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Vantage LED of Ontario, California

Digital Sign Partner


ever An Ordinary Experience” is Vantage LED’s ( tagline, and the company strives to make it a reality for its employees, customers, and the digital sign industry as a whole. Within its own walls, the company culture is very inclusive as employees at all levels and dealer partners both big and small are treated with respect. “When you respect people across the board, that reflects not just on who you are as a company, but outside too,” says Deacon Wardlow, director of Special Ops at Spectacular Media and consultant at Vantage LED. Vantage LED surrounds itself with companies that share the same values, and it’s why it chose manufacturer’s representative Yorston & Associates, which came highly regarded. “You don’t earn that kind of a response without putting the time in and showing that you’re supporting the people,” says Wardlow. Vantage LED and Yorston & Associates have gone so far as to support dealers with customers who have been left in the lurch by other manufacturers. “We’ve actually sent out technicians to repair other manufacturers’ systems to help our dealer out,” says Wardlow. “That’s what a partner is— someone who works with people and makes sure that they’re successful.” And for sign shops seeking success in the digi-

tal signage arena, Vantage LED aims to be a true partner rather than just an “order taker.” Since a lack of knowledge seems to be keeping shops from success or entering the market at all, Vantage LED seeks to supply much-needed education through its Vantage LED University, which offers videos, brochures, white papers, and more. “We work really hard to educate the industry,” says Wardlow. “I always tell people competence equals confidence.” That competence is essential since Wardlow says the time to break into digital signage is now, and sign shops should view digital displays as just one more branding outlet to offer customers. “Digital is the way things are going now,” he says. “People are trying to find a way to reach out to the community that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and signage is the way to go. Digital signage even more so.” Vantage LED is also trying to show that digital signage can be a resource for the community. Thanks to the Cloud, new developments—like the integration of the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) feature managed by FEMA, which automatically displays a variety of alerts—are now possible. “We’re constantly looking at new technology and integration,” says Wardlow, “at how, not only to improve the product, but how we can improve programs for end-users.”


Sign Builder Illustrated // July 2015

all Photos: vantage led.

The key to breaking into the digital sign market is education and the right partner.

Sign Builder Illustrated July 2015  

This issue features stories on dimensional signage, sign regulations, routers, color management, digital printing, service trucks, LED light...

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