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CHINA EXPO COMPLEX Industry:Sikasil®, SikaGlaze® FLOORING:Sikafloor®


PROJECT INTRODUCTION The China Expo Convention and Exhibition Complex is designed in the shape of a clover leaf. Facilities at the complex include exhibition halls, the commercial center, office buildings, and a hotel. It will be the largest single block building and exhibition complex in the world with a total construction area of 1.47 million square meters, of which 1.27 million square meters are above ground. The complex offers 400,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space, making it twice as large as the Shanghai International Exhibition Center.

SIKA SOLUTION Sealing & Bonding It was a challenge to fix the stiffeners for 100,000 square meters of clad aluminum on the roof. Depending on the temperature and humility, 4-6 days curing time is usually required before the clads are ready for installation by using one component silicone structural adhesive. With SikaGlaze速 GG-735, the curing time is reduced to 48 hours with only about 50% material cost.

Flooring In order to create a unique look and texture for the floor of the exhibitionhall, the owner, general contractor, designer and supervisor met with Sika before commencement of construc-tion to discuss flooring products. In the end Sikafloor速-2 SynTop 1 was used with a customized black blue color, matching the spacious hall well.


PROJECT PARTICIPANTS Flooring Contractors: Shanghai Shenbao Construction Co., Ltd. Facade Contractors: Shanghai Ruihe, China Construction, Shanghai Timalco, Hubei Hongyi Sika: Sika (China) Ltd.

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Sika AG, located in Baar, Switzerland, is a global specialty chemicals company supplying construction markets and manufacturing industries (automotive, commercial vehicle, building component manufacturing). Sika is a leader in processing materials used in sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures.Sika China Group is the fully-owned subsidiary of Swiss Sika Group in China. Sika China holds 10 production factories and marketing & sales network throughout China with a total headcount of 1,240 employees.Produces and sells a full range of construction materials and industrial manufacturing.

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SAW-China Expo Complex  

Industry:Sikasil®, SikaGlaze® FLOORING: Sikafloor®

SAW-China Expo Complex  

Industry:Sikasil®, SikaGlaze® FLOORING: Sikafloor®