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There are several lines in a sacred song. “It is a waste - thing, this physique is. I thought like this previously. Later I came to know this physique. Conceals the secret of Divinity.” “By spoiling and destroying health, The soul or spirit also gets destroyed”. “When looking the wooden elephant The elephant disappears and wood only appears.” When looking the world with five elements (Water, Ether, Fire, Soil and Air) The world disappears and reveals the Nature of omnipresence.

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aha Rishi Naradha was happened to come to earth where the people were actually living a life of discomfort. Those who were blessed with education (Saraswathi Kadaksha) and the others with wealth and full of money (Lakshmi Kadaksha) and the other group with power and strength ( Shakthi Kadaksha) were also facing all sort of worries. So, it was actually an astonishment ‘why the human being should live without happiness?’ In Shiva Loga, God Eswara was in meditation. The place was called by another name “Kailash”. The divines and devotees were also with the eagerness to have the dharshan (God’s presence) of Lord Shiva. Kailash is the northern mountain stretching from “Gangothri”, where the River Ganges originates. The other river, “Brahma Putra” from the eastern region gets the place of birth and flows in to western direction and bring fame to Bharat (India). Mount Everest and cave of Amaranth, all are the places of Lord Shiva. What place could be omitted? Nothing can be. God Eswara exists every where. He opened his eyes after the meditation was over. All the divines, devotees and Nandi Deva were worshipping Lord

Eswara. ‘Narayana’… ‘Narayana – the slogan of Maha Rishi Naradha added the curiosity there. Maha Rishi worshipped God Eswara and with submission, he commenced his conversation.

more time. During Simha month (Avani), on the day of Avitta (Dhanista) star, you have to go and meet “Sri Vigneshwar”, who will be showing the proper way”.

“Oh! Lord Eswara, among the three great lords, all are honored and called as “Theen Moorthy”; the creation is done by Lord Brahma who create the stars, worlds, seas and rivers; the feeder and protector Lord Naryana Moorthy feeds food and make a life for the lives and being; the destroyer, your Lordship, posses the charge of doing destruction of lives after their term of permitted times. While all these things are being properly happening, the people upon earth are suffering. I want to know further that, Goddess Parvathi, your good self’s wife, gives power and strength to the people; Goddess Saraswathi the wife of Lord Brahma gives all arts and education; Goddess Mahalakshmi wife of Lord Naryana Moorthi (Vishnu) gives all the wealth to humanity. Even then, they are under trouble – your lord ship Eswara should have the courtesy to do some Marga (remedial – act) for the uplift of humans on the earth”

The month Avani and Star (Dhanista) came and Maha Rishi went to see ‘Sri Vigneshwar’, who is the elder son of Lord Eswara. Siddhi and Bukthi were the wives of Lord Vigneswar. He had two sons. First sone through Siddhi was called as Chitranga and the next one was through Bukthi named Bukthranga. They were playing little away from Lord Vigneshwar. This was the tune at which Maha Rishi Naradha entered the palace of Lord Vigneshwar. Naradha the great Gnani and Rishi, was welcomed by lord Vigneshwar. They were exchanging the different happening of Kailash and other worlds.

Lord Eswara felt justice in the demands of Maha Rishi Naradha. THE Lord ship replied “Naradha! Your claim is a worthy one; you can get answer for this! Wait little

The children who were playing there, when they looked at the world, the people were worshipping the Gods. Female members were actually tying a knotted red twine with flower, on the hand of male members. This was some thing strange and attractive to Chitranga and Buthranga. They came closer to their father Lord Vigneshwar and wished to have the red twine in form of ribbon. Then Maha Rishi Naradha enthusiastically told the children. “Dear children, it is Raksha Bandan- a festival

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celebrated for the welfare and victories of the brothers. Every sister at home will tie this ‘Raksha’ which they saw in red colour with feather and flower” The explanation was heard by Chitranga and Buthranga and they ran straight away to their mothers Siddhi and Bukthi. Children asked their mothers to get the “Raksha” for them immediately. Siddhi told “My lovely children!!! This sacred Raksha should be actually tied only through the sisters, born along with you. But at our home you are both boys, there is no girl. How could it be possible?” The boys went on adamantly and asked their father to show them their sister. Lord Vigneshwar thought for a moment and felt that wherever Maha Rishi Naradha happened to go, there would be certainly complications and mischiefs. Naradha ‘Kalahapriya’ is the proverb for Naradha who likes these entire sort of internal mutineer and for his liking and it is the day now. He rules it. On the other day, when he went to Kailash, Lord Eswara told him to meet Sri Vigneshwar on this auspicious day. So, he waited to see what was going on. Lord Vigneshwar called his two wives and boys. He soothed them and willfuly by his “creative power”, created a female sister for the boys. Naradha Maha Rishi requested all the great Gods, Vishnu (Narayan Moorthi), Brahma and Eswara to attend the naming ceremony. Gods and Goddesses VishnuSiddhi Times USA 6

Mahalakshmi, Brahma-Saraswathi and the grand father and grand mother Eswara- Parvathi appeared and graced to name the child as “Santoshi”. Santoshi gives the meaning of happiness. Santoshi, very happily tied the Rakshas to her brothers’ Chitranga and Buthranga. Happiness is comfort with wealth. Those who worship “Goddess Santoshi”can get all the wealth and live happily. The mantra (sacred prayer) ‘Jai Santoshima’ will give, every body the victories and happiness.

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70 years back one incidence took place at New York. A team of three friends Frederic, Tony and Jim were good friends. They were studying in a college. Since the accommodation in the collegehostel was limited, they had to stay in a private chamber. They were the guys as well as close, intimate and attached to each other. One Sunday as it was a holiday, they desired to watch a film show. The film was most entertaining. After the show

was over, they dined in an inn and came to their residing building. When they reached the building it was around 10’ o clock in the night. There was a electrical power failure which made the entire street to be dark. They waited for more than one hour in the floor side of the building. Their chamber was in 48th floor of the building. The elevator service to go upwards was also not possible on account of power failure. It was actually 48 floors; they had to reach by walk. They sat on the foot steps and discussing the ideas to reach their chamber. To make it easy and forget the

Think, Plan, Act and Succeed Siddhi Times USA 8

tediousness of claimbing up, they suggested telling their ambitions of future and the living style. Each one should tell for 16 floors to their account. The first one was Frederic who started to tell his ambition and then walking up was continued. He had to continue for the first 16 floors. “Look my friends, the world is with full of happiness, a life with good income and spending the money lavishingly will be the expectations for me. I am coming from a family of traders; I like to study further in aeronautics. I will become as a pilot. Every day, I will be in a position to go to all the cities and meet people while I discharge my duties. I like all the culture and civilization”.

Then Frederic replied “It will only be nuisance to me to be under control of one girl. My desires are different. When I reach Paris, there should be one lover with bouquet to receive me, preferably at the haul ting station for me. I will take her to all the beautiful places and finally I will be staying in a good hotel and talk to her and observe the trends of love and dine with her and dance. Of course a very comfortable and happy day I can pass. Next morning the flit shall be to another destination where too, I will be welcomed with another girl whom I trust to be worthy of my love”

Tony interfered and asked “while you are of nature to Friend Jim interfered and have more girls, how could asked “What about your you expect this gist to be married life?” worthy?” In a confectioned

stage, Frederic replied,”I have made it clear that I will not be entangled with any girls and become a slave through out the life” Jim crossed in and told “This opinion we differ. Your turn is over. Please Tony you begin your hopes and expectations”. Tony narrated “All my hopes are to be an agriculturist in all my life. I had the opportunity to visit India when I was 16; my father took me to Madras and showed “Valluvar kottam” a monument of a great poet Tiruvalluvar. I was not familiar with the language but my father was having the knowledge of Tamil. He was showing to me one of a verse and explained how this revolving world is involved. Only with the greatest task of Agriculture, see whatever we possess as gold, diamond and

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platinum the lives could exist to select a girl with similar only if the food is served. interest in agriculture and also an intelligent to conduct the The verse “SULANDRUM farm work”. EARPINNATHU ULAGAM ULANDRUM ULAVE Now Jim’s turn came. He THALAI”. I am much attached exposed his opinions “Life is to world of agriculture. I to live happily. We have to eat should read more about all the tasteful foods. Most agriculture and I will adopt the comfortable staying in a good recent implementations of fast bungalow. The cars not in one production methods. My father colour and type – different has got 200 acres of land, which make and different type. The is more than sufficient”. Now luxurious hotels and the Frederic criticised “That much varieties of lunch and dinners land alone is enough, you need we should take. My father is no company in life” a financier. I am not going to touch even a dollar from his Tony continued “I don’t say investment but the interests, I will be all the way to be a which flow in to the treasury worker or to the status monk. will be more than sufficient. But I will ask my parents Regards family life let any girl from rich circle come and marry me. Why should we loose

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our energy in exertion of labour? Tony asked with humour “Are you going to gain weight again to double the present?” It was an insult to Jim. He answered “Not that but I feel all the natural products, wheat, rice, pulses, fruits are the grants of God – they are meant only for us no lion or tigers compete with us to pick them from trees. So he has granted them and it is our duties we should have it”. Frederic interfered and said “You are with over imagination which should have little limitation”. This comment was accepted by Jim also and he added “You see Tony over eating is foolishness and it will make you lazy. So do good exercise and eat little.” Now the door of their chamber was arrived. It was locked. Frederic asked “Who has the keys?” The person who locked the door was Jim. In hurry and haste Jim checked the key in his pant and shirt. The key was not there. Jim replied with great disappointment that “We were dreaming and speaking of our future with over whelming trend. What happened now? Just with in half an hour, to he inside our chamber is proving to be an impossible one. The key is not in our hand. Just like God dictates and we are here to act” Jim begged the other two friends to go down the stairs and bring the key which was kept near foot steps. Jim was actually a pitiable person since he was a faty guy. Very honestly, the deemed agriculturist, Tony was graceful to do the job of going down stairs and bring the key.

