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Record Keeper Quartz –

Vaults of Atlantean Knowledge

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Dream Codes Magazine is about exploring and finding spiritual truth in dreams, the paranormal, and in religious concepts and ideas. We consider it the alternative to organized religion. T. McGovern & L. Titus Proofread by V. DeVore A Dream Codes Publication-August 2013

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Contents Page - 3 - Insights from Dreams Page - 6 - Eye/I Problems Can Cause Depression Page - 8 - A Voice In The Night. Page - 12 - Record Keeper Quartz / Vaults of Atlantean Knowledge. Page - 15 – Who’s To Blame and Who Should fix it? Page – 17 - Real Dreams Decoded Page - 21 - The House Designed by Spirits - The Winchester Mansion Page - 28 - Karen Vance Hammond Page - 31 - Words Page – 33 - Effects of the Moon Page - 37 - The Real Boogeyman – Eater of Souls


Insights from Dreams Dreams are one of the few ways we have to see into our unconscious, to understand what is beneath the surface of our limited outer consciousness. The subconscious mind is like a bird high above the road we are traveling, it can see more than our outer mind. The more we learn to recall and understand dreams, the better we understand our deeper motivations, fears, desires, and unconscious knowing. Mr. Cayce said that nothing occurs in our lives that are not first foreshadowed in our dreams! In the dream state, we open our minds to many different levels of our unconscious. Not only are all of our previous conscious experiences stored there, but it is also the storehouse of resources which rarely come to conscious awareness. The subconscious has remarkable talents for finding solutions to problems. It houses all of our wishes, hopes, and memories of past experiences, and can also assist us with selfexamination, providing practical guidance for any question. It even makes it possible for us to have psychic experiences. Dreams have a language all their own; a language of imagery, symbolism, and sometimes bizarre activity. According to Mr. Cayce, the most common influence impelling dreams is “mental development.� Our subconscious (mind of our soul) and our superconscious (mind of our godly self) are attempting to correlate events and decisions with eternal, spiritual ideals and purposes. Generally, the feeling that accompanies the dream reveals how our soul feels about events, decisions, or conditions. Upon waking, Cayce recommends that we capture the initial feeling, for it will tell us much about the meaning of the dream. 3

Dreams reflect:      

Correlation between levels of consciousness and universal truths Conditions in the body that need attention Dynamics in our relationships Opportunities that need to be seized Dangers that need to be avoided Non-physical experiences in other dimensions of life that help us expand our consciousness

Essentially the purpose of dreams is to make us more consciously aware of what we are going through in our lives based on our thoughts, feelings, and actions. They can show us the desires that are motivating us and help us sense the needs of our bodies. They can provide insights for living life more creatively and assist us in making important decisions based on what we already know at a conscious level. For example, dreams may give us guidance on helping to heal a relationship, but only if we've already tried to do the best we can with that person. When we set our sights and make the decisions that are called for, then they will aid us by bringing life into clearer focus. Working with our dreams can be like speaking with a trusted friend who knows everything about us and is just there for us to discuss what's going on in our lives. Most of the time, the friend will just listen, but in the listening we can begin to find answers within our own self. The answers have been there all the time; we just never knew how to look for them.

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Eye/I problems Can Cause Depression


lthough depression can be caused by several different things, often times it’s caused by eye/I problems. That’s right. From a spiritual perspective and point of view, it has to do with focusing on self. I don’t have this or that, I’m lonely, I’m hurt, I don’t feel loved, I’m not happy. IIIII. When we focus on ourselves all the time and the things we want, need or simply don’t have, depression can set in. It is spiritually and clinically proven that when people that are depressed start doing things for and start focusing on others, their depression often times becomes less or goes away all together. Of course, some types of depressions are very serious and require medicines; but often times we simply need to stop focusing on our own mishaps and start focusing on others problems and needs. I’m not saying that our own problems aren’t important or in-need of attention; I’m saying that, what we focus on controls us. Although years ago I had a temporary depression that did require medication, I also suffered depression from focusing on my wants or needs. I remember the day I walked into my church and told the pastor my mom had cancer. I expected him to say, “Awwwwwww, I’m so sorry! You must be so sad and miserable, and I feel sooo bad for you. “However, to my surprise, he said, “So you get a chance to serve?” I remember walking away thinking, didn’t he hear what I said. It wasn’t until years later that I understood what he was saying and why he said it. Because he was a man that always put others 6

before himself, he received great joy by serving. He knew the benefits, rewarded and outcome by helping and serving others.

So the moral of my story is, if you have eye/I problems, put your spiritual glasses on so you can see past your own difficulties and focus on others. When I started helping and serving others, I rarely found myself depressed. Trust me, you will feel better about yourself and people will want to be around you more. It’s a good thing all the way around.


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A Voice in the Night Have you ever heard your name called, yet as you look around, no one is there? While lying in bed almost asleep or just waking up, have you ever heard music, faint voices in the distance, or someone whispering in your ear? When I first told people that these things happened to me, I was very surprised to find out that this was common, and has happened to a lot of the people I talked to. So who, or what, are these voices that are heard, and are they real or just our imagination? As I study spiritual, religious, and paranormal things, I see several possibilities for these claims and happenings. As a Christian, I am able to see things from a biblical perspective. However, as a Christian that has had many paranormal experiences, I also see other possibilities. The most common, of 8

course, are people hearing their name called while they are awake. This may happen while shopping, at home, or in your car. However, through my studies, I have found that often this can be explained by the tones or noise being heard, the angle in which the noise came from, as well as the person hearing the noise. In my case, I don’t hear high tones as well as others, and sometimes I don’t even hear real voices correctly. There are noises that have the same tones as letters of the alphabet. An air hose may sound like an S, a low tone or deep rumble may have an R sound. Wind or fans can howl in your ear and can manipulate sound. Anything that can interfere or affect your hearing can cause noise to sometimes sound like voices. The higher up you are in the air the clearer you may hear things. However, you may also hear more things at the same time; therefore it may create confusion about what you actually are hearing, and where it’s coming from. Even a stomach growl can sound like a voice. The sounds of

