑ᩨ‫ٸ‬ э 㐌 ጒ㞧 ϔ⩌⮱㪱 ᑞ◦喑ࣇ ⼜ 㪱ࣾ喑ःᓄ γ䪬䋠⮱ࣾᆂ喑०৺γუ㷲ᝅ ౧̷㘉‫⮱ݖ‬ त㻿ȡ ⨤ⵃ㘣㘪䓲䕌ࣾᆂ䊤Გ๔ắᰶВ̸‫܍‬ ᫦ 䲏 ࣌ ఍喟̭ ᭜̺ ᫚ ෋ߍ ⮱ߠ ߕ߈᜽ ᱙ ; ι᭜ 䉕䛼㺮Ⅿ喑ͧγ㘪ౕ亞হ⮱ጯ౧͚》 ζ喑ᅞ㺮␎䋠倅䉕 䛼უ 㷲 㺮Ⅿ ; ̶᭜ᱧ ᷝ ࡃ⮱᫪ጒࣷ䶱⌤व⴯≳⮱Ҭ⩕喑ज᣽倅᫪ ጒ᩵⢴喑Ꭳ́ᄦߠߕ㔲⮱⛌㏰⼸Ꮣ㺮Ⅿ䭺 ѻ ; ఈ᭜जВ㞯Ⱞᱽ᫆䉦⩕হᱽ᫆⮱Ҭ⩕ȡ ओใ喑⣜ධ䬛䷅Ό䊷 Გ 䊷 ऄ ‫ݝ‬䛺 㻳喑ᄦᐧ


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Sealing and Bonding

まᱽ͚᫆⮱䒽ᄱহ⅁ঠΌᰶ͒ᵩ⮱䭽‫ݣ‬ȡ 㔹э㐌Ⅱ−⴯≳ღᭀϔ⩌䄥็䬛䷅℁ຯ⾧ 呀Ƞᐭ㷯‫ޒ‬㥪Ƞ∈䰶∈ⷞȠ⩕䛼๔ / ࣇ喑ࢍ ⾧䬡Ƞ᫪ጒ⣝౧㘼ΞȠԊⅡᕔ㘪ጛ喑䰭㺮∎ ⵃ ⎬ෆȠጒ Ꮌฺᱯ ぶȡ䮼ⱭϧЙᄦᅲ Ѽ ⣜ ධ⮱㺮Ⅿ̺᫚ᠾ‫ށ‬喑э㐌⮱ጒ㞧㇅㐀ጟ㏼ 䉌㢤̺γຯϷअࡃ̴ࡰ⮱⨤ⵃጯ౧喑㺬ࢎ ⨤ ⵃ㘣 ␎ 䋠⹫ чࣾ ᆂ 䰭Ⅿ喑ᣕ 䭵‫ܧ‬᫝喑ᄳ ⾧呀Ƞᐭ㷯Ƞ∈䰶ぶ䬛䷅‫ڕ‬䘕ᠬ̸ȡ 㺬ࢎ⨤ⵃ㘣ౕҬ⩕䓴⼸͚⩞λ㇅㐀ᅯ 㪱喑㜗䛺䒨喑⩕䛼ᄾ喑๔๔⮱㞯㏓γ᜽᱙喑 ㇅㐀ᑧ Ꮣ䲋፥倅喑᭜ э 㐌 Ⅱ−⴯≳⮱ 2-4 Ժ喑㔽Ͳᕔ㘪х䊷喑䔯⩕λ็⻺ധᱽ喑᫪ጒ ᔘ䕌喑ԊⅡᕔ㘪㞜ສ喑᫪ጒ᫦Ӭ喑⨤ⵃౕ㇅

䉡ऻ⮱ࡷᄼᬣ‫ڲ‬ज䄰᪡Ѻ㒛喑ᰡߍ̺䰭㺮 ⊥ⵃ⎬ෆぶ䔆ψ㍮‫⮱ۄ‬ጒᎼȡթᓄ̭᣽⮱ ᭜喑ຯ⌨ߍ㺬ࢎ⌨ߍ ‫ݯ‬喑䗐 ͵ 䔅 जВౕ⨤ ⵃ䛶䲏̷䉡⨤ⵃ喑ᒀ♣喑㐊ᄦ⮱㐬㞟⣜Ԋȡ ጯ౧⮱ฝ䴠᭜ᰭⱌ჋⮱ࣺ亵喑Ш ҂ᓛᑞ⮱ ఋฝౕ᜾ЙⰸᲒ䘪᭜䲋፥ᰶФթ⮱ᢂᡶ喑 ̺᫚ᨭࡴ⮱䨭ਜ਼͇㐖᭜㺬ࢎϔ৮㣤ᓄ䃑ज ⮱ᰭສ䃮ᬻȡ ⮫Ꭱ㺬ࢎ喑 эឬ݈᫝喑 ᜾Й̺䔪䔽⒛≮喑 ఍ͧ᜾Й᭜䶳ᄩ㔲喆



In developed countries, tile adhesives are the most popular special mortar due to its advantages of less consumption, low cost and high efficiency. After more than ten years of development in China, tile adhesives are now well received in the home decoration market. Why does the tile adhesive develop so fast? Firstly, it can provide higher quality but with lower labor cost. Secondly, the application by machine and use of premixed mor tar is much helpful to increase the efficiency and reduce material consumption. More importantly, the application can be done by workers with less proficiency. In addition, with the increasing concerns on environmental

issues, there are stricter restrictions on radiation and smells released by construction materials. The traditional cement mortar depends on a lot on the skills of the worker. It is easy to have problems of cracking, peeling, mildewing and saltpetering. Moreover, a thick layer taking up space, messy and dirty field, poor water retaining performance, complicated process of tiles soaking and walls wetting, etc., make the traditional cement mortar gradually weeded out. Sika® Ceram tile adhesives are suitable for many substrates. With a thin layer, it can provide a high bond strength, 2-4

times than the traditional cement mortar. The excellent water retaining performance and superior durability can protect your home for a long term. There is no need to soak tiles and wet walls during the construction. The position is adjustable up to half an hour after adhesion. Moreover, with Sika additives, tiles can even be bonded to the glaze side of a tile. Sika is always ready to hear the feedbacks from the market and strives to meet the new requirements and challenges. With over one-hundred experiences, Sika keep its innovation tradition and leads the market.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Sealing and Bonding



SUSTAINABILITY IN THE LOGISTICS 䯳㷲マ⋟㶸⮱‫ܧ‬ऐᏁ⩕ A costive, environment-friendly packaging solution for the goods exported to Australia. 㺬ࢎ͚ప⃼Ꭱ‫ܧ‬ऐ๔䛼ϔ৮‫ݝ‬ⓠ๔‫ݖ‬χ喑㏼≻჋ᘍȠ㐬㞟⣜ Ԋ⮱ϔ৮࠲㷲㼐۠᫦ᵵ䃖჏ᝤ๔๔ऄᘍȡ TEXT/PHOTO: ᰫ຺ SUVI ZENG >

㐩वᲒⰸ喑Flexitank ⮱х߬जВᑿ㏠ 20 गᶣ喑࠲ᱽ⮱᜽᱙ౕ 1.8 ̴ ÿ 2 ̴͸䬡喑 㔹̭͗䔯⩕λ 20 ᅧᴴ۳䉔ᴉ⮱⋟㶸喑᝭ᰶ ຯ̸喟キᭀ喑ज䲍喑㏼≻ȡ ⮱᜽᱙ߍ䊤Გ᭜ 4000 ็಄喑䔆ᵤツ̸Გ喑 1. ѻ䙺㒛 ᜽ ᱙喑В 20 ᅧ䯳㷲マͧ⋟ ̭͗ 20 ᅧ䉔ᴉ᜾Йౕ࠲㷲ᱽ̷᫆㐆჏ᝤ㞯 Ҁ䓽䓀ღக䃎ツ䓽䉦喑๔๔ѻλ⇦ Ⱞγ㜠ᄾ 1.3 ̴ٰ喑ᢏ㼭͸喑Ό᭜㐆჏ᝤ෋ 㑽マ倅䷊⮱⊤䓽䉦喠 2. ᰭ 倅 ღ 䛼 ज 䓫 24000 ‫ࡴ ڙ‬喑䓽 䛼 ⮱ ϔ৮ȡ㔹Ꭼጋጒ ࢯ‫ܧ‬ऐ‫ݝ‬ప ใ ⮱ Sika® ߍγ‫⾧⋓ݖ‬䬡ȡ ℁⩕ᶣ㷲 倅 40% В̷喑́ ᜽ ᱙䭺 Ferrogard®-901喑̭ⰡВ Გ䘪 ᭜ ⩕ IBC ॕ ᶣ喑䔆ᄦⓠ≟䔆͗Ხ‫ڣ‬Ԋ៑᱙ప㜗♣⣜ධȠ ⋟㶸㷲ࢥ䉔᧺҉キࢂ喑Ⴖ㷲Ӭᢤ喑ϲ ѻ䊲䓴 40% 喠 ⩌ᔮ⣜ධ⮱పუᲒ䄡喑̺जఋᩣ⮱ॕᶣч 䰭 1-2 ϧजౕ 30 ܳ䧌‫ڲ‬Ⴙ᜽㷲䉔۳ิጒ҉喑 3. ๔ 䛼 ‫ ࠲Ⱞ ۼ‬㷲喑‫ڒ‬ᶣ喑‫ ו‬ႅ喑ั ⤳ 䕍᜽̺ᄼ⮱䉌៲ȡ हᬣᴁᕔ㶸Ҁ⼜ᄼ喑ៅऍऻगᰶࡷ͗⿸᫦喑 ࣷ➖᫆ノ⤳᝭ፓᲒ⮱ϧጒ䉦⩕Ƞᬣ ౕ⾧㶸䙺䔮ᬣ๔๔䭺ѻ䓽䓀䉦⩕ȡ‫ݝ‬䓫Ⱋ 䬡᜽᱙喠 4. ⇎ ᰶ ⍎ マ 䉦 ᝃ Ш ҂ ⌲ ≄ ᜽ ᱙ , ᢿ 䮼Ɑ䯳㷲マ⋟㶸ౕ䲋࢞䮖৮⋟Ҁ䓽䓀 ⮱ౝࢥ䉔ऻ喑⋟㶸̺䰭⌲≄䔁⾧喑ज䛴ः ͚⮱Ꭼ∈Ꮑ⩕喑᜾Йऄ‫ݝ‬γड़ࣾᎣᄳ䄒ᘠ ఋᩣȠౌ೸ᝃ▘♇ぶ᫦ᐼั⤳喑Ⴙ‫ڕ‬こव 䮑䉔➖ऄ↎ᴀ⮱࢞䮖 喠 ∂ᐧ䃛㐆჏ᝤ喑⇎ᘠ‫ݝ‬ⓠ≟჏ᝤᒵ❪ᔘᅞ ప䭲⣜Ԋั⤳㺮Ⅿ喑㏼≻キӬ喑ᰶ᩵჋⣝ 5. 䭺ѻ䉔ᴉ⮱։⇷䉦喑䭺ѻ⾧㒛䉔ᴉ हᘼγ᜾Й⮱ᐧ䃛ȡ䕇䓴ᄦ℁Фᵩ喑᜾Й 㐬㞟⣜Ԋ喑㞯㘪‫ۼ‬ᢿȡ ⮱‫ו‬ႅ᜽᱙喠 ࣾ⣝喑̭͗ IBC ॕᶣ⮱䛴䉚Фᵩ㺮 900 ็ٰ喑 6. ⣜ Ԋ喑⇎ ᰶ ␋ ᱌ 䉦喑ᬍ 䰭 ఋ ᩣ喑ั ₐຯ㺬ࢎⓠ๔‫ݖ‬χहθ䌌᜾Йࡷᐭ ⣖ 〾 ࡷ 䃑 ⱌ ឬ 䄧 ⮱ 䗐 ᵤ喑㺬 ࢎ ⓠ ๔ ‫ ݖ‬χ 㜡 ߈ λ ᜽ ͧ㺬 ࢎ ͚ప‫ܧ‬ऐ ͇ ߎ ⮱ ᰭ ๔ ჏ ᝤ喑Ѓ Й Ό ⩕ θ ჋ և ‫ݝ‬γȡⓠ ≟ ჏ᝤ⃼ Ꭱ ๔ ๔ ᄼ ᄼ ⮱ 䶦 Ⱋ喑䰭 㺮 ϻ͚ ప 䔈 ऐ ๔ 䛼

1 ͗ 20 ᅧᴴ۳䉔ᴉ㷲 20 ॕϔ৮⮱䄊㺮⩕‫ݝ‬


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Packages




My Australian colleague had promised me half jokingly, “Sika Australia will try to become the biggest client of Sika China’s export business”. And they did it! Our clients in Australia need to import a large quantity of products from China for their various projects. Sika® Ferrogard®-901 produced in Sika’s Guangzhou factory used to be carried in IBC tanks. However, this kind of unrecyclable tank is a great burden for Australia, which is keen on protecting its natural and ecological environment. Flexibags (also known as flexitanks) have been widely used in non-dangerous liquid transportation, so we suggested them to our Australian clients. Unexpectedly, they agreed without hesitation. When we compared the price, we found that the purchase price of an IBC tank was over RMB 900. 20 tanks are needed to fill a 20-foot standard con-

tainer for 20 tonnes of goods and the total cost of the tanks was between RMB 18,000 and RMB 20,000. If we used flexibags for the 20-foot container, the total cost was about RMB 4,000. So it saved our client at least RMB 13,000 in packing material. In other words, we added profit margin for the client. The unloading of flexibags is easy and installation is convenient. It takes one or two workers only 30 minutes to finish all the loading. At the same time, the elastic bag is small and it occupies only half a cubic meter after folding. Transport expense can be greatly reduced when transporting empty bags. After unloading, the empty bags can be recycled, buried, or burnt rather than needing to be cleaned and returned. They meet the international requirements for environment-friendly disposal. It is a convenient and economical way to realize environ-

mental protection and energy saving. In general, the advantages of flexitanks can be summarized as: easy, reliable and economical. 1. Low configuration cost: for a 20-foot container for liquid, the cost is much lower than ocean freight fees using oil tanks. 2. The peak capacity is 24,000 liters, 40% higher than ordinary tanks, but the cost is over 40% lower. 3. Labor and time costs incurred in packing, tank filling, storage, disposal and material management are also greatly reduced. 4. No further handling cost; eliminates the risk of contamination. 5. Berthing fees and storage costs for empty containers are reduced. 6. Environment-friendly, no demurrage charge, no need to recycle and convenient to dispose of.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Packages


TARA OCEANS POLAR CIRCLE 2013 2013 Ꭱඁ៶ࡄᲮవ⊤∸⻾႓㔰ᄌ Sika is proud to support Tara Expeditions for a further year as an official supplier. Tara Oceans Polar Circle 2013 is a six-month scientific and academic oceanic adventure covering 25,000 km. 㺬ࢎᒵ㜗䆗㘪์҉ͧჅ᫦ӈᏁੳすιᎡ㐔㐚ͧඁ៶⻾႓㔰ᄌ䭌喍5BSB &YQFEJUJPOT喎᣽ӈᩜᠮȡᎡඁ៶ࡄᲮవ⊤∸⻾႓㔰ᄌ᭜̭⁎ͧ᱌͗ᰵȠ 㵹⼸‫ڙ‬䛹⮱⻾႓হ႓ᱜ⊤∸ᣏ䮖ȡ 44

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Tara Oceans


2013 Ꭱ ඁ ៶ ࡄ Ხవ⊤∸ ⻾ ႓ 㔰ᄌₐ ౕ㐂Ɑ⊛⍥⩌➖≨ߕᰭ᭫㦄⮱⼨ߕ‫۝‬ጊ䓦 ⩹䔈㵹ȡ 䮑γ‫ ⾣ⵁ➖⩌⤰ڕ‬὎ᐼ͸ใ喑䔅ᄳᄦ ࡄᲮవ䔈㵹⊤∸႓হࡃ႓ܳᲽȡₑ⁎㔰ᄌ ⮱Ⱋ⮱᭜γ㼐Ხౝ⩌➖็ᵤᕔౕϧㆨ≨ߕ 䲏‫⮱ݺ‬㘳ᑞᕔȠ‫۝‬ጊ㲺ࡃчຯ҂ᒞ৺Ხౝ ⊤∸⩌ᔮ㈨㐌Вࣷ䄒ռ䔉ౝࡧчϔ⩌҂⻺ ㆨಸ⮱↎ᴀȡ‫ڠ͗܍‬䩛఍㉍⶛Ԋγₑ⁎ᣏ 䮖⮱᜽ߌ䔈㵹ȡ 䄒Шߎᄳᰶߖλౕ‫⅁⤰ڕ‬Նज㘪ࣾ⩌ अ ࡃ ͸‫ ݺ‬ᄦ ࡄ Ხ ⩌ ᔮ ㈨ 㐌 䔈 㵹 ప䭲 ࡃⵁ ⾣ȡ䔆ᄳ᣽ӈ‫ڠ‬λࡄᲮⅡഌ⩌ᔮ⟣ۢ⮱ധ ⵭᪝ᢛ喑Ꭳ፛ߖ⶛Ⴧ䄒ౝࡧ᱗Გࣾᆂ⮱䬛 ䷅ȡ㔰ᄌ䭌 䔅ᄳ⩕θ ჋ा‫ڙ‬фȠᩬ⩹হੳ ⩹្ॷࡄᲮ䲏͡⮱ᰭ㉔䔘⮱⣜ධ䬛䷅喑В ࣷࡄᲮవᅲℾ䲏͡⮱䬛䷅ȡᄦλ䘕ܳϧᲒ 䄡喑⊤ ̷ 㝗 ㏬ ⮱ ᐭ 䕇 А 㶕γ㏼ ≻䉱 ϔ喑ѳ ᄦओ̭ψϧ㔹㼭喑䔆⻺ᐭ݆ࣾፓᲒγ⣜ධ ䷻䮖ȡࡄᲮౝࡧ⮱जᠮ㐚ࣾᆂ᭜̭͗թᓄ ‫⮱∕ڠ‬䬛䷅ȡ

Copyright: Tara Expéditions

Sika is proud to support Tara Expeditions for a further year as an official supplier. Tara Oceans Polar Circle 2013 is a sixmonth scientific and academic oceanic adventure covering 25,000 km. The Tara Oceans Polar Circle 2013 research is being conducted around the borders of the ice pack where planktonic activity is the most significant. In addition to this global biological approach, oceanographic and chemical analyses specific to the Arctic will be undertaken. The aim of the expedition is to understand the vulnerability of polar biodiversity in the face of human activity; how melting of the ice pack impacts the polar marine ecosystem and what types of pollution come into play in these remote areas. Several key factors assure the success of this expedition.

