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Wth this ring... Arin Duecker, lef t, reflects

on her bridal bouquet just before meetingJustin S pann at the altar on October 26, 2013.


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Dreams ComeTrue

Carena and Clay Sears

In search of...

Ha p pil y


Ever OA f ter

New wives offer future brides ‘pearls of wisdom’

Six young women who became brides in 2013 were asked to open up and share memories of how their husbands proposed, the incidents that made their weddings unique, any “bloopers” they From a special that “just right” may have experienced and, of course, a few words flowers with special meaning...couples of advice for those about to take the plunge. often add personal touches to their weddings. Cont. on page 5



Answering from their hearts... Answering our questions were the following newlywed brides: •Brittany Herbort Henke. She married Samuel Henke on June 14 at Kendall Plantation in Boerne. •Carena Barsch Sears. She and Clay Sears were married Oct. 19 at the Marquardt Ranch. •Jacee McAfee Bivens. She married Jayd Jackson on Aug. 17 at the River Road Ranch Resort. •Jennifer Mick Cantwell. She married Aaron Cantwell on April 20 at the Happy H Ranch at Comfort. •Rachel Bobo Hood. She married Sterling Hood on May 25 in St. Mary’s Catholic Church. •Rachel Andrew Weinheimer. She married Kent Weinheimer in Italy on April 30. They were married again on May 30 in Dallas in a small ceremony with friends and family.

How did your husband propose to you? Brittany:

My family told me that we were going to have an early Thanksgiving at the end of October because that was the only time my brother, who is in the Air Force, and my sister-in-law would be able to come to Texas. Samuel told me that he could not come home because he had to work that weekend and could not get off. On Saturday, Oct. 27, 2013, my whole family came to Fredericksburg to celebrate “Thanksgiving” with us. We decided to go out to Grape Creek Vineyards, where my mom works, to take a wine tour. After we got back from the wine tour, I got off of the trolley and Samuel was walking towards me with his family, more of my family, and some of our friends from all over the state walking behind him. He gave me a hug, then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The weather was gorgeous, so everyone who was there enjoyed sitting outside, drinking wine and eating snacks to celebrate together.


Clay had a whole day of activities planned. We started out the day early running the Fredericksburg Turkey Trot. Then, Clay planned a nice lunch at The Pink Pig restaurant overlooking the beautiful Hill Country. We then moved on to Grape Creek Vineyards for wine tasting. Next, we went to a local spa for a couple’s massage. This is when I started getting suspicious that this day could become something more. Last, he drove us out to the Willow City Loop to a scenic lookout where he proposed. An engagement party with friends and family at my sister’s house was the final surprise to a great day!

Jacee: My

husband proposed to me at Krausse Springs, where we had our first date. It was perfect.


We were spending the weekend in San Antonio for our five-year anniversary. We had “seen the sights” and had gone back to our hotel to get ready for a nice dinner out. As we were leaving the hotel room, Aaron stopped me and said, “Wait, you forgot something.” I turned around thinking, “I have my purse, shoes, etc.” and there he was with the most beautiful, perfect, ring.

Rachel and Sterling Hood He secretly Rachel H.: arranged a

scavenger hunt that involved my family. He handmade each clue card. It started at my parents’ house and ended with him standing in front of the Christmas Tree at Marktplatz where he got down on one knee. His family came in that weekend and he had arranged for both of our families to meet us at a restaurant afterwards to celebrate.

Rachel W.:

After Kent and I finished medical school, we took the opportunity o spend six weeks traveling through Europe. While visiting Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic, we spent one morning hiking up a hill that overlooked the medieval town. When we reached the top, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We celebrated by spending the rest of the day floating down the Vltava River in a rubber canoe. The boat rental man had owned real canoes, but he declined to rent them to us because of our lack of experience. We ended up bouncing down the river in something like a bumper-boat instead.


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ceremony and the reception was really important to me. I have the most fun at weddings when the music is good, and I am on the dance floor most of the night. I wanted to have live, fun, crowd-pleasing music for our wedding. The Chris Story Band knew how to play music that all age groups could dance to, and they were very easy to work with.

Jacee: D u r i n g

our wedding ceremony we had both of our families come, circle around us and pray over us. It was so important for us to have their blessing as we started our life together.


