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cupcake wars

Cupcake Wars- Baltimore is the playground for many sweet sensations, in this issue we want to bring that sweetness back. Cupcakes. Yummm.

24 What Are

We Aiming For?

With so many teen-related shootings, congress should do something...right?


JSTANOTE 5 From The Editor

CASHFLOW 21 Even Small Businesses

Need Money...Right?

GIVETHX 6 Urcity Magazine

22 Want To Breathe New Life

Into Your Career? Read This First

Would not be Possible…

TALENTED 8 Lady Janice B.

HSTLHARD 28 Minktresses

8 Marc Marcel

news2kno 10 Muddy Waters: Fighting for

Your Paternity Rights

14 Dear Politics: Why Can’t I visuals image by simone hair Kiara Smith Makeup chi chi diamante

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Thrive Without You?

TECHTALK 38 Make Technology Work

29 Suit Up with Lisa Suit’s

30 A Little Taste of Mexico hiznherz


ARTLUVR 35 Ancient Rhythms

volume 1 issue 2

For You

SELFLOVE 41 Brain Games Last bite 42 Byblos

45 XS Restaurant 45 Talara

STEPNOUT 46 In Love With Lovelace

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2013 Baltimore Ravens Schedule Week


Opponent Time (ET) TV




Sept. 5

at Denver Broncos

8:30 p.m.


Sept. 15

vs. Cleveland Browns


Sept. 22




No. 10

vs. Cincinnati Bengals

1 p.m.


1 p.m.



Nov. 17

at Chicago Bears

1 p.m.


vs. Houston Texans

1 p.m.



Nov. 24

vs. New York Jets

1 p.m.


Sept. 29

at Buffalo Bills

1 p.m.



Nov. 28

vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

8:30 p.m.



Oct. 6

at Miami Dolphins

1 p.m.



Dec. 8

vs. Minnesota Vikings

1 p.m.



Oct. 13

vs. Green Bay Packers

1 p.m.



Dec. 16

at Detroit Lions

8:40 p.m.



Oct. 20

at Pittsburgh Steelers

4:25 p.m.



Dec. 22

New England Patriots

8:30 p.m.



Oct. 27



Dec. 29

at Cincinnati Bengals

1 p.m.



Nov. 3

at Cleveland Browns

4:25 p.m.


Opponent Time (ET) TV

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URCITY MAGAZINE WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE CONTRIBUTIONS & SUPPORT OF INDIVIDUALS LIKE YOU: Aja Dorsey Jackson balances her career as a freelance writer and marketing


urcity media CEo and founder

professional with her life as a wife and mother of two. She is a Baltimore native and graduated from Towson University with a degree in Mass Communications. When she isn’t working or child-rearing, she likes to share her thoughts on love and life on her blog, Making Love in the Microwave.

tariq hicks

COO and president

Nicole francis

Director of Operations

Mia Ferguson


Derrick Crump


Jay Sevidal


Shaniqua lowe Copy Editor


Catalina Byrd worked for years behind the scenes in political campaigns as both a

volunteer and as an organizer. A member of The Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce, NAACP, Baltimore media correspondent of the Hip Hop Caucus, and the Baltimore Non-Partisan Examiner – Catalina has through her work and spirit of service built alliances with organizations and people of purpose.

Ebonee Nelson

National brand ambassador

Shivani Patel


Kasia Merrill, Connor Graham, Aja Dorsey-Jackson, Catalina Byrd, Ashley Boughan, Nathan wrights, thomas w. boss, Jay Weir STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Eddie Carey


Azure Dean is a self-taught photographer and freelance writer originally from Saskatch-

ewan, Canada but now resides and works in Baltimore. She is working on a gallery showing in 2013 titled “Lens Life” that is a photo essay of her work since 2000.

Al Jarrett


Azure Dean

Image Art by


Eric Woodson [The Kool Source] Marketing & style intern

Jessica Mason

Marketing Intern


Nika Watkins

Kasia Merrill is a young professional and freelance writer with a B.F.A. in Writing for

Performance, Publication, and Media from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Her city tips have been featured in highly acclaimed magazines such as Time Out New York and her fiction has graced online literature magazines such as Voices from the Garage. She currently resides, writes, and explores in Baltimore, MD.

For advertising and sales purposes please contact For more information about the urcity cuties please contact

Ashley Boughan

Cover images simone hair kiara smith make up chi chi diamante

URCity Media, LLC free publication 6

is an inspiring writer and photographer from Baltimore Maryland. Ashley’s main goal is to help people through words and her other passion of capturing people’s memories. She also plans to mix in her photography with her writing. has had a few of her articles put in different online sites. She knows her words and pass experiences could help alot of people and that’s her number one goal. volume1 issue2

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urcity Magazine presents an upfront close and personal look into the culture of urcity with a unique spin. Our writers

penz2pad ments. “Everything I’ve ever done in my life seems

inspiring, candid, raw, clever, thought-provoking

like it just prepares me for the next door I’m about

and entertaining

to enter.”In his book, ‘The Book that Doesn’t Even

Working just as hard off stage as he does

Matter,’ a philosophy on life, Marcel states, “I

on it, Marcel has written thousands of poems

always wanted to understand what we are doing

many of them unreleased. He has also produced

here…now I’m just sharing what I think I know.”

hundreds of underground tracks, as well as sev-

Through his performances and lectures

eral unreleased novels. Marcel lives as if the next

Marcel captures the emotions and feelings of

second is the most important moment he has. His

real people and thier everyday struggles in life,

devotion to his craft is reflected in his impressive

politics, love, spirituality, self-revelations and

body of work. He is Spoken Word, at its rawest,

higher-consciousness. His presentations are

highest level of performance!


on perhaps her most ambitious project yet; writ-

on stage, but when people connect to my songs

ing vocals for Baltimore House DJ N’Dinga Gaba.

they connect to me. I really can’t be [too much of

On the latter project, Janice has not decided whether she’ll be the performer on the tracks, or if she’ll lend her lyrics for another vocalist to

a character.] Image is important, so I try to have one for myself.” Janice loves the Baltimore music scene,

sing. Her experience in the studio with Gaba

and frequents open mics around town. She says

was a new experience for her. “In house music,

that “A reputation with Baltimore is that, it’s just a

they take your voice and just chop it. I have to

barrel of crabs, that it’s a click. I haven’t experi-

be very conscious not to drop my voice off at

enced any of that. Everyone seems like they want

the end, I can’t be too soulful. You know? There

to get to know you, to work with you.” Janice

can’t be too much vibrato; it’s gotta be clean.”

would like to continue working as a musician, but

One thing that Janice has begun to brand for her

make the shift from being a performer to being

artistic identity, is the artist vs. the person.

strictly a songwriter. “I would rather be known as

Even here, there is some overlap. “There

a songwriter than an artist. The performances can

is a separation [from me on stage and me at

be fleeting, the lucrative part is the songwriting

home], and its a hard separation for me. If you’re

itself. I want to expand out of what I’m used to

an over-the-top artist you can be a character

doing and push my comfort zone.”

will enlighten and inform our readers of what urcity encompasses. We speak on the world of art, fashion, culinary cuisine, music, politics and sports. If you are a writer, photographer, designer, or an individual that wants to lend URVoice, URTalent, or URSkill send your resume to submissions@

Join the team!

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news 2kno

mud dy wat ers words AJA DORSEY-JACKSON 10

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y s

The father has just as many rights as the mother... but no one seems to remember that part


n 2004, my relationship with my high school sweetheart,and father of my then-four-year-old daughter, unraveled. But this time it would prove to be for good. After having been together for nearly ten years by ages 24 and 25, the length of our relationship and the fact that we shared a child didn’t makeup for the kind of split that plays out in movies where we both went our separate ways. No matter how difficult the terrain, there was one part of our relationship with one another that was always crystal clear; our commitment to raising our daughter together. Nine years later, both of us are married to other individuals and living completely different lives. However, we face the day-to-day issues of parenthood together. We’ve never had a formal custody agreement, but we share parenting 50/50, when it comes to both time and money. Unfortunately, few couples can tell the same tale of happy, co-parenting bliss. The story that most absorb is the single mom and the weekend or deadbeat dad. When we do inquire stories of fathers desiring to share parenting equally, they are often horror stories of fathers who gave up their pursuit after having efforts thwarted by unwilling difficult moms. While the legal process of gaining custody is the same, the reigning perception is that getting any type of custody is an uphill battle for men; a balancing act with the scales always tilted heavily in moms favor. Yet according to Anthony I. Butler, Esq., a partner at the Baltimore based law firm Trye Butler Mayo Griffith, this view of the courts system is far more perception than fact. “I don’t think that perception is accurate anymore,” says Butler. “The standard now is what is in the best interest of the child. That perception is a lingering opinion from 20 years ago.” Butler may believe that the perception is outdated, but Dr. Ned Holstein of the family court reform organization,

Fathers and Families, believes that the only thing outdated is the family court system, which, according to Holstein, is stuck in traditions that don’t promote shared parenting equally for both genders. “The data shows unequivocally that we’ve only made small amounts of movement toward change,” says Holstein. “Any claim otherwise is overblown.” While the level of bias at work in the court system may be unclear, there are two things that are not: 1. Children benefit from having both parents being active and involved caretakers. 2. Many non-custodial fathers desire to be active in their children’s lives. “We advocate for shared parenting,” says Holstein. “It’s not just a matter of being fair among adults. Studies show conclusively this is what’s best for children, if both parents are fit.” So what steps should a father take in getting shared custody of his child?

START THE PROCESS The first step is to file a petition with the court for custody or visitation. While it is beneficial to contact a lawyer at the beginning of the process, it is not required that you have a lawyer to file a complaint. The forms are available through the circuit court clerk’s office in your area. Once the court answers the complaint, essentially a court date will be set. Butler points to delaying this first step in the pursuit of custody as one of the biggest mistakes he sees men make. Instead of addressing custody early on, they will let time pass, but leaving a child with his or her mother for a long period of time before pursuing custody, can weaken a case. Holstein also suggests being more pro-active and not waiting for the relationship to end to begin weighing custody concerns, but instead for men to start understanding their options at the early signs that a relationship is taking a turn downhill. news2kno /family

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Photo courtesy Women In Fatherhood, Inc.

Many men will delay getting started with the process because they don’t know how to navigate it. While Butler encourages men to take steps toward getting custody or visitation early on, another mistake he sees that can hinder a father’s chances of being awarded custody is getting started with the custody process without a complete understanding of the requirements. A lawyer gives guidance on the different types of custody, and provides information on what type of care plan should be in place early in the process to ensure a better outcome for the case. Seeking help from a lawyer

news2kno 12

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maybe vital to receiving custody, and may save fathers a lot of time, money, and heartache in the end.

