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Simcha Vases (25) - 24” tall clear glass “Pilsner” vases for arrangements either in vase or on top Brand new. $6 rental each. Partial proceeds to Chai Lifeline. 905-881-6340. Hachnosas Orchim Gemach - quilts, pillows, linen, towels, hot plates, heaters, urns, negel vasser sets available for short term loan. Call Mrs. Leah Esther Fuhrer 416-787-2234 or Mrs. Frumie DʼAncona 416-780-1312. Simcha Gemach - items such as salad bowls, serving pieces, trays, kiddush cups, challah knives, salt shakers, chafing dishes, hot water urns, baskets, chocolate fountain, centrepieces. A few coat racks & some tablecloths. Call Sori 416-787-9582. Beautiful cards with tefillos for before the Chuppah available to be borrowed. Mrs. D. Jakubowitz 416-789-9745. Zichron Yehudit Bridal Jewellery Gemach - for more information please call Barbara at 416-837-1710

Maternity Gown Gemach - now carrying full length gowns & 2 pieces that are appropriate for family weddings. Call for an appointment. Miri Kaufman 416-932-6632.

Gorgeous chuppa cards with tefillos for the Chosson & Kallah available to use. Contact M. Wachsman 647-741-1336 markitgraphicdesign@gmail.com

182 Caribou Rd.

Sunday - Thursday 12:00 - 4:00 PM

416.782.8585 | usedbooks613@gmail.com

Lucite Chuppa Cards with Tefillos to say at the time of the chuppa. Available to borrow for your next simcha. Please call/text Esti 416-835-8942. Bencher Gemach - lʼilui nishmas HaRav Yitzchak Gamliel ben HaRav Noach HaLevi Witty zt”l. 905-709-6445. Bris Gemach - Beautiful pillow & outfit to use for bris milah. Lʼilui nishmas Rʼ Aryeh Ben Nesanel Lemberger. 647-349-8166

Tznius Gemach - tznius-size your wardrobe as befits a Bas Yisroel. A minimal flat rate charge applies to cover materials. This service does not include major alterations. Lʼillui nishmas Shprintza bas Chana. 416-781-1787. Shaitel Gemach - Zichron Rʼ Y.A. Sibony B. Meir a”h. Carries now The Hat Fall (Band It) New in Toronto Same day Wash & Set $20. Call E. Lipovenko 647-857-2871 (61 Fairholme)


The Shaitel Gemach of Toronto is now offering haircut services for children and women. Very affordable. Please call Elisheva for an appointment 647-770-7462.

Free Tape Lending Gemach Rʼ Pesach Krohn, Rʼ Yankel Horowitz & more. Call R. Magid 416-785-6096. Chumashim & Siddurim Gemach we carry chumashim, siddurim, bentchers & challah covers. Lʼillui nishmas Rivka Chana bas Yaakov. 416-785-1169 Emunah book & CD Gemach - many titles available for loan. All on the topic of emunah & bitachon. Call 416-887-7672 & leave a message. Lʼillui nishmas Harav Zachariah Mines zt”l. CLOTHING/SHAITELS

Bais Yaakov High School Uniform Gemach- uniforms available by appt. 416-782-2417. Bais Yaakov Elementary School Uniform Gemach has moved to 37 Shelborne Ave. Please drop off uniforms in good condition in front of the garage. Getting uniforms will be by appt only. Call 416-988-9153 or cwoldiger@gmail.com


Shabbos hats for men & women needed for gemach. Drop off is 77 Sultana Ave. email walkincloset1@gmail.com for info The Plus Sizes Clothing Rack has MOVED TO Lawrence/Bathurst. Great condition plus-size women's clothing, sizes 18-28. Lawrence/Bathurst by appt only. Sara Raizel (289) 200-7169 WhatsApp or sararaizel@gmail.com Shaitel Gemacher - have a wig not right for you? Let someone else enjoy it! Call Shully Feigenbaum 416-785-5133. Bnos Bais Yaakov Uniform Gemach uniforms available & to drop off call R. Tauber. 416-256-1694.

HATZOLOH 416-256-1000 CHAVEIRIM 416-831-4583

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The Community Link Toronto, Issue 341, February 4-17, 2020  

The Community Link Toronto, Issue 341, February 4-17, 2020  

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