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robert luna

pro soccer is here

LArry KeNnan

of Luna Architecture gives us the

SA Scorpions debut in the NASL 2012,

Exclusive Sports Play interview with

inside story behind his design of the

bringing professional soccer back to

Former NFL coach in charge of the UIW

new SA Scorpions Soccer Stadium.

San Antonio after many years.

Cardinals speaks to Sports Play

premiere issue

premiere issue

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Spurs Bring It At the beginning of the season many Spurs fans wondered if the team could carry on the tradition of making the playoffs ....................


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Larry Kennan Exclusive Sports Play interview with Former NFL coach in charge of the UIW Cardinals speaks to Sports Play ...................................................


Pro-Soccer is here SA scorpions debut in the NASL 2012, bringing back professional soccer to San Antonio after many years ......................................................


Robert Luna of Luna Architecture gives us the inside story behind his design of the new SA Scorpions Soccer Stadium ..............................................


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publishers note Welcome to Sports Play Magazine, the premier sports magazine for San Antonio. It is our hope to bring to sports fans a magazine where one can keep up to date on the diverse sports enjoyed by our often intense and informed citizens. This past month has been an exciting time for the San Antonio sports scene. The San Antonio Spurs finished their regular season with the best record in the Western Conference and are poised to make a deep run in the NBA playoffs. In hockey, the Rampage had a great season and made the playoffs as well. This spring has also seen the return of arena football to San Antonio as the San Antonio Talons opened their season in the Alamodome. San Antonio has also welcomed professional soccer as the San Antonio Scorpions FC began their professional debut in front of a packed crowd at Heroes Stadium. As our city enjoys sporting events throughout the year, you can count on Sports Play Magazine to give you complete coverage. Our staff of writers will be there covering everything from high school, college and professional athletics. No sport is ignored‌we even cover Frisbee golf in this issue. At Sports Play Magazine, we are dedicated to giving our readers insights not only on sports but also the individual athletes and coaches who work countless hours in the gym, weight room, and playing fields to entertain the fans. We hope you enjoy our magazine. We are available in print and online at Our goal is to keep our readers coming back for more ‌. and we trust that you will!

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TALONS May May May May

5 vs. Kansas City 7PM 12 vs Pittsburgh 7PM 19 vs. San Jose 7PM 26, @ Utah Blaze, 8PM


5, vs Tampa Bay 7:30PM 12 @ Tampa Bay 6:30PM 19 vs Edmonton 7:30PM 27 @ Edmonton 3:05PM

RAMPAGE May May May May May May

5 @ OKC Baronos 7PM 7 vs OKC Barons 7PM 10 vs OKC Barons 7PM 11 vs OKC Barons 7PM 13 @OKC Barons 4PM 15 @ OKC Barons 7PM

SPURS May May May May May

5 @Utah Jazz 9PM 7@ Utah Jazz TBD 9 vs Utah Jazz TBD 11 @ Utah Jazz TBD 13 vs.Utah Jazz TBD

* Other playoffs teams have not been determined at time of printing.


MISSIONS May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May May

5 @ Corpus Christi Hooks 6PM 6 @ Corpus Christi Hooks 1PM 7 @ Corpus Christi Hooks 7PM 8 @ Corpus Christi Hooks 7PM 10 vs. Midland Rockhounds 7PM 11 vs. Midland Rockhounds 7PM 12 vs. Midland Rockhounds 7PM 13 vs. Midland Rockhounds 4PM 14 @ Corpus Christi Hooks 7PM 15 @ Corpus Christi Hooks 7PM 16 @ Corpus Christi Hooks 11PM 17 @ Corpus Christi Hooks 7PM 18 @ Frisco Roughriders 7PM 19 @ Frisco Roughriders 7PM 20 @ Frisco Roughriders 4PM 21 @ Frisco Roughriders 11PM 23 vs.Springfield Cardinals 7PM 24 vs. Sprindfield Cardinals 7PM 25 vs Springfield Cardinals 7PM 26 vs. Arkansas Travelers 7PM 27 vs. Arkansas Travelers 4PM 28 vs. Arkansas Travelers 4PM 30 @Springfield Cardinals 7PM 31 @Springfield Cardinals 7PM



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As the largest primary care provider for seniors in South Texas, WellMed Medical Management has been known as a leader in senior healthcare for more than two decades in the San Antonio region. by Dan Calderon Yet it’s not just what happens in the

Olympic-style team and individual events

mother of San Antonio City Councilman

doctor’s office that keeps seniors healthy.

such as Basketball, Swimming, Track and

Ray Lopez, also boasts more than 20,000

WellMed sponsors and initiates numerous

Field, and Volleyball, as well as events

square feet of space. It operates under

programs in the area that get seniors

not normally found on ESPN -- Scrabble,

a joint partnership between the City of

moving and socializing. For the past two

Shuffleboard, and Horseshoes.

San Antonio and the WellMed Charitable

seasons, WellMed has sponsored WellMed Senior Sluggers games on Mondays at Wolff

The Elvira Cisneros Senior Community

that serves as the philanthropic partner of

Stadium on the city’s South Side. Every

Center by WellMed at 517 SW Military has

WellMed Medical Management. The Lopez

Monday during the regular season, seniors

served as a host site for the Senior Games

One-Stop has most of the same services

age 65 and older, or those eligible for

(for table tennis and shuffleboard) for a

found at the Cisneros Senior Center, with

Medicare, receive complimentary reserved

good reason – it is the largest senior center

a newly added state-of-the-art movie

seat tickets at a San Antonio Mission game

in South Texas, and possibly all of the state.

entertainment room and

and a drink (bottled water or soda). Sitting

With a membership eclipsing 5,000, the

in the bleachers watching a ball game

Cisneros Senior Center boasts more than

may not seem like a health initiative, but for

22,000 square feet of space with equipment

seniors, it’s an opportunity to get out and

found in most gyms (including free weights

“We have heard so many success stories from patients who utilize these senior center services,” said

have fun in a social setting.

and treadmills), a computer lab, Wii game

Dr. Fernando Martinez, lead physician at

room, exercise and dance classes such as

WellMed at SW Military, the primary care

Zumba Gold, Chair Yoga and Pilates, and

clinic adjacent to the Cisneros Senior

daily meals provided through a partnership

Center. “We

“There are many studies that indicate seniors who are socially active experience a slower rate of memory loss,” said Dr. Richard Whittaker, WellMed’s Chief of Medical Operations. “Since memory loss is a key indicator for dementia, doing everything you can to keep your memory alive and active is critical as we age.”


Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization

with the City of San Antonio. Pool tables, table tennis, a library sitting area and daily educational classes help round out the senior experience at the Cisneros Senior Center, where anyone age 60 and older is

have patients who have lost weight and improved their health – some of them to the point that they have been taken off certain prescription medications used to control diabetes or blood sugar.”

welcome to utilize its services – at no cost! “I can’t tell you how many people have The second-largest and fastest-growing

told me that if they didn’t have this senior

senior center in the region was inspired by

activity center, they would just be home

WellMed also is an annual sponsor of the

the success of the Cisneros Senior Center.

alone watching television,” Dr. Martinez

Texas State Senior Games - San Antonio, a

The Alicia Trevino Lopez Senior One-Stop

said. “I am a big believer in the good things

series of unique competitive activities open

Center at 8353 Culebra opened last June

we are accomplishing for seniors through

to anyone age 50 and older. This year’s

and recently enrolled its 3,000th member.

these centers.”

games, held in March, included traditional

The Lopez One-Stop, named after the


premiere issue

Nothing gets seniors moving like a big event, so every year, the WellMed Charitable Foundation plays host to the Blake Rapier 5k Wellness Run Walk. This is the fourth year for the Rapier Run Walk, a family-friendly event scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 2 at McAllister Park, 13102 Jones Maltsberger Road. Proceeds benefit the WellMed Charitable Foundation, which supports programs for seniors and caregivers in our community with a special emphasis on wellness, prevention and living with chronic illness. Registration fee is $25 for adults and $10 for seniors age 65 and older. Children ages 10 and younger run for free. This year there are two new features to the Rapier Run Walk. First, if you want to sleep in that morning, you can still support the Foundation and its programs by signing up as a “virtual” runner. You still get a T-shirt, but don’t have to actually attend the run that morning. Secondly, the Rapier Run draws runners of all ages but is especially attractive to seniors who know WellMed Charitable Foundation to be a positive force for issues important to mature adults. In years past, participants have included disabled seniors using strollers. To accommodate those who may not feel up to taking on the full 5K (3.1-mile) course, race organizers have created a paved 1-mile alternate route for this year’s event.

If you are interested in registering for the Rapier Run Walk, the online registration form can be found at or at

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Train Like a Champion In the world of competitive athletics, few would disagree that strength training is vital to optimum performance. Common sense and science tells us that the stronger a muscle is the better it will perform. by Leo Seitz This correlates to the thought process that the stronger athlete has a much better chance at success than the weaker one. My father used to say which is “ There is no such thing as a weak champion.” It is no secret that physiques of modern athletes have changed drastically from the physiques of athletes of the past. Look at a photo of a typical football player from the 1950’s or 1960’s and compare that to players of today. Today’s athletes have the bulging biceps and broad muscular chests coupled with the


chiseled abs of a Greek god. This is not limited to male athletes. More and more female athletes are developing physiques that would make most men jealous. The point is over the past 50 years or so athletes have discovered that being strong will help them in competition. An analogy that I use quite frequently when trying to convey the importance of strength training to my athletes is the scandal with major league baseball and steroid use. Granted some of those major leaguers were taking performance enhancing anabolic agents, but the steroids were helping them get stronger thus causing them to hit dinger after dinger. Now, in no way am I condoning the use of performance enhancing drugs, but when an athlete is strong they perform at a higher level. I use the term “Strong” and not “Fit” because there is a huge difference between the training of the two. Something that I see quite frequently in collegiate strength and conditioning is the confusion of general fitness training and sports medicine with strength training for athletes. Lately, the trend is sport specific resistance training which consists of doing the actual activity of the sport the athlete plays and finding some


premiere issue

way to add resistance. Proponents of these methods argue that

strength for athletes and fitness for the general population are two

making the actual athletic movement resisted will make the

totally different styles of training. From my coaching experience,

athlete better at it and more forceful. For example, I have seen

creating a general strength base through squatting, pressing and

coaches attach a resistance band to the end of a bat and attach

pulling movements will help make the athlete stronger, faster and

the other end of the resistance band to a fixed object such as

more explosive. Yes, I said “faster�. There is a misconception

a fence post. Then the athlete is told to perform a swing as if

out there that if an athlete lifts weights too much that they will

they were swinging at a fastball. In theory this would make sense

become muscle bound or bulky and thus become slower. This is

and be very beneficial for the athlete. However, this does very

untrue. Again, the stronger a muscle is, the more efficiently it will

little to help the athlete. Not only is the resistance of the band

perform. That being said, strength equals speed and optimum

not nearly enough to strengthen the muscles associated with an


explosive swing, the added resistance is causing the athlete to over compensate. This will cause an imbalance and result in bad

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the importance of all


people, athletes and non-athletes to stay active. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the importance of strength training

I make the statement all the time that an athlete can not get

for athletes as well as the difference between training the athlete

strong throwing medicine balls around hundreds of times or doing

and the general fitness population. I wish all of you readers the

one legged circus tricks with rubber bands while standing on a big

best of luck in your fitness endeavors‌. Stay strong

balloon. I do get a chuckle from that but it is very true. Creating


Spectrum turnsgold Gold’s Gym International (GGI), the world’s leading authority on health and fitness, acquired all 11 Spectrum Athletic Club locations in the San Antonio area. Gold’s Gym will now have a total of 20 locations in the Alamo City. By Don Hays All 11 Spectrum Athletic Clubs will re brand under the Gold’s Gym name. All current Spectrum memberships will be honored. In addition to having future access to current Gold’s Gyms in San Antonio, Spectrum members will gain travel privileges to Gold’s Gym’s network of 700 gyms in 43 states and 30 countries. For Gold’s Gym members, plans are being developed for a tiered membership option that would allow access to former Spectrum locations. “We’re confident that our members and our employees will be in good hands and will continue to enjoy the high level of service they’ve come to expect from us,” said Bud Rockhill, chief executive officer of Spectrum. “We think it’s a great fit and that the transition will be seamless. This deal will allow us to strategically


invest in our twelve Spectrum locations in Southern California, a business that we will continue to operate going forward.” Spectrum members will now be serviced by a strong ownership group with years of award-winning customer service experience. GGI is one of the largest and most respected companies in the fitness industry. Founded in 1965, the company has more than 47 years experience delivering life-changing results for its members and is universally perceived as the authority in fitness. In addition, GGI has invested heavily in club enhancements and development in recent months. This includes investing more than $20 million in club improvements, new gym development, franchise growth and acquisitions, all of which demonstrate the momentum behind the company. The company plans to build additional gyms in San Antonio. Jim Snow, president of Gold’s Gym International, said “We are very bullish on San Antonio. It has truly become a fitness-conscious city in recent years and the demand for health and fitness services has grown rapidly. This acquisition is a testament to our enthusiasm about the city and its potential. San Antonio is now the biggest market in our corporate portfolio and the second biggest Gold’s Gym market in the country, right behind Washington, D.C. We look forward to growing with the San Antonio community for years to come.”

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Rampage Playoff Bound!