This mission will contribute to the international effort to study the Arctic ecosystem before a probable climate 䔆㞅㔰ᄌ㝦ጟ㏼Ⴙ᜽γ䊲䓴 7 ⁎ᣏ䮖喑 change. It will provide baseline data on 㝗⼸䊲䓴 8 ̴‫ڙ‬䛹喑ౕᰭ䓾̭⁎ड़㝗͸‫ݺ‬喑 the ecological status of Arctic waters, 䔈㵹γᒨᏂԛ᪡ȡ ҉ͧჅ᫦ӈᏁੳ喑㺬ࢎ and help identify issues concerning the ⶛Ⴧਗψౝ᫦䰭㺮ԛฺ喑Ꭳᣕ㡽γ̭ຄϔ future development of this region. The ৮喑⩕λ ⶛ Ԋ 㝦ग㘪 ์ Ⴙ‫ڕ‬䭟 Ⅱ喑ВԊ䃮 expedition team will also use its pres΅অ⮱Ⴖ‫̻ڕ‬㜿䔯ȡ ence to inform the public, politicians and the business world about the most urgent environmental issues in the Arctic, as well as problems faced by the people who inhabit the Arctic Circle. For some, the opening of maritime routes is an economic asset but for others, this development poses an environmental risk. Sustainable development in the Arctic is definitely in question. Having already completed more than seven expeditions and traveled more than 80,000 km, the boat was given a complete overhaul before its latest departure. As an official supplier, Sika identified what needed to be repaired and recommended a set of products to ensure that the boat is perfectly watertight and thus guarantee the crew’s comfort.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Tara Oceans




Suzhou, 14 November, 2013 㟼ጋ喑2013Ꭱ11ᰵ14ᬒ



2013 Ꭱ 11 ᰵ 14 ᬒ喑̷ ⊤ ጯ ᢿ Ⅱ㵹͇ ࡼчऄчঅࢂѺ㺬ࢎ͚పᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ䖭䄤喑 ㏱᜽А㶕ఏ̭㵹 25 ϧ‫ݺ‬ᒭ㺬ࢎ ( ͚ప ) Ꮤ 㥪λ㟼ጋጒ͇చࡧ⮱ᕨ䘕হ⩌ϔധౝ䔈㵹 ႓΍㔰ᄌϑ≮≨ߕȡ

㺬ࢎ͚ప‫ڙ‬थ‫ޜ‬ᕨ㷮কႼश‫ౕ⩌ٵ‬ч 䃛㐀᲌‫ݺ‬ᄦࡼчА㶕ఏ⮱Გ䃬㶕⹧ᙌ䅏ȡ Ꭳ᣽‫ܧ‬ຯᰶज㘪ᄳᠾ䔶̭უव䔯⮱ᢿⅡ䃫 ᫪Ю͇喑ͧ‫ڣ‬䛼䏘‫҉ݣ‬ԛ៑᫦ᵵহ‫ڤ‬Ҁ⮱ 䶦Ⱋ㥪჋喑В ₑ҉ͧ㺬ࢎౕ͚ప⮱仃͗䄂 㘎⺼㘉⼅Γ䪬ᄦ᱙⁎㔰ᄌ⮱ϑ≮≨ߕ ◦ጒ⼸喑᫦Ӭ ͇‫ڲ‬ᰡ ສౝγ㼐ϔ৮ᕔ 㘪ȡ ጯⅡߎᅭ㔮䶳ᄩȠᢿⅡ㵹͇ࡼчऺ㾶 ҉ γᕨ 㐀 ᕔ ࣾ 㼭喑Ѓ 㶕 ⹧喑㺮‫ ࡼ ⩕ݖ ܳٲ‬ক‫ޜ‬ᕨ㷮ᙌ䅏̷⊤ጯᢿⅡ㵹͇ࡼч㘪Ꮑч ч䪬কэ᪴ȠጯᢿⅡノ⤳ัকႴั䪬Ꮑ侙 чᎠझ喑ߍᑧԎᖜэ䔿喑ͧ㺬ࢎ⮱ࣾᆂ喑ᆒ অЮ͇ ᝭঩喑ᘠчঅЮ͇ ᝭ ᘠ喑℘ᬍ Ԋ⪆ ᓤ㢐ч䪬Ƞ㘎⺼㘉⼅Γ䪬⮱䖭䄤̭ह‫ݺ‬ᒭȡ 㵹ࡼч⮱Ͷߎ̻㕹䉐ȡᙬ̻㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थԊᠮ ౝͧчঅЮ͇ᥚᐧϑ≮ᎠझȡᎣ㶕⹧䕇䓴 ᣏ㉏ⵁ⾣ϑ≮व҉᫝ᱧ‫ݣ‬ȡहᬣ喑 ₑ⁎≨ߕ喑㺬ࢎΌγ㼐‫ݝ‬Ⅱߎ㵹͇ ᄦ䭟៑ 㺬ࢎ ( ͚ప ) ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ‫ޜ‬ᕨ㷮কႼश‫㉔ ⩌ٵ‬ჳ⇌䕇喑 㶕⹧Გ‫ݝ‬㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थ̭๖⮱㔰ᄌϑ≮≨ߕᙌ ⊯᫆䰭Ⅿহ⒉ౕጯ౧喑Ҭ㺬ࢎᄦϷऻౕ͚ ፓ䶳㺬ࢎ䨭ਜ਼ឭᱜఏ䭌εВ☚ᗲᣒᒲȡ ᘠᒵ⌞喑ᩣ㣤ࡗ≲喑̺㮇ₑ㵹喑ⱌₐᙌऄ‫ ݝ‬పጯ౧̷⮱ࣾᆂ‫ݺ‬ᮜᰡᰶԎᓰȡ ࡼ ч А 㶕 ఏ ख़ ः γ 㺬 ࢎ ͚ప ౕ ጯ ᩬ Ⅱߎ䭟៑ጯ౧⮱⻾ឭ݈᫝ឭᱜϔ৮Ą๖ใ Გ㜗̷⊤ጯᢿⅡノ⤳ัȠ̷⊤ጯ೻ጯ ᢿ Ⅱጒ⼸͚⮱͇ 㐖 , ݈᫝ឭᱜ , ノ ⤳ ὎ ᐼ ᰶ๖喑ᆞใᰶᆞąȡ➦‫ݘ‬᭜㺬ࢎ๸ࣾᰶͧ⮱ ࣷЮ͇ᝅ⪒ࣾᆂ⤳ᔢ⮱䄓㏳ϸ㏺喠჋ౝ࣯ ㇫⺋হ᰺ߎλጯᩬᢿⅡ㵹͇⮱ࣾᆂ⤳ᔢ㐆 ᢿⅡᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थȠ ̷⊤೻ែ↎Ⅱั⤳ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थȠ 㻯 γ‫ ٵ‬䔈 ⮱ ⩌ ϔ ധ ౝ হ ჋ 侹 ბ ; А 㶕 ఏ εА㶕ఏ⪆̸γ⌞‫࢝⮱ݨ‬䆎ȡ 䬢㵹↎Ⅱั⤳䓽㥒‫ڙ‬थȠ⊓͉ᢿⅡノ⤳㒟Ƞ 䔅亣 ᰶ ‫ ڡ‬䋐 ౝ 㻯 ᦖ γ 㺬 ࢎ ឭ ᱜϧ অ ⣝ ౧ ࢄⅴᢿⅡ‫ڙ‬थȠ๶䉑ᢿⅡノ⤳䓽㥒͚ᓰȠ䛾 ⑁⹧Ą 17 ⻿ 䕌 ᎟ąSikalastic® -871 ☚ ૤ ⊯ ጯ ᢿ Ⅱ ノ ⤳ ั ক Ⴔ ั 䪬 А 㶕 㵹͇ ノ ᆞᢿⅡノ⤳ ᝭ȠଶჇ㐆ᢿⅡノ⤳㒟ࣷᲫ↌ 㖇 㙟 ⊯ ᫆ হ 倅 㔽ࡃ ႓ 㙽 㮭 ⣜ ⅔ 䭟 ៑ ⊯ ᫆ ⤳䶳ᄩᄦ㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थͧᢿⅡθ͇⮱䉎⡛㶕⹧ 㺬䘕↎Ⅱั⤳ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थぶࢂѺ䶳ᄩহА㶕 Sikagard®-63 N ぶప䭲䶳‫ࡃٵ‬႓䭟៑ϔ৮ȡ ᙌ䅏喑Ꭳጹ᱈㺬ࢎ ‫ڙ‬थ‫ ܳٲ‬㔰㭾Ⱋ‫ݺ‬䲏ᄦ 25 ҆ϧ࣯ߍγ᱙⁎㔰ᄌϑ≮≨ߕȡ ‫ܳٲ‬ᙌऄ ‫ݝ‬ϔ৮х ᐯ ⮱ᬍ ⃿Ƞ䕌᎟Ƞ䭟␼ ϔ৮ጯ౧䰭ⅯহᕔФ℁ぶ䬛䷅喑ᐧ䃛๔߈ ̻倅ᐣᆂ߈ᕔ㘪 , Вࣷϟ㜗Ҁ侹γ倅⻾ឭ ᣕᎬϔ৮⮱х䊷ᕔ㘪喑जВᰡͧӬ‫ݖ‬ౝͧ ⮱᫪ጒᱧ‫ڤ‬ȡ ᢿⅡЮ͇ࢂѺ᝭ᣒऄȡ

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Visit by Association

䮼ऻ喑ࣹ ᫦ᅞ㺬ࢎϔ৮ౕⅡߎ䭟៑ጯ ౧⮱ឭᱜᕔ㘪Ƞ䔯⩕ጒۢȠ⣜ධȠ᲎УȠ㻱 㠰ᴴ۳ȠФᵩःाぶ‫ڠ‬ᓰ⮱䃛䷅҉Ꭼ∈⮱ οߕϑ≮ȡ


Live demo of spraying Sikalastic®-871


On November 14, 2013, a delegation of 25 people from the Shanghai Water Reclamation Trade Association (SWaRTA) was invited by its member company Sika (China) Co., Ltd. to visit their headquarters and production base in Suzhou Industrial Park. Zhou Chuanwen, the honorary chairman of SWaRTA, and Zhou Yu, Director of the Municipal Drainage Authority, were also invited to join the delegation by Ma Derong, chairman of the association, and Hu Fusheng, the Secretary General. Kelvin Chew, Vice President of Sika China, and his sales & technology team received the delegation with a warm welcome. The delegation listened to a detailed introduction about the performance, innovative technology, management methods and corporate strategic development plan of Sika China in the municipal drainage field. They toured the production base and the lab. They were impressed by the demonstration of 17-second-dr y Sikalastic® -87 1, a thermal spray polyurea coating, as well as Sikagard®-63 N, a high chemical corrosion resistance epoxy coating product that leads the world. The delegation experienced the excellent performance of the harmless, quick-drying, leak-proof,

and high extension products and they also tried the application tools themselves. Then the company and the association had a wide-ranging discussion on topics of interest such as the technological properties, situation, environment and application conditions, standards, and pricing of Sika products in the water protection market. In the Mr. Hu’s closing speech, he said that the association should strengthen information communication by making use of the association as a platform, and fulfill the association’s responsibilities and obligations for the development of Sika. The association would like to keep close contact with Sika and explore new modes of cooperation. At the same time, he said that he was impressed by the visit in Sika and had learned that technological innovation never had a boundary in the water protection market. He was especially impressed by Sika’s aggressive spirit and the development concept of serving the municipal drainage authorities. Mr. Yu from the Municipal Drainage Authority expressed his gratitude for Sika’s contribution in the drainage business. And he encouraged Sika to promote its

high-performance products to meet both market and cost demands so that the products can be accepted more easily by drainage enterprises. In his wrapping-up speech, Kelvin extended his thanks to the delegation. He proposed to choose an appropriate drainage company as the first trial project of Sika in China, so that the industry can better understand the performance of the products. Kelvin also expressed Sika’s gratitude to the Association for their consideration and feedback to the members. He also said that Sika had seen the demand and potential market for protective coatings in the water industry through the event and Sika would be more confident in its future development in Chinese market. The delegation was joined by 25 officials and representatives from Shanghai Drainage Authority, Shanghai Municipal Sewerage Company Ltd., Shanghai Chengtou Waste Water Treatment Co., Ltd, Minhang Waste Water Treatment Co., Ltd, Pudong Drainage Authority, Nanhui Sewerage Company Ltd, Fengxian Drainage Management Operation Center, Jinshan Drainage Authority, Jiading Water Supply and Drainage Authority and Songjiang West Waste Water Treatment Co., Ltd.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Visit by Association


GREEN BUILDING EXPO 㺬ࢎ࣯ᆂ GBC2013 ̷⊤ప䭲㐬㞟ᐧま̻㞯㘪ᆂ Shanghai, 9 November, 2013 ̷⊤喑Ꭱᰵᬒ TEXT/PHOTO: ⃢Ვ JENNY DUAN


10 ᰵ 9 ᬒ喑㺬ࢎϛⰥĄ2013 ̷⊤㐬㞟ᐧま̻ᐧま㞯㘪ᆂą喑 㺬ࢎ䶱‫ݣ‬ᲱУᐧまჳᄮ㼐۠᫦ᵵ喑ͧ PC喍䶱‫ౌ܊⌤ݣ‬喎ឭᱜ⮱㷲 䙺 ᣽ ӈӬ‫ݖ‬ȡ㺬ࢎ⮱ჳᄮ㘣৮❹ Sikaflex®, Sikasil®, Sikacyl® ࣷ ‫ڣ‬Ѓ৮❹ჳᄮ㘣जᏁ⩕λ䶱‫⿸ౌ܊⌤ݣ‬䲏ᣒ㑊Ƞ䛾ᆋ⿸䲏ᣒ㑊Ƞ ๖ ♣ ⴠᱽ⿸䲏ȠใෆԊ⍖ ㈨㐌ᣒ㑊Ƞౝ ಗ ᣒ㑊Ƞᅸ䲏ᣒ㑊Ƞߍ⇦ 〆ᣒ㑊ȠⅡ̻↎Ⅱั⤳ࢯȠ∮ۭბᣒ㑊喍๗䭠㘪ጒ͇ȠࡷᄩҀጒ͇Ƞ ‫ݣ‬㢜ጒ͇ぶ喎ȡ ᱙⁎ᆂч⣝౧喑ᰶ䓾 150 უ͚ప‫ٵ‬䔈ᐧま㈨㐌Ƞឭᱜࣷϔ৮ Ю͇࣯ᆂȡᲒ㜗ᩬᏉࣷ‫ڙ‬ᐧ䶦ⰛȠᝬౝϔᐭࣾੳȠ೻ጯ㻱ܿȠᐧま 䃫 䃎ጵȠጒ⼸ੳ / ឬ࠲ੳȠ͇̀ᱧ Ჱ / ࡼч / ⻾ ⵁ䮏ᵎ⮱䓾 ̴ऺ ͇̀㻯ф࣯̻γ᱙⁎ᆂчȡ


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Green Building Expo

Sika presented its sealing solutions for building prefabricated components at the 2013 Shanghai International Green Building and Energy Efficiency Exhibition. Sika’s products Sikaflex®, Sikasil® and Sikacyl® can be applied in the sealing of prefabricated components, metal parts, natural stones, thermal insulation joints on external walls, flooring joints, roofing joints, joints in gasoline stations and water treatment plants and joints in cleanrooms for the solar, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. About 150 companies in the area of building systems, technology and products attended this exhibition, attracting hundreds of thousands of industrial visitors from government, municipal projects, real estate developers, municipal planning, architects, engineers, contractors, organizations, associations, universities, etc.