W e wanted our wedding to be memorable and special for both us and our guests. At the ceremony, we focused more on it being about us. We followed the traditional “you can’t see the bride before the wedding” and since we had an outdoor ceremony, it made it difficult to “hide” me until I got to the cerRachel and Kent Weinheimer emony site. Aaron built a set of double doors that were placed at the end of the aisle. The doors were As you were planning opened just before through your wedding, was there to keep the suspense.I Itwalked was one of my one particular aspect of the favorite parts. The reception focused more on our ceremony or reception that guests, and they are still talking about was the most important to the photo booth. Our intentions were for you and why? our guests to have something to do while the wedding party was taking pictures, I was not very picky and it was a huge hit. Brittany: on many aspects of the wedding. I let my There were Rachel H.: two mom take the reins on most of the planthings that ning because she is an incredible party were important to me, the photographer planner. and I wanted lots of flowers everywhere. I guess the most important part of the I got an amazing photographer out of planning process to me was my photogNew Braunfels and was lucky enough to rapher. I knew it would be the only tanhave a plethora of flowers everywhere at gible thing to help me to remember the the reception. day more clearly.


The music for the


Rachel W.:

Well, considering that Kent and I got married within a week of his proposal, I think that convenience and speed played the most important part of our selection of venue. We played with the idea of getting married in Switzerland, but it was too cold and foggy. We also considered Austria but couldn’t afford a German translator. We ended up having the ceremony under a lovely gazebo overlooking Lake Como in Moltrasio, Italy.

How did you go about selecting your wedding date and venue? Brittany:

We knew that we wanted to get married in June, and we wanted an outdoor venue that would accommodate between 300 and 400 people. Samuel and I found the Kendall Plantation in Boerne online, and we loved the ceremony site and the indoor reception hall. Since we were both living in the Dallas area, my mom and his mom went to visit the venue. They both loved it and booked it for us. There were not any Saturdays available and only two Fridays open, so we went with Friday, June 14.


The Marquardt Ranch was an easy pick after visiting it in person. This venue is very classic, rustic, Hill Country. The outdoor ceremony overlooking the Guadalupe River was out of a fairy tale. Having a wedding planner that was included with the facilities was a huge help. Both my husband and I wanted to get married in the fall. Fredericksburg and the Hill Country are very beautiful in the fall, and the weather is usually more manageable for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Jacee: We had our wedding

at the River Road Ranch Resort, the perfect place for a casual outdoor wedding. The owners and I are really close and I had planned to get married there for quite a while. As far as the date, it was the most convenient for our families (and we weren’t too picky).

Jennifer: in May and wanted

We got engaged

plenty of time to plan Cont. on page 7


the wedding so we narrowed it down to the following spring. We checked with family and looked at our own schedules and settled on April 20. We wanted a venue that was able to accommodate a ceremony and reception in one place. We knew of a few places that would have worked, but we wanted somewhere special. We set up a visit with the Happy H Ranch in Comfort, and it was “love at first sight.”

Rachel H.: we wanted to We


get married in the spring before the summer. St. Mary’s Catholic Church is where I have grown up going to mass, so that decision was easy. We went to the church and May 25 was available and that worked perfectly for us. The reception venue was a very important decision for my husband and me. We looked at every possible location. Pat’s Hall is where we ended up having our reception. The feeling we got when walking into Pat’s Hall was amazing. We knew if the walls could talk, there would be some amazing stories to be heard.

Rachel W.:

H o n e s t l y, Como was just where the wind blew us during that

portion of our travels. We could just as easily have been somewhere else, had we waited and said our vows a week later.

What is your most treasured memory of your wedding? The whole wedding Brittany: day was incredible. I loved being surrounded by my best friends and my family all day. It was a very relaxed enjoyable day. I can’t pick one most treasured memory because there are so many meaningful memories — first kiss as husband and wife, being pronounced husband and wife, the first dance. Samuel and I both just loved getting to dance and celebrate with all of our friends and family that were at the reception.


Jacee: Seeing all the faces of

ported us.

people who loved and sup-


I have two moments from my wedding day that I

will never forget. When asked, “Who gives this woman,” my Papa’s response was the most heartfelt and genuine. He included all the important role models in my life. I can still hear him choking back the tears today.


My most treasured memory was walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Clay’s face at the end of the aisle. This is a moment I have constantly thought about since I was a little girl, and it was something I will never forget. The pictures of this moment are my favorite.

Jennifer and Aaron Cantwell Cont. on page 8

Sheila White Photography



Brittany and Samuel Henke The moment Aaron said “I do” is engraved in my memory. I had waited almost six years to hear those words and they sounded as sweet and loving as I had expected.

