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Teacher evaluations change environment in classrooms Master teachers begin observing classrooms in order to prepare for evaluations by Caitlyn Jones Reporter Instruction, environment, planning and professionalism. These are all criteria which the teachers at Southport High school will be evaluated on this year due to the new state law that was passed. These evaluations determine the effectiveness of each teacher, and are being used this year as a benchmark for both Southport and its staff. These evaluations are in response to a new state law (SEA 1). in effect for the 2012-2013 school year. According to the Indiana Department of Education website, the new evaluation law lets Indiana educators acquire annual evaluations and objectives. These evaluations are based upon several measures which allow teachers to clarify their teaching skills. This also provides the flexibility to pay teachers based on merit in the classroom. Districts across the state of Indiana were able to choose from one of two models, RISE and TAP. Southport chose the TAP model because it deals more with supporting teachers. While RISE, on the other hand, does not support the teachers, according to master teacher, Mrs. Courtney Worley. The TAP system has teachers being evaluated four times a year. Two evaluations are announced and the other two are unannounced. These evaluations are extra concerns that the teachers must take into account when creating lessons and teaching class this year. “It does add stress on teachers, but it is positive stress,” geography teacher Miss Kaley May said. These evaluations will be done by newly appointed master teachers. Former social studies teacher, Mr. Brian Witt and former business teacher, Worley both taught at Southport and are two of four new master teachers. The other two brand new master teachers that are new to the building are, Mrs. Theresa Moody and Mr. Jon Eckerle. Witt, Worley, Moody and Eckerle had to apply for the position and go through an interview process in order to get the job. Principal Ms. Barbara Brouwer looked for people who had different strengths and areas of expertise. According to Brouwer, Southport is fortunate enough to use the TAP model because teachers are evaluated by master teachers , not just administrators. TAP uses master teachers to inform teachers of a rubric that includes new learning and teaching methods. Each week teachers are taught a new objective from their rubrics. Teachers are evaluated by a certain criteria

Master teacher Mr. Brian Witt observes Mr. Steve Ingmire’s class. The master teachers do not start formally evaluating classrooms until after Thanksgiving. Photo by Jesse Roller which includes instruction (motivating students and teacher knowledge of students), environment (managing student behavior), planning (instructional plans) and professionalism (school responsibilities and community involvement.) These objectives are taught during professional development meetings, in hopes of success during evaluations. “Our goal is that every single teacher receives a positive evaluation,” Brouwer said. After being evaluated, teachers will receive a score between one and five. Brouwer described a five as an “A-plus-plus” and a three as “really, really, good.” As of right now, there are no formal consequences for teachers experiencing difficulties with the rubrics. Evaluations do not begin until after Thanksgiving. By the end of the school year, teachers are considered effective if their lessons average a 2.26 or higher.

Last year, schools across the state received an overall grade. Thirty percent of that grade comes from the passing rate of the English 10 End-ofCourse Assessment. Thirty percent comes from the pass rate of the Algebra ECA. Graduation rate makes up another 30 percent, and 10 percent comes from college and career readiness, which consists of the number of AP classes and the number of Core 40 Academic Honors Diplomas. Math teacher Mrs. Catherine Cullison does not necessarily agree with what the state is doing with the school’s bonuses. “I am a big believer that there is too much emphasis on a test score,” Cullison said. Last year, Southport was considered a C school. Brouwer says she has total faith that Southport can accomplish far more than just a C. “We have challenges, but we’re up for it,” Brouwer said.

Administrators put renovations on hold due to the cost for lights and sound

up with a really nice Chevy,” Gettinger said. According to information from a school board meeting on Aug. 13, there were three official bids for theater renovation for both Southport and Perry Meridian. Those bids were from ESCO Communications (bidding at $428,500), Huston Electric (bidding at $882,037) and LeFever Electric (bidding at $1,582,100). All three bids were turned down by the school board because they claimed to be too expensive. According to Associate Superintendent for Operations Dr. Frank Giles, the budget for the renovations of both the Southport auditorium and the Perry Meridian auditorium is approximately $500,000. That money is coming out of the Capital Project Fund which is the fund used for maintenance and repairs. Although the ESCO Communications’ bid met the budget’s price, according to Giles, it was only a partial bid, meaning that their bid did not account for the entire project. Indy Stage and Light is acting as the middle man through the theater renovation process. A representative from the company went through the auditorium with auditorium director Ms. Barb Whitlock and told him exactly what equipment she needed and what renovations needed to be done. They then consulted with potential bidding companies.

{theCRITERIA} The master teachers are grading off of four main categories given on the TAP rubric: • Instruction • Planning • Environment • Professionalism

Construction on auditorium postponed by Rachael Samm News Editor


During the “Beauty and the Beast” musical in the fall of 2007, the stage lights completely went out. The show went on using spotlights and work lights. It is not uncommon for stage lights in the auditorium to flicker or even go out during performances. Most of the problem is due to the wiring from 1964 which controls the stage lights. Although the auditorium was expected to receive renovations to solve such problems soon, it still awaits those improvements. The renovations to the auditorium were postponed because of the cost for new sound and light equipment. According to Interim Director of Facilities and Maintenance Mr. David Gettinger, after the renovation plans were made, the equipment turned out to be more expensive than what the township wanted. Due to the expenses, Southport may not be able to have the equipment they originally hoped for. “You want a Cadillac, but you may have to end

Whitlock says that the prices that the companies were offering were normal for the equipment Southport needed. Whitlock says the electricity and wiring are the main problems because they are so outdated. Although the equipment is old, Giles says the fire marshals, who go through the entire school every year, cleared the auditorium as being safe. Whitlock’s biggest concern was the effect the old equipment has on current students. The equipment is old, including the boards which control all of the lights and sounds. “Everything has been digital for years and we’re still what is called ‘analog,’ and when our students go to work digital out in college or in the work force, they don’t know what to do,” Whitlock said. “It looks like we have improper training, but it’s really that we don’t have that equipment.” According to Randy Riggs from Indy Stage and Light, the township is now in the process of “value engineering,” in order to lower the price to fit the budget. Value engineering consists of cutting more expensive equipment and replacing them with more cost effective parts if needed. Giles said there was a meeting scheduled with the architects on Wednesday, Sept. 12 to discuss “what we’re going to do to put it back out on the street and see if we can get this done in a timely fashion.”


Foreign Language

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Sarah Liantu nih Mr. Mark Duncan saya pa sinah chemistry caa a hal lio. Photo by Jesse Roller.

AP Khanpawl caah Thawngpang Thar AP score pathum cung a ngah kho mi pawl caah NMSI nih laksawng an tuah

Van Dawt Zi Thong thanh tu Tu kum cu kan siang inn nih NMSI (National Math, Science le initiative) ti mi laksawng (award) a ngah mi pawl tampi lak ah a tel ve. Hi nih hin saya/sayamah pawl khan chung I an hreh mi siseh, an mah nih sianginn hngakchia caah a hreh hrim ko an ti mi pawl ah a bomh hna lai. U.S ram chung minung vialte hi ramdang pawl he zei tluk in dah math le science ah hin kan Idan ti theihnak le zohnak caah NMSI hi a zoh tu an si. Julie Fierce nih a chim mi cu “High school sianginn ngakchia pakhat cio hmai fawng deuh, fimnak lei ah an I pek chanh kawh deuhnak ding ah bawmtu an si,” ati. Indiana hi cu nikum te lawng in hin mah NMSI hi state pawl lak ah pakhat si ve ding in ngah hram aa thawk. “Tu kum hi kan sianginn nih million a cheu a ngah lai,” tiah Fierce nih a ti fawn.