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Sirpi Nayanar (A Sculptor) A temple town called Perur near Coimbatore in South India is a famous place of worship to Lord Shiva. During the time of construction of the temple there arose a conflict. Sirpi Nayanar (A young sculptor) was an expert in installing the Pillars to the temple. Another, but to the rank of head sculptor who was in charge to select the rocks from quarry was called Maayan. He brought the rocks from a distance place and some of the cut rocks are in big size. Quarry was the place where from the stones of big sizes were brought to the construction of temple. Since there were many workers doing these jobs, Nayanar was attending to his work of allotment. The King of region Vellimalayan came to look after the progress of work. The work was developing to finish the level of roof. The king found the talents of Nayanar and asked him to create the main idol of Lord Patteshwara. The other senior sculptures felt that the decision of king was a shameful affair for their talents and that they requested the king to test their abilities and sanction the job of sculturing the main shrine. King in an enthusiasm to determine the talents of Nayanar he called him and ordered to go around the Siddhi Times USA 12

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temple and if he could mark any of the defects in construction, he should reveal the defect.

King allowed him to do. Yes it was a small creature like frog which came out of the stone, which was This test was giving great happiness for other constructed as pillar. King praised the efficiency of sculptors. After a while, Nayanar came and reported Nayanar and gave a gift purse of gold coins to him. that the first one pillar which was installed in the main The arrangement to remove the pillar was also ordered auditorium (Prayer Hall) was with defect. King asked and the defect was rectified. the leader Maayan about this and Maayan replied with bold effort and contested the issue. King told to the gathering “The heart beat of any living being does not start in the moment of birth, but inside King enquired Nayanar to explain in detail about the womb. Like the same, sculptor Nayanar is blessed the defect actually occurred. Nayanar told “My by this godliness to read the art of nature from his respectable king! The rock selected and utilized in teacher to feed a creature which is inside the rock. Let the pillar is with the “therai” (A small creature) inside us construct and worship the Lord Patteshwara who the rock. So, on any day the damage could occur to will give us the blessings and show the successful the building”. path”. Protesting this statement, Mayan asked Nayanar to prove the matter immediately. Nayanar went to his house and brought the sandal wood powder duly mixed with water and some herbs. He began to paste it on the suspected pillar. To the astonishment the liquid with sandle pasted on pillar was getting dry. But in one spot, the dryness was not spread, it was still wet. Nayanar declared that the suspected creature ‘therai’ is alive very close to the spot which was wet. Then he bravely went and brought the tools to break the spot.

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How to find true self? What is Buddhi? What is Atma? Every living human being should understand and be aware of True Self, Buddhi, Atma, Soul and Wisdom. When a person is alive, it is known that the life exists in his/her body. The life here is understandable as a living body. If the living is not doing its action, it is a ‘lying’ body with is same as dead body. The destiny of any birth is death. The life, atma and soul represent the spirit which rules the body for living. In a life, one can live either good or bad. If he is good, the person is called good atma, if he is bad then bad atma. Spirit also can be either a good spirit or evil spirit. Somebody or something should to ‘train’ this atma or life or soul to be good for ever? Agree? If the practice is done properly, the bad can be totally avoided. It’s the duties of elders in the family

to give appropriate teaching to the children who will gain this knowledge and be aware of fixing their mind for a proper life with norms of justice. As these are related to one’s soul, I would take the real experiences and observations for research, which were guiding the Saint Ramana, to attain the wisdom. In the life of famous Saint Ramana, an incidence took place. Learned disciples of Saint Ramana have explained that his real name was Venkata Raman who at the age of 16, his eagerness and the curiosity drove him to find the answer for the Self-inquiry “Who am I?”. Every day uncountable birth occurs and uncountable deaths occur in this world. What is the purpose and who initiates or controls this chain of occurrences and “Who am I?” was his self doubt which started a glorious achievement of immortality. Now, one more phrase ‘immortality’ also adds up in our bundle of titles already in the “mind file”. Let us see what actually happened to

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Saint Ramana at his age of 16. The Great Enlightenment “It was about six weeks before I left Madurai for good, in the middle of the year 1896, that the great change in my life took place” said Sri Ramana Maharshi, when asked by devotees as to how he was transformed, “It was so sudden. One day I sat up alone on the first floor of my uncle’s house. I was in my usual good health. But a sudden and unmistakable fear of death seized me. I felt I was going to die and at once set about thinking as to what I should do. I did not care to consult anyone, be he a doctor, elder or friend. I felt I had to solve the problem myself then and there. The shock of the fear of death made me at once introspective or ‘introverted’. I said to myself mentally, ‘Now that death is come, what does it mean? Who is it that is dying? This body dies’. I at once dramatized the situation. I extended my limbs and held them rigid as though rigor mortis had set in. I imitated a corpse to lend an air of reality to my further investigation. I held my breath and kept my mouth closed, pressing the lips tightly together, so that no sound could escape. ‘Well then’ I said to myself, ‘this body is dead. It will be carried to the crematory and there burnt and reduced to ashes. But with the death of my body, am I dead? Is the body I? This body is silent and inert. But I am still aware of the full force of my personality and even of the sound of I within myself as apart from the body. The material body dies, but the Spirit transcending it cannot be touched by death. I am therefore the deathless Spirit’. All this was not a feat of intellectual gymnastics, but came as a flash before me vividly as living Truth, which I perceived immediately, without any argument almost. I was something very real; the only real thing in that state, and all the conscious activity that was connected with my body was centered on that. The I or myself was holding the focus of attention with a powerful fascination. Fear of death vanished at once and for ever. The absorption in the Self has continued from that moment right up to now”. After this incident, there was noticed a complete change in the young sage’s life. The things that he had valued earlier now lost their value. He reached Thiruvannamalai, then called as Arunachala, the place considered as the dwelling place of Lord Shiva (Hindu deity and the almighty). Saint Ramana was troubled by urchins who pelted stones at him as he sat in meditation. He shifted himself to obscure corners and even to an underground vault known as Patala-lingam and continued his meditation. His aim to get wisdom was deepened. After 30 years of his Mouna Vratha (meditation of silence), became Gnani. He had thousands and thousands of followers. The teachings were most notable, attractive and appreciable to the people all over the world.

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COCONUT WATER Botanical name: Cocos nucifera English name: Coconut Hindi name: Nariyal Sanskrit name: Narikela Tamil name: Thenkai

Coconut water is one of the most delicious natural thirst quenchers in the world. Coconut water is the liquid endosperm inside young coconuts. As the coconut matures this liquid largely becomes absorbed into the flesh found in mature coconuts. Coconut water has long been a popular drink in the tropics. It is naturally fat-free and low in food

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potassium and mineral content which helps the body recover from rigorous exercise. Why drink Coconut Water  Coconut Water is more nutritious than whole milk - Less fat and NO cholesterol!  Coconut Water is healthier than Orange Juice - Much lower calories.  Coconut Water is better than processed baby milk- It contains lauric acid, which is present in mother’s milk

Coconuts for drinking are packaged and sold in many places. These are typically Thai coconuts whose outer green husk has been removed, and the remainder wrapped in plastic. Coconut water can also be found in regular cans or tetra paks (and often has coconut pulp or coconut jelly added) and is also marketed as

 Coconut water is naturally sterile -- Water permeates though the filtering husk!  Coconut water is a universal donor-- Its identical to human blood plasma  Coconut Water is a natural Isotonic Beverage - The same level we have in our blood.  Coconut water has saved lives in 3rd world countries thru Coconut IV.  Coconut water contains more potassium (at about 294 mg) than most sports drinks (117 mg) and most energy drinks*.  Coconut water has less sodium (25 mg) where sports drinks have around 41 mg and energy drinks have about 200 mg*.  Coconut water has 5 mg of natural sugars where sports and energy drinks range from 10-25 mg of Altered Sugars*.  Coconut water is very high in Chloride at 118 mg, compared to sports drinks at about 39 mg*.

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Pandit L.V. Sharma I n

this issue, we will discuss about the writings of some “ Siddhars”. Siddhars are of special quality of saints or monks. They are capable of doing the hardest task as the simplest one. There are eight siddhis and as they are the masters of all those eight siddhis, they are called as Siddhars. The eight siddhis are,

1.Anima (shrinking) -- Power of becoming the size of an atom and entering the smallest beings. 2.Mahima (illimitability) -- Power of becoming mighty and co-extensive with the universe. The power of increasing one’s size without limit. 3.Lagima (lightness) -- Capacity to be quite light though big in size.

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the black screen we keep between the super human power and us. If we have a good control over the mind, we can easily lead a very good and comfortable divine spiritual life. Even though it is very hard to control the human mind, he narrates a few exercises to the mind to have a good control.

4.Garima (weight) -- Capacity to weigh heavy, though seemingly small size. 5.Prapthi (fulfillment of desires) -Capacity to enter all the worlds from Brahma Loga to the neither world. It is the power of attaining everything desired. 6.Prakamyam (irresistible will) -- Power of disembodying and entering into other bodies (metempsychosis) and going to heaven and enjoying what everyone aspires for, simply from where he stays. 7.Isithavam (supremacy) -- Have the creative power of God and control over the Sun, the moon and the elements and

speech of the people and has produced powerful effect. He has referred the five basic elements as a five-headed cobra and he refers the human mind as cobra. He calls the mind and gives order to the mind. He orders the mind to leave three evil most things. They are “AAnavam, Kanvam and Maya”. The first two can be easily eradicated by doing the meditations and prayers and to eradicate the third we need the help of a Guru and the almighty. Aanavam means being proud, Kanvam means a little bit of jealousy and Maya is

The first exercise he explains is the Kundalini yoga, which is very helpful to control the human mind. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning either “coiled up” or “coiling like a snake.” There are a number of other translations of the term usually emphasizing a more serpent nature to the word - e.g. ‘serpent power’. Kundalini Yoga is a meditative discipline - or a system of meditative techniques and movements - within the yogic tradition that focuses on psychospiritual growth and the body’s potential for maturation. The practice of Kundalini Yoga consists of a number of bodily postures, expressive movements and utterances, characterological cultivations, breathing patterns, and degrees of concentration. By properly practicing the

8.Vasithavam (dominion over the elements) -- Power of control over King and Gods. The power of changing the course of nature and assuming any form. With these super human powers, they have narrated many things, which are the best to lead a very good comfortable style of living. Even though many siddhars lived long back and passed away, only a few are very famous. Today we have only one Siddhar living with us. He is Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar Swamiji of Agasthiyar Siddhar peetam of India. Pambaatti Siddhar: In this week, we can analyze a few verses of Pambaatti Siddhar and how it helps us to have a spiritual way of life. As a poet, he is not contemptible (deserving to be treated with contempt). He has a facility of expression and an imaginative flavor in thought. He holds that those who have no feeling of love in their hearts can ever attain salvation. His God vision is pictured in a fine stanza. This poet uses entirely the common

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Kundalini yoga, one can easily control the mind. By controlling the mind, one can easily erase the evil thoughts in the mind and regulate the mind. Siva Vaakkiyar Siddhar: He used to curse the people, those who are quarrelling with each other based on religions. His idea is that the human race is only one and there is only one deity common to the human race. If each one of us starts adopting his theory there will be no quarrelling at all. He teaches us a lot about spirituality. According to him, the base of spirituality is the mind and the humanity. By adopting

the humanitarian rules, one can have the most advanced spiritual life style and by that spiritual life style of the individual, the entire human race will lead a great peaceful life.

