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NINE DAYS SHIURIM Take advantage of the extra time you have during the nine days and allow yourself to attend these stimulating, thought provoking and uplifting classes. They will give meaning to THE NINE DAYS 10:00 - 10:45

Rabbi Avraham Kahn

11:00 - 11:45

Mr. Yankel Weiss

10:00 - 10:45

Rabbi Chaim D. Kulik

11:00 - 11:45

Rabbi Ovadia Haboucha

10:00 - 10:45

Mrs. Adina Ribacoff

11:00 - 11:45

Rabbi Dovid Sapirman

10:00 - 10:45

Rabbi Tzvi Sytner

11:00 - 11:45

Rabbi Moshe Falk

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PSW/Caregiver/Companion Male & Frum Would your loved one benefit from… A caregiver to ensure that they are safe when moving around in their home and in the community A companion who provides social support and a helping hand A PSW to assist with activities of daily living such as dressing, using the toilet or bathing

Eli Newman Certified PSW Enjoys helping those who need assistance and companionship He is warm, friendly, and caring Speaks English, Hebrew and French

Eli Newman 437-990-2254


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For a yeshivah bochur...when carrying a cellular phone is a necessity, it should only be an original, talk-only phone from an authorized provider carrying the additional seal of Ani Choma.

Rav Yitzchok Sorotzkin:

A phone that carries the “Ani Choma” seal meets the requirements for a ben Torah who needs a phone...Ani Choma is the standard that a yeshivah bochur should be proud to adhere to.

Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel:

We need to walk away this evening with a kabbalah...the phone should bear the seal of Ani Choma.

A bochur may only use the talk only "‫"אני חומה‬ cellphone that is certified by the Yeshivos. ‫קיום ב’ גדרים הנ”ל אצל בני הישיבות בזמננו הם‬ ‫ ופשוט שכל מי שמקבל על‬,‫בגדר קיום התורה ממש‬ ‫עצמו ב’ גדרים הנ”ל הריהו מכנים עצמו בכלל ברכת‬ ‫“ברוך אשר יקים את דברי התורה הזאת” לטוב לו בזה‬ ‫ אכי”ר‬,‫ובבא‬. ‫ובזה באנו על החתום‬,

‫אברהם יצחק סורוצקין‬

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‫אלי’ דב וכטפיוגל‬

‫ישראל צבי ניומאן‬

Excerpts of a letter from Roshei Yeshiva


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To hear the recordings of the

ANI CHOMAH ASIFA Asifa for over 6,000 bochurim from over 100 yeshivos Cure Arena, Monday Parshas pinchos

Call ‘Smart Choices Hotline’ 732-400-9003 press 3, 1 - For the Full Recording of the Speeches: Press 45 For R’ Elya Ber Wachtfogel: 46 - For R’ Uren Reich: 47 For R’ Dovid Breslaur: 48 - For R’ Mordechai Respler: 49 For R’ Moshe Hillel Hirsch: 50 - For R’ Asher Arielli: 51


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Rav Efraim Wachsman



hazal tells us that when Klal Yisrael was descending into exile, the Avos, the this tumah into the world is this yetzer hara called technology. It brings into the world Torah, and Moshe Rabbeinu all tried to plead for them, but only Rochel’s so much filth, so much kefirah, so much sadness, so much jealousy, so much destruction tefillah was heeded. The Commentaries ask: What was Rochel able to do that of midos. And we, by rising above it, will bring Mashiach. That’s the inevitable conseall the others could not? What was her special power? Perhaps the answer is simple: quence. The defeat of this tzorer is the very definition of the revelation of Mashiach. There is no power in the world like the mercy of a mother for her children. Even the Someone once asked Rav Don Segal why, in the seventy years since the War, Klal harshest Midas Hadin cannot withstand the storm of such rachamim. Yisrael had built up so beautifully, so many yeshivos and kollelim, and suddenly in the Someone once asked the Imrei Emes of Gur: “Why do we daven for Hashem to past few years, it has begun to fall apart. We’re losing bachurim, meidelach, ourselves. have mercy on us ‘k’racheim av al banim’? A mother’s mercy is greater than a father’s, What happened? He answered that all the growth in kedusha of the last seventy years why don’t we ask that He have mercy on us like a mother for her children, ‘k’racheim was to build us up so that we would have the kedusha we need to fight this final battle eim al banim’?” From the kitchen, the Rebbetzin called out: “We would not have the before the arrival of Mashiach. chutzpah to ask for so great a level of mercy!” Because there is no mercy quite like that So, we need to understand the grandeur, the cosmic significance, of what is facing us of a mother for her children. and of what we are capable of. Rav Yeruchem writes that the nisayon of the Last GenBut we are now in Ikvesa D’meshicha, the period just before the arrival of Mashiach, eration will be our disbelief in our capability to achieve great things. We say, “What? and Chazal tell us that in this era, chutzpah will increase. Tonight, we take that chutzWe should be the generation to bring Mashiach? That’s not for us; we’re a low-profile pah, that insolence, and we say to the Ribono Shel Olam: “You’ve been merciful all generation, we don’t accomplish anything.” these years like a father for his children. But Tatte, we feel we cannot go on anymore. But then, who is supposed to bring Mashiach if not us? We’re breaking under the strain. We’ve endured a lot for you in this bitter galus, but We need to understand the strategies of the yetzer hara. The yetzer hara convinces now we are watching our kinderlach being transformed a person that he is not great and robs him of his true in front of our eyes into something we don’t recognize. identity. Especially with the scourge of what’s known as We ourselves feel the unbearable contamination seep“social media,” which has the ability to fool a person into ing into our own neshamos. The coldness, the weakness, slowly relinquishing his essence, his identity, and to inALL THE GROWTH IN the cynicism, the leitzanus, the goyishkeit, the giluy araystead live completely for the approval of others—which KEDUSHA OF THE LAST os, the emptiness. And so many of us find it so difficult means not living at all. It’s taking vibrant and joyous life, to stop ourselves. So tonight, we’ve gathered together to hope, and human potential, and replacing it with a slow SEVENTY YEARS WAS muster up the chutzpah to ask You, Ribono Shel Olam, death, ensuring that you will never know who you are. TO BUILD US UP SO have mercy on us k’racheim eim al banim. Because only a It’s trying to fill us with narcissism, with goyishe ideas we mercy as powerful as that can help us.” don’t even realize. Imagine if, twenty years ago, you’d see THAT WE WOULD HAVE But in order for us to merit this level of Heavenly someone holding a camera and taking a picture of himTHE KEDUSHA WE NEED mercy, we need to awaken our own midah of a mother’s self. You’d call Hatzalah; something must have happened mercy. Every Jewish mother is ready at any moment to to the person! But today people think it’s normal. That’s TO FIGHT THIS FINAL give her life for her children. And yet, for some reathe world we’re being dragged into. BATTLE BEFORE THE son that we cannot understand, in this area—which is Our children need our attention, our lives need us to nothing less than the protection and future of our chilbe attentive. ARRIVAL OF MASHIACH. dren—there seem to be obstacles that don’t make sense. It’s affecting people across the world at every level. Chazal tell us of the sacrifice a mother eagle makes for But you, n’shei ub’nos Yisrael, you know who you are. In her children. She puts them on her back when she flies, your veins flows the blood of Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel and so that the hunter’s arrow will take her instead of her Leah; of Yehudis; of Devorah Haneviah, who wasn’t young. What does it help if it doesn’t take her young directly? Once she’s shot down, ashamed to say, “Shim’u melachim ha’azinu roznim—listen won’t they plummet along with her? The answer is that a mother understands that if kings, hearken rulers. Do you know who I am? Anochi she is ready to sacrifice for her child, the Ribono Shel Olam will not allow the hunter ashirah, azamrah Lashem Elokei Yisrael—I belong to to shoot the arrow at all. the Ribono Shel Olam, my life is a song for Him.” We want to have shmirah, and every bit of sacrifice will bring the shmirah we so desI’m not follower on Instagram, or an influencer perately need. who devotes her life to get another folBut the strategies of the yetzer hara are brilliant. It has endless resources and trillower, I am a follower of Hakadosh lions of dollars at his disposal, and it has drafted almost every member of the human Baruch Hu. I belong to him. race just for the purpose of destroying the neshamos of Klal Yisrael; to neutralize our I am not a fish, I am not an hashpa’a of kedusha in all the heavenly worlds. That’s the reason for all of this. amoeba; I am a bas Yisrael! The Satan has been given free reign. But, as Chazal tell us, the yetzer hara is a “zaI am not pathetic I am kein uk’sil,” an old fool. It thinks it was given the power to destroy us, but in actuality, prophetic! Hashem is using it, exploiting all its creativity and zeal—not to destroy us, but to make us great. Rav Tzadok Hakohen writes that every time the nations of the world experiTo hear this speech, ence a yeridah, the entire purpose is to bring us up. “Morid she’ol”—Hashem brings call Smart Choices: down the she’ol tachis, “vaya’al”—so we can be lifted up higher. 732.400.9003, The world has sunk to such a low level, it’s insanity. The main vessel that brings all of press 2, 1, 58.

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Rav Efraim Wachsman




fter the War, the broken remnants set out to rebuild Klal Yisrael. Not everyone did—some were so traumatized that they never recovered; others, in their great despair, gave up their Yiddishkeit. But our parents built. Nobody knows where they got the strength, but we know what drove them: us. The vision of their future children is what carried them over the most incomprehensible challenges.

