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Sighthound How Tony’s Reading Dogs are changing lives Charity Spotlight:

The Greyhound Sanctuary Dylan.

The Champion Survivor

The hound portrait painter with a singular eye

Woody the wonder dog a dog who has bounced back from the brink more than once

Glamour of the Borzoi

Foxy Roxy’s Product Feature:

5 Great Raincoats for your hound

issue 3 1 Kevin the Whippet | Murray the lurcher | Victoria Kingston + Much MORE!

Welcome News

Sighthound issue 3 SIGHTHOUND EZINE WAS CREATED to bring you some of the most engaging and interesting sighthound stories, news and roos. We hope you enjoy this issue



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Glamour of the Borzoi

Woody the wonder dog


Do Thunder Shirts Actually Work? 17

The hound portrait painter with a singular eye


Scout - a guiding light - Tracey Ison RVN

Hufton Hound & Home - a passion 11 for design, an eye for beauty



Dylan. The Champion Survivor 19 - Hounds First Sighthound Rescue Puppy Love - Victoria Kingston



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33 Charity Spotlight - The Greyhound Sanctuary Foxy Roxy’s Product Feature - 5 Great Sighthound Raincoats


How to welcome your new 30 little best friend - Tracey Ison RVN


Kevin the Whippet’s Jingle Balls Foto Booth Challenge


Harvey’s Law


How Tony’s Reading Dogs are changing lives



Star Hounds for Homing


Murray the lucky Lurcher The Greyhound Sanctuary


a word from your editor Hellooo and welcum back to our festiv ishu of Sighthound ezine! Hi there Houndy luffers! We got some luffly snaps again for yer this issue from one of our fave photographers Liz from Madaboutgreys. One day I will get to be on the cover! Our cover star this time is Woody the Wonder Dog, and you can read his story which is a wunderful tail. We are reely glad he has becum the luffly dog he was meant to be. We also got an update on Dylan (was Bill) after he won the PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year Award! Great way to go Dylan! And more luv on the horizon in the form of our new recwuit Foxy Roxy, who is settin up her own product review ‘Best of Everthing Dog’ blog on our sooper dooper new website! She will be lettin you know what’s hot to trot and her fave dressin - up bits and bobs (y’know that girlie stuff). We fink she will be a big hit anyways. On the downside she did chew through our mainframe computer cable causing the whole 3rd ishu to be put in jeppardy, but hey that’s just a puppy dog’s perogativ!


Sighthound magazine is brought to you by Welcome News, a new concept in charity publishing. We promote and celebrate the work of causes that are close to our hearts, both in the UK and abroad. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this issue. We are grateful for your time and patience.


Kevin the Whippet has his winning entry, the lovely Sky and we can reveal the rescue that is to get a free pack of food fwom Pooch & Mutt from our Secret Sighthound Santa is Lurcher SOS Lurcher and Sighthound Rescue! Well dun to them and to our 12 Greys of Xmas winners who should all have received their free sample pack of Pooch & Mutt yummies. So, some usual faves plus we even got Danny the Reading Dog! Ta Da! See our new website at Lotsa lurve hearts from yer favourite Ed, The Igster x Editor at Large and my lickle elpers Patricia & Steve x

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Cover Photo: Woody, by Liz Coleman at Madaboutgreys - see page 5 for more about Woody.

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Back Cover Photo: Look Back, by Lachlan Hardy - visit Lachlan’s Flickr account here.

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Tracey Ison RVN

Scout – a guiding light Scout’s message is very simple - every dog deserves a chance


cout was picked up on the streets of County Durham in 2011 when he was just a puppy and taken to a local council pound. Scout was initially thought to be both blind and deaf and was also suffering from mange and a bad case of kennel cough. Initial thoughts were that maybe it would be kinder to put Scout to sleep, after all, who would want a puppy with so many problems?

love far and wide. He has made a fantastic ambassador for East Midlands Dog Rescue (and more recently Hound Aid) representing both rescue dogs and dogs with disabilities. Scout’s rescue story also demonstrates how different rescue organisations will pitch in and work together to help a dog in need, no matter how poor the outlook may be.

him he would make his mark on the world and that in his own special way, he would make the world a brighter place.

Luckily for Scout, three rescue organisations - Lancky Dogs, GALA and EMDR joined forces to save Scout’s life and bring him to safety. Scout then made what has been dubbed ‘the journey of hope’ cross-country alongside 12 other waifs and strays, all looking for a brighter future and a loving home. We were lucky enough to be chosen as Scout’s new guardians.

Scout’s rescue story demonstrates how different rescue organisations will pitch in and work together to help a dog in need, no matter how poor the outlook may be.

As ambassador for EMDR, Scout attends many fundraisers and meet-and-greets. This is to help raise much needed funds and also to raise awareness of the plight of so many dogs still waiting for their chance in rescue centres everywhere.

I decided to nominate Scout for the Royal Canin Rescue Dog of the Year award, after a friend sent me a link. Scout is very well known and loved by many people and I felt it was time to spread a little more Scouty-

I was also advised when we first adopted Scout that due to his genetic problems he may have a shortened lifespan, so we promised

Although Scout is not deaf, he is almost totally blind but this does not hold him back in the slightest. His positive, enthusiastic approach to life never fails to melt the hearts of all who meet him and he has a lot of friends both human and canine.

If he is lucky enough to win the title – East Midlands Dog Rescue will receive enough Royal Canin food to feed up to 50 kennel dogs for a whole month – this would truly be the icing on the cake for us. Scout’s message is very simple - every dog deserves a chance.

About Tracey Tracey is a veterinary nurse and owner of three whippets and a lurcher. She has recently

published a book entitled ‘For the love of Hounds’, which is available to buy on Amazon.