PAY SUPPORT Each state has different guidelines for child support amounts based on income, but Holstein suggests that noncustodial fathers find out that amount, pay it, and keep track of those payments, regardless of payment method, even if a formal order has not yet been issued. Even if the mother would settle for less, he advises fathers to pay the guideline amount, which will put them in a better position for possible custody or child support disputes down the line. One caveat: Fathers seeking shared custody should defer the discussion of child support with the court. According to Holstein, bringing up child support early in a fight for custody often creates the assumption in court that the father doesn’t care about his kids. He suggests trying for joint custody first, then broaching the discussion of child support once custody has been established.

Photo courtesy Women In Fatherhood, Inc.

BE INVOLVED It should go without saying that being involved in a child’s life is important for both custody proceedings and the well-being of the child. If you have a willing ex, Holstein encourages making an informal shared parenting agreement and living by it for six months before going to court to make it official. While he does not believe that informal agreements, like the one my daughter’s father and I share, are enough in the long run, his point is that judges who may not like to order shared parenting, are more likely to do so if the parents go to court with an arrangement in place that is working. Even before a formal agreement has been reached, fathers should keep track of time spent with the child, and attempts to see the child. If the child’s mother is not following the rules, one thing to avoid is retaliating by going against the custody agreement yourself. The greatest benefit of having a custody or visitation order in place is that you have options if the child’s mother is not abiding by the order including filing a motion for contempt of court or even calling the police. Finally, one of the main things for fathers to remember, is something that I’ve learned all those years ago: play nice whenever you can. The process of child custody typically only becomes cumbersome when there

is animosity on both or either sides. “The process is always the same,” says Butler. “It doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s the facts of the case and the personalities of the people involved that can make the difference.” Holstein agrees that nastiness and hostility only work against fathers in the long run. “Anything you can do to work things out amicably is way better than slugging it out in court,” says Holstein. “If you can work out something, do it, even if it’s less than ideal. If you create acrimony it can last for years and usually the mother has the upper hand. If acrimony builds up, she can make life miserable for years to come.” *Disclaimer: The materials in this article are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.




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s c i t i ? U O ol Y P T U O H r Dea I CAN’T THRIVE WIT

ic, and l, econom a c ti li o p s of cs and imension een politi d tw y e n nomic b a s m n ll, for eco relatio age as a g g n m n e s ti s d ic c n fl ti ea r con poli ess, larg rt a majo study of metimes on busin is suppo g and so as in the ts th in n f re ss p e o a p re m n e a g o rl rn m ti So , ove gove biliza the pro ians and fluence e multiple e the mo c d in th re ti a li n e s o m a h a p c s w f fe a s ce o case ort h olitic social li ependen cal supp ys that p Take the d ti : a li s e w o y h l p a T ra . ra d w o s e n a ev orp wing busines reation, ere are s f public c the follo tate ent, job c e form o al life. Th h any of c th g ti u li etition. S in o p ro s p m th ie c developm o tr e ti c s n ra d u o c n d d o a in e m s b can of de wned unitie an step in f state o try. 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e k a c p u C Wars Local cupcakes go head-to-head to see which has the better sweets

words KASIA MERRILL follow us on

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“For the love of cake,” is Megon Dee’s motto, one that will soon be adopted by anyone who tries a cupcake from her extensive vibrant menu. Since December 2011, Megon has been pouring her love into Corazon Cakery, “Corazon” literally translating to “heart” in Spanish. Inspired by her grandmother who worked in a bakery, Megon grew experience in both sales and entrepreneurship until she was able to begin her own business. She now operates from City Arts apartments and recently sold over 100 cupcakes at an Open Studios event. Her business has grown purely from wordof-mouth and personal recommendations, which has echoed so loudly that Megon is now considering purchasing a truck to take her cakes to the streets. With beautiful decorations and a wide use of flavors, Megon’s talent is both one of visual art and culinary mastery. In a world of great icing but dry batter, Megon sets herself apart with a consistent moistness in each piece. She also specializes in vegan and gluten-free cupcakes, substituting rice flour so as not to sacrifice texture or taste. Ingredient-wise, Megon has learned how to use it all, and has even created healthy but tasty cupcakes containing sweet potato, avocado, and quinoa. Scrupulous? Give it a try and see for yourself. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, call Megon to order the customized “cupcake tower,” a fourlayer, nine-inch cake hiding cupcakes underneath. For the love of cakes, indeed!

cupcake wars 18

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cakes by cynthia www.cAKESBYCYNTHIAONLINE.COM / 443-939-5894

Dedicated to cake creation since the early ‘90s, Cynthia Knox admits that she “sleeps, eats, and breathes cake.” It is this passionate and hard-working devotion that earned Cynthia a spot in WeTV’s Wedding Cake Wars and awarded her second place in the Great American Cake Show. Cynthia takes cake seriously and she’s here to prove it by dishing out decadent desserts all around Baltimore. Completely self-taught, Cynthia got into the cake business simply because her high school hair styling class was full - and she hasn’t looked back since! After working in almost every bakery around Baltimore, Cynthia decided she’d learned all she needed and branched out to open her own shop in 2005, now known as “Cakes by Cynthia.” Through word of mouth and social media, Cynthia’s notoriety spread into the hearts and stomachs of Charm City’s cake lovers, leading her to now be endearingly known as the “Baltimore Cake Queen.” From her commercial kitchen on Frankford Avenue, Cynthia caters to birthdays, weddings, and events, and claims she can turn almost anything into cake form. Sweets-lovers be warned: Cynthia’s cupcakes have been known to be highly addictive and dubbed as “crack cupcakes.” The most dangerously delicious? Cynthia assures us it’s the Cinnamon Roll Cupcake, which is “everything your grandma put in a cinnamon roll and turned into cake form.” Dangerous indeed!

sweet sin bakery WWW.SWEET27.COM / 123 WEST 27TH STREET BALTIMORE, MD / 410-464-7211

Living vegan may sound challenging, but Sweet Sin Bakery proves that it is a piece of cake... literally. Offering daily deals on vegan and gluten-free sweets, Sweet Sin has cupcakes that contend with the richest, gluten-loaded desserts around Baltimore, only theirs is better for both your body and the environment. Owned by chef and local entrepreneur Richard D’Souza, Sweet Sin also goes by the moniker Sweet 27 and currently resides next door to its sister restaurant Meet 27. D’Souza brings a wide range of international tastes to his cozy bakery, which also provides Asian cuisine and free wi-fi. After moving from India and living on a cruise ship, D’Souza bounced between restaurants all around the U.S. to become an international culinary expert. He first opened Sweet Sin in 2009, which was so successful that it led to the opening of his full table service restaurant next door. There will be no wonder, however, of this bakery’s past success after sinking teeth into one D’Souza’s positively sinful flavors like “The Hostess.” Mimicking everyone’s favorite plastic-wrapped dessert from childhood, this chocolate cupcake is filled with vanilla creme and topped with a ganache glaze. Don’t feel too sinful though - it is vegan after all!

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urcity cuties


MODELs / TALENT / EVENTs staffing agency 20

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EVEN SMALL BUSINESSES NEED MONEY...RIGHT? The process of grant writing and obtainment is an arduous task. Let’s see if we can simplify it for you.


he concept of a business grant is not easy to understand by most small business organizations or entrepreneurs. There are various types of Federal/ State funding opportunities for business organizations. Acquiring a grant is a complex process and you have to go through many different stages. Government agencies are not giving free money and you have to fulfill their criteria to be eligible for a grant. The best part is that the money you get as a business grant does not have to be repaid. With the help of a business grant, you can set up a new business or develop an existing business without worrying about paying back in future. It is important to follow all rules and guidelines for spending the money. Business grants are usually given on the basis of your background and the type of business. On the other hand, business grants are also given to people who may be underprivileged, disabled or minorities. There are many grants for women who want to set up a new business or own a small business. Business grants can be given to people with a low income who aspire to be self-employed. As mentioned earlier, there are many Federal/State funding opportunities for setting up a new business. However, thorough research is necessary when you are looking for a business grant. This will allow you to gather proper information about the eligibility criteria and filling out the application.

WHAT SHOULD YOU CONSIDER WHILE LOOKING FOR A BUSINESS GRANT 1 It is important to look for a website which is associated with business grants. Usually, such websites have a [.gov] domain name. These websites have many different search tools which come in handy. Search tools will help you to find a specific type of grant that you are looking for. Remember, so much information can be confusing at times. Choose the right categories and advanced search tools. 2 A government website will have a lot of categories associated with different types of grants. You should closely look at each of the categories and choose the most suitable for you. It is very important to read all

cash flow

the instructions mentioned on each page. This will ensure that you don’t make any errors while filling out an application. Usually, applications for business grants are lengthy and complex. You should ask for help from a person who has applied for a grant before. Some of the common categories mentioned in most websites areas are : small-sized business organizations, entrepreneurs, unrestricted organizations and non-profits. While selecting categories, make sure you are as specific as possible. This will help you locate exactly what you are looking for. You can even choose other options which you think might be associated with your business. Most websites also mention grants by specific agencies. As mentioned earlier, you can use advanced search tools to narrow results. 3 While locating grants, it is important to remember that the most important part is to fill out the application correctly. You should read all the instructions and keep all the required documents ready. Most authorities do not allow you to apply for a

WORDS THOMAS W. BOSS follow us on

urcitymagazine 21





he economy is in a depressed state and for individuals looking to change careers

long time if your application gets rejected. It is very important to make sure that your application is complete and accurate. Omission of any important information can easily lead to disqualification and you may not be able to apply again for a long period. It is also important to provide as many details about yourself and your business as you can. Consult an expert who can proofread your application. There are also some professionals who can fill your application on your behalf. 4 If you are unable to find a Government grant suitable for your business, there are also some private agencies whic provide business grants. You can look for such agencies and fill their applications. However, eligibility criteria of private agencies is even tougher. We live in an era of cut-throat competition, where businesses find it very difficult to survive. Business grants can help a business expand and grow without any problems. With business grants, an organization can easily carry out its day-to-day operations without much difficulty. As mentioned earlier, the best part is that there is no need to repay the money. However, the eligibility criteria is quite specific and tough. Not every business organization is able to be eligible for a business grant. Only few businesses can benefit from Federal/State funding opportunities. Usually, non-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses have a better chance of obtaining a grant. There is a strict eligibility criteria for organizations who work for the sole motive of profit.

or return to work after a lay off, the task has never been trickier.

According to the BLS, cases of mass layoffs have sustained an upward trend over the recent

past with over 134,000 individuals being separated from their jobs in January alone. On a similar scale, the number of people seeking to change their careers has been rising due to a variety of reasons including the need for better salaries and the request for better working conditions. In light of this statistics, it’s only wise that we take a closer look at different job market perspectives to give a clear picture of which industries hold the hugest potential.

WHICH INDUSTRIES ARE IN HEAVY DEMAND? Despite the economy performing poorly and the job industry becoming flooded with raw skills, there are some industries that have managed to oppose the tide. A good example is the medical science liaisons industry which holds huge employment potentials especially for Phramd and Nutrition science graduates. With more people shifting to online businessess, the demand for experienced marketing accountants is set to expand over the coming years which has been the case within the last few years. In major markets like New York, demand for account directors to account for Internet sales and advertising dollars is at fever-pitch with new employees taking home well above $150,000. Another industry which, according to Fox News, offers note worthy income to job seekers is that of machinists (notably steelworkers, welders and engineers). A study conducted early this year indicates that growth within the expansive IT industry has reached double digits. According to a majority of respondents who took part in this survey, there are way too few IT security workers to meet the existing job openings. Other industries that have managed to sustain an upward employment opportunities growth trends despite the eminent recession include: hospitality and mining industries.

