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4 summer 2013 •

CONTENTS vol. 3 • summer 2013

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brew your own making brew honey hefeweizen beer


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fashion, art & rock & roll sue mcnally, rupert nesbit, & graehme field


1969 newport jazz festival

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vegetarian recipes – p.15 sports directory –p.37 • summer 2013 5

local color – p.46 canine curb – p.52

6 summer 2013 •

from the editor

Ever since liberal leaning men like Nicholas Easton and William Coddington left Boston (Easton was banned, Coddington asked to leave) and founded Newport, our city has been linked to that august metropolis. Though Providence is our capital, from a national and international perspective, Boston can been seen as our big brother up north. This relationship encompasses shared economic and ideological ties. It also features emotional links that can be expressed in something as trivial as our interests in sports. While those in neighboring Connecticut tend to root for teams from the Big Apple, we lean toward Beantown and the happenings

on the fields, courts, and rinks of Gillette, Fenway, and the Garden. With that in mind, we were deeply affected by the recent terrorist attacks at another great Boston sporting event, the marathon. We watched with horror as the bombs exploded. Then we watched with pride and admiration as Bostonians united to deal with the threat and overcome the tragedy, showcasing the characteristic strength and resilience of a city that played a key role in making us all Americans. We at Newport Naked offer a warm welcome to our friends from the north. May you have a wonderful time in our city this summer. – Christopher Plamondon

Norman Bird Sanctuary Middletown, RI • summer 2013 7


HONEY HEFEWEIZEN BEER written by Jocelyn Hall • photography by Mena Hall

I met Will Wilson, a cartoonist from Jamestown, Rhode Island, about a year ago, while doing a story about his unique pumpkin carvings. When my tape recorder stopped, we got onto the subject of his home brewing hobby, and since then I have wanted to see him in action. With the weather finally warming up, I had a chance to catch Will and his sister Amelia making a Hefeweizen batch with homegrown hops and Jamestown honey. He has been doing this for over seven years, and urges brewing enthusiasts to go for it. “Don’t be intimidated to brew beer,” says Wilson. “This

is an easy recipe anyone can do, and plus when you go to brewing supply stores their eyes light up when you mention you’re a beginner. They want to share the knowledge they’ve acquired over the years and get you just as stoked on brewing as they are.” Below is the recipe and recap of what Will and his sister Amelia made when I visited his home. The brew takes around three hours, costs fifty dollars, and yields five gallons, which is equal to about fifty beers. Everything Wilson needed was purchased at Craft Brew Supplies in Wyoming, Rhode Island.

Ingredients: 1 five-gallon stainless steel pot 1 pound Bavarian malt grain 1 vial of White Labs 300 Hefeweizen Yeast 2 pounds Bavarian Wheat Dry Extract 6 pounds Wheat Liquid Extract 1 ounce Will’s homegrown hops 1 ounce German Tettnang hops 1 ounce Czech Saaz hops 1 pound honey, locally sourced from The Perfect Swarm, in Jamestown 3 gallons distilled water

8 summer 2013 •



1. Sterilize everything. Bacteria can hurt the brewing process and cause an unwanted reaction with the yeast. The prime temperature for sanitizing is 155° Fahrenheit. 2. In a cheesecloth, take your malt grains and steep them in hot water for 30 minutes. This is called the “mash.” The process delivers the malt sugars into the water to create a sugar solution. 3. When your 30 minutes are up, remove the bag of mash and strain the remaining liquid back into the pot. Throw the mash in the compost! 4. Add all your dry malt extract (powdered) to the pot. Go slowly to avoid clumping and watch for boil over. If boil over does occur, briefly remove from heat. 5. Boil 3 gallons of water. Add 2 more gallons later. See step 8.

STEP 6 - 7

6. Add hops at the beginning of the boil, after 30 minutes, and with 5 minutes to go. Each stage produces a different effect. For example, after 55 minutes, adding hops will enhance flavor but not much else. Will added 1 ounce of his homegrown hops and ½ packet each of the other hops at the beginning of the boil, then left the pot uncovered. 7. After 30 minutes, add more hops. With 5 minutes to go, add honey to the rest for flavor. 8. After 60 minutes of boiling, add 2½ gallons of chilled distilled water - close to freezing - to replace the gallon that evaporated. This dilutes the concentrate and reduces the temperature of the solution. 9. Remove from heat. 10. Transfer the beer from the pot to a sanitized glass fermentation jug using a funnel. Position the batch higher than the jug to help with the transfer. See pic on next page. • summer 2013 9

Step 7

Step 10

11. Add the last bit of cold water. 12. Add the Hefeweizen yeast. 13. Cap off the jug, shake, and store at 65° F, which is easily achieved in a basement. 14. Transferring to bottles will lengthen the fermentation process. If you transfer to a keg, you could be drinking your beer in as little as ten days.

