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GREENS Bent Grass vs. Bermuda Grass See page 5 Photos by Renee Steinpreis

Official Publication of the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association

Hot Springs Village is an active, friendly, gated community with a wide variety of outstanding amenities in a natural environment providing ample opportunities for community involvement and an enriching lifestyle.

A Message to Property Owners Jerry Kosoglow | President | HSV Board of Directors

The last three months have been very interesting and challenging, especially for Scott Randall, and the POA Staff. A very rare tornado hit the central area of Hot Springs Village affecting resident and non-resident properties, several golf courses, and common properties. In my eight years of residence, I have never seen anything like it. The POA, managed this emergency very effectively using its own staff, help from both counties, and even FEMA for the very first time, and was able to get the golf courses back to near original condition (less a few hundred trees), and has cleared tons of debris from right of ways and common property. Unfortunately, we greatly regret that one of our most dedicated employees lost his life in service to Hot Springs Village, during these clean up activities. We are also imploring property owners to have the debris from their lots cleared in order to protect neighboring residents from fire risks, and to protect their own property values. Over 300 resident homes were affected directly, and I believe most are now back to “normal.” Lacey Ekberg, the Executive Director for Advertising and Promotion, working out of the Hot Springs Village Chamber of Commerce, announced her resignation to pursue other career opportunities. Scott Randall has jumped in to assume responsibility for about $400,000 of spending to market Hot Springs Village. He will be hiring a new Marketing Manger, reporting directly to him, bringing this key responsibility back into the Property Owners Association, where it should be. I know he will be looking for monies in the 2012 Budget to fund additional efforts, as we

know the importance of marketing HSV in order to attract new residents and property owners. Without these new residents, I feel our population could decline, creating underutilized amenities and subsequent lower fee revenue on top of the ongoing problem with non-payment of assessments. We have a great product here. As boomers and all people looking for “an active, friendly, gated community with a wide variety of outstanding amenities in a natural environment providing ample opportunities for community involvement and an enriching lifestyle,” become aware of HSV, they will come here. Scott Randall was charged by the Board of Directors to look at restructuring the organization for efficiencies and ultimate cost reductions. In a very short time, he has worked closely with staff directors to identify headcount reductions that will generate over $1.25 million in lower costs for 2012. These reductions will provide funds for us to re-energize our capital expenditures and do necessary maintenance of our infrastructure. Lastly, you will see references in this issue relating to a change in the Hot Springs Village Covenants and Restrictions. We need to change the duration of special assessments, now limited to one year, to multiple years, in order to minimize the monthly impact on property owners. While we honestly have no particular projects in mind at this time, there may be a need in the future for a special assessment. Remember, we are only asking for your vote to change the Declaration. If there is a need for a special assessment, all property owners will vote on the particular project, or projects, at that time. The current change commits you to no added financial responsibili-

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ty, in and of itself. In my roughly 15 months on the POA Board of Directors, I have seen much change. I know these changes will make Hot Springs Village an even more viable, better place for you to live in, invest in, and visit in years to come. Scott Randall and his staff are working to find more, and better ways to communicate to all property owners. The Board and the POA staff need to know what you are thinking, and what you want, and you need to know what we are doing. If you go to the web site, you will find a new opportunity to subscribe to email lists that will provide you more information on Board Activities, POA News, Special Offers, and more. Soon we will be web streaming our Board meetings, so that you can follow our management of key issues via the internet.

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011


Board Asks Membership for Declaration Changes An ad-hoc Declaration Committee was formed by the POA Board of Directors to study and recommend any changes that might be needed to the Hot Springs Village Declaration. The committee recommended a single change. The committee, POA staff and the Board of Directors believe that modifying the section on special assessments will provide financial flexibility to effectively manage the POA’s capital program, by allowing a longer time period for payment of special assessments. What are the key aspects of the current Declaration on special assessments? • Authorizes the Board to ask the membership for a special assessment. • Limited in time to one year. • Use restricted to capital improvements or additions. • Must be approved by 51% of property owners. What does the proposed Declaration amendment change? • It removes the one year limitation and allows the property owners to vote on the finance of capital projects over a number of years. Why is changing the one year limit important? • It allows the POA to spread out the cost for capital projects. Instead of a large monthly special assessment for one year, the Board could ask for a more reasonable monthly special assessment over several years. • The Hot Springs Village Strategic Plan identified the need for Hot Springs Village to make capital improvements and to replace or improve basic infrastructure and recreational facilities as they wear out. • The POA must identify the means to fund projects now that the developer is no longer active and providing funding for infrastructure and amenity investments. Volume XXXV, Number 3

PROPERTY OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION ADVOCATE Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 895 DeSoto Blvd., Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 Telephone: (501) 922-5556 E-mail address: Web site: Managing Editor: Linda Mayhood Editor: Stacy Hoover


Fall 2011

PERIODICAL POSTAGE 019-847 AT HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS Additional Entry at Little Rock, Arkansas. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the POA Advocate, 895 DeSoto Blvd., Hot Springs Village, AR 71909. The Property Owners’ Association Advocate is published quarterly, four times a year, by the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association (POA), 895 DeSoto Blvd., Hot Springs Village, AR 71909. The POA assesses its members $432 a year, $1 of which covers the annual subscription price.