“One can live according to their thoughts� - Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar Swamiji By practicing the yoga techniques, we can think to the highest spiritual level and can have a higher style of spiritual life. I wish to quote one of the verses and explain how it helps one to reach the peaks of spirituality. It is a known fact that our

Siddhi Times USA 22

human body is a combination of flesh and bone. Even though the physical body is not made of good materials such as gold, we show a great love and affection towards the physical body. The blood, flesh and bone are not so good materials. Normally these are the food of the wild animals. If the life in the body goes out and turns to a shape of dead body automatically a bad smell and odor starts from the body. Therefore, we should stop worrying about this physical body. We have to take care only to maintain this body in a good level. Then only we can have a sound mind.

weaker and weaker if we have the sexual feelings. The Siddhar advices us to have the sexual attraction only towards our life partners and not with others.

Our lifetime is not a standard one: Our lifetime is just like bubble in the water. Even though the lifetime is very limited, we do not take care to make the life useful to the development of the human race. We use our livelihood and brain only to fight with each other. We should pray more and more to the almighty and only by the prayer, we can cultivate our mind to the best humanity. Only by having the best humanity and humanitarian thoughts, we can have the best base to a spiritual life.

we have to follow are Sariyai, Kiriyai and Yogam. The rules to be adopted and followed are the quotations from the great people. If we follow the steps from the base, we can be at the top very easily and we can bring the entire human race to the top most position very easily. I wholeheartedly thank Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar Swamiji for this opportunity to meet you all through this media. We will meet next month.

Do not show a great attraction towards the opposite sex: If we have feelings that are more sexual, we cannot control our mind and body. The mind and body will become

By reading the works of Siddhars and great scholars, one cannot become a good citizen leading the best spiritual life style. We should start practicing the read things. Only by adopting and following, the life style mentioned by those scholars, we can lead a great life. We can set a good example for the best human being. The love and affection is the base of spirituality. As explained in the last issue the three steps

Om Shanthi Om Shanthi Om Shanthi.

Siddhi Times USA 23

The giant king kamsa, was walking fastly into the corridors of palace. His face was filled with ferociousness. He entered the court hall. All his ministers and warriors were raising up from their positions and greeted him with regards. He went and sat on the throne. He called his minister, and wanted him to make an another attempt to attack the Brindavan the palace and the land of

Siddhi Times USA 24

Nandagoba.Last time when, Boothana made her attempt to kill the infant child Krishna met with great failure.Boothana the great and valiant friend of him was destroyed by infant Krishna while sucking the milk from the breasts of boothana, the infant Krishna sucked all the strength and the life of her. This time, the planning was different, the considerable time also passed; the infant Krishna grown up as a small boy.So,it was a plan to destroy the boy through other means.Kamsa made up his mind to call “ Sakadasura” who was also an uncomparable fighter. The thought of his calling by his giantic power, brought ‘Sakadasura’infront of him. ‘Sakadasura’was pleased to meet ‘Kamsa’and asked the purpose for which he was called.kamsa explained about a little boy dwelling in Brindavan and his extraordinary power killed ‘Boothana’and so, with great power and trick, this time, the target to attack the boy should be planed. “Sakadasura” laughed with astonishment and asked “after all a little boy that too, with out knowing the usage of weapon or supersticious power it could never be possible to reattack us. king kamsa ordered him to start for Brindavan and destroy the little boy Krishna to pieces

“sakadasura”vanished as a whirl

wind and appeared as a big giant at the territory of Nandagoba. Krishna was playing with other boys, in the open space of playing ground. The entrance of “Sakadasura”commenced at a distance away. The magnanimous and mighty “Sakadasura” turned immediately as a too big wheel of a charriot which came down with full of speed. All the stones, rocks, and trees were smashed into pieces. The speed was such and it was nearing the little Krishna. By the quick moments Krishna under- stood the situation and sending away the other boys for safer distance, he raised his right leg up. It grew and grew the bigger before the wheel. The giant in such a gigantic power and force came in form of wheel dashed with the foot of Krishna who was most mightier than the enemy and his divinely power of strength acted to give an end to the giant. The wheel was powdered by the force raised by Krishna. After while, the corpse of “sakadasura”found scattered as piece and particles on the ground and there was no charriot wheel at all. The dust raising land and the “Sakadasura” abnormal sounds like thunders, when “Sakadasura” came there turned as a place of calm ground of playing. The mother Yasotha and all the village people gathered there. She ran closer to Krishna with great fear and she thought some seriousness could have affected her child. Krishna with his beautiful smile embraced his mother. She brought the child to palace and asked her friends to do the rituals and pooja, so that her child could recover from any attack and shock. She was just a human mother; it was quite

natural she did, her caressing and affections of her child.Yashodha born with boon to have “Krishna” as child.

Siddhi Times USA 25

meaning of Tele; then thought reading were in lime light to find one’s inner instinct and his thinking.

Sri Selvam “Siddhar”

Vedic Astrology (Due to the requests of many readers the survey of fundamental base and the easily understandings methods are published and the continuation will be going on) Present civilization is the change of entire old pattern. The Electricity and the madern usages, were denoted by “King Soloman” in that old age itself. Just by keeping lamps which could give little brightness were used in the past records of civilization (Oil lamps). Prior to that it was in the form of “Pantham” (Cloth pieces or dried leaves of plants rolled on a stick) was used to bring light in the night times. So, the brightness due to fire burning upwards, was in practice to get Siddhi Times USA 26

light in the olden times. Fire will be in flames and reaching in vertical position from ground. “Day will come on that day the man will have the light downwards from the roof”. The sayings of King solomon proved correct when the Electricity was invented. Telling of one’s future was also in practice through “SOOTH SAYERS”. They were driving their brains to reach an extra capacity more than the sixth sense which is the medical sciences distinguishing the difference from Animals and human beings. Latter stage, TELEPATHY came. From the words, Telegram, Telephone, we find the front letters are denoting the

The action empowered while the 27 stars which were crossed by the moon when makes the circle around the earth. This would be observed on water, river, ocean ,and on mountains in all the directions. Every star according to month and day proving certain good as well bad in the routines or the day. The Dasa Bukthi system is based on Lunar movements. Basic and Vedic law on Lunar movements had been inspired. Would it be beneficial to accumulate wealth? Would it cause any loss? In all such ways the research went on. The advancement in material and spiritual growth in all section were calculated by our sages. In Atharva Veda, the sloga No.7 of chapter 19 says that 28 stars and the deities were notified. In common use and modern application, there are 27 stars. The star Abhijit is not given proper place. In later periods, Greek and Chinese people combined with us and

fixed the stars as 27. The Sloga of 19th Kanda (Chapter and verse) Heaven is with various types of astorisms and qualities; that move together with great speed. All these happenings were related to the creator God. The application of Pythagoras theory and other mathematical devices, the accurate distance and speed of every planet is acquired during the recent period. Gradually, the science of foretelling improved. During “Maha Bharatha” times (In the History of India, Pancha Pandavas ruled this country keeping the Asthinapura as capital (present NEW DELHI). “Sanjaya” he knew the art of finding the actual happenings at distart places. His mind to the extent of televising the happenings which were taking place in the war field, was dictated as it was to Dhrutharashtra The war between Pancha Pandavas and Gawrawas were commenced exactly at a distant place. The comments were by point to point explaining the happenings at the war field. The death of soldiers, prominent war commanders were expressed very accurately. For all these things, “Adharva” Vedha was taught by teachers in a proper way. The continued exercises were fruitful to bring the present Astrology. There are still persons to predict, Siddhi Times USA 27

the things to the dignity of accuracy. Now there are persons who criticize this, without knowing the real essence of this peculiar Art. The moving of moon and its positions was noted as “Dina Chandra” – The transit of moon on its daily routine, is capable of forecasting the trends, market prices, ups and downs of a commodity. For the life of a man, the happenings and his body – position and the occasion he could meet were also predicted. From Atharva Veda, it is explained that each and every star possesses certain qualities and the human beings are benefitted with following responses. Every star and its name in Tamil, Sanskrit and Western language is clearly mentioned here in respective order. STARS EFFECT



Siddhi Times USA 28












George Eliot was an English novelist. She was one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. Her novels, largely set in provincial England, are well known for their realism and psychological perspicacity. ABOUT LIFE

• Be courteous, be obliging, but don’t give yourself over to be melted down for the benefit of the tallow trade.

mortal wants. Music infuses strength into one’s limbs and ideas into brain. Life seems to go on without effort when one is filled with music. • Be a proof against the word failure. The only failure a man ought to fear is failure of cleaving to the purpose he sees to be best. • One must be poor to know the luxury of giving.

• The golden moments in the stream of life rush past • Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to soul on other living beings. visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. • Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact.