Photo By:

The San Antonio Rampage ended the regular season with a record of 41-30 which placed them third in the Western Division of the Western Conference. by Don Hays


T a c t a p

n e


premiere issue

The San Antonio Rampage ended the regular season with a

Division. The Rampage and Wolves played a tough best-of-five

record of 41-30 which placed them third in the Western Division of

series in which four of the five games were decided by one point.

the Western Conference. Despite a shakey start, the Rampage

The Rampage won the two games played in San Antonio before

finished strong. Leading the way for the Rampage this season are

the series moved to Chicago. The Wolves won the first two games

Jon Matusmoto ( 23 goals and 37 assists), Bill Thomas (27 goals and

at home to even the series 2-2. In the third and deciding game,

25 assists) and Bracken Kerns (22 goals and 30 assists)

the Rampage was able to win 3-2 in front of a hostile crowd. The win on the road against a division champion was considered a

The win on the road against a division champion was considered a pivotal point in the season and has the team and fans excited about the next playoff series

pivotal point in the season and has the team and fans excited about the next playoff series against the Oklahoma City Barons. The best of seven series begins May 3 on the road. Game 2 will follow on May 5. The Rampage will return to San Antonio on May 7 for the three game home stand. The Rampage and The Barons have played seven times this year with the Rampage holding a 4-3 edge in the regular season. The last game played between the two teams took place on April 15 which resulted in a 1-0 Rampage win. Of course, once the Calder Cup playoffs begin, you can throw all the records out the door.

On April 19, The Rampage opened the first round of the playoffs

San Antonio hockey fans should expect a shoot out as these two

against the Chicago Wolves who had finished first in the Midwest

teams meet in the second round.


football recruits for 2012

Kyle Marrs: Future Oklahoma Sooner




premiere issue

With another high school football season behind us, the “Friday Night Lights” give way to what has become another football season. by Don Hays

9. Rex Dausin ( 6’2” 180 QB Warren ) Dausin is a great in the pocket passer and many consider him the equal of Knight and Armstrong at the QB

San Antonio is quickly becoming a destination for some of college football’s finest programs as they look for the athletes who will become stars at the next level. Here is a quick look at where the top ten football players in San Antonio will be playing next year.

Marrs is an All-District, All-City and an

position. He will get a chance to show

All-State honoree. The future Oklahoma

his skills for the high powered University of

Sooner Offensive lineman was a key part

Houston offense next season.

5. Collin Blake (6’3” 180 DB Brandies)

to make this list. He is considered a late

1. Javonte Magee (6’6” 280 DE Sam Houston) Considered one of

Blake has the ability to play either

force to be reckoned with. He will be at

Cornerback or safety. He could also put

Indiana next year.

the top defensive lineman from the area

on some weight a play OLB at the next

in recent years, Magee will be playing

level. Blake was a key component to

at the next level at Baylor. He is one of

Brandeis’ playoff run and will play for the

several Sam Houston players who will be

Florida St. Seminoles next year.

of the success of the Brandies running game this year. He impressed the scouts with his agility and quickness off the line.

Green is the third Sam Houston Cherokee

playing D1 football next year.

2. Trevor Knight (6’3” 195 QB Reagan)

10. Raphael Green ( 6’5” 320 DL Sam Houston )

bloomer in 2012 but showed he was a

Others: Josh Kern QB 6-5 190 Clark Arizona Dennis Parks WR 6-2 180 Judson Rice Darik Dillard RB 5-11 190 MacArthur Rice

6. Austin Hays (6’3” 185 WR Reagan)

Ethan Perry P 6-4 225 Smithson Valley

Hays was the leading receiver in the city


Trevor Knight is a rare talent that can beat

in 2012 and was Trevor Knight’s number

Nick Coleman DB 5-11 185 East Central

you with his arm or his legs. He was a

one deep threat. He caught 55 passes

Air Force

three-year starter for the Reagan Rattlers

for over 1,000 yards and was on the

and led his team deep into the playoffs

All- District and All-City teams as well as

Eric Maus DE 6-4 230 Steele Air Force Colton Hanson OL 6-6 290 New

this past season. Originally committed to

Honorable Mention All-State. He will play

Braunfels Tulane

the Texas A&M Aggies, Knight signed with

for the Oklahoma St. Cowboys.

Charles Wort LB 6-1 205 New Braunfels

7. Leo Thomas (6”2 180 DB Sam Houston) Another defensive star for the

Donovan Williams OL 6-3 295 Madison


the Oklahoma Sooners.

3. Tommy Armstrong (6’2 190 QB Cibolo Steele)

Sam Houston Hurricanes, Thomas signed

Blinn College

Skylar Nelson LB 6-3 220 Alamo Heights UTSA

College recruiters have had Armstrong on

with the Arizona Wildcats. He led his

their radar ever since he led Steele to the

team to the class 3A playoffs and was an

William Cavanaugh OL 6-2 285 N.B.

State Championship in 2011. Armstrong

All-District and All-City performer.

Canyon UTSA Hawaii

with his feet. Armstrong will be playing for

8. Derrick Kindred (5’11” 190 DB Wagner) Kindred starred as a running

the Nebraska Cornhuskers next season.

back in high school, but is projected as

Champion Navy

lives up to his name with a cannon-like arm. He can also make things happen

4. Kyle Marrs (6’6” 290 OL Brandeis)

Ethan Watanabe TE 6-2 240 Brennan Garrett Gandy OL 6-2 250 Boerne

a defensive back in college. He will join

Johnny Vizcaino OL 6-3 290 Lanier

TCU as they begin their first year playing in

New Mexico

the Big 12 conference in 2012

Derek Mann RB 6-0 185 Stevens Navy


The warrior ethos

The Modern Army Combative Program (MACP) was founded in 1995 by SSG Matt Larson in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. It was carried to the rest of the Army over the last decade and has since become a soldiering task which every soldier is expected to be competent in. MACP has four levels of certification which a soldier can attain. Level 1 combatives is a one week 40 hour course which soldiers learn a basic understanding for ground fighting and the essentials of controlling space in a combat environment. Level 2 is a two week 80 hour course which introduces soldiers to stand up fighting as well as more advanced techniques of BJJ, Muay Thai and wrestling. Both levels 1&2 are offered at Army Forts around the world. Level 3 is a one month course which is only offered at Fort Benning, GA where the United States Army Combatives School is located. While at level 3 soldiers learn about Boxing, Kick boxing, Muay Thai and wrestling in depth. Soldiers spend the last week using fighting techniques learned in a tactical environment with full body armor and weapons. Level 4 is a one month course in which soldiers learn more advanced MMA techniques and using them in a tactical environment as well as how to be a program director. Level 4 is also only taught at the USACS in Fort Benning, GA. The 32nd Medical Brigade program here at Fort Sam Houston, TX runs monthly level 1 and 2 classes as well as trains units that are deploying to combat in hand to hand combat techniques. The program continues to grow and is a fundamental task which is used to teach and instill the warrior ethos in soldiers. The 2012 32nd Medical Brigade Combatives Tournament was the fifth tourney held by the Brigade. The 264th Medical Battalion won the tournament in 2008 and 2009. The 232nd Medical Battalion has won the tourney the past three years; 2010, 2011 and this event in 2012. The Brigade Commander, COL William LaChance, holds the

I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade behind. by Mario “sPidA� Garay 24

tournament as an event to build morale and esprit de corps within the Brigade and showcase our young soldiers skills to all those who wish to attend. The intent of the program is to teach soldiers to embrace the Warrior Ethos and to be able to better protect themselves both in combat and at home.



