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Patterns & Plans are


We will SHRINK PATTERNS to make them fit 100% your needs!


If you see this symbol , it means we can shrink that pattern from and anywhere 99%-30% of the original size for in between! you for the same low cost of the full size pattern! Just tell us how much 30% smaller in percentage and we will do the rest. Please note, for reductions of 50% or greater the text on the pattern will be hard if not impossible to read. If this is the case we suggest you also purchase the original size pattern so you can read the text portion of the pattern. Sherwood exclusive! The only one to offer pattern reduction.

NEW! Golden Retriever Planter

America’s favorite dog now can grace your patio of deck with beautiful flowers. 17"H x 9-1/2"W x 22"L

PATTERN #2452 $12.95

NEW! 3d Cat Planter

15"H x 10"W x 11"D.

PATTERN #2407 $12.95

NEW! 3d Skunk Planter

A skunk that can acually smell good and look adorable on your porch, deck or patio. Holds up to an eight inch pot. 15"H x 10"W x 11"D. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) E-515

PATTERN #2408 $12.95

NEW! Picket Fence Flower Box

NEW! 3D Dinosaurs

Sold together or individually. 3D Apatosaurus 17"H x 53"L x 4-1/2"D #2455 7.95 3D T Rex 18"H x 22"L x 3"D #2454 7.95 3D Triceratops 12"H x 8"D x 19"L #2453 7.95

SAVE on All three PATTERN SET #2455-S $21.95

45"H x 25"W x 16"D

PATTERN #2447 $14.95

NEW! Small Lattis Planter

Beautiful planter for all your climbing vines. Great for roses! 83"H x 29"W x 25"D

PATTERN #2448 $14.95

NEW! 4' x 4' Deluxe Square Foot Gardening.

Imagine gardening without having to bend over. 40” tall for less strain on your back. How cool is that? 16sq. ft. of gardening space. 40"H x 54"W x 54"D Parts Req’d: Wooden Balls (4) W-510, Wooden Plugs (4) W-235

PATTERN #2456 $14.95



NEW! Square Foot Gardening

8 sq. ft. of gardening space. 40"H x 30"W x 54"L Parts Req’d: Wooden Balls (4) W-510, Wooden Plugs (3) W-235

PATTERN #2457 $12.95

Call 24 hrs or 9am 5pm EST, M F for Live Operator 1-800-843-2571

Can’t Paint? Don’t let that stop you...

Professional results in...

3 easy steps! 3.



Here at Sherwood Creations for under $25 you can get most of our designs in a brilliant, FULL-COLOR PRINT, that you just apply to wood, for long lasting display! FREE size reduction!........Call for details! Cut your project time by 90%, by just applying our Color Prints to wood and cutting out!  Need to get a project done in an hour or so? This is perfect for you!  Perfect for Craft Shows! Produce many projects in a day!  Prints with slogans can be changed on the print! (Small fee.) 






Our color prints can be sent to you at full size, or reduced to just about any size you like! Just call us with the final size or percentage and we 30% will take it from there! Item numbers that start with the letters CP are for the optional COLOR PRINT price, not the pattern price. However not all products or prices are listed in the catalog. Please call for pricing and availability for all others.

3M Spray Adhesive

Great for holding patterns to plywood for easy cut out. Also great for holiday displays! 103/4 oz. Must be shipped Ground.

ITEM #D-7203


Patterns & Plans are

MADE IN THE USA Giant 3D Dragonfly 28"H x 24"W

PATTERN #2125 $10.95


NEW! 3d Lady Bug

Easy to make and cute as a bug! 5"H x 10"W x 11"D. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) E-701 Tie Pegs for antennae (1) P-158 $2.40 10/Pkg.

NEW! Giant 3d Preying Mantis

Display this creature in your garden and prepare yourself for a lot of gawkers 48"H x 58"W x 36"D.

PATTERN #2406 $12.95

PATTERN #2398 $12.95

NEW! 3D Giant Ant

People will certainly talk if this ant shows at your party. 8"H x 18"W x 8"D.

PATTERN #2420 $12.95

NEW! 3D Giant Grasshopper

16"T x 24"L Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) P-123, $.95/each



PATTERN #2375 $12.95

NEW! 3D Giant Bee

14"H x 8"W x 18"L Parts Req’d: Wooden Tie Pegs (1) P-158

means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!