Enjoy! Jocelyn Hall

Will and Amelia adding homegrown hops to the mix. 10 summer 2013 •



200 BROADWAY • NEWPORT, RI 02840 • 401.848.9081 • summer 2013 11


5:00 PM - 12:00 AM

vegetarian recipes

Summer Farro Salad – FISH

After 374 years in business, Newport is still in the ‘now’ with with its world class cuisine that includes options for our gentle-hearted vegetarians. – Jocelyn Hall 12 shaves of Parmigiano

Fish 14 Narragansett Ave, Jamestown, RI (401) 423-3474 You may think this is an oxymoron in regards to this story, but don’t let the name fool you. Fish, in Jamestown, RI, caters more to vegetarians than most restaurants in South County. As a member of Farm Fresh Rhode Island - which is essentially an inventory database and delivery service for local produce and meats - Chef Matt MacCartney uses the freshest ingredients while creating endless options for no-meat diets. In addition, all vegetables are prepared without meat stocks or diary to ensure their integrity. With summer just around the corner, Fish’s outdoor pizza bar can cover carnivore to vegan requirements. Open Wednesday through Sunday 5 - 10, and all seven days during the summer. Summer farro salad (4 servings) 1 cup farro (Anson mills brand used) 1 bunch asparagus 1 ½ whole fava beans 1 red pepper 8 cherry tomatoes ¼ cup chopped Basil ¼ cup chopped Parsley Oregano ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil Hot pepper 1½ tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon banyuls vinegar

1. Cook the farro for 30 minutes in 3 cups of water. When the farro is tender, stir in ½ teaspoon of kosher salt. Let rest. 2. Remove one inch from the ends of the asparagus, as this tends to be tough. Cut the asparagus tips into 2-inch segments, and the rest of the stalk into ¼-inch pieces. Blanch in salted boiling water, then shock in ice water to stop the cooking and retain the color. 3. Remove the fava beans from the pod, then blanch and shock as above. When cooled, peel and discard the skin of the individual beans. 4. Roast the red pepper under the broiler or on an open flame. When cool, peel the pepper, discard the skin and seeds, and dice into ½-inch squares. 5. Quarter the cherry tomatoes. 6. Put the farro into a bowl, draining any remaining water. Add the asparagus pieces, fava beans, pepper, hot pepper, chopped basil, parsley, vinegars, and oil. Season to taste. 7. Add the tomatoes and asparagus tips to a bowl and season with salt, pepper, vinegar, and oil. 8. Divide the farro salad among four plates. Center the salad on each plate using a ring mold or by making a small pile. Arrange the tomatoes and asparagus tips around the outside. Shave the • summer 2013 15

Sea Shai 747 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown, RI (401) 619-0968 • Japanese and Korean, two East Asian cuisine styles Americans have pulled into their daily diets, offer an abundance to choose from whether you are a vegetarian or not. Because Sea Shai specializes in these foods, and is able to adapt virtually every dish without batting an eye, herbivores have options throughout the menu and are not stuck with the dreaded “vegetarian page”. With a sushi bar, tempura, Japanese and Korean noodle dishes, grilled Korean barbecue, and lunch specials to boot, Sea Shai is a simple choice when you want to get your semi-exotic veg on.

Tofu Salad – NEW SEA SHAI

Tofu Salad ¼ - ½ head of lettuce 1 package (8 ounces) of tofu, cut into 6 or 7 blocks ½ cup water 2 tablespoons green onions 1 tablespoon hot peppers 1 tablespoon soy sauce sesame oil sugar to taste

Shape Up 6 Broadway, Newport, RI (401) 846-3432 • Need a place for your vegan protein shake after the gym, or a place to go before you start that healthy routine? Shape Up’s owner Jamie Aguiar started this spot to help people of all dietary backgrounds and lifestyles get healthy. For seven dollars you can get a complete meal replacement with all the vitamins and minerals but without the fat (all shakes average around 230 calories). Shape Up features over twenty flavor varieties, like PB&J, wedding cake, strawberry cheesecake, cookies n’ cream, and fresh local fruit. Every season Aguiar stocks up and freezes a ton of fruit to keep her stock at its max. The Nutrition Club comes with club memberships, and offers events to help people lose weight and get healthy.