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tour de san antonio On May 19, 2012, many cycling enthusiasts will gather at Boerne Champion High School for the annual “Tour de Cure” to fight Diabetes. by Don Hays

• Nearly 26 Million Americans currently live

Every dollar raised during the “Tour de Cure” will bring us

close to finding a cure for this terrible disease.

• • •

with Diabetes In the United States a person is diagnosed with Diabetes every 30 seconds. 1.6 million people were diagnosed last year alone. Diabetes accounts for 32% of Medicare spending. Diabetes is a leading cause of death among Hispanics in the United States Diabetes affects someone you KNOW… someone you LOVE.

The “Tour de Cure” offers something for all ages and all riding levels. As a participant, you can choose to ride one mile or one-hundred miles. Beginning riders can bike the MIRACLE MILE, which is safe and NOT on the open road. It is fully contained on the campus of the high school. More experienced cyclists can bike the more challenging 100 mile


Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012 Location: Champion High School - Boerne, Texas

route with the scenic Texas Hill Country as a nice backdrop.

Address: 201 Charger Boulevard, Boerne, TX

So, wash your bike, check your brakes and oil your chains..

Fund-raising Minimum: $200 (15 & up)

Lets beat Diabetes.

78006 $50 minimum for each child (age 14 & under)

Registration Fee: $25




premiere issue

If the Spurs can maintain the current defensive stats and avoid costly mistakes, a deep run in the playoffs is likely with another NBA Championship run very possible. By Don Hays At the beginning of the season many a Spurs fan wondered if the team could carry on the tradition of making the playoffs with a core of players that some were writing off as “beyond their prime”. Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli have both had problems with nagging injuries that have kept them from being at the top of their game last year and it looked as

trio of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli took a break and did not play. The team then lost their second game in

The Spurs close out the regular season with

a row with a 98-84 loss to the Lakers. The

a 10 game winning streak. In the process,

Lakers were led by the inspired play of

they finished their regular season with a

center Andrew Bynum who grabbed 30

record of 50-16. This record gives them

rebounds, while the Spurs struggled to

13 straight years with at least 50 victories.

make the most of scoring opportunities.

Even more impressive is this was done in

The Spurs were back to form with a hard

a season that was shortened by a labor

fought win against the Memphis Grizzlies,

dispute between players and owners. The

getting strong performances from Duncan

Spurs finish the 2011-12 regular season as

and Ginobli in the 107-97 victory. Spurs

thee #1 team in the Western Conference.

bounce back against Memphis 107-97 . Duncan scored 28 and Manu Ginobli added 20 to lead the Spurs. The Spurs will have their work cut for the as they face long time Western Conference rival Lakers twice the 3rd week of April. The first game will be played at L.A on April 17 and then host the Lakers three days later on the 20th. This should give the team a good look at what they will probably see

though history might repeat itself.

in the Western Conference playoffs.

We can stop worrying. The Spurs are back

It goes without saying that the Spurs will

to playing championship basketball. The San Antonio Spurs finished the month of March with an impressive 11-3 record to give them an overall 37-14 for the season. The Spurs have seen steady play from the “Big Three”…Guard Tony Parker (19.3 ppg), Forward Tim Duncan (15 ppg) and Guard Manu Ginobli (12.5 ppg). However, the bench players have stepped up scoring 57% of the total points during the month of March. The Spurs continue to get strong play from Danny Green, Gary Neal,

output of Duncan, Parker and Ginobli, but they must also keep playing stout defense. The Spurs defense, while overlooked by some, remains a gritty component of the Team’s success. Currently the Spurs are winning the rebound battle with their opponents 43 RPG. to 42 RPG. The stats for steals are almost identical to the opponents ( 7.33 For the Spurs versus 7.40). Overall, the Spurs rank 13th out of 30 in the NBA defensively. The numbers are much better in the turnover department where

The Spurs entered the month of April as

13.35 a game. If the Spurs can maintain

riding a win streak that ended with a 9184 loss to the Utah Jazz. In that game, the

The Spurs began their quest for another NBA title with a series sweep against the Utah Jazz. Come support your San Antonio Spurs. Go Spurs Go!

have to continue to rely on the offensive

and Matt Bonner

one of the hottest teams in the NBA while

run very possible.

the team ranks 28th out of 30, averaging the current defensive stats and avoid costly mistakes, a deep run in the playoffs is likely with another NBA Championship

Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, named 2011-12 NBA Coach of the year.

sport-light too soon.

SP: Give me some of your background. You have a Super Bowl ring from the Oakland Raiders right?

LK: Correct SP: So you’re taking this NFL experience and bringing it down to the collegiate level. Give me some of your background as far as pro and some of the stops you’ve made in your coaching.

LK: I started coaching in high school. I coached in California for two years and Colorado for a year. Then I coached in college for 13 years. Then I went to the Raiders in ’82. I was with the Raiders, Denver, Indianapolis, Seattle, New Orleans, New England, back to the Raiders. So I coached 16 years in the NFL. Then I became the head of the NFL Coaches Association. I fought with NFL owners for the rights for coaches for the last 13 years. On the side, I worked with quarterbacks. I was hired by agents of quarterbacks to work with them because I’m a quarterback expert. I got to work with Drew Breeze, Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Alex Smith, Byron Leftwich,

Sports Play interview with:

Larry kennan currently the head football coach

Chad Pennington to get them ready for the draft. Then I worked with a number of young high school quarterbacks on weekends to get them ready for whatever their future is whether it be small college, major college, whatever it is. I stayed around the game. My son, Kyle, has been the receiver coach here for the last four and half years. When the job came open, I was hoping that my

at the University of the Incarnate Word. by Don Hays

son would be considered that my son would be considered for

Sports Play (SP): This is Don Hays with Coach Larry Kennan, the

happened, then I said “Well, I’m interested.” So I formally applied.

new head football coach at Incarnate Word University. Coach, I

I told the people here that I was going to formally apply, but they

appreciate you taking the time to talk to me.

needed to keep it completely quiet because I had a sensitive job

the head coaching job – and was. Then they decided that they were also going to go Division I. That really, I think, eliminated him from the consideration for the head coaching job, so once that

being the head of the NFL Coaches Association. We were in some

Larry Kennan: My pleasure.

negotiations that I didn’t want messed up. Anyway, on December 15, I believe it was December 15, they said yes, they wanted to

SP: I understand you are making a move right now.

hire me. We hammered out the contract. And here I am.