PATTERN #2460 $12.95



Slotted Picnic Table

NEW Tree Bench

A handsome eight segment seat. It can surround a tree up to two feet in diameter. And with modifications, could fit larger trees. The seat sections are contoured for comfort. 35"H x 78"L



Made from just one sheet of plywood. Simply slides together. Slides right apart too for flat storage and will even fit in your car for the parties. 26"H x 48"W x 48"L




40"H x 51"W x 37"L. Parts Req’d: Eyescrews (1) S-330.

PATTERN #1439 $8.95

Pretty Porch Planter

28"H x 33"W x 13" D. Parts Req’d: Screw (2) S-240.


Gazing Globe Planter Approx. 3 9"H x 19"Dia.




E. Fanback Chair

A great addition to our Adirondack set. Most comfortable chair ever! 37"H x 33"W x 40"D.


Westport Chair

36"H x 34"W x 39"D.

PATTERN #1974 $12.95

PATTERN #1979 $12.95

F. End Table

Use this table in the corners, next to Adirondack chairs or anywhere. Great for sitting drinks on. 18"H x 22"W x 23"D.



G. Footrest


Match with Adirondack chairs. Turn your chair into a lounger in minutes! 13"H x 22"W x 24"D.



l! Specia ns Pla 4 ll A $ 8.95 for 3 S #208-

Fan Back Chair for Kids

A great addition to our adult Adirondack set. Most comfortable chair ever! 25"H x 23"W x 27"D.

PATTERN #1987 $11.95 Optional Rocker Rail PATTERN #1991 $5.95



Rocker Rails (Shown uninstalled)


Add these rockers to either the Fanback or Westport Chairs (#1979 or #1974) for an instant Rocker! Be rockin’ in literally minutes! (not shown)



A A. Adirondack Sidetable




B. Adirondack Loveseat

19"H x 34"L x 15"W. 38"H x 54"W x 37"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (2) Parts Req’d: Screws (7) S-230; Screws (1) S-250. S-230.

C. Adirondack Chair

38"H x 32"W x 37"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (5) S-230.

D. Adirondack Ottoman

17"H x 23"W x 21"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (2) S-230.

PLAN #204 $8.95 PLAN #205 $12.95 PLAN #202 $11.95 PLAN #203 $9.95

Call 24 hrs or 9am 5pm EST, M F for Live Operator 1-800-843-2571

BUY #1930 & #1860 FO R $13 .95 #1930-S

BUY #1530 & #1860 FO R $13 .95 #1530-S

Garden Cart

Holds two 6" pots for colorful beauty in every season. 15"H x 37"W x 17"D. Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-190.



Garden Goat

Whether by himself, or pulling his Cart, our Garden Goat is a wonderful addition to any yard. 28"H x 16"W x 8"D. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) E-320. PATTERN #1530 $7.95

Garden Donkey

Our exclusive Garden Donkey is an enchanting addition to any yard or garden. 29"H x 30"W x 8"D. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) E-320.




This extremely sturdy and longlasting arbor is a great addition to any garden or yard. Plant your favorite climbing plants and watch them grow! 48” opening. 100"H x 55"W x 29"D.

PATTERN# 1975 $14.95

Yard Sign

Your guest won’t have any problems finding your home with this classy yard sign proudly displaying your name and address. 30"H x 36"W x 4"D.


Patterns & Plans are



Spiral Pole Planter

56"H x 27"W x 27"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-240.

PATTERN #1801 $7.95

Classic Porch Swing

Window Sill Railing Planter

Sturdy swing suspends from porch; easily holds two people. 24"H x 48"L x 25"W. Parts Req’d: Screws (4) S-230.

PLAN #254

Fits snugly on 4" or 6" rails or under a window; pattern shows two sizes to holds 24" or 30" standard plant trays. Largest is 9.3"H x 26"W x 12"D. 2 Sizes! Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-230.


PATTERN #1827 $6.95

Barbeque Cart

42"H x 23"W x 20"D. Parts Req’d: Dowel (3) W-190, Screws (1) S-250.


PLAN $7.95

Hexagon Table Planter

Holds 7 pots. 12"H x 27"W x 23"D.

PATTERN #1731 $7.95

Flower Bed Planter

Deck Planters

4 Sizes! Largest: 24"H x 23"Sq.

PLAN #586

Every garden, cottage and home needs this charming little planter. Miniature bed holds a bed of colorful blooms! A favorite seller at craft shows, too! 18"H x 12"W x 24"L. Parts Req’d: Ball (2) W-530; Screws (2) S-250.


#CP item numbers are for the optional COLOR PRINT price.