WHICH INDUSTRIES HAVE THE LARGEST FINANCIAL PAYOFF? Different industries feature different financial payoffs. As a wise job seeker, you should therefore strive to find which industry pays best for your services. One such industry is the IT industry. Sales and marketing degree holders are yet another class of employees who receive handsome perks. Newly employed professional marketers take home a whopping $126,000 (and above) upon completing four years of training. The ever-booming healthcare job industry tops the list as far as good payment for employee services is concerned

WHICH INDUSTRIES ARE THE MOST STABLE? Industry stability is a fundamental factor to consider while looking for employment. You want to find an industry which not only holds good fortunes for you in the current times but also in the future. An analysis carried out by investopedia listing the most stable stocks in America in 2011 showed that companies in the basic materials industry are the most stable followed by those from transport industry. Consumer goods industry ranked third followed closely by technology industry. The healthcare industry ranked fifth. Firms dealing with healthcare services have posted promising results over the past decade and going forward, returns from this industry should turn out to be even more stable. EVEN SMALL BUSINESSES NEED MONEY...RIGHT?


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With so many teen-related shootings, Congress should do something...right? words CATALINA BYRD 24

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know that these laws and reforms to legal gun ownership are not likely to make a significant difference in my concerns but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t needed or shouldn’t be accomplished for the greater good. There is a lot of work to do on our moral conscious and recalibrating of our ethical compass’ to truly begin to heal that which drives us to be violent against one another. That is not to say that we shouldn’t take the steps that we can to make hurting and killing one another that much harder in the interim. Remaining limp or thinking nothing needs doing is not the mentally needed to change our situation and is surely not indicative of the

spirit upon which this great nation was built. Not starting – a greater travesty than not knowing where to start – surely isn’t the brightest way to getting closer to the kind of country we ideally want to raise our children in. When honesty about what we want for our children collides with the knowledge that sacrifices must be made, we can begin to see discussions turn into deliberate actions that do not have pro and anti-sides to them. Our sights should be set on being honest about our circumstances without blaming each other until can we find a common ground to build our future upon. The discussion about gun laws and reforms will continue and hopefully, progressive measures will be taken by Congress to change some laws but they more than likely will not be enough. The existence of guns is not s no ci h our problem; entertainment is not our problem, trut ut fa th The bo tru a e politics, isn’t even our problem. Our greatest h t s er .T long rmation e mo th h t s i problem before us is that we don’t know what W at i info tual o be wh opinion. ases t we are aiming for, only what we are willing to c d s d e seem r, believ sion fille e meh t la en e shoot against and it is in that confusion that r popu ofiled, t all ove rs, ther r a p n e hat we find ourselves stuck in place – trying to y e h t be hig few verdict e v t s a h la ice that hin the me to a hat just n not become our worst fears and unable t t io ca f wi dia es that of relie nt decis l, to figure out where to start to bring our e n c h tria o e g i r s e are man ith dreams to fruition. r e us a ith th m

al Justice for Trayvon Ma i c o S & r edia M l a i Soc









w gave rved. W orge Zim ur head le e o e s y op G s e d wa the but hol ep e n m i o e S as mad n’t help isdain. is c d ca s th e f u time d o o o d y her ght hy t u o ere o o W h y? any e answ pens to , Hisat h s W u “ p v s r a a , hite e h k h v here s as uch tunately self. Thi lack on W e, etc. T lood. m t o r t b i i y fo er s tion White, B on Wh in cold ink to matt s?” The e ques d c i n e n o er d ld th th te pa ppen within ck, Whi nic, His ple murd one cou to men I a h l e n a a it o l d c o p i e e B t n s a . Wil n fp Hi es lov e ch ortunity eing n qu , Black o hite on ystem o lost a h t w o d b p s their n Black panic, W judicial hat have rdict ha that op d social) emd m r u st te o on His i o e ve e s an i h ante to re l i n ist i he fam tice.” Th s not gr ia (new e have for head n. W Black x e t e f t d o t o a s a , w e e t u k h , w j k t d a m ce te t e th lac es ely ma nd on B old cas oments ally fou fortunat . With th uman ra ression t rela ere in ’ c n i s n a c e h n h n p pa se m any at w Nop or t it u as fi e all f the d op oo m e of tho eone h gine, bu g to do? istory o sion, an dlines th y we ar future f t e r r n a h h a n a m n e o d t o e o e e w m t r t i n s s h ber wa s, a in th ver a be es, ion, re w the This lves, “y t could e not, we er exist epress y made o remem create coache the to ev se rs, ni et s, d tor l or ter them arts tha eacefu anda to ad new lifting s . We hav chance , teache to bet ost e g p p d s e B r , r h a u e th e , p e. an ts e as l mor t the rio e of pro the stat positive is togeth ere for ry work nd in h ho h w h e o , a f c a h t r t e h ls o ct th st fo ork dy e cam grea y, fa all in say emy onge real en t time a we are cestors , militar s that w d anybo r t s e n n rs the o’s the the las realize is th race ur a tin a octo wh n was l of o et the d multiple on Mar e media orse ust l a m t ber e v a m h e g W et th we for held by . to Tray stice. T ith no re t . Wh cs? forg ju id lines or Politi I.P w e en e . r D d t R m w a e s ? o v ? ily m m ige er Did hat rts Spo t place. their fam itions t und the never s . It will d another t s d rs pos nity aro nd beas d wa o fin the fi elves a r mu ir life an y of the fuel it t ngulf. e s m h o t m l c o the the bel and to e

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ized for the sins of a few extreamists. However the limitations to the types of guns that average citizens should be allowed to purchase and own should be monitored. Sensationalism has taken over the debate sadly and rational thinking about guns seems hard to come by, making most feel like they either have to be for wholly for guns or against all guns – which will not do anything to address the systemic problem of violence currently facing in America. What makes people so desensitized to violence isn’t found in just one thing but more of a culmination of things, greater than any images found within movies, music, or video games. These fear tactics are simply used to further positions in arguments that are damaging to the real issues at hand. Fear is a technique that has been used by all political parties to justify drastic measures being taken (or not taken) for practically any issue you can imagine. Facts and statistics are rarely presented with the same zeal as the “it could happen if we let this happen” argument making rational thought almost impossible. If you were to close your eyes and listen, one would imagine children screaming as mothers fend off gangs of violent intruders, sanitarium escapees with machine guns walking the streets shooting at will, while terrorists laying siege upon culde- sacs in suburban communities to further their Jihad. The most archaic of scenes imagined would be that of the U.S. military invading during the cover of darkness to seize homes and assets and put Americans in concentration camps to institute the new world order under the directive of a rogue President. These are the kinds of justifications that have been used for not strengthening our gun laws and why we need weapons that can shoot 30 and 40 rounds per minute. These are the fears being planted and cultivated in the minds of too many Americans as a reason to stand against the President’s efforts and the steps needed to make us truly safer in our schools, public spaces, and places of worship. As a parent, I recognize and am concerned about the violence in urban communities. I


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Brown Taumerein Covington Frankie Pitt Divon Tyrek Beckwith-Hall James Cavazos Tyliah Young Steven Askew Terrell Frazier Deshalone Williams James Burke McConnell Jonathan Alcazar Robert Alan Penning David Dunlap Whitney Butler Dominic Anthony Davis Kori Clark Cory Miller Bryan Antonio DeJesus Jangial Turner Gregory Bady Daniel Cole Ken Mayfield Anthony Dequan Tompkins Carlos Randle Karlando Roberts Gregory Cooper Timothy Brown Alexandra Brown Anthony Hartfield Jr. Wesley Swilling Taumarien Covington Juan Hernandez Phillip Vanshawn Apostolo Thaddius Davis Michael Graham Arthur L. Robinson Michael J. Parker Robert McArthur Jesse Plunkett James Ray Carr Zane Goldstein Dustin Wernli Benjamin Goforth Jimmy Phea Officer Kevin Tonn Humphrey Kenneth Gascon Tieyannie Dewitte Hollis Gregory Gordon Curtis Porter Maricela Vera Jackie Cornett Caitlin Cornett Michelle Adrian Todd S. Weber De√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢Mon M. Woolridge Michael G. Cunnigham Derek Lynch Marquise Franklin Yusef Crockett Kevin D. Hughlett Moses T. McKnight Joshua Ragland Jesse Aguirre Christopher Hinojos Officer Kenneth Richard Cerulli Michael Martin Casper R. Jones Cody Gene Criner Anton Johnson Edith Renner Suzanne Renner Charles Renner Tyrone Lawson Tarence Terrell Swinton Taylor Jade Cornett Jimmie Acevedo Josean Torres Elaine Hewitt Janice Dawson Carl Hewitt Joshua Ragland Augustus Johnson Boede Paul Allante Edmondson Karvis Jabbar Gamble Terry Moiner Daniel Earl Stordahl Jr. Lucinda White John Montoya Alan Moses Anthony DeMartini David Stewart Allen Ott Matthew D. Hester Crystal Maestas Daniel Lee Carter Jack Tullos Tennyson Jason Rivera Jennifer Rivera Tasheka Lashon Leavell Atticus Jones Eric L. Ramsey Kaewaun D. Coleman Wendy Weaver Maurice Johnson Colbert Jorge Valdez-Benitez Angel Miguel Lopez Leroy Smith Jamel Martin Susan Campbell Ronald Michael Campbell Gerardo Mejia Martin Martinez Saul Ramos-Arrazate Anthony Regan Sgt. Robert Motyka Alishia Colon Alexander Brian Chavez Anthony Navarro Lloyd Hodgson Tschohl Landon Kinsey John Buckelew Maurice Lamar McCain David Hawthorne Floyd Dennis Umika Jones Reginald Lamont Epps Kurtis Rashad Toombs Anthony Rongione Michael Spering Anthony Scott Brown Roy Boldt Virginia Boldt Jesse J. France Alan Carrell Cody M. Kincheloe Marshall Fields-Hall Jovantay Alexander Joseph Canazaro Gary Alilovich George Walter Rosenberg Forrest Seagrave Marco Topete Kayla Ann Hendrickson David Lujan Jermaine T. Jackson Pablo Valdez Johanah Wade Douglas Gray Michael Cameron Trevon Wilson Enrico Green Matthew Obrian Norris Juvenal Gonzales David Rayvon Braswell Joseph Lee McQueen Clifton Kareem Christian Tracy McFadden Kyle Stroman Christopher Cotton Anthony Burns Jeffrey Dennehy Thomas Donovan Kenneth Lee Seets Leslie R. Stubblefield Nevaeh Benson Jermaine Foster Jamal Gaines John Freddrick Alford Greg Griego Sarah Griego Jael Griego Zephania Griego Angelina Griego Kristy M. Aschliman Edward Goldsmith Kristi Suckla Kelly Suckla Ruben Gonzalez Jr. Rene Trejo Jacob Allen Green Hurbert Dewayne Jackson Richard Williford Jason Monson Debby McGaughy Nickoles Ray Sullivan Charles Chrisman Marcus Jones Jose Luis Vidal Osevio Anguiano Lopez Nathan Noyes Steven Scott Proctor Dejuan Laster Reshawn Robbins David Franklin Tynarion Warren PFC Jamar Mitchell Demetrius Edward Thompson Angelo Jenkins Paul Wright Marcus Antonio Jones Jeremiah Holloway James A. Crego Angel Serna

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MINKTRESSES Since its showroom opening on Read Street in 2011, MINKTRESSES has been bringing exotic, luxury style to the hippest fashionistas around Baltimore. Part boutique, part mini salon, the shop specializes in international beauty products and exotic human hair distribution. Its purpose: to bring exotic style to the trendy modern

were not for her internship at one of New York’s

to expand MINKTRESSES into what it is today.

most famous marketing firms. It was in this posi-

Without any physical shop or online presence,

tion that she created the contacts and gained the

MINKTRESSES grew through pure word of

crucial knowledge of the marketing business that

mouth and Kia’s drive to succeed.

granted her the success that she has today. With the people she met and the understanding of the trade she gained, Kia decided to

It was this drive that led Kia to continue expanding MINKTRESSES into other territories, such as luxury jewelry and beauty products.