nature can manipulate noise to mimic a human voice, as well as traffic and machinery. So as you can see, what you think is your name being called may not be a voice at all. So what about the voices or music you hear in a seemingly quiet place, like while in bed? This is a different deal all together. When there is no interference or manipulation of sound, then we have to look at other possibilities for the voices we hear. Here is where it gets kind of spooky. Have you ever been to a haunted location, or believe in ghosts? Believe it or not, ghosts are one of the several possibilities for voices you hear. If you have ever ghost hunted, you have probably caught voices(EVPs) on your digital recorder. However, sometimes you can hear these 9

voices without a recorder. A lot depends on the conditions surrounding the person that hears the voices. Anything from the position of the moon and stars, to weather conditions, will affect energy and the abilities to pick up on voices in the air. What if ghosts are not present when you hear a voice? Because there are so many different realms in the spirit world, pin-pointing where an audible voice comes from can be difficult and is usually impossible. Angels may be one explanation. Most people believe that Angels exist, and may wonder if the voice they thought they heard could be from Heaven. I believe this is a possibility. Of course, this depends on the message being given by the voice you hear. I would think that any voice from God would say more than, “Hello.� Yet, if He simply wanted to see if you are alert, I suppose this could happen. After all, messages by Angels happened throughout the Bible.

Although there could be all sorts of possibilities for hearing voices, it is my opinion that the most likely answer is that it is our Spirit Guides. Our Spirit Guides are those souls on the other side that are trying to move us in a certain direction. This is very difficult for them to do when we’re focused on fleshly, materialistic things so much. That is why we are most likely to hear them while half asleep. During this time, our bodies are, in a sense, out of the way, making it easier for our guides to sneak in a reminder that they are real and hanging around. It’s not to say that this is the only time our guides may try to get our attention. I heard a story of a lady driving down the street. As she approached an intersection, she heard a loud voice say, “STOP.” As she slammed on her brakes, a car came barreling through the intersection, running the stop sign. It may be hard to know if it was an Angel or a Spirit Guide’s voice that she heard, but one thing was for sure, she heard the voice and reacted just in time.


Anything from ghost, sound manipulation, and even mental disorders could be the reason for hearing voices. I would suggest that the next time you think you hear your name called, be still and listen. When you hear that faint music while just waking up in the morning, it could be that you are tapping into the Heavenly realms. You don’t want to miss a message from your Spirit Guide or an Angel; so quieting down one’s life is a good and wise thing to do. In other words, less noise and more silence, so you can hear spiritual things. If you always have a radio playing, or surround yourself with loud noises, you may miss something from the spiritual realm. Hearing voices is common; receiving the message from an unseen voice is not. Be in-tune and alert, and know that this could happen to you.

By Leon Titus

Dreams about teeth usually refer to the things we say and our attitude in which we say them. Rotten teeth may represent the nasty rotten things we say, while teeth falling out may represent loose words or talking too much.

Losing a Wisdom tooth in a dream may represent not being wise in something you say. Either way, if you dream of teeth, chances are it represents ones speech, attitude, and the way we present our self to others.


By Kelly Peacey

Quartz is one of the most abundant crystals on the planet and is mainly composed of silicon dioxide, a mineral also found in us. Quartz has been employed for use in technology for its piezoelectric qualities. When compressed externally, the quartz produces an electrical charge that is a wave of energy that is perfectly measurable and regular, so much so that it’s been used in watches to keep time. The first radios; the ‘ham radio’ also used the quartz crystal and this tells us further of quartz’s ability to transmit and amplify energy waves of information. It has been recently discovered by scientist that crystals can hold information confirming what many shamans and crystal healers have always known and felt. Hitachi has already demonstrated its ability to encode data onto what it calls "quartz glass". Data etched into the material should last 100 million years, the company claims. This 12

new storage medium is expected to be widely available on the market in 2015. This helps us to understand that the great mythological Record Keeper Quartz may not actually be mythical at all. The Record Keeper Quartz are part of what many Crystal Healers call the ‘Master Crystals’ which in itself tells us they are for mastery and are to be respected and held sacred as great tools for transformation and healing. Specifically the Record Keeper Quartz are tools for personal transformation and should to be used by the finder. They are believed to have recorded in them the ancient wisdom teachings and esoteric knowledge programmed into them by the Lost Civilization of Atlantis and maybe Lemuria also. Atlantis has been considered to be an advanced civilization that used crystals in their technology to produce electricity and

send and receive telepathic communications amongst many more suggested technology applications. To find out more about Atlantis I recommend reading Plato’s accounts of Atlantis, and Edgar Cayce’s extensive channeled material regarding the Atlantis that was lost to the great flood believed to of happened 13,000 year ago. Interestingly many scientists and archaeologists are now confirming it is quite likely that there was a great flood and that even the dating of some of our ancient megaliths (i.e Stone Henge and the Pyramids) could possibly of been made by the descendants of an advanced civilization due to the complexity of the megaliths themselves. It is currently widely accepted the dating is very roughly 5000 years old but there is a 13

movement not yet completely accepted that many of the sights all around the world have been purposely wrongly dated......it’s a case of watch that space and see what happens regarding this information. Record Keepers can be found by their appearance of etched triangles on the surface of the facets of the apex points on the top of natural quartz. Holding them under the light in a certain angle often allows them to be visible with the human eye. Mysteriously they sometimes just appear on a crystal that you may of had for years and never noticed, now the time of discovery being the time they are to be worked with by the personal holder.

Melody states in her encyclopedia like book on crystals called, ‘Love is in the Earth – A kaleidoscope of crystals’; “Only those with open minds and pure hearts can access the information via attunement of the consciousness with the inner energies of the crystal.” The triangle in itself is a symbol relating to balance of Mind, Body and Soul and these wonderful personal healing tools are thought to teach and inspire us with ways to achieve this inner harmony. The triangle is also the symbol of the third eye and to work with these wonderful crystals many people place the etched face of the quartz with the triangles directly placed upon the third eye chakra, this acting as a doorway through which your consciousness can pass through to retrieve the recorded messages and teachings. 14

People who have worked with Record Keeper Quartz have told of experiences of being shown information of the origin of the human race, the human soul, and even shown the potential for human spiritual evolution yet to come. Others have reported being shown their life purpose and soul missions as well as direct whole being attunements that quite literally are thought to upgrade the very DNA of the person to be able to take in higher expansive frequencies of love, wisdom and light. These as already stated are tools for personal mastery and are not to be used on others. I recommend meditating regularly with these wonderful powerhouse storage devices to unlock slowly what the Universe has in store for You as a Divine Being.