My most treasured memory of my Rachel H.: wedding was the moment right before

the doors opened for me to walk down the aisle. I stood next to the greatest man, my dad, holding his arm, and I knew that beyond the doors, down the aisle, was another great man who was waiting there just for me.

Rachel W.:

After we’d said our vows and were pronounced man and wife, we leaned

in to kiss each other right as a large ferry full of people sailed by. The crowd on the boat cheered wildly, and the pilot blasted the horn. As much as it startled us, we were happy to have their loving support.

Did you have a wedding day “blooper”? Brittany:

I think our wedding day was the only day that it rained in June. We knew the storm was coming, so we bumped the wedding up about 10-15 minutes early. With all the rush, we forgot to put the men’s bouCont. on page 9


tonnieres on and hand out the wedding programs. During the ceremony when Samuel was placing the ring on my finger, I raised both of my hands. He ended up placing the wedding band on my right hand. Neither one of us noticed until I was reaching for his right hand to put his wedding band on. While we were taking pictures, we learned that the kegs that were supposed to be there had not shown up. The company we were working with forgot, or got the date mixed up. Therefore, my dad rounded up several people to go to gas stations to pick up beer for all of the “thirsty Germans.” Our cake was a four-tier cake. However, only the top two layers were real cake. We had forgotten about that detail, and cut through the bottom tier that was cardboard.


When the ceremony was over and the pastor was introducing Clay and I as husband and wife, he accidently said, “Mr. and Mrs. Clay and Carena Barsch” instead of “Mr. and Mrs. Clay and Carena Sears.” It was a funny moment that caused lots

9 of laughing and is fun to watch on our wedding video.



Oh my gosh, where do I begin? “Bloopers” are a part of my everyday life, so my wedding wouldn’t have been complete without them. The first mishap that comes to mind is that during the planning, I spelled hors d’oeuvres on the rough draft of my invitation as “horderves” and never corrected it before taking it to the printers. It didn’t hit me until about a week later that I never made the correction but by then it was far too late. All we could do was laugh, and we definitely did.


When exchanging rings, the officiant asked to have the rings placed on his Bible for a blessing. When he was handing Aaron my band, he dropped it. Since we had an outdoor ceremony, this had the potential to be disastrous, but we quickly found the band, laughed it off, and continued on with the ceremony.

Rachel H.: crocheted lace My dress was

that laid in scalloped layers going all the way down. As we started to run to our getaway car at the end of the night, my husband stepped on my dress and it ripped. No big deal though.

Rachel W.:

Well, my sister crashed our wedding by taking an overnight flight to Milan and meeting us on the train to Como. It was wonderful having her there, and she took the most beautiful photos, but the fact that she also decided to stay for our weeklong honeymoon in Italy was a blooper in itself. Picture Kent and me on a romantic gondola ride in Venice with my sister and her husband squeezed in between. She loved it.

Knowing what you know now, do you have any advice to give to brides as they plan their wedding? Brittany:

Ask for help so that you can enjoy the Cont. on page 10

Let the experienced designers at


help you with your floral needs.

From asking “Will you?” to saying “I do!” or for that special getaway weekend!

.Catering to the unexpected.

Call (830) 997-7373 for an appointment. 209 East San Antonio Street Website: Del i ghti ng t he palate of the Hi l l C ount r y t 830 257 7171

f 830 257 7185

w w w. c a r t e w h e e l s c a t e r i n g . c o m

O 10

planning process! It’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience, so let it be one. Also, one of my favorite things that Samuel and I decided to do was have dinner by ourselves after the ceremony. The caterers set up a meal for us before we got done taking pictures. We had our own room and were able to sit, eat and visit with one another and take it all in. I have heard of a lot of couples who did not get a chance to eat because they got caught up visiting with all of their guests. Enjoy your wedding day! It goes by so incredibly fast so make it a point to walk around the venue before everyone gets there and take it all in. I took my own personal camera and took pictures of all the little details. When Samuel and I got in the limo, we got out the camera and looked at all of the pictures from the day. We enjoyed getting to look back on the day together.


Make your day yours. Everyone will have an opinion on your dress, your hair, your decorations and the list continues. As long as you and your fiancé plan the wedding you want, everyone and everything else will fall into place like it’s meant to be.

Rachel H.:

My advice to any bride planning her wedding is to take your time making your decisions. Don’t rush any decision. The options are limitless and yes, it gets overwhelming, but, take your time and research everything so your wedding day is exactly how you envisioned it.