Jewish woman holding a Tehillim. Do you want your eineklach to have a picture of you holding a smartphone? We all have a responsibility to lift up the atmosphere, to start rebuilding the world into a place where these devices are only used when there’s an absolute must.

WE NEED THE PARTICIPATION OF THE PRINT MEDIA To galvanize such an army, we need the support of everyone, including the wholeIT’S TIME TO REBUILD hearted participation of the frum print media. Gedolei Yisrael have repeatedly called In a certain spiritual sense, we have also been through a churban. The carnage is all technology the Nisayon Hador. If you’re in the media and you’re on the sidelines, it’s a around us: lost souls, ruined lives, ruined marriages…. Many are lost forever—damaged dereliction of duty. And if you’re running ads with smartphones in them, you’re normalboys and girls who will carry the scars for many years—although we never give up hope izing that culture instead of casting it as something to be used only when absolutely on anyone, chalilah. necessary. That’s aiding and abetting the enemy. We don’t need you to tell us why Trump It is time to rebuild Klal Yisrael. The churban has already happened, we’re sitting on its is better than Biden. We’re in a time of crisis and you have great power and influence; ashes. But we can rebuild. don’t be on the wrong side of history. Put your boots on, get into the trenches with honAnd we can start with the young girls here tonight. Young idealistic bnos Yisrael: Your esty, courage, and guts, and fight for our children and for Hashem. It should be the main whole life is ahead of you. You can make the decision to build your homes to be pure. reason for your existence. We need to create an army. Although Chazal tell us that it is not the way of a woman to And, we can’t fight this battle if there are mixed messages; if there are frum Yidden go out to war, nevertheless, when it comes to a milchemes chovah, we are taught that even operating so-called “frum news sites,” and we continue to a bride goes from her chuppah to join the battle. We need consume and mainstream their offerings—many of which an army of Jewish daughters to build their homes with a are filled with the opinions of emptyheaded people, and commitment to only possessing talk-only phones. And then with lashon hara, zilzul talmidei chachamim, and very often Klal Yisrael will follow. B’zchus nashim tzidkonyios. You’ll WE HAVE TO MAKE images that are an issur De’oraysa. It was calculated that in never regret it. You’ll lead a richer life than you can imagine, IT LESS SOCIALLY the last ten years, the hours of batalah and narishkeit spent a life that most people have tragically never experienced. on these sites add up to 160,000 years(!). Think about how ACCEPTABLE TO SUPPORT OUR TROOPS much life is disappearing without us realizing. We cannot But if we are to rebuild, we will need all hands on deck— PUBLICLY USE A continue to tolerate and nourish this chutzpah. even those who are not yet on the battle front. Everyone SMARTPHONE—A IN SUMMARY wants to be good, and some of us are not there yet, but we all DEVICE THAT HAS So, let us remember: The ideal is for us to be rein and heilig, have an obligation to support our troops. I received a letter to live with minimal technology. We must strive to attain from a yungerman asking that I speak about the social and CAUSED SO MUCH that level, and we must encourage all those who live that familial challenges a family faces when they make the deciDESTRUCTION IN OUR way. We have to say to ourselves: I will get off social media, sion to live with minimal technology. Even if you are not yet especially Instagram. I will do it tonight. We must take action ready to undertake it yourself, you can at least be on the right COMMUNITY. to encourage a new culture and a new look. If you must use side. You can create a new culture where the highest level these devices, be as discreet as possible. of respect is accorded to those who are rein, pure. A person Take part in rebuilding Klal Yisrael. Let’s call an end to who is rein is not a chinyuk, he’s not an extremist—he hapthis churban, and we can restore the glory of kedushas Yisrael. pens to be living in accordance with basic halacha. This is a maamid of extraordinary k’vod Shamayim. At Kabbalas Hatorah, Hashem ofA yungerman tells me that his wife is being moser nefesh not to have a smartphone. All fered the Torah to the nations of the world, and they all asked to see her siblings are applying pressure, and she just can’t face it. what’s inside. Only one nation said, “Naaseh v’nishma,” we’re not asking What is that? what’s inside, we accept. Now, in the tail end of history, the Satan is We’re all human beings, and maybe we don’t realize it but we all need to validate ourgoing around to all the nations with the Torah’s tumah parallel selves, and we all have heilige neshamos and know deep inside that technology is a direct contradiction to its purity. So, we can feel resentful to one who is being moser nefesh. and every nation is saying “Naaseh v’nishma,” despite the horrors within. We want it and can’t get enough of it. CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE But there’s one nation that says, “Lo naaseh v’lo Help us change the sevivah. Even if one has more technology use for some need, based nishma.” The entire world is clamoring to get on a heter from a rav, there is no reason to be so public about it; to walk in and place it on it, but we will be different. the table. It’s unbecoming. It creates an atmosphere where “that’s the world” and those And that is why this asifah is arousing who are being moser nefesh are not living in reality. so much rachamei Shamayim. We have to make it less socially acceptable to publicly use a smartphone—a device that Ribono Shel Olam! The entire world has caused so much destruction in our community. Last night, at the Yiddish Asifah, the is running after it, but look where Veiner Rav said that there are people who switched from a smartphone to a basic phone Your children are! and tablet, and it changed their lives. That little change and they became human again. To hear this speech, call Smart We need to get off social media. You are being sold and exploited and will chas veshalom Choices: 732.400.9003, press lose your essence as a Jewish Mother. When you picture your bubbe, you think of a holy 2, 1, 58.


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Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel



ou are gathered here, tens of thousands of nashim tzidkoniyos, to try to fight against the ruination of technology; to be inspired to uproot it from their lives. I would like to give a short hakdamah. We must understand that when we talk about technology, it’s not just that there is kilkul, damage, caused by technology; rather, technology is completely, inherently evil. Even though you can use it for good things— people say it saves them a lot of money, it enables their husbands to learn in Kollel for longer, they have much more time on their hands, they are now able to finish Tehillim every day, and there are so many shiurim and so much inspiration that we can hear thanks to technology—nevertheless, you have to know that technology is the biggest koach hatumah of today’s generation. It’s not a kilkul; it’s evil itself. The world trembles today from Iran and Russia, and the threat of a nuclear war. We know that nuclear energy can destroy the world. But it also can have certain good purposes. How do we know if a country’s nuclear capacity is a good thing or a bad thing? By looking at what the developer’s intention is. We know that if Iran is developing nuclear capability, their intention is weapons of mass destruction—even if they say they are going to use it for peaceful purposes. If Australia, on the other hand, works on developing nuclear energy and says their doing it for peaceful purposes, we believe them. But with Iran, we know they’re out to destroy. We have to understand: Where does technology come from? It does not come from the yetzer hatov. It includes all 49 shaarei tumah with a tremendous increase in both the amount of content it makes available and the depth of what it makes available. It came from the tzad hara, the force of evil. If we know who developed it, we know that he doesn’t mean it for peaceful purposes. Like Iran, he wants an atom bomb. Chazal say that after Hashem slaughters the yetzer hara when Mashiach comes, it will appear to the tzadikim as a mountain, and they will cry in wonder: “How were we able to conquer this?” Hashem says, “Gam be’einei yipaleh—it is a wonder in My eyes as well,” as if to say, “How did you do it? How did you conquer such a yetzer hara?” It is clear from the pasuk that this is referring specifically to the yetzer hara that exists “bayanim haheim,” in those days just prior to the arrival of Mashiach. Yes, every generation has its yetzer hara. We have had churbanos, like Haskalah and communism. But the pasuk is referring specifically to the yetzer hara that exists in those final days. We thus see that the yetzer hara that will test us right before Mashiach comes is not comparable to the yitzrei hara of all the previous generations. Why is this so? The Shevet Mussar writes that the yetzer hara musters all its strength to bring a person to sin before he dies and presents him with tests that he had never dealt with throughout his entire life. Why? Because the yetzer hara knows that this is his last chance to get the person to sin, so he lets out his whole arsenal on him. This is the case for an individual. Imagine what the yetzer hara does when he knows that days are coming when he will no longer be able to do his work on anyone anymore. He knows that his end is nearing, that the days before the revelation of Mashiach are his last chance before he’s finished. So, although the yetzer hara caused millions to sin throughout the generations, he is now letting out his entire arsenal. The tzadikim, and even Hashem, will say, “How were you able to conquer it?” The Ramchal writes that Mashiach will come when all of evil will be nichna, subdued and conquered. He explains that although a malach is much greater than a person, nevertheless, only a person can conquer evil; a malach is not exposed to it, and so he cannot