MARINTEC CHINA 2013 㺬ࢎ㝦㝣䯁䴠⊛ߕౝᲬࣷ㇅ᣒჳᄮ㼐۠᫦ᵵϛⰥ 2013 ⊤θⰈч Shanghai, 3-6 December, 2013 ̷⊤喑2013Ꭱ12ᰵ3ᬒ-6ᬒ TEXT/PHOTO: ⃢Ვ JENNY DUAN


㷘㾶ͧĄχ≟す̭Ƞ̓⩹すι๔⊤θчᆂą ÿ 2013喍す 17 ᅷ喎͚పప䭲⊤θчᆂ喑λ 12 ᰵ 3 ᬒ -12 ᰵ 6 ᬒౕ⇗ͫ㵹ȡᲒ㜗‫ڕ‬ ⤰⊤θⴒऺЮ͇Ƞᱰ༮ᱧᲱВࣷᩬᏉᱧ‫⩹͇⮱ڠ‬㇫㠞命㖇̷⊤喑 ͧ⊤θĄჿۙą∕‫⩌ڒ‬ᱧȡ ᱙ᅷᆂ㻵ᰶ 34 ͗పუহౝࡧ⮱ 1700 ҆უЮ͇࣯ᆂ喑⊶ࣷ㝦 㝣ጒ⼸Ƞ⊤∸ጒ⼸Ƞߕ߈㷲㒛ࣾߕᱧȠ⩢⅁㈨㐌䃫ิȠ䒲ᱧȠᱽ᫆ ጒ㞧Ƞ㝗䓽হ⍜ऐȠ⊤θ᰺ߎぶ 8 ๔ㆨ͇̀䬕ㆨȡ᱙⁎ᆂч喑㺬ࢎ ‫ڞ‬ᆂ‫ܧ‬䓾 20 ⻺ᵤ৮喑㺳Ⰳγ㘣叼‫ݯ‬ϔ৮喑⩟Წ᪤᫆㈨݄喑⊛ߕౝ Წ㈨݄Вࣷᴇ᱕⩟Წ㇅㐀Ҁ㈨ぶȡᲒ㜗㺬ࢎ⦋ธᕨ䘕⮱‫⤰ڕ‬䛺◦ 㝦͉ ㏼ ⤳ Per Eskildsen ‫⩌ٵ‬Ƞ㝦㝣ϔ৮㏼ ⤳ Christian Riis ‫⩌ٵ‬ Ό‫ܧ‬ፚγ᱙⁎ᆂч喑䔈㵹ឭᱜᠴᄩহ͇ߎϑ≮ȡ㺬ࢎ͚పᕨ㷮 ⽳ ઱হ‫⩌ٵ‬喑⮫ᔆ͸͚ϻ⊓͉ᱧ౧̸̭ᱧ喑ᅞ侙̺։䍱喑‫Ɑڿ‬ჿ䷻喑 ䷻ᅅϳϳౝ䊣‫ݝ‬ᆂч⣝౧喑হ჏ᝤ䔈㵹γϟܴࣸສ⮱䓾䌊⻨ϑ≮喑 㐆чᆂᎠ⌨γ䃥็ᯃᘼȡ ౕఈ๖⮱ᆂч᱌䬡喑‫ݺ‬Გ㺬ࢎᆂѺ৕䄏喑≪䄵喑࣯㻯⮱㝦͉Ƞ 㝦ࢯȠ㝦㝣䃫䃎䮏Ƞ㝦㝣‫ڲ‬㷲‫ڙ‬थȠ⻾ⵁ䮏᝭喍஗䴠ᡜߕ᫦䲏喎Ƞ

㝦㏔⹫Ƞ䉥ᭀੳぶ㐉㏻̺㐊喑‫ऻٵ‬ᰶ䊲䓴 500 ϧ䕍䃬γ㺬ࢎᆂ झȡчऻ‫ڞ‬ᩣ䯳‫ ݝ‬300 ็ϧ⮱ऺ❴Ԏᖜ喑हᬣΌ䃝ᒂγЃЙ⮱䰭 Ⅿȡ‫͚ڣ‬喑㝦ࢯࣷጒ⼸ϧঅࢍ‫ ݝ‬24%喑㝦㝣䙺У䃫ิㆨࢯੳࢍ‫ݝ‬ 23%喑ओใ喑䃫䃎䮏ࢍ‫ ݝ‬17%喑䉥ᭀ‫ڙ‬थ 19%喑ओใ䔅ᰶ̭ψప ใࢯੳ喑྿Ҁ喑৕䄏‫ڙ‬थࣷᩬᏉᱧᲱϧঅ‫ݺ‬Გ㺬ࢎᆂѺ䔈㵹≪䄵 ৕䄏ȡ Ą̓⩹㏼≻⣜ධ䭡Ⲉ̺Ⴧ喑Ҭ 2013 Ꭱ᜽ͧప䭲䛾㲺࢞ᱧ✳ ࣾВᲒ㝗䓽ጯ౧ᰭѻ䔤⮱̭Ꭱȡą̷⊤ጯ㝦㝣̻⊤∸ጒ⼸႓ч⤳ θ䪬ᑍ౐಑ౕ⊤θчᆂ᫝䬨ࣾጰч̷ᄦ䃝㔲㶕⹧ȡ 㐩वऱప᪝ᢛ喑䶱䃎 2013 Ꭱ‫⤰ڕ‬㝦㝣ጯ౧Ϻᄳᐣ㐚ѻѺ䓽 㵹ᔮ߬喑ѳ᪡Ҁᰶ᝭Ю⽠喑‫⤰ڕ‬᫝㝦䰭Ⅿᄳ䊲䓴 8000 ̴䒪䛺ॕȡ 䛾㲺࢞ᱧВᲒ喑⊤θϔ͇ࣾᆂ⣜ධጟࣾ⩌ጕ๔अࡃ喑㝗䓽ጯ౧̻ 㝦㝣ጯ౧⮱ѻ䔤Ҭ‫ࣾڣ‬ᆂ䌜䕁̷⮱̺⶛Ⴧ఍㉍ᰡ็喑㔹͚పᩬᏉ ᄦࣾᆂ⊤∸㏼≻⮱ಇჇᔮᏓࣷ䶾䶾‫ܧ‬झ⮱ϔ͇᫝ᩬ喑䃖‫ٶⰛ⤰ڕ‬ ‫ں‬Ꮣ㖇♓͚పȡ

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Marintec China



Morten Muschak, President of Sika China, communicated with the client.

㝦㝣ϔ৮㏼⤳ Christian Riis ‫ౕ⩌ٵ‬ᆂч⣝౧̻჏ᝤևϑ≮

Christian Riis, Key Account Manager - Marine, communicated with the clients


The visitors were interested in Sika products. 㺬ࢎ㝦㝣͇ߎ๔჏ᝤ㏼⤳ᶮ䨽‫⩌ٵ‬ₐౕͧᲒძϸ㏺ 㺬ࢎ㇅ᣒ㘣

Liang Rui, Key Account Manager - Marine, was introducing Sika products.


Marintec China 2013, known as the biggest maritime trade fair in Asia and second biggest in the world, was held in Shanghai in December. The fair gathered professionals from international enterprises, organizations and authorities in the maritime industry. Over 1,700 enterprises from 34 countries showcased their latest products and technology in ship engineering, marine engineering, engines, electric system, auxiliary equipment, materials, shipping and ports, maritime service, etc. Sika presented about 20 samples of its bonding, deck-covering, acoustic floor products as well as bonding systems for teak deck. Per Eskildsen, Market Field Manager Marine , and Christian Riis, Key Account Manager - Marine from Sika Services AG attended this exhibition for technical and business communication. Morten Muschak, President of Sika


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Marintec China

China, managed his time to be present at the exhibition and had close communication with some customers. In the four-day show, over 500 people from ship onwers, ship manufacturers, ship design institutes, ship interior decorators, acoustic research institutes visited Sika booth for information and business communication. We had received over 300 business cards, 24% of which were from ship manufacturers and engineers, 23% were from ship equipment companies, 17% were from design institutes and 19% were from trade companies. Moreover, we also got visitors from foreign ship manufacturers, media, consultancy companies and the government. “The world economy was quite unstable, which made 2013 the toughest year for the shipping market since the in-

ternational financial crisis.” said Zhang Shengkun, the General Director of the Shanghai Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers on the meida press of the exhibition. It was predicted that the global maritime market would remain a depressed state but become more stable and there would be a demand of new ships over 80 million ton deadweight. Since the financial crisis, the marketing environment had changed dramatically for the maritime industry. The downturn of shipping and marine markets made it tougher. However, the positive policies and attitude of the Chinese government on the ocean economy attracted the worldwide focus on China.

AUTOMECHANIKA SHANGHAI 㺬ࢎᥧ᫝৮仃⁎ϛⰥ̷⊤↪䒓䰣䙺Уᆂ㻵 Shanghai, 9 November, 2013 ̷⊤喑2013Ꭱ11ᰵ9ᬒ TEXT/PHOTO: ॡᐧь WEBBER WU >

2013 Ꭱ 12 ᰵ 10 ᬒ喑⦋ ธ 㺬 ࢎ ᥧ ᫝ ৮仃 ⁎ ϛ Ⱕ χ ≟ ᰭ ๔ 㻱 ὎ ⮱ ↪ 䒓 䰣 䙺 У ᆂ ÿ ̷ ⊤ ప 䭲 ↪ 䒓 䰣 䙺 УȠ㐡 ԛ ᷭ ≸ 䃫 ิࣷ ↪ 䒓⩕৮ ᆂ 㻵ч喍Automechanika Shanghai喎ȡ 12 ᰵ⮱̷⊤݊ۙჿ䷻‫۪܈‬喑ѳ᭜͊℘ ⇎ᰶ䭨ᡎ‫ݺ‬Გ㻯ᆂ⮱͇̀ϧธЙ⮱☚ᗲ喑 ‫ڕ‬పऱౝ⮱࠲᠙పใ㻯ф㏤㏤Გ‫ݝ‬㺬ࢎᆂ झ喑ᄦ㺬ࢎౕ↪ 䒓㐡ԛጯ౧⮱ϔ৮ϔ⩌γ ⊀ࣇ⮱‫ڡ‬䋐ȡ ౕ Გ 䃬 㔲 ͚喑ᰶ ̭ ψ ̻ 㺬 ࢎ व ҉ ⮱ 㔮 ჏ ᝤ 㢲 ͡ ᆂ झ喑‫ ݺ‬Გ γ 㼐 ࢠ ᄳ ᣕ ‫⮱ ܧ‬ ᫝ ৮ ÿ Sikasil® Gaskit ‫ ٺ‬೘ ჳ ᄮ 㘣Ƞ SikaPower®- 4720 䒓䏘Წ㐀Ჱ㘣喑Вࣷ㺬

ࢎౕ‫ڕ‬ప↪䒓䒓䏘㐡ԛጯ౧͇ߎ⮱ࣾᆂ⟣ ۢȡ䔆 ⁎ ᆂ㻵喑䃖ऱ Ѻ ㏼䨭ੳцѡᄦ㺬ࢎ ↪䒓ऻጯ౧͇ߎ⮱᱗Გ‫␎ٲ‬γԎᓰȡ ⣝ ౧喑᜾ Й ̻Გძϸ ㏺ϔ৮Ƞϑ≮ ጯ ౧ ⣝ ⟣ȠܳϘ ᓰ ᓄ喑Ꭳ ౕ ⇌䕇͚䔈 ̭ ₒγ 㼐჏ᝤ䰭Ⅿ喑ᄨⅯव҉ ⮱ज㘪ᕔȡ㏼ 䓴 ͧ ᱌ఈ๖⮱ᆂ㻵᜾Йᩣ䯳‫ݝ‬ᒵ็⒉ౕ⮱⩕ᝤ喑 䘕ܳ᭜㏵〜⩕ᝤ喑䘕ܳ᭜⒉ౕ⮱ι㏔ܳ䨭 ੳ喑䔅ᰶ̭ψ᭜ౕᒲᐭࣾጯ౧⮱⒉ౕ㏼䨭 ੳȡ

12 ᰵ 11 ᬒ㺬 ࢎ VIP ჏ ᝤ ᮇ ს ౕ ̷ ⊤ ᄼࢄప丽ࢲͫ㵹喑ᮇს̷χ๗ࡧ↪ 䒓ऻጯ ౧ 䨭 ਜ਼ ㏼ ⤳ David Tobler ϸ ㏺ γ 㺬 ࢎ ౕ 2013 ᎡᏓ⮱͇ ߎࣾ ᆂᗲ ۢ喑Ꭳᄦ 2014 Ꭱ

⮱ࣾᆂ䔈㵹γᆂ᱈ȡᮇს͚喑David 䔅ϟ㜗 ̶ͧѺᎡᏓх⻭㏼䨭ੳ䶮ࣾγ㺬ࢎ͸ᭌ຃ ❹হ⹩➖ȡ㏼䨭ੳЙΌౕₑ䯫ᓄ⮱ᱧч͚喑 ο䕇ᰶᬍ喑οⰥ႓΍喑⅁ⅈ☚◵ȡ ౕᆂч⮱ᰭऻ̭๖喑↪䒓ऻጯ౧⮱ϔ ৮㏼⤳কᮀ͉Вࣷ↪䒓ऻጯ౧䒓䏘㐡ԛ͇ ߎࣾᆂ㏼⤳ॡᐧьᣒऄγ྿Ҁ⮱̀䃬喑ܳ ‫ݘ‬ϻϔ৮হጯ౧͑᫦䲏ᆂ⣝γ㺬ࢎ৮❹⮱ ͇̀ᒏ䆎喑Ꭳ䬽䔝γ㺬ࢎ᱗Გ⮱ࣾᆂ᫦ाȡ ͧ᱌ఈ๖⮱ᆂчళ␎㐀᲌喑䃖᜾Йᬻ Ꭱ ιᰵౕ ࡄ ϙ AMR ↪Ԋ ᆂ ‫ں‬㻮喆㺬 ࢎВ ͇̀⮱ノ⤳Ƞхᐯ⮱ϔ৮Ƞ倅Ⅱ۳⮱ఏ䭌喑 Вౕࣷ↪䒓䒓䏘㐡ԛጯ౧䪬䋠ࣾᆂ⮱Ԏᓰ喑 ॷ䃶᝭ᰶϧ喑㺬ࢎᲒγ喆

New Horizon Issue 13 — Automechanika


ϔ৮ ㏼ ⤳ ক ᮀ ͉ ₐ ౕ ा ྿ Ҁև ⣝౧ϔ৮ᆂ⹧

Zhou Xiaodong, Aftermarket Product Manager, was demonstrating Sika products to media.


Webber Wu, CBR Business Development Manager, was introdcuing products to customers.

χ๗ࡧ↪䒓ऻጯ౧䨭ਜ਼㏼⤳ David Tobler ͧᎡᏓх⻭㏼䨭ੳ䶮຃

David Tobler, Automotive Aftermarket Manager China & Asia Pacific, gave awards to the best distributors. ↪䒓‫ٺ‬೘ჳᄮ㘣ϔ৮ᆂ⹧

Sikasil® Gaskit sealants


The Shanghai International Trade Fair for Automotive Par ts, Accessories, Equipment, and Ser vices (known as Automechanika Shanghai) is the largest automotive parts exhibition in Asia. This year, Sika participated for the first time in the fair with its new products. Despite the chilly wind outside, a lot of professionals visited the fair. Many visitors were quite interested in Sika products for the car body repair. Some of them were our existing clients. They gained much confidence after learning Sika new products of Sikasil® Gaskit, SikaPower®- 4720 for car body structure


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Automechanika

bonding as well as its marketing strategy in the car body repair markets in China.

gave awards to the best three distributors in 2013. The customers had a good time of communication.

We had a lot of communication with the visitors to learn their needs and explore cooperation possibilities. In the four-day exhibition, we met many substantial customers, including end users, secondlevel distributors and distributors.

On the last day of the fair, Zhou Xiaodong, Product Manager AFM and Webber Wu, Business Development Manager CBR, explained Sika products and marketing strategy in the aftermarket in a media interview.

On December 11th, we held a banquet for the VIP customers. After the brief on the Sika aftermarket business in 2013 and the outlook in 2014, David Tobler, Automotive Aftermarket Manager China & Asia Pacific,

Our f ir s t sho w on A u tome chanik a Shanghai was fruitful and has told everyone that Sika is coming with its excellent products and services in the car body repair market.