LK: You know all about that being the son of a coach. You move

SP: Earlier you mentioned you came here to watch your son and

then you wait for your furniture, then move it into your house and hope you’re here for a while so you don’t have to move again


Incarnate Word play football. What was your initial reaction about the city of San Antonio itself?


premiere issue

going to recruit better players – better

should be looking out for in different posi-

LK: We like San Antonio. It’s a big city, but

people, better players. We’re going to be


it’s not a big city. It’s a small town. We love

a really good football program.

LK: I’ll name a couple names because of

the Riverwalk area. I thought the University was in a wonderful setting. What a great

SP: I guess that now the class has signed,

guys who got some awards last year, but

place to have a university. As they built the

you can actually talk about the recruits.

what I told this team was starting with our weight and conditioning program and in

facilities, we got to see them build them because I was here when they didn’t have

LK: We signed 13 local players. We think

particular spring practice, we would judge

any stadium, they didn’t have a locker

they’re really good players. We signed

them from that point forward. We’re not

room, they didn’t have any footballs. They

probably three or four that I think down

going to judge them on what they did last

had a track out here that they were dig-

the road have a chance to be really good

year or the year before. Obviously, Trent

ging up to get ready to put in turf and all

players but maybe aren’t yet because

Rios is coming back. He’s been a really

that. I kind of got to see it from day one. I

they’re great big guys that are young and

good running back here and we expect

got to meet a few of the players.

going to develop.. We signed a number

to be again because he has a great work

of really good players from the city of

ethic. We have four, five offensive line

SP: Talk about how the San Antonio area

Houston and several from Dallas and a

starters returning that are good group.

(of course Texas being a hotbed for Texas

couple out in West Texas. That’s basically

We expect all of them to play although

football), but the San Antonio area in par-

our recruiting area – Houston, Dallas, San

they’re not guaranteed any position. .

ticular… I’m talking about the San Antonio

Antonio. We’re going to recruit locally.

I need to see with my own eyes. We’re

in a 60 mile radius. How has that affected

We have two coaches assigned to the

not going to give anybody a position. We

your outlook into recruiting?

San Antonio area. I, in particular, will try

have a quarterback that has played. But

to make every high school this spring and

that position is wide open. We have two

talk to each one of the coaches. We’ve

freshmen coming in we will push all of them

LK: What I said coming in here is a couple things about recruiting: Number 1, we

and may start as freshmen. We are going

needed to recruit locally first. We were not

to start judging them again when we start

going to pass on the real good players

spring practice. That’s when we really

just because we thought they might go to Texas or A&M. We were going to go talk with them because we have a real good school and we’re going to play good football and they’re going to be as well coached here as anywhere they can go. They’ll going to be as well coached here as if they go to A&M or Texas or Oklahoma

“We’re going to make all the good players tell us no at least once” - Larry Kennan

start judging them. We watched them go through the conditioning program. And see what kind of work ethic they’ve have. That’s what helped me some guys.. If a guy felt like he didn’t get a fair shake with last year’s coaching staff, he’s got a fresh start with us.

SP: Wiped the slate clean, right?

State or wherever it is. There’s a little more prestige if you’re a high school athlete, it’s

LK: Yeah.

a lot easier for your ego when you tell your buddy “Hey, I’m going to Texas or A&M” as opposed to “I’m going to Incarnate

invited all of them to come out to spring

Word.” But they can get everything they

practice to get to know us and us to get

want out of life and football by coming to

to know them.

school here. We’re going to make all the good players tell us no at least once. The

SP: Looking forward to the upcoming sea-

standards have been raised here. We’re

son, who are some of the veterans that we

tiro libre

Empieza la Fiesta Grande

La liguilla del futbol mexicano esta casi lista y en unas semanas sabremos quien será el campeón del clausura 2012, by Luis Fernando donde los equipos del norte; Tigres de UANL (Actual campeón), Monterrey y Santos laguna tienen grandes posibilidades de coronarse, por su orden estratégico, contundencia y buen futbol que han demostrado a lo largo del torneo, pero no descartemos a los equipos que también están calificados y trataran de hacer un excelente papel, equipos como América, Morelia y los Xolos de Tijuana que a lo largo del torneo han hecho méritos

Quedando la tabla General

suficientes para estar en la fiesta grande, no perdamos de vista ninguno de estos equipos

hasta el momento de la siguiente

que sin duda alguna arrancaran la liguilla con la mentalidad de salir campeón. No

manera, faltando una fecha de

olvidemos que a estos 6 equipos se les pueden sumar Cruz Azul, Jaguares de Chiapas

la fase regular.

o Pachuca quedando 2 lugares disponibles por jugarse en la última fecha del torneo mexicano. Toda esta casi listo para que la fiesta grande empiece y de mantenerse las posiciones como hasta ahora tendremos grandes encuentros en los que destacarían el Clásico regiomontano entre Tigres y Monterrey y el Clásico Joven entre Cruz Azul y América. Que no te agarren en fuera de lugar… No te pierdas el próximo artículo de cara a la gran final del futbol mexicano.

Breve Tricolor

El anfitrión Gran Bretaña, el Campeón Mundial España, así como Brasil y México fueron elegidos este lunes por la FIFA como cabezas de serie del campeonato de futbol de los Juegos Olímpicos. Los equipos de Corea del Sur, Gabón y Suiza fueron emparejados en el Grupo B, donde el Tri apareció como cabeza de serie.

Tabla General 1. Santos 2. América 3. Morelia 4. Tigres 5. Monterrey 6. Club Tijuana 7. Pachuca 8. Cruz Azul 9. Jaguares ** Equipos calificados – Jornada 16


premiere issue

The big party begins by Luis Fernando

The Mexican soccer league is almost ready and in a few weeks we will know who will be the Champion of the Closure 2012, the north teams; Tigres of UANL (Current Champion), Monterrey and Santos Laguna have a great potential to be crowned, for its strategic order, forcefulness and the good football they have shown throughout the tournament, but do not discard the teams who are also qualified and will try to do an excellent job, teams like America, Morelia, and Tijuana Xolos that throughout the tournament have merit enough to be in the big party, do not lose sight of either of these teams, certainly they started the league with the mentality to be the Champions. Don’t forget that besides these 6 teams we can add Cruz Azul, Pachuca and Jaguares with 2 places available to dispute in the last date of Mexican tournament.

Breve Tricolor

The host Britain, the world champion Spain, Brazil and Mexico were chosen by FIFA as head of the football championship of the Olympic Games. Teams from South Korea, Gabon and Switzerland were paired in Group B, where Mexico is head of the group.