The publication is distributed to 22,835 members of the POA. Periodical postage #019-847 from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011

How does this help the Property Owners’ Association? • It provides the General Manager and Chief Financial Officer with the flexibility to finance capital projects approved by the property owners while lowering the annual cost to the property owners. Can the Board impose a special assessment without a vote of the property owner? • No, and a vote for the recommended Declaration amendment does not change that requirement. • Approval of this amendment does not cost the property owner any money. How long has the special assessment been available in the Hot Springs Village Declaration? • Since its inception in 1970. How many times has it been used? • None. The one year limit places a burden on property owners by requiring that all costs for capital projects be assessed in a single year, continued on next page ~

rather than over a number of years. What types of projects could be funded with a special assessment? • The proposed Declaration amendment does not change the use of the funds. Projects would continue to be limited to capital projects such as recreational amenities or infrastructure costs. Does the proposed amendment have a time limit on special assessments? • No. A single time limit is not set out in the proposed amendment. • Any vote on a special assessment by the property owners will be tied to a specific capital project for a specific amount of time. What do these changes do for me? • Protects property values through the maintenance and improvement of capital assets. • Spreads the burden of cost across a greater period of time. The approval of this proposal does not cost property owners any money. Any special assessment, including the specific project, the time and the amount still must be approved by a majority of the property owners. Proxies will be mailed on September 9 to property owners in good standing (not more than 60 days in arrears). The election date is February 15, 2012.

Board Holds Discussion on Monthly Meetings

The Hot Springs Village Board of Directors has begun discussion on the number of meetings the Board holds monthly. Currently meetings are held the first Wednesday for a work session and the third Wednesday for a regular meeting, both at 9:00 a.m. at the Ponce de Leon Center. Discussion surrounds reducing the number of monthly meetings to one per month. Arguments include: • Few items brought before the Board are emergency in nature or require swift action. • Agendas have been increasingly light and meetings short. • If there is need for a work session it can be scheduled before the regular meeting and special work sessions can be scheduled if needed. • If an item warrants public discussion before a vote of the Board, the four weeks between meetings offers greater opportunity for such comment.

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011


This is the second consecutive summer that Hot Springs Village has had excessive summer heat which really takes a toll on bent grass. Bent grass is not meant to live in conditions above 90 degrees for an extended period of time. With temperatures approaching 100 for days, the Superintendents and golf course crews are exhausted. Serious discussions are being held to convert one course in 2012 and one in 2013 from Bent grass to Bermuda grass greens. Hot Springs Village is located in a transition zone where both cold and warm season grasses have their drawbacks. Bent grass is threatened by pythium blight, a fungal growth that spreads. When temperatures reach 100 degrees, limited watering is essential, which requires syringing the greens frequently to keep them cool. The extra labor and the added chemicals to control the disease are expensive. Bermuda grass has the opposite problem. It is not a cold weather grass and must be covered during periods of temperatures below freezing to avoid winter kill. PROS • 12,000+ savings in the chemical budget in a normal year (per course) • 10,000+ savings in labor

GREENS Bent Grass vs. Bermuda Grass • Less interference with summer play with syringing greens • Aerification is in the summer rather than spring and fall – staggering aerification • Ball marks in the summer would virtually disappear • Great summer playing conditions on greens CONS • Dormant for five months a year; would become hard to hold shots especially first two years • Would require painting them to be green • Would require covers when temperatures are below freezing. Most days covers would be removed by 10:00 a.m. if temperatures rose above freezing. • Requires constant light top dressing (weekly) and mowing daily during the season. • Requires verticutting two to three times per year (during the summer). The return on investment for the POA would be two to three years with a $90,000+ cost per conversion. A conversion would take approximately 60 to 70 days to complete. Conversion would begin the third week of June and grow in would commence and be ready for play by September at the earliest or October 1 at the latest. Additional information is available online at under News & Announcements where the golf committee has also set up an email address for property owners to make comments regarding the conversion.

