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Sukkah Gemach Do you have/need a sukkah or equipment? contact us & we will try to connect those who need with those who want to give away. Lʼilui nishmas Rʼ Naftoli Tzvi Ben Harav Yosef Chaim Avrohom z”l. Email sukkahgemach@gmail.com Cellphone Charger Gemach left your charger somewhere & canʼt seem to find it? Coming from abroad & donʼt have an adapter? Come to us to borrow a charger for any phone. 416-890-8944 (accepting donations of your old chargers)

Stroller Gemach! Retractable/ non-retractable; Graco, Evenflo, Peg Perego, double & singles. Up to 6 months to borrow. Safety check, clean, older models. All donations to Zareinu & Chai Lifeline Canada. Call Simcha Moshe 416-784-2925.

Natural Cleaning Product Gemach. Free cleaning spray to introduce inexpensive homemade alternatives to harsh chemicals. 647-458-1524.

To Kallahs & Beyond Come & learn the secrets of Challah Making at my home or yours. Please call Dorit 416-785-5247. Gemach Zichron Esther Bracha we provide assistance in coordinating all shiva needs Bentzy 416-666-0242 or Tzvi 647-862-8501.

182 Caribou Rd.

Sunday - Thursday 12:00 - 4:00 PM

416.782.8585 | usedbooks613@gmail.com

Are you or your child laid up in bed? is someone you know recuperating for whatever reason? Would it help to have educating, inspiring & kosher entertainment available on hand? Please call 416-726-4969. Do you bake 5lbs of Challah on Thursday night or Friday? Please join our Gemach & daven for others. Call 416-CHALLAH (416-242-5524) Mezuzah Gemach - long or short term. Lʼilui nishmas Esther Berocho bas Eliezer a”h. Please call or email ben@eichornrealty.com 416-666-0242. No time to cook? Bring it & Iʼll cook it for you. Please call Rina 416-209-0406 Liʼilui nishmat Rivka bat Chai. ChallosRUs is making challahs with proceeds going to people who need it. Contact challosrus@gmail.com Challah is taken. All ingredients yoshon. Challah baked by Sarah Chaya Basser. References samples available upon request. Baal Tashchis Gemach - are you making a simcha/party or gathering? Call us anytime & we will pick up the groceries/ leftovers. 416-780-1333 Cooked items will need some hechsher. All food goes respectfully to families in need. SIM cards to purchase for Israel. Cost of the SIM is $5.00 US plus whatever plan you choose to get. Plans can be viewed at easyisrael-mobile.com I have personally used this company and am very pleased with the service. Pick up is in Thornhill or I can arrange to send it to Bathurst /Lawrence with sufficient notice.


High Prescription Drug Costs? Gemach to help access government program that can assist with the cost of prescription drugs. Contact Yitzchak 416-256-7507. Liven Up Your Simcha do you or anyone you know want some extra excitement at a wedding? Bais Yaakov type girls are happily ready to liven up your simcha. Call 416-616-9218

Crutches Gemach Refael David - short term loan of crutches. Lʼzchus Refael Dovid ben Bracha lʼrefuah shelaima. Please call 416-567-5656

Travel Adapters - Traveling to Israel or Europe? If you need an adapter to charge your devices, call Rivki at 416-356-4966. short term loans free.

Doula Gemach - get prenatal, labour & postpartum support for reassurance, comfort & guidance as well as positive birth experience. Have a fulfilling birth memory while paying what you can for a trained/experienced doula. Please call Batsheva at 647-766-5425. lʼilui nishmas Tamara Taube bas Ephraim.

Crutches Gemach Refael David - short term loan of crutches. Lʼzchus Refael Dovid ben Bracha lʼrefuah shelaima. Please call 416-567-5656

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The Community Link Toronto, Issue 341, February 4-17, 2020  

The Community Link Toronto, Issue 341, February 4-17, 2020  

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