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Constitution 1. NAME a. The organisation will be called “Strathclyde International Development (SID)� 2. Charitable objectives a. To relieve Poverty or the effects of poverty b. To advance education c. To advance health 3. Activities to achieve the objectives a. To work with local and specialist non-governmental organisations (NGO) to aid in the relief of poverty using financial and other assistance where the NGO and ourselves find necessary b. To promote awareness of global poverty amongst students and other interested parties in the UK c. To promote cultural links and cultural exchange 4. Powers a. To choose to send away volunteers to countries on development projects, or to revoke that privilege, under the condition that the volunteers; i. Adhere to the agreements which individuals are party to (including the volunteer agreement, coordinator agreement or the treasurer’s agreement). ii. Purchase comprehensive personal travel insurance iii. Agree to criminal checks b. To set project targets and through liaison with local partners, set-out detailed project proposals to be acted upon


Strathclyde International Development 90 John Street Glasgow G1 1JH

c. To research and select projects fitting with the aims of the organisation, and to permit volunteers to work on those projects d. To cancel projects if; i. It is no longer fit for its purpose as a volunteer project ii. It is no longer safe to work with the partner organisation 1. Advice will be sought from the Foreign Commonwealth Office on the safety of countries or regions in which projects are performed, or volunteers must travel through to get to the project. iii. After consultation with the membership and partner organisation, the services of volunteers and Strathclyde International Development as a whole are no longer required. iv. The project no longer meets the aims and objectives of Strathclyde International Development e. To select volunteers for projects based on their skill, experience and other personal qualities which would be advantageous for a volunteer and representative of Strathclyde International Development to hold. 5. Membership a. Full membership shall be open to all students in the Glasgow area b. Membership shall run from October to October of the following year c. Membership fees are to be set by the membership at the AGM d. Membership fees must be paid by members one calendar month after selection e. Members shall cease to be so if; i. That member dies


Strathclyde International Development 90 John Street Glasgow G1 1JH

ii. If SID ceases to exist iii. The members resigns with written notice to SID iv. The member is removed from membership by a resolution of the Board and the executive. v. A resolution to remove a member from membership may only be passed if: 1. the Board and the executive has discussed whether removal of the member is the most appropriate action 2. the member has been given notice at least once of the dissatisfaction of the Board with them vi. The member must be notified of the removal of their membership in a meeting which includes at least the president or Vice president and one other member of the executive

6. Management a. The organisation shall be under the democratic control of the membership b. The organisation shall be managed by i. an executive comprised of; 1. President 2. Vice-president 3. Chief of Staff 4. Head of the Treasury ii. And ordinary board members comprised of 1. Project coordinators 2. IT coordinators 3. PR/Social Convenor 4. Junior Treasurer c. all members shall have full voting rights at a general meeting d. There shall generally be no more than two coordinators for each of the projects.


Strathclyde International Development 90 John Street Glasgow G1 1JH

i. In exceptional circumstances more co-ordinators can be elected, but only if it is appropriate and the board, and the members are satisfied that an increase is required in order to manage the project effectively. e. A board member shall cease to hold office if: i. He/she becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder, illness, or injury of managing and administering his or her own affairs ii. He/she resigns from office after handing in written notice to SID iii. He/she is absent without notifying the Board from three consecutive meetings and the Board resolve that his or her office be vacated iv. the membership is no longer satisfied with the performance of the board member, and at the request of the executive or upon receipt of a petition containing the signatures of ten per cent of the membership, the secretary must schedule a special general meeting within one calendar month providing seven days notice, in order to vote on the matter. 7. Arrangements for voting of office bearers a. Voting for the executive will occur prior to project departure i. Only those who have previously held a board position can stand for an executive position ii. The presumption is that the junior treasurer will go on to be voted in as the senior treasurer. iii. All members will have one vote for each of the executive positions b. Voting for all other non-executive board positions will occur at the AGM in October, where the existing board dissolved and the new board formed. c. Any member can stand for a non-executive board position, unless it is reserved for a particular group if


Strathclyde International Development 90 John Street Glasgow G1 1JH

individuals, such is usually the case for project coordinators 8. Arrangement of meetings a. Meetings for the board and executive are to be held at least once a week b. Meeting times and places are to be decided by the board immediately after the AGM 9. Finance and fundraising a. For the avoidance of doubt, none of the group’s assets may be distributed or otherwise applied (on being wound up or at any other time) except to further its charitable purposes b. The treasurers will assume active control of the bank accounts held under SID’s name c. The treasurers will act in accordance with the guidelines set out by the executive and approved by the membership d. All money donated to SID will be considered either restricted or unrestricted according to the declared purpose for which it was donated. e. Restricted funds will only be spent on project costs of the specific project to which it was donated – namely; materials and equipment, volunteers accommodation, food and travel while on project and only while directly engaged in project work, as far as these are reasonable costs and at no extravagance. f. All other expenditure from SID as an organisation or the project groups themselves pertaining to the work of SID or with the goal of raising more money can be funded from unrestricted donations. g. No money will be paid to any of the members or office bearers as a salary. h. All work carried out by SID, and its members will be entirely voluntary and charitable


Strathclyde International Development 90 John Street Glasgow G1 1JH

i. No member shall benefit from any of the proceeds raised by SID in any form, with the exception of training provided by SID or the partner NGO as well as any onproject expenses which include food, accommodation or transport. j. Money can only be fundraised through SID for project costs or SID’s running costs i. This includes, but is not exclusive to expenses for publicity, attendance at significant conferences and training. ii. This does not include Flights for volunteers to go on project, any vaccinations for volunteers or Visa’s for volunteers. k. Any expenses must be agreed upon by a majority of the board, by a majority of the members present l. Accounts will be managed by the treasurers and statements of accounts shall be made available at the weekly board meetings. m. Under no circumstance should a bank account to be open under SID’s name without the consent of the board and the explicit consent of the executive. 10. Hand-over a. Every year the board as a whole will be dissolved at the end of the AGM, and the newly elected board will take office. b. It is only at this point that the new executive takes office. c. In the time between the election of the new executive and the AGM when they take office, the board should do all in their power to facilitate the transition to ensure continuity of the organisation. d. All documentation relating to SID will be handed over to the new board. 11. Amendments to the constitution


Strathclyde International Development 90 John Street Glasgow G1 1JH

a. The membership may amend the constitution at the annual General meeting or a Special General meeting i. A majority of two thirds must approve any amendment to the constitution ii. In order to hold a special general meeting, a petition containing the signatories of ten per cent of the members must be submitted to the Secretary, who shall then give at least seven days notice before holding a meeting to consider any constitutional amendments. 12. Dissolution a. If the members resolve to dissolve SID then the board will remain in office as board members for an additional six months or until the completion of winding up, whichever is longer, and those board members will be responsible for the completion of winding up of the organisation b. Any residual assets held by the body after dissolution will be dissolved to Student Volunteers Abroad (SVA) (registered charity number: SC 030081)

This constitution was adopted by Strathclyde International Development on Wednesday 24th November 2010


Strathclyde International Development 90 John Street Glasgow G1 1JH


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