conquer it. He can banish evil, but he cannot vanquish it. Only a person can. And when evil is conquered, that’s when Mashiach will come. Now, all the generations until now included many tzadikim and tzidkoniyos who were many times greater than we are. But there is one thing that they couldn’t do that we can. They were like malachim in comparison to us, and so they were unable of facing the kind of evil we can be exposed to. Of course, they had their own yitzrei hara, and they conquered them. But they were only able to conquer the evil to which they were exposed. But now that we are in the period right before Mashiach’s arrival, the Ribono Shel Olam wants all the evil to be conquered, and so the Satan is able to let out his entire arsenal on us weak people. We’re the ones who have to deal with it, and we’re the ones who have to conquer it. Indeed, today all the evil that exists is open to us; nothing is withheld. In previous centuries, one could live for a hundred years and not be exposed to the kinds of things that someone today can be exposed to in thirty seconds. This is a test that Hashem gave only to us. Rav Chaim Vital wrote that a small mitzvah in his time could make more tikunim than a great mitzvah in the times of the Tannaim and Amoraim, because the Hester Panim is bigger, the nisyonos are bigger. Ours is the smallest generation in history. But as far as conquering evil is concerned, it’s the greatest generation, because only we are exposed to it. It was placed before us to conquer it, and that’s why Mashiach will come in our time. So, you should know, nashim tzidkoniyos, that your fathers and grandfathers—all the generations are waiting for you. They were much greater than you, but they couldn’t do it. Imagine, they are waiting for you, begging you: “We’re waiting for you to do this job, to conquer the evil. You can do what we could not do; it’s in your hands. You’re the only ones who can do it.” It won’t be long before Mashiach comes. Everyone can see that everything Chazal have described prior to the arrival of Mashiach has come to pass. Mashiach is around the corner. Rav Chaim Kanievsky used to say that he already stepped over the threshold, he only has to reveal himself. What is the Ribono Shel Olam waiting for? For us small people. And if this test was given to you, it means you can conquer it. It looks impossible, but if it was given, it’s not impossible. Maidelach, mothers, grandmothers, please be mevatel it because even if you don’t see a way out, Hakadosh Baruch Hu ozro. You do what you can and Hashem will assist you in a way that is above teva. that’s the rule in everything, you do everything you could, Hashem will help lmala moderech hateva. Conquer it, and Mashiach will come, and we’ll be zoche to bring the yeshua, the kiddush Shem Shamayim, the binyan Beis Hamikdash and the bias Go’el Tzedek bimheirah biyameinu, Amen. To hear this speech, call Smart Choices: 732-400-9003 2,1, 57.



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[Moshiach] is ‫אט‬-‫!אט‬ The ‫ רבש"ע‬is waiting for us small people; all the ‫ דורות‬are waiting for us. They’re saying, "You could do what we can’t do; it’s in your hands!"

It is a ‫שרעקליכע יצה"ר‬, it’s the ‫ טומאה‬itself.

[But] if it was given to you, you're able to conquer it!

To hear this speech in full, call the Smart Choices Hotline: 732-400-9003 (press 2, 1, 57) To sponsor further posters, call 732-400-9003, press 0.

Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel ‫שליט"א‬ at the ‫ נקדש‬event. R E F L E C T






Reconnect to your relationships

Call us to book your in-clinic or in-home hearing test Experience the latest technology with long lasting battery power for Shabbos and Yom Tov! RECHARGEABLE OPTIONS ALSO AVAILABLE



Lawrence Plaza




Spring Farm Marketplace


36 42

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INTERIOR SELECTIONS 647-989-8781 CARPETING • Nylon • Polyester • Berber • Wool • Commercial • Repairs • Carpet tiles

HARD SURFACE FLOORING • Hardwood • Laminate • Vinyl/Plank • Rubber • Carpet tiles

INTERIORS • Design • Painting • Bathrooms • Kitchen • Vanities • Closets

WINDOW COVERINGS • Blinds • Blackouts • Shutters • Drapes

call/text: 647-989-8781 Perry

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Rosh HaKollel Rabbi Yaakov Hirschman


Ddlne Aug 25

‫ זכרון משה‬- ‫בית המדרש‬

ibtnfhhr k"z uvhgna ic ;xuh van ‘rv a"g



Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21

Rosh HaKollel Rabbi Shlomo Miller

‫יעקב מיכאל הירשמן‬ ‫רה”כ דכולל טאראנטא‬


‫חייב במזוזה‬.

(‫שו”ע יור”ד סימן רפ”ו ס”א )וע’ בערה”ש שם דשותפות עכו”ם אינה פוטרת‬ SINCE THE ‫ הלכות‬OF A ‫ חצר‬MAY DIFFER SOMEWHAT FROM DOORWAYS IN A HOUSE ONE SHOULD CONSULT WITH A COMPETENT ‫רב‬. ,‫בכבוד והוקרה‬



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Summer Girls ‫ תהלים‬Program Friday, July 22nd / ‫ כ''ג תמוז‬- Monday, Sept 5th / ‫ט' אלול‬


Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21

43 ‫בס״ד‬

Girls in Pre-1A - Grade 8

All entries need to be received by Sunday, September 11th, ‫ט''ו אלול‬. Entries should be submitted to Miriam's Judaica, 216 York Hill Boulevard, emailed to or texted to 1(833) 267- 7490.

FIRST NAME ______________________________________________________________________ LAST NAME _______________________________________________________________________ HOME PHONE ____________________________________________________________________ SCHOOL ___________________________________________________________________________ GRADE _____________

AGE _____________

BIRTHDAY _________________________ SCHOOL ____________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY _______________________________________________________________________________ POSTAL ZIP CODE CODE _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ FATHER'S EMAIL __________________________________________________________________MOTHER'S EMAIL ________________________________________________________________ FATHER'S CELL _____________________________________________________________________MOTHER'S CELL ___________________________________________________________________


WEEK 2 JULY 29, ‫ ר''ח אב‬AUG 4, ‫ז' אב‬

WEEK 3 AUG 5, ‫ ח' אב‬AUG 11, ‫י''ד אב‬

WEEK 4 AUG 12, ‫ ט''ו אב‬AUG 18, ‫כ''א אב‬

WEEK 5 AUG 19, ‫ כ''ב אב‬AUG 25, ‫כ''ב אב‬

WEEK 6 AUG 26, ‫ כ''ט אב‬SEP 1, ‫ה' אלול‬

WEEK 7 SEP 2, ‫ו' אלול‬SEP 5, ‫ט' אלול‬

Friday Shabbos Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Total Minutes:




‫י‬ ‫כ‬ ‫ל‬ ‫מ‬ ‫נ‬ ‫ס‬ ‫ע‬ ‫פ‬ ‫צ‬ ‫ק‬ ‫קי‬ ‫קכ‬ ‫קל‬ ‫קמ‬ ‫קנ‬

‫ט‬ ‫יט‬ ‫כט‬ ‫לט‬ ‫מט‬ ‫נט‬ ‫סט‬ ‫עט‬ ‫פט‬ ‫צט‬ ‫קט‬ ‫קיט‬ ‫קכט‬ ‫קלט‬ ‫קמט‬

‫ח‬ ‫יח‬ ‫כח‬ ‫לח‬ ‫מח‬ ‫נח‬ ‫סח‬ ‫עח‬ ‫פח‬ ‫צח‬ ‫קח‬ ‫קיח‬ ‫קכח‬ ‫קלח‬ ‫קמח‬

‫ז‬ ‫יז‬ ‫כז‬ ‫לז‬ ‫מז‬ ‫נז‬ ‫סז‬ ‫עז‬ ‫פז‬ ‫צז‬ ‫קז‬ ‫קיז‬ ‫קכז‬ ‫קלז‬ ‫קמז‬

‫ו‬ ‫טז‬ ‫כו‬ ‫לו‬ ‫מו‬ ‫נו‬ ‫סו‬ ‫עו‬ ‫פו‬ ‫צו‬ ‫קו‬ ‫קטז‬ ‫קכו‬ ‫קלו‬ ‫קמו‬

‫ה‬ ‫טו‬ ‫כה‬ ‫לה‬ ‫מה‬ ‫נה‬ ‫סה‬ ‫עה‬ ‫פה‬ ‫צה‬ ‫קה‬ ‫קטו‬ ‫קכה‬ ‫קלה‬ ‫קמה‬

‫ד‬ ‫יד‬ ‫כד‬ ‫לד‬ ‫מד‬ ‫נד‬ ‫סד‬ ‫עד‬ ‫פד‬ ‫צד‬ ‫קד‬ ‫קיד‬ ‫קכד‬ ‫קלד‬ ‫קמד‬

‫ג‬ ‫יג‬ ‫כג‬ ‫לג‬ ‫מג‬ ‫נג‬ ‫סג‬ ‫עג‬ ‫פג‬ ‫צג‬ ‫קג‬ ‫קיג‬ ‫קכג‬ ‫קלג‬ ‫קמג‬

‫ב‬ ‫יב‬ ‫כב‬ ‫לב‬ ‫מב‬ ‫נב‬ ‫סב‬ ‫עב‬ ‫פב‬ ‫צב‬ ‫קב‬ ‫קיב‬ ‫קכב‬ ‫קלב‬ ‫קמב‬

‫א‬ ‫יא‬ ‫כא‬ ‫לא‬ ‫מא‬ ‫נא‬ ‫סא‬ ‫עא‬ ‫פא‬ ‫צא‬ ‫קא‬ ‫קיא‬ ‫קכא‬ ‫קלא‬ ‫קמא‬


(MAX 7) :



‫ חינוך‬division of:

For more information, learning forms, and sponsorship opportunities please contact or call 289-582-9920


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Issue 371

Issue 354 Issue 372 Issue 372 Issue 373 353 Issue IssueIssue 373374IssueIssue 374 375 Issue Issue355 375

USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS CHEAP PRICES! USED SEFORIM BOOKS CHEAP PRICES! 9AND DAYS BACK 2Ads SCHOOL ROSH HASHANA USED SEFORIM BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES PESACHSUCCOS #1 PESACH #1 #2 Ads Now! Tov Deadlines - Reserve Now! Reserve Your Yom Tov Now! Reserve YourYom Yom Tov Ads Now! PURIM #1 9FOR PURIM PESACH #1 Reserve Your Ads Now! Reserve Your Yom Tov Ads Now! 24 Summer/Camp Summer/Camp Back 2#2 Scl/RH Succos PESACH Back 2Days School Rosh Hashana Succos Summer/Camp 9 Days Back 2PM Scl/RH Succos 15 16 82 45 31 36 15 43 86 66 56 25 13 49 28 43 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 4:00 PM 69 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 4:00 PM 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 4:00 PM S52 E F O R I M WA R E H O U S E 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 4:00 S E F O R I M WA RCall E Call H O647-435-3716 U 647-435-3716 SE Ddlne July 20 DdlneDdlne Aug 25 Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21 Ddlne Mar 16 Ddlne Mar 30 Feb 17 Ddlne Mar 2 Ddlne Mar 16 Ddlne Mar 30

Call Call 647-435-3716 647-435-3716 Call 647-435-3716 Ddlne June 1 Ddlne 15 Ddlne JuneAug 29 Ddlne 19Ddlne Ddlne SeptDdlne 2 Ddlne Ddlne Sept SeptSept 152 Call 647-435-3716 416.782.8585 |Ddlne June 15 Ddlne20 June Aug 29Ddlne Aug1 19 416-782-8585 | 416-782-8585 | June 416.782.8585 |

Frumela’s BERGER LAW

*Tax and Business Law Firm*

Jason Berger* Phone: 905-597-6262 – Fax: 416-391-6086 – 1 Promenade Circle, Suite 310 (Upper level Promenade Mall) may have closed store doors Thornhill,it’s Ontario L4J location 4P8 *Practicing as a Professional Corporation

but it’s not over

keep following us on instagram @frumelas and our website Lots of exciting things are coming your way.......... Practice Areas: • • • • • •

Tax Planning and Disputes Corporate Structuring and Reorganizations Purchases and Sales of Businesses Estate/Wealth Planning and Family Trusts Corporate/Commercial and Real Estate Law Wills and Estates

Jason Berger received his Juris Doctor from the University of Ottawa in 2012 after which he spent several years working for a tax and corporate law firm in Toronto where he gained experience in complex tax planning, corporate reorganizations for high net worth individuals and corporate/commercial law. In 2016, he founded Berger Law in the Promenade Mall and focuses his practice on Tax and Business Law. Visit to read his full bio and see a sample of the work he is doing.

Home Protection Plan

Keep your home pest-free with our

With a Pest Control Plus Home Protection Plan, your home is covered for all service calls throughout the year, which include the protection and removal of the most common home-invading pests. In addition, you’ll also be entitled to discounted rates for all of our other services – including bedbugs and wildlife control.






















At Pest Control Plus, our goal is to consistently meet and exceed your expectations of a pest control company. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Plan today! n o ti c te ro P e Hom Sign up for our 416-532-PEST

Kosher Slurpee List 2022 Please note that it is advisable to verify that the actual concentrate being used is on this recommended list. 7-UP 7-UP Mojito Atomik Frog Water Barista Bro Iced Coffee Slurpuccino Barq’s Cream Soda Barq’s Root Beer Blueberry Yuzu Lemonade Brisk Blackberry Lemonade Brisk Iced tea Brisk Lemonade Cherry Coke Coca-Cola Crush Blue Raspberry Crush Cream Soda Crush Green Apple Crush Lime Crush Lite Cream Soda Crush Orange Crush Orange Pineapple Crush Pina Colada Crush Pineapple

Dr Pepper Fanta Blueberry vanilla Fanta Banana Fanta Blue Raspberry Fanta Blueberry Vanilla Fanta Dragon Fruit Fanta Orange Fruitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Blue Shock Mountain Dew Code Red Mountain Dew Major Melon Mug Root Beer Pepsi Pepsi Crystal Pepsi Vanilla Pink Grapefruit Lemonade Powerade Ice Berry Blitz Sour Cherry Sprite

The listed flavours are those we were informed would be in use for this season. If there is a flavour not listed, please check our app or contact

Get the slurpee list on the COR KOSHER APP!

LakewoodHosts Hosts the 291 732.707.7949 Next Deadline - Issue Lakewood isisthe 732.707.7949 647-435-3716 ultimate Kosher Apartment 46 ultimate Kosher Apartment FOLLOW US to keep you “Linked” to daily events, I #307 I I #308 I #309 BACK TO SCHOOL I #310 ROSH HASHANA #311 SUCCOS 83 Issue 352 Issue 353 Issue 354 Issue 355 Pesach #247 Pesach #2 Issue 372 Issue 373 Issue 374 Issue 375 Purim #2 Pesach #1 Purim #1 Purim #2 Pesach #1 Post Issue 353 Issue 354 Issue 355 Rental inLakewood. Lakewood. Issue 371 Issuesales, 372 Issue 373 Issue 374 Issue 375 USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES! 36 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Book Your SUMMER LINK Ads! 28 USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES! USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES LAKEWOOD? USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES! 35 • • Book Your YOM TOV Ads! Rental in USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES! 37 USED SEFORIM BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES! Deadline: April 3 Next Deadline: May 2 PESACH #1 PESACH #2 Yom Tov Ad Deadlines! Yom Tov Ad Deadlines! LAKEWOOD? N ANNIES E LDER C AREGIVERS C LEANERS specials, pics, announcements PURIM #1 PURIM #2 PESACH #1 PESACH #1 Reserve Your Ads Now! Reserve Your Yom Tov Ads Now! Last Deadline Before Pesach! Special Promo On Now! Reserve Reserve Your Ads Your Now! Ads Now! BACK 2 SCHOOL ROSH HASHANA SUCCOS Stay Informed With THE DAILY LINK Wishing The Communi t y A Yom Tov Deadlines Reserve Now! 81 Reserve Your Yom Tov Ads Now! June 19 Deadline July 40S120 Reserve Your Yom Tov Ads Now! 79 Summer/Camp 9Deadline Days Back 29 Scl/RH Succos 56 90 63 14 57 75 85 Deadline August Deadline Aug 22 Deadline Sept33PM 5Job 65 82 59 63 71 61 9Sunday days Back 2Deadline School Rosh Hashana Succos 60 76 74 Deadline Apr 3 78 37 67 77 15 126 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday -9------Thursday -Days 4:00 PM Deadline Apr Summer/Camp Back 2PM Succos 69 57 42 81 16 68 35 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 -Scl/RH 4:00 Deadline Mar 19 5Mar 182 CARIBOU ROAD SUNDAY THURSDAY 12:00 -4:00 4:00 71 73 69 Deadline 19 19 Deadline Mar 182 Caribou Sunday -12:00 Thursday 12:00 --Your 4:00 PM 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 4:00 PM 36 Back 2Deadline School Hashana Succos 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 4:00 PM 88 91 49 Caribou Thursday 12:00 -4:00 PM 78 75 CARIBOU ROAD SUNDAY THURSDAY 12:00 -they 4:00 S@thedailylink1 EE FFFEEO RR IIIM RR EE H EE 182 Caribou Sunday Thursday --Rosh 4:00 PM S48 ORRRIIIFeb M WA WA EO H O USSSWA 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday -12:00 Thursday 12:00 4:00 PM103 ERRR OH RO M WA E5 HO OU USSS182 E182 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 PM 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 ---16 PM E M U E S60 EEFFFO O M WA H O U EEat: 71 67 SSsubscribe M WA H O U happening nowRd. inSummer/Camp Jewish Toronto --Mar On the day are happening! Ddlne Mar Ddlne Mar 30 647-435-3716 Ddlne Feb 17 Ddlne Mar 2June Ddlne Mar 164:00 Ddlne Mar 30 647-435-3716 Call 647-435-3716 Ddlne Aug 25 Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21 Call 647-435-3716 416-897-0770 Issue 26 Issue July 10 Call 647-435-3716 Call 647-435-3716 416-782-8585 | SEFORIMWAREHOUSE2837@GMAIL.COM 416-782-8585 | Issue 647-435-3716 Date: April 8 647-435-3716 647-435-3716 Ddlne June 15 Ddlne June 29 Ddlne Aug 19 Ddlne Sept 2 416.782.8585 |  & Hire Call 647-435-3716 Call 647-435-3716 416.782.8585 | 416-782-8585 | 416-782-8585 | SEFORIMWAREHOUSE2837@GMAIL.COM 416.782.8585 | 647-435-3716 Issue Sept 9 Issue August 14 Issue Aug 28 416.782.8585 | Ddlne July 14 Ddlne Aug 20 Ddlne Sept 1 Ddlne Sept 15 Issue Apr Issue Apr 8 416.782.8585 | Ddlne June 1 Ddlne June 15 Ddlne June 29 Ddlne Aug 19 Ddlne Sept Call 647-435-3716 416-782-8585 | Issue Mar 26 Issue Mar 11 Issuesubscribe Feb 26 at: Issue Issue Mar 26 Mar 11 416-782-8585 | Ddlne 20 Ddlne Sept 1 Ddlne Sept 1582 SUBSCRIBE at: or Aug WhatsApp 647-435-3716 ‫בס"ד‬ ‫בס"ד‬

Comingtoto Coming




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61 57 65


110 500

145 150




TORONTO AND OSHAWA LOCATIONS NOW OPEN Both our locations are now open and following the highest levels of protocols. The protection of our patients and staff is foremost.