CORPORATE TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT (CTD) MEETING 㺬ࢎጒ͇䘕‫⤰ڕ‬ឭᱜч䃛ౕ͚పङᐭ Suzhou, 17-21 June, 2013 㟼ጋ喑2013Ꭱ6ᰵ17ᬒ-21ᬒ TEXT/PHOTO: ⢸卼下 ELLEN WANG



χ๗ࡧឭᱜ᰺ߎ㏼⤳ Mark Daniels ₐౕև⑁⹧ȡ

Mark Daniels, Technical Service Manager, Asia Pacific, presented to the technical department of APAC


Morten Muschak delivered the welcome speech Which was enthusiastically received.

ឭᱜ᰺ߎ㏼⤳ Artur Zanotti ⑁⹧ჳᄮহ㇅ᣒϔ৮ȡ

Artur Zanotti (Technical Service Manager) demonstrated sealing & bonding products


Გ㜗㺬ࢎ‫ ⮱⤰ڕ‬35 Ѻጒ͇䘕ឭᱜ̀უⅴ㖇̭യ喑ϑ≮ܳϘ ឭᱜⴒ䃳ȡ ̭Ꭱͫߋ̭⁎⮱ CTD ч䃛ⅴ㖇γ㺬ࢎጒ͇䘕‫⤰ڕ‬ऱౝ⮱ឭ ᱜ̀უȡч䃛͚喑๔უܳϘহ䃕䃧ᰭ᫝⮱⻾႓ឭᱜȠ᫝ϔ৮Ƞጯ౧ Ԏᖜহ䊸߬Вࣷ䶦ⰛᵵҸ㏼侹ȡ ϷᎡ⮱ч䃛䔅᫝෋γჳᄮহ㇅ᣒឭᱜ⮱ദ䃚ȡ ϷᎡ⮱ч䃛ᓄ‫ݝ‬γ㺬ࢎ͚పឭᱜ᰺ߎఏ䭌⮱吻߈ᩜᠮȡЃЙ ܳϘγ็͗ጯ౧䶳ഌ⮱䶦Ⱋ㏼侹喑ࡼߖͫߋऱ͗̀䷅ч䃛喟๔ጡ ౝᲬ㇅ᣒҬ⩕⮱ SikaMelt®Ƞ➦⻺䒓䒳㐀Ჱ㇅ᣒ⩕⮱ SikaPower® Вࣷ䒕䖀ϑ䕇䭟▘ᱽ᫆ Sika® Unitherm® ぶȡ 㺬ࢎ͚ప䔅ܳϘγ‫ڣ‬჋侹ბ䕇䓴 ISO-17025 হ DIN-6701 侹 䃮⮱㏼侹ȡ

Thirty-five industry technical experts from different countries attended this meeting and it was a fine collaborative effort through which attendees gathered a lot of knowledge. CTD meeting is an annually held technical get together during which different topics including new technologies, new products, marketing technology trends etc. are discussed and projects experiences from different counties are shared. During the 2013 CTD Sealing & Bonding technology training was also offered as an added incentive. THE TRIUMPH OF THE TECHNICAL TEAM During CTD meeting, the Sika China technical service team gave splendid support throughout. The team shared project experience from different marketing fields and facilitated workshops like SikaMelt® used in bus flooring bonding, SikaPower® used as structure bonding for special vehicles , Sika® Unitherm® fireproofing material used in railways and many other others. Sika China also shared its laboratory experience in its quest to obtain the ISO-17025 certification and DIN-6701.




Workshop for bus floor bonding SikaMelt®, SikaSense®, SikaBond® Vinyl etc.)

Sika® Untherm® l ̀䷅ Workshop for Sika® Untherm® l, showing a video from a Chinese customer

ᕨ䘕⣝౧ጒ⼸ϔ৮㏼⤳ Ulli Muller ⑁⹧⩕λ䷻߈ࣾ⩢ࢯԛ㶒 ⮱᫝ϔ৮ȡ

Ulli Muller (Head of Corporate Marketing Field Engineering) presented new products used in windmill repair.

ᕨ䘕ឭᱜ䉌䉐ϧ Mauro Masoch 䃟㼐ч䃛Ⴖᢿȡ

㺬ࢎ͚పឭᱜ᰺ߎ㏼⤳⢸卼下ܳϘ ISO 䃑䃮㏼侹ȡ

Mauro Masoch (Head of Corporate Technical Department) presented the meeting schedule.

Ellen Wang, Sika China Technical Service Manager, shared her ISO certification experiences.



ARTICLE RELATED REGIONAL SEDIS TRAINING ࡧഌ SEDIS ‫ڠ‬䩛⩕ᝤദ䃚 Kuala Lumpur, 5-6 November, 2013 श䮳ಎ喑2013Ꭱ11ᰵ5-6ᬒ


‫ ڞ‬ᰶ Გ㜗 χ ๗ ࡧऱ ͗ ప უ হ ౝ ࡧ ⮱

17 ऺ SEDIS ‫ڠ‬䩛⩕ᝤ࣯ߍγₑ⁎ദ䃚ȡ㺬 ࢎ‫⤰ڕ‬ϔ৮ノ⤳䉌䉐ϧ Hubert Norz ‫⩌ٵ‬ ፓ䶳ᕨ䘕⮱̶Ѻ̀უ۳ิγ䄓㏳⮱ദ䃚䉱 ᫆ȡχ๗ࡧ䓽㥒䉌䉐ϧ Stephan Oderbolz ‫⩌ٵ‬Ό‫ܧ‬ፚγ᱙⁎ദ䃚ȡ 㺬 ࢎ ⣜ ධ ᪝ ᢛ Ԏ ᖜ ㈨ 㐌喍SEDIS喎ౕ 㺬ࢎ‫⤰ڕ‬Ꮑ⩕喑⩕λ݈ᐧᱽ᫆Ⴖ‫ڕ‬᪝ᢛ㶕 喍MSDS喎Ƞ䙺᫦ႅᶐহក࢝ᴴカᝃ‫ڣ‬ЃⰥ ‫ڠ‬᪴Уȡ


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — SEDIS Training

Გ㜗ᕨ䘕⮱̀უ⑁⹧γຯ҂ౕ㈨㐌͚ 䓀‫ڒ‬ԎᖜᎣ݈ᐧ࣌ᱽ᫆হ᜽৮⮱ MSDS喑 ႓অЙҬ⩕Ю͇̀უ᣽ӈ⮱ᵤ᱙᪝ᢛ䔈㵹 γ๔䛼⮱㏰΍ȡ႓অЙ䔅႓чγᵦᢛχ๗ ࡧ̺हపუ⮱➦Ⴧ GHS喍ࡃጒϔ৮‫ࡼ⤰ڕ‬ 䄰Ҁ㈨Ƞܳㆨ হᴴカ喎὎ Წ Გ݈ᐧ㜗ጞ⮱ MSDSȡ䔆⻺ο ߕദ 䃚䲋፥ᰶߖλ㼐۠ ⩕ ᝤᬒ፥ጒ҉͚⮱䬛䷅ȡ ₑใ喑ᕨ䘕̀უϸ㏺γχ ๗ࡧⰥ‫∂ڠ‬ ᒸহ GHS ⮱ᰡ᫝ᗲۢȠᕨ䘕ϔ৮ノ⤳㏱㏴ ᳣ ᲱȠ2014 Ꭱ SAP ⮱ EHS ὎ ಄䶦ⰛВ ࣷ 2014 Ꭱ⮱χ๗ࡧϔ৮ノ⤳ゃ⪒ȡ

11 ᰵ 6 ᬒ̷ࡵ喑䦵ᄦጟ ㏼ ᝃ ₐౕ჋ ᫪ GHS ⮱పუ ㏱ ㏴γ 14 ̺͗हపუ ⮱̀౧ ദ䃚喑ຯ喟͚పȠ∝పȠ᫝㺬‫ڝ‬Ƞ䴖పȠᬒ᱙Ƞ 侙Გ㺬χহ࢝Ꮣᅩ㺬χぶȡ 䄒 ㈨ ݄ 䃟 Ꮤ ⮱ Ⴤᬕ ᭜ 㼐 ۠ SEDIS ‫ڠ‬ 䩛⩕ᝤౕᬒ፥ጒ҉͚㏼፥䕴 ‫⮱ݝ‬䬛䷅喑ह ᬣΌ᣽ӈγᩦ઱ SEDIS ㈨㐌⮱ᱧчȡ ₑ⁎ദ䃚⩞㺬ࢎ侙Გ㺬χఏ䭌হᕨ䘕 ϔ৮ノ⤳䘕䬕⮱̀უ㏱㏴ȡ


Two days of training for regional key users of SEDIS were held in November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A total of 17 SEDIS users from the Asia Pacific region attended this training. Three experts from Corporate Product Stewardship led by Mr. Hubert Norz, Head of Corporate Product Stewardship, prepared detailed training materials. Mr. Stephan Oderbolz, Head of Regional Operations, also attended this training.

their respective countries. This interactive training was very useful in resolving the problems in their daily work.

The Sika Environmental Data Information System (SEDIS) is a corporate Sika System for creating Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and archive formulations and for printing labels and other related customized documents.

There were 14 country-specific sessions in the morning of 6th November for countries where GHS is already implemented or in the implementation phase, including China, Thailand, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. The purpose of these sessions was to solve the problems that SEDIS key users encounter in their daily work, and this was also a good opportunity to improve the SEDIS system.

The corporate experts showed how to input information and create MSDSs for raw materials and finished goods in SEDIS. The SEDIS key users performed extensive exercises using sample data provided by the corporate experts. The key users also learned how to create their own specific MSDS according to their own GHS (Global Harmonized System — the system for classification and labeling of chemical products) templates in

In addition, the cor por ate e xper t s shared information about legal and GHS updates in the Asia Pacific region, the organization of Corporate Product Stewardship, the SAP EHS module project from 2014 onward and the APAC product stewardship strategy in 2014.

This training was very professionally organized by the Sika Malaysia local team and the experts from Corporate Product Stewardship.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — SEDIS Training



Team Building

SAFETY WEEK IN CHINA Ⴖ‫ڕ‬ϻ᜾և䊤 ÿ 䃝㺬ࢎ͚ప 2013 Ⴖ‫ڕ‬ক≨ߕ All factories of Sika China, September, 2013 㺬ࢎ͚ప᝭ᰶጒࢯ喑2013Ꭱ9ᰵ TEXT: Ᲊ̴⩌ DU WANSHENG PHOTO: ็ϧӈఫ VARIOUS


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Safety Week


Fire fighting drill


Signing safety pledges




Safety knowledge competition

Recognition to the efforts of employees and teams

ͧ᣽倅অጒ⮱Ⴖ‫ڕ‬ᘼ䃳喑䭺ѻጒࢯθᩲࣾ⩌⢴喑ౕ 2013 Ꭱ 9 ᰵЪ⮱すι͗ᭌ᱌喑㺬ࢎ͚పႶ‫ڕ‬কౕ‫ڕ‬పऱ͗ጒࢯຯ▘ຯ㢩ౝ 䔈㵹ȡₑ䶦≨ߕᓄ‫ݝ‬γऱౝノ⤳ᅯ⮱๔߈ᩜᠮ喑ᆂᐭγ̭㈨݄Ⴖ ‫ڕ‬აэ≨ߕ喑ຯႶ‫ڕ‬ა㿀ȠঅጒႶ‫ڕ‬カႄȠ㉔ᕒ⪼᪐⑁᜼ȠႶ‫ڕ‬๔ ឫ㡙Ƞ▚▘Ꮑᕒ⑁㏰ȠႶ‫ⴒڕ‬䃳হ֒Ꮴ䃟ᏔȠ䋐ঠႶ‫ⴒڕ‬䃳》䊈ぶȡ

In order to improve the overall safety awareness of all employees and to reduce industrial accidents on each Sika site, Safety Week activities were organized in nine Sika China factories in the second week of September. These activities were strongly supported by the management on all Sika sites.

≨ߕ⮱็ᵤᕔ᣽倅γঅጒ࣯̻⼜Ხᕔ喑Ꭳϻ็͗㻿Ꮣᑧࡃγ Various activities were carried out, such as making and signing safety pledges, training, quizzes, safety walkthroughs, Ⴖ‫⮱ڕ‬䛺㺮ᕔȡౕ䬚ᎂЗᐼ̷喑⩞ノ⤳ᅯाౕႶ‫ڕ‬ক㶕⣝х⻭⮱ health and safety lectures, firefighting drills, etc., attracting ఏ䭌হ͗ϧ䶮ࣾ຃䶦喑෋ᑧγఏ䭌ᝃ͗ϧ⮱Ⴖ‫ڕ‬䉐Шᙌহ㢐㾶ᙌȡ

employees to actively participate in these activities. A closing ceremony was also held by the management team to recognize the efforts of employees and teams.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Safety Week





ᰭ䓾‫܍‬Ꭱ喑䮼Ɑ㺬ࢎ͚పౝಗ͇ߎᔘ䕌෋䪬喑 㺬ࢎᎬጋጒࢯ ᠮ㐚ᄦ䃫ิ䔈㵹ែ䉱ࡴ㏔ᩦ䕍喑В䙺वᔘ䕌ࣾᆂ⮱ౝಗ͇ߎȡధ ࡃ‫ͧ҉ݯ‬⣜⅔ౝಗ⮱䛺㺮㏱᜽䘕Ъ喑э㐌⮱ᄼឦ䛼⩌ϔ὎ᐼጟ᜽ ͧ‫ݣ‬㏓ᔘ䕌⩌ϔ⮱⨣䶵喑ѻ̸⮱⩌ϔ᩵⢴ࣷϔ㘪ጟ̺㘪䔯Ꮑᔘ䕌 ͇ߎ෋䪬⮱䰭㺮喑ₑใ喑ధࡃ‫➦ݯ‬ᰶ⮱ࡃ ႓᩼ ᙌᕔ喑̺㘪̻⾧⅁ ͚⮱Ⅱ↪ᣒ㼓喑䄒䃫ิ䃫ᰶ⅛⅁Ԋ៑⮱㷲㒛喑䖬‫ٺ‬ధࡃ‫⩌ݯ‬ϔ䓴 ⼸͚̻⾧⅁͚⮱Ⅱ↪ᣒ㼓喑ϻ㔹⶛Ԋϔ৮䉕䛼⮱⽠Ⴧᕔ喑⩌ϔឦ 䛼ᄳ⩞λ࣌Გ⮱ 1.5 ॕ᣽倅㜠 4 ॕ̭ឦ喑๔๔䭺ѻγధࡃ‫ݯ‬ᄦ᫪ ጒ䷉㞟⽠Ⴧᕔ⮱ᒞ৺喑఍㔹ϔ৮৮䉕ᰡߍ⽠Ⴧȡ ₑใ喑䦵ᄦэ㐌⮱ PU ⩌ϔ㏬ 10m3 ᤲ៹㑽⩌ϔᤲ៹᩵⢴ѻ喑 ߌ⢴̺์ᑧ๔ぶ➦◦喑㺬ࢎᎬጋጒࢯΌᄦ‫ڣ‬䔈㵹γ䃫ิࡴ㏔ᩦ䕍喑 䃖‫߈ߕڣ‬अᓄᰡᑧߟ喑ᤲ៹᩵⢴ᰡ倅ȡ


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Upgraded Production Line

As the production site for flooring products, Sika’s Guangzhou factory has continuously upgraded the production facilities to meet the demands of the fast-growing flooring market. Hardener is part of the epoxy flooring system and production in small amounts could no longer meet the increasing demands. The new line, producing 4 tonnes of hardener per batch, is equipped with nitrogen protection to protect the hardener from the humid air, which greatly improves the product stability. Moreover, the mixer on the PU production line has also been upgraded to give more powerful mixing and higher efficiency.