Rachel W.:

I think that a perfect wedding is possible for anyone, regardless of the little obstacles that life sets in our paths. For Kent and me, we were just happy to be together, and a wedding on Lake Como was the cherry on top of an already perfect ice cream sundae.


I would tell brides to enjoy the day as much as they can. The whole experience goes by very fast and it truly is amazing. I would also encourage brides to hire a videographer. This was something I was hesitant about, but I am so happy we have our whole wedding day captured on DVD.

Wide Selection

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Jacee and Jayd Bivens


Advice? Yes. Have the wedding of your dreams. You deserve it. At the same time, be flexible and enjoy the season you’re in. The “Perfect Day” isn’t achieved by the set up and decorations, rather the family and friends who overwhelm you with love and encouragement.





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Located around town are wedding site possibilities that are found at some of the inns and other similar facilities. For example, both Gillespie venues offer romantic settings Fredericksfor weddings, celebrations burg Inn & Suites (201 South WashWhile there are a wide assortment of hisington Street; 997-0202) and Inn on Barons toric churches both in town and out in the Creek (308 South Washington Street, 990countryside, Fredericksburg also offers a 9202) can help with the planning. plethora of non-traditional venues to hold a Also included in this list is the Hangar wedding or reception. Hotel and Conference Center, 155 Airport The rich history of this part of the Texas Road (next to the Gillespie County Airport) Hill Country is reflected in the choices availcarrying with it the theme of an old World able to prospective brides and grooms. For a War II military hangar. feel of “the good, old days,” there are several Pricing and details are available at 997venues that fill the bill. 9990 or


Oh , Where...


a Pioneer Museum, located in the 300 block of West Main Street, has been the scene of a number of weddings over the years. In addition, ceremonies have been held in the on-grounds sanctuary. More information is available by calling 990-8441 or:

a Likewise, several of the vineyards and wineries in Gillespie County offer engaged couples venues that will provide a lifetime of memories. Wineries that regularly serve as wedding venues include 4.0 Cellars (10354 U.S. Highway 290 East,;

AMBRIZ JEWELRY silversmith

Becker Vineyards (464 Becker Farm Road, Stonewall, 644-2681, www.beckervineyards. com/the-estate/celebrate); Fiesta Winery (6260 U.S. Highway 290 East,; Messina Hof Winery and Resort (9996 U.S. Highway 290 East, and Torre di Pietra (10 miles east of Fredericksburg on U.S. Highway 290 East, 644-2829, event-booking).


a A more stately wedding and reception might be accomplished with the facilities at the Admiral Nimitz Museum grounds. Several outdoor locales support the Admiral Nimitz Ballroom. To learn more about what the museum has to offer with regard to weddings, call 997-8600 (extension 211), via email at or online www. a For those interested in a smaller wedding, Fredericksburg Herb Farm is available. Situated at 405 Whitney Street, the herb farm can be reached at 997-8615 or www. Featuring a 6,000-square-foot event hall, the Gillespie County Farm Bureau

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Events Center, located at 237 Equestrian Drive, is available for weddings and receptions. More information is available at 997-4396.


Located 16 miles north of Fredericksburg, just off Ranch Road 965 (and about a half-mile from the entrance to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area), is Trois Estate. To learn more about the wedding possibilities there, log onto the web at The phone number is 830-685-3415.

a For a simpler backdrop, there’s always Luckenbach, Texas and its worldfamous dancehall. It’s a place where everybody’s somebody, according to the old saying. To get more information on what awaits an engaged couple’s possibilities, call 9973224 or online at www.luckenbachtexas. com/weddings-and-parties/. a To add a little more flavor from the Old West days to the wedding ceremonies, there’s Tin Star Ranch, located on Tin Star Road, just a couple of miles from Enchanted Rock State Natural Area near Ranch Road 965 (456 Tin Star Road). A replica of Front Street of the old Western town of Dodge City has been recreated on the grounds. There’s even a scale model of the Alamo for those who’re interested in

incorporating Texas history into their wedding plans. Information can be obtained by contacting the ranch at: weddings-and-special-events or calling 6853464.

a Located on Kott Road a few miles from Fredericksburg off of State Highway 16 South, Kairos: The Celebration Barn offers outdoor and indoor venues for both the wedding and ensuing reception. More information can be found online at or by calling 990-9515. a An old favorite social gathering place — Pat’s Hall — has re-opened within the past year for weddings, receptions and other functions after a hiatus of more than 26 years. Information is available by calling 9977574 or online at Pat’s Hall is located at 406 Post Oak Road. a

A different kind of trip back into the historic scenes of Gillespie County can be found by holding a wedding at one of the schools that make up the Gillespie County Country Schools Trail. The dozen old schools, many of them now converted into community club headquarters, include: Cave Creek, Cherry Spring, Crabapple, Lower South Grape

The cakes can be as unique as the couple. From traditional to modern, the cake is the last delicacy of the day. It will taste as good as it looks. We offer options to fit everyone’s budget. For more pictures and information, you may visit our website.