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011


Storm Report As reported in the last edition of the Property Owners’ Association Advocate, a storm blew through Hot Springs Village on April 25, 2011. More than 300 homes sustained some type of damage with 175 considered signifi-

Storm Cleanup Claims Life

cant. Additionally, nine commercial buildings

On June 8, 2011 an accident

and two churches sustained damage.

occurred at the gravel pit area

The damage to POA structures was mini-

being used to store and mulch

mal, but the loss of trees was extensive

debris from the April storm.

especially on common property, Balboa and

JR Fisher, a longtime Hot

Coronado golf courses, and to a lesser

Springs Village Property Owners’

extent the Ponce de Leon golf course. Crews

Association employee, was killed

from Public Works and golf course maintenance worked tirelessly to clear roadways and get the courses back in play as soon as possible. The POA golf courses were covered by insurance for debris removal and approximately $200,000 has been received to cover expenses. FEMA eligible emergency expenses (rightof-way clean up) were $22,000 and the POA submitted an application for reimbursement as a contractor for Saline and Garland counties. Clean up expenses for common property

while working at the grinder operation. Fisher was hired in the Construction Division of Public Works in 1994. He is survived by his wife Karen and their three children Marina, Nicholas and Nathaniel. “You often learn more about an individual after they are gone – and that is certainly the case with JR,” POA General Manager Scott Randall said. “He was a loving husband, doting father, and incredibly giving person to all that knew him.” An outpouring of condolences were received throughout Hot Springs Village and the surrounding community. The Hot Springs Village POA has created the JR Fisher

is not covered by insurance or eligible for

Memorial Fund to assist JR and Karen’s three children in

FEMA reimbursement. Instead, expenses

pursuing their college education. Locally, donations are being accepted at any Regions

are being covered by selling the downed timber. Additional right-of-way clean up continued in July with crews from Saline County and

Bank facility, including the DeSoto and Carmona branch. The POA has also placed collection jars at POA golf shops and recreation amenities.

Garland County clearing right of ways under the direction of FEMA representatives. Cleanup of all major debris is complete at

The Hot Springs Village Evening Lions Club has committed the net proceeds of their August 19 Bingo Night towards the fund and the POA is providing its employ-

the golf courses. There will be additional

ees with an opportunity to donate through a payroll

clean up in some areas over the winter. Sod


was put in many affected areas but cannot be used where irrigation does not cover. The bare areas will be seeded and strawed in the fall. 6

If you have any questions or would like more information on the memorial fund please contact the POA at 501.922.5530 or

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011


Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011

CONSERVATION In May 2011, Dennis Eskew, Water and Wastewater Superintendent in the Department of Public Works, told the Public Works Committee that water usage was rising quickly despite a month in which rainfall was abnormally high for the month • 8.3 inches in April • 13.62 inches in May Since then, the rain has practically dried up and temperatures have risen steadily. Both factors combined to raise the amount of water used by property owners for household and landscape use. In June, the POA began asking property owners and businesses to institute conservation measures including: • Odd/even landscape watering • Not over watering • Watering during non-daylight hours • Allowing grass to grow taller • Investing in economical water saving devices for showers and faucets • Turning water off while brushing teeth • Using displacement devices to reduce the amount of water used with each flushing. In July, the POA banned all outdoor water use for almost a week when the water supply in the storage tanks became dangerously low. A brief rain provided some relief and enabled the system to catch up and begin refilling storage tanks. On July 15, the complete ban was lifted and what will become the new normal, an odd/even watering restriction, was put in place.

Residents and businesses with odd number addresses are restricted to watering their landscapes on odd number days. Residents with even number addresses are restricted to watering their landscapes on even number days. All townhouse courts, regardless of their address, are assigned to even number days. Additionally, landscape watering is required during non-daylight hours. The amount of water available in Hot Springs Village is not the issue. The ability to treat water for consumption is. Hot Springs Villages’ water treatment plant is limited to four million gallons in a 24-hour period. The POA has begun planning for an expansion of the plant which will take two years to complete and treat six million gallons of water a day. Water conservation is essential to provide the POA with sufficient time to save the needed funds for the plants expansion. At this time, cost estimates for an expanded water treatment plant are in excess of $4.9 million. A water plant reserve account was established several years ago to fund plant expansion and its balance is $4,317,125 through July 31, 2011.

Hot Springs Village Urban Hunt Begins September 24 Hot Springs Village will once again hold an Urban Deer Hunt from September 24 through October 8, 2011. The archery only hunt, overseen by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, is held to reduce the deer herd within Hot Springs Village. The hunt is a no bag limit and does not count in the hunter’s seasonal bag limit. Hunting is allowed throughout Hot Springs Village EXCEPT the following areas: • The Wildlife Sanctuary • Within 50 yards of houses, trails, golf courses or parks • Within 50 yards of paved roads • Within 50 yards of POA utility plant properties • Private lots unless written permission from the lot owner is on their person Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011


