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Dispatches A whimsical, nautical design from KMA Design helps update a fleet's look and improve wayfinding at the dock.

A Full Fleet

Makeover Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—A fleet of six entertainment cruise ships is sailing in style with an all-new look. The Gateway Clipper Fleet, which runs in Station Square along the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, has KMA Design ( to thank for its revamped logo and branding, as well as for the new wayfinding system around the dock. Established in 1996, KMA Design specializes in environmental graphic design and handles everything from traditional graphics to Web sites. On the Gateway Clipper Fleet project, KMA worked to bring the fleet’s appearance up to date. “They wanted something whimsical and fun,” says Michael Martin, senior designer 6

Sign Builder Illustrated // November 2013

and senior associate of KMA Design. Martin notes the importance of creating an eye-catching design because the fleet is frequently on TV during the coverage of sporting events. “We try to go in with three options: traditional, a little 'middle of the road,' and then something 'off the wall.' And they actually liked the 'off the wall,'” he says. KMA Design incorporated a nautical theme with flags and a design on the sides of the boats that mimics the flowing movement of the waves. This nautical theme was also extended to the wayfinding. Previously the dock only had one small sign with an LED display. This was replaced with a new entry

Sign Builder Illustrated November 2013  

This issue features stories on ADA/wayfinding, monuments, banners, digital signage, laser engraving, neon signs, and more. It also features...

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