By Shelley Meyern

Woody the Wonder Dog Undaunted and unbowed, Woody is a dog who has


bounced back from the brink more than once

oody, a greyhound saluki cross, was picked up straying in County Clare, Ireland. He was in a sorry state, had stressed related mange, was emaciated and so unhappy and hungry he had started to chew the end of his own tail. His left ear had a piece missing from when his ‘owners’ had removed his tag. It was a miracle he had survived at all – but he did. Woody was lucky enough to be taken in by the very kind Sheena at Burren Animal Rescue and slowly but surely, this ever so timid and scared boy began to gain weight and his skin, with lots of tlc, started to improve.


In June 2012, Woody travelled from Burren Animal Rescue to Lurcher SOS in England and into the safe hands of Laurie and Ed. Woody was rehomed from Lurcher SOS quite soon after arriving but returned after one week as his new owners had to relocate unexpectedly and felt it was unfair to take him with them. A second homing seemed the one until he was again sent back through no fault of his own. A dog that bounces back to rescue once is hard to rehome, a dog that bounces back twice, suffers from travel sickness and is scared (particularly of men) left Lurcher SOS with a big ask. By now he had also generated a bit of


In the two years since Woody was adopted he has transformed into the dog he was always meant to be.

a following online, with lots of people willing him to find his perfect home and a thread on the Lurcher SOS forum of sizeable length! In December 2012, Woody had some visitors which included a lurcher called Piper. The two dogs seemed to get along and while Woody initially shied away, he allowed his prospective new owners to take him for a short walk and sealed the deal by resting his head on the hip of his new mum in a show of affection. On the 31st December 2012, he left Lurcher SOS for the third and last time! It’s not been all plain sailing, as anyone who has rehomed a dog will know! In the two years since Woody was adopted he has transformed into the dog he was always meant to be. He has gained weight, developed an amazing


muscle tone from so much running and regular walks where he has an almost perfect recall, and has developed a confidence which warms the hearts of everyone who has known him from the day he first came home. He successfully graduated from six weeks of dog school where he was instantly promoted from the Beginners to Intermediate class. He now knows what it is like to play with toys, have cuddles and regular meals (tuna as a treat is his favourite), sleep in a nice warm bed and be truly loved. There are occasionally times when he shies away from new people but this is a far cry from the boy who would veer in the opposite direction to oncoming men when out on walks. He is still a little travel sick but even this has got better and he happily jumps into the car for adventures.

Woody has turned into an amazing boy and the confidence he has developed has allowed us to see his cheeky side, and many a toy has ended up in the washing up bowl or on top of the cupboards as he flings them around the house! He has also does an amazing ‘pogo jump’ when he gets excited and just loves to go out for walkies. He was never much of a tail wagger when he arrived and it warms our hearts to see this every time he does it. He even has a girlfriend named Daisy, a beautiful greyhound / poodle cross and they both get so excited to see each other when out on walks! There are a range of things that make us smile about Woody. Seeing him run laps around the field, his mouth open, smiling away as he tears around. Listening to him as he talks to us in a way only Woody can. Watching him

contentedly rest in his favourite ‘Woody chair’, a great big armchair he has claimed all for himself and I’m sure he would spend all day in it if we let him! Ultimately what Woody strikes us as is grateful. Grateful for being rescued by Burren Animal Rescue and Lurcher SOS and grateful for being adopted into a home which could not show him any more love than he gets. But, it’s us who are grateful…grateful that Woody choose us to reveal his truly beautiful self to. The photos you see are all courtesy of Liz Coleman at Madaboutgreyss who not only donated her time to Lurcher SOS to start Woody’s modelling career as he was looking for a home but has since had the pleasure of photographing Woody and Piper in their forever home.

He now knows what it’s like to play with toys, have cuddles and regular meals, sleep in a nice warm bed and be truly loved.


Senior Sighthound Project & iheartwhippets

The hound portrait painter with a singular eye Senior Sighthound Project and iheartwhippets fundraising events are hosted on Facebook to help sighthound rescues, and they are going from strength to strength.



Paolaaola holds holds 2 auctions 2 auctionsper peryear year with the proceeds the proceeds being being splitsplit between between 3 sighthound 3 sighthound rescuesrescues each each time. time. The Christmas The Christmas Auction Auction went really went really well and well and the upcoming the upcoming Spring Spring auction auction will donate will donate to to Senior SeniorSighthound Sighthound Project, project, Just Whippets Rescue and Erin Hounds Sighthound Rescue. For February 2015, Senior Sighthound Project’s online raffle features artist Robert Clarke, a gifted painter of canines. Imbued with a sense of personality that ‘captures the essence of the dog’, Robert Clarke’s drawings and paintings have attracted global attention. Clarke is regularly commissioned to make portraits of celebrities canine friends and has held exhibitions in both London and New York. Clarke prides himself on getting to know his subjects, measuring each dog’s ‘playfulness and attitude’ to bring his work to life. But he didn’t always have such an easy relationship with dogs. Aged 3, Clarke was attacked by a large German Shepherd called Timber and from then on lived in fear of the animals. ‘If I saw a dog off the lead walking down the street I would cross over or even go back the way I’d come and hide.’ It wasn’t until his girlfriend decided to get a Jack Russell puppy and Clarke attended