Implants Cosmetic Improvements General and Family Dentistry Providing a heimishe, personalized, convenient and professional service to the community

Dr. Sam Axelrod & Associates G E N E R A L P R AC T I T I O N E R S


65 Viewmount Avenue (Bathurst and Lawrence)

FOR CHEAP PRICES USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES! BACKAND 2 LINK SCHOOL ROSH HASHANA SUCCOSPRICES USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP Book Your LINK Ads! USED SEFORIM BOOKS USED SEFORIM BOOKS FOR CHEAP Book Your SUMMER Ads! USED SEFORIM AND BOOKS FOR CHEAP PRICES 9AND DAYSLINK Book Your YOM TOV Ads! Stay Informed With THE DAILY Yom Tov Ads Now! Reserve Your Ads Now! Special Promo OnSUMMER Now! Reserve Your Yom Tov Deadlines -ROAD Reserve Now! Special Promo On Now! 65 62 69 73 67 specials, sales, pics, announcements Deadline June 5THURSDAY June 19 Deadline 3Deadline Deadline June 19PM Deadline July 55 Summer/Camp Summer/Camp 9August Days Back 2Deadline Scl/RH Succos 67 74 81 93 44 182 CARIBOU SUNDAY --12:00 THURSDAY 12:00 -Succos 4:00 PM63 58 56 50 66 61 59 66 74 67 77 79 Deadline 9Rosh Aug 22Sept Sept3 5 78 72 54 70 42 89 77 Back 2Deadline School Hashana Succos 57 Summer 9SUNDAY 9Sunday days daysROAD Back Back 2Sunday 2Aug School School Hashana Hashana Succos 51 33 52 84 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 4:00 PM 182 182 Caribou Caribou Sunday ----Thursday Thursday 12:00 --Rosh 4:00 4:00 PM PM 182 Caribou Rd. Thursday 12:00 4:00 PM 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday Thursday 12:00 ---74:00 182 Caribou Rd. Sunday -Rosh Thursday 12:00 --July 4:00 PM 182 CARIBOU 12:00 S50 E40 ORRIIM M WA WA H O USSWA E R647-435-3716 OH R I M WA R E H O U S E S38 E FFO EE O U E SSEERR FFCall O R I M E H O U S E Ddlne 25 Ddlne Sept Ddlne 21 Ddlne July 20 @thedailylink1 Call 647-435-3716 647-435-3716 647-435-3716 416-782-8585 happening now in| SEFORIMWAREHOUSE2837@GMAIL.COM Jewish Toronto - On the day they are happening! 647-435-3716 ISSUEFOLLOW #306 Iyou SSUE #307 ISSUE #308 SSUE #307 ISSUE #308 #309 BACK TO SCHOOL ISSUE #310Issue ROSH HASHANA ISSUE #311 SUCCOS IssueUSED 371 SEFORIM Issue 372 ISSUEUSAND Issue 373 374 375 BOOKS FOR CHEAP Issue 353IIssue 354 Issue 355 to keep “Linked” to354 daily events, Issue 351 Issue Issue 352 352 Issue Issue 353 353 Issue 354 Issue IssuePRICES! 355 355

Call at: 647-435-3716 Call 647-435-3716 12 Issue June 26 Issue JulySept 1015 Ddlne June 1 Ddlne Ddlne June 15 Ddlne June 29 Ddlne Aug 19 Ddlne Sept 2IssueJuly June 26 Issue 10915 647-435-3716 416-782-8585 | SEFORIMWAREHOUSE2837@GMAIL.COM SUBSCRIBE or416.782.8585 416-782-8585 416-782-8585 |Issue |July 416.782.8585 416.782.8585 416.782.8585 ||June Sept Issue August 14 Issue 28 WhatsApp 647-435-3716 || Ddlne Aug 20Issue Ddlne Sept 1Sept Ddlne Sept Ddlne June 30 Ddlne July 14 14 Ddlne Ddlne Aug Aug 20 20 Ddlne Ddlne Sept Sept 11Aug Ddlne Ddlne 15


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Client’s Story

I got a ticket. (ed. note: for a moving violation from a police officer),

But it is for only $ 110. Why should I

fight it myself or hire someone to fight it?

Mark’s Story

The cost of a ticket/conviction goes far beyond the first payment.

Insurance companies look at convicted drivers

as higher risks (hence higher rates). If you have not had a prior conviction, you might get

more tickets in the coming months. And you

never know what might happen in the future to affect the outcome on your ticket

(Who knew COVID would wreck the court system for two years?). Always fight a ticket.

Disclaimer: This ad is not in any way meant to be legal advice; it is solely for educational purposes. Always call with questions.

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Ddlne Aug 25

Shemittah in the GTA



Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21




As we make our way through the Shemittah year, please continue to be vigilent as a range of Shemittah produce has surfaced at many local supermarkets and at small retail fruit and vegetable stores. At the present time, we are aware of carrots and fresh herbs that have come in from Israel. Generally speaking, Shemittah produce comes from farms that are not Shomrai Shevi’is and use the export market to compensate for the weakened demand at home. Shemittah produce is the subject to the intricate laws of Shemittah which impact their kashrus status. Israeli produce might be recognizable through a sticker with the country of origin on the surface of the fruit or vegetable. Canadian labeling law requires that a supermarket display the country of origin through appropriate signage. Although signage is not always accurate, it can serve to identify Israeli produce and should always be checked. Fruit and vegetable markets that are under COR supervision are Shemittah free markets. _________________________________________________________________ COR / / / 416 635-9550


Lakewood Hosts ComingReserve to Your Yom Tov Ads Now!

Call 647-435-3716 LAKEWOOD?

is the ultimate Kosher Apartment Rental in Lakewood.


" Ddlne Aug 25 Ddlne Sept 7


9921 Ddlne Sept


! K N I L G MISSIN A drawing of a LINK is hidden somewhere in every issue of our publication. It can be hidden anywhere, in a picture, in a margin or in a letter.

nner! i W A could n Be You Cae LINK, THIS ISSUE you

5!page it is on. 2 $ N I W & tell us which drawing

d th If you fin

a tely tered into immedia n s e xt u e il b a l il M in the ne le w p d o te e in p r p 5 2 will be The first ink. Winners . 5 2 $ munity L m o C to win e Th issue of

Last issue The Missing Link was on the Gemini Print ad on page 28.

Last Issue Winner

HURRY!! Drop off at Find The Missing Link 79 BAYCREST AVENUE Toronto, ON By Monday, August 22, 2022.

Good Luck!

Last Issue Winner Chaya Snyder

Contact The Link to claim your $25

This is an example of the LINK you are looking for. It can be any size but it is alone (not on this page & not part of the logo).


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Bathurst/Laawrence, bright, spacious, 1 bedroom basement apt. Close to shuls, stores & TTC. Fantastic location. Please contact Bracha 416-782-3571.

Vintage furniture for sale - quality Canadian award winning vintage furniture for sale. Includes wrought iron dining table & 4 chairs & 1967 walnut entertainment unit & more. 416-781-6555.

One room in a condo townhouse is available for short term stays. 3pc private bathroom, fridge, coffee maker, & desk. ideal for out of town guests/ short term transitional moving. Ladies only. Located in East Thornhill (Yonge/Clark) Guests must be tripple vaccinated. Please call/text 416-457-1556 Bright, renovated basement apt in Clanton Park area. Large living/dining room & bedroom. Includes in-suite laundry & parking. Steps to TTC, shopping & shuls. All utilities incl. Call 647-896-2358. 2 bedroom basement apt for rent. Walk-in closet, living/dining room, kitchen, 3pc bathroom, partially furnished, parking space. Close to shuls, shopping & transit. Shared laundry. Free internet & everything included. No smoking, no pets, only kosher, shomer shabbos. $1400/mth Call Shmuel 905-882-8265. Bathurst/Steeles - Clark - 2 bdrm bsmt apt, living rm, kitchen, washroom, laundry area, storage 416-451-9443. Bathurst/Steeles - Clark - 4 bdrm, 2 full bathrooms, laundry on 2nd floor, kitchen, meat & dairy sink 416-451-9443.

VACATION RENTAL Belle Ewert - stunning lakefront summer house for rent. One hr. from Toronto on Lake Simcoe. 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, exercise rm, ping pong table, sauna, huge dock, 2 fireplaces, kosher kitchen & more. Close to shul within eruv. Minimum 2 wk rental. Available July & August. Serious inquiries 416-824-7984.