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Creek, Luckenbach, Meusebach Creek, Nebgen, Pecan Creek, Rheingold, Williams Creek (Albert), Willow City and Wrede. More information about rates and scheduling can be found by contacting each school’s representative listed on the website:

a The City of Fredericksburg has facilities that would compliment any wedding, including Pioneer Pavilion, the several open-air pavilions, and the Tatsch House inside Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park (located about two miles south of Main Street, just off State Highway 16 South), as well as Marktplatz in downtown Fredericksburg. Rental costs, scheduling and other information are available online at www.fbgtx. org/index.aspx?nid=161 by calling the Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park office at 9974202.


a Also available for weddings and receptions is the Gillespie County Fair Grounds, operated by the Gillespie County Fair and Festivals Association. The facilities are located a couple of miles south of Fredericksburg’s Main Street on State Highway 16 South. To learn more, call 997-2359 or log onto the internet website:


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Love in bloom When it’s time for that special day when a man and woman exchange vows at the altar and say the words “I do,” sometimes showing up and making the lifelong commitment might seem like the easiest part. In a wedding, there are countless things to plan: the date, the location, what to wear, who will be the best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, who will officiate, whether it’ll be in a church or a civil affair, the list goes on. And, of course, what type of flowers will be used?

Trends, popular choices With Fredericksburg’s location in the Hill Country, it appears local flower

shops will stay busy. “We do weddings from all over the United States, but mostly for people from Texas,” said Kathlyn Murray, floral manager at the Fredericksburg H-E-B Blooms Shop. “Fredericksburg has become the destination place for weddings.” Looking at wedding pictures taken over the years shows that hair and clothing styles change. The same rings true for flowers. What may have worked as a floral arrangement back in the 1970s might seem antiquated today. Dianna Blount, owner of Blumenhandler Florist, said California-style bouquets with crystal or rhinestone accents still

seem to be popular in this area. “We are seeing more brides looking into cascade and crescent-styled bouquets,” she added. Other popular bridal bouquets, according to The Flower Pail owner Lara Snyder, are ranunculus, anemone, scabious pods, peonies, roses and succulents. In other areas of a wedding, Murray said roses are still the choice for men’s boutonnieres and for scattering on the floor or grass. “Calla lilies are also a popular choice for boutonnieres,” she added. Earthy trends with lots of different textures are what Snyder has seen a Cont. on page 16

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making your big day simply stunning...

BOUQUET — Lara Snyder of The Flower Pail shows off a freshly-made bridal bouquet. Flowers tend to be an integral part of a wedding. — Standard-Radio Post/Richard Zowie

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Love in bloom

Cont. from page 14 lot of at her shop. A popular choice of flowers for grooms has been the groupings of different textures and blooms (such as succulents, scabious flowers, pods, billy balls and ranunculus. “Vintage has by far been the most popular theme,” she added.” While Blount has seen many brides prefer garden or romantic country themes, she added that the tradition of scattering petals down the aisle depends on the venue location.

“Most venues do not want fresh flower petals scattered, but if you are having an outdoor wedding, petals scattered down your aisle is a beautiful touch,” she added. Murray added that while there are popular trends, ultimately the choice for flowers depends on the individual preferences of a bride. The themes they encounter often focus on outdoor weddings at dance halls, old schools, vineyards and country churches along with the churches in town. It often creates a “simple” floral theme that isn’t always simple to create. “We see a lot of soft, airy, casual but elegant looks,” she said. “This includes hydrangeas, peonies, orchids, tulips, roses, lilies, calla lilies, stock, gerbera daisies, along with spray roses in all shades of color with fillers like baby’s breath, veronica, wax flower, astilbe, freesia and dendrobium orchids.” What types of flowers should be avoided? Some that come to mind are those which are overly fragrant. “They do not always blend well with the perfumes people wear,” Blount explained. “The warmer it is outside, the more fragrant the flowers will be. Also, dyed flowers are not a good choice. If you are having a California-style bouquet, the dye will leak onto your dress.” Murray said hydrangeas can be tricky, along with peonies, but they still can work well. Otherwise, the types of flowers to use and avoid depends on if the wedding’s indoor or outdoor, the weather and what time of day. Planning, costs