Who’s to blame and who should fix it? By Leon Titus

So who’s fault is it when something goes wrong? Was it the Devil that caused the problem, or perhaps a Demon interfering and trying to confuse you? Not only that, but who should fix the problem or issue? The Bible does tell us to cast our cares upon Jesus, so I guess he should make things right, right? Well, to be honest, that kind of thinking and reasoning is a problem in itself. I spent most of my life in church, and for years I’ve seen people blaming Satan for everything that goes wrong, plus handing Jesus every problem or issue they have experienced, expecting him to take care of it. So who’s to blame, and who should fix it? I used to be one of those people that would spend my money on something I wanted yet didn’t need, only to find myself asking Jesus for money because I couldn’t pay my bills. I would also do things that clearly weren’t wise, and ask God to bless it. I thought that if he would bless it, it would work out and be ok. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has done this kind of thing. I now counsel with others doing the same things I use to do. As they tell me their story, I think back about what I didn’t know, and how I was a victim of stupidity and ignorance.


In some religions, we are taught to blame Satan for everything that goes wrong, that way it allows us to feel better about ourselves. After all, isn’t the Devil the enemy, the one that comes to kill, steal, and destroy? Yes he is, BUT, we have free will to choose. He can only tempt us; he can’t make us do anything. The scriptures tell us that we are drawn away by our own desires and lust, and that’s what causes us to mess up. Just like

being tempted to eat that 2nd piece of cake. If you know you shouldn’t eat it, then don’t. It’s not Satan tempting you; it’s your own desires or lust. Don’t get me wrong, yes Satan can and will tempt you, but you have the power to say yes or no. The greatest gift given to us by God, is the power to choose/free will. This makes us responsible for the decisions we make. People have always loved blaming someone else for their actions. Even in the beginning, Adam blamed Eve for his actions. Instead of saying, “sorry father, it was my fault, I messed up” he cast the blame, and fault on Eve. We are still doing the same thing today. Even when things happen that are clearly not our fault, we still have to choose how we will respond to the issue or problem. The scriptures make it clear; “Resist the Devil and he will FLEE from you”. There is nothing we need to do to fight him off, simply resist the temptation put in front of us. So what part does Jesus play in all of this? How does he help? Do you simply say, “Here Jesus, I cast my problems and cares upon you”? It’s true that Jesus does help, yet maybe not in the way you may think. You can’t just go around making bad choices or doing dumb things your whole life, and think that Jesus will make things right. It simply doesn’t work like that. Fact is, he already made things right 2000 years ago. He overcame the flesh and said, “SEE, this is how it’s done”. He showed us that it is possible to conquer the flesh and control it. So then how


does he help us now? The answer is the Holy Spirit. He said that when he went to heaven, he would send us the Holy Spirit to guide us in all things. Therefore, it leaves us responsible for our actions. It tells us in the book of Proverbs, that wisdom is what we should seek out and draw closer to. We need to see and understand the purpose of what Jesus did, not just believe he died so that we could make it to heaven. He didn’t come here to simply fix everything for us; he came to show US how to fix everything by overcoming the hold that flesh has on us. So what it amounts to is, we need to stop blaming the Devil for everything that goes wrong, and stop handing everything over to Jesus expecting him to make it right. Most of all, we need to accept the fact that we’re in charge and have the power to fix things ourselves. Individuals have power; families have power, towns, states, countries, and the world has power, when working together and agreeing. Yet, that seems to be the biggest problem of all. A house divided against its self cannot stand. We simply can’t agree on how to fix things and what needs to be fixed. If we would all do what is natural instead of what’s normal, we would all have what we need, and we would all live in peace. We will all reap what we sow. If we don’t start taking responsibility for our actions, it will simply get worse, or perhaps end once and for all. The journey we are on through this life can be taken on the HIGH WAY or the low way. It’s up to you and me.

 

When we sleep at night, our physical body gets rest, but something else also happens when we dream. Our subconscious mind organizes our thoughts and may send messages to us (that we should pay attention to in our waking life) in the form of dreams. Many times these dreams are not literal or mean exactly what happened in the dream. For example, if you dream of being stabbed to death, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen, but there could still be an important message there for you to decode. Also, many dreams are exaggerated to catch our attention which is usually the reason why we remember them. Colors, places, people, things that are over exemplified all can play an important part of decoding your dreams. Each month, we will share a few actual dreams, with their interpretations, to help teach the meanings behind some of these important symbols we all might experience.

Remember, the dreamer is always the most accurate interpreter. By sharing some of these symbols that others have also dreamt about, little by little, you too may be able to decipher your own Dream Codes. *(Dreams shared in Dream Codes Magazine are with the permission of the dreamer who has shared their dream in our Dream Codes forum) Escobar: Good morning dreamers.... I had a dream I was in my house, in my room. I wanted to go down stairs for some reason but i couldn't see the downstairs, it was like in colors in what seemed to be red and purple... I then retreated upstairs. Another dream i was in my room again and I saw this bug on the ceiling like a centipede with trillions of legs. I remember two women in my room, and then they found it on the floor and killed it. I asked them if they got it. The woman said yea, then she told me to rock it. I said no and was like i don't like insects. She then says, it’s an animal, why don’t I like animals? I said i do like animals.... Dennis H Dye I would think that this is relating to your sense of direction concerning your inner and mental state. The centipede, is probably relating to you, that you need to not think in negative ways, and keep your feet on the ground. There may be thought patterns that you keep going through that hinder your progress. There are fears and doubts....you need or should move beyond these to progress. Escobar Aziana Meadows True _____________________________ Dennis: I'm in a canoe going down the river...in Montana. It's a very clear and beautiful setting. I then see another canoe with an Indian women in it, coming towards me, she is leaning over the edge (slightly) of her canoe, with one hand in the water (sorry ladies, but she was extremely attractive). She looked up and smiled, as I passed by. Then, she handed me an Eagle Feather that was on a log behind her. She may 17