Sterling silver cutlery. Pattern “Joan of Arc” several place settings plus more pieces. 416-781-1923 / 416-789-3810

JOB OPPORTUNITIES International company based in Toronto looking for a graphics & general office person for full time. Includes print ads, packaging design & website updating. Must be punctual & professional, able to use Adobe Suite & Excel. Quickbooks an asset but will train. Pay rate negotiable based on ability. Email resume to



Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21


7:45 am daily minyan Monday-Friday 8am Sunday, Shabbos Shachris 9am Chevra Shas - 3545 Bathurst St opposite Baycrest Hospital 416-782-3420. 8:00am Weekday morning minyan at Clanton Park shul upstairs. On Sundays & official holidays we daven at 9:00am. 416-838-9965. 8:00am minyan in Thornhill Ateres Mordechai 230 Arnold Ave. 905-597-3157 email: Shabbos Vasikin minyan in Thornhill - Ateres Mordechai. Davening 45min. before Neitz. Kiddush following. 230 Arnold Ave. 905-597-3157 MINCHA

LOOKING FOR Do you have a few minutes to check in on someone or engage in a brief friendly chat? Looking for female volunteers. Call Chana Kalter for info. 416-785-5657 Lilui nishmas Faiga Tzippora bas Dovid Aryeh

MINYANIM SHACHRIS If you would like to receive zmanim & updates for The Boat Shul please email 6:45am Shachrit minyan at Maon Noam, 910 Rutherford Rd. (& Bathurst). Mon-Thurs. For info Rʼ Hirsch Rabinski 647-236-7700, Rʼ Yisroel Feldman 416-996-0411. HATZOLOH 416-256-1000

2pm Mincha at Westmount Shul #250 - 10 Disera Dr. (1 block west of Bathurst, north of Ctr). Mon-Thurs in winter. 905-881-7485. 1:00pm Mon-Thurs Finch 400/Weston/Islington Dana Trading Co 40 Penn Drive 416-747-7778 1:00pm Winter, 2:00pm Summer Mincha at Yonge & Bloor 175 Bloor St, East tower suite 601 Call 416-323-3773 x337 email 1:00pm winter, 2:00pm summer Mincha Hwy 7 & Woodbine Yogen Fruz head office, 210 Shields Court. Contact: Volvi Bergman

CHAVEIRIM 416-831-4583



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Ddlne Aug 25

Call 647-435-3716

2pm Mincha at 197 Spadina Ave. Suite 500 (n/e corner of Phoebe & Spadina, north of Queen, east side of Spadina) please email 1:40pm Olympia Tile 15 Dufflaw Rd. 2nd flr. Mon-Thurs Tzvi Hess 416-785-9555 x217.

2:00pm 5255 Yonge Street Suite 901 please text 647-574-3659 for info. 2:00pm Mincha Dufferin/Glencairn 2778 Dufferin Street Main Floor Meirʼs Office Shteible. Cholent served every Thursday.

2:00pm Yonge/Finch mincha. Xerox tower 5650 Yonge St. Ste 1700. Questrade Inc. Come join or contact

1:00 pm Mincha in Mississauga 25 Eglinton Ave E. (N/E corner Dixie & Eglinton) to join email list to confirm minyan call 905-268-4432 or email 2:00pm Plazacorp Investments Mon-Thurs. 10 Wanless Ave. Ste. 201 416-481-2222 x244. 2:00pm Cambridge Mercantile Mon-Thurs, 4th floor boardroom 212 King St. W.

2:00pm Mincha Mon-Thurs Concord - 140 Cidermill Bldg A Hwy 7/Jane 905-660-7716. Shabbos Mincha Gedola - 2:00pm at 35 Stormont 416-782-3328. 2:00pm New year round mincha minyan. 333 Wilson Ave Suite 201 entrance thru west stairwell Bathurst/Wilson 2:15pm Yeshivas Mishkan Hatorah 3452 Bathurst St. (opposite Grodzinskis) enter from rear entrance 416-800-9089 Maariv 9:00 pm winter, 9:30pm summer. 3:30pm Mincha Mon-Thurs 265 Rimrock Rd Suite 265 Allen & Sheppard) Jeff 647-930-3038. 3:15pm Mincha, 6pm Arvit 10 McAllister Road. 2 blocks south of Sheppard. For more info please contact 647-857-6600. 3:15pm Mon-Thurs - Friedberg Mercantile 220 Bay St. 6th floor corner of Bay/Wellington 416-364-1171. Yeshiva Gedola Zichron Shmaryahu (Mesivta) Shachris 7:30am, Mincha 3:00, 3:30 Maariv 9:30, 10:00 70 Faiholme Ave. Mincha/Arvit daily 20min before shkiah in Kollel Yismach Moshe 10 Bainbridge (across Earl Bales). Regular minyanim 7:15 am shachris (Hodu), 6:00pm mincha, 9:45 arvit, Sunday 7:15am, 8:15am 10:15pm Maariv in The Thornhill Kollel Ohr Yosef every weeknight 601 Clark Ave. HATZOLOH 416-256-1000

CHAVEIRIM 416-831-4583



Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21

GENERAL NOTICES If you are in need of someone to say KADDISH after the loss of a loved one, can help. 416-451-6543.

If you know someone in hospital who could use a visit or specific support please call Bikur Cholim office 416-783-7983. Shabbos Meal Connection if you are new in town or are single & need a shabbos meal call Leah Gabay & she will set you up with hosts in your area. 416-789-5812. Daily mens general email group. Great if youʼre looking for info on events, recommendations for services or to buy or sell something. To join please email

Menachem Tzvi Tehillim Group for ladies meets every Wedensday night at 7:45pm in Clanton Park neighborhood. Newcomers very welcome.Please call Susan at 416-635-7010 or Gitta at 416-633-5376. Tzion of A Tzaddik - there is a tzion of a tzaddik Rʼ Naftali Zvi Horowitz zt”l where many people have merited yeshuos. His kever is at the Roselawn Cemetary at Bathurst/Roselawn. Inspire By Wire - Bnos Melochimʼs 24hr inspiration line. Call 718-906-6451 to hear personal stories of triumph, fascinating interviews hundreds of beautiful lectures on the topics of modesty, self esteem, parenting, shalom bayis, shabbos etc & special tznius teleconferences.

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Call 647-435-3716

Attn Teens: This One is for you! Call 347-498-8353 for Bnos Melochimʼs extraordinary “Tele-Teen” A hotline featuring teen triumphs, school spotlights, Q&A roundtable, intriguing interviews & a daily lesson.

Toronto Grapevine - email group for frum women of any age and stage of life. Find out whatʼs going on in the community at large. Itʼs free. Just send an email to Service provided by Amazing Emunah & Bitachon hotline! Your life will never be the same! 732-719-3898. Young Wives &/or Young Mothers join our Meet N Greet email group created just for you. Find out about stuff going on in the community & stay connected with others in your area. Send an email to Celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? How will you be marking this milestone? Ask about Chai Lifeline Programs & brochure. Help be the difference in the life of a sick kid. Contact Do you know any women or girls who are in need of a place for shabbos? Contact Yana 437-990-7944 and I would be more than happy to host them.

SERVICES Small Wonders - supporting Jewish couples experiencing infertility. Medically, emotionally, halachically, financially. 24hr helpline.416-742-0090 confidential. Torah based 13 step program of recovery or codependency. For more info call hotline. 845-286-1006 Feeling isolated? Would you like a volunteer to check in on you? Need a friendly chat? “Buddy 2 Buddy” - free phone program for women. Contact Chana Kalter 416-785-5657. Amudim provides confidential resources & assistance to individuals impacted by abuse, neglect, addiction, mental health & crisis related matters. 647-517-0222 Do you have a senior female relative who lives alone? Do you worry about her being all alone at night? Kind compassionate shomer shabbos woman available to sleep in so you can have peace of mind. Avoid high agency fees & contact me to discuss your needs. References available.


Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21


Chai Lifeline Canada - providing support & services to Jewish families & kids affected by life threatening & life long illness. Strictly confidential 647-430-5933 LʻChaim Cancer Support Group for Jewish Women - our volunteers are Jewish women cancer survivors who provide confidential peer support to Jewish women with cancer. (A project of National Council of LʼChaim hotline) 416-630-0203. Clothing donation drop offs to benefit Jewish schools. Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah 77 Glen Rush box next to garbage bins SE side of lot. Bobov Cheder 44 Champlain Blvd Green bin located north of the front entrance. To add a bin to your school, fundraisers call 416-220-7073. Jewish Senior Circle pairs volunteers with lonely seniors in their places of residence - private homes, nursing or retirement homes. To sign up a senior in need contact Jewish Senior Circle 647-770-9870

MT Plumbing Service. Installation & Repairs drains, emergency service. Call Mike 416-722-5225.

Bicycle Repairs by a shomer shabbos

yid. Call Shimon 647-852-3075

New learning opportunity - Join an early morning kollel. Add inspiration & success to your day. For details call 647-893-8950 Shmuel


If you have leftover food from a simcha or event and want to donate it please contact will make sure thaat it goes to people who are food insecure. Tizku Lʼmitzvot


delivery/courier no late Friday or Saturday service 647-244-1822 Woman policeman from Ukraine will help with any questions. Whatsapp 416-712-4912

HATZOLOH 416-256-1000 CHAVEIRIM 416-831-4583

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Call 647-435-3716

GEMACHS SIMCHAS Gemach Ateres Malka crown & veils for brides. Call Judy 647-992-5839 for an appt. Located in Thornhill. accepting donations of crowns & veils in perfect condition only. Gowns for Mother-of-the-Bride & family - Call Suri 416-783-7465.

Boys Simcha Outfits - Hachnosas Kallah sizes 18mths - 6x. 416-789-2320. Gemach for plastic serving bowls, platters, spoons & forks. Mirror ties & vases for centerpieces. Lilui nishmas Meir Shimshon Hacohen ben Eliezer Litman and Tamar bas Yosef. 647-778-0076 (Michal)

Miriamʼs Closet - beautiful sheva brachos outfits for kallah & her mother. Shani & Bracha 416-828-6462, 647-217-2259 Cake Gemach - Simcha to Simcha to donate items left from your simcha & enhance someone elseʼs simcha please call Mrs. Susie Bierbrier 416-875-5686 or Mrs. Ruth Galet 416-523-7082 we will be happy to pick up your cookies, petit-fours, cakes, chocolate, nuts & candy.