In a world where beauty, fashion and the perfect coiffure reign supreme,

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embark on penning her own business in the state

Kia began scouting fashion shows and exhibits

online gallery of tresses and artistically designed

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pieces of jewelry, MINKTRESSES has established

tique in the hip neighborhood of Adams Morgan,

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a name for itself in the international arena of sell-

DC, was opened in early 2004.

was most interested in unique pieces that bring

ing luxury fashion all while contining to operate out of Charm City.

It was not long before Kia was introduced

something new to the market and give women

to the hair business during a visit to see her col-

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At the head of this beauty business is fash-

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ionista and art lover Kia Noir. A New York native,

operated a human hair distribution business out

tribal-themed necklaces, colorful stacking rings,

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major in theater and international studies. She

to be their American contact, they agreed.

allow any diva to make a stylish statement with

was always interested in art and design, but was first introduced to selling luxury wear through

MINKTRESSES was born, and as soon as

both class and authenticity.

Kia returned to the U.S., she began getting in

As MINKTRESSES grows, Kia continues

a position at one of New York City’s finest shoe

touch with her old contacts in order to spread

looking elsewhere to further her business.

boutiques, Petit Bateau. She would not have suc-

business. Soon, she was distributing tresses as

She says she would like to expand across the

ceeded so aptly at her beauty trade business if it

far as the U.K. and creating enough clientele

Northeast, and has even begun scouting for pos-






mix·ol·o·gy 1: The study of mixing music… includes sub-genres of DJing, mash-ups, hip hop, scratching and remixing. 2: Outrageous parties, awesome music and networking mixed with a learning experience!

able, with the DJ’s. After several successful years of BIMA Fest, Suit took her promotion skills solo, and created Mixology. But Mixology, in all its party and dancing glory, is only the start. “We’re working on making BMC ( Baltimore Music Collective) a nonprofit that will have advocates for dance music,

sible locations in Brooklyn, N.Y. With the success of MINKTRESSES in Charm City, it is certain that the business will continue on its route of offering

Suit up! When you’re in the middle of a

and artists, healthcare for artists, attorney information. Basically just looking out for the artists”. Although Suit is not an artist herself, she knows the music industry well. More than

unique beauty and glamor tools to independ-

sweaty nightclub permeated with flash-

anything, Suit wants to educate Baltimore’s

ent women searching to showcase their luxury

ing lights and thumping bass, it’s likely that

DJ’s to not only improve their craft, but to

lifestyle. In a world where appearances are first

thoughts about business and education are

be more business and networking savvy

impressions and fashion drives us forward, it’s

the farthest things from your mind. As for

Suit’splans include hosting seminars were

local promoter Lisa Suit, this is not the case.

representatives from DJ Software equipment

You’d probably know Suit best from her annual

will give lectures and presentations on the

weekend long dance parties. Mixology, with

latest versions of the software, and events

Minktresses bridges the gap

its inception in 2011, is held in clubs throughout Baltimore City and hosts popular names of the

important to find looks that are both unique to ourselves and set us up for success. MINKTRESSES provides women with just

areas’ DJ and House Music scene. Although Mixology is a baby in terms of music festivals, Suit has been involved

that; pieces that allow us to show off our indi-

in planning events in Baltimore since 2005.

vidual style in a glamorous way. Bringing exotic

The Baltimore Independent Music Festival

tastes to America’s fashion frontier, Kia Noir gives

( BiMA Fest) was Suit’s first project, work-

opportunities for all of us to experience luxury at

ing alongside David Andler of Morpheus

affordable prices and beautiful designs.

Records. While Andler’s connections were

As she puts it, MINKTRESSES sells “beautiful exotic things that women all around the world use that we here in America might not be privy to.” Whether here or overseas, women desire and deserve to showcase themselves, and as Kia proves, with the right contacts and the right attitude, there is always business in beauty.

mostly for the bands on the festival’s bill, Suit stayed where she was most comfort-

The Baltimore Music Collective brings artists together in a way that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise

MORE FROM mixology CAN BE FOUND at www.mixologybaltimore.COM

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FACEBOOK.COM/mixologybeats 29

words CONNOR GRAHAM VISUALS AZURE DEAN were DJ’s can come to network with one another as well as club promoters. Suit also plans for BMC to have workshops and networking events that encompass the structure and organization of a trade


A LITTLE TASTE OF MEXICO Every business around town has its

school, without the costs. She recognizes

own story, but few are as reviting as as

how seriously artists take their craft, but also

Nicolas Ramos’s. Ramos is the owner of the

knows that like many other working Ameri-

Mexican restaurant Arcos, on North Broadway in

cans, job security and financial stability are

Fell’s Point. Arcos opened its doors in2004 Ramos, a

an increasing difficulty for those who want

native of Mexico, devoted himself to creating an at-

to make performing their profession. “For

mosphere that could only be found in Mexico, right

them, this is work, this is their job. If you’re not

in the middle of east Baltimore. “I love the name [of

working corporately, you probably don’t have

my restaurant], Arcos. Arcos means a bridge, or an

benefits. [Most of these artists] don’t have

arc. I’m from Mexico, so I wanted to build a bridge

health care. That’s a big thing for me right

that brought the music, the culture, the ambience

now... How can we possibly get together some

of Mexico to Baltimore. This is my little piece of

kind of group plan that is affordable?”

Mexico right here.”

In a very short period of time, Suit has

Arcos restaurateur, Nicolas H. Ramos, had big dreams even as a small child

Ramos, who grew up in Northern Mexico,

turned BMC from a one night festival, into an

not far from the Texas border, is a true example of

organization with community achievement

the American Dream in action. When he was just

at the top of its priorities. As a promoter, she

sixteen years old he began working on farms in

always makes time for a little fun. “I absolutely

Mexico picking vegetables, but always yearning to

love it. There’s just an energy that is just amaz-

head north. “My dream had always been to come

company. It took me four years. A lot of passion,

ing. I was at a party on Saturday night, and it

[to the United States], but I was so little at the time.”

and a lot of hours. The hard work finally paid off

had me dancing the entire time. The high I got

However, within a few years, Ramos, his brother,

on Cinco de Mayo of 2004, when Arcos officially

off dancing that night was crazyWhat about

and five other friends from Mexico purchased a sta-

opened for business. Each year on May 5th, Arcos

the popular conception about the club scene?

tion wagon from a junkyard in San Antonio for $700

celebrates its Aneversario.

That it is riddled with drugs. “That’s part of

with the dream of finding work in the United States.

“We made everything, the chairs, the tables, from secondhand material from the construction

The Arcos menu wasn’t difficult for Ramos

“We drove all the way from San Antonio,

to design. Most of the items are from recipes his

because I boldly believe that you don’t need

Texas to Memphis, Tennessee and to Nashville, lots

grandmother, mother, sister and wife make, the

a single drug or drink or anything at all to get

of places. We were looking for work, for anything

fajitas being Ramos’s personal favorite. Although

lost in this music. I boldly believe it, I know it!”

that we could do.” Eventually Ramos and his group

Arcos has been open since 2004, that isn’t to say it hasn’t had its hardships.

the whole Advocacy thing I was talking about

In the bigger picture, Suit has innovative

of friends found steady work in construction, work-

and ideological ideas for the Baltimore dance

ing for a company called Maparkin and Sons based

music scene. In her case, ideological cannot

out of Augusta, Georgia. It was in traveling with this

rough for business for 2 years. “The economic

be synonymous with unattainable, because

company that Ramos first discovered Baltimore.

problem hurt the restaurant for sure, but Arcos

she is already putting forth the work. Mean-

“I fell in love with Baltimore when I saw all its

The economic crisis in 2008 was especially

will survive this. Arcos has a lot of potential. I

while, she remains busy planning events such

big trees, and the vacant houses. I knew there was

as Mixology 2013, and another project called

a lot of potential for this place.” Ramos, became

does Ramos have in mind for the future of Arcos?

Girls Rule, a DJ and Dance music event where

a United States citizen in the 1980’s and for many

Expansion. Ramos is considering opening locations

everyone from the artists to the lighting and

years owned his own construction company, buy-

in Washington DC and New York City, however,

sound engineers are women.

ing and renovating the old vacant properties that he

for now, he keeping Baltimore as his main focus..

think that we will come out the other side.” What

Whether planning for a weekend gig, or

saw so much potential in. It wasn’t until 2000 when

What’s next? Cinco de Mayo 2014. “For ten years,

trying to change the world of nonprofits , Lisa

Ramos purchased the building that would eventu-

we’re going to have a really big party.” So the world

Suit will not stop dancing in the name of House

ally become Arcos.

can have just a little taste of Mexico.

Music.Suit up! MORE FROM arcos CAN BE FOUND at www.arcos.COM


twitter arcosrestbar

FACEBOOK arcos-restaurante

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Specials Sitting Fee $200.00 *2 looks, including photoshop & cd, pick three from each look to go cd Photoshop *edits $10 per hour *Cd with package no charge starting price $139.99 & up Like many other aspiring young artists in her generation, with a notion of becoming a photographer, Simone Green left Detroit for Los Angeles in 1979 after receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from Wayne State University. After traveling between Los Angeles and Detroit for years, Simone settled in LA to become the photographer for Don Cornelius Productions, photographing celebrity guests and dancers who appeared on Soul Train. By 1982, Simone was a professional portrait photographer. Her clientele included many celebrities, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Barry White, Luther Vandross, The Dramatics, The Temptations, Gerald Levert, Stevie Wonder etc.

specials on monday & tuesday *no sitting fee (not for models) special studio projects available!