Mah phaisa vialte hi midang sianginn hngakchia caah si lo in AP sianginn hngakchia (English, Math le Science) pawl ca lawng ah asi lai. Chim duhnak cu AP khan pawl ah thlennak tlawmpal le ca chimh dan pawl hi ruang ah hin thlennak a um pah lai. Mr. Duncan nih “ca a har deuh mi pawl hi kum thawk ah cawn hmasa an si cang. Cun video pawl tam deuh te in sianghngakchia pawl nih an zoh I cawnnak ah an hman khawhnak hnga website in thlah an si. A hlei in test a hlun pawl cu hman an si ti lo I, test thar mi kan hman cang lai” tiah ati. “AP score ah pathum cung a ngah kho mi sianghngakchia poh nih phaisa zakhat lak sawng pek an ngah lai,” tiah Fierce nih a chim. Mrs. Boone nih “sianginn hngakchia nih AP score ah pathum cung an ngah asi ah cun, cu cu kan sianginn min thatnak asi,” ati. AP caminpui ah pathumnak tam ngah a that lawng si loin college credit zong man pek lo tein ngah chih khawh asi fawn. A duhnak cu, college ah cawn an hau than ti lai lo. Caminpuai tu hi cu kharpi lai te ah tuah asi te lai. Sung Hnem Tial nih, “Yah! College kan kainak ding ca zong hin phaisa zakhat cu cauk pawl cawknak zong ah bawmtu tha hnem ngai asi lai,” tiah a ti. or Representing Indianpolis area for 30 years

Tutoring by Lorraine Tutoring in math and language arts -General math through Algebra 2 -Term paper coaching for language arts -SAT Prep

One session is 30 minutes for $10.00. Meetings are held at the public library closest to the student. Students must provide own transportation.

Located at 340 S. McCarty Drive Greenwood, Indiana (317) 658-4197






September 14, 2012


Are we making it



Climate change cause for alarm Many scientists agree that global warming is caused by human actions by Tori Updike Reporter Global warming is a modern controversy. It hadn’t really come into the public eye until a few years ago, and it has caused quite a stir since then. It’s become a mass public movement and almost a phenomenon. The global warming crisis is perceived by some to be a hoax while others believe it wholeheartedly. However, unlike other supposed pop culture conspiracies, the theory of global warming is backed by science. Heat energy travels from the sun through the protective ozone layer to the earth, which in turn radiates the energy back towards space. In the process, atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide reradiate some of this heat energy back toward the earth, acting as an insulator. This is called the greenhouse effect. Without atmospheric gases and the ozone layer, the just right “Goldilocks” temperature that the earth enjoys would not be possible. All of the heat energy that the earth radiates would be lost into space. The planet would not be able to harbor life as it does. However, when fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are burned, carbon dioxide is released as a by product. Enormous usage of fossil fuels has noticeably increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and has turned that insulator into a smothering blanket of too many greenhouse gases. Instead of being “just right,” global temperatures are rising, weather patterns are changing and polar ice caps are slowly but surely melting, causing ocean levels to rise as well. Although it’s difficult to determine if this “nightmarish apocalypse” has begun due to limited understanding of the forces that control Earth’s temperatures, but many scientists agree that it has. “The changes in the greenhouse gases (are) directly due to human activity,” Dr. Scott Robeson, climatology professor and chair of the geography department at Indiana University, said. “If we look at CO2 concentrations and their increase with


No alarm for the Earth heating up

time, over the last 50 or 100 years, that is directly Skeptics believe global due to human activity.” Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere warming is natural and not a have severely increased with each decade. Acman-made phenomenon cording to the website, the upper safety limit for CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million, and by Moira McKinney levels haven’t been that low since early 1988. As of August 2012, the CO2 level is 392.41 Reporter parts per million, which is a record high. CO2 isn’t the only thing that has increased. “There’s no argument on global warming, it Temperatures have soared in the past few years, has been going on for thousands of years,” said with Indianapolis being an example. In June Don Easterbrook, a geology professor emeritus at 2012, according to the NationWestern Washington University. al Weather Service Weather The individuals who go Forecast Office, temperatures against the beliefs of global were the hottest they had been warming as an issue understand in over 50 years, breaking the that the Earth is in fact warmrecord high temperature of ing, but believe it is not human Southport 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Howmade. The Earth was formed students were ever, people still argue that 4.54 billion years ago. Accordthis could be a natural climatic surveyed and ing to the Environmental Enshift, such as the “global coolergy Technologies Division, in asked about their ing” event of the 1970s. the past 45,000 years climate views on global “Even though the temperachange has remained constant warming. ture may naturally rise, it’s hapand fairly regular. The Earth pening at a much, much faster goes through natural heating rate because of humans and the and cooling periods. impact that we have,” Mr. Chris“The issue is whether or not students topher Finkhouse, a biology the cause of the most recent said that they did teacher at Southport, said. “All global warming is caused by the cars we have, all the smoke rising carbon dioxide, and we believe in global produced from factories, all this know that’s not true because stuff (contributes.)” there have been hundreds of warming. According to Finkhouse, periods of global warming that students said another big greenhouse gas were far worse long before contributor is methane gas. carbon dioxide began to rise,” that they didn’t Humans keep many livestock Easterbrook said. animals to feed the billions Most people assume the believe in global of mouths on the planet, and main culprit for global warmanimals, such as cows, prowarming. ing is increases in carbon diduce a lot of methane. As oxide levels causing the trapstudents said the population grows and ping of greenhouses gases and needs more animal products, retaining heat in our atmothat they didn’t the global warming problem sphere. Yet, the Earth’s atmohave an opinion gets worse. sphere only contains 0.0038 “There are certain aspects of carbon dioxide, acon global warming. percent that are so well documented cording to Easterbrook. and so well measured ... there “Carbon dioxide is incapable can be some debate about what specific feaof causing significant global warming by itself,” tures and impacts are,” Robeson said. “But Easterbrook said. “We have carbon dioxide rising there’s no question that we’ve already changed since 1945.” the global atmosphere.” Most of the warming during the 20th centu-

{student OPINION}


43 17 40

Photo by Katie Hinh

ry occurred before 1945, which was when carbon dioxide levels were beginning to increase. After carbon dioxide levels began to increase in 1945, the Earth began a 30 year cooling cycle. This is the opposite of what should happen according to the greenhouse gas theory. During the 1970s, only 40 years ago, climatologists were predicting an oncoming ice age and the main issue was global cooling. Time Magazine covers of the mid 1970s contained headlines that read, “The Cooling of America” and “How to Survive the Coming Ice Age”. According to NASA, carbon dioxide is a natural part of Earth’s atmosphere. This compound is also plant food. Carbon dioxide is created into a carbohydrate to nourish plants through a process of photosynthesis. These plants then release oxygen as a waste product. The oxygen is then inhaled by animals and humans who need it to nourish themselves, exhaling carbon dioxide as their waste product. Therefore, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. Pollutants are harmful to the air, water, soil and living things, but carbon dioxide is part of a process that keeps the flora and fauna population of the Earth alive. “The scientific question is what is causing the natural oscillation back and forth between warm and cool climates,” said Easterbrook. “And the answer is we don’t have a definite answer of what the cause is yet, but all the evidence points to the sun. Variations in the sun’s magnetic field is capable of causing the Earth’s climate to change.” According to the 2001 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, many researchers believe that the steady rise in sun spots since the late 1800s is responsible for as much as half of the 0.6 degrees of global warming. Also, according to NASA, when sunspot activity is low Earth loses approximately 0.2 watts per square meter of solar energy, and regains that energy at a sunspot’s peak. It has been shown that these increases and decreases are related to weather on earth. “The debate is not whether or not global warming is happening, the debate is why is it happening,” said Mr. Jack Williams, a math teacher at Southport High School. The warming of the Earth is a natural process and as research and records about the Earth’s climate and temperature increase we will start to understand why these temperatures fluctuate.