• If one could have plenty of music, need no other • The important work of moving the world forward Siddhi Times USA 30

does not wait to be done by perfect men.


they have an indestructible life both in and out of our consciousness.

ABOUT THE NATURE OF HUMAN • The reward of one duty is the power to fulfill LOVE another.

ABOUT AMBITION • The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.


• Every man who is not a monster, mathematician or a mad philosopher is the slave of some woman or other.

A PHILOSOPHY ABOUT MIRROR • Nothing is so good as it seems before hand.

• We are all apt to believe what the world believes A PHILOSOPHY ABOUT MUSIC about us. • There is no feeling, except the extremes of fear and • What greater thing is there for two human souls grief that does not find relief in music. than to feel that they are joined for life to strengthen each other…to be one with each other in silent and unspeakable memories.


• Miss Brooke had that kind of beauty which seems to be thrown into relief by poor dress.

ABOUT UNIVERSAL NATURE • Animals are such agreeable friends they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

ABOUT SOCIAL LIFE • Some people did what their neighbors did so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them.

ABOUT MIND • What we call as despair is often only the painful eagerness of unfed hope.



• Our deeds are like children that are born to us, they live and act a part from own will. Children may be strangled, but deeds never; Siddhi Times USA 31

Power Position Egoism I

n the world history, “ALEXANDER THE GREAT� was a very notable king of Greek. His ambitions and hopes were always focused on expanding his power and regime by covering almost all countries of Asia. His troops and commanders were very large in numbers. The victories followed one after another. All the routes and ways, up to India were known perfectly by his Commanders. The annexing of the countries and enlarging his kingdom for several thousands miles were done with great efforts. There was a stage when Alexander was capturing the position of emperor of the world. Siddhi Times USA 32

On his way, after reaching the Indian Territory, the great king happened to witness a scene. There was a man, with long beard sitting under a tree and meditating who looked just like a Fakir. Fakirs were the persons inland, like Afghanistan with long beard. As Alexander went closer, wondered to see this man with no cloths. But, the king’s presence was not noticed by that Fakir. Since Alexander crossed all the lands and met several people, he just considered that man as Fakir. But, he was actually a sage who do penance, which is an art of worshipping the Almighty by meditation. In those days the ‘sages’ did such penance by closing eyes for months and years together. They needed no food and they would continue their meditation in a fixed position for such prolonged periods. Since the King was unnoticed and not shown any sign of respect, Alexander got very angry. The sage did not even open his eyes as his concentration was on meditation. King Alexander got wild and took his sword.

Siddhi Times USA 33

Oh! No! The king just cut the beard of the sage. But, there was no response from the sage. The soldiers and commanders were also witnessing the event. King then turned violent to kill the sage. The sharp edge of the sword was aimed to set in between the eye brows of the sage. Slowly the sage opened his eyes and began to speak. “Oh, King Alexander, I know you are a valiant and a great warrior. Why should you interfere in my duties?” Astonishingly, the King calmed down from his temper and asked the sage, “All the people from all countries are welcoming and bow down their heads in respect. Why are you, the only person to disobey the situation?” Sage smiled and told “Only for the Almighty, the God, I use to bow and pray. Even though you are a king, you are just a man like me. So, I need no commitment to bow”. Sage added further “Your days are counted, when you go back to home after these victories, the death will occur. Bear it in your mind”. King did not want to continue any conversation with the sage and went on to attend his duty. Later, Alexander won several other battles and was returning to his country. In the midway he fell ill and was suffering. The circumstance was very crucial and helpless. He was not able to get any good medicines. King then called the commander-in-chief and explained to him. “Commander, the man I thought was fakir, whom I spoke in India; I think he is more than a Sage. Do you remember the incident?” “Yes my lord!! It was like a miracle on that day” replied the Commander. “Indians are actually very skilled. We under estimated their efficiencies of good The great King, who conquered most of the world, men. Now, I feel that day has come to me.” King died and left this world. The Sage’s words came cried. true. His experience is a great example for all of us to realize that power, position and ego exercised “No your lordship, you will live a long life” a reply against the nature, can sabotage anybody’s life and came. The deeply sorrowed King with no energy said, consciousness in a negative way. “My savings, wealth, all gold, lands and diamonds, which are secured through the war, nothing could Quote: Avoid having your ego so close to your position now be helpful as suitable as medicine for me”. that when your position falls, your ego goes with it. Siddhi Times USA 34


n the city of Benaras, religious capital of India, a painting competition was announced to be conducted on 7th day of the month of miduna for the boys and girls of age group 8 to 12 years. The competitors will be given three hours to expose their skills and the winner will be awarded with cash prize of One Thousand Rupees. The subject for the painting was to be announced at the hour of competition.

skills. After the allotted time of three hours was over, the final bell rang.

This was advertised in all newspapers. This news reached a huge number of people in and around Benaras. This holy city rests on the bank of River “Ganges”. The long waited day brought several hundreds of painters together and they were provided with all necessary things like drawing boards, paints and brushes.

Judges rejected all, but two of the paintings. With both paintings on par with each other in various aspects, it was becoming tough for the judges to arrive at a decision on a final winner. One of the judges suggested that, since the two paintings look equally good under the roof, they should be tested outside the auditorium under open sunlight.

Seven judges had the collective responsibility to select and finalize the prize winner. The stages of comparisons, rejections and selections were with full swing. The participants were anxiously awaiting the results by gathering outside the main hall.

The title was announced just few minutes before the commencement of competition, as “A woman fruit seller with basket of fruits and a stick”. All the participants were busy running their imagination; the bell rang to start the competition. The boys and girls were busy in sketching the drawings. It was an interesting hour of eagerness. The time of three hours was passing little by little. The young artists were doing their job with great talent. The painting took place in three stages. The first one was primer quoting on rexin/canvas. Then applying the sketch to the reality started. The wet paint had a reasonable time to get dry. All these matters were going on in order. The final touches for the true resemblance were done with all their

Siddhi Times USA 35

Siddhi Times USA 36

The two paintings were brought outside and kept in an open yard. As time was passing, a bird which happened to fly over flew closer to the two paintings. The fruits on one of the paintings looked so real, that the bird started biting the painting and made a hole on the fruit portion. The Judges watched everything attentively and brought the paintings back to the auditorium. They collectively decided that the painting with the bird’s biting was the best painting of all. All the competitors were welcomed back to the auditorium. The judges had announced their decision. The boy who painted the picture was called to the platform and the award of thousand rupees was handed over to him. Now, a boy of age eleven came to the stage and objected the decision of the seven judges and pleaded to give him a chance to submit his opinions. One of the judges asked him “Who are you to object our decision?”. The boy told the furious judges in a polite manner “Sir, I am the person who submitted the other picture which you have rejected from awarding the prize”.

“Of course in the same sense only, The arguing judge claimed to prove we granted the prize to other boy”, the boy’s sense of reality. commented the judges. The boy hid the woman and the “Sorry to interfere sir, but could stick on the painting with a white you please repeat the title you have cloth, and kept the painting at the allotted for this competition?”, the same place as the original test. 11-year old boy asked. After about 15 minutes, some “A woman fruit seller with basket birds flew over the area. Seeing of fruits and a stick”, one of the the painting, they flew near the judges instantly replied. painting and started piercing the fruits. While it looked strange and “This title mainly has three objects miraculous, the boy’s confident in - the woman, fruits in a basket, and his art and proper concentration a stick”, confirmed the boy. was praised by all the judges. While, the prize money has Saying “yes, yes”, the judge since been spent, the fame is still appreciated the boy for his secured by this boy. The boy is good understanding. As the boy none other than Ravi Varma – the continued,”the title has three great artist of India. His paintings important objects, each carrying were in dominations in all status equal weight. While, I aimed to and kingdoms of India during the score well in all three objects, British rule in India. your learned team of scholars have granted prize depending entirely The people called this artist, Raja on one subject, the fruit! What Ravi Varma. He was a king himself about the woman and the stick?” in the dominion of paintings. This claim of the boy shocked all of them including the audience who were hearing this argument. Contrary to the sequence, one of the seven judges commented “a sensible argument to be considered. What more do you want to tell, my dear boy?”

Judge laughed and told “You saw how the bird mistook the fruits on the other painting as real fruits and “Sir I am confident and sure tried to pierce it”. my painting is closer to the reality” continued the boy, “Yes my learned judges, thank “in my painting the woman you for your explanation on the with a stick appeared so real real fruit which means the mark is that the bird realized, it would given to the reality”. get a beating with the stick if it came closer.” Siddhi Times USA 37


is devotion. The term usually refers to the devotion by a lesser being to the higher one. Thus we have Mathru Bakthi, Pitru Bakthi, Guru Bakthi and Divine Bakthi representing devotion to Mother, Father, Guru and Almighty respectively. The level and kind of bakthi is of varying degree. In mathru bakthi, there is a mixture of affection and endearment. In Pithru bakthi, the mixture of entitlement and efficacy is more pronounced. In Guru bakthi, the mixture of reverence and abdication is keenly felt. And in Divine bakthi, all these and much more form the mixture with devotion! Divine bakthi should be pure and unadulterated. Rituals alone do not form bakthi. They are only tools in the process. Prayer is a means to reach the stage of bakthi. Faith and sincerity are the essentials of prayer. A perfect understanding and concentration in what we do form the basics of proper prayer. Repetitive sincere prayers are borne out of bakthi on one hand and on the other hand go towards increasing the level of bakthi in one’s self.. You can pray and worship the Divine in any form. The great Nayanmars and Alwars expressed their bakthi in different formats and also by singing the praise of the Lord in various ways. The bakthi of various saints was of different type. Meera Bai and Andal had the ardent bakthi and longed to be in unison with the Lord. The rustic hunter, Kannappa Nayanar, adored the Lingam as a living being and offered his eyes, one after the other, when Siddhi Times USA 40