Simone is recognized for her keen eye and ability to manipulate light to add depth and perspective to her subjects. In 1986, Simone formed a professional tel.410-281-0081 relationship with Burrell Advertising Company, America’s largest African American Advertising Agency hours of operations: where she photographed the production of television tues-sat 10-7pm commercials. Simone also worked with, Motown Records, Solar Records and Capitol Records. In 1992 sundays & mondays Simone became the chief photographer for Deathrow by appointment Records in LosAngeles, California. While at Deathrow, Simone captured some of the most often displayed images of Hip Hop culture and icons Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur.

hizn herz










Dogtooth Blazer b Daniele Alessandrini c cotton check trouser d Nixon chronicle mens watch f asos plaitbelt e Leather satchel h Navy suede yellow danite shoes by mark mcnairy New Amsterdam g asos waffle sock


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a e


b f



marco Bologna striped cropped jacket b erika cavallini semi couture cropped trouser yellow studded bra top d Johnny loves rosie rounded collar with beaded embellished flowers & gold edging e kiss & kill teres oversized sunglasses f HervĂŠ Guyel Paris ‘glambag’ dutch g faith lainery T bar evening shoes a c follow us on

urcitymagazine 33

Baltimore has its place in the world infused with arts and culture. Its population and diversity is an incubator for new ideas and experiences. Keeping in line with URCulture, the I Love Dope Art experience was born to expose a variety of art-forms. Whether you represent spoken word, visual, music, or food, it is the goal of URCity Magazine to present an avenue for underground artists in Baltimore to exhibit their work.




se en .

rk. o w our Ity! y t i m C . Sub t its UR s u Join t or no i Love

d. r ea h Be

The thriving culture of artists brings together a lot of synergy to our city. I Love Dope Art is uniquely poised to support the urban transformation in Baltimore by increasing awareness to the existing diverse culture. Pop-up exhibits around the city will be erected. Invitations to the community will be disbursed. Social networking will take place. All for the love of art. As we advocate for the city, we at URCity Magazine advocate for the culture. 34

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careful, her focus on creating collages that establish a sense of ancient ritual and offering. Through the use of painted handmade papers, mixed media, and wood, she echoes rituals and cultures of the past, re-establishing the connection to nature that we once took for granted. Smith-Bugge, who used to teach woodworking to New York City urban youth, takes a different approach through her large pieces of finished wood. Her work directly transforms nature into art, juxtaposing the rough exterior with the finished interior of the tree pieces she uses. Her organic sculptures are raw in heavy emotion upon seeing them. I found myself particularly entranced by a piece called “Mending,” which uses copper wire to create a sense of stitching within the finished walnut and cherry wood. Both women have extensive biographies and gallery representations, their work receiving a notoriety that is as grand as their work. Wheeler, a resident of Silver Spring, MD, holds a BA from Stanford University and has studied at both Cornell and the Corcoran School of Art. She has been a grant recipient from the Maryland State Arts Council and has received national recognition at juried exhibitions. Lynda Smith-Bugge studied sculpture at Hunter College in New York City and discovered her love of woodworking during her position teaching at a youth camp in upstate New York. She has been featured in multiple publications, including a coffee table book called Green Art: Trees, Roots, and Leaves, and has been invited to participate in exhibitions since the early 90s. “Ancient Rhythms: The Grandeur and Intimacy of Nature” is a journey that challenges us to re-familiarize ourselves with the enchantment of what surrounds us in the outdoors. As I entered the last room, I found it filled with a rhythmic music layered with the sounds of birds chirping nature-based noises. “That’s one of my favorite pieces,” gallery owner Myrtis Bordello told me as she pointed to a remarkable Smith-Bugge piece in the corner. As I approached closer, I learned that its name “Thunderstruck” came from the fact that it was once struck by lightening. With stories as rich as the creative effort that went into them, “Ancient Rhythms” is a unique and thought-provoking experience or any Charm City art enthusiast. TWITTER @THEREALM_ARTIS follow us on


“Ancient Rhythms: The Grandeur and Intimacy of Nature” is a journey that challenges us to refamiliarize ourselves with the enchantment of what surrounds us in the outdoors.


tech talk

MAKE TECHNOLOGY WORK FOR YOU – NOT AGAINST YOU Is YOUR business booming in this lackluster economy? Maybe the disconnect between the political parties holds the answer. technology is increasing at an ever faster pace. We are actually in the midst of an technological revolution that will allow businesses to diversify even more, and do more with less. They can take advantage of new tech developments for greater integration within the workplace. Some of the newest technologies are likely to be available within the next 5 to 10 years. Some of the technologies that are on the cusp of fruition and about to be put into in the workplace are those that will further the marriage between business and technology. Some of the newest developments for business technologies would include the use of robots and artificial intelligence. Some of these robots are currently being used in business settings however, advanced robotics are just a short step from being developed and implemented widely in the workplace setting.

USE OF ROBOTICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Experts conclude that the most potential for development in business technology is the use of robotics. Robotics is an engineering and science field that uses electronic or mechanical labor to replace human labor. Robots are currently being used in manufacturing and engineering technologies, and they are going to be expanded to other types of businesses and industries in the coming years. It is a misconception that robots can only be used in large business enterprises. They can be used in small business environments as well, and actually offer a tax credit for a business that wants to use this method in the future. Robots for small business is a growing trend. Some of the current products found online can be found at Artificial intelligence will most likely be employed in businesses to predict trends of the future, and to make predictions that can be used to plot data. Artificial intelligence will continue to be utilized and developed in the future so there are many ways that it will come into play for instance, in actuarial tables.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION More effective business and technological development will be apparent in companies and businesses of the future. Biometric and nano technology indicate this trend in development. These technologies are commonly used in business development and will continue of make an impact well into the future. The use and sophistication of biometric processes will continue to increase, and can be used to scan customer intent at airports or quickie marts for instance. Look for quantam computing and nano technology currently being used in a few industries like chemical, petroleum and others to expand into the future. These technologies can help new products be marketed sooner, and can speed the process of development and research. New products could be marketed to consumers more quickly. The use of nano technology in the future is virtually unchartered territory. it has many applications in the business world as well as science and technology. Quantam computing is interrelated with cloud computing and can process calculations and data in an extremely effective and efficient manner. These technologies will continue to develop and expand in the coming years to their best use. IT professionals agree, these computers are they are some of the best innovations to use in the workplace setting. The use of this technology will continue to increase in the future as the development becomes worldwide.

INCREASED COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY The use of technology can be a boon to how the business communicates, and several advanced communication are in the pipeline for business communications. One of the developments in communication methods will include the use of virtual offices. Virtual offices allow individuals to meet and complete different functions. This is something that has already been used with great success by a variety of businesses, and its use will only continue to grow into the future. Employees will be able to meet and discuss office functions virtually, not to face to face.



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If it’s

it has to be good.

BRAIN GAMES 8 Games and Ideas For Mental Stimulation Behind The Desk “SPOT THE DIFFERENCE” (SPOTTHEDIFFERENCE.COM) This game is one of the most popular and most efficient brain teasers, and you can easily play it in-between bathroom breaks or whenever you have some free time. One of the main benefits of “Spot The Difference” is that it trains all parts of your brain: the occipital lobe is used for identifying the objects you see, the parietal lobes analyze the similarities between the two objects while the frontal lobe points out the differences. This great game is not only perfect for improving your attention, but it is very entertaining as well! SUDOKU (WEBSUDOKU.COM) Sudoku has become extremely popular in the US over the past several years - as a matter of fact, it has become so popular that people even invented Sudoku toilet paper to keep you engaged inbetween bathroom breaks! Moreover, numerous studies have linked this game to improved cognitive function. You can easily purchase a Sudoku book at Amazon or your local bookseller. CROSSWORDS (WEBCROSSWORDS. COM) Crosswords is perhaps the most-known game for improving both your attention and your vocabulary. This is a fun and entertaining game that is perfect whenever you have some free time at work. Are you looking for a mental minute workout during the lunch break? Then crosswords is certainly a great choice to train your brain! SIMON SAYS (MATHSISFUN.COM) Simon Says is a great memory game for adults - this is a handheld game that requires you to pay extra attention to the pattern of sounds and lights that is displayed, and then you have to reproduce them exactly. The speed and complexity of the exercises increases gradually, and you will certainly find Simon Says very challenging and addictive!

CLOCKWORK BRAIN (ITUNES.APPLE.COM) Clockwork Brain is a great mobile application for iOS - basically, this is a series of smart minigames that are especially designed to draw your attention and stimulate both your brain and your memory. These games aim to test various cognitive abilities, such as your arithmetic skills, language skills or the visual abilities. All these games are timed, so you can constantly monitor your performance!

When at work, it is essential to find some things to do that will stimulate you mentally. These little games and activities that stimulate your mind can not only increase productivity at work, but they can also improve your focus as well as your alertness. Moreover, mental stimulation makes us feel happy and fulfilled, and small brain teasers also slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease while keeping boredom away.

THE BRAIN BOMB (APPSPY.COM) The Brain Having said that, here you will find 8 Bomb is a compilation of over 180 mind games that great ideas for mental workout. aim to keep your brain active - it is said that only one percent of the world’s population is able to finish all these games. Brain Bomb trains your reaction speed, precision, visual judgement as well as lateral thinking. Are you up for the challenge? Do you want to see if you are one of the smartest people on the planet? Then it is time to try Brain Bomb! THE RUBIK’S CUBE PUZZLE (RUBIKS.COM) Everybody has heard about the popular Rubik’s Cube - this is quite a challenging game that stimulate some parts of your brain that aren’t usually used for your day-to-day activities, such as the spatial intelligence or the visual memory. In addition to Rubik’s Cube, Rubik’s Snake Puzzle is also very captivating and stimulating! CLICK THE COLOR! (APPSZOOM.COM) Click The Color is a fun game that will certainly give you a brain workout! You may already know this game: the name of every color is displayed, but it is written in a different color, to confuse you. This way, you will be tempted to say the color of the text rather than the name of the actual color. For example, the printed word might be “black”, but the text is yellow. Click The Color is a great game if you want to test your cognitive abilities against those of your close friends or relatives! The game is also available as a mobile application. selflove mental health

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last bite



Federal Hill’s Hidden Gem

Recently, I visited Byblos Lebanese Cuisine in Bal-

villages and village people line the walls, which are a

timore’s Federal Hill – and in the words of a local – it was

muted coffee color. The small tables were adorned with

a “nice little hidden gem.” The restaurant provides vegan

either flower arrangements or ceramic bottles center-

friendly fare, having many dishes that abstain from meat

piece pushed to the end closest to the wall. The flattering

and dairy, as well as traditional options for the meat eater.

lighting and café style tables lent an open air feeling even

From the street, Byblos is easy to find with a large

though we were indoors.

sign declaring the restaurant’s name. Upon my arrival,

Our waiter brought menus and quite a chunk of

I noticed nearly half of the tables were full. My party

time passed until his return. The slow service was

of four waited a few minutes before we were seated

frustrating after quickly realizing there were only three

and the staff quickly rearranged tables for our group.

people working.

