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biography Shulisa Collins..... 8-9

graphic design

DVD Cover Design..... 12-11 CD Cover Design ...14-21 Beyonce

Whitney Houston Louis Armstrong

Brochures and Menus...23-31 LACMA

EGYPT (Two Solutions) Menu

Poster Advertisement Travel Town Museum Tribal Gear..... 32-37

Product and Web Advertisement CamelPak Hydration Pack

WestWay Magazine Article

Nike Web Page layout..... 38-49

LATTC Announcements & Banners...50-53 Holiday Cards and

Event Invitations..... 54-57

Table of


typography Logo Design

Stationary..... 60-65

LATTC Girls Basketball Logos ... 66-69 LATTC Breast Cancer Design .....70-71 Bacardi Logo Designs ... 72-75

University Transfer Center Logo Design ... 76-79

LATTC: Associated Student Organization ... 80-83

illustration Digital Illustrations..... 84-91

Hand/Live Trace Illustrations..... 92-104

photo manipulation/ retouching


Woman & Man...105 Baby Photo... 106

Alluring Educated Gentlemen... 107


Biography of

Shulisa Collins

My graphic design journey began when I was twelve years old as I became enthralled with drawing. Drawing remains one of my greatest strengths today. I studied Fashion Design at the American Inter Continental University in Marina Del Rey, but graphics remain my passion.

It is my nature to be creative and I employ my imagination in everything I do. I have always received encouragement and support from my family. My stepfather in particular was and is a large influence in my life and in my art.

I enrolled in the Visual Communication program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College in 2010. My plan is to complete an Associate of Arts Degree at the college before transferring to Cal State Long Beach University to continue my art education. A BFA is my ultimate goal.

As a little girl I grew up with allot of artistic people in my family. My passion for drawing and graphics has grown stronger over time. I am fluent in digital technology and love equally the challenge of using traditional hand skills to create my art. I have courage, self motivation, confidence, and a strong desire to succeed in my chosen career. I cannot wait to see what’s next on this creative journey and I plan to completely immerse myself.

Project Description This project was to redesign the movie cover for “Man On Fire�. Directions are to take my on snap shots from the movie and included every text on the official DVD Cover.

CD Covers Project Description Instructions was to take a well know artist and redesign a CD cover (front and back), including all songs, logos, and type from the orignial album.The image was to be converted into a painting using photoshop tools.

CD Cover:Beyonce

CD Cover:Beyonce

CD Cover:Whitney Houston

CD Cover:Louis Armstrong

Los Angeles County Museum of Art : LACMA Project Description Instructions were to design a No. 10 inch Brochure. The map had to be a separately designed.


Map Enlarged

The map showing the various locations and hotspots.


Annenberg Media: Egypt Project Description This is a redesign of an Annenberg Media Brochure titled Eg ypt. The instructions were to retype the given text and locate images to create the brochure. (Right/ top to bottom) is the back and front cover ; inside is this bottom that explains about the brochure venue.

Brochures: Annenberg Media: Egypt

Menu: Sushi Bei Restaurant Project Description This is a redesign of a sushi menu from a restaurant titled Sushi Bei. It is a three fold menu, with all exisiting information from the previous menu, instructions were to add real images from the restaurant.

Advertismet:Travel Town Poster

Project Description The instructions were to take the above image logo and redesign it as well as set a two color process to attract the eye. Then design 25 thumbnails and pick the best one that solve s the solution best. The poster is to include self taken images, including text and the redesign logo. Along with the finish poster (right side) and four other finish poster’s chosen from the 25.

Advertisement:Tribal Gear

Project Description: To choose a website and create a descriptive flayer that explains the site and what the site represents. This was for Tribal Gear, using existing text from the website and imagery.



Advertisement:CamelBak Hydration Pack Project Description This was designed as a magazine advertisement for a product titled CamelBak Hydration Pack. So as a person is active in a sport or physical activity they can stay hydrated. Way better then carrying a water bottle or searching for a water fountain.

Project Description This is a second solution for a magazine ad for product Camel-Bak Hydration Pack.

Advertisement:West Ways Magazine Article Project Description West Ways Magazine Article: La Cruces Legacy Instruction was to take exisiting written text and imagery and create a four-page spread article. Using a design that fits the article’s story.

Advertisement:West Ways Magazine Article

Advertisement:Nike Web Page

Project Description This is a redesign of a Nike shoe and web page. Directions were to recreate a Nike shoe one in color and one in black & white. Then set up a web page that included the given text.

Advertisement:Nike Web Page

Description: This is a second solution to a Nike web page.

Project Description These are promotional pole banners created to announce a new email system for the LACCD Student’s.

Final Selection

Annoucements & Advertising Banners

Project Description The LATTC Banner was created to prompt the LATTC App on facebook. The app is where all Trade Tech student’s can come and ask questions, form study groups, sell books, and just meet other student’s on campus that are just like them. Upon advertising the facebook app, a flyer was also displayed and created to advertise the giveaway of the new Nexus 7 Tablet.