Bakthi he found trace of blood on the face of the Lingam. For Nandanar, the very sight of the temple tower of Chidambaram evoked great ecstasy before entering into the temple. For Arjuna the Lord was a relative, driver, friend, philosopher and guide. For Bhadrachal Ramadas’ bakthiful lamentations, Lord Rama presented himself before the Sultan. Thyagaraja’s soulful musical renderings on Lord Rama reverberate among the hills and dales of South India. Many episodes in the scriptures and puranas depict the devotees rendering bakthi to the Divine in their conceived forms. But the basic tenets of bakthi – resolute faith, sincerity and steadfastness – reigned supreme. Lord Krishna reiterated these tenets in Bhagavad-Gita. (Ch:12-Bakthi Yogam)

Sakthi is worshipped in various feminine forms – as Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Saraswathi (of learning), Durga (of destroyer of evils), Parasakthi (of great all powerful and kind protector) and different manifestations. From time immemorial Sakthi is worshipped both with awe and love! There are eighteen sakthi peetas – where the power of Sakthi is with added concentration – spread over in a few states in India, each with its own legend,. Each one has distinctive features and a hoary past. There is not a single village in India

Sakthi is energy in simpler terms and power in a greater term. Matter without energy is of little use. Scriptures describe the status of matter as “Chethana and achethana”,. Sivam (the Supreme matter) combined with Sakthi (the supreme power) pervades the world. One of the six forms of worship enunciated by the Aryans was Saktham- Worship of the Divine in feminine form. For any movement, energy is required. The supreme Sakthi energizes the world. Scriptures describe Sakthi as of three kinds – Icha Sakthi, Kriya Sakthi and Gnana Sakthi. Icha Sakthi is the energy that creates and motivates the desire (Icha). Kriya Sakthi is the energy that is required to do and act (kriya) as per the motives and desires. Gnana Sakthi is the energy required for the achievement and culmination or the fruition with utmost wisdom and profundity of knowledge (Jnana). For any great action the combination of the three is a desideratum. Siddhi Times USA 41

acclaimed as one of the best systems all over the world. There are only a few siddhas who practice techniques relevant to the present day situations of the family life, influence of bad spirits in one’s life, different types of doshams or evil influence of planets, black magic mental agony and other such problems. In olden days there were several Rishis (sages) who became Siddhas. Of these eighteen Siddhas (“Pathinenn Siddhars”) were notable for different kinds of siddha activities. Some were prominent like Kapila, Bhogar and Akasthiyar. Mention of Siddha is made even in Bhagavat-Gita and the Lord says “I am Kapila among Siddhas” (Ch: 10-26. Vibuthi yogam). Some Siddhas had setup separate “Peetams” (foundations) to perpetuate the lineage.

without a temple of Devi.

Contrary to public belief, a siddha is not one who renounced the world (Sanyasi) but one who leads a normal life in the world, utilizing his knowledge and powers to alleviate the sufferings of the people to the extent possible. He is a living being, your next door neighbour. He is a person with ordinary looks, but of course, one with some extraordinary abilities!

Siddhi in simple terms is achievement and in broader terms attainment of perfection or the ultimate. Siddhi Let Bakthi and Sakthi join hands with Siddhi in an effort is the pinnacle reached by unadulterated Bakthi and towards making the world a better place to live! acquisition of Sakthi. Without bakthi and sakthi, Siddhi cannot be perceived. Practicing an ardent life with devotion and strict adherence to the norms, regulations and mantras set out in the Atharva Veda to reach the stage of Siddhi, one becomes a Siddha Purusha or Siddha. There are eight types of Siddhis called “Ashta Ma Siddhis”. They are Anima, Mahima, Lahima, Karima, Porpthi, Vasithvam, prakathmiyam and Ishathvam. The Siddhas who practice different pursuits with specialization can perform unimaginable acts like walking on the river water, get buried in earth for a number of days, raising above the ground level with movement of limbs, converting things to metals, getting into others’ body (Jala Sthambanam, Bhoo Sthambanam, Vayu Sthambanam, Rasa Vadam, Para Kaya Pravesam) talking to birds and beasts, talking to the dead etc. Another branch of siddha activity is the siddha system of medicine specifying certain natural ways of life and medicines made of simple herbal ingredients of effective cure of all ailments, which is Siddhi Times USA 42

Psychic Medium and wise mens’ theory of the same by several religions. When, we know about all such information’s, the medical science will protest this and proclaim the domain of man’s birth, ends in death and nothing more after that. Where the education comes to an end? From chemistry to Biochemistry; from physics to metaphysics; from metabolism to philosophy. The profound knowledge and peace will be attained through philosophy. Like a balance-sheet of the past births

The word spirits are defined in all the epics, as good spirit and evil spirit. In grammar while we read, the abstract noun, the God will come in the category of abstract noun as well as Ghost. In this year 2007, the great improvements and destroying nuclear weapon are possessed by several countries. Swami Vivekananda, the monk of India and the notable disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Parama Hamsa, has delivered several lectures in America and boldly confirmed about the rebirth and convinced about the acceptance

Siddhi Times USA 43

came this life. One has to enjoy the pleasure as well as pain. That is the fixed one. A fruit on earth, the quality of sweetness comes only on a matured season. If a man is not taking it and eat it, the fruit will have no meaning of its formation. In the life of a human being, he has to enjoy the pleasure and he has to know about his future. So, the real guide by study, theory, experience and all kind of intuitional appliances only, he pave his way for a planed future. One among the way is the medium of psychic. This connects the contact with spirit. When ever a puzzled situation or highly complicated occurrence comes in one’s way, he has to come to the Medias- help. This art is well developed in all over the world in different way of predictive forms. The capacity of media was between human to human observed by getting response of some close one who passed away several years back. This by the constant research, even the animal like Elephant or through the famous kings who lived several hundreds of years back also brought in, for real consultations which served, several people for a perfect solution of problems.

Sri Akasthiyar siddhar Peeda Ashram has the pleasure to serve for the human Community in this specific media also. In India the saints and Rishi’s were with full power to observe all sorts of happenings which were about to come. Swamiji Sri Vivekananda has quoted in this sayings “education leads to physics to metaphysics”. That metaphysics is now become famous as “Phsychic”. Siddhi Times USA 44

“HAWAII AND KELA” There are many islands in the Pacific Ocean. One among them is “Hawaii”, the most beautiful and exotic tropical island on earth. In each of the islands, there was a ruler or leader who used to govern that Island. Hawaii had two rulers. One is a male whose name was ‘Kavo’, the elder brother and the other ruler was ‘Kela’, sister of Kavo. Since the Island was surrounded by the vast sea, all the people living there were well experienced in swimming. They make their own “Surf – Board” which was helpful to go into the deep ocean. The edges of the “Surf-Board” had the sloping shape. For the out look, Surf Board was spacious enough to one who can even sleep on that. Through the help of Surf board,

the ruler Kela used to swim and enter into the deep sea and come back to the island. No one in the island had the swimming skill as that of Kela. Her brother Kavo used to say “Kela would have been born as mermaid of sea”. Some among the skillful swimmers used to fold their legs Siddhi Times USA 45

and sit on the board while on voyage in the sea. Very

few swimmers used to even stand on board, while they get into sea and venture. When the ruler ‘Kela’ grew up, her brother ‘Kavo’ had the thought of marriage for his sister. But ‘Kela’ gave a condition. That condition was that one who wishes to marry her should have the skill of surf board and he should defeat her in the swimming competition. In another Island nearby called “MAI” lived a ruler called “Loloal”. In the life of Loloal, a tragedy took place. He whole heartedly loved a girl of his Island. He used to play with her in the sea. It was usual to go into the sea with surf board. Loloal and his lover girl entered into the sea one day. Unfortunately on that day a storm attacked their balance. In that accident Loloal lost his lover girl. Even after two years, Loloal could not realize himself from the shock. But the people of the land reminded him and compelled him to get married soon. Then Loloal made a visit to ‘Hawaii’. In ‘Hawaii where all the youngsters had failed to win the ‘surf board’ competition with the ruler ‘Kela’, her marriage was also getting postponed. The prince Loloal had come to know about this and decided to compete with her. The competition took place. Fortunately Loloal had won the match. The brother of Kela Siddhi Times USA 46

arranged the marriage for both of them and they got married. After the marriage, Loloal told Kela, all his memories. In that events he told about his lover girl and times with the surf board into the deep sea and also the incident of accident. Loloal requested his wife ‘Kela’ to come to his Island “MAI” where there was a place surrounded by mountains. He suggested further that there was an old fort for a comfortable living. But Kela denied her husband’s request, because she loved the sea of ‘Hawaii’ very much and their family life was also good. After some years they had one child and become parents of few more children later. Since the years passed Loloal had forgotten his lover girl who died in the sea. So in “Hawaii”

Mr. Johnson was a farmer and lived with b his family in the farm house. He was a disciple of St.Mary. He was so convinced that the real grace, kindness and service were the born nature of a mother. He was blessed with a great father, mother and wife. Since his childhood, he worshiped St.Mary with the mind of purity. Having given birth to the “good shepherd Jesus”, the deep devotion upon St.Mary grew as a banyan tree in his heart and he never missed the prayers.

y the


their As both of his father and mother were property. The loan added up as they got blind and the income from the agriculture more for Johnson’s marriage. was very minimal. For the studies and education of Johnson, they had a loan of Johnson was married to Teresa and 6 ten thousand dollars from the neighbor years passed by. They could not repay

Mary and angel Siddhi Times USA 47

desires. Our hardworking hands and the aim to do good cultivation is the means for a reasonable income and we can live our life comfortably.” She spoke most responsible.

the loan yet. Even though John was such a hard worker and honest man, he was very unhappy about his wonderful wife Teresa suffering with no wealth. Johnson once asked Teresa “Are you happy with me in this poor status?”

Next morning when he went to church, an old woman was sweeping the front hall of the church. While John was leaving, after the prayers to St Mary, the old woman came closer to him and told, ”Johnson, I know you well from your child hood; you should reveal your worries and feelings to me; I will do whatever possible”. These words of support and grace gave a new strength to him and he told his worriers about loan taken from the neighbor, the big interest to be paid and his unfulfilled wishes to buy gold jewels to his wife. The old woman then turned as an Angel and blessed him “Since you are one of the best devotees of mother St Mary; I feel courtesy upon you and I can give you a boon. I have powers to grant only one boon which you have to claim. Not a big list”.

