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Broadband Q Evolves Many people living in rural areas probably know about the revolutionary wireless internet access provided to rural and mountainous areas. Satellite internet is also well known in rural communities but lacks the overall freedom that wireless broadband has to offer. Satellite internet generally comes with a lot of restrictions, including very tight and highly enforced data-caps, limiting your internet usage and punishing you with significantly slower speeds should you exceed those limits. Typically, live streaming of any kind (like Netflix) cannot be achieved with satellite internet access. Wireless broadband gives all the benefits of high speed internet access to rural and mountainous communities without the slow speeds and ugly satellite dishes. The rural wireless internet provider BroadbandQ has been available in rural areas for some time now. Many communities have benefited from having this quality high speed internet service. Those communities are still enjoying the same great high speed internet, but BroadbandQ has evolved into BroadbandBLUE. BroadbandBLUE is the clear and obvious solution to satellite internet access. BroadbandBLUE offers absolutely no data restrictions and operates up to 300 percent faster than satellite internet. Not only that, BroadbandBLUE is offered at a fraction of the cost of any leading satellite internet provider. Since their first installment of Broadbandq, the provider has been working endlessly to provide internet users in rural and mountainous areas with the best quality high speed internet possible. BroadbandBLUE is nothing short of exceptional with its enlisting of a number of different upgrades both to the hardware and software. In addition, BroadbandBLUE also has a dramatically increased download bandwidth speed that knocks all other providers out of the park. By now I’m sure some of you are skeptical and asking, “but how does it work?” Well, Broadband blue brings internet access to your computer in much of the same way as smartphones access the internet. That is to say, BroadbandBLUE utilizes internet connections generated from wireless cell-towers rather than satellite, cable, or physical phone line connection. For businesses in rural areas that need solid and quality VPN networks, BroadbandBLUE offers exceptional VPN connectivity for home, office, or business use without the hassle of needing cable. This is done through the same way BroadbandBLUE brings internet connectivity to your home, by connections to wireless towers. No longer shall your business suffer lack of communications as your computers gain exceptional quality VPN connections.

Broadband Blue  

Broadband Q Evolves Many people living in rural areas probably know about the revolutionary wireless internet access provided to rural an...

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