Corner Cafe 110 Broadway, Newport, RI (401) 846-0606 • Even angelic vegetarians get hangovers. So choose Corner Cafe for your weekly walk of shame. Owners Jamey Simoes and Mary Odonahoe are guaranteed to remedy your condition with a wide variety of vegetarian omelets, sandwiches, and more. Corner Cafe can revitalize your morning, sustain your day, or kick off the night, depending on what time you visit. Monday and Tuesday 7 am - 2 pm. Wednesday through Saturday 7 am - 9 pm. Sunday 7 am - 4 pm. • summer 2013 17

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sports directory Hiking Arcadia Management Area 13,817 acres, largest of the state’s management areas. Hunting, camping, mountain biking, fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, hiking & horseback riding. 5 am - sunset year-round 260 Arcadia Rd., Hope Valley, RI 02823 Forest Environment Headquarters 401.539.2356 Division of Fish & Wildlife Headquarters 401.789.3094

Cliff Walk 3.5 mile picturesque walk along coastal RI looking over the Atlantic Ocean, and beautiful mansions. Starts at beginning of Memorial Boulevard, next to The Chanler. Parking: First Beach or Memorial Blvd. No Bikes, Dogs on leash only. GPS: 117 Memorial Boulevard Newport, RI 02840

Norman Bird Sanctuary


Green Valley Country Club 15 minutes from downtown Newport. Par 71, 18 holes. Public Course. 371 Union St., Portsmouth, RI 02871 401.849.2162

Helicopter Tours Bird’s Eye View Helicopters Experience the thrill of flight over Newport, RI. 211 Airport Access Rd., Middletown, RI 02842 401.843.8687

Horseback Riding Newport Equestrian Academy Beautiful beach trail rides, boarding, private & group lessons. 287 Third Beach Rd., Middletown, RI 02842 401.848.5440

325-acre wildlife refuge with over 7 miles of hiking trails, and a variety of programs for all age groups. 583 Third Beach Rd., Middletown, RI 02842 • 401.846.2577

Indoor Climbing

Sachuest Point

Laser Tag & Paint Ball

242-acres of various habitats. Grasslands, beaches, dunes, freshwater and salt water marshes. Sachuest Point Dr., Middletown, RI 02842 401.364.9124

Golf Newport National Golf Club Course spans almost 200 acres of former shrub and tree nurseries with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Sakonnet Passage. Par 72 championship golf course. Public Course. 324 Mitchell’s Lane, Middletown, RI 02842

Rock Spot Climbing 100 Higginson Ave., Lincoln, RI 02865 401.727.1704

Mini Golf Gate Golf - Backlight Course Indoor adventure through space & time 35 minutes from downtown Newport. 288 Plymouth Ave., Fall River, MA 02721 508.730.1230 •

Adventureland Batting cages, go-karts, bumper boats, 18 hole nautical themed mini-golf course. 112 Point Judith Rd., Narragansett, RI 02882 • 401.789.0030

Self Defense Newport Martial Arts Teens & Adults, karate-kung fu, tai chi, brazilian jui jitsu, american open sword. 800 Aquidneck Ave., Middletown, RI 02842 401.849.3900

Villari’s Martial Arts Center Mind, Body, Spirit, Self-Defense and fitness for men, women and chidren. 823 West Main Rd., Middletown, RI 02842 401.847.0184

Skydiving Skydive Newport

35 minutes from downtown Newport. 288 Plymouth Ave., Fall River, MA 02721 508.730.1230

Now you can experience the sport of skydiving with confidence. Tandem jumping with a professional. Newport State Airport Forest Ave., Middletown, RI 02842 401.845.0393

Providence Indoor Paintball


Lazer Gate

Play weeknights or weekends in the safety and comfort of the indoors. Outdoor fields also. 199 Thurston St., Providence, RI 02907 508.730.1230

38 summer 2013 •

International Tennis Hall of Fame 194 Bellevue Ave., Newport, RI 02840 401.849.3990 • 800.457.1144 • summer 2013 39 • summer 2013 41

