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Lakewood Hosts AND is the BOOKS 732.707.7949 USED SEFORIM FOR CHEAP PRICES!

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ultimate Kosher 182 Caribou Rd.Apartment Sunday - Thursday 12:00 - 4:00 PM Rental in Lakewood. 416-782-8585 |



! K N I L G MISSIN A drawing of a LINK is hidden somewhere in every issue of our publication. It can be hidden anywhere, in a picture, in a margin or in a letter.

nner! i W A could n Be You Cae LINK, THIS ISSUE you

! ge it is on. 5 2 $ N WI tell us which pa rawing

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ad tely & tered into immedia n s e u e il b a l M the next wil in le p d o te e in p r 25 be p The first ners will in ink. W . 5 2 munity L m o C to win $ e Th issue of Last issue The Missing Link was on the Fur You ad on page 12,88.

Last Issue Winner

HURRY!! Mail to or drop off at Find The Missing Link 79 Baycrest Ave. Toronto, ON M6A 1W2

Zimmerman Family Contact The Link to claim your $25 $25

By Monday, December 9, 2019

This is an example of the LINK you are looking for. It can be any size but it is alone (not on this page & not part of the logo).

Good Luck!

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The Community Link Toronto December 3 - 16, 2019  

The Community Link Toronto December 3 - 16, 2019  

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