Outings of more than four people would be considered

Aside from service stalls at the onset, the remaining

a tight squeeze at Byblos, but for smaller groups it is a

service was excellent. Our waiter took care of us, attend-

charming place.

ing to our every need.

The inside is full of mid-east décor, with purple curtains in the front window. Paintings of horses, Lebanese www.BYBLOSLEBANESECUISINE.COM 42

The drinks available on the menu were traditional fountain drinks in additional to Lebanese tea and cof-


410-209-2495 Like us on


XS Restaurant

fee. Regrettably, Byblos does not serve wine or


Baltimore is known

beer, but you may bring your own if you wish

for a plethora of things and

without a corking fee. As an appetizer I asked

food is definitely dangling at

for the grape leaves. The small cigar looking

the top of the ladder. Divided

snacks came out quickly, and were served

by city lines, there isn’t a cor-

warm. They were a dark green color, and

ner you can’t turn and not be

smelled salty. They were savory, but not flavor-

tempted by the many options

ful. I didn’t find them to be particularly special.

that will satisfy your taste-

For my dinner I ordered the Chicken Sha-

1307 North Charles Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202

buds. With so many options to

warma plate, about $9. The most expensive thing

satisfy any foodie there is only

on the menu was only $14 dollars, and most of

one place that can offer a city

the dinners hovered between $7 and $9, making

dweller everything they could

it easy on the wallet. Laid out on the plate was a

ever want under one roof. XS,

pile of spiced chicken morsels, fat touch (a salad

located in the historic Mount

of cucumber, tomato, onion, and lettuce in a light

Vernon area, which is the hub of great coffee, breakfast, entrées, desserts, cocktails, fashion and won-

and sweet dressing), and a generous dollop of

derful sushi. Where else in the city will you find a restaurant that offers 4 floors of ecstasy?

hummus. The hummus had a sprinkle of paprika

XS is reasonably priced restaurant with a variety of quality menu options. Unlike many city loca-

in the middle, adding more color to the already

tions, it’s open until midnight during the week and until 2 am Fridays and Saturday. If you are ever in

bright plate. In the middle of the table our waiter

need of a late night location with healthy options make sure you visit 1307 North Charles Street. There

placed a basket of pita bread. My tablemates

is no place in the city like it. Say it with me... Yum...

ordered a beef shawarma, another chicken shawarma, and the falafel combo. The hummus was tasty, the salad fresh and crisp, and the chicken was spicy but not hot. The portions were easily big enough to fill you up, and spread evenly between the meat,

Talara Restaurant

and Managing Partner Nick

eaters, the dinner was both tasty and healthy,

Rizzo bring years of culinary

hitting many of the food groups, and not so large

experience and just plain ol’ good

that you would feel distended or overly full.

taste to the city of Baltimore. Located in bustling Harbor East,

in a zesty, tangy sauce. It wasn’t as spicy as

where you can find fashion

the chicken, but still tasty and filling. The falafel

boutiques, exquisite newly built

obviously wasn’t the best dish on the table. It

condos and a variety of local and

was plain, dense, mushy, and dry. Although it

exotic foods. Talaras offers fresh

is a vegan option compared to the beef and

Nuevo Latino cuisine accompa-

chicken dishes, going with some other vegan

nied by delicious island cocktails.

dish might be better.

Authentic Latin American recipes

Byblos is a small restaurant, run by a family that cares about its patrons. They do the


Owner Yves Carreau

veggies, and hummus. For health conscious

The beef shawarma was served well done

615 President Street - Baltimore, MD 21202

are fused with modern ingredients and international influences to provide a refreshing explosion of flavor. Keeping in line with the definition of tapas, Talaras menu consists primarily of small plates all

cooking and serving, they ring you up, and clean

delivered in an artistic presentation. In addition to the restaurants existing appeal, Talaras offers its diners

up all by themselves, and they do it efficiently,

over 15 seafood selections that can be ordered in 7 different preparations. Patrons can walk up to the

pleasantly, and quickly. Visiting the café is like

open ceviche bar and become captivated by the expert chef’s deliciousness.

leaving Baltimore for a brief time to enjoy the

Talara’s cocktail menu offers an exquisite selection from South American classics to exotic island

delicacies of Lebanon without stamping your

favorites. Its house drinks, caipirinha and pisco sour, are true essence of the culture. The drinks extend

passport. It is well worth the trip.

into magnificent mojitos, margaritas and martinis. Last Bite


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(410) 461-2256 (410) 265-6901


step nout

IN LOVE WITH LOVELACE The Federal Hill Boutique dons apparel for those that are in love with fashion and individuality



f you’ve lived in or even visited in Baltimore then you know there are tons of shops and boutiques for whatever your heart desires. From clothing, perks for your pooch, or taking a walk around downtown. Every shop and small businesses is different and has their own little charm, and a lot of them can be found in the Federal Hill area. Today I came across a little boutique on Light Street, The Lovelace Showroom. As I first walked up to the store, it catches your eye with it’s simple white walls and a pop of pink at the top of the building with bold black letters spelling out it’s name, big floor to ceiling windows with chandeliers and models showing off some of their popular clothing. As you walk threw the door your hit with all the colors and funky patterns, it’s bright and very welcoming and you can tell right away that it’s a hip and trendy boutique and your eyes don’t know where to look first. They have different options for everyone, from womans clothes to a few different items for the kids too. The staff welcomes you right away and even though it’s a small space, it’s so warm and colorful that it fit’s the space perfectly. Everything is very organized and easy to see and find, the owner Dara is super friendly and gives you such a relaxed feeling that you enjoy looking at everything and any question you may have, she is more then happy to help you out. When I first walked in the store she welcomed me and asked how my day was going which made me feel so comfortable to talk to her and ask all the questions I needed to, and both herself and her co-worker, Lakieria, were more then happy to tell me about everything they offer and where I could find certain things I was looking for.

Now I know how some boutiques can have high prices, but at Lovelace you can find great items for as little as $25 all the way up to $200 so everyone has options, rather you only want to spend a little bit of money or if you want to go all out which is great. The style is fun and funky, so many different patterns and color combinations from cheetah print to army and everything in between. With so many different options it’s easy to mix and match pieces and of course they have amazing accessories to check out. At Lovelace they don’t only have their own designs, but they also bring in other designers pieces as well, so you really have a lot to choose from. The décor really makes you feel like your in a fancy yet funky little boutique in Paris, from the beautiful lighting to the tables and chairs it’s all very well put together and makes you enjoy looking around even more. One of the things that really stood out to me was all these leggings they have with funky patterns, from just plain colors to extreme prints like flowers and cool patterns. My favorite items they have though would have to be their accessories, now I already have a weak stop for ear rings and necklaces, but they have such unique pieces. I would have to say the skull necklaces they have were my top favorite from their accessories collection, they have gold chains with jewels covering the skull head, silver and pink were just a few of the different colored skull necklaces they offer. All the clothing is very trendy and definitely different then any other boutique or other clothing store I’ve been to. Since the shop is on the small size, it makes it very easy to see everything they have to offer and their really is something for every style. The Lovelace Showroom is only open Wednesdays to Saturdays from the hours 11am to 8pm, so the next time your walking around down in the Federal Hill area keep an eye out from this amazing little boutique and just take a look inside, I’m almost positive you will walk out with either a new top or leggings or maybe just one of their awesome necklaces. This was my first time ever in this shop, but trust me I will be going back to check out what they have to offer, it’s well worth the trip.



410-528-5978 Like us on


FEED THE HUNGRY. HEAL THE SICK. HOPE FOR PEACE. HOUSE THE HOMELESS. QUENCH THE THIRSTY. TEACH THEM WELL. SAVE THE EARTH. PROJECT7.COM more from mia ferguson can be found email facebook ???????????? twitter ???????????? 18

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Midstate Community Bank Serving the community since 1884

Founded in 1884 as Govanstown Land, Loan and Building Association of Baltimore County and has continuously operated in Baltimore since its inception. The Institution’s primary mission has always been to serve the savings and loan needs of the Baltimore city and county areas. Being one of the oldest and most firmly established institutions in the area, the bank has built a reputation of conservative soundness that has served it well. Through the years, our Institution has enjoyed a high quality of leadership and personnel and this has helped Midstate maintain a steady growth pattern. Midstate is a mutually held savings bank with one location at this time. 6810 York road • Baltimore, md 21212-1886 / 410.377.4330

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Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades

Consejos para una vida segura y saludable Tome medidas a diario para vivir sano y seguro.

Coma alimentos saludables. • Coma diariamente frutas, verduras y granos integrales variados. • Limite el consumo de bebidas con muchas calorías, azúcar, sal, grasa o alcohol. • Consuma una dieta balanceada que le ayude a mantener un peso saludable. Manténgase activo. • Realice actividad física al menos dos horas y media a la semana. Incluya actividades que aumenten las frecuencias cardíaca y respiratoria y que fortalezcan los músculos. • Anime a los niños y adolescentes a que practiquen ejercicio al menos una hora al día. Incluya actividades que aumenten la frecuencia cardíaca y respiratoria y que fortalezcan los músculos y huesos. Protéjase. • Use cascos, cinturones de seguridad, filtro solar y repelente de insectos. • Lávese las manos para detener la propagación de los gérmenes. • Evite el cigarrillo y el humo del tabaco de otras personas. • Mantenga relaciones sanas y seguras con familiares y amigos. • Prepárese para enfrentar emergencias. Mantenga listo un kit de provisiones. Prepare un plan y manténgase informado. Controle el estrés. • Procure un equilibrio entre el trabajo, el hogar y las actividades recreativas. • Busque el apoyo de familiares y amigos. • Mantenga una actitud positiva. • Tómese tiempo para relajarse. • Duerma de 7 a 9 horas por la noche. Asegúrese de que los niños duerman más, de acuerdo a su edad. • Busque ayuda o atención sicológica si la necesita. Hágase sus chequeos. • Pregunte a su médico o enfermera cómo puede reducir el riesgo de problemas de salud teniendo en cuenta su estilo de vida y antecedentes personales y familiares. • Entérese de los exámenes, análisis y vacunas que necesita, y cuándo se requieren. • Hágase los chequeos con la frecuencia que le indique su médico o enfermera. Haga una cita médica tan pronto se sienta enfermo o con dolor, note cambios o experimente problemas con algún medicamento. Para obtener más información visite: (en inglés) (en español) CS115665


Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades, Oficina de Salud de la Mujer 404-498-2300 (teléfono) • (correo electrónico) CS 118681 12/08 Like us on



urcity is pleased to announce the appointment of Tania Martinez-Ramos as the editor of our new urcity Latino. Tania brings a unique blend of content expertise and creativity to meet the interests of our Spanish-speaking urcity readers in Baltimore. Tania is well suited to represent her diverse Spanish-speaking community. She was born in Brazil from Spanish parents, is married to a native Mexican, and has lived in Baltimore since 1987. Not only has she lived in Baltimore, but she has also been an active member through her engagements with non-profits, churches, festivals, businesses, political events and city hearings. With such interests and diversity as this she will generate many ideas for the magazine’s issues. EN ESPANOL urcity tiene el placer de anunciar el nombramiento de Tania MartínezRamos como el primer editor de nuestro urcity Latino. Tania ofrece una mezcla única de experiencia en contenido y creatividad para satisfacer los intereses de nuestros lectores hispanohablantes de urcity en Baltimore. Tania es muy adecuado para representar a su diversa comunidad de habla hispana. Nació en Brasil de padres españoles, está casada con un mexicano, y ha vivido en Baltimore desde 1987. No sólo ha vivido en Baltimore, pero también ha sido un miembro activo a través de sin fines de lucro, iglesias, festivales, empresas, eventos políticos y audiencias de la ciudad. Estos intereses y la diversidad, sin duda va a generar muchas ideas para los temas de la revista. urcity

urcity media CEo and founder

tariq hicks

COO and president

Nicole francis

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF urcity latino

Tania Martinez-Ramos

Assistant EDITOR urcity latino/ International Liason

gaberalla Ramos Managing Editor


Jay Sevidal Copy Editor


Ebonee Nelson

National brand ambassador

Shivani Patel


Eddie Carey cover image

Azure Dean Image Art by


Eric Woodson [The Kool Source] Marketing & style intern

Jessica Mason

Marketing Intern


Nika Watkins

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l Vicegobernador Anthony Brown fue el primer demócrata de anunciar su deseo de ser el gobernador de Maryland para el próximo año en 2014. Lo anunció oficialmente el diez de mayo enfrente de una multitud en Prince George’s Community College de largo. Brown ha servido como vicegobernador por siete años. Durante este momento ha trabajado para implementar varias iniciativas como la nueva ley, Public Partnership law, que puede hacer 4,000 trabajos nuevos. Como Coronel en la reserva de los Estados Unidos, es el cargo más alto de la nación quien ha servido en Iraq. Y, se graduó de la Universidad de Harvard y facultad de derecho de Harvard. Además, Brown fue el primero en elegir un compañero de fórmula. Ha elegido el Executivo del Condado de Howard, Ken Ulman. En 2006, Ulman fue la persona más joven en ser elegida para el cargo ejecutivo del condado en Maryland. Bajo su liderazgo, el condado ha tenido la menor tasa de desempleo en el estado y una clasificación de número uno en sus escuelas. El equipo de Brown / Ulman ha recibido ya un endoso del congresista Elijah Cummings. En Dundalk, el Ejecutivo del Condado de Harford, David Craig, hizo su primer acto de campaña después de anunciar que él es un candidato republicano para gobernador. urcity

Brown, ulman

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Nace una nueva televisión en internet para el inmigrante en los Estados Unidos

¡ Baltimore, monte tu bicicleta! Cuando andas en bicicleta y dejas el coche en casa, ayudas al planeta y todos los seres vivos en ella. Montar una bicicleta utiliza absolutamente nada de energía no renovable (sólo la suya!) y no emite ninguna contaminación, por lo que es una de las mejores maneras de no contribuir al impacto ecológico. Andar en bicicleta también significa que hay un auto menos en el camino de participar en los atascos y los accidentes. Solamente en los Estados Unidos, hay more can be found más de 100 millones de vehículos de pasajeros en Government/AgenciesDepartments/ Transportation/Planning/ las carreteras. Muchos de ellos son conducidos por una BikeBaltimore.aspx sola persona para el transporte personal, que es una forma muy ineficiente y caro de viajar. Utiliza una cantidad desmesurada de los suministros mundiales de petróleo. Mientras tanto, un viaje de cuatro millas en coche añade 15 libras de contaminantes del aire que todos respiramos. Por el contrario, un paseo en bicicleta ayude a mantener el aire limpio y tu cuerpo saludable. Además, la bicicleta es un modo de transporte barato para todo el mundo. Ciclistas en los Estados Unidos ahorran a lo mínimo 4,6 mil millones de dólares al año por andar en lugar de conducir, según la revista Forbes. El coste medio anual de funcionamiento de una bicicleta es $308 en comparación con $8,220 para un auto promedio. Esta cifra ni siquiera incluye gas, que está aumentando constantemente en el precio. Andy Clarke, el presidente de the League of American Cyclists, dijo “especially in tough economic times, bicycling can also be an economic catalyst, keeping billions of dollars in the pockets of American families.” El hogar estadounidense promedio gasta más de un 16 por ciento de su presupuesto en el transporte que en los alimentos o la asistencia sanitaria. Las familias de bajos ingresos gastan hasta un 55 por ciento de su presupuesto familiar en el transporte BikeBaltimore es el programa del Departamento de la bicicleta de Transporte. Gestionado por la Sección de Planificación, BikeBaltimore incluye todo lo relacionado con bicicletas, como la incorporación de la bicicleta en muchos proyectos de transporte, la instalación de bastidores de bicicletas y la coordinación de eventos de ciclismo. El Plan Maestro de la Bicicleta fue desarrollado por el Departamento de Planificación en 2006. Desde entonces, Baltimore ha instalado 42 en la calle Carril bici millas y está agregando más cada año. Baltimore también tiene acceso interactivo con el sistema de transporte público (autobuses, tren ligero y metro), uno puede poner su bicicleta en la parte delantera. Debemos apoyar a BikeBaltimore y ayudar a nuestra planeta, comunidad, y salud. Necesitamos cambiar el estilo de viajar y esto puede empezar en nuestras comunidades latinas. urcity

Baltimore Md. La manera en que ven la televisión los más de 30 millones de hispanos que viven en los Estados Unidos ha comenzado a cambiar, los nuevos televidentes exigen mejores contenidos en la pantalla chica, y no es un secreto que la televisión por internet ha comenzado poco a poco a desplazar los tradicionales canales, en rating en horas pico de mayor audiencia televisiva. La nueva ola de medios alternativos que a diferencia de los ya conocidos ofrecen una variedad de programas, noticias, comentarios y mensajes en las redes sociales como Facebook y tweeter y contenido muy especifico en temas como la inmigración ilegal o legal en los Estados Unidos para una audiencia exigente en más temas de actualidad que han dejado de ver televisión tradicional por buscar el mejor contenido en la televisión en internet. Este pasado 10 de abril día de la marcha por la reforma migratoria en frente del capitolio en Washington DC, un grupo de empresario México - americano destacados : Humberto Salinas Cepeda, Nicolás Ramos y José pepe Carmona presentaron al publico el primer sitio de internet www. que ofrece 24 horas de información solo en inmigración una opción muy interesante y diferente y necesaria para la comunidad inmigrante en los Estados Unidos. cuenta con una barra de abogados expertos en inmigración en la mayoría de los 51 estados de la unión americana la sección pregúntele al abogado pretende contestar las preguntas de los cibernautas en casos difíciles como deportaciones, permisos de trabajos, tipos de visas y como lograr venir a los Estados Unidos de manera legal. Dentro del sitio de usted encontrara un mapa de México donde por estado se muestra los albergues o refugios para inmigrantes que están de transito así como líneas de ayuda legal en caso de emergencias. Definitivamente vino a llenar ese vacío mediático que existía en las noticias ya que por primera vez habrá un noticiero de solo temas migratorios que además contara con el apoyo de las organizaciones pro inmigrante en ambos países (México y EE.UU) al fin los televidentes ya no tendrán que esperar hasta casi la media noche al tradicional noticiero que solo a veces pone una o dos noticias de inmigración. urcity

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Búcaro inauguró este jueves en Washington, DC el III Dialogo Regional 2013: “Migración, Desarrollo e Integración”. Fue con la intención de apoyar a los esfuerzos por conseguir la aprobación de la Reforma Migratoria Integral, en donde miles de familias de Centroamérica serán beneficiadas. El foro fue denominado “Reforma Migratoria, un acto de Justicia para la comunidad Latinoamericana Migrante que reside en los Estados Unidos de América”. El Presidente Búcaro junto a Diputados y Diputadas al PARLACEN, se debatieron la propuesta migratoria en busca de los derechos, protección y demandas que sean justas; así como generar conciencia de la situación migratoria que vive la diáspora centroamericana. Como practicante en la oficina del gobierno en las iniciativas de la comunidad, en inglés the Governor’s Office of Community Affairs, uní a los diputados con su visita a Annapolis donde aprendieron sobre el sistema político de los Estados Unidos y el progreso con la Reforma Migratoria con varios de nuestros líderes políticos. De hecho, cuando yo estaba con ellos la mayoría de los líderes eran de Maryland. Por ejemplo, delegada Ana Sol de Montgomery County les explicó los debates de la reforma nacional y local en Maryland. Ella pudo explicar personalmente su experiencia como una delegada apoyando este proyecto de ley en su área con un porcen-

The majority of the Parliament from Central America in the Senate Building

taje de latinos alto. Tiene el porcentaje más grande de latinos en Maryland. Durante el tiempo, fue obvio que el Parlamento Centroamericano reitera su compromiso político a favor de la aprobación de la Reforma Migratoria Integral que haga justicia a su población centroamericana, mexicana y el Caribe migrante que viven en los Estados Unidos de América. Quieren asegurarles seguridad durante este proceso y estar informados de todos los efectos que las personas indocumentadas de sus regiones pueden tener, tanto los que quizás pueden calificar por una residencia permanente como los que no calificarían. Como resultado del III Dialogo Region-

al: “Migración, Desarrollo e Integración”, se firmará la Declaración Final, donde expresara el intercambio de opiniones de los asistentes y el compromiso por una pronta Reforma Migratoria Integral para la comunidad centroamericana, mexicana y el Caribe. Maryland espera que este dialogo sea un paso adelante para derrotar las divisiones del pasado y enfocarse en los compromisos constructivos de los nuevos inmigrantes que ayudan a Maryland cada día. Como un estado somos orgullos de tomar el liderazgo en este movimiento y recibir líderes internacionales durante el proceso para colaborar ideas para el futuro. urcity

With victory comes great responsibility


n Thursday May 2nd, 2013,

maintenance of their vehicles, and make

These are the conversation we have

I witnessed Bill SB715 signed by

sure their vehicles are kept safe for use

with our clients at the Rosario Agency.

on public roads.

I want my clients to make an educated

to consider when purchasing insurance.

decision when insuring their vehicle.

At the Rosario Agency these are the

the Governor Martin O’Malley. The bill extended Maryland driver’s license to

At the Rosario Agency it is our

These are some of the things

undocumented residents in Maryland. It

mission to educate our community and

I want them to be well informed of

conversations we will have with our

made it possible for families to continue

explain the value of a well insured vehicle.

the potential risk a vehicle can be

clients. When you are ready to register

to drive themselves to work and provide

In the State of Maryland it

and understand the transfer of risk

your vehicle come see my team of

is required by MVA for registered

that takes place when purchasing

licensed representatives to help you with all your insurance needs.

for their families.

vehicles to carry insurance with a

insurance. The fine of $150 for the first

great responsibility. Our immigrant

With this great victory comes

minimum of 30/60/15, but what happens

30 days and $7 a day going forward is

community must be responsible for the

when these limits are not enough?

just the tip of the iceberg.