A HOT AND COST-SAVING PROJECT 㟼ጋጒࢯ๗䭠㘪͚ᓰ〆㈨㐌 Suzhou 㟼ጋ



ౕ㟼ጋጒࢯ喑ᒵ็ᇄѺ䘪䰭㺮̸ౕ⤚‫≄ݺ‬Ⓨ喑℁ຯែ᫆ᇄѺ喑 ែႹ䏘̷ㆶᅅᒵ๔喑℁ຯ⏣‫≄⌲ݯ‬ᇄѺ⏣‫ݯ‬ঠᒵ๔ȡጒࢯ̭ⰡВ ᲒҬ⩕⩢☚ⅡகӈᏁ☚Ⅱ喑ѳ⩢☚Ⅱக䮑㕄⩢䛼๔͸ใ喑̭⁎ᕔ ☚ⅡӈᏁ䛼ᰶ䭽Ꭳ́ߍ☚㑀ᚏ喑ᅑ‫ౕۙڣ‬๖喑ᮇ⤚ጒϧ፥፥≄̺ ‫☚ݝ‬ⅡⓎȡ ͧᩦ઱ጒϧ⮱᲎У喑ᎣⰥᏁ‫ڙ‬थ᣽Վ⮱ 0/20/20 䶦Ⱋ喑ϷᎡ 5 ᰵЪ㟼ጋጒࢯႶ㷲γ๗䭠㘪͚ᓰ〆㈨㐌喑 ̻⩢☚Ⅱக䒲ߖ䓽㵹ȡ ౕ䭠‫ٲٶ‬䋠⮱๖⅁喑Ⴙ‫⩞ڕ‬๗䭠㘪ӈᏁ☚Ⅱ喠๖⅁̺ສ⮱ᬣՆ喑 䒲В⩢ߍ☚㈨㐌喑⶛ԊγࢠҬ᭜ᮇ⤚⮱ጒϧ̸⤚ᬣΌ㘪㜿㜿᰺᰺ ⮱≄͗☚ⅡⓎȡ 䔆ຄ๗䭠㘪͚ᓰ〆㈨㐌̺ϲ๔๔᣽倅γጒϧ⮱␎ᘼᏓ喑Ꭳ́ Ό๔๔㞯㏓⩢㘪喑̭Ꭱ๔㏓जВ㞯Ⱞ 4 ̴Ꮣ⩢喑㏓͑Ꭱࢠजᩣఋ䉱 䛾ែ‫ڒ‬ȡ

In Suzhou Factory, the workers in some positions such as material feeding and agent cleaning need to have a shower after their shifts. In the past an electric heater was used to supply warm water. However, this energy-consuming electric heater supplied a limited amount of warm water but it took a long time to heat up. Especially in winter, workers on the night shift could not get a warm shower. To improve the situation and also as part of the 0/20/20 project, a new solar central system was installed in Suzhou Factory in May to supplement the electric heater. On a sunny day, the hot water can be supplied totally by the solar system. On cloudy or rainy days, the electric heater works together with the solar system to ensure everyone can get a nice warm shower. This hot project was greatly welcomed by the workers. Moreover, it saves about 40,000 units of electricity yearly. The investment can be paid back in two years.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Hot Project



Storage Tanks for Finished Product



New Sika Mixing Station in Southern Taiwan

Raw Material and Raw Material Tank

2013 Ꭱ 10 ᰵ喑㺬ࢎχ๗ࡧᕨ㷮႐╇ᕊ‫࣯⩌ٵ‬㻯ࢄझ⎫ᤲ៹〆 Mr. Heinz Gisel, President of Sika AP, visited the Mixing Station in Oct., 2013.


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — New Mixing Station


Mixing Tank


झ⎫㺬ࢎλ 2012 ᎡᏂ᜽ߌःᓄใߍ‫ݯ‬䛺㺮჏ᝤపϔ჋͇⮱ व㏓喑ВӈᏁ‫ڣ‬झ⎫͚ࢄ䘕 11 უᤲ៹〆᝭䰭⮱ใߍ‫ݯ‬喑䔆 11 უᤲ ៹〆䶱ѝ͸ᰵӈᏁ䛼䓫 600 ‫ڙ‬ॕȡ ⩞λझ⎫㺬ࢎѺλࡄझ⎫⮱ใߍ‫៹ᤲݯ‬〆Ⱋ‫ݺ‬ᬍ∂ ӈ Ꮑຯ ₑᏋ๔෋ߍ⮱䰭Ⅿ䛼喑㺬ࢎఏ䭌⿸ࢠ۠Ⴧౕࢄझ⎫䃫㒛᫝⮱キᭀ ᤲ៹〆ȡ ओใ㔰㭾̻పϔ჋͇गカ㏓̭Ꭱ⮱㥒䓽䷻䮖̸喑᜾Й䰭ౕࢄ 䘕ᄨឫव҉цѡែ䉱ࢯᝬࣷ䃫ิ : ࠲क़ЀᏀ⩕ౝȠ჋侹ბ̻៹व 䃫ิহ‫ו‬ႅᶣȡझ⎫㺬ࢎ݆䉌䉐䃫䃎ᤲ៹〆 : ࠲᠙࣌ᱽ᫆ࣷႹ᜽ ৮‫ו‬ႅ ᶣ͸䙺㒛Ƞノ䌜䃫 䃎Ƞϔ䛼 䃫 䃎Ƞ㜗ߕᣔ‫ݣ‬㈨㐌ࣷ჋侹ბ ⮱䃫䃎̻ᷭ≸Зக͸䉚㒛ȡ ⩞λझ⎫㺬ࢎౕࢄ䘕͝ჹ⮱ϧ㘶喑ᒵᎥ䓽ౝ喑᜾Йᒵᔘ⮱ឫ ‫ݝ‬γ䔯व⮱ϧ䔶Ɖ⢸㦐θ䪬喑Ꭳ́ЃΌᙬᘼែ䉱㺬ࢎ᝭᣽‫⮱ܧ‬᫦ ᵵȡ⢸㦐θ䪬᭜㺬ࢎࢄझ⎫჏ᝤ͚̭ѺթᓄԎ䊃⮱჏ᝤ喑Ѓ❪ᔘ ⮱हᘼែ䉱ᰡࡼߖ᜾Йᔘ䕌ౝᐧ⿸ᤲ៹〆喑䄒ᤲ៹〆Ѻλ⢸㦐θ 䪬ࢄझ⎫⮱ᤲ៹〆‫ڲ‬喑‫ڣ‬Ѻ㒛䔯͚́㘪䲋፥ᰶ᩵ౝहᬣӈᏁపϔ ჋͇͚ࢄ䘕⮱ 11 ͗ᤲ៹〆ȡ ᱙ᤲ៹〆➦‫ݘ‬䃫䃎γ᫝䷃ࣵ⠙➦⮱‫ڕ‬㜗ߕᣔ‫ݣ‬㈨㐌喑‫⩌ڣ‬ϔ ≮⼸‫⩞ڕ‬䃎ツᱧ⼸Ꮌᣔ‫ݣ‬ȡͧ䖬‫ٺ‬䙺℁䃫䃎ใ≮喑᝭ᰶ䙺℁‫ڕ‬䘕 ⩞⼸ᣔᎣ䔼䓴䃎ツᱧប㵹喑ϲ䰭λ䃎ツᱧ䓀‫ڒ‬䙺℁Аतࢠज⩌ϔ ̺ह䙺℁⮱ᱽ᫆ВӈᏁ̺ह⮱䰭Ⅿȡ㺬ࢎ҉͇ϧঅग䰭䩛‫ڒ‬䃎ツ ᱧ䙺℁Аत喑͸ऻₐ⶛⮱៹वᄳႹ‫⩞ڕ‬䃎ツᱧ㜗ߕ㈨㐌喑䔼䓴ノ 䌜⮱䔋㐀হ㜗ߕ≮䛼⼑䛺ऻᄩ‫៹ᤲڒ‬Ἢȡ៹वऻ⮱᜽৮⿸ࢠ㏼⩞ ჋侹Зகᷭ≸᪝ᢛ喑Ҹຯ : ధ᜽Ъぶȡ㏼৮ノᷭ≸वᵩऻ喑‫ܳ܍‬䧌 ‫ڲ‬Ⴙ᜽৮䮼ࣷज䓽ᒭ჏ᝤ〜ȡ

At the end of 2012 Sika Taiwan successfully acquired a contract with a key RMC supplier, Goldsun Group, to supply the admixture requirements for their 11 RMC stations located in central and southern Taiwan. The potential monthly volume required for these 11 stations will reach 600 tonnes per month. Due to this greatly increased demand, the current Sika capacity in northern Taiwan was not able to cope. Therefore, we immediately decided to set up a new, simple and yet advanced mixing station in southern Taiwan. Also, because of risk management considerations owing to the fact that the contract with Goldsun was for only one year, we needed to find a suitable partner in the south to invest in all of the necessary factory setup, including the warehouse, lab, mixing equipment and tanks. Sika Taiwan was responsible for the design of the mixing station, including the design of the tank setup, piping, mixing capacity, automatic system control, lab setup and equipment. Luckily, due to our strong relationships in southern Taiwan, we quickly found a suitable person, Mr. Wong, willing to invest in the above. He is one of our reliable RMC customers in the south and he immediately agreed to invest and help us to set up the mixing station on his premises, which are located in a perfect southern location to be able to efficiently supply both the central and southern RMC stations of the Goldsun Group.

The new and unique design for this mixing station is the automatic control system, which is operated by a specially designed computer program. In order not to have any risk of missing our formulation, the formulation has been written into and pro᱙ᤲ៹〆ጟλ 2013 ιᰵᐧ䃫Ⴙ᜽ȡ⃼ᬒᰭ๔ϔ㘪䓫 80 ‫ڙ‬ॕ喑 tected in the computer program. Then we simply assign formú㜗䃫⿸ВᲒጟ᜽ߌౝ䓽䔮䊲䓴 4000 ॕ⮱ᱽ᫆㜠჏ᝤ〜ȡపϔ lation numbers to represent different formulations. The Sika ჋͇Ⱋ‫ݺ‬䲋፥␎ᘼ㺬ࢎ⮱䉕䛼̻䊲倅⮱ӈ䉔᩵⢴喑́ા ⹧ 2014 operator just needs to input the formulation number into the Ꭱᄳᠮ㐚̻झ⎫㺬ࢎカ⿸ϑᭀव㏓ȡ computer and then the right admixtures will be produced by the fully automatic system through the connected tanks and pipes, ᜾Й᱌䃥झ⎫㺬ࢎ⮱ࢄझ⎫᫝ᤲ៹〆㘪ౕ᱗Გᠮ㐚̻పϔ weighing scale and then into the mixing tank. ჋͇व҉喑Ꭳ䓫‫ݝ‬㺬ࢎใߍ‫ߎ͇ݯ‬ᠮ㐚᜽䪬⮱Ⱋᴴȡ

The mixed material will immediately go through to our lab to check the necessary data, such as solid content, etc. After the QC check the material is ready to be transported to customers within minutes. The above mixing station was set up in February 2013 with a daily maximum production of 80 tonnes and has successfully delivered over 4,000 tonnes to customers without complaint. Goldsun Group is very happy with our quality and efficiency so far and has given a hint that they will continue with us in 2014. We hope that with this new setup in the south from Sika Taiwan, we will be able to continue the relationship with Goldsun Group in the coming years and to grow our admixture business continuously.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — New Mixing Station



YOUNG PROFESSIONALS GROW 㺬ࢎ͚పᎡ䒨㏼⤳ϧࣾᆂ䃎ܿ This is a company that respects and encourages personal development. This is a program that supports you to grow into a professional. This is the Young Professional Development Program of Sika China. 䔆᭜̭͗ᄷ䛺হ呀ߞ͗ϧࣾᆂ⮱‫ڙ‬थ喑䔆᭜̭͗ദ‫ڨ‬㕹͇㏼⤳ϧ ⮱䃎ܿȡ䔆䛹᭜㺬ࢎ͚ప喑䔆͗䃎ܿ᭜Ꭱ䒨㏼⤳ϧࣾᆂ䃎ܿȡ



NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Young Professionals


㺬ࢎλ䓾‫܍‬Ꭱౕ͚పᰶⱭ䪬䋠⮱ࣾᆂ喑ϻ‫ٱ‬ᑌ‫ڙ‬थ⮱㲺‫ݝڒ‬ ᫝‫ڡ‬ጯ౧⮱ᐭࣾ喑ⰥԎ᱗Გ‫܍‬Ꭱ⮱͇ߎ᜽䪬ᄳ߬ຯⵡ〦ȡ䮼Ɑຯ ₑᔘ䕌⮱ࣾᆂₒн喑ϧ᝺⮱ࣾᆂ᜽ͧᒀ‫̭͗ݺ‬䛺㺮䄊䷅ȡ㺬ࢎ⮱ Ⱋᴴ᭜᣽᠁㜗ጞ⮱ϧ᝺喑᜾Йጹ᱈㘪Ⱑᣒϻ‫ڲ‬䘕᣽ࡴ᱗Გ⮱㕹͇ ㏼⤳ϧȡ᝭Вͧγ䔈̭ₒ᣽倅‫ڲ‬䘕ノ⤳ⅡᎠ喑␎䋠͇ߎࣾᆂ⮱䰭 Ⅿ喑᜾Йλ 2013 ᎡᆂᐭᎡ䒨㏼⤳ϧࣾᆂ䃎ܿ喑ᬕౕദ‫ڙڨ‬थᕒ䰭 ⮱х⻭ϧ᝺喑჋⣝‫ڙ‬थ⮱ᠮ㐚ᔘ䕌ࡼ䄰ࣾᆂȡ

Sika has seen a huge growth in China in recent years by acquiring companies and through development in emerging markets. To meet its continuous business growth in the future, human development has become an important issue. To promote our own staff to grow into professional managers is always our priority. In 2013 Sika China initiated the Young Professional Development Program (YPDP), which plans to develop professional managers internally for the fast-growing business.

᱙⁎䃎ܿϻ̷ࡷᎡᐭ໸ウܿ۳ิ喑λϷᎡ 9 ᰵₐᐼ៶ᐭす̭ 䒛⮱፤ᎂ喑䛴ः͗ϧ≸䃱Ƞ䯳͚⤳䃧 ദ䃚Ƞጒ҉჋䌢Вࣷ᪆㏰ ᠴ ᄩⰥ㐀व⮱ࣾᆂ᫦ᐼ喑ͧ᜾Й᱗Გ⮱䨭ਜ਼Ƞឭᱜ᰺ߎȠⵁࣾȠ䉏ߎȠ ϧ߈䉱⎽ぶऱ͗᫦ाദ‫ڨ‬ノ⤳俕᎟ȡթᓄ̭᣽⮱᭜喑᱙⁎䃎ܿᓄ ‫ݝ‬γ㺬ࢎ͚ప倅ᅯノ⤳㔲⮱๔߈ᩜᠮ喑ϻ䔶᠁Ƞ䲏䄂‫ݝ‬ᰭ㏵⮱͗ ϧ䃎ܿ‫ݣ‬Ⴧ喑ЃЙ吻߈ᩜᠮ喑ᓗᓗ઱䄞喑䃖Ꭱ䒨㏼⤳ϧЙⱌܴᙌऄ ‫ݝ‬㺬ࢎ䶳ᄩ߈⮱偲߈ȡ

The first session started in September after about half a year of preparation. The training included personal assessment, theory training, working practice and coaching to develop professionals in sales, technology, service, R&D, finance and human resources. The program received full support and guidance from the management. They were involved in the selection, interviewing and personal development plans.