The flyer is all original photos and packaging photography token by me.

Event Mailers and Holiday Cards Description: These are event and holiday cards and mailers. (Above) Are two birthday cards mailers, the front is decorated and the back is just all white with receiving and mailing address. (Right) To the right are three are Mother’s Day cards.

Event Mailers and Holiday Cards

Mothers Day Card and Mailers

Back of Card

Mothers Day Card and Mailers Back of Card

Logo Design: Self Logo

Stationary, Business Card and Envelope Design

Stationary size 8.5 x 11 inches

#10 Envelope Measured at 9.5� x 4.125�

Business Card 3.5 x 2 inches

Stationary, Business Card and Envelope Design

Stationary size 8.5 x 11 inches

Business Card 3.5 x 2 inches


#10 Envelope Measured at 9.5� x 4.125�

Logo Design: LATTC Girls Basketball Logos

Project Description These are processing designs to find the right logo.

Logo Design: LATTC Girls Basketball CompletedLogos

Project Description This is a freelance assignment; ask by the coach of the Lady Basketball Team to create a new design for the jerseys and t-shirts. Also included is a logo that represents women breast cancer.

Bacardi Logo Design

Final Design

Project Description The Bacardi Logo was illustrasted as a class assignment. It was refernce from the new modern touches from the film Batmen and the old Bacardi logo of a fruit bat.

Letterhead, Stationary, Business Card, and Envelopes

Business Card 2.5 x 3 in


Solupta velenti

Letterhaed 8.5 x 11 in Solupta velenti

123-456- 7890

No. 10 Business Envelope 4 1/8 x 9.5 in

University Transfer Center

Final Selection

Project Description Digital thumbnails created to illustrate different solutions that the Transfer Center wanted for stationaries and t-shirt logo design. Starting out with many solutions of different ideas and trying to create a great design that can with stand time.

LATTC: Assicated Student Organization

Project Description The creast was created for the Associated Student Organization. A great logo that can with stand time and look great on polo shirts, blazers, and sweaters. It creats a great organization look with in the ASO when the students are out on group events and group activities. A great logo design that can with stand time.

Final Selection

After creating the ASO creats, I decided to creat a LATTC creats that can be used for advertising on school products.

Digital Illustrations

Project Description This was done from a various of selected images of different music artist and a few actors. Just using negative space and different tones of black I created a poster of all the imags together.

Description: Instructions was to take a selected image of choice and create the person into an indication. Marilyn Monroe and Malcolm X.

Project Description (Above) This was the very first indication done of Keri Hilson. After that I begun to experiment with other celebrities. (Right) This is also an indication using the gradient tool in Illustrator program to capture the tone and high lights within the image of Rihanna.

Traditional Illustrations

Project Description Done with felt markets, used light, medium, and dark scale to capture the features in Rihannas face and the essences of the pose.

Project Description

This illustration is a drawing from a reference picture of Nefertiti. Just taken the image of her statue head and created the body image show to the right.

Project Description (Left to Right) This eye was done from charcoal and prism color lead pencils. Used 4B, 6B, and 2H. Top right: is a large leopard and bottom left is a cub leopard.

Project Description The above illustration is an image of a well-rounded female enjoying a smoke. As you can see she is from the late 50’s, a sailors girl with wits and confidence. To the right, this is an Illustration is of a woman torso torn and shredded into fabric.

Project Description: Instructions were to take the image of Steven Spielberg and create a pen and pencil detailed illustration.

Project Description: Instructions were to take the image of Alfred Hitchcock and create a pen and pencil detailed illustration but include one dark color pencil and or marker.

Project Description: Instructions were to render a tracing that contain important information from the given image then complete two illustrations. Theillustrations are to be completed with a razor point pen and the other in color pencil.

Project Description: Instruction was to render the image of Billie Holiday and use the negative space around and through her and create a shape around her to form the background that surrounds her. Completed with razor point pen and one color pencil for each drawing.

Project Description: Takeing the above image of Rihanna and create a stipple illustration.

Project Description: Instructions were to render the given image of Mark Twain for a final project. Using color makers or felt makers to create a color for the skin tone. As well as using the negative space to create a background.

Project Description: The next three photos have extensive water damage and decay from time. Through skillful techniques I was able to restore them to there original sturcture.

Woman & Man

Photo Before

Photo After

Baby Photo

Photo Before

Photo After

Alluring Educated Gentlemen

Photo After

Photo Before

Special thanks to my peers from school, my instructors and mentors George Evans, Roger Hubbard and Bill Robles, as well as other along my creative journey. Thanks for viewing with me, hope you enjoyed my creative thinking and solution solving. More creative books coming your way soon, plus my website. Keep an eye out.; much love.

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