Weddings tend to not be the event where procrastination is welcome. Some couples begin planning at least a year in advance. Blount suggested floral creations be planned at least six months prior to the wedding. At her flower shop, they begin making the floral wedding arrangements about two to three days before the wedding. Once completed, the arrangements are usually refrigerated until it’s time for pick up. Another question that probably looms is, what can be done to keep costs reasonable? “Sometimes the bride will have friends or family who are talented put reception flowers together for them. This saves a little,” Blount said. “There are many other areas of a wedding the bride can trim down costs beside the flowers.” If cost saving is one a bride’s mind, Snyder will suggest substitutions for more expensive flowers. “There are some really cool items out there,” she said. “You can also provide your own vases or containers, or you could also rent these items from us as well.” Murray added that they specialize in creating the “look” from brides’ inspiration pictures by choosing less expensive flowers to create the same look without the high cost. “Brides appreciate this and are very pleased with the results,” she said.

A Hometown BridalBridal Shoppe with Hometown A Hometown Shoppe with HometownPrices Prices Bridal Gowns Mother of & Bridesmaids Dresses Flower Girl Dresses Special Occasion Dresses Bridal & Costume Jewelry Veils, Headpieces & Shoes Tuxedo Rentals Wedding Gown Preservation

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License to wed

Couples take the legal ‘plunge’

Couples planning their weddings can’t forget one of the most important matters to attend to — getting a license to wed.

Where to go? Gillespie County Clerk’s Office in Room 109 of the Gillespie County Courthouse. Mary Lynn Rusche is the county clerk, and personnel there are ready to assist applicants with the paperwork. • Office hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. • To contact the county clerk’s office, call 830-997-6515. What to bring? Couples applying for a marriage license must both be present when the license is issued. • Each should bring at least one form of photo identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) or two other forms of non-photo identification (such as certified birth certificate, Social Security card, current utility bill or school report card, etc.). A Mexican Matricula Consular card will not be recognized as appropriate identification. • Be prepared to pay the $71 cost of the marriage license. • A reduced marriage license fee of $11 is available to couples who complete the free eight-hour “Together in Texas” course and bring in a certificate of completion at the time of applying for their marriage license. In Fredericksburg, the course is not religion-based and is offered through Victory Fellowship Church (414 College Street,) 830-997-9717. • Applicants who are 16 or 17 years of age must bring with them their legal guardian at the time of applying for the license and the guardian is also required to show photo identification. • The minimum age required to apply for a marriage license is 16 years. Anyone younger should bring with them a court order to obtain a license.


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The trick is ... take one step at a time Checklist helps brides, grooms stay organized and on track Brides & grooms: Planning the road. • Reserve venues. the “big day” can be much — Book locations for both more simple by starting about a year out and staying on task ceremony and reception, taking into account potential with the following checklist: weather and size of attendance. Most places sell out AT 6 TO 12 MONTHS fast on popular wedding dates, so don’t delay. • Set a date. — Absolutely the first thing • Nail down the time. that must be done out of con— Figuring out what type sideration to wedding party of wedding you want helps and family members who you in the planning stages. need the lead-time to make Formal affairs are held in late arrangements for lodging and afternoon or evening, while time off from work. more casual ones are usu-

• Say ‘yes’ to a dress. — Order the bridal gown, bridesmaids’ dresses and their accessories. Remember to mind the budget!

The Cottage at 202 This beautiful Cottage is located just behind the Main House for up to 3 guests with three (3) single beds, private bath with shower, Coffee bar with refrigerator, coffee pot, microwave, Flat Screen TV with DVD & cable and wireless internet.

sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss We are located just ONE block from Main Street Between Downtown & Uptown Shopping & Marktplatz (Festivals) For Reservations & more details please give us a call at (830) 992-1719 Or visit us on-line at

for the Bride and her attendants • Custom air brushing & tanning


• Bridal Packages available

nhance your natural beauty with a flawless, radiant tan on your special day. 204-A South Adams Street Fredericksburg, Texas 78624



• Crunch the numbers. — It is important that the bride, groom and their families get together now to determine “do-able” costs and settle who will pay for what. This avoids confusion, hurt feelings and debt later down

The Main House

The Main House is for up to 8 guests with three (3) bedrooms (1- King bed & 3-Queen beds) with three (3) private baths Full equipped Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Gas Fireplace, Wireless Internet, Cable TV, and close to shopping, dining, festivals and more.

ssssssss s

• Announce the big news! — Allow a friend or relative to host an engagement party. — Spread the word through your local newspaper.