represent Mother Nature, not real sure... any ideas? I felt that her attractiveness was a test, and to obtain the feather, I had to be less egotistical.....a better person. Rachael: To me i see balance and contentment with your spiritual or emotional journey. David: Gift of the Spirit Kimberly: Beautiful. What are your associations with Montana? Dennis: Love Montana....left my father`s ashes in a river there.... Monica: What a wonderful dream :-) A new gift from spirit as David says maybe. One for handling emotions...? .. the water. :-) Dennis: The dream ended with me finally making it home... There was a gathering of family, a reunion of some sort. They had all been waiting for me, apparently. I came in with a small flag of some kind (for some reason), and was cheered for having gotten it. And then, in an "Oh-by-the-way" bit of humor, I presented the Eagle feather, saying,” and THIS, too!" It as if the feather was rare and very valued. I laid the feather on the table, then went in and started goofing around/playing with the kids there. Monica: Wow ! I'm not sure how to explain but you definitely got some new tool and one step closer to home :-) I think you already know :-) Someone else may say it better than me. Tim: She sounds like a Spirit Guide who might be reminding u to remember a lesson from the Eagle. Maybe u will need to draw on those lessons of that particular totem animal. I agree with everyone else on the rest of the dream ^^ ... balance on your journey, spiritually, emotionally, just a quick, 'Hey, you’re doing good, but here is something you may need soon.' I’m curious of the reaction to the family members when u presented the feather...? Dennis: They were in a mild state of amazement... happy, as if the feather was more important than the flag (and, the flag, I knew, was a secondary issue). Where, or how I got the flag is just a blank. I gather that it symbolized a victory of some kind. I was tired and spent when I made it back. It was like I had been on a long journey....away. They were all expecting me to return, which I did, eventually, but late and with BOTH items mentioned. It was very positive, and packed with meaning....journey in life stuff....there was more to it, but those are the main aspects. The #1 aspect would be this Indian woman that handed me not just a feather but an Eagle feather. She was beautiful and sensual looking 40-50 years old. She had a calm graceful and knowing spirit about her.


Monica She’s one of your spirit guides ? :-) Dennis: I think so... as opposed to being representational of "someone” in my waking life. __________________________________________ Louise: My mum dreamt of a crocodile, and near it was another one but it had a head of a dog. She wondered why a dog and croc would want to breed. A dogodile, or crocodog? Tim: Crocodiles have thick skin, and when they wrestle their prey, they spin in circles in the water, a message of rolling with the punches.... The dog part could relate to someone that is loyal, a friendship maybe? I would say that in regards to some friendship she needs to have some thicker skin like the crocodile, and learn to roll with the punches, and be flexible. Dennis: I would say, or add, to be watchful concerning a friend....being overly trusting, may not be the best thing that she could do at this time. _________________________________________________ Donna: Hi everyone, I've been dreaming alot lately with about water. It's always calm water. Last night’s dream, I was trying to turn my car and the ground gave way and ended up in the water (back of car facing water). The water was deep, so the car started to sink! So I climbed out the window and started to drag the car, like a lifeguard, with one hand to the shore... which I managed with no problems. I didn't feel stressed or tired; it was like it was no big deal. The one the night before I was on a submarine and again, calm water. I had to escape (which I did) through small tunnels ... in real life this would make me very anxious, as I don't like small tight places but I had no fear went through the tunnels. I got out and swam to the shore. Many thanks to anyone who can help. Tim: Water is the element of emotion. Vehicles are how we move through life... it sounds like an emotional situation (which would have normally overwhelmed another person) did not overwhelm you; you were able to get out safe, alive, and untouched... Calm waters; represent you having your emotions in check. :-) Louise: You are stronger than you realize. Donna Swanson Thanks Tim that makes totally sense x Donna Swanson Actually Louise, yes, I was thinking this lately and I've said it to myself. Been through an emotional time and things starting to settle down so the water/emotions connection makes total sense By Tim McGovern 19

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The House Designed by Spirits Winchester Mansion By Tim McGovern



eclared ‘California Historic

to as the “gun that won the west.” Since the

Landmark #868’ in 1974, the former

Civil War (1865) in the United States is

home of Sarah Winchester is

considered to be THE bloodiest war that the

commonly known as the Winchester Mystery

United States has ever seen, we can also see

House. Houdini was said to be the first to

how the company became so rich. Sarah’s

call it this when he visited the home in 1924

father was also a manufacturer, but of

after Sarah’s death. Its enormous and

carriages. Therefore she came from a very

enigmatic design has brought attention from

cultured family. She enjoyed the best

all over the world. It is said to have

education that private schools could offer.

contained over 500 rooms at one time, but

She spoke four languages, and played the

today there are 160 rooms, 2,000 doors,

piano very well.

10,000 windows, 47 stairways, 47 fireplaces, 13 bathrooms, and 6 kitchens. An extravagant maze of Victorian craftsmanship, people have had countless questions about the beautiful but bizarre mansion. With stairs that lead to nowhere, doors that open up to walls, chimneys that stop just 2 feet short of the roof (which are therefore unusable), being just some of the strange things in this house, the answers to several questions have been carried to the grave, and we will never have an explanation for them. This is what we do know. William Wert Winchester, heir to the Winchester family fortune, married Sarah L. Pardee in 1862 in New Haven, Connecticut. William’s father, Oliver F. Winchester, was Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut, and manufacturer of the famous Winchester repeating rifle. Winchester sold more guns than any other gun manufacturer, and it was later referred 22

Four years after marriage, and establishing themselves with the best of the New England society, tragedy struck Sarah and William as their only child, Anne, died only six weeks after birth, due to the rare disease of marasmus. Understandably, Sarah went into a deep depression. Before she ever fully recovered, more tragedy struck 15 years later, when her husband died of tuberculosis at the young age of 43. In despair, after the death of her husband, Sarah visited a medium. The medium told her that the Winchester family, and their fortune, was being haunted by those that were killed by the Winchester rifle. The American Indians, Civil War soldiers, and others killed by the Winchester rifle, would not stop. They caused the untimely deaths of her daughter and her husband. However, there was another option given: Sarah would have to move west and build a house for the spirits

where construction should never cease, for

Here is where the article changes

if it did, she would die herself. Some say

pace. My computer has frozen up for the

that her husband visited her during this

first time since I have had it, and the

séance with the medium, and told her that

article was unsaved. I’ve had to restart

had he never finished the house they were

everything. Is it a message from beyond?

living in, he would still be alive.