IWO Jima Shadow


Honor our veterans by displaying this impressive display of strength, courage and honor in your yard. 47"H x 79"W + flag. Parts Req’d: Flag (1) P-141 $18.95

Uses our own American Flag (#P-141) Sold below.

Garage Eagle

This beautiful bald eagle has a 5 foot wing span. Perfect to display over your garage door. Large enough so it can be seen from the street.

PATTERN #2075 $10.95

The entire project can be cut from one ten foot piece of 1x12 stock.

PATTERN #WC-114 $14.95

Large American Nylon Flag

Large U.S. Nylon Embroidered Flag for pattern #2075 above.

ITEM #P-141


›‹ Triangle Flag Display

USA Yard Display Patterns & Plans are

16"H x 27"L.


PATTERN #WC-116 $12.95

47"H x 54"W.

PATTERN #1238 $8.95 COLOR PRINT #CP1238 $55.95


›‹ Bear-y Patriotic Family

48"H x 60"W.

PATTERN #1251 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP1251 $63.95

Windspinner Star Burst

Yellow Ribbons

Watch it spin as you get mesmerized by the beautiful red, white and blue colors spinning before your eyes. 24"H x 22"W. Parts Req’d: Spinner Kit (1) H-540 $6.81

Support our Troops with these beautiful Yellow Ribbon and Sign designs. Display on poles, houses, walkways - wherever you want to support our troops. 6 Combinations! Larger ribbon without sign is 24"H x 16"W. 4 Designs!



United We Stand 27"T x 34"W PATTERN #2361 $12.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2361 $20.95

Other sayings. Support Our Troops! Freedom Isn’t Free! Home of The Brave! Liberty and Justice!



NEW! All the nylon

PATTERN #2201 $10.95

parts required for assembly! Spinner Kit ITEM H-540 $6.81 Rod & wood not included!

Windspinner Star

Watch this spin for hours! Easy to make in just a few hours. A craft show stopper! 23"H x 24"W. Parts Req’d: Spinner Kit (1) H-540 $6.81

PATTERN #1967 $9.95

Call 24 hrs or 9am 5pm EST, M F for Live Operator 1-800-843-2571


StarSpangled Eagle

20"H x 40"W.

PATTERN #1611 $8.95 COLOR PRINT #CP1611 $18.95

Proud Old Eagles


21"H x 24"W.

PATTERN #1258 $7.95 ITEM #CP1258 $18.95

USA Totem

30"H x 13"W.

PATTERN #1911 $7.95 COLOR PRINT #CP1911 $18.95

›‹ Waving American Flag 36"T x 40"W

PATTERN #2360 $11.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2360




Waving Uncle Sam

72"H x 25"W.

›‹ Patriotic Eagle

Show your colors with pride and be proud to be an American! 21"H x 25"W

PATTERN #2149 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2149 $18.95

PATTERN #1237 $8.95 COLOR PRINT #CP1237 $39.95

›‹ Hats Off To America! 40"H x 30"W.

Proud Eagle

PATTERN #1259 $6.95 ITEM #CP1259 $26.95

60"H x 40"W. $9.95

PATTERN #1257 COLOR PRINT #CP1257 $52.95


›‹ Optional Cross Pattern

Replace the gun, boots and helmet with a simple cross pattern 24" tall (above).

PATTERN #2324 $6.95

›‹ This


Fallen Soldier

Show your support, respect and patriotism with this unique, respectful symbolic symbol that everyone will appreciate. 2 Designs! Soldier is 47"H x 40"W.

PATTERN #2151 $10.95

means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!



Log Cabin Feeder 19"H x 17"W x 14"D.



Birdhouse Village

NEW! Twelve Room Birdhouse

Largest is 25"H x 11"W x 11"D. 4 Designs! Parts Req’d: Eyescrews (1) S-330.

PATTERN #1824 $10.95

That’s right 12 rooms and birds to watch from evey angle. Very Attractive and easy to build! 32"H x 14"W x 14"D.

PATTERN #2413 $12.95

Bat House

A bat will eat thousands of insects a day! Holds up to 50 bats. 24"H x 20"W x 7"D.

Robin Home Plan 23" Tall. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-515



PATTERN #877 $8.95

Wood Duck House

35"H x 11"W x 7"D Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-250

PATTERN #2027 $11.95

Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

This unique feeder works on a simple balance point to block out squirrel's from getting to the food. 9"H x 21"L x 13"W.

Bluebird House

14"H x 5"W x 8"D Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-250

PATTERN #2034 $9.95

PLAN #WC-277 $12.95 4 Designs!

