Shimano 2017 Catalogue EXPORT

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REEL TECHNOLOGY Shimano have a reputation for engineering excellence and innovation throughout the world. Below is an overview of the most important Shimano reel features.

GEARING AND BEARINGS The HAGANE Drive Gear is produced by Shimano’s cold forging technology, without the need for additional machining. This delivers a long lasting smoothness, strength, lightness and power at the very heart of the reel.

MATERIALS MAGNESIUM Shimano use magnesium for a select number of ultra high quality reels where weight saving is essential. The use of magnesium offers a weight saving of up to 10% compared with aluminium.

ALUMINIUM Shimano uses aluminium in many different forms.

LINE LAY AND LINE MANAGEMENT X Aero Wrap is a worm gear oscillation system with a specially designed pitch to create optimal oscillation speeds. This provides superb uniform line lay to reduce loss of energy during the cast. X Aero Wrap is considered one of the best line lay systems in the world.

Diecast aluminium is used for many types of reel and is most common on fixed spool reel bodies and rotors. X-Ship is a combination of features that work together to create much greater efficiency. By positioning the pinion gear close to the centre line of the large diameter drive gear, more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor. The pinion gear is also supported by two Shimano A-RB roller bearings. This creates more stability.

Cold Forged aluminium is used for some ‘round’ reels, fly reels and is also used for many types of spool. Made from one single piece of aluminium Cold Forging produces great strength. Machined aluminum is used for the very best multiplier reels where precision, strength and lightness are very important.

Varispeed and the latest version called VariSpeed II oscillation system moves with two variable speeds to lay the line flat and smooth onto the spool. This provides trouble-free, longer distant casts. Varispeed is found on budget and mid-priced Shimano reels.

Aerowave Shimano Shielded A-RB bearings use a shield to prevent contamination. This protection reduces wear, improves efficiency and deliverers super smooth performance.

Shimano S A-RB bearings are high corrosion resistant A-RB ball bearings with an extra shield for improved protection against sand, salt or dust. S A-RB bearings are used in salt water reels.

HYPERGEAR The precision engineered main Hypergear transmits more power from the handle to the rotor. Designed to exacting tolerances, it requires less effort but returns more retrieve playing torque with vastly reduced component wear.

CI4+ is an advanced version of the original CI4. This highly technical material is 2.5 times stiffer than CI4 and is used on many high-end Shimano reels to increase weight savings. Use of CI4+ for the body and rotor also delivers remarkable stiffness for better reel efficiency.

CI4 is an exclusive material created by the inter-fusion of carbon and polyamide. It is almost as strong as metal with the lightness of a composite. CI4 is used for the body and rotor on many Shimano reels.

XGT-7 XGT-7 is an improved version of the tried and trusted Shimano XT-7 composite material. Used on some of the newest mid-priced reels XGT-7 is lightweight and stiff.

XT-7 Easy Maintenance is a small oil lubrication port that enables direct lubrication of the inner workings of a reel with approved Shimano lubricant. Some high-end Shimano reels have a line roller lubrication option.

XT-7 is the original Shimano composite reel material. Used on mid-priced and budget reels and spools XT-7 is reliable, robust and lightweight.

Aerowave is used on some Shimano saltwater spinning reels. This oscillation system is simple in nature, yet produces excellent line lay with both braid and mono.

Shimano AR-C Spool is a patented spool design with an angled spool lip. This design enables the line to leave the spool with less friction and in smaller coils resulting in longer more accurate casts. AR-C spools are proven to reduce backlash and wind knots when using braid. AR-C spools are now standard on almost all Shimano reels.

Oscillation One speed Oscillation -the spool moves at a consistent speed. Two speed Oscillation - the spool moves at two different speeds. Slow Oscillation - the spool moves slowly allowing more line wraps per cycle. Super Slow Oscillation - the spool moves very slowly forming almost parallel wraps of line.

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