Right Sizing the Hot Springs Village Property Owner’s Association “The process of right sizing the POA has been underway for some time with the closing of the DeSoto Family Recreation Area in late 2010 and the elimination of curbside recycling in 2011,” General Manager Scott Randall said. Randall continued, “the need (for rightsizing) comes from the POA’s ability to live within its means – no more deficit spending; and no more deferral of needed capital investments. Thus, we continue to identify and implement efficiencies – and to learn to do more with less.” RESTRUCTURE In June the most significant restructuring of the POA’s operations since its inception in 1970 took place. As a result of a comprehensive review of all Property Owners’ Association operations including the levels of services offered, revenues generated and costs incurred, and the staffing devoted to each service, the POA eliminated 33 full time positions, representing a 12.5% reduction in the fulltime workforce. SEVERANCE Affected employees were offered up to four weeks of severance pay, up to six months of continued health insurance at POA expense, callback within six months, if a vacancy should occur in their classification, and preference in re-hiring, for the next year, for any POA vacancy that they may be qualified to perform. SAVINGS The staff reductions resulted in an immediate savings of more than $970,000 annually; and ultimately $1.25 million, which does not fix our budget problems, Randall said, but it does go a long way toward making them more manageable. “Personnel actions of this magnitude are painful both to the affected employees and the organization as a whole; however, these changes are vital in order to ensure the long-term economic viability of the Property Owners’ Association and the critical services offered to our property owners and residents,” General Manager Scott Randall said. As a result of the re-structuring, the POA is a flatter organization with fewer supervisors and more workers. As exampled in Public Works which had eight divisions before the restructuring and three after. Another change was the shift from each division having a set of employees and supervisors to the department now having a group of 10

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011

employees that perform whatever task is needed. Additionally, Parks and Grounds Maintenance personnel were moved from Public Works to Recreation Maintenance which also pulled in all facility maintenance and janitorial staff to create a pool of employees to be used at a variety of facilities. BOARD SUPPORT At the first Board meeting following the restructure, Board President Jerry Kosoglow said, “the Board supports the tough decisions that Scott is making in light of the need to reduce expenditures at the POA in order to maintain our financial stability.” ADDITIONAL CHANGES In 2010, the Director of Recreation retired and the department was combined with Golf and Club Services to become the Department of Golf, Recreation and Club Services. Stephanie Stone was promoted to the Assistant Director of Golf,

TERMINIX, INC. “The Nationwide Pest Experts”

Protecting the health and property of Arkansas people Locally owned and operated for more than 80 years 5 Ponderosa Way Hot Springs Village 922-3585

Recreation & Club Services at that time. As part of the recent restructure, Recreation and Club Services was split from Golf and Stephanie Stone was promoted to Director of Recreation & Club Services. Stone The POA also hired Stan Leek to serve as the Geographical Information Systems/Land Management Coordinator. Leek is tasked with updating and maintaining the GIS database, improving GPS data coverage and accuracy, developing and implementing strategies to disLeek pose of all surplus real estate, mapping water valves, underground utilities and pipes, and researching property status. Additionally, the POA advertised for a Marketing Manager to be chosen by mid-August. The Marketing Manager will be tasked with promoting a positive image of Hot Springs Village to prospective property owners and residents. The manager will have two functions: • Develop an annual plan; and • Implement the plan based on the budget

resources the Board approves on an annualized basis. Before the restructure was announced, Karen Lauck, Ponce de Leon Center Manager for 20 years, had announced her retirement for September 2011. As part of the restructure, Lauck’s position is being combined with the Coronado Community Center Manager and a Facility and Event Operations Coordinator is being hired to oversee both facilities as well as the Coronado Center Library and the DeSoto Family Recreation Area. Lauck was hired in 1991 as the first Manager of the Ponce de Leon Center. A reception in her honor is being held at the Coronado Community Center on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Limited tickets are available Lauck and are $12.50 each and include the meet and greet at 5:00 p.m. and a program of remembrance that begins at 6:00 p.m. Hors d’oeuvres will be served by Chiffonade and a cash bar will be available. Tickets are available at the Ponce de Leon Center and the Coronado Fitness Center.

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011


Hot Springs Village


E-Blast Sign Ups

The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association is excited to announce the creation of an Email Information System (E-Blast) to keep property owners, businesses, visitors, guests and others interested in news from Hot Springs Village. Users of the system can choose the kinds of information they receive from the POA. There are seven categories to select from: • Board Action: Board meeting recaps and votes. • Closings & Notices: Facility closings, inclement weather announcements, public works news regarding street closings, etc. • Community Events: Information regarding upcoming community calendar events. • Lot Auctions: Information on upcoming lot auctions in Garland and Saline counties. • POA News: General News and Announcements for Hot Springs Village including press releases from the POA. • Recreation News: News regarding golf, tennis, outdoor recreation, fitness, community center, performing arts center, family recreation area, etc. • Special Offers: Information on special offers. To sign up go to and click on 'Subscribe to our Mail Lists'. Fill out the information and choose your categories, then click ‘Subscribe to the Selected Groups’. An email will be sent to confirm the sign up. If the steps included in the email confirmation are not followed, the registration is not valid and information from the POA will not be received. Sign up today and begin receiving information about Hot Springs Village and the Property Owners’ Association.