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pro soccer is here It had all the trademarks of a professional sporting event…long lines in traffic by Lance Lanoux (so much so even Transguide was warning about delays to the I-35 approaches to Heroes Stadium), tailgating in the parking lot, raucous music (both fan generated and over the PA), youth teams in abundance sporting their own clubs jerseys, as well as adults wearing EPL, La Liga, and Mexican Primera League kits and in a show a support for their home team, many fans donning for the first time the black and white strips of the home side, supporter groups making a grand entrance with a massive parade marching over from the tailgate parties at the STAR soccer complex. Flags flying, drums beating, chants sounding,

all to

provide a proper futballing atmosphere for the inaugural home match of San Antonio’s first professional soccer franchise. Final tallies estimated a throng of over 13,000 showed up Sunday night to see the San Antonio Scorpions take on the Puerto Rico Islanders. Not only were these numbers impressive for a turnout to view a soccer match when the Spurs were also


in town AND on a school night no less, but remembering that ALL profits generated by this professional franchise will go to the benefit of Morgan’s Wonderland, an all access amusement park targeted toward special-needs children provided for San Antonio by philanthropist Gordon Hartman and his Soccer for Cause foundation, made this showing by the community even more special. This NASL matchup, the first of its kind in the Alamo city, pitted the newest team in the continent’s second division professional soccer league against opposition who placed second in last year’s campaign

Final tallies estimated a throng of over 13,000 showed up Sunday night to see the San Antonio Scorpions Starting XI’s

Islanders: Martin, Martinez, Vasquez,

as well as playing in the CONCACAF

Needham, Edward, Delgado ©, Van Schaik,

Champions League competition.

Fojo, Foley, Fana, Adderly On the bench: Laurendi,

San Antonio was coming off of a season





opening, well-earned, nil-nil draw away to Atlanta Silverbacks, in which a nervous first

Scorpions: Hannigan, Cochrane, Kling,

half gave way to a more positive second

Wagner, Knight, Harmse ©, Greenfield,

as the Scorpions gained their confidence

Saavedra, Denissen, Campos, Ramirez

and footing in the match, creating more

bench; Hill, Smith, Soto, Tiago, Bayona,

chances with a change in attacking

Papa, Gold

strategy. The home side would need to draw on those early lessons as the Islanders

Full time score, San Antonio nil, Puerto

were poised to provide the Scorpions a

Rico 4. A second half brace by Nicholas

stern opening test, bringing experience,

Addlery ensures defeat for the Scorpions in

strength, and fitness to this early season

their first ever home match. Nevertheless,


San Antonio never stopped looking for a goal as evidenced in Coach Hankinson’s


premiere issue

substitution decision, and in the positive play into the 85th minute. It just wasn’t to be for the home side tonight as the soccer gods chose to withhold that “little bit of luck” preventing clear scoring chances to go wanting by players who clearly have demonstrated their skill and ability to score in the past. However, it was a tremendously successful night for professional soccer in San Antonio and for Morgan’s Wonderland with Coach Hankinson describing the turnout as “miraculous” and team owner Gordon Hartman quipping that, “To have 13,000 here tonight says that soccer is here in a big way…this is a strong beginning for San Antonio Scorpions and Soccer for a Cause” Fans should take heart that their home team will come out strong and with something to prove to them this coming Saturday as they take on the Fort

Lauderdale Strikers at 7:30pm again at Heroes Stadium. MLS Cup Champion Ryan Cochrane acknowledged that, “we didn’t play the way we wanted…(and) to be honest we let down the fans, but it’s a long season”.

robert luna Architect

I walked into the impressive office on a brisk Thursday morning with ten minutes to spare until my nine o’clock appointment with Robert Luna, the busiest and most sought out architect in San Antonio, and I was not going to be late. by Azille 38

Photo By: sports play magazine


Interview with Robert Luna of Luna Architecture

and it gave us a lot of experience in areas

Designer of Scorpions Stadium

provided everything that we could within

we didn’t really understand, until we got into it, and had to understand the mind set of the caregivers, the needs for medical purposes, and making sure that we a certain time frame, within a certain

Azille: Mr. Luna, thank you for taking the

budget, and also then put a whimsical

time to sit with me today. I know you have

kind of face to it to where it was a theme

a very busy schedule. I am very grateful

park. And then from that, we expanded

for the time you are spending with Sports

into the same developer who bought a

Play Magazine. Will you please introduce

soccer franchise. He came to us again

Luna Architecture to our readers and

and asked if we could diversify once again

explain how you came about designing

and create a new type of stadium for the

The San Antonio Scorpions Stadium?

new soccer team. So we created a new stadium, a type that has never been done

Robert: Well Ferguson, we’ve been

before, something very unique, something

in business since 1994.

We started out

individual, it has expansion capabilities

building residential projects so two years

that meet needs going in to the NASL, it

were spent on residential design. We then

has the capability going into the future

moved into commercial developments

to comply with MSL standards. We have

and churches.

We’ve done over 38

a stadium that is under construction that

churches, and we are doing many of

is unique and now we are getting interest

those still today. We started looking at

from four or five other cities looking for

kind of a diverse group, trying not to just

a similar concept because of the cost

maintain one type of design or function.

effective measures we’ve incorporated in

We wanted to diversify ourselves to ensure

the design along with the unique features

that our business was viable in every type

and the expansion capabilities it has. So

of market. So we looked at the residential,

we’ve gone full spectrum with so many

dealing with retail buildings, churches,

different types of buildings and now we

schools, medical offices, restaurants, so

are experiencing some additional interest

we’ve got a lot of experience including

with the stadium designs. It’s been very

financial institutions. In terms of the people


on our design team, we’ve got a diverse group of people working together here. In

Azille: Thank you Robert. One of the things

the past year, we’ve even diversified that

I am interested in is when Mr. Hartman

even more as we were approached to

first approached you to build a stadium,

design Morgan’s Wonderland for special

which is something you had never done

needs kids. That took a lot of research, a

before- just like when he approached you

lot of design, and a lot of detail to come

to build Morgan’s Wonderland, what first

up with the first in the world special needs

went through your mind?

theme park. That is one of our biggest projects to date- about a 25 million dollar

Robert: To give you a little history on the

project, which was a good project for us

park, I saw Gordon Hartman, developer of

Feature Morgan’s Wonderland, at a restaurant on

talent in the players that soccer brings. It’s

a Sunday morning and he asked if I had

just an amazing thing when you see what

a little bit of time to develop this park for

these players do and you get a feel for the

Azille: I’m very excited about the fact

him. That turned into what it did after a

game, it completely changes your mind set.

that the revenue from the soccer will go

year and a half of design and research.

to Morgan’s Wonderland. I’ve seen and

The same thing kind of happened here;

heard stories about the kids from all over

he just gave me a call and since we were involved in the other side of the Morgan’s Wonderland, he said “would you be interested in doing this?”

