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It’s your child’s life, don’t take the wrong turn.


f your child needs a psychological or psychiatric evaluation, you may be overwhelmed by the options and unsure how to proceed. The options range from pediatric neurology and psychiatry, to psychology and neuropsychology. The choices seem endless. Dealing with a child’s fragile sense of self and the high cost of proper treatment makes the decision even more difficult. Relief has developed a comprehensive database of child mental health professionals. Based on our extensive research, we can direct you through the maze of options. If you suspect ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety or any other childhood disorder, Relief can guide you to the most qualified provider. Call RELIEF to get the help and support you need.


support and other vital services to persons suffering from a variety of mental disorders including Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and many others. These services are geared to the frum community with a special sensitivity to their unique needs and challenges.

416.789.1600 2788 Bathurst Street Suite 302, Toronto, ON M6B 3A3 EMAIL: info@reliefhelp.ca / VISIT: www.reliefhelp.ca

DC DESIGN / 732.901.4784

RELIEF has the haskama and guidance of leading Rabbonim in Toronto Our services are free of charge and completely confidential.

ELIEF is a non-profit organization which provides medical referrals,

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The Community Link Toronto, Issue 341, February 4-17, 2020  

The Community Link Toronto, Issue 341, February 4-17, 2020  

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