Membership Privileges Program As of July 31, 2011 a total of 36 couples and 106 single memberships have been sold in the Membership Privileges Program. Revenue from sales was $48,410 with an additional $28,189.34 spent on amenity fees for a total revenue of $76,599.34.

Money Matters

Hot Springs Village Financial News 2012 Budget Parameters

The following is the six month finance report for the month ending June 2011. Year-to-date revenue totaling $14.2 million is 51% of budget and expenses totaling The Hot Springs Village Board of Directors $11.45 million are 43% of budget. approved four budget parameters for the ASSESSMENTS preparation of the 2012 budget. Year to date assessment revenue is $5.7 million with • Maintain a minimum $1.5 million unre$1.71 million in uncollected assessments. Although uncolstricted cash balance on 12-31-12. lected assessments are already at 55% of budget, the POA • No deficit spending – with revenues still projects uncollected assessments to be $2.95 million exceeding expenditures in all funds; except by year end. Three entities, CS Paradiso, DFC (Developers for approved capital improvement projects Finance Corp.) and Stockbridge, comprise the largest porfunded through previously established capital tion of unpaid assessments and total $3.22 million cumureserves. latively and $123,000 monthly. • Use the CPI-U Southern Region as of The Property Owners’ Association continues to work 6/30/11 as a guide for inflation. with our legal counsel on the lots originally owned by • Use $2.5 million for uncollected assessNational Recreational Properties Inc., and since transferred ment revenue. to these three entities. The POA is also hiring a Collections Specialist to assist in the collection of delinquent assessments before they are sent to a collection agency. REVENUE In an effort to reduce operating costs the POA By department, year to date golf revenue is $3.79 million studied various options for the Animal Control or 54% of budget, public works revenue is $2.95 million or facility. The Hot Springs Village Animal Welfare 48% of budget, recreation revenue is $717,580 or 66% of League expressed a strong interest in maintainbudget and all other revenue is $1,047,601 or 53% of budget. ing its current operation with some changes. A EXPENSES revised Memorandum of Understanding was preBy department, year to date golf expense is $3.46 million sented on June 27. Until a plan is agreed upon, or 48% of budget, public works expense is $2.3 million or the POA will continue to discuss additional animal 40% of budget, and recreation expense is $842,914 or control options that result in reduced costs to the 45.9% of budget. Property Owners’ Association.


2012 Budget Process

Recognizing the POA’s reliance on prepaid annual fees and the necessity to begin collections in November, budget development was accelerated in 2011. POA Department Directors submitted their budgets for internal review beginning the third week in July. A recommended budget was prepared by mid-August and the Board of Directors will review it before scheduling sessions with Department Directors. At this time, the calendar calls for the budget to be approved at the October 19, 2011 Board meeting. Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011



The Golf Department has developed a Golf Projects List to keep those interested in golf projects up to date on the latest developments. The list is available online at under Golf; completed projects are marked in orange. Remaining projects include: • Replace culvert under cart path and add drainage to #16 fairway at the Coronado Golf Course. • Level the forward tee on #5, and convert one bunker to a grass depression on the #9 fairway, #10 greenside, #5 greenside, #14 greenside, #13 first fairway, and #15 right fairway and reduce the size of the #9 greenside bunker at the Magellan Golf Course. • Repair cart path next to #15 tee and repair the header wall above the drainage culvert on #9 on the Balboa Golf Course. • Continue the fairway drainage project on #3, and 10, renovate bunkers on #1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17 and 18 on the Ponce de Leon Golf Course.

JUNIOR GOLF The 2011 Junior Golf Program is now complete. The Championship Tournament drew 120 juniors and Chase Thornton, a junior at Bryant High School in Bryant, Arkansas was the tournament winner with a 36-hole score of 133. Hot Springs Village’s Junior Golf Association is meant to foster, encourage, and promote junior golf activities for young golfers between the ages of 8 and 18 by: • Teaching the fundamentals of the golf swing. • Providing opportunities for development of social, physical, emotional and mental skills. • Teaching the rules, etiquette and sportsmanship of golf • Securing instructional practices, playing privileges and other concessions. • Developing lifelong golfers who will continue to play long after the program is over. Average attendance was 140 juniors, up from 2010. Practice was held on Wednesdays with play on Thursdays.