Local Student Puts on a Show for Senior Project by Kaitlyn Danielle Boisvert


photos courtesy of Taylor Elizabeth Henry

aylor Elizabeth Henry will be putting her best foot forward when the time comes to graduate from Rogers High School. And that foot will be sheathed in an impeccably fashionable shoe that will accompany her as she walks toward success in whichever field she pursues. As a senior hoping to become a personal stylist for celebrities, Henry has the background, expertise, and passion to attain this goal. With experience in modeling and fashion, her resume and talents shine with potential, demonstrating her devotion to, and innovation in, the field she loves. Yet what truly sets her apart from other aspiring fashionistas is the senior exhibition project she completed, an attempt to embrace her love for fashion while supporting a greater cause. As a general requirement for graduation, students must complete the senior exhibition, an assignment that encourages them to tap into a particular field of interest and complete a project within that discipline. The assignment demonstrates the student’s commitment to work, and their ability to manage their time and conduct themselves professionally in front of their colleagues. With the responsibilities and future plans/concerns that accompany senior year, this project can seem like a daunting task. Though Taylor Elizabeth initially felt nervous, these doubts eventually subsided as she overcame her insecurities and threw herself into a task that would provide valuable experience for her future career. She decided to organize her own fashion show and raise money to help fulfill the wish of a young girl with MS, the wish to visit Disney World. Such a project shows Henry’s passion for fashion, her sense of empathy, and her mission to make the world a better place - even if it takes one article of clothing at a time. The following is an interview conducted with Taylor while she was on break from her studies. For the purpose of this article, it is edited and condensed to fit the format of a Q&A. Q: What inspired your senior project?

A: Since I wish to one day be a personal stylist to celebrities, I knew I definitely wanted to do something with fashion for my senior project. My older cousin’s project involved creating dresses made entirely out of duct tape, and I knew I wanted to do something similar. I wanted to create something visual that people could look at. But I did not get the idea for the fashion show until I heard about the little girl’s wish made to “A Wish Come True”. Q: What is “A Wish Come True”, and what makes it unique from similar foundations? A: “A Wish Come True” is an organization that grants wishes to children who have life-threatening diseases. It is based in Rhode Island, and those who hope to be chosen for eligibility must participate in an interview process. The organization speaks to both the child and the family, listening to their story and the child’s wish. When they select a family, they aspire to grant the child’s wish, and encourage the public to assist them in helping make it come true. Q: How did you learn about and become involved with “A Wish Come True”? A: I had grown up with the girl’s family and was friends with her sister, and both of our families became really close. One day, my Granny happened to go to Stop & Shop and speak with the florist, who happened to have connections with the person who started “A Wish Come True”. My Granny instantly thought of the little girl, and told her mother about the organization. After completing the necessary interviewing process, they got in contact with the family and listened to the girl’s wish of traveling to Disney World. After hearing that “A Wish Come True” accepted her wish, my family and I were determined to get involved. My Granny suggested that I do something with my senior project that would help. So after some thinking, I decided to organize a fashion show to help raise money to send her on her dream trip to Disney.

42 summer 2013 •


401.846.7788 • summer 2013 43

outfits were arranged, I went around and checked off the outfits to see if they were good for the show - all of them made the grade! Each model also had their own assistant, who helped pick out their jewelry pieces. I am tremendously grateful for the companies that helped make the show a success. The Burlington Coat Factory in Fall River donated lots of clothing, while Jason & Company lent out hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry. Both of the generous contributions truly helped make the runway show be the best it could possibly be. Q: Was the fashion show successful in raising enough money to fund the girl’s dream?

Q: What was it like planning and organizing the Fashion Show? Was it a challenge? A: I am tremendously grateful towards my Granny, for she really helped me out in the organization process. She really helped in spreading the word, because she knows a lot of people in the local community. My family also had connections to The Atlantic Beach Club, so they arranged for me to host the fashion show as an event on the top floor. I was a little nervous, but I knew what I was getting myself into. I model on the side for a local agency called The Beauty Within, and I have walked in runway shows before. Fashion and modeling come hand-in-hand, so I knew what runway shows entailed. I also created a Facebook page, in order to help further spread the word, and it was very helpful.