a Jack puppy Russell club,puppy whereand he Clarke met allattended sorts of dogs a puppy andclub, learned where howhe to bond met all with sorts them, of dogshe andovercame learned how bond with them, that his to fear. Marrying his that hedraftsmanship overcame his with Marrying skilled eye for his skilled draftsmanship withenabled an eye Clarke for his sitters mischievousness to sitters turn mischievousness his childhood fearsenabled into friends. Clarke to turn his childhood fears into friends. Born in Luton in 1963, Clarke showed Born artistic in Luton in 1963, Clarke local showed early promise by winning art early artistic promise by winning‘Olocal art competitions and completing Level’ competitions completing ‘O of Level’ and ‘A Level’ and art before the age 16. and ‘Aa Level’ art before theatage of 16. After foundation course Barnfield, Clarke After awas foundation one of the course few to at be Barnfield, accepted Clarke was one of the few to beofaccepted to study at St Martin’s College Art. ‘My to study at St Martin’s Art. ‘My foundation course wasCollege a good of one… but foundation good one… but not many ofcourse us got was into aLondon schools.’ not many of us got into London schools.’ Upon graduation, Clarke’s large abstract canvases Upon graduation, and animal Clarke’s drawings large abstract were canvases in and animal drawings were displayed group and solo exhibitions displayed in groupLondon and solo exhibitions in Cork Street, and Galleria in CorkHamburg Street, in London andhis Galleria Pointe, 1990, but ‘work Pointe, Hamburg 1990, but more his ‘work was changing andinbecoming and more was changing figurative.’and becoming more and more figurative.’ After a spell of teaching the Foundation After a spell of teaching the Foundation Course in Luton, Clarke decided to move Course in Luton, Clarke decided move to advertising to supplement his to income. He to advertising remained at toMagic supplement Hat forhis 6 years income. as He remained at Director Magic Hat for 6returning years as their Senior Art before their Seniorand Art Director returning to painting opening before the gallery PEA in to Clerkenwell, painting andLondon openinginthe 2001. gallery Clarke’s PEA then in Clerkenwell, girlfriend decided London to in 2001. get 2 puppies Clarke’s then girlfriend to get which Clarke decided says ‘This was2 apuppies major departure for me. I would go to puppy

whichand Clarke a doing major club meet says other‘This dogs was and in departure would go to puppy so, my fearfor of me. dogsI disappeared.’ club and meet other dogs and in doing so, my fear dogs disappeared.’ Clarke’s birdofpaintings were regularly sold at FRANK, Kent and Elphicks Gallery, Clarke’s but birdit paintings were regularly London, wasn’t until a client who sold at his FRANK, Kentasked, and ‘Does Elphicks noticed work and he Gallery, London, but itcareer wasn’tin until a do dogs?’ that Clarke’s canine client who took noticed work and asked, paintings off.his Rebecca Hossack ‘Does he London do dogs?’ career Gallery, & that NewClarke’s York signed in canine paintings Clarke a month aftertook his off. first Rebecca painting Hossack Gallery, London & sent NewtoYork of a Smooth Fox Terrier was the signed as Clarke a monthcard. afterSince his first gallery a Christmas the painting of Smooth Fox Terrier was ‘A-Z sent success ofahis first solo exhibition to the gallery as a Christmas Since of Dogs’, Clarke has held card. exhibitions the success first solo both sides of of thehis Atlantic and exhibition has been ‘A-Z of Dogs’, Clarke has held commissioned for his dog exhibitions paintings both sides of the Miami, AtlanticNew and has in Los Angeles, Yorkbeen and commissioned his dog paintings London. He hasforpainted a number of in Los Angeles, New York and well known dogs Miami, including Kate Moss’s London.Alan He Carr’s has painted a Joyce, numberTim of Archie, Bev and well known dogs Kate Moss’s Walker’s Stig, as including well as Fergie (Black Archie,Peas) Alan and Carr’s BevLoaf’s and Joyce, Eyed Meat canine Tim Walker’s Stig, as well as Fergie friends. (Black Eyed Peas) and Meat Loaf’s canine says friends. Clarke ‘I try to capture the essence of the dog. Each dog has a different Clarke says –‘I so try Itotry capture the essence personality to capture that in of the Sometimes dog. Each itdog has a together different paint. all comes personality so I times, try to it’s capture that in like magic - –other the smallest paint. like Sometimes all comes detail adding ait dot to the together eye that like magic other times, it’sthe thecanvas.’ smallest makes the -dog spring from detail like adding a dot to the eye that makes the dog spring from the canvas.’

Robert illustrates the Senior Robert illustrates Senior Sighthound Project the Raffle and Sighthound Project Raffle and captures that all important captures that all important sighthound personality like sighthound personality like no-one else can. no-one else can.


Hufton Hound and Home

A passion for design, an eye for beauty



lare Hufton is quite simply a one woman dynamo, who set up her bespoke business dedicated to producing quality sighthound coats and accessories from scratch. She is currently donating a percentage from the sales of her coats to Just Whippets (formerly Scruples) Rescue, and her commitment to sharing her passion for quality canine products really shines out. Clare originally found her calling as a product designer whilst working within the design department at Nottingham Trent University. ‘Being around inventive people is very inspiring and got me thinking. I’ve always been creative and enjoyed making things.’ Her range incorporates coats, collars and blankets for dogs, hound themed throws and cushions for the home, jewellery and Harris Tweed messenger bags for owners. All her coats can be made-tomeasure on request using a variety of colours and textures. Hufton Hound and Home began life in May 2014, but is already making its mark within canine couture with beautiful designs, incorporating soft woollen fabrics, waterproof quilting and designer


fabric prints. Clare showcased her products for the first time at the summer fair in the small town of Bingham where she lives - and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback she received from her customers. ‘I wanted to design a range of sighthound themed products that I would buy myself and a range of coats and collars that I would be proud to have my whippet Poppy wearing on our walks in the countryside. It seems to have worked – one lady said to me at the Great Greyhound Gathering last year – ‘Your things are just beautiful I want to buy them all!’ which was so lovely to hear’ Since starting the business Clare has had the pleasure of meeting many sighthound owners at dog shows just like her, whose dogs are everything to them. ‘Greyhounds, Italian greyhounds, whippets and lurchers are very loyal and loving dogs and are often adopted after being rescued following maltreatment, which gives extra incentive to spoil them rotten!’ However, unlike most dog


breeds, sighthounds do actually need a good quality coat especially in winter, as they are short-haired and do feel the cold. Clare says ‘A friend of mine mentioned that when it comes to finding coats for her greyhounds, the colours can be quite dull. It’s generally blacks and browns and nothing very exciting, because of their size’. So Clare creates warm colours and tones to match the sparkling personalities of her favourite breeds. She has even designed some whimsical tweedy bow ties to be worn for that important special occasion! This year Clare plans to take the business to the next level and get her products stocked in local stores. She will shortly be releasing a list of dog show dates around the UK where Hufton Hound and Home will be trading. Once there you will be able to see, try on and purchase all her products and get your beloved sighthound fitted up for their next winter coat.