Bird Feeder Creature Plan Large hopper! Holds 5lb of seed. 17-1/2"H x 16"W x 12-3/4"D



Bird House Set

PATTERN #WC-263 $16.95

Song Bird Birdhouse Village II

Largest is 17"H x 12"W x 7"D. Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-120

PATTERN #2032 $10.95



NEW! Red Barn Bird House

Eight rooms to house your feathered friends. With cleanout! 12"H x 16"W x 27"D.



For the Lowest Prices on Tools and Supplies, See Pages 32-38




Bird House Creatures

By adding the face details to the front of the house these birdhouses become #WC-196 enchanting tree sculptures. Make from .75" pine or cedar. Up to 20" Tall Parts Req'd: Eyes (2) E-324 each. Each pattern contains 2-Designs


#WC-185 #WC-172 #WC-197 #WC-195



$14.95 $14.95 $14.95

NEW! Five Room Birdhouse


Enjoy watching the birds? Than you will enjoy watching them raise their families in this attractive 5 room birhouse. Remove front or back panel for clean out. 26"H x 21"W x 9"D.


(Parts Req'd: Eyes (2) E-424 each.)

PATTERN #2412 $12.95

Wacky Birdhouses Plan

Made from 3/4" pine. Brightly painted and whimsically designed. 2 Designs! 15-1/2"H x 13-1/2"W



Cardinal Pop Bottle Feeder

20"H x 7"W. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E515, Eyescrews (1pk) S-320.

Bluebird Abode

Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-320.

PATTERN #WC-190 $14.95

PATTERN #WC-302 $12.95

Patterns & Plans are

MADE IN THE USA NEW! Country Birdhouse Plan

School is 14” tall. Church is 17” tall. Parts Req’d: Brass Plated Liberty Bell (1) P-161 $1.60/pkg of 3.

NEW! Whimsical Birdhouses

PATTERN #WC-344 $12.95

Make from 3/4" pine or cedar. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #WC-301 $14.95

NEW! Mailbox Birdhouse NEW! Wild Birdhouse Plans Approx. 16"H 2 Designs!

PATTERN #WC-325 $14.95

Scalloped Roof Feeder 10-1/2"D x 10-3/8"W x 15"T.

PATTERN #WC-335 $11.95

Finally a birdhouse that will last for years. Convert your old mailboxes to a new use! Complete with simple to use cleanout! 11"H x 6"W x 20"D.

PATTERN #2405 $12.95

See page 64 for current Shipping and Handling charges.



Step Stool Position

Elephant Table

Just look how cute this would look in your child’s room. Simply adorable. 24"H x 12"W x 18"D

Child's Chair/Step Stool

PATTERN #2240 $14.95

Your child will enjoy the independence as he/she can reach for new heights without the help from mom or dad and then flip to use this useful item as a chair. Strong enough to support an adult too. 14"H x 14"W x 11"D


Seat Position


NEW! Sports Table

Think how great this would look in your little athlete’s room. Great for displaying photo’s, achievements and trophies! (Optional ball top patterns (#2380 right) sold seperately. 36"H x 30"W x 30"D

Umbrella Stand

Stand allows umbrella’s to dry without getting your floor wet! 24"H x 16"Dia.

PATTERN #2380 $14.95

NEW! Sports Balls

PATTERN #2307 $12.95

You asked for it. Here they are. More balls that will fit the Sports Table (#2380). Now you can mix and match your favorite sport. Golf Ball, Bowling Ball, Football, Eight Ball and even a Beach Ball for fun. 24"DIA

PATTERN #2414 $12.95

Cute Litter Box Cabinet

Hide your messy litter box from sight. Great for small rooms and apartments where you don’t want the box to be in plain view or smell. 24"H x 18"W x 34"L Parts Req’d: Knob (2) W-619, Hinge (4) H-410

Storage Bins

Build as many of these attractive and stackable storage bins as you like and start organizing your life! 11-1/2"H x 15"D x 24"L


PLAN #WC-293


Patterns & Plans are



NEW! Pole People (Scouts)

Scouting has been around for 100 years. Show your support by making these from inexpensive landscaping post. Display them all with pride to 28” tall.

PATTERN #WC-346 $14.95

Revolving Shoe Rack

Stylish Plant Stands

What an attractive way to display your favorite potted plants. Two designs to choose from.