While visiting the house, this also happened

So Sarah headed west, and on a visit with a relative in Menlo Park, CA, she found the perfect spot for her new home in Santa Clara, CA. She purchased an unfinished, 8 room farm house, 3 miles west of San Jose in 1884. From that moment on, construction

to my camera. Once I got to Mrs. Winchester’s room, my camera stopped working. Once outside, it started working again. Spirits seem to talk to us in lots of different ways… A similar story happened in 1906 to Mrs. Winchester...

began on the house and did not stop for 38 years, 24 hours a day, until the death of Sarah Winchester. Being the sole heir of the Winchester fortune, Sarah’s resources were virtually unlimited. Besides having several million dollars left to her, she ultimately inherited just under fifty percent of the company’s capital stock. This provided her an income of

[Winchester Mansion, Before the 1906

$1000 a day in royalties-- today this would


roughly be about $30,000 a day! Sarah was a generous person, paying

After 22 years of countless sawing, hammering, and perpetual construction 24

her help $3 a day when the going rate was

hours a day, the Winchester mansion now

half of that, but she was also very private.

stood seven stories tall! On April 18, 1906 at

The only picture of her ever to be taken was

5:12am, the Great San Francisco Earthquake

done in secret, and is shown here. Had she

hit registering 8.3 on the Richter scale. It

known that the gardener had taken this

was felt from Oregon to Los Angeles. It

picture, she might have fired him on the

took hours for servants to locate Mrs.

spot and had the picture destroyed.

Winchester, and to rescue her. She was


imprisoned in her favorite bedroom, the

base. This was one of the great ideas that

Daisy Room, for hours. They had to pry open

showed that Mrs. Winchester was a woman

the door with a crowbar and the indention

ahead of her time. She was an extremely

can still be seen today. To Mrs. Winchester,

innovative woman. She had a large orchard

this was a sign from the Spirits that she was

of several different fruits. However,

spending too much time on the front of the

different than most people, she also had a

home as it was nearing completion.

huge dehydrator that was fueled by a large coal generator and could dry half a ton of fruit in 30 hours! The fruit was sold at local markets and provided additional income. Other examples of her innovation include being among the first to use wool for insulation, using carbide gas lamps, having a servant call system developed, iron drops in the fireplaces for removing ashes, brass corner-plates on the stairways to keep dust from collecting in the corners of steps, a

[Only known photo of Sara] After structural damages were

molded in soap tray and washboard, and specially designed window catches. She was also eco-friendly, and had drip pans and a

repaired, she ordered the entire front of

zinc sub-floor in the conservatory so that

the house to be sealed up. The beautiful,

when plants were watered, extra water

Tiffany glass front doors that were just

would be captured and directed by a series

installed before the earthquake were only

of drain pipes to the gardens below.

used by three people- Mrs. Winchester, and the two men that installed them. The Grand Ballroom was also never used because of this.

Some have blamed the architecture on mistakes she has made due to her inexperience in architecture. Others claim that the strange outline of the house was

Although the seven story tower

not a mistake; the home was completely

collapsed, the home itself was built using a

designed by spirits, and was in some cases

floating foundation that is believed to have

intended to confuse evil spirits. Sarah had a

saved it from total collapse. This type of

sĂŠance room where she would enter in one

construction allows the home to shift freely,

door, and leave another, where she

as it is not completely attached to its brick

communed with the spirits nightly on the


plans of the house. There were never any blueprints. In the morning Sarah would meet with the foreman and tell him what he and his crew had to do. She also never slept two nights in a row in the same room, so to confuse the spirits. The wild chases Sarah faced were best described in an article of The American Weekly in 1928, six years after her death: “When Mrs. Winchester set out for her Séance Room, it might well have discouraged the ghost of the Indian or even of a bloodhound, to follow her. After traversing an interminable labyrinth of rooms and hallways, suddenly she would push a button, a panel would fly back, and she would step quickly from one apartment into another, and unless the pursuing ghost was watchful and quick, he would lose her. Then she opened a window in that apartment and climbed out, not into the open air, but onto the top of a flight of steps that took her down one story only to meet another flight that brought her right back up to the same level again, all inside the house. This was supposed to be very discomforting to evil spirits who are said to be naturally suspicious of traps.” 25

[Stairs that lead to nowhere]

dominion and power in a positive way. For example, Jesus and the 12 disciples = 13, King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Round Table = 13, etc. Sarah was undoubtedly surrounded by several spirits throughout her life. Throughout the years, several paranormal investigators and psychics have spent the night at the mansion to see if they could get a glimpse of the spirits. The events range from feeling icy chills, seeing lights, hearing footsteps, seeing doorknobs turn, seeing a man in overalls, to losing their eyesight temporarily! It is true this house is haunted. To [Door that leads to nowhere] Sarah had a fascination with the number 13. In the sĂŠance room are 13 hooks where there hung 13 robes that Sarah would wear when she communed with spirits. There are also many more examples of the number 13 in the house, from the number of bathrooms, to the number of candles on the ballroom chandelier, to numbers of shrubs in the gardens, and the list goes on. Many people think of the number 13 as an unlucky number. However those who truly understand the number know that it is a number of power. Of course power can corrupt, and bring upheaval and destruction when wrongly used, but it can also bring

appease some of the negative spirits, Mrs. Winchester erected a Native American statue in the garden to honor those American Indians that have died by the Winchester rifle. Some rumors say she would also have lavish dinner parties with her spirit friends where foods such as caviar and pate were served on gold plates. Today, tours are given almost every day at the peculiar yet elaborate mansion. If you decide to take a tour, remember not to wander, or you could be lost for hours. Tour guides will remind you of this. I would particularly stay away from the wine cellar. It has been boarded up for almost a hundred years by Sarah Winchester herself upon seeing a Black Hand print on the wall.




Karen Vance Hammond The Early Years. Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, Karen's childhood was exciting except she could not read complete sentences, spell, or write. Failing the first, second, and third grade miserably, Karen’s parents had her tested for learning disabilities. Saddened to learn their daughter had dyslexia along with reading and various learning disabilities, transferred her out of regular education, and placed in a special school, Barrett Elementary Reading Center. Karen recalls the very first day upon entering the classroom; Julie Jones made direct eye contact and with compassion said, “Karen, I am going to teach you how to read." Karen continued to struggle at Ridgewood Junior High and South Wood High School where special education classes were home. The staff attempted to mainstream her into regular Ed; however, she couldn't accomplish the work or keep up with the other kids.