HEAT CONTINUES With elevated June temperatures, heat has hit early, which means another very tough bent grass summer and will lead to a serious discussion regarding conversion to Bermuda greens. See article page 5. Syringing is essential to keeping the green alive so please be courteous to golf maintenance staff as they accomplish this labor intensive chore. 14

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011

Promotion to groups of golf visitors continues, and brings in additional revenue. Through the second quarter of 2011, the Hot Springs Village Golf Department has hosted nine tournaments, 54 packages, five corporate outings, 1,772 realty company guests, and 119 realtor promotions for a total of $325,987 in revenue. The Couples Tournament had 120 teams, of which, 75% were from out of town. The Arkansas State Golf Association Father/Son tournament was held at Granada and Magellan golf courses with 150 teams, three quarters of which were new to Hot Springs Village. Hot Springs Village also hosted the TriState Junior Girls Tournament sponsored by the Arkansas Women’s Golf Association.


In a continuing effort to improve the POA’s efficiency, finance and public works, have recommended three changes to trash collection practices and rates. First, there are three parts to the collection process: • Labor • Disposal • Number of stops Staff was cut through a reduction in force that took place in June. Disposal costs are set by others and cannot be changed by the POA. The number of stops can however, be changed by implementing the proposed changes to trash collection which reduce the number of stops by 1,000 each week. The three changes are: 1. Change rate structure for commercial collections – encouraging commercial accounts to take more bins, with less pick-ups. A 10% surcharge would be imposed on customers that subscribe for twice a week pickup and a 20% surcharge would be imposed for those that subscribe to three times a week pick up. 2. Require commercial customers to use commercial containers – there are 45 commercial customers that are paying residential rates and using residential containers. 3. Change collection of multifamily properties (townhouse courts) to once a week – currently multifamily properties receive twice-a-week pickup but pay the residential rate which entitles single family homes to once-a-week pickup. There has been concern voiced by townhouse owners that there is not enough room in their trash corrals for once-a-week service. Each residential customer is allowed four trash containers. The POA has recommended that townhouse courts increase the number of cans in their corrals or provide larger containers. The Board continues to discuss this item. The next discussion will be on the September 7 work session agenda. Once any approval is received, staff will provide notice to affected customers and two months in which to make changes to their service. Changes would not occur before November, at the earliest, and would be reflected on their commercial utility bill in February. 16 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011


Four speed limit changes were approved by the Board of Directors upon recommendation by the Public Works Committee and the Department of Public Works. Balearic Road between Fineza Way and the eastern most intersection of Murillo Way was raised to 45 mph. This segment is relatively straight and has clear visibility. DeSoto Boulevard from West Villena to just east of Alicante Road was lowered to 40 mph. This segment is a high traffic area with numerous curves and intersections. Ponce de Leon Drive was lowered to 35 mph between the eastern most intersection with DeSoto Boulevard and Lavanda Lane. This segment has numerous curves and hills which make visibility poor at its two golf cart crossing and many intersections. Additionally, the speed limit on Ponce de Leon Drive was lowered to 35 mph from the Balboa Gate to Magellan Drive. This area has many entrances and a major golf cart crossing.


The Board of Directors recently approved speed limit changes to several Hot Springs Village roadways. During those discussions the Board asked staff to prepare a policy change that removed the Board from every day speed limit decisions. In response the following policy was approved: ‘The General Manager, upon the recommendation of the Director of Public Works, Director of Public Safety, and/or the Public Works Committee may impose temporary changes in speed limits and traffic control devices. The General Manager shall notify the Board of Directors of any such change. Upon such notice, the temporary change shall become permanent after 90 calendar days, unless the Board of Directors votes to override the change during the 90 day period.’

ROAD SIGNAGE After several accidents at the intersection of Balearic Road and Balboa Drive the Public Works Department trimmed limbs and re-bladed the roadway, installed new caution lights on the intersection sign on Balearic, installed a new stop sign ahead sign with caution lights and a new stop sign with red flashing solar lights on Balboa Drive.

HIGHWAY EXTENSION The $105 million price tag to extend the Highway 270 bypass to the intersection of Highway 5 and 7 has many studying other options. After meetings with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, a commitment was made to conduct a new corridor study including alignments and cost estimates connecting the intersections of Highway 70/270 and Highways 5/7 using non interstate design standards. The highway department expects to have this study completed within a year. Such a route is hoped to improve not only access to Hot Springs‘s medical and commercial facilities, but also access from Little Rock to Hot Springs Village. Additionally, Metroplan, the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Central Arkansas, has asked Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe to approve expansion of the Central Arkansas Planning Area to include Hot Springs Village. Inclusion would have a positive impact on Hot Springs Village’s quest for improved highway access. Paul Pool, a member of the Hot Springs Village’s Governmental Affairs Committee, was recently named to the Technical Committee of Metroplan and is also a member of the Garland County Technical Committee as well. Board Director Tom Bryant is an ad-hoc member of Metroplan representing Hot Springs Village. Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011


