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physical self

paradise state of social balance for your wellbeing

introducing a new social organ to manage social relationships others

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division of Adult and Community Health The Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) program January 2040

virtual self

What is SORGAN? Sorgan, short for social organ, is a wearable technology launched by the US CDC The Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) program to improve individual wellbeing and social balance. The headwear connects to brain neurons and is to support the human brain in keeping track of social interactions both physically in person and digitally online. It tracks an individual’s thoughts,emotions, and actions, and manage both the positive and negative relationship links between individuals. By wearing sorgan, people can be aware of the possible imbalances of social weight brought by these relationships, and better reflect on self social patterns.

The purpose: a paradise state for social balance New communication technologies are thriving these two decades of COVID-19, and so are a variety of mental health issues. As we interact with individuals on different platforms, we may form positive or negative relationships while acting ourselves differently. These cause imbalances of positive/ negative energies in social wellbeing. Individuals’ wellbeing contribute to the stability of society and affect all kinds of policies. Therefore, The HRQOL hopes to help individuals and society reach a paradise state of balance through Sorgan, by promoting this new lifestyle wearing a social-interaction tracking technlogy to keep awareness of social balances.

from individual’s paradise state to society’s paradise state individual’s paradise state of social balance

physical self



virtual self


+ society’s paradise state of social balance

physical society





virtual society

positive/negative relationship If two individuals agree on more attributes than they disagree on, they become friends, making a positive link (red) that represents friendly and cooperative relations; if the opposite, they make a negative link (blue) that represents negative or hostile links. Sorgan is connected to brain neurons and can sense/track/collect an individual's thoughts and emotions towards other individuals, through detecting speech, visual, and physical actions/reactions/ sensations during social interactions. These can go beyond the binary agree/disagree or like/dislike of the original social balance theory.

individual to society If most individuals have their physical selves being positive with others, then collectively individuals are positive with the physical society. If most individuals have their virtual selves being positive with others, then collectively individuals are positive with the virtual society. If most individuals have their physical selves being positive with their virtual selves, then collectively the physical society (composed of physical selves of individuals) is positive with the digital/virtual society (composed of virtual selves of individuals). Individual imbalances on the top between any of the relation links will cause imbalance of self-doubt and existential crisis. Imbalances on the bottom between any of the relation links will cause imbalances on economy activities and overall stability of society.

paradise state For an individual, a paradise state is reached when the relationship links between physical self and virtual self, between physical self and others, and between virtual self and others are positive(+). For the society as a whole, a paradise state is reached when the relationship links between physical society and virtual society, between physical society and all individuals, and between virtual society and others are positive(+). Please see appendix for definitions of terms used here.

connecting Sorgan to brain Each Sorgan is paired with an individual by cutting-edge brainwave sensing machine, Sorgan neurons are then connected to the neurons in the individual’s brain. Once connected, these neurons can tract nearly all brain activities that include an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and physical actions carried out by the individual’s entire body. The tracking processes enable Sorgan to collect/ manage data of other individuals, including people who have not started wearing Sorgan. Sorgan pairing is available at clinics, CVS, Walgreens, and other collborating institutions (please see for details). Sorgan neurons


connecting Sorgan to device Each Sorgan is also available to connect to one digital device for an organ scan. It comes with a unique personal code to scan using the digital device, and through that an individual is able to view the social balance condition of their Sorgan. With the personal Sorgan code, the owner is encouraged to scan it daily and frequently to self-check on social balance levels and updates of relation links. It is also encouraged that this code be shared with other individuals for intimate sharing or comparison/self-improvement reasons, since “social balance” looks different for each individual. Services from health professionals are also available to consult social distribution/imbalances or social interaction strategies.

personal Sorgan code

Sorgan scan on device

sorgan scan’s device interface history of sorgan conditions (monthly)

visualization of social balance condition

reading social balance data social balance with the relationships between physical self and another individual, between virtual self and another individual, between physical self and virtual self

overall social balance between physical self, virtual self, and other(s) (individuals)

Please see appendix for definitions of terms used here.

individual-to-individual relationship link physical self

+ another individual

negative relationship


positive relationship

virtual self

This balance state shows the relationships between physical self and another individual, between virtual self and another individual, and between physical self and virtual self. Every individual is labled as a different color circle. The relationship links are either red for positive (+) or blue for negative (-). From this triangular balance state, we can read that this Sorgan wearer has a positive relationship with this other individual in person, but has a negative relationship when online/in virtual worlds. There are various possible reasons for this condition. Then we also see that this individual’s physical self has a positive relationship with their virtual self, meaning that they may act consistently in physical and virtual worlds. In that case, it could be that this other individual prefer in-person social interactions with the individual, or that this other individual acts inconsistently between their own physical self and virtual self.

imbalanced states and balanced states Imbalanced states are when the triangular relationship structure is composed of either three negative links (-, -, -), or one negative link and two positive links (-, +, +), (+, -, +), (+, +, -). Balanced states are when the triangular relationship structure is composed of either three positive links (+, +, +), or one positive link and two negative links (+, -, -), (-, +, -), (-, -, +). We can see from that the relationship of this individual with another individual (see on the left) is composed of one negative link and two positive links (+, -, +), therefore the overall relationship is socially imbalanced.

socially balanced (-, -, +)

socially imbalanced (-, +, -)

overall relationship links and balance c b

z y 3

a 2 x

The overall balance is the sum and average of balances with other individuals. For example, the overall relationship between physical self and other individuals is negative if we look at a, b, and c, where negative links outnumber positive links.