“I don’t need any status. I just want to be a good wife of a good husband” she Johnson was confused and replied cleverly, that the Angel should permit said smilingly. him to consult with his family and be “I feel I have given nothing to you. I back. Angel agreed to his wish. When could not provide you any comfort, not he went home, he discussed the same with his father and mother. They were even gold jewels to you”. so pleased to hear about the blessings of “Silver, gold, diamond etc are not my the Angel. But the parents insisted him Siddhi Times USA 48

to get the vision power to their eyes.

me the boon that my parents should see my son in a golden cradle!!!”

Now it is Teresa’s chance. She told that for the last six year she could not conceive and her desire was to be blessed with a The boon was granted and the Angel child. vanished. After some months his wife conceived and delivered a male child! Johnson wanted to get lot of gold so that Then appeared the golden cradle!! he can settle the loan and live comfortably John’s parents got their vision to look with his family. Johnson spent hours at their grandson! As all of their wishes thinking about this and he wanted to came true and they lived happily ever make everybody in his family happy. after!!! He decided to use his wits and ability to face this challenge. Johnson went again to church and asked the Angel “Oh my mother St Mary’s Angel!! Kindly grant

Siddhi Times USA 49

Root cause analysis of the Self 1) Release me from the never-ending chain of desires 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9)

So I may live in peace with Absolute contentment. Free my mind from the darkness of lust And fill my soul with the light of divine Love. Let me not live to eat & indulge in the unreal outer shelf Eat but to live & realize my Real Inner Self. Let me not use words as missiles that injure Use them but gentle sparingly for comfort & cure. Let me not forget my brittle dwelling of glass So throw not I stones wherever I glance. Enlighten my mind with the knowledge of thee and releasing the weight that scholarship brings Detach my SELF from the bondage of my ego So differentiated am I no more. Let good tidings of others forever bring joy unqualified And merge my soul with that of one & all. Inspire in me the sense of surrender at thy Lotus Feet So sorrow not I see, but your dance to stay on my feet. 10) Let me not do any work for rewards & fame

Siddhi Times USA 50

Spiritual Grand ma T

here was a great lady scholar called “Avvai” who dedicated to the nation the most valuable verses in poetry “Athichoodi” – just in one line she teached lot of lessons for the uplift of the society with culture. She has told a secret in one line that the plantain tree is such a beneficial one to the human community. KARUNGALI KATTAIKKUM NANATHA – KODARI VERUM KADHALI THANDUKKU NANIYATHU KAAN. Commonly considered hard tree is Rose. Wood (Karungali) This one can cut through the sharp iron axe only. Such a strong axe too, will loose its power when it is dipped in the core of plantain. (Core The plantain tree will be having a thick fibre portion-that is core –in the center portion of the trunk to top of the tree)If an iron rod is taken and inserted inside this firbe (core) and allowed to stay in it for a week, the strength of iron will be reduced. This secret she has written in the above verse The eatings of more vegetables and fruits are advised as best food. The plantain is useful in every stage of vegetable as well as fruit. It gives good strength to body. Many of the persons are having urine problems. Drinking the water in more quantity is also good. The passing of urine should be a naturaly permitted for minimum three to four times a day. Siddhi Times USA 51

Many of the persons suffer due to the formation of stones in bladder. Those who feel lazy to get up in midnight and go to the toilet, will be affected much. From the child hood, this important regularities are discared by many. Plantain-core prevents the formation of stones in bladder. The eating of plantain core (cooked) or by juice in the morning time will give extra strength and energy. The digestive system as well as to avoid constipation it is preferred. It is a natural way of prevention of constipation as well as to the growth of stones in bladder. Even the Banana flower, we can cook and eat. Not the layer of the flower portion. Flower is inside in form of leaves. What we have read is like a handful of soil yet to be read, is that of a world. The syings of AVVAI in Tamil is “KATRATHU KAIMAN ALAVU KALLATHATHU ULAGALAVU� How to prepare juice: After cleaning the core just for 3 to 4 inches of length, it is to be cut of into small pieces. In the juice preparing jar, little water shall be added along with the cut pieces. Then switch on the mixie to work. The juice will be ready to drink. For taste purpose little sugar can be added. The diabetic person should drink with out sugar. The habits of eating green vegetables are always better to keep our skin with fresh nature. The dryness or oily surface on face also will prevented. Not in one way or for one purpose this plantain is helping.when it is taken as fruit,the motion trouble will be relieved. Irrespective of climatic condition the habit to eat the plantain fruits (Banana) will guard the system of health for every body.

Siddhi Times USA 52

Quotations from Ramana Maharishi 1. Mind is every thing. 2. One who is helping others, through that, he is helping himself. 3. Deed is better than thought. 4. Be harmless is divinity or Ahimsa. 5. Research yourself where from the word “I” comes. 6. The object is self. The self is the object. 7. Like the Balance-Sheet, from the past-births came this life. One Have to enjoy pleasure as well as pain. 8. We came to live in the place of animal and reptiles it is not that “They came to our place”. Siddhi Times USA 53

The real appearance and qualities of Omni – Potent is beyond description. That may not be counted in Hundreds and Thousands, May not be divided in varieties and variations, May not be termed either by color or by measure. Devotion is a close relationship with “God of all the devotions”. Wisdom is superior; In front of the ‘wisdom’ the meditation is more superior; In front of all these merits, renunciation is further more superior. This physique is made of flesh and blood. And this has the five senses and has the tendencies of enormity. One who wants the heavenliness or wisdom should demolish the feelings of five senses of physique. Try and attempt many times that will give good result. But laziness and idleness or solititude will give poverty.

Siddhi Times USA 54

This Universe is filled with everpresent lightness which has the nature of expansion. This is called “Satva – Guna” nature. This kind of nature has no foist or burden.

person who has divinity of the nature should possess gracefulness, patience, stability, purity and gratitude. The rightfulness with obedience takes a person to enter into heaven. Disobedience is the sinful nature, which will throw him into the hell.

Pleasure has the tendency of willingness and ambition. This comes out with one combination One who never feels tire some, of strong-desire. One who doesn’t have the sensation that is ego or ‘I’ One who has the This is called “Rajo – Guna”, strength and enthusiasm. which posses’ enmity. One who is unmoved either in A liar when he tells a lie he imagines success or defeat. That kind of no-other; one who knows about it person has the lightness of the but due to consequence of the lie soul. he will face sorrow. A person who know the three Through the seed of a Banian Tree, times, past, present and future; can it grows as a shrub and plant. And conquer anything, including this finally it comes up as a big tree. world. This Universe is the seed for the whole galaxy. And it has both A person’s divinities can be seen in good and bad qualities; known and his good tendency, kind words and unknown things. Deattachment in his good behavior. This kind of is the weapon through which a person never enters into hell. person should cut off this tree to get self realization. Mind has nature. Knowledge has the nature of masculine. Do A every thing with accuracy and Meditation

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The earth gives place for a person who digs it but the earth never fears for that. Toleration is like that, one should bear the curses and abuses that is patience. Through the act of Justice and Truth the will of God is executed All the living things do the work of good and bad events. Because of the duty they become tire some. Those who are doing the acts against the justice get cruel nature, and they get destroyed. The good people get fame and benefit.

Siddhi Times USA 56

An egoistic person thinks that every thing happens through his power, which is over confidence. This kind of thought should be avoided.

witnessed even among the people of bad and evil nature.

God is the atom persists within an atom. God is oldest among that A person who realizes through had passed away. He has the form continuous concentration of the which can’t be described by the ‘self’ (ATMA) gets rid of fear of words Among one word as slogan death. That person never feels old is “OM” aged and never observes the pain of death. A person when he entirely surrenders to the Almighty crosses Among all the wealth the All- the ocean of rebirths. Mighty’s grace is the true wealth and the worldly rich things are not Worship God who has made this the wealth, they can be seen or Universe, and planets and the sun. HE is the creator and destroyer of the galaxy. God has no wants and hatred towards anything.

A devotee who surrenders to the God relieves himself from all sufferings. Sufferance gives pain, pain makes a person thoughtless and void of knowledge. Because of these things fear and bad events happens. God is the savior and protector one’s physique is purified

by water like that one’s inner mind is purified by truth. Avoid fear and agony.

Siddhi Times USA 57


uring the period of British Empire, in Karnataka a regional king called Tippu-Sultan ruled a small kingdom, which was Mysore. He had a machinetiger (Robo). Through spring action of mechanism that tiger used to move and walk. It would roar like that of a true-tiger. Through that machine-tiger Tippu-sultan captured many Englishsoldiers.

who happened to take food, too many times used to vomit in the place called vomitorium and again they went to feed their stomachs with drink and food. Their civilization was such in olden days.

 Devotion would be a disguise only.

In an oldest scripture called Devi Bhagavatham, it is mentioned what would happen in future.

The dictator of Russia was Stalin. Trosky was another person who was the competitor of Stalin. For the post of dictatorship, Trashy was murdered at England. Stalin had also massacred by those who opposed him. Stalin was one among a person who made Russia a powerful nation.

 All the lights will spray the rays of light down wards and the lights that are used to spread the rays of light would disappear.

 Family relationship would come to an end.  Violence would rule every-where.

French king 16th Louis had created “Gilletin”, a machine that was used to cut the heads of the victims. Most of victims were common people. The same  The cloths made by king Louis was killed by cotton would come to an Leo Tolstoy the classic that same Gilletin. end. author of Russia, and Abraham Lincon the notable In Roman Empire there were  The ancient languages leader of America, both public bath rooms as well as like Sanskrit and Latin faced sorrowful married each house vomitorium was would also disappear. life. also built. Thors persons Siddhi Times USA 58


Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, and all of the others are including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all repaired their boats and left. Love was the only one who stayed. Love wanted to persevere until the last possible moment.

her own way. Love, realizing how a creek that has no end… much he owned the elder, asked We have imported lanterns in our Knowledge, another elder. garden and they have the stars at night. Love: “Who helped me?” Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon. Knowledge: “It was Time” We have a small piece of land to Love: “Time? But why did Time live on and they have fields that go help me?” beyond.