Hot Springs Village

Promotion The Property Owners’ Association has brought the marketing and promotion function for Hot Springs Village in-house. In 2007, the POA originally entered into a contract with the Hot Springs Village Area Chamber of Commerce to provide marketing services with a $50,000 commitment to be used for advertising buys. In 2010, the property owners approved an assessment increase that included additional funding to be used for the advertising and promotion of Hot Springs Village. In 2011 the funding commitment to the Chamber of Commerce was budgeted at $400,000. Lacey Ekberg was hired by the Chamber of Commerce as the Executive Director for the Chamber and the Advertising and Promotion program. Ekberg presented a marketing plan and budget to the POA Board for approval of an approximately $300,000 plan. In June, Ekberg left the position; and the POA and Chamber of Commerce began discussions on how to proceed. “With the Board’s guidance, we are committed to implementing all elements of the approved marketing plan this year,” POA General Manager Scott Randall said. “We are working with the Chamber Board and their staff and other perspective partners to make sure that all elements the Board has previously approved and the resources that have been committed will be implemented throughout the course of the year,” Randall continued. The POA is hiring a Marketing Manager to implement this year’s plan and to develop and implement future annual work programs. The Chamber will continue to play a role by staffing a Welcome Center, being responsible for intake, disposition, and follow-up on all inquiries from prospective visitors, guests and investors, and distribution of new resident welcome materials. 18 Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011

Hot Springs Village

Club Services The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association has nine golf course grills and/or restaurants. The POA strives to have all of the golf grills/restaurants leased to independent vendors to provide a variety of food choices to residents, visitors and guests. At this time the POA is operating four of the golf course restaurants while vendors are sought. The DeSoto Club vendor provided notice to sever their lease on September 1. The POA requested proposals and is currently reviewing these. If a suitable vendor is not found, the POA will solicit proposals to use the facility as a meeting and banquet facility using caterers. The Balboa Club was taken over by the POA in June. Proposals are being solicited for a new vendor with the POA directly operating the facility at this time. A five year lease has been signed with the operators of Tanner’s Granada’s Terrace on the Greens. The lease includes an increased security deposit and increasing the vendors responsibility for capital and operating expenses. The POA is also soliciting proposals to operate the 19th Hole which has been under its operation since April 2011.


Banks & Shane Woodlands Auditorium is Hot Springs Village’s performing arts center and presents a variety of cultural events throughout the year. Recently, Woodlands has been host to two fantastic musical acts playing music of the 60’s and 70’s: Hotel California and Colt and the Old 45’s. Both events were sold out more than 30 days prior to their shows. Woodlands is now proud to present Banks and Shane, a high energy, blowthe-roof off band that has had capacity crowds around the world dancing in the aisles to party favorites and reminiscing with memorable ballads. Banks and Shane will play Woodlands Auditorium on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $18 each and on sale now at Ponce de Leon Center. Get yours before they’re gone. Beginning in 2012, Woodlands will host four musical acts each year.

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011


CommunityCalendar Hot Springs Village


10: The Lowe Family at Woodlands Auditorium 10: Village Cancer Walk on Hernando Trail 10: Kiwanis Golf Tournament at Balboa Golf Course 12-13: Isabella Golf Course Aerification 11: Fun Sunday at Coronado Tennis Center 14: Karen Lauck Retirement Party at Coronado Community Center 14-15: Ponce de Leon Golf Course Aerification 16: HSV Evening Lions Bingo at Coronado Community Center 19-20: Balboa Golf Course Aerification 20: Blood Drive at Coronado Community Center 20-23: BROADWAY by Jeri Sager at Woodlands Auditorium 21-22: Magellan Golf Course Aerification 21: Hot Springs Village Board of Directors Regular Meeting at Ponce de Leon Center 22: HSV Member/Guest Golf Tournament at Ponce de Leon Golf Course 23: HSV Member/Guest Golf Tournament at Isabella Golf Course 23: Physically Challenged Golf at Coronado Golf Course 23: Friends of the Library Trivia Night at Coronado Community Center 24: Arkansas Women’s Retreat at Coronado Community Center 24: HSV Member/Guest Golf Tournament at Cortez Golf Course 26-27: DeSoto Golf Course Aerification 28: POA Community Fair at Coronado Community Center 30: Bella Vista Exchange at Coronado Tennis Center