School club works toward a greener school environment Green Earth Society tries to help Southport by recycling papers every week by Vanessa Abplanalp Reporter Southport High School has various clubs, from sports to the speech team. One club in particular is the Green Earth Society. Seniors Crystal Lopez and Sydney Peacock are president and vice president of the club. “Green Earth Society is a club where we try to reduce and reuse those resources that we are using at school, mostly paper and cans,” Lopez said. Even their club shirts this year will be made of all recycled material. According to Mrs. Denise Musick-Burchett, who has been their sponsor for four years, the shirts are made of 70 percent recycled cotton fibers and 30 percent bottles. Green Earth Society sets recycling boxes in the classrooms and every Friday after school, the club participants go into the rooms and collect all recyclable materials and drop them in

the bin behind the school. Since school started this year, they have logged 5,065 minutes of recycling. At Southport High School, 120 boxes with 10 packages each of 500 sheets of paper are purchased, which occurs five times a year. That’s 300,000 pieces of paper. We go through roughly 30,000 sheets of paper a month. “Schools have a lot of paper, more than most businesses ... if we help clean that up and take care of it, it’ll help the environment and hopefully the world over all,” Lopez said. Green Earth Society was formed to benefit the earth, but it can actually benefit the participants. “You get community service hours for doing it. Colleges love community service hours. It’s not too strenuous,” Peacock said. “If you’re looking for something more low-key that will help you with college, this is a really good club with that ... and I like helping the environment. I mean, little things really kind of add up.” Lopez and Peacock are a part of the club because they believe they are helping the earth. “I do think it makes a difference. I mean, we use a lot of paper here and there are at least fifty classrooms downstairs that help and recycle in their classrooms ... so we are making a difference,” Peacock said.

Members of the Green Earth Society empty paper into a recycling bin on Friday, Aug. 31. Every Friday they gather recyclable goods after school. Photo by Jesse Roller.


Student Life

September 14, 2012

Homecoming through the ages 1929: The “Yell Leaders” organized student support at Southport’s events. Photo Contributed by the 1930 Anchor.

1942: Around the start of the start of the 1942 football season, Southport students are encouraged to help sell defense stamps to raise money for the war effort.

1949: Students wait outside of Southport High School before entering the annual “Sweater Swirl.” Photo Contributed by the 1950 Anchor.

1959: Southport goes head-to-head with Warren Central, winning the Homecoming game, 20-13.

2001: The varsity football team had a tough game against Martinsville, losing 51-0. Photo contributed by the 2002 Anchor. 1988: Students organize activities surrounded around the theme “Wild West” in anticipation of the Homecoming game. Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost to the Manual Redskins that evening.

1961: Students on Southport’s Anchor participate in the annual Homecoming Parade. Photo contributed by the 1962 Anchor.

Homecoming traditions evolve over time Southport Homecoming is highly anticipated and full of historic tradition by Julia Weber Reporter The roots of Southport High School stretch way back. Back beyond the flamboyant 90s, beyond the big-haired 80s, beyond the bell-bottomed 70s, beyond the lovely 60s, beyond the 50s, 40s, 30s and even beyond the roaring 20s. So maybe knowing the roots of one of Southport High School’s oldest traditions would harbor the success Southport students. Southport’s most attended event today is Homecoming. It’s a celebration in which students and community members come together to support the return of the school’s alumni. The first location where Homecoming originated is arguable, for the general celebration remains largely contested with other schools that might have begun it foremost. But it is rumored that Baylor, Illinios and Missouri are three of the possible starting locations, all having conducted and held their first “coming home” celebrations around 1910. Nonetheless, Homecoming was celebrated similarly and with the same routines as most high schools and colleges: a football game as the primary display with rallies, parades, speeches and dances all performed to hype up the event. Shortly after the first historical Homecom-

ing’s, it began as a trend throughout many American colleges and high schools and by the 1920s, Homecoming established a type of culture across the U.S. and gradually commenced an American tradition. Homcoming hasn’t always been called ‘Homecoming’ in America, but Southport first called this event something different. From the start through 1962, the Sweater Swirl would be the first yearly dance, in other words, Homecoming. The event began considerably formal and as greatly attended as it is today, but it wasn’t always so ‘proper,’ as Southport alumni can confirm. “We wore business casual,” Southport Enlgish teacher and alumnus Mr. Brent Bockelman said. “We would wear khakis and a polo or button up shirt, nobody really wore ties or anything.” Southport’s Homecoming celebrations include a parade, which consists of the school’s marching band, different clubs and school sports teams that combine in the building of floats. Every class prepares a float which coincides with the Homecoming theme or is relevant to the organization. Homecoming court rides in convertibles, which are also in the parade. Each year the town of Homecroft grants permission for Southport’s Homecoming parade to inhabit the streets of Homecroft on one Friday evening in September, with Homecroft Police blocking off the streets. In 2000, Southport did a similar theme to this year, Important Dates in History. “We did landing on the moon. We had a rocket ship and a television with people landing on the moon on it,” Bockelman said.

“When I was a senior and working on the float. I was working with people I hadn’t really talked to my entire high school career. I think that was kind of cool how I’d spend time with them and made some new friends.” Over the years, Southport has had to make changes due to unexpected incidents. Many American families and friends were afflicted by the tragedy which occurred on September 11, 2001 and Southport’s Homecoming was cancelled and rescheduled and a moment of silence performed. Principle Ms. Barbara Brouwer, graduated from Wawasee High School and went to the Homecoming game all four years of her high school career. “We did not have a parade like Southport does,” Brouwer said. When Brouwer first came to Southport she was unsure of how to feel. She had been told about how unique the celebration was, but she was still skeptical until she actually experienced how Southport celebrated. “My first year here (2005) I didn’t know what to expect,” Brouwer said. “But they were absolutely right ... this is the coolest thing.” The meaning of homecoming changes once a student graduates. It will be about showing support for the schools that built one’s future. Homecoming is an event dedicated to school spirit and to keep these memories, past and present, alive. Southport teacher and booster club sponsor Mr. Sam Hanley believes that Homecoming brings everyone together. “Unlike so many other things where we celebrate one group of kids, this is about the entirety of the Southport student body and Alumni,” Hanley said. “It’s about school spirit, not one group of kids, but all the kids.”

{scavengerHUNT} Do you think you know all there is to know about Southport’s homecoming history? If so, put your knowledge to the test with the Journal’s Homecoming scavenger hunt. Find all the questions that we have posted around the school and be the first to bring back all the correct answers to room 400. First person will be the proud owner of a brand new Starbucks gift card (and we aren’t the type to give cheap gifts.) Having trouble? Look for hidden answers around the school!


September 14, 2012






Swinging into Fall Sports 6.




Junior continues passion

A key member on the tennis team begins playing in middle school and dedicates time to improvement by Jesse Roller Photographer

Junior Billy Cross played on a tennis team after a close friend suggested that he should try out in 7th grade. Prior to this, the summer before 6th grade, he had taken lessons from the Indy Parks program but did not play competitively. Soon afterwards, Cross found himself playing a sport that he would take all the way through high school. After building up his skills on the court, Cross has found a spot on the varsity tennis team at Southport High School. Cross practices and conditions year-round, whether it’s





through tennis camps, private lessons with Coach Harry Schwartz or on the court every weekday after school. His goal on the court isn’t necessarily to dominate the game. Instead, he brings his best to each match. “I plan to play every point as best as I can,” Cross said. “If I come out on top, awesome. If I don’t win, I know I gave it my all, and I want to be proud of myself at the end.” Schwartz has seen Cross’ growth as a tennis player and as a role-model for almost three years now. “These guys continue to keep working hard and they don’t let it bother them. And I think in the long run, it’s going to make him a much better tennis player,” Schwartz said. Even though Cross is facing tougher opponents this year, he doesn’t let it bother him. “Work hard. If you’re out on the court any time, practice or a game, work hard and don’t slack off. And give it your all. Give it the best you can,” Cross said.