㺮ःᓄᰭ㏵⮱䔈ₒ喑႓অЙ⼜Ხ⮱࣯̻Вࣷ䃑ⱌᄦᒲ⮱ᔮᏓ ᭜ᓲ̺जᄾ⮱ȡϷ๖ᅞ䃖᜾Й̭䊤Გⰸ̭ⰸ喑す̭ឦᎡ䒨㏼⤳ϧ ႓অ⮱䷻䛴ȡ

Nevertheless, personal growth depends mostly on personal efforts. How can the program help young professionals? Below is some of their feedback from the first training session.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Young Professionals



Ą⣝Аノ⤳႓͸❣ąᒩᓄ . ᓤ冮‫ࢇٸ‬ธᰫ䄡 䓴̭ऒ䄊䃖᜾䃝ᓳ⟦᫝喟 ĄⰛᴴノ⤳ᩦअγ㏼⤳ ϧࣨ⯾ Ⲑ 䘕ᆋጒ҉⮱э 㐌᫦ ᐼ喑ः㔹А ͸⮱᭜ ͨノহ䘕ᆋ‫ڞ‬हࡼੳ‫ڤ‬Ҁ⮱ጒ҉Ⱋᴴ喑θ‫ٵ‬䃫⿸ 㐖 ᩵ 㶎 䛼ᴴ ۳喑Ꭳ́ ᩫ᝸䃖䘕ᆋߗ߈ࣨ䓫 ᜽ ᬏ ჇⰛᴴȡₑ ⻺ࣹ ᫦ࡼੳ̭ ͗ᒩ ₑ䃑ज⮱㐖 ᩵ 㶎 䛼ᴴ ۳ ⮱ ὎ ᐼ喑㜗♣ чᒏ᜽Ⱋᴴ ノ ⤳ ̻㜗᜾ ᣔ ‫ݣ‬ȡą᜾㻶ᓄजВ⩕䔆⃢䄊Გ䄍䛷ദ䃚͚႓‫⮱ݝ‬ ĄSMART Ⱋᴴą䃫 Ⴧ⮱ᓲ 㺮ᕔহ䛺㺮ᕔȡᵦ ᢛ SMART ࣌ ݆喑जВ ᥳ 㙞 ۹ Ξ⮱ᕊᘠহᅭ䲏喑㘪 ᰡ ⌲ᮝ ౝ㻱 ܿ㜗ጞ⮱᱗ Გ喑㘪ᰡᰶ ᩵ ౝᰶ 㞯๼ ౝ჋᫪㜗ጞ‫ݣ‬Ⴧ⮱Ⱋᴴȡ ‫ݣ‬Ⴧ̭͗ĄSMARTąⰛᴴధ♣䛺㺮喑㔹჋᫪ Ⱋᴴ⮱䓴⼸Ό㺮ᰶ᲎⤳喑ౕ䔆͗䓴⼸͚䃖᜾ᙌ㼓 ᰭ⌞⮱㣘䓴λ䔆͑͗䃺喟䛺㺮হ㉔ᕒȡ఍ͧВ‫ݺ‬ ᰶᬣՆθᗲ䲋፥็⮱ᬣՆ喑чᙌ㻶㜗ጞ‫͗׼‬᩾▘ অ喑ⰟⰛ⮱ࣨఈั᩾▘喑ᕨᙌ㻶θᗲⅥ䔉և̺Ⴙ喑 В 㜠λ㜗ጞ⮱㇫⺋ч 䓴λ㉔ᑍ⫟ ㉜ȡ䔆 ⁎ദ 䃚 䃖᜾႓чγᄳθᗲܿܳͧВ̸ఈㆨ喟㉔ᕒᎣ́䛺 㺮Ƞ䛺㺮ѳ̺㉔ᕒȠ㉔ᕒѳ̺䛺㺮Ƞ̺㉔ᕒΌ̺

Dr. Peter F. Drucker said: “Management by objectives changes the traditional management, in which the manager supervises the subordinates. Instead, the manager and his subordinates discuss and make specific objectives together, set up performance evaluation standards in advance and let the subordinates work on the objectives in their own way. The mode of mutual discussion and recognition will naturally form management by objectives and self-control.” I think these words can be used to interpret the necessity and importance of the “SMART objectives” that we learned during the training. The SMART principle can help us get rid of messy thoughts and situations, plan our future more clearly and realize our goals in a more efficient and straightforward way. It is important to set up a “SMART” goal and the process of implementation also needs a clear sequence. In the process, “the important” and “the urgent” impressed me most. In the past, when there were a lot of things to do, I felt like a firefighter who ran everywhere to put out fires. It seemed that work could never be finished, so I always felt tense and tired. The training taught me to categorize work into four types: urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Young Professionals

䛺㺮喑ܳ⌲ẇγθᗲ⮱䛺㺮ᕔহ㉔ᕒᕔȡևθᗲ ᬣᅪ߈և ‫ ݝ‬䖬 ‫ ٺ‬䛺 㺮㔹㉔ ᕒ⮱θᗲព๔喑ᅪ䛼 ‫ ۼ‬ᄾ̺䛺 㺮́ ㉔ ᕒ⮱θᗲ喑䖬 ‫̺ ٺ‬䛺 㺮̺́㉔ ᕒ⮱θᗲϔ⩌喑ᄳᰡ็⮱㇫߈ែ‫ڒ‬λ䛺㺮㔹̺㉔ ᕒ⮱θᗲȡ䔆ᵤᬏ㘪㐆 ᜾Й㥒䕍 ̭ ͗䒨Ძ ᘶᔘ ⮱ጒ҉⣜ධ喑हᬣࣵ㘪᣽倅ጒ҉᩵⢴ȡ ᬍ 䃧᭜‫ݣ‬ჇⰛᴴ 䔅 ᭜ ჋ ᫪Ⱋᴴ喑‫ ̺͚ڣ‬ज ᝃ㑧⮱ᅞ᭜ఏ䭌喑गᰶఏ䭌͚⮱⃼̭͗ϧិ㜗ጞ ⮱ఏ䭌ᒀ᜽㜗ጞ⮱უ喑 ᝺㘪჋⣝ጒ҉᩵⢴ᰭ๔ࡃ喑 ᔻᵤ᝺ 㘪 䃖ఏ䭌 ᰡᰶ‫ ܊‬㖇 ߈এ喑‫ ܊‬㖇 ߈᭜ ᐧ ⿸ ౕԎШ ⮱ ധ ⵭̷ ⮱喑㜗ϻ ᜾ ႓ ‫ݝ‬γ⇌䕇὎ ᐼ ⮱ 䛾ႄඁᬣ喑᝺ᘼ䃳‫࣌ݝ‬Გϧ̻ϧ͸䬡⮱‫ڠ‬㈨ܳͧ ρᅯ喑䮼Ɑᅯ⁎⮱̷ࡴ喑ϧ̻ϧ͸䬡⮱ԎШᏓч ̷ࡴ喑᝺чϔ⩌ᰡᑧ⮱‫܊‬㖇߈ȡ Ꭱ 䒨 ㏼ ⤳ ϧ ⮱ す̭⁎ ദ 䃚喑̺ϲ ᣽ ࡴγ᜾ Йノ⤳⮱ⴒ䃳喑ౕጒ҉͚㼐۠γᒵ็჋䭲䬛䷅喑 䔅䃖᜾Й䃑䃳‫ݝ‬γ㜗ጞ⮱ⴚᲬ喑᣽ࡴγ㜗䏘⮱㉍ 䉕ȡ᱌ᒲ̸̭⁎⮱ദ䃚ᰡ㇫ᒖ喑ᰡ็▢≨Ꮑ⩕喑 ౕ⍥᜼হᔘͽ͚႓‫ݝ‬ᒵ็ⴒ䃳ȡ

important, neither important nor urgent. It is important to know the importance and urgency of any issue. We should avoid making important and urgent matters worse, reduce unimportant but urgent matters, avoid the occurrence of unimportant and non-urgent matters and put more energy into important but non-urgent matters. In this way, we can create an easy and pleasant working environment and enhance our working efficiency. When making or carrying out plans, teamwork is vital. Only when everyone in the team considers the team as a family can they realize the potential of working efficiency. Cohesion in any team is important and it can only be established based on trust. After learning about the pyramid of communication mode, I knew that there were five levels in interpersonal relationships. The trust increases as the level goes up and the cohesion becomes much stronger. The first training session for young professionals has increased our knowledge about management, solved many of our problems, made us see our disadvantages and enhanced our work quality. I look forward to our next training, to improving upon the great things we already have with more flexible application, making us learn more through games and fun.

Ᲊۙᶲ Ͳᑧឭᱜ㏼⤳ߖ⤳

DU DONGMEI Technical Manager Assisitant, Hebei Jiuqiang



ᬣ䬡䓴⮱ⱌᔘ喑ϻ㟼ጋദ䃚ఋᲒ̺ⴒ̺㻶ጟ ㏼ᔘ 2 ͗ᰵγȡ ౕ㍮ᔆ⮱ጒ҉͚ⰸ‫ݝ‬Ꭱ䒨㏼⤳ϧ䃎ܿ⮱ᓛ Ԏ㓑͚〒䲸Й䄰⯛⮱㕷๖ȡᕨ㘪㐆᜾ፓᲒᓛ〾ȡ

㉔ ᑍ ⮱ ദ 䃚ᅞ 䔆͵ ᐭ໸γȡ᜾ হ ᪆ ㏰ Й ̭ 䊤ܳᲽ㜗ጞ⮱≸䃱្ॷ喑㐀व㜗ጞᎠᬣ⮱ጒ҉喑 㜗ጞᓄ‫ݝ‬γ̭͗ᩦ䔈⮱Ⱋᴴȡख़Ɑദ䃚ጵЙ㐆᜾ Й䃟䄫喑ևⱭऱ⻺ᰶ䋐ࣵᰶड़ࣾ⮱⍥᜼ȡ႓΍Ɑ Ꭰᬣᒵᄾᣒ㼓⮱ⴒ䃳ȡ

ϻ 8 ᰵᏂᣒ‫ݝ‬䕇ⴒ䄡᜾㘪࣯ߍദ䃚γ喑ⰸ‫ݝ‬ 䗛У䄡㺮‫ ౕ͗ ̭ߍ࣯ٵ‬㏬⮱≸䄂ȡ Ąև ䷅喤ąև ᅞև॔ȡ䒨Ძ + ᘶᔘ⮱ևႹ≸䄂喑ᅞぶⱭ䃏ᱧ⺕ ‫ݝ‬㟼ጋઓȡᏁ䄒 ᅞ᭜ ̭ ̺͗䩆⮱ᩫᲫহ᫲⍥⮱ Ҁ侹॔喑᜾̺⩞⮱᱌Ⱙᔘ◦㘪‫ݝ‬㟼ጋγȡ

ᬣ䬡̭᭰ᅞ‫ݝ‬γす̭᱌ദ䃚㺮㐀᲌⮱ᬣՆ γȡহϟ❞⮱〒䲸Й䖀 ‫ݘ‬喑ఋ‫ݝ‬ጒ҉⮱೻ ጯȡ᜾ ᝺ᰶᬣ䬡ౕጒ҉͚ᚏᚏ⮱Ҁঠ䔆⁎ദ䃚⮱ᩣ㣤ȡ

How time flies! It’s been almost two months since I came back from the training in Suzhou. The chat in the Young Professional Program group on WeChat always made me happy during a busy working day.

games during the class. We learned a lot that was beyond the scope of our daily work.

࣌ Გ᜾Йദ 䃚⮱‫ڲ‬ღহ᜾Ꭰᬣᬒ፥⮱ጒ҉ ᰶⱭ䔆͵็⮱㖁㈨ȡຯ҂ϻ㍮ᔆ⮱Ą᩾▘ąጒ҉ 9 ᰵ 22 ᬒᬖ喑᜾Йຯ᱌⮱㖇‫ݝ‬γ㟼ጋȡⰸⱭ ͚㼐㙞‫ܧ‬Გ喠ຯ҂হ჏ᝤ䔈㵹⌞‫⇌⮱ڒ‬䕇喠ຯ҂ কడ⮱हθ喑ᰶ⛌ᖶ⮱喑Όᰶ䭹⩌⮱ȡᎡ咱ⰥЬ喑 㐆हθЙᰡ็ᰡ⼜Ხ⮱ࣺ亵喠ຯ҂ 䃱 ѝ ᜾ Й⮱ Ό⇎ᰶ䶳ᄩȡ ᝭В๔უ䒨Ძ⮱হ⛌䃳⮱हθ㕷๖喑 㐖᩵喠ຯ҂㐆㜗ጞহఏ䭌‫ݣ‬Ⴧ̭͗䲍䅞⮱Ⱋᴴȡ হ䭹⩌⮱हθϸ㏺Ɑ㜗ጞȡⰡ‫ݝ‬ᠬ‫ݝ‬㜗ጞ᝸͚⮱ 䉱᫆ȡ Ą๖ॽ喑᪡͗ദ䃚⮱Ⴖᢿ䔆͵㉔‫۾‬喤ą᜾ⰸ ౕ 䔆͑͗ᰵ⮱ጒ҉͚᜾᝺Ҁч‫ݝ‬䔆 ⁎ദ䃚 ‫ݝ‬ദ䃚ᬣ䬡䃎ܿⰡᣒ⯞γ⯞ⰶȡ Ą䔆᭜Გ㐆㜗ጞ ᄦ᜾⮱ᒞ৺ᰶ็๔ȡ᜾чহ᜾⮱ఏ䭌ܳϘ䔆⁎ദ ᩫմ⮱ॄ喤ą᜾̺⩞㜗ጞ⮱ୌఁⱭȡ 䃚⮱ᩣ㣤喑ិສ⮱ⴒ䃳⩕‫ݝ‬ጒ҉͚Გȡहᬣ喑᜾ጟ ㏼ౕ᱌ᒲ̸̭⁎হĄ叱ഁ̭᱌ą⮱〒䲸ЙⰥ㖇γȡ

I received the notice for training at the end of August. The email said that I needed to have an online test first. “Whatever, just do it!” I thought. I completed the test in an easygoing and happy state. Then I booked an air ticket to Suzhou. I expected it to be an easy training trip. I couldn’t wait to go to Suzhou. On the morning of September 22nd we arrived and gathered in Suzhou. Our similar ages made it easy for us to get know each other. My easy mood continued till I saw the fully arranged training timetable. We analyzed our personal assessment report with the trainer and set up an objective for improvement according to our daily work. The trainer led us in playing fun and inspiring

Soon, the first training session came to an end and it was time for me to say goodbye to my dear fellows and go back to my work. Only at work could I digest what I had learnt during the training. I discovered that the training was actually closely related to my work, such as how to free myself from the role of a firefighter; how to have in-depth communication with clients; how to give colleagues more positive feedback; how to evaluate our performance and how to make reliable objectives for my team and myself. During the past two months at work, I have realized how much the training has influenced me. I will share what I learned with my colleagues and make good use of the knowledge in my work. I look forward to meeting with my fellows again in the next session.

⼓⋈ 㺬ࡧ⌤‫ౌ܊‬ᄼࡧ䨭ਜ਼㏼⤳

QIN TAO Area Sales Manager, TM Concrete, West Region

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Young Professionals




ͧ᱌̭ক⮱Ꭱ䒨㏼⤳ϧദ䃚喑႓΍γ ധ⵭⮱ノ⤳ⴒ䃳喑ϟ䏘࣯̻‫ݝ‬γੳ͇䶦Ⱋ ⮱‫ݣ‬Ⴧ͚喑ព๔γ㜗ጞ⮱ϑ䭲వȡ ധ⵭ノ⤳႓ⴒ䃳ȡใ䘕⮱ദ䃚ጵ㈨㐌 䃟㼐γⰛᴴ⮱‫ݣ‬Ⴧ喑᜾Й႓чγຯ҂䕇 䓴 ㏱㏴⮱๔Ⱋᴴ喑‫ݣ‬Ⴧ㜗ጞ⮱ᄼⰛᴴ喑Ҭ͗ϧ Ⱋᴴহ㏱㏴Ⱋᴴࡼ䄰̭㜡ȡ

⮱వၽ喑႓΍͇ߎ̷⮱ⴒ䃳ȡ̺ϲγ㼐ϔ৮ ⮱ⴒ䃳喑ᰡᄦጯ౧ⴒ䃳ᰶγႼ㻯⮱⤳㼐ȡ ព๔γϑ䭲వȡₑ⁎ദ䃚⮱႓অᲒ㜗 ̺ह⮱ౝࡧ喑 ̺ह⮱Ⱋᴴጯ౧喑 ̺ह⮱㕹Ѻ喑 㮪ᆋ㺬ࢎ̭უ‫ڙ‬थ喑ᰶψहθᎠᬣΌᰶ㻮 䓴喑ѳ⌞Ꮣ⮱⇌䕇γ㼐䔅᭜す̭⁎ȡ ᱌ᒲऻ䲏͑᱌⮱ദ 䃚㘪ᰶᰡ ๔⮱ᩣ


࣯̻‫ݣ‬Ⴧੳ͇䶦Ⱋȡᄦ᳽̭ϔ৮‫ݣ‬Ⴧ ੳ͇䃎ܿΓ喑Ҭ᜾ ᄳ 㻳 䛻䌠‫ܧ‬γϧ߈䉱⎽


During the one-week young professional training session, we learned basic knowledge about management, made a business project, and expanded our social circles.

learned to look beyond human resources and think from a larger business view.

Basic knowledge about management. We learned how to set up our personal objectives to be in line with overall objectives of the organization.

Expanding social circles. The training gathered Sika people from different areas, target markets and positions. Although we all worked for Sika and I had seen some of them before, it was the first time that we had an in-depth communication.