A wonderful partnership Hufton Hound and Home recently partnered up with Annemarie King, aka The Phodographer, who is based in York, to produce some stunning images for the website and show off the colours and quality of her attractive designs. As you can see, the results are wonderful. Annemarie said ‘Clare and I first met when she commissioned me to make some images for Hufton Hound and Home that would really showcase her lovely products and ethos behind the company. ‘Some time later, I was planning ‘The Phodographer 2015 Sighthound Calendar’ and I had a vision for ‘Mr September’. I wanted a Greyhound picture with a country gent feel and just knew that Claire’s gorgeous Harris tweed coats and accessories would be perfect for this shoot!

‘I asked Clare if she would like to collaborate on our next shoot, so Hufton Hound did the doggy styling and I designed the pictures. I think we were a pretty good team because together with the utterly gorgeous Mac the Greyhound, the picture that came to be known as ‘Sherlock Bones’ was created. Here he is in his super Hufton Hound and Home tweed bow tie!

sighthounds do actually need a good quality coat especially in winter, as they are shorthaired and do feel the cold.

See the Hufton Hound and Home range via and You can follow Clare and Poppy’s travels at where Clare will be posting her ‘Handsome Hound Spotting’ photos taken from around the UK with lots of HHH prizes to be won! The Phodographer can be contacted via her website here.


Glamour of the

BoRzoi When it comes to glamour, there is no other breed that has such an impressive track record as the Borzoi.


When it comes to glamour, there is no other breed that has such an impressive track record as the Borzoi. Also known as the Russian Wolfhound, the name Borzoi originated as the word for ‘swift’ in Russian. The graceful breed was photographed with many female film stars of note in the early 20th Century. Borzois are known for their elegance, star presence and the beauty of their sumptuous long-haired coats.

The fledgling Hollywood film industry, along with the Art Deco movement, ensured that the Borzoi

The Borzoi was originally bred in Russia in the 19th Century by the aristocracy, who kept large kennels, in order to hunt wolves and other prey. Their hunting expeditions developed into a national sport by the end of the 1800s. When the revolution came, many were destroyed as the Sun finally set on the last days of the Russian Empire. Some were exported to England and were bred by the British, including being championed by the Duchess of Newcastle. The first Borzoi eventually arrived in America in the late 1880s. The fledgling Hollywood film industry, along

became the with the Art Deco movement, ensured that the pin-up dog of Borzoi became the pin-up dog of choice for choice for any

any self-respecting flapper and ‘It Girl’.

They feature widely in fashion plates during

self-respecting this period and in art illustrations of the 1920s, flapper and as the personification of modernity, speed and (along with other sighthound breeds) a

‘It Girl’. beautiful symbol of the dawning of a new age. 16

Previous page: ‘Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt’ by Clairin Henderson Top left: Greta Garbo | Top right: Pola Negri Above: Kathleen Florence May, Duchess of Newcastle with one of her champion Borzois.

by Diane Campbell

Do Thunder Shirts Actually Work? We get the lowdown from Arthur the Lurcher


y darling black lurcher, named Arthur, is blind – but no pity please! He is a very well adjusted, loving and a much adored companion. He is loved by everyone he meets and is a real ‘social butterfly’ – with just one fly in the ointment – he is petrified of fireworks! I had researched just about every single homeopathic remedy out there, and having purchased so many of the available treatments on the market I was fast losing hope of finding anything that worked. I


needed something that would calm and suit my little boy as most of the products did nothing to calm Arthur but would upset his tummy. One day as I was reading my Dogs Today magazine, I came across an advert for a ‘Thunder Shirt.’ Was this going to help my Arthur? I rang my good friend Judy (as I have no computer) and she found the phone number for one of the companies that supplies them. Thanks Judy – you’re a star! I rang them and explained my situation.


They were my last hope as I am really reluctant to medicate via a vet, as I was worried that being blind, Arthur may lose his coordination. He knows his way around the house and the back garden and is as familiar with his walks as the back of his hand (sorry – paw!) so I did not want to sedate him.

Previous: Arthur takes a break in his favourite armchair Below: Diane with her black beauty Arthur

I received my boy’s Thunder Shirt the very next day and as we were getting loud fireworks going off every night – now was my chance to try it. I gave Arthur his tea early, put on the Thunder Shirt and waited with baited breath! It was not long

before the dreaded fireworks started. I looked at Arthur and he seemed dead to the world…I was then worried I had put the shirt on wrong? Was it so tight I had stopped him from breathing? I was so concerned that I put my finger on him and poked him gently. He opened one eye – he was really just fast asleep! The fireworks weren’t bothering him and he was sleeping through them. Whoopee… success at last. I was so relieved for Arthur. I am still not certain how it really works but all I do know is that it works for my dear boy – so do I really care how

it has the desired effect? No – I don’t - but all I do know is that he is able to cope - or even sleep - when fireworks are being let off! I am just so happy for my darling black blind lurcher lad. Just after writing this – I was still a bit sceptical whether the shirt would work on New Year’s Eve, when we would be bombarded by extremely loud pops and bangs….so I was even more astounded by ‘The Shirt’ when Arthur even ventured out into the garden for a wee whist the sky was filled with noise and lights. OK – so he didn’t linger but the fact he went out at all is a miracle!