The University of the Ozarks and the Jones Learning Center. After graduating from high school, Karen's goal was to go to college. Brokenhearted, her father explained that with her disabilities, college would probably be out of the question. Tenacious, Karen refused to back down. All she wanted was to make something of herself. She asked her father if he could look around to see if he could find a college and or university that would accept her with low scores as she was rejected by other colleges who wouldn’t even consider her application. Her father came home one day with a brochure from University of the Ozarks Jones Learning Center. Clutching the 28

brochure, tears streamed down her cheeks while imagining on campus as a college student. For once, she was going to be with 'normal students'. Karen’s parents, Joe and Kermit Vance drove from Shreveport, Louisiana to University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas. Karen went through extensive testing administered by Dr. Betty Robinson. This very day, Karen still has those test scores, she said, “With the GPA and low scores, it amazes me I was accepted.” The University of the Ozarks and the Jones Learning Center took a chance on her giving a probationary period. She is so grateful that they did. The staff took Karen under their wings, provided the learning tools needed, guidance, and direction. She flourished in the Jones Learning Center under the direction of Helen Hoeffer, Diana McCormick, Debbie Mooney and Dr. Betty Robinson. “If it wasn't for these women and the other staff at the Jones Learning Center, I would not have graduated with a double major in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in religion,” says Karen. In addition, she was the first Jones Learning Center student to be crowned Miss University of the Ozarks and went on to The Miss Arkansas Pageant where she placed in the top ten in talent category.

After Graduation After graduating from the University of the Ozarks, Karen married a wonderful supporting man who is in the architect field. In addition to graduating from college, one of her dreams was to become an opera singer. Auditioning with the Shreveport Opera, she was selected. “Being on stage was magical and I enjoyed every minute of it.” She also taught professional voice lessons in her home.

What gave Karen the desire to be a writer? With everything Karen has been through, writing a book was the furthest thing from her mind until she met Jennifer Stone. She told Karen her incredible true story of living in the Horton House in Texas. Taken back with events that took place in Jennifer’s life, Karen visited Jennifer a few months later presenting an idea; asking if she could at least attempt to write a book about it. Karen recalls, “It was crazy for me to even contemplate this; especially with everything I have been through. I’m surely setting myself up to fall right on my face. I mean writing… I’m I nuts?” she said laughing. With the first stroke of the laptop keys, Karen was hooked. The creative juices kept flowing and wouldn't stop. She knew from that very moment, writing and creating was her passion. With a complete manuscript, Karen contacted agents and publishing houses. However, she 29

wasn’t prepared for the rejection writer’s famously talk about. In fact, she started to question her abilities. “I have a stack of letters I could cover my entire office,” she said. Then one day while making lunch for her daughter, Karen received a call from Synergebooks, a reputable publishing company. After reviewing the query and first three chapters, the acquisitions editor requested the entire manuscript. “The waiting was horrible,” Karen said. “It’s like waiting for test results from the doctor.” On a Monday morning in January, Karen received the phone call that changed her life; Shoe Marks, a paranormal inspired by true events that took place in Texas was accepted for publication.

Karen explains how feels to be an Award-winning best-selling author. “I have to tell you, never in my life did I expected something like this,” Karen explained. “Writers can publish a book but to have a first time best seller is rare, unless if you’re Stephan King that is!” Shoe Marks placed 1st at The New England Paranormal Awards in literary category in Massachusetts. Shoe Marks, is in middle, high school libraries and classrooms across the United States including the country of Japan. It has captured the attention of a Hollywood movie producer and screenwriters. Currently, Shoe Marks is being transposed into a screenplay and will be submitted to agents when complete.

Shoe Marks has endorsements from Cy-Fy Channel Ghost Hunters T.A.P.S. affiliates, The Discovery Channel’s famous Bill Bean from ‘A Haunting’. Hollywood actor, Geoffrey Gould. Authors T.L. Jones and Neal Parks and Fox News affiliate Ian Hicken just to name a few. Karen’s novel Shoe Marks has been featured in countless radio/TV interviews as her personal story has captured the attention of millions. No way was Karen going to stop just with one book under her belt; she has teamed up with friend and author Kimberly Huddle Brouillette in creating, ‘Secrets in the Shallows’ from The Monastery Murders part one which hit the market last month. In addition, she has written two additional novels that will be on the market in the near future. They are, ‘Devil in the Details’ part of The Monastery Murders book two and Identity. The Crossroads and The Stone are in production. Every day, Karen thinks about the people who have influenced her life, especially those at University of the Ozarks and The Jones


Learning Center. She also attends high schools and universities sharing her story while encouraging special education students to never, ever give up. Karen has been asked by many to write her own story. Guess what… She has started it and the name says is all…‘Karen’s Story.’ Karen, her husband and daughter make their home in Houston, Texas. You can find Shoe Marks in digital or paperback at http://www.synergebooks.com/ebook_shoemar ks.html ‘Secrets in the Shallows’ can be found at http://www.synergebooks.com/ebook_secretsin theshallows.html Please visit her on the web at karenvancehammond.com or on Facebook under Karen Vance Hammond.


Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?

Remember that old rime, sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me? Well, we all know by now that it's not true. Words not only have the power to hurt, but they also have the power to start wars and to destroy. Yet, words also have the power to heal and fix things. Words are the most powerful form of communication we have and should be used wisely. 31