Cont. on page 19

202 and Cottage

ally in the morning or early afternoon. The type of wedding decides if the reception should feature a formal meal or just cake and punch.

• Color it fantastic. — Choose your wedding colors early and stick to them. Best advice: Pick what feels right (not what a magazine tells you is the latest trend.) Choose favorite(s) and you’ll never tire of looking at the attire, flowers, decorations, linens and cake.

advance, on a destination and whether it’ll be a simple relaxing outing or an itineraryfilled adventure. • Register your wishes. — Bride and groom should visit favorite their favorite


• Who will stand with you? — Choose, ask and confirm the bridal party and groomsmen. They need early notice to plan for time to fulfill their duties.

• A celebratory trip of love. — It’s never too early to start planning for after the wedding. Get the ball rolling on the honeymoon by visiting a travel agency and reviewing options (and prices) for that time of year. Both bride and groom should agree, in

A Sun-Kissed



stores and register for items that’ll be needed in their new life together. Guests will appreciate the helpful hints.

seling (required by some churches.)

• Now … decide the details! — Six months to a year out, choose musicians, a florist, a photographer and a caterer. Sample their wares and be sure to check references. Keep their contact info handy for discussing details as they are decided.

• Who’s coming? — Complete the guest list, count up the names and then select and order invitations.


• ‘With this ring, I thee wed …’ — Shop and design/purchase wedding rings. — Begin pre-marital coun-

• Moms’ day out — Mothers of the bride and groom should both get their dresses to compliment the rest of the wedding party in style, color, etc. • Introducing Mr. and Mrs.

… — As it will be the groom and bride’s first social appearance together as husband and wife, pay attention to finalizing reception details to make sure it is a memorable success. Keep a running list of any needed items (i.e. chairs, tables, linens, etc.) and be sure to reserve them early. • Bite the bullet — Go ahead and sign on the dotted line for the honeymoon. Mention to all providers that the guests planning to travel are newlyweds because many will provide a free surprise perks along the

way! • Double-check and recheck — Call and confirm dates and information with photographer, musicians, florists, caterer and the church. Make sure there’s been no doublebooking or other special occasion disaster-in-waiting. • ‘Your chariot awaits…’ — Decide on transportation to and from the wedding and reception sites. Limousine? Horse-drawn buggy? Drive yourself? • Finalize this and that Cont. on page 20

IMAGINE YOUR WEDDING OR SPECIAL EVENT ON THE HISTORIC MUSEUM GROUNDS... The natural beauty and rich history of Pioneer Museum create a unique setting for any special event. Our staff can help with the details of any function from meetings and conferences to weddings and receptions. 325 West Main Fredericksburg Texas 830.990.8441

Party Affair THE

Fredericksburg’s finest wedding and party store! We specialize in wedding and party planning, decorations, party rentals, tuxedo rentals, and more!


Donna Solbrig, PBC Association of Bridal Consultants 501 Longhorn St. • 997-1921 • email:

Store Hours: Tues. - Fri. - 9:30 - 5:00 • Sat. - 9:30 - 12 Noon Special appointments are always welcome


20 — Pick a final wedding cake design and groom’s cake design and any other pastries for the reception and get them ordered. — Get groom and his groomsmen to visit store, get fitted and order their tuxedos. — Spend a girls’ day with bridesmaids getting dresses fitted and setting up a sched-

ule for any future fittings. Choose shoes and get them dyed, if necessary.

AT 2 MONTHS • No turning back! — Hand address and mail out invitations to the predetermined guest list. — Visit the courthouse together, with photo identifications and fees in hand, to procure the official marriage license. — Pay for honeymoon and finalize any side trips or relevant details to the trip. — Help guests with reservations for flights or at local overnight accommodations.