David Rosario State Farm Agent


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na gran alegría del verano es comer afuera con los amigos y la familia. La revista “Baltimore

Magazine” lo está haciendo más fácil salir

a cenar con una lista de restaurantes que ofrecen vistas espectaculares. La edición “Outdoor Dining” muestra 20 restaurantes

de Baltimore para disfrutar de una comida al aire libre. Entre éstos, el restaurante Arcos está mencionado que tiene su patio lleno de hierbas aromáticas, colecciones de figuras talladas a mano de madera, fotos de los ciudadanos más famosos de México, y materiales históricos y reciclados. ¡Felicidades a Arcos! Ahora que el buen tiempo ha llegado, no te pierdas estos ambientes y vistas, que

Top 20 lugares para cenar fuera de “Baltimore magazine” www.ARCOSRESTAURANTE.COM • 129 S. BROADWAY ST. BALTIMORE 21231

complementan la comida, en nuestra propia ciudad de Baltimore. Esperamos que muchos de nuestros restaurantes latinos sean reconocidos en Baltimore por sus mejores características. Nuestras comunidades son ricas en la diversidad latina y gustos.








restaurateur, Nicolas H. Ramos, had big dreams even as a small child

very business around town has its own story, but few could possibly be as interesting as Nicolas Ramos’s. Ramos is the owner of the Mexican restaurant Arcos, on North Broadway in Fell’s Point. Arcos, with its conception in 2004 is certainly not your big-box chain restaurant, as Ramos, a native Mexican, has put his heart and soul into creating an atmosphere that could only be found in Mexico, right in the middle of east Baltimore. “I love the name [of my restaurant], Arcos. Arcos means a bridge, or an arc. I’m from Mexico, so I wanted to build a bridge that brought the music, the culture, the ambience of Mexico to Baltimore. This is my little piece of Mexico right here.” Ramos, who grew up in Northern Mexico, not far from the Texas border, is a true example of the American Dream in action. When he was just sixteen years old he began working on farms in Mexico picking vegetables, but always yearning to head North. “My dream had always been to come [to the United States], but I was so little at the time.” However, within a few years, Ramos, his brother, and five other friends from Mexico purchased a station wagon from a junkyard in San Antonio for $700 with the dream of setting forth to find work in the United States. The certainly did get their money’s worth from that old car. “We drove all the way from San Antonio, Texas to Memphis, Tennessee and to Nashville, lots of places. We were looking for work, for anything that we could do.” Eventually Ramos and his group of friends found steady work in construction, working for a company called Maparkin and Sons based out of Augusta, Georgia. It was in traveling with this company that Ramos first discovered Baltimore. “I fell in love with Baltimore when I saw all its big trees, and the vacant houses. I knew there was a lot of potential for this place.” Ramos, became a United States citizen in the 1980’s and for many years owned his own construction company, buying and renovating the old vacant properties that he saw so much potential in. It wasn’t until 2000 when Ramos purchased the building that would eventually become Arcos. “We made everything, the chairs, the tables, from secondhand material from the construction company. It took me four years. A lot of passion, and a lot of hours.”All of the hard work finally paid off on Cinco de Mayo of 2004, when Arcos officially opened for business. Each year on May 5th, Arcos celebrates it’s Aneversario. The Arcos menu wasn’t difficult for Ramos to design. Most of the items are from recipes his grandmother, mother, sister and wife make, the fajitas being Ramos’s personal favorite. Although Arcos has been open since 2004, that isn’t to say it hasn’t had its hardships. Ramos says that the economic crisis made the years from 2008 to 2010 especially rough for business. “The economic problem hurt the restaurant for sure, but Arcos will survive this. Arcos has a lot of potential. I think that we will come out the other side.” What does Ramos have in mind for the future of Arcos? Expansion. He spoke of possibly opening locations in Washington DC and New York City, but keeping Baltimore as his main focus for now. The next big goal for Arcos is for Cinco de Mayo, 2014. “For ten years, we’re gonna have a really big party.” urcity





robinson cano The Dominican Republic

Sergio Romo Ascendencia Mexicana

Miguel Cabrera Venezuela

david ortiz The Dominican Republic


oy, hay 25 personas en cada listado de jugadores que abren un juego de béisbol en cada estado. De estos jugadores, veintiocho porciento de los jugadores de los rosters de las Grandes Ligas son extranjeros, según la

oficina del comisionado. Es el cuarto porcentaje más grande de la historia después de la temporada pasada, 2007, y 2005. La Republica Dominicana tiene el representante más grande con 89 jugadores . El siguiente país es Venezuela

Manny Machado La república Dominicana descenso

con 63 jugadores en las Grandes Ligas de los Estados Unidos. Canada tiene 17, Cuba tiene 15, México 14, Puerto Rico 13, Japón 11, Columbia y Panamá tienen 4 cada uno, y Australia, Corea del Sur, y Nicaragua tienen 2 cada uno. Entonces, es evidente que los Latinos son la mayoría de los jugadores afuera de los Estados Unidos. Para clarificar, Fox News Latino dice que 24.2 por ciento de los jugadores de las Grandes Ligas de 2013 son extranjeros de Latino América y 27.1por ciento son de origen hispano. Latinos siempre han sido parte de los mejores jugadores en las Grandes Ligas. Por ejemplo, Alex Rodríguez es el pelotero mejor pagado en toda las Grandes Ligas. Para muchos, el primer latino en las Grandes Ligas fue el cubano Esteban Bellán, quién jugó en la liga National Association de 1871 hasta 1873. El segundo latino en las Grande Ligas fue el colombiano Luis Castro, quien jugó en 1902 para los Philadelphia Athletics. Desde entonces el número de latinoamericanos ha continuado creciendo constantemente. Existen varias razones para esto, cabe destacar la admisión de Jackie Robinson en los Dodgers en 1947, siendo el primer afro-americano en jugar en las Grandes Ligas. Esta decisión permitió que los jugadores latinos negros jugaran béisbol en las Grandes Ligas, si bien ha habido latinos en ambas organizaciones desde comienzos del siglo XX. En general, el beisbol es clasificado como un deporte americano. Sin embargo, muchos países latinos ponen un rol grande al beisbol también. Por ejemplo, el béisbol cubano ha estado estrechamente vinculado con las causas de la independencia y la revolución nacional desde los tiempos de José Martí. Castro ha demostrado ser particularmente experto en utilizar el deporte con fines políticos.


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PATIO FIESTA coconut margarita (16 servings)

Pineapple Slasa

Flaked coconut, toasted and ground

1 cup finely chopped fresh pineapple

2 tablespoons finely chopped purple onion

1 tablespoon finely chopped red bell pepper (optional)

2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh cilantro

1 tablespoon honey

Ice cubes or crushed ice

2 teaspoons finely minced jalapeno (optional)


2 tablespoons juice of 1 fresh lime

10-11 lime wedges 3 cups Triple Sec 2-3 cups Tequila 1 1/2 cups freshly squeezed lime juice 1 15 ounce can cream of coconut

1. Rub rims of glasses with lime juice ; dip rims in flaked coconut.

2. In a pitcher combine Triple Sec, Tequila, lime juice and cream of coconut. Stir. Chill until ready to serve.

3. Place ice cubes or crushed ice in coconut-rimmed glasses. Whisk margarita mixture and pour over ice. Garnish with remaining lime wedges on edge of glass.

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Preparation: Combine all ingrediants; cover and refrigerate for an hour or to blend flavors. Serve with grilled or broiled fish, chinken or pork. Makes about 1 1/3 cups.

If it’s

it has to be good. follow us on

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Usted estรก en buenas manos.

¿POR QUÉ ESCRIBIR UN CURRÍCULO VITAE? Su currículo vitae (CV) sirve como un anuncio. Se utiliza para el mismo propósito que los anuncios de televisión y anuncios impresos: para vender un producto. Sólo que en este caso, usted es el producto. Esencialmente su currículo vitae trata de venderse a la empresa. Al dar un empleador su currículo vitae, debe llamar la atención a sus fortalezas y habilidades y ensenar sus reciente experiencias en la posición que está aplicando. No solo el contenido, pero también la forma de organizar su currículo vitae es importante. Por ejemplo, un comercial de televisión es típicamente 30 a 60 segundos de duración, por lo tanto, una empresa tiene que encontrar una manera para persuadir los consumidores a comprar su producto en un lapso de tiempo muy corto. El mismo es cierto para un currículo vitae. Debido a la gran cantidad de los CVs que un empleador pueda recibir, no va a pasar mucho más de 30-60 segundos para revisar su hoja. Por esta razón, es necesario de que sea lo más organizado, conciso y fácil de leer posible. Organización Cree un currículo vitae bien organizada con sangría debajo de encabezados, viñetas de información en listas, letras en negrita o cursiva para resaltar información importante, y la coherencia de la ubicación de la información. El largo de la pagina Su currículo vitae debe ser una página. Asegúrese de que su currículum es a espacio sencillo. Además, en general, los estudiantes universitarios no tienen la experiencia suficiente para justificar dos páginas. Tamaño de fuente y estilo 10 – 12 Times New Roman o Calibri El margen ½” - 1” (debe ser igual por todos los lados) Papel Elije un papel de color blanco crudo, gris o blanco. Imprime el documento en una impresora de laser. Las plantillas Evita el uso de una plantilla. Por lo general no permiten cambiar el formato o los nombres de las secciones y los consejos que dan es a menudo incorrecta. Además, un currículo vitae hecho en una plantilla es fácil de reconocer, e incluso puede parecer lo mismo que los demás. Su currículo vitae debe ser SUYO.

NUNCA SE DEBE INCLUIR Hay algunas cosas que nunca se debe incluir en su currículo vitae, tales como: • Una imagen (a menos que usted está creando el currículum de un actor) • Su número de seguro social • Su fecha de nacimiento • Su estado civil • Su altura y peso (a menos que usted está creando el currículum de un actor) • Las palabras “yo”, “mi”, u otra escritura en primera persona (es decir, “Yo era responsable de ...”) • Oraciones completas o párrafos completos – use viñetas en lugar


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Midstate Community Bank Serving the community since 1884

Founded in 1884 as Govanstown Land, Loan and Building Association of Baltimore County and has continuously operated in Baltimore since its inception. The Institution’s primary mission has always been to serve the savings and loan needs of the Baltimore city and county areas. Being one of the oldest and most firmly established institutions in the area, the bank has built a reputation of conservative soundness that has served it well. Through the years, our Institution has enjoyed a high quality of leadership and personnel and this has helped Midstate maintain a steady growth pattern. Midstate is a mutually held savings bank with one location at this time. 6810 York road • Baltimore, md 21212-1886 / 410.377.4330

UR City  

UR City Latino