1. Junior Van Sui keeps the ball away from an opponent on Tuesday, Aug. 28. The Cardinals faced the Pike Red Devils. Photo by Kaitlin Fallowfield. 2. Sophomore Alexis Odle putts the ball at Smock Golf Course at Franklin Central Invitational on Saturday, Aug. 18. Photo contributed by 3. Junior Dabney Skutt spikes the ball at Warren Central on Sept. 6. The volleyball team’s record is 4-10. Photo by Kaitlin Fallowfield. 4. Teammates watch the game on the side lines at the football game on Aug. 17. The Cardinals lost to Roncalli 27-13. Photo by Becca Tapp. 5. Junior Billy Cross hits the ball against Pike on Thursday, Aug. 23. Cross has been playing tennis since seventh grade. Photo by Jesse Roller. 6. Seniors Jazzy Kemp and Taylor Zorman run at the Red/White Scrimmage on Saturday, Aug.11. Kemp and Zorman have been running Cross Country since sixth grade along with teammate and senior Carly Chappell. Photo contributed by the Anchor. 7. Junior Lal Nun Pui runs at the Martinsville Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 1. Photo by Jesse Roller. 8. Senior Makayla Kuhn runs with the ball at the soccer game against Bloomington South on Wednesday, Sept. 5. The team lost, 12-0. Photo by Becca Tapp. 9. Senior Austin Stephenson hits the ball on Thursday, Aug. 23 against Pike. Stevenson has been playing tennis since freshman year. Photo by Jesse Roller. 10. Sophomore Jackie Bowie goes for the ball against Warren Central on Sept. 6. Photo by Kaitlin Fallowfield. 11. Freshman James Sheets runs in the Martinsville Invitational on Sept. 1. 12. Junior Christian Perry runs with the ball at the game against Perry on Friday, Sept. 7. The game was prolonged to Saturday where the Cardinals came back for a victory over the Falcons 33-14. Photos by Jesse Roller. 13. Junior Andrew Clevenger receives the ball at the soccer game on Tuesday, Aug. 28 against Pike. As of Monday, the team is 6-4-1. Photo by Kaitlin Fallowfield.



September 14, 2012



Malcolm Gatewood, otherwise known as Lil’ Tragic, performs on stage at Coffee House on Thursday, Aug. 23. Photo by Kaitlin Fallowfield.

by Michael Curran Entertainment Editor Junior Malcolm Gatewood was fast asleep in a hospital room with the woman pregnant with his daughter, Zo’Riyah. After hours of waiting, Gatewood had managed to dose off amidst all of the excitement. Cocooned in a Spongebob blanket, he drifted in-between sleep and real life, when suddenly something hit him in his head, jerking him awake. Someone had thrown a bottle and accompanied it with the words “I’m about to have the baby! Wake up!” His mind was filled with an awe-inspired disbelief, as a tear ran down his face it finally hit him. He was brought back to reality as he realized he was about to be a father. Then the doctors came in and “just like that,” the baby was born. At first glance, he immediately noticed his nose on the child. He saw her mother’s eyes. He saw an innocent beauty that only a newborn can have.

As the miniature hand held onto his index his first tape “Rise to Fame.” While he has no complaints with the stufinger, the new father only said one thing. “Hey baby girl, I’m your daddy.” dio run by his brother, Gatewood hopes to From that moment on, Gatewood has eventually move on to a real recording studedicated his life to his daughter, and chief dio. Right now he has his eyes on CityDump among it is his music. Records, a small recording studio in the heart Gatewood is well known among the of Indianapolis. Since we brought the baby Southport community “As soon as I get into into the world ourselves, we a studio, I get right to by his pseudonym, Lil’ can’t really keep depending on Tragic. As an aspiring working it,” Gatewood (other) people. We have to do it said. “I don’t let little rap artist, he’s doing his ourselves and take charge. best to get himself out distractions get to me or stop me from rapthere, primarily by sellMalcolm Gatewood, ing his own mix tapes. ping.” Junior Out of the 300 copies According to a recent study by the of his mix tape that he has made, he’s sold or given away roughly Prevention Research Center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in 180 copies. All of the profits, he says, are going to- Berkeley, Calif., rap music is consistently wards the essentials for raising his child, associated with illicit behaviors, such as like diapers, clothes and food. drug use, alcohol abuse and aggressive be“Since we brought the baby into the havior. Gatewood is breaking that chain by world ourselves,” Gatewood said. “We can’t really keep depending on (other) people. We bringing a more positive message to his have to do it ourselves and take charge.” music. He’s doing this by rapping about Lil’ Tragic recorded his first tape in his personal experiences that he has had, difbrother’s in-home recording studio. For ferent personalities or even a girl that three or four months, Gatewood worked on catches his eye.

Lil’ Tragic creates rap music to provide for his six month old daughter

The rapper hopes to recreate the genre into something that his daughter can listen to. “I make songs without a lot of cussing in it,” Gatewood said. “I don’t want anyone to think I cuss too much in my songs, (so they) don’t let their kids listen to it.” Gatewood recently preformed at Coffee House Thursday, Aug. 23. His performance was met with an enthusiastic response from the crowd accompanied by in-synch arm waving and dancing. He says it was a very emotional moment. Senior Katie Sadler attended Coffee House and saw Gatewood’s performance. “He definitely connects with the crowd and gets them going,” Sadler said. “It was really entertaining.” Next up for Lil’ Tragic is his second studio mix tape, “Rise to Fame 2.” He hopes to finish it in the upcoming months, and he assures his fans, it will release soon. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND AN IN-DEPTH VIDEO ON LIL’TRAGIC’S COFFEE HOUSE PERFORMANCE VISIT SHSNEWSBUREAU.COM


September 14, 2012





Madden drops the ball with new innovations by Nick Holland Reporter


If I asked you what your favorite sports game was, what would you say? Most would probably say Madden. Madden football has been a commonplace video game for more than 23 years. It has graced more than 25 consoles and has become a worldwide phenomenon in the process. But this year’s version is a game that the Madden franchise might want to forget. Now, don’t get me wrong, the game isn’t bad. It just wasn’t for me. It had bright spots, but more often than not, it had down spots. The game is centered on the National Football League, its teams and its players. It rates each team, based on its various qualities, such as offense, defense, intangibles and individual players. “Madden 13” brings forth a new innovation in the way sports games will be played. The developers at High Score Entertainment created a new “Infinity Engine,” which means that at any moment in a game, anything can happen. The whole idea was great, but at times it was unrealistic. Sometimes it was just annoying. A receiver would fall while running a route, or out of nowhere a corner would just come and intercept the ball. Third-string corners were coming out of nowhere playing shutdown coverage. No thirdstringer is that good. With the new game play you would assume

Despite the introduction of Connected Careers, one thing Madden did keep the same was Madden Ultimate Team. The Ultimate Team mode is where you start out with a certain number of trading cards. The mode was further improved this year by putting less of a stress on “collections,” which is where you trade in other cards that are related to each other in order to earn coins and/or a lone legendary card. The developers also added a challenge mode, instead of only playing your team against the computer or online, you can put your team against some of the best teams of all time. But, your team has to be a certain overall grade in order to do certain challenges. Getting to high level grades is difficult just because the only way you can buy good cards is that you either have to play and win a lot of games, or you have to use Microsoft Points. But that really is the only thing that is wrong with Ultimate Team. It overall is the best mode in the game. The smallest new update on this year’s game is that all the Madden Moments are now free. So instead of paying $10 dollars for each week, they come updated to the game after each week. It also takes you back to the previous season and you can relive five of the moments from last season and replay all the big moments from this season too. Madden has been around for a while. It has its up and downs every year. And even though while playing the game this year, you can score a touchdown, this game isn’t one.