AT 1 MONTH • Lists, lists and more lists! — Start a list of gifts being received. Begin writing and

mailing “Thank You” notes as soon as gifts arrive (you’ll be glad you at least tried to keep up with them in the beginning so that the task isn’t so overwhelming later on.) — Plan the rehearsal and dinner. The groom’s family traditionally arranges and pays for this, but the entire family can contribute to the set-up, planning and pulling it off. • Giving credit where it’s due — Buy gifts for your wedding party. Brides often give jewelry the bridesmaids can wear in the ceremony. Grooms prefer money clips, pocket knives or the like. Monogramming is a nice touch to personalize an item for those who are giving their time to help make the bride and groom’s day even more special. — Take care of final dress

and suit fittings, as well as appointments for beauty treatments, pedicures/ manicures and hair salon visits. — Host a bridesmaids’ luncheon to show them support and appreciation for giving of their time and expense to make the big day special. — Buy a guest book and decide where to station it at the reception. Also, designate a “keeper” of the book who is good at encouraging guests to sign.

AT 2 WEEKS • It’s getting close, so … — Finalize transportation to the church, to the reception and off to the honeymoon. — If planning to take the groom’s last name, brides should go ahead and visit the proper offices to officially Cont. on page 21



Bob Reeves ~ Janet Goldman 508 Mill Run • Kerrville, Texas 78028 800-622-4559 PRESERVE THE MOST PRECIOUS DRESS YOU HAVE EVER WORN

Kathryn Ann Cox Gutierrez and

Michael Anthony Gutierrez

request the honour of yur presence

at the marriage of their daughter




Mark James Reeh Saturday, the sixth of October Two thousand twelve

at three oclock in the afternoon St. Mary’s Catholic Church Fredericksburg, Texas

Dinner & dancing to follow

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change their driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, passports and other official documents. Also put in calls to credit card companies, utilities, doctors and dentist offices and others regularly contacted.

AT JUST 1 WEEK! • Full speed ahead! — Pick up wedding rings and make sure they fit. — Start packing for the honeymoon. — Give the caterer a final estimate on number of guests. — Plan seating arrangements. — Practice hair styles and/ or makeup for the big day. • But don’t forget… — Brides should find time in the rushing about of final arrangements to take care of themselves. Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, get

21 plenty of rest each day (even take a nap here and there) and smile, knowing they’ll soon be united with the ones they love.


• Hearts joined at last! — With all the planning taken care of, the final hours leading up to the wedding should be a snap. — Best advice for brides: NO amount of planning will guarantee a “perfect” ceremony or reception. Keep in mind, though, it’s the mishaps that make things unique and memorable, but it is the bride’s reaction to these events that becomes unforgettable in the minds of her family and friends. So, roll with the flow, smile and enjoy the spotlight (and the happily ever after, of course!)

Begin your adventure at

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Sharing the good news with the world Now that the wedding is over, the gifts are put away and the thank you cards are in the mail, there’s just one more detail — turn in an announcement and photograph to the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post. And in the midst of making all those pre-wedding plans, couples should also remember to submit engagement announcements and shower stories to the newspaper, as well. To help couples share their news with family and friends and announce their engagement and wedding in the newspaper, the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post has several options available for submitting the information. There is no charge for having engagement and wedding announcements and shower stories published in the newspaper. And while there is no deadline prior to or after the wedding, couples are still urged to submit the information and photograph in a timely manner. Weddings which have taken place after a reasonable length of time will be shortened to include only the highlights of the day (with photograph). Information on weddings that are current take precedence in where they are placed on the “Gillespie Life” pages over those which took place several weeks or months before.

e dance Enjoying th

The deadline for submitting articles and photographs for the “Gillespie Life” section of each week’s paper is 5 p.m. on Monday. Black and white photographs or color photographs can be used providing the picture is in good focus and is of good quality. Photographs that do not meet reproduction standards will not be used. Also, full-length wedding pictures will not be used. Photographs can be submitted in a variety of formats. Some couples may choose to submit an original photo with their information while others may choose to submit the photograph on a CD. Cont. on page 23

Bridal Registry 1435 E. Main • 830-997-2633

Hill Country C harm



Also, e-mailed photographs will be accepted provided that they are submitted in a jpg format at a minimum of 300 dpi resolution. Couples are discouraged from submitting photographs that are reproduced on a home printer or copy machine. In an effort to aid couples in submitting information to the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post, engagement and wedding forms are available at the newspaper office at 712 West Main Street. Forms are also available by telephone at 997-2155, by writing to P.O. Box 1639, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 or by e-mailed requests to In addition, couples can visit www.fredericksburgstandard. com for engagement and wedding forms.


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