Making a business project. Through being involved in making a business plan, I

I look forward to learning more in the next two sessions.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Young Professionals

㒄‫➦ ڢ‬ჳ᫜ϧ߈䉱⎽ͨノ

ROBIN LUO HR Supervisor, TMS


䲋፥ᙌ䅏‫ڙ‬थ䶳 ᄩ ᣽ ӈ ⮱ ദ 䃚 ᱧч喑㘪 ᜽ ͧ䔆 ⁎Ꭱ 䒨㕹 ͇ ㏼ ⤳ ϧ䃎 ܿ⮱̭অȡౕ ദ 䃚͸ ‫ݺ‬喑‫ڙ‬थᕨ䘕㐆ևγϧᵩ㘉Ш⒉䉕ܳᲽ喑࠲᠙ϻ 㕹х߬ܳᲽȠϧᵩ㵹ͧ➦ᒮܳᲽȠ䃑ⴒ̻䔯Ꮑȡ 䕇䓴≸䄂喑ࣾ⣝γ㜗ጞ⮱х߬হⴚᲬ喑Ꭳ䦵ᄦ㜗 ጞ⮱ⴚᲬ喑և‫ܧ‬γ͗ϧ㵹 ߕ䃎ܿ喑ͧВऻ⮱ጒ҉ হ⩌≨᣽ӈγಇᠮহᩦअ⮱᫦ाȡ

䕇 䓴ใ䘕䶫䬛᝭ և ⮱ノ ⤳㔲⮱㻿㞟䃑 ⴒȠ䶳ᄩ ䷻ᵩȠ㐖᩵ ノ⤳ȠⰛᴴ 䃫 Ⴧ⮱ദ䃚喑෋ߍγ㜗ጞ ⮱ധ⵭ノ⤳ឭ㘪ȡ ༁≫䶦Ⱋ⮱࣯̻喑Ҭ㜗ጞᙌ‫ݝ‬γఏ䭌⮱䛺㺮 ᕔ喑๔უܳጒव҉喑㔰ᄌጯ౧喑ᄦጯ౧䔈㵹ܳᲽ喑 γ㼐ጯ౧䰭Ⅿ䛼হ》ζᄦ᝸⮱ᗲۢ喑⶛Ⴧ䨭ਜ਼Ⱋ ᴴ喑‫ݣ‬Ⴧ䨭ਜ਼ゃ⪒ȡҬ㜗ጞⴒ䖀γाጯ౧ែᩫϔ ৮᝭և⮱ᓲ䰭ጒ҉喑Вࣷఏ䭌ࡼ҉⮱䛺㺮ᕔȡ

䔆⁎ദ䃚䃑䃳γᒵ็᰸ࣸ喑䔆ψ᰸ࣸ⊶ࣷ‫ݝ‬ ᒵ็㕹㘪䘕䬕喑ຯ⩌ϔ䓽㥒Ƞ䨭ਜ਼Ƞឭᱜ᰺ߎȠⵁ ࣾȠ䉏ߎぶȡ䕇䓴হ䔆ψ᰸ࣸ⮱ϑ≮হ䶦Ⱋ䙺व喑 Ꭱ䒨㕹͇㏼⤳ϧ䃎ܿ㐆γ᜾̭͗ࣾᆂ⮱Ꭰ ႓‫ݝ‬γᒵ็㐩वᕔ⮱ⴒ䃳喑ᰶᒵ็х⻭⮱᰸ࣸթ झ喑㐆γ᜾䪬䕁䋸⊶⮱㘪䛼喑᜾ч⣺ᘉ䔆͗ᱧч喑 ᓄ᜾႓΍ȡ ౕВऻ⮱ᬒၽ䛹喑և ສ㜗ጞ᱙㕹ጒ҉⮱हᬣ喑ࣷ ᬣ䌌䔈༁≫䶦Ⱋহ͗ϧ᝭ևࣾᆂ䃎ܿ喑䩨◩㜗ጞ 䕇䓴ౝಗθ͇䘕হጒ͇䘕ឭᱜ᰺ߎ䉌䉐ϧ ⮱㘪߈喑䃖㜗ጞ᜽̭ͧऺवᵩ⮱㕹͇㏼⤳ϧ喑ͧ ⮱ϸ㏺喑ᄦ㺬ࢎ⮱‫ڤ‬Ҁ͇ߎᰶγ⌞̭ₒ⮱γ㼐ȡ 㺬ࢎ⮱ࣾᆂ䉎⡛̭Ъ߈䛼ȡ

First of all, I’d like to thank my manager for giving me the chance of going to the training and making me a member of the young professional development program. Before the training, we received a personality qualification analysis about our vocational advantages, personality and behavior characteristics, recognition and adaptation. Through this test, I was able to discover my advantages and disadvantages and make a personal improvement plan accordingly. During the training, I got to know many friends who came from different departments, such as production and operation, sales, technical services, R&D and finance. I gained a wide range of knowledge through exchange and cooperation with these colleagues. They are all excellent people that I should learn from. We got to understand Sika business further

through the training about the flooring and industry businesses. The management training covering role recognition, leadership style, performance management and objective establishment gave me a great inspiration. Participating in the assignment made me feel the importance of teamwork. Everyone had a job to do, such as investigating the market, analyzing the market, understanding market demands and competitors, determining sales objectives and making sales strategies. I learned about the necessary work involved in product launch and the importance of teamwork. The Young Professional Development Program has enriched me with the energy for a long journey. I very much cherish this opportunity and I will make great efforts to learn and grow, to improve my abilities and become a qualified professional.

ᑍ᫦ Ͳᑧࢯ䪬ߖ⤳

ZHANG FANG Factory Manager Assistant, Hebei Jiuqiang

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Young Professionals


FROM CLASSMATES TO WORKMATES 2014 㺬ࢎᵎచ᠈㖅䃝 The campus recruitment, which started from 2007, is a strategic plan for human development for Sika China. Ꭱᐭ໸⮱ᵎచ᠈㖅᭜㺬ࢎ͚ప⮱䪬᱌ϧ᝺ࣾᆂᝅ⪒ȡ TEXT/PHOTO: 䭵ᮀ IRIS CHEN


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Campus Recruitment


⻸๖喑᭜̭͗ᩣ㣤⮱႐㞯ȡౕ䔆͗䛾 㞟⮱႐㞯͚喑᜾Й䌼̷γ 2014 Ꭱᵎచ᠈㖅 ⮱㵹⼸ȡ㜗 2007 Ꭱ䊤喑㺬ࢎ⃼Ꭱ䘪ϻ᜾Й ⮱Ⱋᴴ䮏ᵎ͚᠈ࠌх⻭ℂ͇⩌喑ߍ‫ڒ‬ദ䃚 ⩌⮱ఏ䭌ȡ㏼䓴ᰭ݊⮱ദ䃚喑䔆ψദ䃚⩌ ጟ㏼হ㺬ࢎ̭ह᜽䪬喑ౕऱ͗ᇄѺ̷ឬ៲ 䊤䛺㺮⮱㕹䉐ȡ

࡮ᰵ喑᜾Й䌼Ɑ䛾叱⮱㥪णᲒ‫ݝ‬γѺ λ㉘䛾ᆞ叀⮱ࢄϙጒ͇๔႓ȡহ㟼ጋᕨ䘕 हᵤѺλ↌㟼⮱ࢄϙጒ͇๔႓⃼Ꭱ䘪᭜᜾ Йᵎచ᠈㖅⮱す̭〆ȡ䔆ᏔࢳटᗍͲ⮱๔ ႓喑ࡃ႓হᱽ᫆䘪᭜䶳‫⮱ٵ‬႓⻾͇̀喑䔆 হ㺬ࢎ⮱͇ߎ᭜䲋፥๾व⮱ȡ఍ₑ喑⃼Ꭱ ᜾Й䘪㘪ౕࢄϙጒ͇๔႓᠈ࠌ‫ݝ‬х⻭⮱ℂ ͇⩌喑᜽ͧ᜾Йദ䃚⩌䭌к͚⮱̭অȡ఍ Ɑ⃼ᅷℂ͇⩌⮱ऐ㕠Ⱕэ喑ࢄϙጒ͇๔႓ ⮱ह႓ᄦλ᜾Й⮱‫ݝ‬Გ࡮ܳ☚ᗲ喑ა䃟ч ᒀ๖㘪ღ㏠͑⮫҆ϧ⮱᪆ბᡑᓄ␎␎ᒀᒀ喑 ⇎ᰶᏔѺ⮱ह႓〆Ɑख़᜾Й⮱ა䃟ȡა䃟 чᒀ๖喑᜾Й䄤‫ݝ‬γጒ͇䘕䉌䉐ϧ䘚⇨ᱰ ‫ͧ҉⩌ٵ‬᜾Й⮱ VIP ଶძͧ᜾Йϸ㏺㺬ࢎ ‫ڙ‬थ⮱ࢳटȡJacky 㜗 2001 Ꭱߍ‫ڒ‬㺬ࢎጟ ㏼হ㺬ࢎ‫ڞ‬ह䊝䓴γ 12 ͗Ꭱ๡喑Ѓ䄡䔆ψ ᎡЃ͗ϧ⮱ࣾᆂₐ᭜হ㺬ࢎ⮱᜽䪬ჳ̺ज ܳȡЃ⮱ܳϘកߕγౕ౧⮱⃼Ѻह႓喑⣝ ౧οߕ⮱ᬣՆ౧䲏䲋፥☚◵ȡ͸ऻ⩞ 2013 ᅷ⮱ദ䃚⩌ক֒ͧह႓ЙܳϘγЃߍ‫ڒ‬㺬 ࢎࡷᎡВᲒ⮱ᙌऄ喑⩌ߕ⮱䃟⽬喑䷻䋐⮱ 䄚㼭ᑂᓄझ̸⮱ह႓Й䭢䭢〾ฝȡა䃟ч ऻ᜾Йᩣ‫ݝ‬γࣇࣇ⮱キࢳ喑ज㻮ह႓Йᄦ 㺬ࢎ⮱☚ᗲȡ ᵎచ㵹⼸⮱すι〆᜾ЙᲒ‫ݝ‬γ㒷೻Ꭼ ጋ喑ϻͺᯃ䔅ჿ⮱ࢄϙᲒ‫ݝ‬⍖ᯃ჉ϧ⮱Ꭼ ጋ喑᜾Й⮱ᓰᗲΌ䮼Ɑ䔆⍖ᯃ⮱๖⅁⌽⌽ ᩫᮡȡࡻࢄ⤳ጒ๔႓᭜᜾Йₑ⁎᠈㖅⮱す ι〆喑㜗 2007 Ꭱ㺬ࢎᐭ໸ദ䃚⩌䃎ܿ喑仃 ᅷദ䃚⩌͚ᅞᰶ̺ᄾह႓Გ㜗䔆᝭㒻ͪ⮱ ๔႓ȡა䃟чᒀ๖᜾Й䄤‫ݝ‬γ䓽㥒ᕨ⯾䗞 ࢇธ҉ͧ VIP ଶძͧह႓Йϸ㏺㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थȡ ℂ͇λࡻࢄ⤳ጒ๔႓⮱䗞ࢇธᒀ๖Вጵ਒ ⮱䏘Ъͧझ̸⮱ह႓Йϸ㏺γ㺬ࢎ喑Ꭳᄳ Ѓౕ㺬ࢎጒ҉ 13 Ꭱ⮱㏼ࢳཀཀ䖀Გȡ䮼Ɑ Ѓ⮱䃟䔝喑ह႓Й䘪ᙌ‫ݝ‬γ䗞ࢇธᄦࡻࢄ ⤳ጒ๔႓হ㺬ࢎ⌞⌞⮱ᙌᗲ喑䔆Ъᙌᗲᙌ ᴀ‫ݝ‬γ⃼̭Ѻౕ౧⮱ह႓ȡ䗞ࢇธ䄡Ѓ㻶 ᓄ㺬ࢎ᭜̭͗թᓄͧ͸๸᫄̭䒵ၽ⮱‫ڙ‬थ喑 Ѓ⩕㜗ጞ⮱ϟ䏘㏼ࢳ⩌ߕ⮱䄍䛷γ䔆ऒ䄊ȡ हᵤℂ͇λࡻࢄ⤳ጒ๔႓⮱䶦ᙇ䲋ౕ͸ऻ ܳϘγЃ҉ͧദ䃚⩌㜗 2013 Ꭱߍ‫ڒ‬㺬ࢎऻ ⮱ᙌऄ喑⼺᭫‫ڲ‬ा⮱Ѓ〆ౕझ̷ᄳЃϻ䲏 䄂‫ڒߍݝ‬㺬ࢎऻ⮱㏼ࢳ̭̭䖀Გ喑ᱡ჋⮱ 䄚㼭ࢡᰶⱭᎠ჋⮱ᙌᴀ߈ȡࡻࢄ⤳ጒ๔႓ ह႓⮱☚ᗲᒵᔘᅞౕすι๖⮱䲏䄂͚ᓄВ ‫ܳٲ‬Ҁ⣝喑ह႓ЙᬖᬖᲒ‫ݝ‬䲏䄂౧ౝ㔽ᓰ ぶᒲȡౕ䲏䄂䓴⼸͚ᰶᒵ็ह႓䘪䄡ЃЙ ឫጒ҉ᅞ᭜㺮ߍ‫ڒ‬㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थ喑ЃЙ䔅㏳ᓰ

⮱ౕキࢳ̷ᩫ̷㺬ࢎᰭ᫝⮱ logoȡ͑๖⮱ ᵎచ㵹⼸ऻ᜾Й㻶ᓄࡻࢄ⤳ጒ๔႓⮱ह႓ 䘪䲋፥х⻭喑ጹ᱈ϷᎡ㘪ᰶ̺ᄾह႓ߍ‫ڒ‬ 㺬ࢎȡ Ꭼጋ͸㵹ऻ᜾Й‫ݺ‬ᒭγ㒻ͪ⮱ᆞ೻䛺 Ꮃȡ䮼Ɑ㺬䘕͇ߎ⮱ᔘ䕌ࣾᆂ喑㺬䘕⮱ϧ ᝺‫ิו‬ጒ҉Ό᭫ᓄᅑͧ䛺㺮喑䔆⁎ᵎచ㵹 ⼸᜾ЙᅞᲒ‫ݝ‬γ䛺Ꮃ๔႓喑ͧ᜾Й㺬䘕⮱ ദ䃚⩌ఏ䭌ᄨឫव䔯⮱ϧ᝺ȡ䛺Ꮃ๔႓⮱ ᵎచԛ㦧̭᫝喑⣝Аࡃ⮱᪆႓䃫᫪䃖᜾Й 㕠Ⱋ̭᫝ȡა䃟чᒀ๖㮪♣̸Ɑ䰕喑ѳ͊ ℘⇎ᰶᒞ৺ह႓Й⮱☚ᗲȡᒀ๖᜾Й䄤‫ݝ‬ γ㺬ࢎᴜጲ䛺Ꮃܳ‫ڙ‬थ䉌䉐ϧ䗀∏‫ͧ⩌ٵ‬ ह႓Йϸ㏺㺬ࢎহ㺬䘕⮱͇ߎȡ䗀ᕨౕϸ ㏺Ⴙ㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थऻⱭ䛺ϸ㏺γ㺬䘕⮱ࣾᆂ喑 㜗ᴜጲ‫ڙ‬थߍ‫ڒ‬㺬ࢎऻ喑㺬ࢎౕ㺬䘕⮱͇ ߎᰶγ䪬䋠ᔘ䕌⮱ࣾᆂ喑ϷᎡᰡ᭜䃫⿸γ 䛺ᎳጒࢯВ␎䋠๔䛼⮱⩌ϔ䰭Ⅿȡ͇ߎ䛼 ⮱̷⋕⻨̺ᐭϧ᝺⮱‫ิו‬喑఍ₑ㠒㘪์ߍ ‫ڒ‬㺬ࢎദ䃚⩌ఏ䭌喑ⰥԎౕ㺬䘕̭Ⴧ㘪์ ๔ᰶ҉ͧȡ⣝౧⮱ह႓㷘䗀ᕨ⮱ϸ㏺॥ᑂ喑 ⣝౧οߕ⮱ᬣՆ㏤㏤ͫ᝸᣽䬛喑ᰶ̺ᄾह ႓䘪ౕчऻ⪆̸Გহ᜾Йևγᰡ䔈̭ₒ⮱ ϑ≮ȡ ᵎచ㵹⼸᭜ⴚᮯ⮱喑ѳ䪬䔉⮱᭜᜾Й ᠈ࠌദ䃚⩌ϧ᝺⮱䖀䌜ȡౕ䔆᲎䌜̷᜾Й ጟ㏼䊝䓴γ̰͗Ꭱ๡喑ౕ䔆̰Ꭱ͚᜾Йᰶ ⁏〾ᰶ๞᱈喑ᰶ㠓Όᰶ⩉ȡౕ䔆̰Ꭱ䛹ጟ ㏼ߍ‫ڒ‬㺬ࢎ⮱ദ䃚⩌ጟ㏼ᬒ⌽᜽䪬ͧ㺬ࢎ ‫ڙ‬थ⮱䛺㺮߈䛼ȡ⇎ᰶ㺬ࢎ‫ڙ‬थ⮱᜽䪬ᅞ ᬍϻ᣽ࣷঅጒ͗ϧࣾᆂ⮱⾧䬡喑ѳຯ᳉⇎ ᰶ⃼Ѻঅጒ⮱ߗ߈হ๶⡛喑㺬ࢎΌ䯫Вౕ ⓭◵⮱ጯ౧》ζ͚ัλ㵹͇⮱䶳‫ٵ‬ౝѺȡ Ϸᬒჿ⿄㠓䄨⮱ᄾᎡ䗻喑ᬻᬒᄳ䊝̷ ऱ͗ᇄѺ᜽ͧ⹫ч⮱ᴸᶮ喑ЃЙ᭜᜾Й⮱ ጹ᱈হ߈䛼ȡ఍ₑ喑㺬ࢎ⮱ദ䃚⩌䃎ܿ䔅 ᄳ̭ຯᬏᒭ⮱䊝̸ࣨ喑ᵎచ᠈㖅⮱䖀䌜䔅 ᒵ䪬ᒵ䪬ȡϷᬒ⮱䔆ψह႓Й喑ጹ᱈ᬻ๖ ᄳ᜽ͧ᜾Й⮱অጒ喑᜾Й⮱჏ᝤ喑᜾Й⮱ ӈᏁੳ喑᜾Й⮱цѡ喑ѡⱭ㺬ࢎ̭䊤᜽䪬喆