Sept. 17 The Killers’ “Battleborn”

by Harshil Patel Business Manager Opa! “The Patio” delivers great and affordable Greek food for all food lovers. Looking for a good and affordable restaurant can be hard at times. It’s even harder when you’re craving Greek cuisine. I had asked people around for an authentic Greek restaurant, but like most people, I don’t think they knew one. That’s why I searched on the web for great Greek food. I had found about four places, but none of them were affordable for my budget. So I kept looking until I noticed a small plaza with a tiny little place called “The Patio” on South Madison, near the Speedway gas station. I was skeptical at first, but I took a leap of faith. I went in and ordered a lamb gyro, and it was under $5. It was probably the best gyro I have ever eaten, and I was extremely satisfied. It came with Frits, double-fried fries, coleslaw, and Tzatziki, which is a Greek yogurt dip with spices and cucumber. The gyro was seasoned perfectly, and the quantity I got for only $5 was very surprising to me. At many places that I visit to eat I don’t get much for only $5, but “The Patio” gives much more than one would expect for that price. The service was great, and the employees always served me with a smile on their faces. If you want to make some changes to your dish they will be glad to do it. The only thing that might confuse some people is the location. Madison doesn’t exactly yell “great Greek food, come and get it.” If you live on the east side, “The Patio” even has deliveries made right to your doorstep. Now you can have Greek food delivered to your doorstep. I also noticed that it wasn’t only Greek food being served, but “The Patio” had something for everyone, from chili cheese fries to chicken fajitas. Not to mention everything was under $12. I couldn’t be happier with this restaurant. I will definitely be visiting this place again in the future.

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345 Sept. 17 J.K. Rowling’s “The Casual Vacancy”

Sept. 18 Gearbox Software’s “Borderlands 2”

The Patio’s Greek food can deliver


that Madden would have some similarities, but “Madden 13” lost what I think are two of the things that made it what it is today: Superstar Mode and Franchise Mode. In “Madden 13,” these modes are now non-existent. Instead, both are placed under the umbrella of Connected Careers. Connected Careers has its separate branches that could be classified as either Superstar or Franchise modes, but with a new twist. Getting into the NFL hall of fame has been the main objective in the past Superstar modes. But now you actually get to progress your career through and build legacy points in order to become the most legendary coach/player ever. In “Madden 13,” it is a publicized event, with a ceremony and everything. You even see your player’s face, whether they are created or current. I like how the developers have tried to transition from the old to the new. But right now, it’s not a smooth one. There are some noticeable disadvantages with the whole process. It takes too long to move up the depth chart. There is a way, as shown most popularly in NCAA Football games, that gives you a number of how much you have to improve to become the starter. But “Madden 13” doesn’t do that. It uses a more realistic process where you can move up only if the starter gets hurt or traded. If people wanted a more realistic game it would make sense, but I thought the old way worked fine, and it was much easier to enjoy.

Oct. 2 Rick Riordan’s “The Mark of Athena”

Sept. 24 Green Day’s “¡Uno!”

‘The Apparition’ gets a corny Hollywood ‘Boo!’ by Breanna Bierod Reporter Do you enjoy a quality scary movie? Are you looking for a horrifying experience that will deprive you of your sleep? Well, the next time you’re picking out a movie, be sure to pass “The Apparition” up. “The Apparition’s” trailer, like any movie in the genre of shamefully terrible, will have you believe that the movie is filled with horrifying scenes of paranormal activity and violence, when in reality those two minutes and thirty seconds of entertainment is the only entertainment in the entire movie. I am not exaggerating. In reality, it is a predictable, drawn out story where nothing happens worth talking about. But you’re going to read this anyway, lest curiosity possesses you to watch it. The movie begins with a bunch of tech-nerds scrambling about in a room about to summon a powerful entity in the name of science. The approach was weak and fruitless. Next thing you know some random woman in the mix of boys is sucked into a wall after the summoning—big surprise here—goes wrong. Now you’re supposed to be left confused and frightened and wondering what has become of our faithful nerds.

That’s too bad. Now we’re stuck with the stereotypical movie couple. In this movie Ashley Greene, the actress who played Alice in “Twilight,” is your typical gamer girlfriend who enjoys taking showers during hauntings and whining about former paranormal-junkie boyfriend. What else is there to say? They are far too typical with their average personalities and lack of aspirations or anything interesting to bring to the plot of the story. Speaking of the barely existing plot, the idea of the story was supposed to be this couple struggling with hauntings from some apparition while they house-sit, hence the title. It turns out the boyfriend was the cameraman when the summoning was being recorded, and now the entity has followed him. The movie pathetically attempts to frighten its viewers with banging walls and ceilings, furniture that moves when you blink and random burns on soap bars. In reality it sounded like the Incredible Hulk was jumping on the bed upstairs, and, in my opinion, the ghost was just a really angry interior designer who disliked their sense of style in the house and was attempting to help in his own way. This movie wasn’t scary in the slightest, if you catch my drift. They even tried throwing the girl from “The Ring” in a dryer to get some goose bumps. Meanwhile, everyone in the audience plans on what to eat for dinner after the movie finally ends.

After an endless amount of pointless events, they finally contact one of the witnesses of the summoning, the brains, Patrick aka Malfoy. I suppose the dog walking into their house, growling halfheartedly at a corner and then methodically laying down dead, really got them going. Anyway, Malfoy has been hiding in a cage this whole time and suggests they do the same. That’s crazy, they think, how about we just do the exact same thing that got us into this mess and summon him, except with the equipment turned backwards! Really, they did this. And after another episode from our angry interior design expert, Mr. Apparition, they conclude that he’s gone. Of course, they were wrong so they decide maybe the cage wasn’t such a bad idea after all. You can guess the ending right now if you want it’s so predictable. Don’t waste your money on this movie. If I had a penny for every sigh or eye-roll I made, maybe I could get my money back and throw all the coins into the Greenwood Park Mall’s fountain instead.

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Matchbox Twenty’s ‘North’ heads in right direction by Kaitlin Fallowfield Reporter Matchbox Twenty has been delivering music since most of the graduating class of 2013 was born, 1995. Though the name may not ring a bell in the minds of today’s pop music fans, it has always had a significant place in the Alternative-rock scene, and I foresee it to be a household name when the mid-’90s kids have offspring of their own. Though the group took a break and lost a member, they reunited in 2010 to begin writing songs for their newest album, “North,” which was released Sept. 4. The album starts out with a slow track, then shifts gears with “She’s So Mean,” which was released as a single in July, but has so far peaked at 49 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100 chart. Lead vocalist, Rob Thomas, sings about an “uptown, get-around, anything goes girl,” who strings along men willing to stick

around, knowing that she really is so mean. Though the subject matter is popular, the lyrics accompanied by an electric guitar and echoing back-up vocals quickly make this track addictive. “North” has a continuing alternation of fast to slow music. Matchbox Twenty is known for their numerous fast-paced tunes, but the group sounds smoother when they slow down the tempo. Songs like “Overjoyed” are sure to make the hearts of female fans melt, especially when Thomas says “Let me hold you, Baby/ Let me come over/ I will tell you secrets nobody knows/ I cannot over state it/I will be overjoyed.” The sultry acoustic paired with Thomas’ voice makes this track an instant winner. Plus it feels like a personal serenade from the front man himself. The group wins praise once again with yet another slow-tempo track. In “I Will,” Thomas addresses the mystery of time and says, “It’s funny how the time goes by/and how sometimes its slides away.” Although the song is about a memory of a

relationship, the message of time and the effect it has mirrors the band’s past, specifically when they broke up and lost their rhythm guitarist in 2005. Not only this, but the effect time has had on the music charts is a parallel as well. Alternative music as well as boy bands ruled the charts when Matchbox Twenty first debuted, but they have slowly faded to the lower ranks, and in the late ‘00s they were shadowed by R&B. Assuredly, this is something to consider when we observe the group and their impact on pop culture. Matchbox Twenty has always stayed loyal to the type of music they produce. From the debut of their first album, Matchbox Twenty has evolved, yet their music has remained unchanged by time. It’s possible that the album won’t be a best-seller due to the years the band has spent on the back-burner. Regardless of what is popular now, one thing is true, it is that “North” is not a collection of new music from the group. Moreover, it is a continuation of previous works.






