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Chaya Gemach - Lʼilui nishmat Chaya bat Moshe (N”Y) Helping to get information for Hebrew schools, Hachnosas Orchim, kosher food in the Jewish community. Call Esther Lipovenko 647-857-2871. GPS Gemach - available for short term rentals at no charge. Please call 416-890-8944. Mezuzah Gemach - Lʼilui nishmas Chaya Faiga Mirel bas Yechiel Ephraim Fishel. Call Devora & leave a message 416-831-4718. Short term Winter Gloves Gemach Meshulochim & visitors in temporary need of winter gloves & scarves. 416-789-1515 if no answer, leave a message. Travel Adapters - Traveling to Israel or Europe? If you need an adapter to charge your devices, call Rivki at 416-356-4966. short term loans free. Remote control adjustable beds for post surgery & rehab patients. Available for long term loans. bryskine@gmail.com Tefillin Gemach - tefillin available for short term loans (both right & left). Lʼiluui nishmas Rʼ Simcha ben Binyomin Felsenburg a”h. Please contact Kahan Family 416-782-8766.

182 Caribou Rd.

Sunday - Thursday 12:00 - 4:00 PM

416.782.8585 | usedbooks613@gmail.com

Menucha Simcha Gemach - Lʼilui Mrs. M.S. Bat Shimon AʼH. Lice check/ Shaboss/Weekday cooking bring it & Iʼll cook it for you! Please call E. Lipovenko 647-857-2871. New! Gorgeous Bracha Acharona (& Kiddusha Raba) Cards for your Kiddush. Designed for any occasion & comes with nice stands. Please call for pick up & drop off. M Wachsman 647-741-1336 Doula Gemach - get prenatal, labour & postpartum support for reassurance, comfort & guidance as well as positive birth experience. Have a fulfilling birth memory while paying what you can for a trained/experienced doula. Please call Batsheva at 647-766-5425. lʼilui nishmas Tamara Taube bas Ephraim.

High Prescription Drug Costs? Gemach to help access government program that can assist with the cost of prescription drugs. Contact Yitzchak 416-256-7507. New Baby Equipment Gemach in Thornhill. Lʼilui nishmas my father, Moshe ben Alexander. To donate or borrow strollers, exersaucers, car seats, booster seats etc please contact Sara Plonka at srplonka@gmail.com Enhance the beauty of bringing in Shabbos by lighting on time & davening for others. Call 416-CANDLES / 416-226-3537. Say Shir Hashirim &/or a Kapitel Tehillim & help bring a yeshua for Klal Yisroel.

Beautifully Illustrated Tribute Cards -available “in honour of” or “in memory of”. Proceeds go to Eim Habonim Smecha, an organization for over 500 single parent families in Israel. Call 416-638-3366.

Notary Public Available - evenings in the Bathurst/Lawrence area. Free service for seminary/yeshiva students, cross border travel etc. 416-782-5219, 416-749-4092 or dbotnick@rogers.com

Liven Up Your Simcha do you or anyone you know want some extra excitement at a wedding? Bais Yaakov type girls are happily ready to liven up your simcha. Call 416-616-9218

Gemach for visiting babies - baby/ toddler gear for up to 2 weeks. Car seats, portable cribs, high chairs, bouncers, baby tubs, safety gates. 647-898-4662 pick up in Thornhill

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Chaya Kayla Basser


Custom Photo Cook ies Available! Call early!


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The Community Link Toronto, Issue 341, February 4-17, 2020  

The Community Link Toronto, Issue 341, February 4-17, 2020  

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