When the island was almost sinking, Love decided to ask for help. Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat. Love said, “Richness, can you take me with you?” Richness answered, “No, I can’t. There is a lot of gold and sliver in my boat. There is no place for you here.”

Knowledge smiled with deep We have servants who serve us. wisdom and answered, “Because But, they serve others. only Time is capable of understanding how great Love is”. We buy our food, but they grow theirs.

Rich or Poor

One day, the father of a very Love decided to ask Vanity who wealthy family took his son on a was also passing by in a beautiful trip to the country with the express vessel, “Vanity, please help me!”. purpose of showing him how poor “I can’t help you Love. You are all people live. They spent couple wet and might damage my boat,” of days and night on the farm of what would be considered a poor Vanity answered. family. Sadness was close by so Love asked for help, “Sadness let me go On their return from their trip, the with you.” “Oh......Love, I am so father asked his son, “How was the sad that I need to be by myself!” trip?”. Son replied, “It was great answered Sadness. Dad”. “Did you see how poor people live?”, the father asked. Happiness passed by Love too, but she was so happy that she did not “Oh yeah!”, said the son. “So tell me, what you learned from the even hear when Love called her! Suddenly, there was a voice, trip?”, asked the father. “Come Love, I will take you.” It was an elder. Love felt so blessed The son answered:and overjoyed that he forgot to “I saw that we have one dog and ask the elder her name. When they they had four. arrived on dry land, the elder went We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have

We have walls around our property to protect us; they have friends to protect them.” The boy’s father was speechless. Then his son added, “Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are.” Isn’t perspective a wonderful thing? Makes you wonder what would happen if we all give thanks for everything we have, instead of worrying about what we don’t have. Appreciate every single thing you have!!!

Siddhi Times USA 59

cine projectors, and writing for long time, will be getting good benefits by this exercise. The ‘Shooting Stars’ are meteors which are often seen in the night sky. Just The visibilities of sky one or two seconds only during the moonless it is visible as a traveling night will be giving a star with great speed. good practice to develop the capacity of vision of Then vanishes after the every one. Those who show. These meteors attend computer works, Siddhi Times USA 60

contain iron and few are with other metals. The floating meteors when happen to cross or enter the zone and the outer space of earth, they are burnt automatically. This fire incidences, only we see when the meteor destroyed. This is so called as shooting stars.

There are three types of astronomical names. They are meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids. On 20th June 1996, a village in Rajasthan, happened to secure a meteor weighing 20KiloGrams. It was a belief that the object could have come from orbits of Mars. In the belt of asteoroids there are lot of rocky objects which can not be seen in naked eyes. About two hundred years back the largest size of 900 Kilometers of Dia was also noticed and named “ceres.” About sixteen years back a smallest one, nine meteors in Dia was also found. With all the protection by nature, the earth is circling round the sun. Every day so many happenings are occurring in the sky. The mateorids are of major, iron contents only. Thy come into the orbit belt

of Earth and create wonders. Just imagine if they are free to give destruction to homes and towns on earth; what would become of us? The almighty has given the “Kavasha” the protection to earth which has its spead, gravitational region, and the atmosphere zone which will have the potentiality to resist such entrances and save the earth. Rare incidences are registered all arround the world about the fallings of meteors on earth. That gives the caution “every thing could happen.” About 12years back, the planet Jupiter was attacked by a big meteor from a comet, which was coming closer to Jupiter and entered the surface of Jupiter, this clash made a damage for more than thousand miles. The Astronomers from the earth watched the

incidence and registered the success of their fore telling. The matter of reference to tell this incidences under the title shooting stars, does not connect to any war between stars or any collition between worlds. The earth has got its protectional region which our forefathers named as “Kavasha.” Even the satellite voyage and returning from space stations, the crafts are not reaching the earth straight away. They have to make the influence with the region of “Kavasha” by circling around the earth step by step. Then only, the safelandings are possible. All we have to bear in mind is the same proverbs that “One who is above to us, looks every thing and decides every thing.”

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Finding Fault is Quite Easy Once upon a time in a city there lived a person who is brilliant in drawing and painting.The drawing artist wants his paintings to be come popular. He took one of his best-painting and placed it in market place. Below that painting he wrote “Those who find fault in this ‘painting’ they may put their signatures in the blank places of the painting itself. The next day the drawing artist found his painting was filled with signatures of the painting viewers. [The drawing artist consulted his father. Then the next time when he took another best painting for the market place he wrote under the painting “thouse who find fault in this painting may make corrections”

were mentioned in that painting. He came to know through this that finding. Fault is a easy thing; making a correction is a hard thing.

On the other day when the drawing artist went to see his picture of painting. The painting was as new as before. No signatures or corrections

Sri Ramana maharishi

Siddhi Times USA 62

Quotations Heavy eating feeds the tendency of evil nature. (Leo Tolstoy) It the mirage is helpful for full filling thirst and if the fire in the art picture is helpful for cooking food; the knowledge of Vedic scriptures will be helpful to attain wisdom or “moksha” [those who are proud about thir knowledge they should understand that the knowledge alone could not pave the way for wisdom]

What is Sat – swarubha (Form of Reality) How can we realise it? In all part of the world life exists; sarrow persists, It is vedha’s verdict. But it is not each and every one’s direct conception. The sat-swarubha (True, real and Nature of the self) don’t have individual Form or physique. One have to search within one’s self and realise that one should immense in that Nature of self. It is only way, to be free from mental-agony. In addition to Agangara or Ego, the words ‘I’ and ‘Myself’ are persists in all the three times-past. Present and future. Where ever we are All of us in our experiences use to say I exists, I went, and I came. But along with these experiences ‘Dwaitha or Dualism occurs and appears always.


In this dualism that is “I do, I did and I Can”. The activator is also gets connected. Here the “Self Should be enquired and classified. With this “Whom am I” Quest one should conclude and finalise which is that “I” Which attaches one in all the actions and activities in one’s Siddhi Times USA 63


”is the only solution. Nothing can symbolize the soul this That which body or physique has short has last it’s term life. spirit ar soul can not be When a time ‘Me and Myself” called as “I” becomes silent and soundless. or “You” That spurt up from “Heart” because it that is partisan of “I” goes does not away with enormous thoughts h a v e sarrows and pleasures. This physique can be compared with a “Wooden – Piece”. routine works. Going and coming are the duties or works of the body or health. The body and soul is not different from one another. The body or health doesn’t exists before birth. The five basic elements that are pancha-Buthas are soil, water, Air, Light, and Akasa or Ether. But these five elements doesn’t have the root-core of birth place.

Without any reason naming this physique and saying “Enjoying the everlasting self” (Thar-Bhoda) is because of Thick attachment with body or health. The unknowledge is called illusion and one’s past births and one’s unsolved balance deeds (Malam). Spirit or Jeva like wise in many names it can be uttered, That is not an arguement to enquire about it. That is Ignorant. Sastras or scriptures are made to sweep out these and impartisan ‘real self’ will confusions. only remain.

The one’s physique will come to an end, one day and will The scriptures declare “The The only mighty thing die and will be called ”dead- destroying of the rejoicing self (Jyeanapthi) will with itself Siddhi Times USA 64

again and again shine and called Moksha or Nirvana or illuminous appearance will birthlesness occur. The first of differences of all Grasping and sustaining it difference evenly appears the physique will destroy the and disappears, the other feelings of Ego. Good and bad differences that comes to experiences that will remain. ‘verses’ are called. They This too comes to an end just all based on the principle like camphor (Karpura) Gets difference is a explanation.

the other thoughts of form. Spreading root-canuse for root is the reason for other thoughts. Grasping those thonghts like a third person is a wise method. Destroying one’s mind’s good and ugly thoughts that comes from mind due to our knownattachments and unknown attachments.

Like wise thoughts that comes from the Heart ‘DHEKOKAM’ (DHEHAM – AHAM) has this physique – the self form of knowledge, form and the myself are Through this ‘rout’ Let what some. happens, happen, Let what we like to happen, happen one The first spurt up ‘Ego’ism should be a spectator only to blooms surprise wise “up” is witness them health or physique. The self – which is raised in form are

into Fire, nothing exist except ever lasting, eternal peace or (Shanthi) which is fulfillment. This is what our ancestors Siddhi Times USA 65

Spiritual Grandma

FOOD MEDICINE All kind of Fibre Food is good for health. Sticky Food like boiled Rice and wheat are to be taken with three fourth of green Vegetables. Avoiding constipation is traditional habit in India. Here are the some of the names of Herbal and Food Medicine.

Siddhi Times USA 66


Blood purification For hypertension Rich in Multi


Rich in Vitamin ‘C’ Cures ulcer Cures Constipation Cures Cold and Piles Cures Jaundice Controlls Blood Controlls Diabetics Alkalites sticky hard drinks like Tea Rich in Iron content Rich in Calcium and Content Anti - oxident

Every Religion accepts work for the need of work, but not induces any one for the sake of money or Property. Avoiding anger is the primary decipline. It is always better to bear in mind for easy digesting. Easily digestive food is always recommended. Over – weight of the body may be causing to diabetic problems. vicarious eating may create cholesterol. “Eat water, Drink Food” is the main principle in siddha medicine.

Diabetics Some medical practioners say adding laxative controls diabetics. Other say fasting one-time, every day will control the ratio of sugar. It is also to be noted keeping the body; cool in summer and heat, in winter. This is applicable for those who are engaged in sitting-jobs. like computer browsing; programming; editing and clerical. Manaseekam; Vaseekam; Manthiram are quoted in an old script. Manaseekam means visualizing Gods through brain. Vaseekam means pronouncing the name of the God. Manthiram means meditating and acquiring spiritual powers. For diabetic those who go, hours together hunger, they may have to face poor vision. For that habits, washing the eyes several times may get relief. We have to avoid too much of engagements and taking continuously pills. Tabs for diabetic how-ever little-bit troublesome and it may spoil nerveous-system. Non vegetarian food also quickly multiplies the diabeticproblem. In physio-theraphy walking and jogging are mentioned. Alkalite food gives soft- tendencies. Siddhi Times USA 67

Diwali is that time of year Step 4: when markets get flooded Stick the two sheets together by with decorations. You could dabbing some adhesive on the buy them or perhaps try and corners. make them on your own.