A: Yes, it was. I was so happy when we reached the desired amount, and both the girl and her family were tremendously grateful. They unfortunately have not been able to go to Disney World yet, but they are hoping to go later in the year. I am just so happy that I was able to help them in granting this wish. I know that it truly means the world to them, and the girl really does deserve the chance to go to Disney World. Now, she has it. Q: Do you think that the senior project offered a good glimpse into what it will be like to pursue a career in fashion? A: Oh yes, definitely. It helped me gain further experience in the professional side of fashion, and I know that it will help raise my confidence in organizing events and presenting in front of people. Q: What is your plan after you graduate from high school?

Q: How did the event turn out? Was it different being involved behind the scenes, rather than being a model on the runway? A: It was a big success. There were so many people, many of whom I had never seen before. They were all so enthusiastic and encouraging, especially the people involved. We had students from Rogers volunteering as models, and dancers from Jason & Company put on a show right before the runway began. Although I was working hard behind the scenes, I did take a moment to look, and it looked really good from where I was standing! The reception we received from the audience was very positive, so I think it was a success. While it is fun participating in a runway show as a model, working behind-the-scenes opened up a whole sort of new experience for me. It definitely enabled me to work hard and create something I could be very proud of.

A: I would like to go to the University of Rhode Island to pursue studies in fashion, particularly in print work. Like I mentioned earlier, I hope to become a personal stylist - dressing celebrities for all of their important events. I would ideally like to settle in either New York or Miami, since they are pretty much the go-to places when it comes to fashion, but for now I would like to stay in Rhode Island. I don’t feel ready to go far away just yet. One day I will, just not yet. For now, I will stay close to the friends and family that I love.

Q: What types of clothes were featured in the show? A: We followed a sort of casual fall theme, with scarves, jeans, shorts, and jackets. We managed to be formal, but mixed in a bit of edginess - with red lipstick and leather. We also gave the models the liberty to wear what they wanted, as every model was given one hour to find and assemble three outfits they would wear. Once the time was up and the 44 summer 2013 • • summer 2013 45

A plum tree in blossom. • summer 2013 57 • summer 2013 61

64 summer 2013 •

graehme field


ith the coming of spring, the latest fashions appear on runways, in magazines, and also throughout the town of Newport, thanks to Graehme Field’s talents in couture. You might know Graehme as the cool young host of the dinner crowd at Salvation Café, but there are also those “in the know” who don his custom made fashions. The freelance designer lives in Newport and does all his own sewing and handwork. Graehme foregoes an atelier and attends his clients in the privacy of their homes, producing unique designs finely sewn for even the most discriminating eye. Originally from Tiverton, he studied at The Art Institute of New York City, on a full scholarship, before getting his masters in fashion design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. “I learned more in the one year Masters Program I

did in Milan than the three year program I did in New York,” he professes. Graehme’s training led to the meticulousness found in the finer details of his work. “Fabric manipulation and handwork, beading, feather application, fringe, it gives the piece a precious feeling,” the designer says. While in school in New York, Graehme garnered a following of clients for whom he does custom pieces, most of which consist of eveningwear, intricately beaded dresses, draped gowns, jackets, and embellished separates, like corsets and pencil skirts. Prices range from $300 to $2,800, depending on the intricacy of the piece. Mr. Field’s noted custom designs include a cocktail dress embellished with handmade flowers containing over

66 summer 2013 •

arts & entertainment

5,000 petals, a beaded black dress dripping in sequins and glass beading on the bodice, and a skirt made of alternating layers of ostrich feathers and sequin fringe. He says one of his favorite pieces is from 2008, a wool felt coat in winter white with layers of ruffles, topped with an oversized collar and decorated with hand cut flowers and metallic grey pearls. Graehme draws inspiration from nature and the wilderness. In the last few years he has gravitated toward flowers, discovering different ways to layer them in the application process. He plays with spacing them apart or arranging patterns, sometimes placing them together to create volume. “I always felt that weight adds an allure of quality with a garment,” he says, adding, “either being really heavy from

the precious beading, or extremely light weight and delicate, made from the finest organza, something so light and precious it seems if your not careful it may fall apart.” Since graduating from the intense Italian program in 2011, Graehme has returned to Newport to relax. He hopes to further explore his career by finding a corporate design position in one of his favorite fashion houses, like Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, or Alexander McQueen, just to name a few. In the meantime, you can inquire with Graehme about your own custom piece at: • summer 2013 67

– Kristen Coates • summer 2013 71

72 summer 2013 •









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5,000 10,000 1,000 POSTCARDS FULL COLOR


San Antonio 210-804-0390 Austin 512-480-0860


$149 $349 $995


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