Years ago I would speak before I would think. You never knew what was going to come out of my mouth. It was usually something stupid or unimportant. Seldom did wisdom flow from my lips. Unintentionally, I would say things that would hurt people’s feelings or even make them mad. Sometimes I would talk about things I either shouldn't discuss, or things that I knew nothing about. Yep, my mouth was full of confusion. Here I am 30 years later using word to help other to use words wisely. I didn't change overnight and went through a long period of word filtering. It took years to learn the right words to say and when to say them, but most of all, when to keep quiet and not speak at all. I found that the key to using words wisely is to think twice and speak once. Every time we open our mouth to utter a sentence, we either build, destroy, or talk about the weather/nothing substantial. When the right words are used in the right sequence, very good or very bad things can develop. Knowing when to speak and knowing when to shut up is an art in itself. Sometimes saying the right words at the wrong time can be as bad as not speaking up at all. Saying you’re sorry to someone or telling your wife how good dinner is may be one of most important things you could say all day. Because confronting someone with an attitude or a problem can be tricky, thinking things through and using the right words will decrease your chances of frailer. Even a person that is limited in their vocabulary can still choose to not speak or be careful in what they say. A person that uses cuss words regularly could just as

easily choose to use other words. Just because a person may be very well educated and know big words doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wise with the words they know. It is said that actions speak louder than words. Although this can be true, there are times when words are just as important. Sometimes a simple thank may be all it take to make someone dayl. There are those individuals that are limited in their actions for one reason or another, so words may be all they have to express their gratitude and appreciation. In a book, you cannot see the action going on behind the scene, so the words are the power. There is much to be said about words and the power they hold, but hopefully this short article will spark someone or open your eyes. If people would simply pay better attention to what they say or monitor how much and what flows from their lips, we would all benefit from it. By Leon Titus



or years, scientists have done hundreds of tests on the effects of the moon -particularly the full moon -- on humans, animals, seasons, events etc. While results have been inconclusive and unstable, scientists continue to research this subject. Those that have produced some kind of results to tie this connection together have reported to be flawed or unable to reproduce the same results. However, why do we always tend to ask when something strange happens, “Is it a full moon out tonight, or what?” Why do scientists continue to run tests on the subject if so far results have been full of loopholes? Regardless of scientific evidence, there is something subconsciously that tells us, yes the moon does affect us. Astrologically speaking, the placement of the moon in the zodiac when we were born is as important as the placement of the Sun in our birth chart. The sun affects our logic and conscious and is calculated approximately every 30 days, so it is easy to calculate. The moon on the other hand moves through the zodiac approximately every 3 days! So it is much harder to calculate. However, the moon affects the other side of our personality, our emotions and our subconscious. What scientists have concluded is that of all the forces that affect the oceans’ tides, nothing is as influential as the gravitational pulls of the moon as it makes its orbit around 33

Earth. Both the human body and the surface of the earth is approximately 70% water. Is this a coincidence? Is it logical for us to think that the moon can affect the tides of the oceans on Earth, but not believe that it affects the human body? Let's stop and think if we compared our mind to the Earth’s surface, how that could correlate. Land representing our conscious would only make up 30% of our thinking; our subconscious (representing water) would hold far more information (70%). Another scientific fact is when a baby is born, they consist of 78% water, versus an adult male or female which is 55%-60% water. This explains another example of why children may be more open to spiritual, paranormal things, and dreams than adults. Since the moon has effects on our subconscious personality, it surely has an effect on our dreams, a product of our subconscious at work. The reason why many of us don’t remember our dreams is because we get into the habit of not paying attention to them. Our conscious mind takes in so much information that forces us to forget our dreams usually even before we leave our house for work or school. Then, throughout the day our minds encounter thousands of images, people, conversations, thoughts, etc. Dream experts have concluded that dreams are an integral part of our mind as it sorts out all the information we take in daily. Imagine an internal filing system. It is one that files things in long term memory that we need

to remember later, things in short term memory we need soon, and discards lots of other information not needed. Other times, there are questions that we have about certain situations in our life. The answer may have already made itself known to us, however because our conscious minds are flooded with so many things, our conscious did not pick up the clue when it was there for us to see. However, our subconscious did. Therefore, the answer may come to us in a dream. It is important to listen and analyze our dreams, especially those that are very vivid to us. A good thing to do is to keep a dream journal. Our dreams tell a story. Also, a great group online that has several dream interpreters (some are writers in this magazine) is our Dream Codes group found on Facebook. .You may notice that there are times when you get a period of very vivid dreams in your life, then it may go back to your normal mundane sleep where you don’t dream that much. If the moon represents our subconscious, and our emotions, similar to the depths of the ocean, our subconscious is a mystery. I personally have very active dreams during a full moon. I was also born at the crest of a full moon. However, a friend of mine gets very vivid dreams during a new moon, but she was born when the moon was waning. Therefore, again, as the depths of the ocean are a mystery, so is our subconscious; we may never conclude what the pattern is on how the moon affects us or our dreams.


However there are some things we can determine about the phases of the moon that affect us even in our waking life. The full moon phase is when the power of the moon is at its strongest. Emotions are usually at their highest, and this is the most common time when people feel its affects. With emotions at their highest, it is no wonder we see more fights, accidents, passion etc. Therefore people are easily able to correlate these types of things happening, during a full moon. Spiritually speaking, this is a great time for receiving things into your life. On a feelings level, this is also a great time to plan a romantic night with your loved one. As the moon begins to wane, and the power of the moon decreases, this is a great time to let go of things and release. Crescent moon symbolizes cutting away those things no longer needed, by preferably recycling or giving away, instead of throwing things away (as a last resort). All energy in the universe can be released and recycled into new good energy if we focus on it. The new moon usually symbolizes a new cycle of the moon and is a great time for new beginnings and fresh starts. You have let go of what might have been holding you back. You are now ready to move forward on your new path.

As the moon begins to wax full, it is a great time to allow good things to come into your life that are positive. The moons power is gaining momentum. In pagan or wiccan circles, good luck spells are very common during this time. The half-moon is a good time to talk to people or loved ones about issues or problems. It will allow you to see both sides of the coin, and see each other’s perspectives. Therefore it may be easier to come to a compromise and work things out, versus during a full moon (emotions at their highest) or a new moon when people want to start fresh. Dreams of moons also correlate to the subconscious, our emotional or feminine side (yes men have a feminine side too), or the moon’s power. If you dream of the moon, it could also help to identify what phase the moon is in to get some additional insight as to the message that you may need to hear based on those things mentioned above. Some Rarities Blue moon is when two full moons happen in the same month. This happened in August of 2012 and will happen again in 2015, 35

hence the saying “once in a blue moon.” It is a rare occasion. It is said that the power of the blue moon cycle is doubled during that cycle and month that a blue moon occurs. An eclipse is when the moon is in direct alignment with the sun and earth. During a solar eclipse, the moon is between the Earth and the Sun. This happens during the New Moon phase. A lunar eclipse is when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon. This happens during the full moon phase. The power of the eclipse is said to allow you to briefly see behind the veil of knowledge to get a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes. The Sun represents our logic, consciousness, and our physical world; therefore, a solar eclipse gives you a glimpse of things happening behind the scenes in all those areas. In a lunar eclipse, we get a glimpse of things that are hidden, things from our subconscious, and our emotions. In most areas of the world, many people will only view a partial eclipse, but its effects can still be felt. The moon is a phenomenon that we may truly never understand 100% scientifically. However, if we look within, and follow our intuition, our subconscious will tell us, if the moon affects