Ddlne Aug 25

Simcha Baskets - fully stocked toiletries baskets for the ladies room at your simcha. $20 Call Rivki 416-356-4966. "Gemach Glickel Chana" A selection of gowns for your next simcha. Located in Thornhill. Sunday & Weekday appointments only. No evenings. L'zecher Nishmas Glickel Chana Bas Chaim. To book appointment email Chuppah Tefillah Card Gemach Making a wedding? Beautiful tefillah cards available for loan. Please contact Rachel at 647-710-8767 or email On The House Tablecloth Gemach large array of beautiful tablecloths for your simcha. Also some centrepieces avail. Call Fraidy 416-789-4273.



Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21

NEW Girls Simcha Gown Gemach size infant to 12 yrs. 2 locations to drop off current gowns: 485 Spring Gate Blvd. & 127 Dell Park For inquiries please text Shoshana Levy 416-275-3677. Lʼilui nishmas Rochel bas Refoel Menachem

Kallah Sneakers Gemach Please text 416-450-8699 167 McMorran Cresc, Thornhill Place Cards - we have place cards that include 2-4 line poems to encourage Shmiras Halashon at a simcha. Avail. in cream & white colours. Free of charge. Lʼillui nishmas Rebbetzin P. Weinberg a”h. Please call Esther Rochel 416-787-6780.

Petals & Lace Gown Rental children-preteen 416-787-9817 42 Dufflaw Rd. CALL FOR HRS

Bris Card Gemach - tefillah for mother, father, guest attending bris & the nusach of bris. Please call 416-789-9745.

Wedding Shtick Gemach - all proceeds go to Hachnosas Kallah of Toronto. Please call Michal 416-782-3366 evenings.

Bris Pillow & Outfit Gemach Lʼilui nishmot Chaim ben Zvi & Chaya Tzina bat Nissan. 905-731-6336.

Petticoat/Crinolin Gemach Lots of stock - women & girls Come any time the Perfect Fit is open. $50 cheque deposit per petticoat. 416-782-8378 donations welcome

Bris/Pidyon Haben Gemach Zichron Pessy - beautiful bris outfits, poya, pillow cover & tray. Call/text Chaya Goldstein 647-470-7816

HATZOLOH 416-256-1000


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Ddlne Aug 25

Call 647-435-3716

Simcha Vases (25) - 24” tall clear glass “Pilsner” vases for arrangements either in vase or on top Brand new. $6 rental each. Partial proceeds to Chai Lifeline. 905-881-6340. Hachnosas Orchim Gemach - quilts, pillows, linen, towels, hot plates, heaters, urns, negel vasser sets available for short term loan. Call Mrs. Leah Esther Fuhrer 416-787-2234 or Mrs. Frumie DʼAncona 416-780-1312. Simcha Gemach - items such as salad bowls, serving pieces, trays, kiddush cups, challah knives, salt shakers, chafing dishes, hot water urns, baskets, chocolate fountain, centrepieces. A few coat racks &

Lucite Chuppa Cards with Tefillos to say at the time of the chuppa. Available to borrow for your next simcha. Please call/text Esti 416-835-8942.

Bris Gemach - Beautiful pillow & outfit to use for bris milah. Lʼilui nishmas Rʼ Aryeh Ben Nesanel Lemberger. 647-349-8166 Beautiful cards with tefillos for before the Chuppah available to be borrowed. Mrs. D. Jakubowitz 416-789-9745. LIBRARY

Gemach Gifts - have unwanted new gifts that newlyweds can use? Donate them. Kitchen, judaic, linens, hair coverings. North & South location drop offs. Call 647-832-7479 or email

Free Tape Lending Gemach Rʼ Pesach Krohn, Rʼ Yankel Horowitz & more. Call R. Magid 416-785-6096.

Zichron Yehudit Bridal Jewellery Gemach - for more information please call Barbara at 416-837-1710 Maternity Gown Gemach - now carrying full length gowns & 2 pieces that are appropriate for family weddings. Call for an appointment. Miri Kaufman 416-932-6632. Gorgeous chuppa cards with tefillos for the Chosson & Kallah available to use. Contact M. Wachsman 647-741-1336

Chumashim & Siddurim Gemach we carry chumashim, siddurim, bentchers & challah covers. Lʼillui nishmas Rivka Chana bas Yaakov. 416-785-1169 Emunah book & CD Gemach - many titles available for loan. All on the topic of emunah & bitachon. Call 416-887-7672 & leave a message. Lʼillui nishmas Harav Zachariah Mines zt”l. CLOTHING/SHAITELS

Tznius Gemach - tznius-size your wardrobe as befits a Bas Yisroel. A minimal flat rate charge applies to cover materials. This service does not include major alterations. Lʼillui nishmas Shprintza bas Chana. 416-781-1787.


Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21


Bais Yaakov High School Uniform Gemach- uniforms available by appt. 416-782-2417. Bais Yaakov Elementary School Uniform Gemach has moved to 37 Shelborne Ave. Please drop off uniforms in good condition in front of the garage. Getting uniforms will be by appt only. Call 416-988-9153 or

Bencher Gemach - lʼilui nishmas HaRav Yitzchak Gamliel ben HaRav Noach HaLevi Witty zt”l. 905-709-6445.

some tablecloths. Call Sori 416-787-9582.

Brit Yitzchak Gemach - copies of sefer “Brit Olam” with the special learning seder for leil habrit available for Sephardim to borrow. 416-518-8177.


Shaitel Gemach - Zichron Rʼ Y.A. Sibony B. Meir a”h. Carries now The Hat Fall (Band It) New in Toronto Same day Wash & Set $20. Call E. Lipovenko 437-221-6585 (61 Fairholme) The Shaitel Gemach of Toronto is now offering haircut services for children and women. Very affordable. Please call Elisheva for an appointment 647-770-7462. Shabbos hats for men needed for gemach. Drop off is 77 Sultana Ave. email for info Bnos Bais Yaakov Uniform Gemach uniforms available & to drop off call R. Tauber. 416-256-1694. NEW MATERNITY GEMACH for weekday & shabbos is open at 97 Roberta Dr. Text/call 647-822-9757 Anyone looking to donate maternity clothes please leave on front porch of 97 Roberta Dr. or text me. If youʼd like to sell an expensive item please include your contact info & a price. Otherwise all gemach items are free. Thornhill Ladies Clothing Gemach. 18 Rodeo Drive. 647-406-9196 9am-7pm daily. No appt necessary

HATZOLOH 416-256-1000 CHAVEIRIM 416-831-4583


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Call 647-435-3716

Shaitel Gemacher - have a wig not right for you? Let someone else enjoy it! Call Shully Feigenbaum 416-785-5133. Tznius Awareness - CDs now available from the kinus lʼilui nishmas Mrs. S. Konigsberg a”h. Also available: EZ necklastic kits & knee covers. Min. charge to cover costs. Please call 416-398-5785. Drop-off of used clothing at 91 Glen Rush Blvd. Funds go towards outfitting disadvantaged bar mitzvah bochurim in our community. Mens & Boys Gemach - featuring suits, white shirts, dark pants, dressy shoes, leather belts, coats size 10 kids to adults. $5-$25 Charles, Tyrwhitt, Canali, Boss, Zegna, Strellson, Brooks Bros etc. For appt or to drop off donation call 416-780-1333 or email Tznisdik Hospital Gowns - available to borrow. 416-256-4350. New dressy clothing gemach in Thornhill. Tznius dressy clothing for loan for the price of dry cleaning only. Collecting donations of shabbos, yontif, sheva brachos clothing for women & teens. Please contact Chani Abrams 647-687-0447

Ddlne Aug 25


Car/Booster Seat Gemach - short or long term. Call Rhona Wunsch. 416-783-9323. Chap-A-Ride to your out of town destination - Need a ride? Offering one? Sending a peckel? 416-782-7141. Car Booster Seats available for short term use. Call Batya 416-256-7507. MISCELLANEOUS Hachnosas Orchim for out of towners coming to Toronto to date (Shidduchim related) Need a place with privacy? Total confidentiality. No need to stay in a hotel. Call us, itʼs our pleasure. 416-633-1749.


Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21

Bikur Cholim 416-783-7983 ALL OCCASION CARDS Want to congratulate or mark a special anniversary? Recognize a friend or acquaintance? Want to remember a loved one? Nichum Aveilim? All of these can be tastefully done with our cards. New design & price. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT - to borrow or donate medical equipment Please call the Bikur Cholim office 416-783-7983 Electric & manual pump gemach. New! Many Medela pumps avail for up to a year. Spectra Pumps also available. Email If you are pregnant & need help with suppers: Volunteers bring suppers for 4 weeks to me to be picked up anonymously. To volunteer/get help email anonymousbutnotalone

Moving? Need boxes? 416-787-9326 Mezzuzah Gemach - moving? in between homes/apartments? checking yours? Short term loans available. Please call 905-889-9970. Lʼillui nishmas Frimshe bas Shraga Feivish a”h. Kosher Ipad for short hospital stays. If someone you know is going to the hospital overnight (r”l) call for a new ipad preloaded ONLY with koshergames (more options avail on request) 647-261-7775.


Multiples Gemach - for families expecting multiples. Clothing, diapers, various toys, sleeping & feeding items. Please email or whatsapp 416-804-4600.

HATZOLOH 416-256-1000 CHAVEIRIM 416-831-4583

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Call 647-435-3716

Sukkah Gemach Do you have/need a sukkah or equipment? contact us & we will try to connect those who need with those who want to give away. Lʼilui nishmas Rʼ Naftoli Tzvi Ben Harav Yosef Chaim Avrohom z”l. Email Clubfoot/Develpmental Hip Dysplasia - was your newborn just diagnosed? Maybe we can help. 647-300-4168. Doula Gemach - get prenatal, labour & postpartum support for reassurance, comfort & guidance as well as positive birth experience. Have a fulfilling birth memory while paying what you can for a trained/experienced doula. Please call Batsheva at 647-766-5425. lʼilui nishmas Tamara Taube bas Ephraim.