September 14, 2012

Disney movies not just for kids Reporter

“Olives are unappealing.”

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell. And for once it might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they’ve got planned. But I’m not the only one who wants this. In “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel desires to be on land where her dreams lie and not be reprimanded. She’s misunderstood and wants to live her dreams and be supported in the process. In “Beauty and the Beast,” Belle wants much more than her provincial life, and the beast wants to be seen as more than what he appears. Disney Movies aren’t solely for entertainment. They construct the ideas of children and teach lessons through underlying messages. There are so many wonderful feature films that could’ve been included, but I chose these main two for a purpose. The Disney Renaissance, when the movies began becoming better, started in 1989 with “The Little Mermaid.” In this Ariel, 16, is a headstrong mermaid in Atlantica, who longs for the shore up above and the prince who resides on it. She is the youngest of seven daughters, and her father is King Triton. He does not approve of her infatuation with the land and does not allow for her to surface. Like all fathers, he has trouble accepting the fact that his little girl is growing up.

{head SCRATCHER} If you could be a candle scent, what would it be? “I would be unicorn because they’re pretty and smell like sprinkles.” Bryanna Munsey, Junior

Craig Westberry,

“Candle-scented candle, because it smells like real candles made of mandles .”

Telise Easley, Sophomore

Religion and evolution: Leaves on the same tree by Caitlin Dye Reporter

“I don’t want to have a quote.”

I believe that religion and the theory of evolution are not enemies. Religion and science have fought a long battle in history. People assume that if you’re religious, you oppose some scientific theories such as evolution. This, however, does not have to be true. You can have your cake and eat it too. People often mistake the theory of evolution as an attack on the principles of their religion. They believe that evolution is a different way of saying “God didn’t create the universe.” This is not the case. Evolution does not explain how the world was created: it explains how we as humans are the way that we are. states that evolution is the “change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift,” This translates to mean that over time, species evolve or change to survive and reproduce. People often take this as meaning that God did not create the world as Genesis tells it. In Genesis 1, the creation of the Earth by God is described as a cosmic fairy tale, God all of a sudden creating our world by saying “Let there be light.” In my opinion, evolution fits in perfectly. The Bible was not meant to be a scientific textbook to be studied in biology, but a sacred book that a religion was founded on.

“Cinnamon buns because it is awesome.”

Dennis Craig,

“Your world just becomes fantastically complicated when you don’t believe in evolution,” said Bill Nye, the host of the popular show “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” Without evolution, we would not know why we have hair on our heads. We would not know why we are different heights. We would not know anything about how we came to be without the theory of evolution. A question people often ask is “Why do we still have apes if we evolved from them?” Well, in my opinion, we didn’t. Although we might have had a common ancestor, which is not yet proven, humans did not evolve directly from apes. Until we find our ‘missing link’ or the one who humans and apes might have evolved from, we will never be directly related to apes. Another reason why ‘we still have apes’ is that evolution does not affect an entire population. It affects a group that somehow becomes isolated from the rest. Over time, this leads to genetic changes through a process known as natural selection or ‘survival of the fittest.’ This process means that organisms with traits that give them an advantage over others will survive and reproduce more, ensuring that their genes will be preserved in their offspring. Over time, this means that the organisms without those traits will die out. The trait will become dominant in the isolated population. People are free to believe or alternately disbelieve in evolution all they want. But to those of you who still don’t believe in it, I ask you, please reevaluate it. Read up on why we don’t have hair all over our bodies like our ancestors did. Read about how our height is defined by the genes our mother and father gave us. Read about these things, and then ask yourself how that is possible. I think you might change your mind about evolution.

“I would be strawberry because they’re sweet and delicious.”

“I would be brown sugar because, look at me.” Natasha Gill,



“I would be peaches and cream. They’re sweet and sour, like me.”

see past what his eyes saw. He was warned by the beautiful enchantress, disguised as a hag, “not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” He didn’t listen, dooming him to be turned into a beast unless he could learn to love another and earn their love in return before the last petal of the enchanted rose fell. Having lived with the beast, Belle finds that the only thing beastly about him is how he looks. His heart is pure and his mind revised. Though he never thought that a beauty as she could ever have affections for him. But she fell in love with him, as he did with her. When this was discovered, the narrowminded townspeople set out to destroy this “beast.” In the mob song it’s proclaimed that, “we don’t like what we don’t understand.” “Beauty and the Beast” shows how ignorant one can be and fear the unknown, leading to unnecessary and unjustified hatred based on what things are said of a person, not known. One’s body does not reflect one’s heart. You must know a person to know them past what you can see with your eyes. Between the cheery songs and bright outfits, Disney really teaches lessons to children in ways they can understand and use for the entirety of their lives. I still watch Disney movies and continue to realize the things they carefully laid in. In the nostalgia of childhood lessons are engraved. Instead of being sat down and sternly told by parents not to act a certain way, Disney movies actually show how the real world is, interpreted through movies to be shown to children and set the tone for the people they are today. The next time a Disney movie is being viewed, actually listen to the songs, not just hear them. Understand what they are trying to get across, and learn what they’re telling. The movies aren’t just for children, everyone can learn from them.


Breiona Radford,

“I would be tennis ball smell because I play tennis a lot..”

Stephen Broadhead,



Students should understand the importance of politics it, then when it came time to vote and speak out, I would be uneducated and behind. Not in a sense that politics are difficult to by Nick Holland understand, but in a sense that if someone is Reporter looking for the issues then they have to dig for the facts on certain subjects and how a candidate feels on that. Take the economy for example. “Teddy D is my One candidate might agree with sending more idol.” kids to college and therefore advocates lowering the interest right on student loans. But another one might believe that military school or a trade school is better for someone and therefore The U.S. economy is a largely important thinks we should raise the student loan cost so topic in everyday life. The job market and they can help pay for kids to go to trade schools. interest rates for student loans are just a few Then that person must make a decision on what is best for them and what relates things associated with the economy best to their values. But if they that are important to students. More don’t understand the first thing than 66 percent of students borrowed All you about the real world then there money in order to attend a four year is no way they will be able to school last year alone. The total per have to do understand the situation enough student was around $22,000. is begin to to make any decision at all. These numbers to students sound The whole thing is a lot to ridiculously high. But in all honesty understand absorb. People have to go from a they could be a lot worse. Voters that and take young, care-free 17 year-old, to are not only young adults but also a decision-making, wise adult, in parents have voted in the past on bills an interest only a year. The earlier they start that raised the taxes on income and in politics the better too. property in order to keep the interest But no one ever knows, one rates of student loans down. But now... day he/she might want to be those numbers of young voters and president or Speaker of the parents in general, are dropping at a House or a senator. But if he/she staggering pace. doesn’t understand politics and its importance Of the 21 percent of young adults (18-29) in the world and his/her own everyday life, who are eligible to vote, they only made up 17 percent of the actual voter population. Not only then he/she will always be behind the curve. All you have to is begin to understand and are less than 49 percent of eligible 18 yeartake an interest in politics now, and its one old voters registered, but there has been a 20 less thing that you have to do later. Not only percent drop in youth voters from ’08 to ’12. will it help you immediately in life, but in the Most of them don’t believe that politics play long run it will help the country because there any role in their lives, which is exactly how I will be more people that give an educated used to be. But then I realized that if I didn’t make an effort to understand the country and opinion and help the country move in the how it is ever changing, just like the people in right direction.