1: Boys & Girls Club Tournament at Balboa Golf Course 1-2: Bella Vista Exchange at Coronado Tennis Center 4: Hillcrest Children’s Home Tournament at Granada Golf Course 5: Hot Springs Village Board of Directors Work Session at Ponce de Leon Center 6: Blessing of the Animals at Ponce de Leon Center 7: HSV Evening Lions Bingo at Coronado Community Center 8: Village Pride Day 8: Kiwanis Bratfest at Coronado Community Center 13: HSV Breakfast Lions Tournament at Magellan Golf Course 14: Physically Challenged Golf at Coronado Golf Course 15: Lions Club Pancake Day at Coronado Community Center 16: Hot Springs Concert Band at Woodlands Auditorium 18: Blood Drive at Coronado Community Center 18: VFW Ladies Auxiliary Card Party at Coronado Community Center 18-21: “Yesterday Once More” at Woodlands Auditorium 19: Hot Springs Village Board of Directors Regular Meeting at Ponce de Leon Center 21: HSV Evening Lions Bingo at Coronado Community Center 21: Legislative Tournament at Ponce de Leon Golf Course 22: Greater Kiwanis Spaghetti Dinner at Coronado Community Center 26: POA Health Fair at Coronado Community Center 27: Newcomers Coffee at Ponce de Leon Center 28: Physically Challenged Golf at Coronado Golf Course 29: Children’s Halloween Party at Coronado Community Center


Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association - Fall 2011

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1: Pat Henry/Bob Boyd Combo at Woodlands Auditorium 1: Teen Challenge Tournament at Magellan Golf Course 2: Hot Springs Village Board of Directors Work Session at Ponce de Leon Center 4: HSV Evening Lions Bingo at Coronado Community Center 4-6: HSVTA Club Singles Tournament at Coronado Tennis Center 5: Brushstrokes Galleria at Coronado Community Center 5: Banks & Shane at Woodlands Auditorium 10-13: The Vocal Majority at Woodlands Auditorium

12: Heifer Project International at Coronado Community Center 16: Hot Springs Village Board of Directors Regular Meeting at Ponce de Leon Center 19: Arts & Crafts Fair at Coronado Community Center 24: DeSoto, Coronado and Ponce de Leon Golf Course Closed 28: Shotgun Starts begin on DeSoto, Magellan, Granada and Cortez Golf Courses 29: Blood Drive at Coronado Community Center 30: ‘My Three Angels’ at Woodlands Auditorium


1: Newcomers Coffee at Ponce de Leon Center 1-3: ‘My Three Angels’ at Woodlands Auditorium 2: HSV Evening Lions Bingo at Coronado Community Center 5-6: Cedar Mountain Singers at Woodlands Auditorium 7: Hot Springs Village Board of Directors Work Session at Ponce de Leon Center 8: Hot Springs Concert Band Christmas Concert at Woodlands Auditorium 11: POA Children’s Christmas Party at Ponce de Leon Center 11: HSVTA Christmas Party at Coronado Tennis Center 13: Village Chorale at Woodlands Auditorium 16: Coronado Baptist Church Gift Wrap at Coronado Community Center 19: Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert at Woodlands Auditorium 20: Blood Drive at Coronado Community Center 21: Hot Springs Village Board of Directors Regular Meeting at Ponce de Leon Center 25: All POA facilities closed including recreation and golf

Coronado Center Dances BEBOPPERS - October 28 COUNTRY TWO STEPPERS - September 9, October 14, December 9 DESOTO DANCERS - Thursday Nights (except 9/1 & 9/29) VILLAGE DANCE CLUB - October 1, November 5 VILLAGE MERRY MIXERS - September 17, October 15, December 17

Show Your Appreciation The Village Employees Benefit Fund provides property owners with an opportunity to show our appreciation. The fund is used to purchase gift certificates at Christmas for POA employees. The fund is also used in cases where employees experience a personal catastrophe and are in need of financial assistance.

Please mail your contributions to: Village Employee’s Benefit Fund PO Box 8403 Hot Springs Village, AR 71910 Board Members Bill Brusenhan 501.922.9121 Bob Smith 501.922.2966 Gene Lichliter 501.922.6694 Susan Veal 501.922.3478 Judy Owens 501.922.1317 Al & Marcy Wygant 501.922.1166

CONTACT US General Manager - 501-922-5530 ( Property Owner Services - 501-922-5510 (

Golf - 501-922-5549 ( Advanced Tee Times - 501-922-2858 Balboa Golf Shop - 501-922-1504 Coronado Golf Shop - 501-922-2355 Cortez Golf Shop - 501-922-1590 DeSoto Golf Shop - 501-922-0001 Granada Golf Shop - 501-922-3095 Isabella Golf Shop - 501-922-5505 Magellan Golf Shop - 501-922-4497 Ponce de Leon Golf Shop - 501-922-4250 Planning & Inspections - 501-922-5562 ( Public Safety - 922-0762 Emergency - 911 Public Works - 501-922-5524 Recreation - 501-922-0322 ( Coronado Library - 501-922-3555 Coronado Community Center - 501-922-5050 Coronado Fitness Center - 501-922-1230 Coronado Tennis Center - 501-922-5054 DeSoto Marina - 501-922-1500 DeSoto Pools - 501-922-5051 Ponce de Leon Center - 501-922-4231

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 895 DeSoto Boulevard Hot Springs Village, AR 71909


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