Diane Campbell - Hound Mother ‘Ever since childhood I had wanted a dog and I regularly used to watch a local chap walk his greyhounds. It wasn’t until my husband became housebound that I finally got my first grey. The arrival of Benny caused a bit of a row, but eventually he became almost as much Terrry’s dog as mine – as dogs do have a bit of a habit of becoming either the man or the woman’s. Terry passed away in 1998 and this is when Barbie joined me, as I was concerned that Benny would be all alone when I had to go out. So 1 became 2…and over the next few years my canine family expanded, so that In the intervening years I have said farewell to Benny and 11 subsequent greys, plus lurcher Boris. I currently have 5 greys plus my blind lurcher boy Arthur!’


Hounds First

Dylan. The Champion Survivor We revisit everyone’s darling, Dylan who has become an important ambassador for rescue and rehoming in the UK


ack in our first issue we reported a story that was to run and run. Bill and Ben were found in July at death’s door. They were emaciated, covered in painful sores and mange, and had been abandoned. They were discovered wandering and alone on a country lane in South Wales. A kind soul found them while out driving and luckily drove them to the local pound. Staff at the pound did not expect Dylan to survive the night and said it was


the worst case of neglect they had seen; he had no fur and was so malnourished that he was skeletal. Despite the odds, it soon became apparent what fighters both Ben and Bill – now Dylan, were. They spent weeks in the pound in isolation, overcoming terrible contagious mange. His owner Jamie picks up the story ‘They were then taken on by Hounds First Sighthound Rescue and temporarily placed in one of their brilliant foster homes. The moment

we saw Dylan’s picture, we fell in love. We adopted him in September and he has settled so well with us and our 2 year old working cocker spaniel. 5 months later, whilst still hand shy and a little underweight, he is proving to be very loving and determined and is on his way to full rehabilitation’. Ben was also able to start life over, and the success is a testament to the working together of the rescue community to save dogs that are cruelly dumped and turn them around. And the ultimate victory came along for Dylan when he won the hard fought vote to become the PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year. Dylan appeared on BBC Breakfast and featured in the Express. He is a wonderful ambassador for sighthounds and for supporting rescue and rehoming. The award recognises Dylan’s sheer determination to overcome all the odds stacked against him, as well as Jamie’s devotion. She says ‘Dylan had been very wary of humans while he was being fostered, and understandably was easily spooked. He had no muscles; his back was still marked with sores and his hair was growing back in wispy patches. The team at Hounds First had to gradually build up his walks from 10 minutes to an hour, which helped Dylan build muscle.

His sores dried up and he started to get that sparkle back in his eyes. ‘Since coming home with us in September, two months after being found, his cheeky side has really started to come out. He loves to steal tea towels and clothes and hide them in his crate. He loves cuddles on the sofa and often has us in stitches with his playful antics. ‘Dylan is such a boy, despite everything he has been through. It’s a miracle he is able to trust people again. We are so proud he has won this amazing award and we really feel it’s a tribute to him, but also to the people who helped him along the way. We are so grateful to everyone who has been part of this journey and despite the evil in the world, the world is also full of very kind and selfless people with wonderful hearts and souls.’ Dylan has touched the lives of many people and has a Facebook group with a legion of fans following his progress. Jamie says ‘His terrible start in life breaks our heart but we feel blessed it led him to us - for us he is very special.’

Previous page: Jamie and Dylan Above left: Jamie, foster-mum Rachel and the crew Above right: Dylan his cheeky self

We are so proud he has won this amazing award and we really feel it’s it’s not only a tribute to him, but also to the people who helped him along the way. pet-survivor-2014 Here is a link to Dylan’s video: https://m. be&v=TUcvM5AJqC4


Victoria Kingston



or the moment, I am not writing about puppy breeders – not the decent, responsible ones which we know exist. Nor the puppy farms, which can be disreputable, insanitary, heartless and mercenary. Much needs to be said about this – but not here and now. What I am writing about is the fuel that drives this cruel trade – the people who do the buying. If people did not flock in droves to buy “handbag dogs” which don’t, as they expect, sit quietly in a


handbag all day, but require care and attention round the clock – then nobody would breed them. Because there wouldn’t be a demand for them. It all starts with the general public. People respond to advertisers and movie makers with their Old English sheepdogs, Labradors, and recently dachshunds. They drool over a tiny Chihuahua that fits in the hand, a squashy-nosed pug that slips under the arm, a Yorkshire terrier that folds up on the lap. They don’t bother to train this tiny, lively puppy, so that by the time it is a year old, they find have

a badly behaved, energetic dog, who through no fault of its own, transgresses and is punished for it. Without ever knowing why. When these irresponsible people get angry because their little treasure has ripped things up in the house, driven them crazy with incessant, shrill barking or stolen food from the coffee table – they punish the dog or they get rid of it. If it is lucky, to a rescue centre. If not, to the river, the motorway – or tied to a tree. It doesn’t bear thinking about. But it happens. And it all starts with the mawkish, sentimental obsession that some people have with a tiny, helpless puppy. I was in the vet the other day – with one of my greyhounds. Two men and two women came in – one woman carrying a minute pup, wrapped in a blanket. She was kissing and stroking it, as though it were a cuddly toy. They were all bursting with selfsatisfaction and told me it was

due the second inoculation in a fortnight, and today - here for its nails to be clipped. Well, full marks for the care and attention, but four adults? The puppy looked overwhelmed by it all. Would you like to stroke her, they asked me? I said I wouldn’t, because she hadn’t had her second inoculation and I have five greyhounds – and didn’t want to pass on anything to her. They looked mystified. They had never heard of this. Oh well, good luck with that one, then. As I rose to take my Sarah into the vet, I glanced back at this lovely bundle of innocence and vulnerability. It’s people who generate and fund this terrible puppy trade. And it’s people who could stop it. By having a rescue dog. Or one from a reputable breeder. I looked at this puppy and thought of the words of the song: will you still love me tomorrow? I do hope so, little one.