by Vanessa Abplanalp

They also have communication problems. In her treasure cove she says, “He doesn’t see things the way I do. I just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.” Her strange ways aren’t understood, therefore thought as wrong. When she disobeys the king’s wishes and traverses to the waterless world, her father’s advisor, Sebastian, is about to scurry down to the sea and tattle on her. But he knows if he does, she will never have this opportunity again and be miserable for the rest of her life. In this movie, it shows that if you don’t go after your dreams and what you truly want, happiness cannot be reached. Risks have to be taken for the end to be worth it. It also shows how her father does not want to part with his precious daughter, and have her replaced by a grown woman. All children have to grow up, and it must be coped with. Letting go has to happen, but it doesn’t have to be full of sorrow. It can be a celebration of knowing you raised your kids the best you could and they’re finally ready for the world. In “Beauty and the Beast,” released in 1991, it tells of an intelligent girl, Belle, found in a simple town. All of the residents talk of how beautiful she is, but she’s just so odd. She pays no mind to their words and does not even care for one’s physical appearance. In the beginning song, the citizens say, “it’s a pity and a sin, she doesn’t quite fit in.” Being a woman at this time, you were expected to partake in holy matrimony and continuously have children. Gaston, the town heartthrob and also jerk, wants to marry Belle solely based on her outer beauty. As the first line of this story tells, she wants much more than this provincial life. In the course of the movie, she trades places with her father as a captive to the “beast.” As an adolescent, the beast’s mind didn’t


September 14, 2012

Through {Rose} colored glasses

Peel back the layers: people not always as they seem

by Andie Rose Reinhart Managing Editor-of-Content Take a look around your classroom. Really take a look at your classmates. How long have you known them? How many are your friends? How many are strangers? Do you dislike anyone in your class? If so, why? Is it because of something they said or did, or is it because of what others have said about that person? How many of your classmates have you had a real conversation with? How many of your classmates do you actually know? When we look at others, we look at them and see what we assume each person to be. Closeminded thoughts like, “Oh, he’s rude. He doesn’t care about anything,” and “She looks too stuck up for me,” reign over our thoughts. They cloud our mind to really getting to know somebody that may in fact be nothing like our assumptions tell us. People are never one sided. They have layers and facets. People have many things that make them who they are, and to sum it up in a one sentence opinion is the furthest thing from the truth. These opinions keep us from people that have whole stories to tell and amazing lessons to teach us. That girl who walks the hallways alone, that same girl who people call weird, may in fact not be weird at all. Or, she could actually be very weird, but in a good way. She may just be very lonely, and by you stepping up and out of your comfort zone to speak to her could be exactly what she needs at the time. She may just need someone to talk to her in order for her to really come out of her shell. Or how about that “lazy” boy who sleeps in class and doesn’t turn in his work. He may

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Meow scratch my tummy.

spend all night taking care of his siblings or working a job. He may not have time to do his homework because he comes home at eleven from his job and then barely has enough time to sleep before he has to start the day over again. In the eyes of an average kid who doesn’t know him, he seems unmotivated, but in reality he is the furthest thing from that. In reality he is trying to just make ends meet, and school gets put on the back-burner. People aren’t always what they seem to be. What they show to the world is only the top layer. Sometimes that layer is hard and abrasive in an attempt to keep others away. Sometimes the layer is shy and reserved, a way to glide through without being noticed. Sometimes that layer is loud and outgoing, a way to be the center of attention, and sometimes it isn’t anything extreme. Sometimes it is normalcy. But regardless of the first layer, there is always an innumerable amount of other layers, and it takes peeling those layers back by getting to know someone to really understand a person and why that person is the way that he/she is. It takes more than just one look to really know who someone is, and to judge on the first look is foolish. When we make assumptions about a person’s first layer, we rob ourselves of an immense opportunity to meet someone who could potentially become a very important person in our lives. But sometimes our assumptions are true. That person that we make an effort for can turn out to be someone that we do not like. It is a sad but true fact of life that there are bad people

out there, and it may seem like a loss that you ever reached out to someone like that. But in reality, all is not lost. The effort that you made in reaching out to that person was worthwhile, because regardless of the outcome, you made an impact in that person’s life, and you grew by stepping out of your comfort zone. After all is said and done, stepping out and taking the time to get to know someone is never time wasted. So step out of your comfort zone and speak to those people who you never would have thought to speak to. Get out of your clique and really try to get to know somebody new. Get to know that girl who talks all the time in class and gets on your nerves. You might find that you have much more in common with her than you thought you did. Talk to that boy who sits in the corner and doodles all day in his sketch pad. You could find someone with immense talent and a great story to tell. Get to know those people that you see in the hallways but have never spoken to. You won’t be disappointed. Looks are often deceiving. As the old saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and don’t judge a person by their first layer. It could be the difference between a lifelong friend and nothing more than just a passing stranger.

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How to make Homecoming a memorable night

On homecoming night the vehicle of choice is mom’s minivan. Why? She’s your mode of transportation if you’re an underclassman without your license. Every school year the freshmen are in ‘awe’ of having a semi-formal dance, the first or second one in their entire school year. Freshman year is full of new experiences and the Journal editors would like to give advice to make the Homecoming dance a memorable experience and not a nightmare. The first thing to decide is who to spend the Saturday evening with. If going with a date isn’t an option, then go with a group of friends. The first year in high school it isn’t a big deal to have a date, it’s usually better to go with friends because of the comfortable atmosphere.


Sports Editor TAYLOR DEHART ‘13

Nick Holland

Give me your first draft, please.


It’s hard enough going to a dance and having a date at such a young age, which could lead to an awkward night. Going with friends is probably the best option to have a good time. After finding a date or a group of friends to go with, the process of figuring out what to wear begins. For girls, finding a dress can take days, maybe even weeks to find. But for freshman year, what you wear won’t affect your time at the dance. It’s not smart to spend $100 on a dress that will be worn only once. This is the Homecoming dance, it’s not Prom. The event is semi-formal, not formal. Look nice, but don’t go over the top. For boys, slacks and a dress shirt with a tie is more than enough, once again, this is not Prom. With an outfit ready to hit the dance

floor, all that is left to decide is the place to eat dinner beforehand. Dinner before the dance isn’t necessary, but it’s customary. Once again, this is Homecoming, not Prom, meaning that dinner should be low-key, nothing extravagant. Grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant such as Steak N’ Shake or Olive Garden is more than enough. Homecoming is an experience that can be a fun or dreaded event, depending on the plans for the night. The main thing to remember is that Homecoming happens every school year, which means that everyone gets four tries. It’s important to not think too much about the plans and to just enjoy the event. If this year’s experience doesn’t turn out well, there’s always next year.

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September 14, 2012

by the



Information gathered by Zack Kennelly.


Yards per catch sophomore Cardell Tucker is averaging through the first four games of the season.

