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Specially Designed Pillows for Side Sleepers Did you know there are Pillows for side sleepers designed specifically for people who sleep on their sides? It’s true. These specially designed pillows have come to the rescue of many a side sleeper. The best pillow for side sleepershas some unique properties. For example, it is made with a curved shape to support the neck. With normal pillows, the spine and vertebrae end up compressing and put pressure in all the wrong places. A side sleeper pillow needs to cradle the neck so the spine is properly aligned when you lie down.

Side sleeper pillows should also be firm, especially around the middle of the pillow where your neck will rest. Pillows that are soft and thin leave your head too close to the bed, putting your spinal column in that uncomfortable position you know so well. However, you do not want your pillow to be too hard, or you won’t be able to get comfortable and relax. Firm but fluffy is one way to describe the perfect pillow for a side sleeper. For More Information Visit :- Side

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Specially designed pillows for side