Victoria Kingston’s latest book Doggy Mixtures, a collection of lovely stories, is available now priced £6.95. She has also written Hounds At Home, in collaboration with Hilary Johnson. Victoria has a lifetime of experience with dogs and lives with David and five rescue greyhounds. More about Victoria and her books can be found on her website:

Victoria Kingston Victoria Kingston graduated with an English degree from University College London and qualified as a teacher at London University. She grew up in Leicester before emigrating to Australia and New Zealand when she was nine. Returning to London at age 13, she spent her teenage years enjoying books, films, trips to markets – and of course, dogs. She considers herself to be a Londoner and proves it by complaining about the noise, traffic and pollution at regular intervals. She lives there with her partner David and five greyhounds. She co-founded and co-ordinates Hound Aid, a support group which raises funds and provides supplies for smaller animal charities in the UK and Spain. Victoria taught English and Creative Writing before ill health made her change career to become a full-time writer. She writes magazine features on show business and also gives local talks about her writing and dogs. Hounds At Home, co-written with Hilary Johnson, is in its second edition and also on Kindle. It depicts the highs and lows of living with adopted greyhounds. Her latest book is Doggy Mixtures, a collection of stories about many breeds of dog and her diverse experiences. You can order these books on Victoria’s website.

photo credit :

Liz Coleman,


Charity Spotlight

The Greyhound Sanctuary



he Greyhound Sanctuary is a small, independent charity in the West Country run by volunteers and headed up by the indomitable Sally. It has been going since 2007 and is based in Devon. The charity is fortunate enough to have space at the nearby Kinnings Boarding Kennels although numbers are limited to the capacity of the rescue. They are well known in The West Country and far beyond, for hosting their fabulous large events, co-ordinated by the multitasking chief organiser Sally and a team of volunteers and supporters.. Their 1000 Sighthounds event in 2014 was her second year of organising it and a huge amount of work is involved. The story of 1000 Sighthounds and introducing Canine Capers 2015… Sally says ‘The original idea was to create a gathering of greyhounds to make a Guinness Book of Records attempt of most hounds walking at one time. We aimed for 1000 and had over 350. Not a bad start we thought! So we ran the event again last year and again had a great turn out.’ 1000 Sighthounds has been hosted 3 times so far, with dancing dogs and shire horse displays, the sponsored walk itself, along with fun dog show competitions. Everyone loves the atmosphere and knowing the events are raising money for a great cause just adds to the community spirit.

The original idea was to create a gathering of greyhounds to Make a Guinness Book of Records attempt of most hounds walking at one time.


Stryder has found his forever home since arriving at the Sanctuary and is doing really well settling in with his new family. Many Sighthound charities and groups have attended the event including Scruples Whippet Rescue (now Just Whippets Rescue), Oldies Club, Hounds First, Podenco Friends, Dorset and Somerset area Retired Greyhound Trust and Greyhounds In Need, Greyhound Rescue Wales and Nowzad. Guto The Whippet has also been in attendance to help owners create their own upcycled hound coats and outfits. In September this year the event is changing to be renamed “Canine Capers”, ‘So it is much more open to all breeds of dogs and this will help attract even more supporters and so raise those much needed funds. It can sometimes be hard to keep going when you have to make decisions in circumstances where there is very little income coming in, and before Christmas it was a particularly hard time for Sally and the Sanctuary’s supporters. With 6 hounds due to come over from Ireland and very little in the kitty, there was a real doubt as to whether the small rescue could continue. Supporters pulled together with online auctions and a dog show however, and dedicated Sally and her team have been busy fighting back, committing to running Canine Capers in its new format in 2015.


We will also be helping to promote the event so it’s exciting times and new hope for The Greyhound Sanctuary this year. And hounds Stryder (pictured above), Dolly, Apollo, June, Cody and Johnny did in the end make it in time for New Year to start their new life after travelling from Ireland, so well done to all the supporters and fundraisers who have continued to hold on tight. Sally said ‘Stryder has found his forever home since arriving at the Sanctuary and is doing really well settling in with his new family. Sadly, it was discovered that Apollo has a medium to severe heart murmur. He was going into a home with someone who wanted a dog to run with, but unfortunately it would not be the right home for him so he has to wait for another one to come along’.


Foxy Roxy’s Product Feature

great Sighthound Raincoats

Hi there!

Foxy Roxy here, and introducing my very best style picks for gawjus raincoats, both for winter and hopefully looking forward to a springtime of slightly warmer weather, hope you like my fashionista style! Some of these coats can also take your very own moniker so you can feel like a real celeb – just like ASOS (As Seen On Sighthound!)

1 2

St Roch - Cotton Lined Greyhound Coat £18

3 4

Togs for Dogs - Italian Greyhound Waterproof Storm Coat (From £32)

Hufton Hound and Home - Quilted Whippet / Greyhound Coat (From £59)

Life of Riley Collars - Waterproof Winter Greyhound Coat £48

Next Issue... In the next issue we will be featuring lovely woolly jumpers to buy and make. If you would like to be part of this showcase please get in touch via our website:



Hound Raincoat by AGreytWayToGo (From £32)


Campaign alert

Harvey’s Law Harvey’s petition has hit over 100,000 signatures – and is going to Parliament!


arvey’s Law began life following an everyday trip to see friends in Liverpool by teacher Jude Devine. She was distraught after her poodle Harvey went missing. Tragically, Harvey was found dead on the M62 only 21 minutes after straying. But Jude only found out the news by way of Facebook over 3 months later. Jude, 43, from Sheffield, was beside herself with grief and worry. She had spent more than £8,000 to have leaflets printed and distributed in their thousands, to try to uncover any link to her Harvey. In a desperate frame of mind she even lived in a caravan so she could remain close to the search area. After several months Jude received the message on Facebook from a highway patrol officer with news she had been dreading – that Harvey had indeed been found on the M62 – and only 21 short minutes after disappearing from her sight. No written records existed with the Highways Agency to even show if Harvey - who had a microchip and collar tag - had ever been scanned in order to locate his owner. The official response about the case from Highways Agency Chief Executive Graham Dalton was that contractors had not made ‘sufficient effort to inform other authorities or locate the owner’. Now, dog and cat lovers in the UK have got behind Jude and are supporting Harvey’s Law - a campaign originally set up by Nina and Karen Blackburn. Harvey’s Law calls to make it compulsory for owners to be informed by the