The Real Boogeyman: Eater of Souls? There is a fountain that has stood for roughly five hundred years in the middle of a plaza in Bern, Switzerland, known as the Kindlifresser. Translated, this means the Child Eater; and as seen in the photo, the statue on this fountain has a child halfstuffed in his mouth, and carries a sack with three fearful toddlers for later. It was built in 1546 and is one of the oldest fountains in the city of Bern. No one really knows exactly why the fountain is there, other than a few speculative stories that have circulated, including the story of Kronos. However, this fountain has been used as some sort of boogeyman to terrify children for 500 years, and it might be there for another 500!


e have all heard about the Boogeyman. To this day, parents still use the legend as a way of scaring their children into doing good, not bad. However, does he really exist? Recently I saw a movie that talked about a pagan god named Bughuul, who was the Eater of Children's Souls. The story was written very well, to the point where thousands of people have asked, who is Bughuul? And does he really exist? The writer has confessed that he is a made up character and does not exist. The name Bughuul was created as an offspring of the Boogeyman, and therefore just expounded upon. However, upon further research, this Eater of Souls deity has existed for several hundred years, even if called by different names.


Shortly after this fountain was built, another story of the "Eater of Souls" emerged, and is still a mystery today. Before Plymouth and Jamestown, Sir Walter Raleigh took 120 men, women, and children, and bravely established one of the first English settlements on Roanoke Island in 1587. Eleanor Dare, daughter of Governor John White, gave birth to Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the Americas. Although they had made friends with some of the Natives, life on the island was difficult, and so they had to go back for some supplies. Because of the war with the Spanish and harsh weather, Governor John White was not able to return to the colony until 1590. White had told the English settlers to draw a symbol on a particular tree if they were in trouble, or to draw a map if they had to leave, to show where they had gone.

John White was looking forward to seeing his now 3 year old granddaughter, but upon arrival to the colony, everyone had vanished. No foul play seemed evident; there was no blood, there were not even any remains of any bodies! They had all completely disappeared. When White went to the designated tree, he found one word carved into the tree, "CROATAN". Also, a little further away, there were three letters, "CRO", carved into a fence post. These were the only types of messages When these first settlers came to Roanoke Island, they found a group of Native Americans that were friendly, the Croatans. They were part of three tribes that considered themselves 'the three brothers'. The eldest brother tribe was Uktena, Croatan was the middle brother, and Wendigo was the youngest brother. The Uktena and the Wendigo were against helping the white settlers, but the Croatans were not. To this day, the Uktena and the Wendigo have harbored deep feelings of resentment for the Europeans that came to the Americas in the 1500s. They refer to Europeans as the 'Wyrmcomers'; they brought the Wyrm with them. It was because of this that the Croatan tribe, who had befriended the Wyrmcomers, was sacrificed to the Wyrm - also known as the Eater of Souls. There is no existence of this tribe any more spiritually, or physically. The story says that the Croatan tribe was sacrificed to this Eater of Souls so it would return to where it came from, and spare the remaining two tribes. No one knows what really happened for sure. Archeologists still are looking for answers. Today, the colony is simply referred to as “The Lost Colony.� found. There was a group of natives that were called the Croatans; however they were not suspected, as these natives were friendly with the white settlers. When John White searched for them, they too had disappeared.


If you have ever studied Greek mythology, then you know that the Eater of Souls also has a presence in the story of Kronos (or Cronus). He was the Titan God, son of the original God, Uranus (God of the Sky), and Rhea (Mother Earth), and at one point he tried to kill his father. Cronus is usually depicted with a sickle, which he used to castrate his father; or with childlike figures, where he is eating them. A prophecy foretold that Cronus would be overthrown by his children. To avoid this prophecy, he sired his children Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon, and then devoured them all as soon as they were born. When his sixth child was born, Rhea tricked him into eating a stone instead of their son, Zeus, who was hidden from Kronos until he had grown up. Eventually, Zeus defeated his father. Zeus saved his brothers and sisters by reversing the process, and Cronus vomited up his brothers and sisters. They eventually imprisoned their father forever. A few more hundred (or thousand) years before Greek Mythology, we see that there is also an Eater of Souls in Egyptian beliefs. Ammit was known as the devourer, or soul-eater, and is depicted in hieroglyphics as the demon that stood on the lake of fire waiting to eat the souls that were not good. Ammit had the head and face of an alligator, the mane and half body of a Lion, and the lower half body of a hippopotamus. These were the three man-eating animals that the Egyptians knew. In the Hall of two truths, Anubis weighed the heart of a person against Ma'at, the Goddess of Truth. If the heart was not pure, Ammit would devour it. Once Ammit swallowed the heart, it was said to "die a second time." Ammit was not worshipped or regarded as a goddess; instead, she was all that the Egyptians feared and what was used to threaten eternal destruction on an Egyptian's soul.


The further we go back in time, we see more and more correlations to this Eater of Souls, the lake of fire, destruction, etc etc. In the bible, it is said the beast will be cast into the lake of fire one day, along with those souls that have gone there. In 1 Peter, the Bible says, " Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." In the Bible, this Eater of Souls would be the Devil; the entity that wants to destroy people's souls, not save them. One thing about the Devil, is that it is not possible to sell your soul to the Devil, or make any kind of pact that would keep you from light. Nothing can keep you sealed to be his for eternity. Light is always stronger than darkness. It may be effective, or even fun, to scare our kids with the Boogeyman, but the truth is, there are dark forces that would love to devour and destroy our souls, our spirit, and our mind to keep us from light. We may not have hardcore evidence of this entity existing, but we can see its appearance throughout the ages from the beginning of time. In whatever form this Eater of Souls may take, we must be weary of those dark energies that would love to keep us from the light. If we are honest with ourselves, I think we know this dark entity does exist, and is out there. The good news is that we have a free will. We can choose what path we want to take in life, and decide whether we want to work towards accepting or repelling those dark forces.

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