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The multistage surface treatment, used prior to powder coating on certain models, ensures excellent resistance against corrosion. Continuously inspected for correct temperature and chemical consistency by our in–house chemist, the painting and treatment system is one of the most advanced used in lighting manufacturing in Europe. All these technical features result in the following key points.

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Multistage pre-painting-treatment on all aluminium components including chromate dipping prior to powder coating. Multistage pre-treatment for all painted steel items. Corrosion warranty on all aluminium parts. Anti corrosion warranty on galvanised and painted steel fittings. Copper fittings are supplied in a raw finish to alow natural patina over time. Low energy option on most fittings. Choice of different colour options per range, including serveral hand patina options after request.



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Norlys 2014  

Norlys 2014