The overall structure here is a balanced state.

physical self

(a, b, c, - > +)


others (all other individuals)

+ (x, y, z, + > -)


(1, 2, 3, - > +)

virtual self

paradise state The superior balanced state is the paradise state, which is also the ultimate goal for both individual’s social balance and society’s social balance. The individual paradise state here below is composed of three positive links of the overall triangular social structure between the physical self, the virtual self, and others (the other individuals). It takes effort to achieve this state, and when it does reach the goal, the interface turns fully red to indicate that you are full of positive energy. This also shows that although relationship with each other individuals counts, the overall relationship with all other individuals between your physical self and virtual self determines your social balance condition.

graph of states

individual imbalanced state society imbalanced state

individual balanced state

individual paradise state

society balanced state

society paradise state

What is Sorgan tracking from you?


Ray, 24, known for 1 year. Overall positive.

eye contact

emotions, thoughts body movements

Please see disclaimer about what sorgan data the government actually collects.

imbalanced scenario: pretention leads to conflicts Is it possible to fake a balanced state by pretending to have a positive relationship with another individual (when in reality you have a negative relationship)? The answer is no. You cannot fake it. Although you can pretend to be positive and friendly towards another individual, sorgan is connected to your brain and therefore can catch sensations of real thoughts and emotions. In this case it will still show up as a negative relation link on the sorgan scanned view. Pretention is only an act to neglect self conflicts and can cause real damage to the overall relationship with others, too. Therefore, try to be positive, and if that does not work, at least try to be consistent, so that you minimize self conflicts and unnecessary social stress. Self conflicts not only exist when your virtual self behaves inconsistently as of your physical self. As mentioned above, self conflicts can also happen when an individual pretend to be positive/negative towards another individual, while in reality being the opposite. The practice/lifestyle of wearing Sorgan encourages people to stop pretending, and really to self-reflect on your genuine relationships with others and on different platforms.

imbalanced scenario: inconsistency leads to conflict What is the relationship between an individual’s physical self and virtual self? Well, people may act/behave differently in the physical world from the virtual world, and this is to show if the two consistently match up/don't contradict with each other. An individual may also interact with another individual both physically in person or digitally in virtual worlds, so this may also show the two individuals' imbalance of interactions spent between physical/virtual platforms, as well as an individual’s preferences to interact whether in person or virtually. Having a preference is not a bad thing, as that only determines the length of relation links instead of it being positive/negative. However, this could also lead to an individual’s carelessness or conflicts

overflow The “limit” of number of individuals Sorgan can handle is 150. In other words, at any moment, a Sorgan scan only displays the most recent 150 individuals interacted within a month. Based on the theory of Dunbar's number, we can only maintain/handle about 150 connections at a time. For individuals that are still within the 150 number range but the last interactions with them were over a month ago, an individual may want to reconnect with them to update relation links (to see if it's still/has changed to positive/ negative). While it is good to have adequate social interactions, it is important to know that a constant state of overflow is not necessarily the best as it provides social stress as well.

charging requirements

disclaimer: The goverment is collecting data to decide directions for health promotion and other policies. Sorgan is tracking all human-to-human interactions, and although every individual can view all of the information about the other interacted individuals, the gov only collects interaction type, duration, and whether the relationship is positive/negative. And we live in a free country, so wear it as your support when you like. We do encourage you to wear Sorgan as to achieve personal social wellbeing and balance, bettering society.

appendix: terms definitions

individual: person wearing Sorgan in the United States physical self: the individual's presence/personality in the physical world/ during physical social interaction virtual self: the individual's presence/personality in the virtual world/ during virtual/digital social interaction others: the other Sorgan-wearing individual(s) during a social interaction physical others: other individuals in the physical society virtual others: other individuals in the virtual society society: the collective of individuals wearing Sorgan in the United States physical society: society composed of the physical self and the physical others virtual/digital society: society composed of the virtual self and the virtual others social interaction: the process of exchanging opinions between individuals. physical social interaction: social interactions happening face-to-face in person virtual social interaction: social interactions happening not in person, could be face-to-face, speech, text, or others. social weight: the metaphorical weight added to people by social interaction everyday, visualized as the colorful circles via a Sorgan scan social balance: more than the binary relationship of positive/negative attitude towards other individual, it is an individual's feeling about each others. A balanced state is when three individuals feel positively toward each other, or when an individual feel negatively towards two other individuals who feel positively towards each other social imbalance: An unbalanced state is when an individual feel positively towards two other individuals who feel negatively towards each other, or when three individuals feel negatively towards each other paradise state (individual): an individual reaches this state when having all positive links with all others in society paradise state (society): the society reaches this state when every individual reaches social balance social organ (sorgan): a wearable meant to be a person's second social organ after the brain, launched by the US CDC as part of their public health promotion of wellbeing, to track an individual's social interaction visualization circles: other individuals that have social interactions with. Each individual is a different color. lines of links: positive lines (red) represent friendly and cooperative relations between individuals, negative lines (blue) are negative or hostile links. The length of links shows the tendency/preference towards interaction type between virtual and physical. positive relationship: dominance of agreement on issues, leaning towards a positive sentiment between two individuals negative relationship: dominance of disagreement on issues, leaning towards a negative sentiment between two individuals

personal notes

personal notes

personal notes

personal notes

Be positive. Be consistent. Be balanced. Be in paradise.

Hotline: 080—999—0000

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