The time of sophomore runner Alicia Frederick in the 5,000 meter race at the Artesian Classic.


3 Young volleyball team 42 shares special bond 4

Number of rushing touchdowns senior QB Robert Webb had against Perry Meridian last Friday.

The volleyball team huddles around head coach Mr. Kyprian Harasymonycz during their match on Thursday, Sept. 6 against Warren Central. The team lost in four sets with the final game ending 22-25. Photo by Kaitlin Fallowfield.

This year’s girls volleyball team lacks experience but focuses on unity by Kayla Walker Reporter

Fun. That’s a common word used to describe the experiences the girls volleyball team share together. Win or lose, they always enjoy themselves and have fun because of the special bond and strong leadership that they have. This bond that the girls have with each other involves hanging out, having slumber parties and playing jokes to get to know each other even better than they already do. “We’re just like a family,” sophomore Alle Musser said. “We’re all sisters.” This is Musser’s first year on varsity, and she says she loves how the environment of the girls surrounds her with fun, smiles and well-played volleyball every day. She is content about how her teammates give helpful advice which makes her a better player. Musser believes that it’s an honor to have such good senior leaders that carry her and the team so well. Seniors Michaela Ullrich and Bria Wright aren’t just the leaders, but they are also the only seniors on the team. They know that being leaders on the team is a privilege. The two seniors feel as though setting a good example, staying focused, being someone to look up to and giving the help that’s needed to other girls is what they strive for in order to be effective leaders. Wright also wants to allow this team to grow closer together rather than letting it fall apart. She wants their special bond to lead them into more of a positive direction through this year’s season. “If you are a team with a great bond, you seem

to play well together,” Wright said. “Teams play on the court.” well as a unit when there isn’t tension.” The students and parents that come and supIt’s not just the girls that make up this bond, port the girls mean a lot to the team as well. The but receiving a new coach, Mr. Kyprian Harasycheers, screaming, motivation and spirit drive the mowycz, contributed a positive input into the ladies to try even harder and give their all on the bond. Though it can be difficult to adjust to new court. Ullrich says that their team is not fighting coaching skills, he didn’t bring the team down or for just themselves or just doing it for each other, change the girls’ bond with each other. Accordbut they’re doing it for the people that are there ing to the team and coach, the bond just grew for them as well. stronger and stronger. Ullrich and Wright are determined to keep a “It’s amazing to coach a team that gets along good attitude during their games. The Southwith each other and works hard to persevere,” port girls hold onto their strong bond and onto Harasymowycz said. their good leadership so that they all make the Harasymowycz says right choices. at first he was nervous Sectionals are somehaving a team full of thing the girls are keeping underclassmen, but after in mind, considering they he noticed that these are half way through their Overall Record: (4-10) girls were determined season. They understand 9/15 @ Franklin Community and hard workers, his that every point matters in 9:00 a.m. 9/15 Jay County @ Franklin Community job wasn’t that difpractice and games. 10:00 a.m. ficult or nerve-racking This is the time where 9/19 vs. Whiteland anymore. The girls are the girls feel like perfect6:00 p.m. constantly ready to give ing their technique is nec9/26 vs. Lutheran @ Lawrence North their all at practice. essary. Nothing is perfect, 5:30 p.m. Harasymowycz says that but one aspect Ullrich 10/2 vs. Bloomington North the girls work very hard wanted to let their op6:00 p.m. and are mentally preponents know is that even 10/4 vs. Greenwood Community pared for what they will though they have a young 6:00 p.m. be going up against. team, they are all just as 10/9 @ Columbus North There were a few or even more athletic and 7:00 p.m. varsity members that experienced than some of 10/11 vs. Roncalli didn’t come back to the teams they’ll be facing. 6:00 p.m. play this year. This gave Ullrich and Wright are the younger girls an making sure the girls stay advantage to show their coach what they could relaxed and more focused when it comes closer contribute to the team. According to Ullrich, the to sectional time. young girls work very hard and have a lot of According to Ullrich and Wright, they have a potential. They do not want to be underestimated very athletic team and they can accomplish just by their age. as much as anyone else. The girls and coach hope “It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in or to gradually improve this program for success for how old you are,” Ullrich said. “It’s what you do the future.


Senior Erin Marsh’s score on a 9-hole course vs. Cardinal Ritter. Number of goals sophomore Van Lian has through the two games he has played in this season.



Assists from sophomore Shayla Wright during this year’s volleyball season.

Number of saves sophomore Schuyler Wright has up to this point in the soccer season.




The time of junior Clayton Bowie’s 4,000 meter race at the Carmel Distance Medley Classic.

Amount of kills junior Dabney Skutt has through 14 volleyball matches this year. Number of sacks sophomore Dondaycee Millbrook has through four games.

1st and 10 with Taylor DeHart

To the people who were involved: Thank you by Taylor DeHart Sports Editor What a game. The Southport vs. Perry Meridian football game was by far the greatest sporting even in my tenure here at Southport. It definitely lived up to the hype and expectations. In fact, the game exceeded expectations. All the parts were turning in perfect harmony. I would like to spread a message to the people who were directly involved in this event. To the players: The 33-14 win shows a pretty one-sided victory, but it cannot show the heart and dedication of everybody who was involved. You played great. You stomped them in the second half. You can tell that everyone in the community bought in. The whole stands were full of people two nights in a row. That is something to remember. I saw pictures of the stands of some of the top football programs in the state and they did not have nearly as many fans as we did Saturday night. First off, you can tell you have been working hard to improve. It has been showing. Junior Christian Perry, you are

a monster. Rushing for over 140 yards in any game is big, but in the biggest game of the season, it’s huge. Senior Robert Webb has been somewhat scrutinized this year, but you have been coming up huge when he needs to. Your four total touchdowns (three rushing and one passing) carried the Cardinals to the victory. And then there is the defense. After a sketchy start in which Perry Meridian marched down the field somewhat easily on their first drive, you stepped up. Only giving up seven points in the last three quarters and zero in the second half, that is great. And it was not only one player. It was everyone. The defensive backs broke up plays that could’ve been easy longgains, and the players in the box completely stoned the running game. On the sidelines I saw so much heart. The players were so fired up. Numerous times I saw players running off the field screaming in excitement. In fact, I saw an injured senior Zach Goelz bring over his defensive team and give them a pep talk halfway through the third quarter. It was not just your common pep talk either, he was screaming so loud I could hear from the stands. He was pumped and he was

not even suited up. The atmosphere was electric for everybody. To the people in the stands: A lot of the credit for the atmosphere needs to be given to the crowd, more specifically, the cheer block. I heard of numerous people calling in “sick” for work just to get a first-hand view of the game. That shows that they really care about being there. To the booster club: Thank you: You guys are the best booster club I have had while I have been at Southport. The student body does deserve a lot of credit, but you guys are doing a great job. The cheers have been original, and I applaud you for that. The whole school seems to be full of school spirit a lot more than before. It’s almost as there is more of a unity with the sports-following student body. But the people who follow as of now are cheering louder than ever. I just hope the electric attitude last through all three seasons of sports. To the people who walk around during the whole game: I hate to touch on such a petty topic while praising people. But please, please sit

down in the student section. We do not bite, and it will be the time of your life. Football games are a social event to a degree, but you aren’t accomplishing anything by paying $5 to hang out with your boyfriend of the week. So please, get up in the stands to cheer. To the people who will be there tonight: Let’s make the most of the game tonight. It is my senior year, and I want to have a memorable homecoming game to go out on. BY THE WAY, EVERYONE PLEASE START FOLLOWING SOUTHPORT ATHLETICS. So let’s cheer loud and try and win a few games in a row. Game time is 7:30 p.m at Perry Stadium.

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