Highways Agency when an animal is killed on the roads. Dubbed Harvey’s Law, and spearheaded by Harvey’s Army on Facebook, the campaign has snowballed. We were both saddened and shocked to read how common this practice is by transport authorities in the UK, and wonder how many more people have experienced this truly awful experience over the years. More than 100,000 animal lovers have joined the campaign following Harvey’s harrowing story and have now signed the petition to Parliament, to make it law to inform owners if their pets are killed on our roads. To make MPs consider legislation 100,000 signatures are needed as a minimum, so this campaign is now going to Parliament to be debated, after it recently achieved the threshold figure and caused mass celebrations to break out in the ranks. A Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted to the Highways Agency has brought up the fact that their intention is to phase out the procedure to scan pets killed on UK roads by mid Summer 2015. The petition demands as compulsory practice that attempts should be made to identify the pet and inform the owner. The Backbench Business Committee has successfully debated the campaign and received a very clear message. Nina Blackburn, who wrote the petition says ‘For members of the public to have to go out and scan dead animals on the roads, on a voluntary basis in order to ensure that the owners are informed is outrageous. ‘The procedures are there, the money has been spent, it takes only a couple of minutes to give the owner that closure.’


Harvey now be ’s L aw has e c l i c k f n pa s s e d ! or deta ils

Jude was beside herself with grief and worry... She spent more than £8,000 to have leaflets printed and distributed in their thousands, to try to uncover any link to her Harvey. Jude adds ‘It’s really sad because we’re supposed to be a nation of dog lovers and scanning and logging dead animals on the road is such a small procedure that can save so much heartache.’ A spokesman from the Highways Agency released the following: ‘In response to the requirements of Government’s Spending Review 2010, the Highways Agency has been awarding a new type of contract that maximises efficiency and value for money for the taxpayer, without compromising road user and road worker safety. An element of this has been the removal of our mandatory policy for handling canine fatalities.’ The campaign is continuing to take signatures until the 17th March. So, have you signed? Has your family and friends signed? Anyone from 12 upwards can sign the petition so please spread the

word by signing, sharing, tweeting Harvey’s Law so that the figure of 100k will make politicians really feel the force of public opinion by the due deadline. Together we can help these committed supporters achieve their goal and help stop pet owners being left in limbo for weeks, months or years. And with the lack of true road sense demonstrated by sighthounds it’s a worry many of share. The campaign is being backed by RSPCA. PIF, Pets At Home, Jollyes, Defra, Avid and Agria Pet Insurance to name s few. Please click the graphics below to sign the petition and show your support:


Murray the lucky Lurcher

Travellin’ Light in a Winter Wonderland Hi fans, Murray here! Well I have been on me travels again over the festive period, and this time I has been up to the wonder that is Whitby to see me outlaws over Christmas. Always good fun. You may like to see me in my festive outfit, I decided on a Santa theme this year, and along with some good food there was the great company. I love Whitby, it’s very romantic and atmospheric with great walks. Be good and see you anon! Lurcher love,

Murray x


Right: My cousin Ellie – spot the difference! Bottom left: Getting in the festive mood… Bottom right: ‘Murray! Can we go home now please?’

Tracey Ison RVN

How to welcome your new little best friend Tracey Ison gives us some common sense advice


ometimes rescue puppies need a little building up, and after taking on new rescue Foxy Roxy we asked Tracey Ison what her top tips were for feeding and caring for our new sighthound pup. Tracey said ‘For puppies that need a bit of building up I always opt for a high quality puppy food, as sighthound puppies often have sensitive stomachs. My favourite is Purina Pro-Plan Puppy Sensitive, the Salmon and Rice is great for both skin and tummies. As with any change in diet, you should gradually introduce it over 5-7 days. For any dog with a coat that needs to develop that shiny, well cared for look, it can take several weeks to start to see an improvement. When we had Scout (he was four months old), his coat was awful, very sparse and scurfy and he was emaciated. It really did take months to get him into a really good condition. With some rescue dogs and puppies that have been brought up outside, they can get

a little itchy, especially if it’s winter and they are brought into a warm and comfy home. They can be unused to the warm, dry air. Supplementwise we used a spray called Humilac directly onto Scouts skin that moisturised it and reduced the scurf, proving to be a success after it was prescribed by our vet. You can also add a little oily fish to a puppy’s food (as long as their tummies can handle it) but with a good quality diet, it isn’t always essential. The temptation is always to feed more food to puppies that arrive in poor condition, but the way to go is slow and steady to build them up gradually, as too much over- feeding can cause diarrhoea. Finally, always cover the basics with itchy skin in puppies - a monthly dose of Advocate Spot On Flea and Wormer Treatment will take care of fleas, mange, roundworm and will also provide protection against the dreaded lungworm.

About Tracey Tracey is a veterinary nurse and owner of three whippets and a lurcher. She has recently

published a book entitled ‘For the love of Hounds’, which is available to buy on Amazon.


Kevin the Whippet


Kevin the Whippet’s

Jingle Balls Foto Booth Challenge Hi Foto Booth luvvers, I got vewwy into da Festiv Spiwwit dis year and so I weally went for it wiv da beard and dis time we had some luvverly festiv entwies. Once again it bin vewy hard to judge, but we can now weveal da winner is da star dat is Sky and wunners up Doris and Louie, it was hard to choose one between em. Well dun to all of dem dey both get a special Kevin’s Winner Rosette comin to dem. Der wos a consensus of opinion between da Sighthound team and meself (an blind judging of all da fotos wivvout names on) an we finked da winner had a

combi of da best outfit and avin contwacted da gweatest festiv spiwwit. So, well done an as Kevin’s Foto Booth Winners u will be sent your winners Hamper and Supa Winner’s Wosettes! An a lickle shout out as I is pwoud to say me nan an me fwend Angel’s mum is doin a fire walk to waise munny for da Stroke Associashun, we wud weally appweshiate any small donashun and any help with sharing da link:

Doris Louie the Westie Fanks and Lots of love, from ya own hot paws,

Kev x oooo

Woinonoer o Winner Sky has won a Minky’s Tweed Festive Christmas Hamper, and a much coveted big satin winner’s rosette in the post. Our runners up also receive winning rosettes.