It started off

as a small endeavor and it continued to gain interest which then it continued to increase in the size and the capacities of the stadium. Once we had a team that we needed to comply with certain guidelines for different league standards we did the research, we increased budget, and we saw the land constraints that we had to deal with so we put all those things together and made sure we could comply and design a stadium, again, that was

“We created a new stadium, a type that has never been done before, something very unique, something individual, it has expansion capabilities that meet needs going in to the NASL, it has the capability going into the future to comply with MSL standards.” - Robert Luna

the states that come here and how they are filled with joy at the experience of this park that is truly just for them. I know they feel important there and, maybe for the first time, not overlooked as in many other situations due to their disabilities.


Antonio is very proud of both Morgan’s Wonderland and the soon-to-be Scorpion Stadium. Thank you much for your time, Mr. Robert Luna. Are there any last words you would like to share with the city of San Antonio?

Robert: I am just as excited as you are about seeing soccer flourish in San

unique, but exciting and something that

Antonio and seeing the enthusiasm: A

the fans would enjoy.


San Antonio.

We’ve had the experience of traveling to

new team for a new cause. I think that

Azille: I remember when I came to your

different cities and I’ve seen the stadiums

in itself is going to be very unique and it’s

office before I was writing for Sports Play

of the World Cup of 2010 in Cape town

going to be exciting to see. If you add to

Magazine and I saw the picture of the

and Johannesburg and amazing venues

all that a winning season- that’s what we

stadium on the wall, and I got excited! I

and amazing opportunities that we’ve

are all hoping for, it’s just going to be the

was excited that you were doing it and

had to see many different things and to

icing on the cake. That’s what we are all

I asked you about the stadium and you

really get excited about what is possible

hoping for.

were not only excited that you were

out there. So there is a passion for soccer

designing it, but excited because soccer

in me and in my family and it continues to

Azille: Thank you for taking the time to

was coming to San Antonio . I never knew

grow now that we are involved in, again,

share your thoughts with me, Ferguson

you were a soccer fan. Tell me a little bit

one of the first professional soccer teams

Azille for Sports Play Magazine.

about that.

that is owned, and all profits for this soccer team will go, again, to fund the Morgan’s

I had just spoken to a man with a purpose,

Robert: My soccer experience comes

Wonderland theme park in order to keep

a great heart for helping others and a

from being an elementary soccer coach

it a viable venue to allow special needs to

desire for seeing our city flourish. Thanks

for my son and seeing him grow into

kids to attend for no charge and so it’s a

to Gordon Hartman’s vision and resilience,

soccer. Through that, I started seeing the

revenue stream that continues to go and

San Antonio is a better place for all of us

actual passion that comes with the game

it’s exciting for the city of San Antonio. It’s

to enjoy.

and seeing the people getting excited in

something new, it’s something different,

the states. People want the high scores,

and again that adds to the passion of

yes, but they don’t see the finesse, and the

what soccer is for us and what soccer is in


premiere issue

SA Scorpions Stadium designs by


SA SCORPIONS official sponsors and partners

S O C C E R premiere issue




Upcoming Home Games: May 5, 7:30pm vs Tampa Bay Rowdies May 19, 7:30pm vs FC Edmonton June 2, 7:30pm vs Minnesota Stars FC June 9, 7:30pm vs Atlanta Silverbacks June 30, 7:30pm vs Atlanta Silverbacks July 4, 7:30pm vs FC Edmonton July 21, 7:30pm vs Fort Lauderdale Strikers July 28, 7:30pm vs Carolina RailHawks August 5, 7:30pm vs Puerto Rico Islanders August 19, 7:30pm vs Tampa Bay Rowdies September 16, 6:00pm vs Carolina RailHawks September 23, 6:00pm vs Minnesota Stars FC

Advance tickets start at $10/youth and $15/adult. Reserve your tickets today. Call (210) 637-3411 or visit Team Captain, Kevin Harmse premiere issue

S K t m

th f


premiere issue

First victory

Scorpions get first win of season, 1-0, versus the Carolina Rail Hawks. by Lance Lanoux

Photo By: Chris Adamczyk -


CARY, SO. CAROLINA -- San Antonio

The starting lineups as follows:

nisen chipped a cross into the box after

arrived at WakeMed Stadium in Cary,

Carolina Rail Hawks: GK Burse, D Shields

a one-two passing combination with the

South Carolina ready to secure its first win

(Elenio, 25’), D Krause, D King (Ortiz, 73’), D

Scorpion’s other forward, Brazilian, Pablo

and an important three points that would

Low ©, M Zimmerman, M Lowery, M Nurse,

Campos. This move gave Dennisen space

lift the Scorpions (0-1-2 and 2pts., going

M Palacio (Shipalane, 41’), M Shriver, F

down the right side of the box allowing

into the match) closer to league leading


him to float a cross that Campos met, suc-

Puerto Rico Islanders (3-1-1). The Carolina

cessfully rising above a double team, only

Rail Hawks (0-3-1 and 3pts., going into

San Antonio Scorpions: GK Sattler, D

the match) were also looking for their first

Kling, D Cochrane, D Pitchkolan, D Wag-

win of the season. The match would be a

ner, M Ramirez, M Soto (Bayona, 62’), M

Still early in the first half the Scorpions,

homecoming of sorts for Scorpion attacker

Greenfield (Gold, 72’), M Harmse ©, F

again employing the “wall pass”, gave a

Pablo Campos, as he was NASL’s second

Campos, F Denissen

preview of what would prove to be the

leading scorer last year while wearing the

to head over the Rail Hawk’s goal.

game winning move. A quick one-two be-

Carolina jersey. It would also be the first

Within the first three minutes San Antonio

tween Dennisen and team captain, Kevin

start in front of the San Antonio goal for

goalkeeper Craig Sattler made a great

Harmse, whose through run saw him in on

Daryl Sattler.

diving save to his left side. Carolina attack

goal, only to have is first touch come off

down the left flank of San Antonio ends

a bit heavy, causing the ball to run out of

in a dangerous cross finding the head of

touch wide right of goal.

Scorpions captain Kevin Harmse scores the only goal in the match, installing for the first victory in the new San Antonio franchise’s history.

Carolina attacker Jason Garey, whose glancing blow seemed headed to roll just

An early injury to Rail Hawks’ central de-

inside the post. This save early on in the

fense man, and former Glasgow Ranger,

game was a bit of a preview of what was

Doug Shields, (a “pulled hamstring” Shields

to come for Sattler, the newly christened

identified in a post-game interview being

number one.

the cause of this 25th minute substitution) may have been the opening San Antonio

Just over a minute later, San Antonio’s

needed in attack. The defensive bracket-

“Favorite Dutchman”, forward, Hans Den-

ing of former Rail Hawk-now-Scorpion,

Scorpions Campos, prevented San Antonio a direct clear path to goal, but

defended by the make-shift Carolina central defense.

it did allow Denissen to drop into more recessed areas away from the two-man marking.