Crutches Gemach Refael David - short term loan of crutches. Lʼzchus Refael Dovid ben Bracha lʼrefuah shelaima. Please call 416-567-5656 Natural Cleaning Product Gemach. Free cleaning spray to introduce inexpensive homemade alternatives to harsh chemicals. 647-458-1524. INTRODUCING: The new CHA-LOVE Formula Gemach To request or donate safety sealed, non expired formula, coupons or sterile water for mixing, please contact 416-880-7417 or email


Ddlne Aug 25

Are you or your child laid up in bed? is someone you know recuperating for whatever reason? Would it help to have educating, inspiring & kosher entertainment available on hand? Please call 416-726-4969. Do you bake 5lbs of Challah on Thursday night or Friday? Please join our Gemach & daven for others. Call 416-CHALLAH (416-242-5524) Mezuzah Gemach - long or short term. Lʼilui nishmas Esther Berocho bas Eliezer a”h. Please call or email 416-666-0242. ChallosRUs is making challahs with proceeds going to people who need it. Contact Challah is taken. All ingredients yoshon. Challah baked by Sarah Chaya Basser. References samples available upon request. Baal Tashchis Gemach - are you making a simcha/party or gathering? Call us anytime & we will pick up the groceries/ leftovers. 416-780-1333 Cooked items will need some hechsher. All food goes respectfully to families in need. Remote control adjustable beds for post surgery & rehab patients. Available for long term loans. Gemach Zichron Esther Bracha we provide assistance in coordinating all shiva needs Bentzy 416-666-0242 or Tzvi 647-862-8501.



Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21


High Prescription Drug Costs? Gemach to help access government program that can assist with the cost of prescription drugs. Contact Yitzchak 416-256-7507. Liven Up Your Simcha do you or anyone you know want some extra excitement at a wedding? Bais Yaakov type girls are happily ready to liven up your simcha. Call 416-616-9218 Crutches Gemach Refael David - short term loan of crutches. Lʼzchus Refael Dovid ben Bracha lʼrefuah shelaima. Please call 416-567-5656 Travel Adapters - Traveling to Israel or Europe? If you need an adapter to charge your devices, call Rivki at 416-356-4966. short term loans free. Diaper Gemach - if you have any unopened box/packages of diapers or are a family in need, please email or text 416-939-9390. Confidential Pushka Pickup - pickup service for Rʼ Meir Baal Hanes, Bikur Cholim, BYES, Ashreinu 416-781-5372 No time to cook? Bring it & Iʼll cook it for you. Please call Rina 416-209-0406 Liʼilui nishmat Rivka bat Chai. New Chair Gemach - white garden chairs. Pickup in Thornhill. Call 416-729-4598 to reserve.

We reserve the right to select ads & pictures to be published. We are not responsible for typographical errors, kashrus, availability or quality of products or services advertised.


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Call 647-435-3716

Chaya Gemach - Lʼilui nishmat Chaya bat Moshe (N”Y) Helping to get information for Hebrew schools, Hachnosas Orchim, kosher food in the Jewish community. Call Esther Lipovenko 437-221-6585 GPS Gemach - available for short term rentals at no charge. Please call 416-890-8944. Mezuzah Gemach - Lʼilui nishmas Chaya Faiga Mirel bas Yechiel Ephraim Fishel. Call Devora & leave a message 416-831-4718. Short term Winter Gloves Gemach Meshulochim & visitors in temporary need of winter gloves & scarves. 416-789-1515 if no answer, leave a message. Tefillin Gemach - tefillin available for short term loans (both right & left). Lʼiluui nishmas Rʼ Simcha ben Binyomin Felsenburg a”h. Please contact Kahan Family 416-782-8766. Pidyon Haben Gemach Items for pidyon haben, coins to purchase, list of kohanim, packages of garlic & sugar, pillow & clothing. Liʼilui nishmas Mrs. Ester Eichorn Contact Ben at 416-666-0242.

Menucha Simcha Gemach - Lʼilui Mrs. M.S. Bat Shimon AʼH. Lice check/ Shaboss/Weekday cooking bring it & Iʼll cook it for you! Please call E. Lipovenko 437-221-6585. New! Gorgeous Bracha Acharona (& Kiddusha Raba) Cards for your Kiddush. Designed for any occasion & comes with nice stands. Please call for pick up & drop off. M Wachsman 647-741-1336 Doula Gemach - get prenatal, labour & postpartum support for reassurance, comfort & guidance as well as positive birth experience. Have a fulfilling birth memory while paying what you can for a trained/experienced doula. Please call Batsheva at 647-766-5425. lʼilui nishmas Tamara Taube bas Ephraim.

Beautifully Illustrated Tribute Cards -available “in honour of” or “in memory of”. Proceeds go to Eim Habonim Smecha, an organization for over 500 single parent families in Israel. Call 416-638-3366. Liven Up Your Simcha do you or anyone you know want some extra excitement at a wedding? Bais Yaakov type girls are happily ready to liven up your simcha. Call 416-616-9218

Ddlne Aug 25



Ddlne Sept 7 Ddlne Sept 21

High Prescription Drug Costs? Gemach to help access government program that can assist with the cost of prescription drugs. Contact Yitzchak 416-256-7507. New Baby Equipment Gemach in Thornhill. Lʼilui nishmas my father, Moshe ben Alexander. To donate or borrow strollers, exersaucers, car seats, booster seats etc please contact Sara Plonka at Notary Public Available - evenings in the Bathurst/Lawrence area. Free service for seminary/yeshiva students, cross border travel etc. 416-782-5219, 416-749-4092 or

CHALLAH GEMACH - Bathurst/ Lawrence. We will bake fresh (amazing) challahs weekly for those in need. Pay what you can, all proceeds to Tomchai Shabbos. For pickup only. Text 647-531-5024 latest by Thurstday night

Looking for a PLATE to break at the wedding? We are happy to provide. Lilui nishmas Rosa Barna 416-824-4135.

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Call 647-435-3716



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FAX SUBMISSION FORM Please fill out this form to send in a Classified Ad. • Write in clear readable BLOCK letters. • Please don’t use more than the allotted space in the following form (max. 150 characters) • We insert classified ads FREE of charge - for business related ads there will be a $25 + 13% HST prepaid charge (credit cards only) • We do not reenter classifieds from one issue to the next. If you want your ad to run more than once please note it on the fax. (Max. 2 times/free ad) • Classified ads can be emailed to or Whatsapp to 647-435-3716

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CHILDREN (see also gifts) Orange Square ........... 50,51 Sugar N Spice ............. 40,68

Hearing Solutions ............31 Maxi Health ................ 62,63 Rachels Skin Spa ..............69 Rivka Beauty .....................14


Chocolate Moose............65 Kosher Natural .......... 39,58


Dr. Axelrod.......................67


Discount Cheques ............1

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Arista Air ...........................20 Avi’s Art ....................... 57,74 Baths Only ........................21 Deck Home Patio .............4 Garbage Buddy ................56 Interior Selections...........36 Interiors To Be .................17 Mastercraft Blinds ...........75 MT Plumbers ....................83 National Heating .............66 Perfect Locksmith ...........60 Pest Control Plus ...... 54,55


BP Graphics ......................76 Gemini Print .....................38

Sara Schneirer .................92


Little Shoe Palace .... 35,93




Kaufman ............................6 HOSIERY

Sox Spot ...................... 46,47 WIGS/HAIR


Sleep Well Mattresses ....16



Kitchen Art .....................8,9

Israeli Source............. 48,49 Pardes Seforim ................19 LAW


BP Graphics .................... 76 Gemini Printing .............. 38

Berger Law ......................45 Mark Breslow ..................70


Mortgage Maven .............86

Sox Spot ...................... 46,47 PHOTO HEALTH & WELLNESS

Caregiver...........................15 FEG ............................... 52,53

Cameo Wigs .............. 32,33

Moshe Fine Jewel....... 34,91 JUDAICA

Exclusive Video ..............64



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Dwnsouth Smokehouse.44 Kosher City Plus................3 Savours ..............................95


Mementos ................... 88,89



Brain Teasers.....................73 Missing Link ......................72 Fax Submission Form .....85 Backyard Mezuza .............37 COR ...................................71 Canada Buying Group ....30 DANI..................................94 Eruv ....................................22 Fasting Pills........................12 Flip Phone .........................23 Kids Summer Prgm ...41-43 Magnet ...............................18 Niagara Falls .......................2 Nine Days Shiurim ..........13 Project Inspire ....................7 Smarphone Articles ..24-29 Sukkah Centre ............... BC TBG ....................................90 Tisha Bav Event ................11 Tisha Bav Kinnus .............10 Yoni Z Concert..................5

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B.A. in Psychology with Education & Special Education M.S. in Education & Special Education

B.A. in Psychology with Speech prerequisites M.S. in Speech Language Pathology









B.A. in Psychology with ABA M.P.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis

B.S. in Business Administration M.S. in Business Administration (MBA)

SOCIAL WORK B.A. in Psychology

with Social Work


M.S.W. in Social Work


B.S. in Accounting with CPA Track M.S. in Business Administration (MBA)



B.S. in Data Science M.S. in Data Science

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