How Tony’s Reading Dogs are CHANGing LIVES EIght years ago Tony Nevett decided to get a qualification in Animal Assisted Therapy - He’s never looked back.


Tony Nevett has taken an unusual path in life. Who would have known he would visit no. 10 Downing Street, travel the world and bring confidence into the lives of children through reading. And all because of his relationship with 2 very special rehomed greyhounds. It all started 8 years ago when Tony decided to get a qualification in Animal Assisted Therapy. His Degree was inspired by his greyhound, Scotts Kelly. A champion ex-racer, he was accepted due to his special characteristics, as a Pets As Therapy dog. Tony then read about Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.), based in Utah in the US and decided to take their examination. Both Tony and Scotts were accepted into the R.E.A.D. programme and Scotts became the very first R.E.A.D. dog in Europe.

Anyone who has ever confided in their hound or appreciated them being around when feeling unwell will know what a wonderful, calm support they can be.

He became an ambassador for the programme, which aims to help foster the love of books and reading, through the help of a non-judgemental friend who ‘listens’. Anyone who has ever confided in their hound or appreciated them being around when feeling unwell will know what a wonderful, calm support they can be. Scotts became something of a celebrity and as often happens, Tony decided to adopt another greyhound. He saw Danny on a rescue site in Ireland and he was soon joining Scotts on Tony’s sofa. Tony noticed his temperament was very laid back and calm just like Scotts, so he began taking them out together on visits. Danny became a Pets As Therapy dog too, and eventually became a Blue Cross Education Dog.


Therapy dogs are a great asset for any school or care home, and wherever Danny goes he wins new friends.


Sadly, Scotts passed away and so Danny took over the reigns to fly solo. He soon became in demand all over the UK and developed as a real celebrity canine, winning the Pride of Northamptonshire award and even going on to win the IFAW Award for the most Amazing Animal.

hit with a distribution of thousands of copies. Danny is also proud to be a member of Corridor Therapy Dogs who are also based in Cedar Rapids and appear in the book. Danny appears as one of their crack reading dogs team on their website wearing his fetching Union Jack collar!

Danny and Tony appeared on many children’s TV programmes including the BBC, and following this, Danny’s career really took on a life of its own. He has now even published his own books featuring his adventures.

Tony says ‘Therapy dogs are a great asset for any school or care home, and wherever Danny goes he wins new friends. People really love him and he has a proven positive effect on raising rates of literacy!’

His latest book, ‘Danny Strikes Out In America’ formed part of the Summer reading programme of the Cedar Rapids Kernels, a baseball team in Iowa, where it has proved a massive

Greyhounds are reputedly one of the best breeds that are known to make great therapy dogs, and along with King Charles spaniels also feature a lot in assistance work. Their temperaments


Therapy dog characteristics To become a good therapy dog there are 7 specific characteristics that hounds need to possess: ✓✓ Friendly ✓✓ Patient ✓✓ Confident ✓✓ Gentle ✓✓ At ease in all situations ✓✓ Enjoy human contact ✓✓ Like being handled and petted, even by strangers

are perfect for this important role, as it is certainly not easy to become one, and tests and health checks are ongoing throughout their working lives. Tony is obviously a big fan of therapy dogs, having witnessed first hand the difference they can make. His own life has been changed by the success of both Scotts and Danny, proving that ex-racers and rescued hounds are truly capable of transforming many lives after finding their own forever homes.


Pets As Therapy is a charity that has been running since 1983 providing therapeutic pet visits to hospitals, hospices, care homes and special needs schools - at any one time there are 45,000 dogs working in therapeutic settings. They also work one to one as Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) dogs with stroke victims and those with dog phobias. Their Read2Dogs programme helps children in classroom settings gain confidence and increase their ability to read.

We are lucky enough to have 5 Danny the Reading Dog books to give away, a great gift! Email or message us on our Facebook page and a great read will soon be winging its way to you!

The Greyhound Sanctuary

Star HOunds for homing Just a tiny selection of some of the beautiful hounds currently looking for loving homes. Why not explore the charity’s website for details of other hounds they currently have available. The Greyhound Sanctuary

The Greyhound Sanctuary

The Greyhound Sanctuary

Dolly - Dolly is nearly 2 years old, and a sweet good-natured greyhound girl, with no problems either with male or other female dogs.

Cody - Cody is a lovely boy and will do best in a home as an only dog or with a female his own size. He loves to play and is a dream to walk on the lead.

Apollo - Apollo is a young, lively boy, very loving and affectionate with humans but can be a little touchy with other males but is fine with females. He can be a bit excitable so would be best suited to a home with older children. Due to a medium to severe heart murmur, which doesn’t require treatment currently, he needs moderate exercise only.

The Greyhound Sanctuary

The Greyhound Sanctuary

The Greyhound Sanctuary

Johnny - Johnny is thought to be June’s brother, a neat sized lurcher boy and very good natured.

June - June is a sweet and petite lurcher girl, friendly and easygoing. She is a lively little lady and loves a good run around with her buddies, and is great with all dogs.

Stryder - We are happy to report that lovely Stryder has now found his forever home! Well done to The Greyhound Sanctuary for rehoming him and we hope his pals all find the same happy ending in 2015.


thanks for reading Our next issue will be out soon and we’ve already got some great stories lined up for you! If you would like a story or hound featured in our next issue get in touch at:

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