All you need is:

Step 5:

Now, gently draw out the paper by pulling at the centre of both sides.

1. Crepe paper or Glossy You will have a nice chain. paper. Make a dozen of these and 2. Scissors. you can hang them all over. 3. Colours. 4. Adhesive.

Step 1:

Take a sheet of paper, nine inches square. Fold it diagonally into two. You will get a triangle like the one in the illustration.

Step 2:

With the help of scissors, make cuts as shown in the figure. Remember to keep two things in mind: * The cuts should not reach from one side to the other. * You should make cuts in alternate directions.

Step 3:

Now, open the sheet out flat and make a second one exactly like it but of a different colour. Siddhi Times USA 68

How do we make sure that our favourite person stays by our side at most times? Simple - we frame their photographs and keep them in a place where we can always see them. What fun if we could make the photo frames too! And it is not at all difficult. The things you need: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Ice Cream sticks. Adhesive. Colours. Thick string or wire.

Step 1:

Collect around 15 ice cream sticks. For the base of the frame, stick the ice cream sticks as shown in the picture.

Step 2:

Leave half-an-inch space from all the sides and glue four sticks on the base to make the upper layer of the frame.

Step 3:

Slide the photograph through the gap.

Step 4:

Take a thick wire or a string to make a loop. Stick the two ends of the loop at the back of the frame. You can now hang your photo frame. You can draw a variety of patterns on the side of your photo frame with the help of crayons.

Siddhi Times USA 69

“The Boy Who Cried Wolf,”


hat’s me. I’m the boy. This is my story.

I was given a big job to do: watching a big herd of sheep. I had to protect them from the big hungry wolf. If I saw the wolf, the people from the village would come running to catch him. This is a pretty tough job, so I got a book from the library called “How to Watch Sheep.” It said: YOU MAY BE SCARED YOU MAY BE WORRIED THAT YOU WON’T KNOW JUST WHAT TO DO IF SOMETHING BIG AND BAD AND FURRY COMES TRYING TO STEAL THOSE SHEEP FROM YOU! JUST CRY “WOLF!” I was practicing shouting “wolf!” and the villagers heard me. They came running. “Somebody cried ‘wolf!’ Where’s the wolf?” “I heard you cry ‘wolf’? Are the sheep okay? What’s happening?” But there was no wolf, so I said, “False alarm! Sorry!” I went back to my job, and the villagers went back to the village. I was practicing shouting “wolf!” and the

Siddhi Times USA 70

villagers heard me. They came running. “Somebody cried ‘wolf!’ Where’s the wolf?” “I heard you cry ‘wolf’? Are the sheep okay? What’s happening?” But there was no wolf, so I said, “False alarm ! Sorry!” I went back to my job, and the villagers went back to the village. This was fun! It’s not often a whole village will listen to a kid like me. After a while, I decided to practice one more time. If I see a big wolf . . . I’LL JUST CRY “WOLF!” A BIG BIG WOLF! JUST CRY “WOLF!” ALL THE FOLKS WILL COME A-RUNNING. ALL I HAVE TO DO IS CRY “WOLF!” A big crowd from the little village came running to help me again. But there was no big wolf again. “Wow, you came even faster this time!” I said. The villagers were not happy. Not one bit. “I don’t believe this. That’s the third time I came running for nothing! I think this big job has gone to that little boy’s head!” And they all headed back to the village. But then the big hungry wolf really did come to steal the sheep! I cried “WOLF!” No one came. I shouted “WOLF!” No one came again. I yelled “WOLF!” No one came some more. I screamed “WOLF!” “That’s me,” said the wolf, and without so much as a

The law said, “No Fun!”To remind people about the law, the king put “No Fun!” signs around the entire kingdom. So no one had any fun, and everyone was sad. Then, one day, a knight named Sir Arty Smartypants came to the kingdom. Sir Arty said, “I, Sir Arty Smartypants, would like to do my dance in smarty pants.” The king shook his head. “I order you not to dance,” said the king, “because dancing is fun. Remember the rule: No Fun!”. Arty thought for a moment. Then he said, “Okay. So, I guess I will not dance my smarty pants dance... which goes a little something like this.” And before the king could stop him, Sir Arty showed the king the exact dance he said he was not going to dance! And what a great dance! Soon everyone in the kingdom was dancing. Even the king!

huff or a puff, he disappeared with all my sheep - the big ones and the little ones. Boy, I was in big, big They danced baking tarts. trouble! So, what did I learn from this? They danced building carts. Good question. I think I learned two things. They danced training ponies. They danced making bolognas. 1. If you need help, people will come and help you, if It was wonderful! Everyone was having fun! they know you’re telling the truth. But what about the work? Did it stop? Did everyone 2. Never lie about something as important as needing go home? help. Dear kids, from this storywe can easily understand No, they most certainly did not. The king saw that that we should never try to fool anybody and we everyone baked more tarts, built more carts, trained should always speak truth. more ponies, and made more bolognas. So the king Work while you Play. (who really liked to dance, it turned out) changed the Once upon a time there was a king who didn’t want law to “Have fun while you work.” And everyone in anyone to have fun. “If people have fun, they don’t the kingdom had fun while they worked, happily ever get their work done,” he said. To make sure no one after. had fun, he passed a law.

Siddhi Times USA 71


(Selvam Siddhar’s Call to Students)

In the heart of every one, among the list of wants and wishes, there are only one or two dominating aims or needs. These needs may mainly focus on personal development and ambition. The ambition is connected with desire. The desires can be of different nature, so called money making, reading, comfort, extending supports to the fellow men, improving the external personality, and engaging always with friends and companions. While all these desires are agreeable and lawful in nature, there is also sections of society with diverted nature fall as victims, lose money in bad habits and spend the times only in intoxicating activities.

Siddhi Times USA 72

These are four stages of the students as well as every one to enjoy their lives

1st stage: education.




2nd stage: To possess knowledge/ wealth. 3rd stage: To have parental care/ married life. 4th stage: To live long with family and children.

All humans have commonsense. But, how is it applied to lead a peaceful and happy life. Proper planning and awareness are the real necessities and foundation of a successful and meaningful life. Child hood, young age, middle age and old ages are the seasons of any human life. There are structures and norms for every stage. First aim should be to get a good education with good health. Second aim should be to accommodate with the norms and earn wealth. Third aim should be to provide the care for parents and follow a married life. Fourth aim should be to get settled in a peaceful life with children. Where as, the people of servicing mentality and aiming for spiritual life with noble cause follow their own views. For those who practically engage

Siddhi Times USA 73

themselves with honesty and nobility should practice the self observation method of meditation. Meditation purifies the thoughts and feelings. It’s very likely that love, affection, anger, enmity, vengeance and sorrow will rise from the mind. The filtration process by means of meditation will guide every one to reach their goal of dignified life. It is the strong faith of the philosophers and saints that even the Almighty Lord Shiva does the meditation.

knowing the right from the wrong. When the braveness is more, the magnanimity will rule. Clear vision on the object of the subject should be annexed with justful norms. Each and every family upon this Naturally the circumstances will universe should do this practice be fortified with godliness. including children and adults. In When you happen to throw a stone the morning, soon after bathing, on water in a pool, the water will dedicate just five minutes for this sprinkle up and create a formation process and begin with the sacred of wave which enlarges and word “OM”. Nothing apart from develops as circle after circle to this holy word “OM” is essential. reach the bank of the pool. This This will give the concentration, formation of circle you deem it as peace and happiness. Adhi Buddha ‘O’. How do we do Meditation? The (founder of Buddhist religion) had middle place in the fore-head, followed the same syllable of a-u- This ‘O’, let it be cyber according just little above the two eyebrows m being venerated by Lord Shiva. to mathematics. In ancient ‘Vedic lies the yard to store the observed findings’ it is ‘omkara swaruba’. knowledge. This particular spot is One should be courageous; fear and Every thing inform of ‘O’. All the “Gnana Peedam”, which means braveness both are human qualities. stars Sun, Moon, Earth, Planets all the pedestal with knowledge. The When fear is more, hesitation will are in shape of ‘O’- let it be cyber knowledge is unlimited and has no grow more. Hence, the confusion of shape.

Siddhi Times USA 74

boundaries. Sitting on a ground and keeping two hands on two thighs with eyes closed the meditation can be started.

the Lord of creation, God Brahma has given the self rotation system to all the planets and each of the planets has their axis. The languages name this ‘O’ formation or God as Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient (Om Kara Swaruba). In those days there were no telescopes and planetariums and computers etc. The heavenly secrets and the cosmic theories were observed by naked eyes with proper knowledge. In Sanskrit words “LOKA VEERAM MAHA BOOJIAM SARVA RAKTSHAKARAM VIBUM” were the chanting words in prayer. The word “MAHA BOOJIAM” is giving the meaning cyber, big, bigger In English, a,e,i,o,u are called vowels notified as or the biggest cyber? Cyber gets the birth spot as dot genetic letters. ‘O’ generates every where. When a and gets concluded, making full circle to reach the child is in mother’s womb, the posture of folding the beginning point. legs and hands occupy the place as round shape like ‘O’. When a person gets to the old age, the spinal cord Thus the “Maha Boojiam with Poornathwa”, will be in curved form and the head will be bending the fullness is blessed by God. This is certainly towards floor in the shape of ‘O’. What about eggs? possible with the basic discipline utilized with Are there any eggs in square form? The nature and intellectualism.

Siddhi Times USA 75

Siddhi Times-Fortnight Edition-Thai 2009-Dr.Commander Selvam  

Siddhi Times Published by Hindu Temple of Georgia

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