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Campus Recruitment



At Nanjing University of Technology


Autumn is a season of harvest. In this golden season, we star ted the 2014 Campus Recruitment Tour. Since 2007, Sika has been recruiting outstanding graduates from targeted universities to join our trainee team. After the preliminary training, these trainees have all grown with Sika, taking important responsibilities in their positions. In October, we went to Nanjing University of Technology, located at the foot of Zijin Mountain. This was our first stop on the campus recruitment tour. Located in the same province as our Suzhou headquarters, Nanjing University of Technology has a long history as one of the leading schools in China for chemistry and materials science. Sika has maintained a very good cooperative relationship with the university. Every year, we have been able to find qualified graduates from the university to enrich our trainee team. Students in NUT were very happy to see us, due to our good reputation there. On the presentation day the classroom, which seats 200 people, was fully occupied. There were


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Campus Recruitment

still many people standing for the whole session. We invited Jacky Guo, Head of TM Industry, as our VIP guest to tell the history of Sika. Jacky has been working with Sika for twelve years since he joined us in 2001. He said that his personal development had greatly depended on Sika’s growth. His sharing inspired the students and the interaction went very well. Then Zhou Jian, a graduate in 2013, shared his feelings since joining Sika half a year ago. His lively speech and humor made everyone laugh. After the presentation, we received a thick stack of resumes. It was obvious that Sika was popular among the students. For our second stop, we went to South China University of Technology in Guangzhou. Going from chilly Nanjing to warm Guangzhou, our mood became brighter. Some of our first-year trainees had graduated from this university. Dr. Qiu, our VIP guest who had graduated from this university, introduced Sika to the students as a senior fellow graduate and shared his 13 years of experience working in Sika. From his words, the students

could sense Dr. Qiu’s deep feelings, both for the university and for Sika. Dr. Qiu said that Sika was a company he would work hard for his whole life long and he showed that he meant it with his own story. Then, Fisher Xiang, an SUT graduate who joined in Sika in 2013, shared his experience as a Sika trainee. Although a little shy, he told the story of his time with Sika from job interview to his current work. His simple words had a special influence on the audience. The passion of the SUT students was shown at interview the next day. They came very early to the interview site and waited for their chance to come in. During the interview, many students said that their target was to join Sika. What impressed us was that some of them put Sika’s latest logo in their resumes. During the two-day recruitment promotion in SUT, the students’ brilliance and enthusiasm impressed us a lot. We hope to see more of them joining Sika this year. T hen we went on with the tour to Chongqing. With the fast development of the business in western China, the


Students waiting for the interview

> expansion of the talent pool in this region has become very urgent. This time we went to Chongqing University to look for qualified candidates for our trainee team in the west. Although it rained on the presentation day, the passion of the students was not affected. We invited Deng Bo, Head of Sika Keshuai Chongqing branch, to introduce Sika and its business in the west. Mr. Deng put emphasis on Sika’s development in western China. Since Sika acquired Keshuai, Sika’s business in the west has grown dramatically. This year, Sika established a factor y in Chongqing to meet the huge production demand. The growth of business necessitates the expansion of the talent pool, so we hope that the trainee team in the west can achieve great things in the future. Impressed by Mr. Deng’s introduction, many students raised their hands for questions and stayed for further discussions with us. This campus tour was shor t but our recruitment trip has been long. It has been seven years since our first cam-

pus tour, during which time there have been happiness, difficulties, bitterness and sweetness. The trainees who have joined in Sika during those seven years have gradually become part of the backbone of Sika. Without Sika’s growth, there would be no room for individual development. Similarly, Sika can’t take the leading position in the fiercely competitive market without the efforts and contribution of every employee. Today, they are diligent students and tomorrow they will take their positions in society. They are our hope and power. Sika’s trainee program will continue and the road of campus recruitment is still long. We wish to see these students become our employees, clients, suppliers and partners in the future and witness the growth of Sika with us!


Group Interview

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Campus Recruitment



Stealing Mona Lisa. The winner foto.

BEING PRESENT IN THE GREATEST WORKS WORLDWIDE ⍥㻵‫⤰ڕ‬ᰭь๔⮱ᐧま҉৮ Every year hundreds of advanced students of architecture in Uruguay travel around the world in what will be the ride of their lives. The objective is to get to know major works across all continents and of course have fun! ⃼Ꭱ䘪ᰶ‫ऺ⮫܍‬͹៶ౚᐧま䃫䃎͇̀⮱倅ᱽ⩌ক⍥̓⩹喑䔆᭜㘪䃖ЃЙ䨚䃝̭ ⩌⮱᫲⼸ȡⰛ⮱᭜γ㼐ऱ๔≟⮱㏼‫ڥ‬ᐧま҉৮喑ᒀ♣喑䔅ᰶϘऄ䲋܎⮱ͽ䋐喆 TEXT: NATALIA DOGLIO PHOTO: VARIOUS


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Students‘ Challenge

䪬䓫 ‫͗ژ‬ᰵ⮱᫲㵹喑႓⩌Йᅪᗲᣏ㉏ Ꭳᙌऄ̓⩹ऱ๔ᐧま๴䔦喆 >

᫲㵹‫ڕ‬䘕⩞႓⩌㜗ጞ䕇䓴‫ܧ‬ਜ਼៪຃‫ݥ‬হ‫܍ݺ‬Ꭱ⮱᫲㵹ᬒ䃝Გ ウ䯳䉱䛾ȡ͹៶ౚ‫ڕ‬ℾ᣽ӈγ๔߈ᩜᠮȡϻ 4 ᰵ‫ ݝ‬12 ᰵ喑200 ็ ऺᐧま͇̀႓⩌⍥㻵γρ๔≟ȡ8 ͗ᰵ⮱᫲㵹ᅪᗲᣏ㉏Ꭳᙌऄ̓⩹ ऱ๔ᐧま๴䔦喆 ϷᎡ喑㺬ࢎ͹៶ౚ۠Ⴧহ䔆ψ႓⩌̭䊤ࣨ᫲㵹喑ाЃЙᆂ⹧ 㺬ࢎϔ৮ౕ̓⩹ऱౝ㦄ऺᐧまহ䶦Ⱋ⮱Ꮑ⩕ȡ̶ౕ๔ⴒऺᐧま◦喟 ∂పጡ叻࢏⊛იȠ⦋ธ࢏උᖖ᪴ࡃ㞧ᱜ͚ᓰВࣷ㺬⤚➆侙ᓤ䛹⮱ ABC ࢇ➖亳喑㏱㏴γ̭౧Ą݈ᘼᥱᒞą๔䊈ȡ㺬ࢎϔ৮䘪ᰫᏁ⩕ ౕ䔆ψᐧまȡ

Uruguayą̀䷅䶢䲏̷ᆂ⹧ᥱᒞ҉৮喑Ꭳϸ㏺γ͹៶ౚ⮱ࣾᆂȡओ ̭͗ᒵ᷿⮱⤳⩞ ÿ 㣤㘉ᄼ㏱ᄳ㣤ᓄ 4000 㒻ٰ຃ߞ ÿ 䔆ぁ䧞ᄦ λႹ᜽‫͗܍‬ᰵ⮱䛺๔᫲⼸㔹㼭㜠‫ڠ‬䛺㺮ȡ ⚔❴ౕ Facebook ̷ࣾጰ 48 ᄼᬣऻ喑х㘉㔲ᅞϔ⩌γ喑䄒䶢 䲏‫ڞ‬㣤ᓄ䊲䓴 430,000 ⁎䃬䬛喑Вࣷ 8,500 ͗Ą䊋ąহ 600 ᲎䃱䃧ȡ ᄦλ̭͗गᰶ 180 ̴ Facebook ⩕ᝤ⮱పუ㔹㼭喑䔆᭜̭⁎ⱌₐ⮱ ᜽ߌȡ2013 Ꭱ 10 ᰵহ 11 ᰵ喑ᠾᝅᄳ䒙ा⦋ธ喑♣ऻ᭜㺬⤚➆ȡ℘ ᬍ⪾䬛喑䔆ψ倅ᱽ⩌Йᄳ㐔㐚ፓᲒᰡ็⁏〾喑ᒀ♣喑ЃЙΌᄳ㐔 㐚䔽ₒγ㼐㲺व㺬ࢎឭᱜ⮱䲋܎ᐧまȡ

℁䊈๔຃䶮㐆ౕᐧま‫៺ݺ‬ᥱ⮱ᰭ࣌໸Ꭳᰭ‫݈ڤ‬ᘼহ䋐ঠ⮱⚔ ๔䊈すι〆⦋ธহす̶〆㺬⤚➆⮱℁䊈⚔❴ጟ㏼ౕ㺬ࢎ͚ప ❴ȡ๔䊈͚喑ᄳा႓⩌Йᆂ⹧হϸ㏺ౕ䔆ψᐧま‫ڲ‬Ꮑ⩕⮱㺬ࢎϔ৮喑 ⮱ᓛԎ‫ڞڙ‬Ꭰझࣾጰ喑जВౕ᥉㉏ᓛԎ‫ڙ‬ф䉓त喟Ą㺬ࢎ͚పᰶ Ꭳ䃖๔უγ㼐㺬ࢎ͇ߎ䕺ࣷ‫⤰ڕ‬喑㔹႓⩌Й䕇䓴䊏ᓄ຃䛾Გᩜᠮ 䭽‫ڙ‬थą喑‫∕ڠ‬㺬ࢎ͚పᓛԎ喑ᴒⰸࢳट⊵ᖜ喑जВᴒⰸすι〆 ᫲㵹ȡहᬣ喑䃖๔უ̭䊤ᙌऄ႓⩌Йᘠ䆎߈ፓᲒ⮱ͽ䋐Ό᭜๔䊈 হす̶〆⮱ఫ❴ȡ ⮱Ⱋ⮱͸̭ȡ Ϸ Ꭱ ̰ ᰵ喑 ႓ ⩌ Й ‫ ݝ‬䓫 γ ๔ 䊈 す ̭ 〆 ∂ ప ጡ 叻喑 ⃼ ㏱ ܳ ͧ 7-10 ϧȡ ౕ 48 ᄼ ᬣ ⮱ 㵹 ⼸ ͚喑 Ѓ Й ౕĄ

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Students‘ Challenge



The trip is funded entirely by the students themselves, through the sale of raffle tickets and diaries in the years preceding the trip. The entire country of Uruguay provides support. From April to December, more than two hundred architecture students tour the five continents. Eight months of travel, discovery and enjoying the great wonders of the world! This year, Sika Uruguay decided to accompany the students and show them that Sika is present around the world in major projects and technologies. A photo competition was organized at three internationally recognized sites where Sika as well has provided its services: Louvre Museum in Paris, France The KKL in Lucerne, Switzerland ABC Museum in Madrid, Spain The prize went to the most original and funny picture taken at that architectural work. The aims were to make everyone aware that Sika is present in the world, to show and teach them about the products used, to support them in the journey


NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Students‘ Challenge

of their lives and to have fun with the students’ imagination. In July, the students reached Paris, France in groups of 7 to 10 people. Over the course of 48 hours, they had fun at facebook. com/Sika Uruguay promoting the competition and outlining Uruguay’s progression. And there was another good reason – the group winner would take away four thousand dollars – a significant sum of money vital to the completion of this magnificent journey of many months. During the 48 hours after the pictures were posted in Facebook and the winner was announced, the site received more than 430,000 visits, with more than 8,500 likes and 600 comments. Certainly this was a true success for a country with only 1.8 million Facebook users. In October and November 2013, the challenge will come to Switzerland and then to Spain. No doubt these ladies and gentlemen will continue to give a lot of laughter and of course they will continue getting to know magnificent works which comprise Sika Technology.

NEW HORIZON Issue 13 — Students‘ Challenge


NATIONAL CONTACT ‫ڕ‬ప㖁㐉᫦ᐼ 㺬ࢎ喍͚ప喎ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ



JINAN SIKA ENGINEERING CO., LTD. ≻ࢄጯ㏼̰䌜 83 त⋓ϕ๔࣓ 1102Ƞ1109 ᝬ䬡 䗛㑃喟250001 ⩢䄊喟+86 531 8191 1728 эⱌ喟+86 531 8191 1700

㟼ጋጒ͇చࡧ∫͉䌜 28 त 䗛㑃喟215121 ⩢䄊喟+86 512 6273 2888 эⱌ喟+86 512 6287 7070 㑾౭喟

Ꭼጋ㺬ࢎᐧまᱽ᫆ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ 㺬ࢎࡄϙܳ‫ڙ‬थ




ࡄϙጯ᱊䭠ࡧ͉ౌ೻䌜ᕎহ䭠‫ٶ‬๔࣓ C Ꮤ 1401 ბ 䗛㑃喟100013 ⩢䄊喟+86 10 6448 9567 эⱌ喟+86 10 6448 9581

SIKA ( GUANGZHOU ) TRADING CO., LTD. Ꭼጋ㏼≻ឭᱜᐭࣾࡧ͉ࡧ侼䓫䌜 96 त 䗛㑃喟510530 ⩢䄊喟+86 20 8226 6066 эⱌ喟+86 20 8226 6022




๖≒ጯࡄ䓝ࡧ䧮͉ࡄ䌜๖⽳䩴䘪ጯϔ͇చࢄЀచࡧ๖ ⯵ఈᩜ䌜 18 त 䗛㑃喟300400 ⩢䄊喟+86 22 8688 8308 эⱌ喟+86 22 8688 8301-219

SIKA LTD., DALIAN ๔䔋ጯ⩅ςၽࡧጒ‫ڡ‬䌜 47 त 䗛㑃喟116031 ⩢䄊喟+86 411 8678 0060

ఈጊ㺬ࢎᴜጲᐧまᱽ᫆ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ 㺬ࢎ⍄㔽䭟Ⅱ㈨㐌喍̷⊤喎ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ


SIKA ( CHINA ) LTD. SHANGHAI BRANCH ̷⊤ጯ㣅Ꮁጒ͇చࡧࡻႮ䌜 4555 त 䗛㑃喟201108 ⩢䄊喟+86 21 3407 3788 эⱌ喟+86 21 3407 3799


SICHUAN SIKA KESHUAI CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL CO., LTD. ᜽䘪ጯ᫝≒䗀ࣹጊ⊆व҉ ጒ͇చࡧ‫ࡃڡ‬䌜 2 䌜 89 त 䗛㑃喟611430 ⩢䄊喟+86 028 8259 2299 эⱌ喟+86 028 8259 2333 эⱌ喟+86 411 8678 0070



SICHUAN SIKA KESHUAI CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL CO., LTD. CHONGQING BRANCH 䛺ᎳጯΊ哆ಎࡧຒҀ䌜 1 त䭱 6-22-9 䗛㑃喟510260 ⩢䄊喟+86 23 8806 0828 эⱌ喟+86 23 8806 0858

HEBEI JIUQIANG BUILDING MATERIALS CO., LTD. ⴠუᎱጯₐჇ࣬ₐ▢‫ڙ‬䌜 8 ‫ڙ‬䛹ั 䗛㑃喟050800 ⩢䄊喟+86 311 8826 4988 эⱌ喟+86 311 8826 4961 㑾౭喟

㺬ࢎ仆⍜ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थ ఈጊ㺬ࢎᴜጲᐧまᱽ᫆ᰶ䭽‫ڙ‬थξࢄܳ‫ڙ‬थ

SICHUAN SIKA KESHUAI CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL CO., LTD. YUNNAN BRANCH ᬳᬻጯ᭸Ⴎ࣬ጒ͇చࡧι㶄❴ࡧ 䗛㑃喟650600 ⩢䄊喟+86 871 6789 9129 эⱌ喟+86 871 6789 9129

SIKA HONGKONG LTD. ᫝⩹⇆⩝ႶᎠ㶄 6 त᫝䉥͚ᓰ A Ꮤ 15 ẩ 1507-12 ბ ⩢䄊喟+852 2686 8108 эⱌ喟+852 2645 3671





ᵰచ࣬࢏〦Ύჹప䌜̶⃢ 1380 त 䗛㑃喟338 ⩢䄊喟+886 3352 8622 эⱌ喟+886 3352 0470

䩴↌ጯͦᒿࡧ䓈͝䩴ጒ͇చ 䗛㑃喟212142 ⩢䄊喟+86 511 8558 8866 эⱌ喟+86 511 8558 0578

Company brands owned by Sika 㺬ࢎ͚పᬄ̸‫ڙ‬थ৮❹

‫∕ڠ‬㺬ࢎ͚పᓛԎत喑 㣤ःᰡ็᫝凉䉱䃜ȡ




㺬ࢎ⨤ⵃ㘣 Sika® Ceram

⨤ⵃ᫝ѡӐ 㑁䕍㜿ᓰუᅲ

New Horizon issue 13  

From Suzhou Central Plaza to Shandong Highway Plaza, from Wuhan Highway Station to Huawei Factory, from Taiwan to North Polar, this issue ta...

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