The San Antonio franchise’s history-making goal came in the 81st minute. Harmse, with the ball, accelerated into space from out-

With a ten-minute rest and a talk from Coach Tim Hankinson to

side the penalty box, initiated a one-two pass combination with

freshen their resolve, the Scorpions continued to place the em-

Bayona, who in turn “nutmegs” (passes the ball through the legs of the defender) to a wide open Harmse, who had continued and timed his run perfectly, this time controlling the ball with the softest of first touches, which gave him a chance to see the Carolina

Pablo Campos was NASL’s second leading scorer last year while wearing the Carolina jersey.

keeper commit to a diving save. As Kevin Harmse described it in a post-game interview: “[I] saw a little gap (behind the defense) and [I ran to it] with a burst of speed.” As to the keepers early committal…“yeah, I just delayed until he committed and then lifted it” gently floating the ball into the rippling strings at the back of the net. This was nothing less than the Scorpions deserved, as skill and thoughtful soccer were duly rewarded. The confidence boosting

phasis on attacking through the forward duo of Dennisen and

goal steeled the visiting IX for a further fourteen minutes as they

Campos. However, Carolina’s familiarity with Campos translated

defended ever more, last gasp Rail Hawks’ attempts on goal.

into continued extra defensive attention, giving Dennisen space to create. It was this creativity that began to show as the second half progressed.

San Antonio’s veteran coach Tim Hankison said of the win: [This is a] “very exciting moment.” [I]”think adjustments to make space for forward” proved to be a game winning decision.

With just under thirty minutes to go in the match Coach Hankinson

“Hopefully this is the confidence builder that will lead to more wins

opted for a tactical substitution. The quick and fresh legs of Este-

down the road.” On Dennisen: “Hans is a very creative player,

ban Bayona, a forward form Bogata, Colombia, on for Josue Soto.

very capable on the outside giving [crosses] and [initiating] runs

This move re-positioned the ever-creative Dennisen to an attack-

from central midfield.” Hankinson attributed Dennisen’s versatility

ing winger providing balls into the towering Campos and speedy

and skill sets to the Dutch methodology of youth soccer coaching

Bayona. It also caused the Rail Hawks to drop one more defender

which emphasizes the development of a “complete player,” one

in front of goal, creating space in the midfield for Harmse to have

comfortable in any position on the pitch.

that valuable moment or two more on the ball. San Antonio’s win gives the team a four-game tally of five points The next twenty minutes saw penalty box-to- penalty box action

and a record of 1-2-1, vaulting the Scorpions to mid-table. The lo-

as both teams searched for the goal that would give them their

cal XI will be preparing to host the Tampa Bay Rowdies this coming

first win of the season. San Antonio’s revised attacking formation

Saturday May 5th at 7:30pm in NEISD’s Heroes Stadium (across the

gave the Rail Hawks all they wanted and more. Dennisen’s Dutch-

street from Morgan’s Wonderland), in what is being billed by the

styled “todalvoetbal” creativity and youth-trained technical pre-

Scorpions front office as “the biggest Cinco de Mayo party in San

cision provided crosses and through balls into San Antonio’s at-


tacking duo of Campos and Bayona that were being desperately


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at the buzzer Disclaimer: Frisbee or Disc Golf (I refuse to say Frolf) is an unusual sporting type activity that requires participants to awkwardly hurl a weighted Frisbee at stationary targets on an 18 hole course while employing essentially the same scoring system as traditional golf. by Aaron Patiño It is as much of a sport as say miniature golf, but the fervor brought to it by enthusiasts is undeniable. With that said, I thoroughly enjoy Frisbee Golf and being awkward has never bothered me.

of sadistic gargoyle.

from countless head on collisions with Disc Golf Discs look like regular discs, just

the courses’ oaks and outside wall of the

slightly smaller in diameter, and tend to

parking garage. On the underside, there

be neon colored; orange, yellow, green,

was a questionable resin stain (more of

pink. Very unnatural shades. Think of

a burn to be precise) that still serves as a

a single Skittles candy flattened to the

reminder of the city where it was found.

size of a tortilla. Since discs tend to hook

However, to say it was an Arthur/ Excalibur

My weapon of choice is 174 grams,

and slice out of bounds out of their own

moment would be a lie. It was more like

approximately the same weight as a

free will, the brightness of your disc’s hue

a Lebowski/ Creedence moment. Very

Double Cheeseburger from the golden

can be a godsend. In order to entice

Lebowski, in fact.

arches, or half a can of Spam. Similar ones

consumers, the manufacturers of these

can be fetched from local sporting goods

discs emblazon the top faces with names

Since that day I can’t say that the Aurora

stores for under nine bucks. But mine was

of fierce creatures like Valkyries, Rattlers, or

has brought me particularly ‘good’ luck,

free, rescued actually, from the campus

other sleek skinned sea animals like Sharks

but there is an unquestionable bond

of Texas State. San Martians (I did not

or Stingrays.

between me and this blue piece of plastic. Or perhaps I’m simply overly sentimental

make that up), whether they’re Bobcats or not, are lucky to have access to such a

That day, my approach shot was off, so I

like a mom on prom night. Either way, that

beautiful layout. When I noticed the disc,

squeezed beyond the treeline to retrieve

fortuitous find solidified my enthusiasm for

it was four feet off the ground, wedged

it. Unable to find my disc, I saw another

this game I am still hesitant to refer to as

tightly among the branches of a tree that

one, an aquamarine Aurora, discarded or

a sport.

guards the 8th hole basket like some kind

forgotten like my previous one. I snagged it free with ease. It had scars, missing chunks


around the outer edge, undoubtedly


premiere issue

10 things I think about Frisbee Golf1.

the choices is just moronic (see #4).


at least twice. Your first try will involve

putter. Anything more is just gilding

a steep learning curve. The second

the lily.


held the Lombardi Trophy. Just saying.


The Disc Golf course on Pearsall Road

and better your throw. Think Bill

is the best in San Antonio. It’s behind

Cartwright at the free throw line.

the dog park, with the first hole next to

The farther your first throw, the shorter

the soccer fields. Check it out before

your next one. It is by far easier to be

the neighborhood hooligans ruin it.

accurate on short throws than long


Tom Landry would never play Frisbee golf. Sean Payton would. Both have

When driving the disc, the more awkward your delivery, the farther


All you really need to buy, as far as equipment goes, is a driver and a

follow the advice of #4.


6b. Even when the winds are calm,


this course supplies its own. Weird. It’s

Like golf clubs, golf discs are designed

definitely something to experience for

and sold to meet a variety of purposes:


long range drivers, putters, floaters,

wearing a fanny pack.

glow in the dark. To be intimidated by

Everyone should attempt Frisbee golf

time will tell you whether or not to

for your discs you might as well be

left curvers, right curvers, and even


If you buy and use a caddy bag


Visors are not kosher on the course, either. Sorry, Sean (see #5).

10. Flip flops should stay at home, too.

Our city does have other disc golf courses. Check them out at and see which ones are close to you.


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IT’S ThaT eaSy.


premiere issue


Sportsplay Magazine - May 2012  

Sportsplay Magazine - May 2012

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