Open Magazine Rack Plan Shelves are evenly spaced and will easily hold over 100 magazines! 32-1/2"H x 11"W x 12"D


A. Short Potted Plant Holder 10"H x 16"Dia. Pattern #2305 $11.95 B. Tall Potted Plat Holder 16"H x 16"Dia. Pattern #2306 $11.95

PATTERN #WC-295 $14.95

Organize up to 18 pairs of shoes in the same amount of floor space as one pair. Holds all sizes. Parts Req’d: Lazy Susan (1) H405 $6.58

PATTERN #WC-193 $12.95

Buy Both and SAVE 2305-S $21.95



For the Lowest Prices on Tools and Supplies, See Pages 32-38

Bear-y Cute Table

Bear-y cute & bear-y clever! 30"H x 34"W x 18"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-240.



Cow Wow! Table

The mooove is on with cow decor! Trendy! 30"H x 34"W x 18"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-240.



Horse-Lover's Table

No jockeying around to build. Our full-size pattern and simple painting guide ensure your success. 31"H x 34"W x 26"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-240.

PATTERN #1949 $9.95

Calendar Holder

Holds standard size paper calendars. 32"H x 14"W.


Chili Pepper Plant Stand

Butterfly Plant Stand



Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-230. 14"H x 12"W x 12"D.


Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-230. 14"H x 12"W x 12"D.



Bean Bags & Pattern Set

Set of 8 bags (4 Blue, 4 Yellow). Pattern included! PATTERN SET #2281-S $40.95

Shoe Rack Plan

Each layer holds 5 pairs of shoes and stacks on top of the next. You can go from floor to ceiling if you want to, but you still only need 14" x 35" of floor space.


Bag Toss Game


6" x 6" Bean Bags

Set of 8 (4 Blue, 4 Yellow) #P-143 $31.15

Regulation size. Build two. The next best thing to horse shoes or lawn darts. Great for all kinds of parties. Store in your car trunk for an occasional game virtually anywhere! Legs fold in for flat storage. 36"D x 24"W. Bean Bags sold separately (#P-143) or in a set with the pattern (#2281-S $40.95).


Pet Steps Plan 20"H x 16"W.

PATTERN #WC-199 $12.95


30! First Toys

30 well designed vehicles with your child in mind. Makes great handmade Christmas gifts!

100% Satisfaction is Sherwood's Steadfast Guarantee!






Three great shelves for one low price! Two for the hall and one for the dining room. Dish Shelf: 41"H x 37.5"W x 8"D; Hall Shelf: 10.5"H x 22"W x 10"D; Wall Shelf: 10.5"H x 22"W x 10”D. Parts Req’d: Plugs (1) W-205; Screws (1) S-250. 3 Designs!

PLAN #1256 $10.95

Wall & OverWindow Shelves

Over-Window Shelf has different templates to mount over a window from 32" to 48" wide. Wall Shelf: 32"H x 22"W x 7.5"D. Window Shelf: 15"H x 32"- 48"W x 7"D. Parts Req’d: Plugs (1) W-205. 2 Designs! PLAN

#1263 $9.95

Collectible Shelves

23"H x 28"W x 5"D. 32"H x 15"W x 6.5"D. Parts Req’d: Spindles (12) W-542. 2 Designs!

PLAN #1260


CD Tower

Simple design blends with every decor! Holds over 130 CD’s! Easy-to-follow cutting and assembly plans ensure project success for beginning woodcrafters. Great seller at craftshows. 49"H x 12"W x 10"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-240.

PATTERN #1515 $6.95

Bathroom Buddies

Space-saving Bathroom Buddies add storage shelves and easy access for bath and beauty items. 71"H x 24"W x 10"D; 40"H x 24"W x 10"D. 2 Designs!

Pie Safe

Two doors open up to five shelves. A country favorite! 66"H x 36"W x 13"D. Parts Req’d: Hinges (2) H-440; Screws (1) S-200; Knobs (2) W-619.

PLAN #272

PLAN #768



Tall Hutch 64"H x 35"W x 12"D. Parts Req’d: Hinges (4) H-440; Knobs (4) W-619.

PLAN #1030 $10.95

Shelves Galore

53"H x 16.5"W x 11"D.

PATTERN #1432 $7.95



Jelly Cupboard

Heavy-duty hinged door swings wide for easy access to four shelves. 48"H x 20"W x 12"D.

PLAN #243 $8.95

For Our Complete Catalog, Visit Us At

NEW! Airplane Rocker Plan

Check out more rockers on page 13

Designed primarily for 3/4” lumber. Designed for kids 2 to 4 years old. Approx. 36” x 36”. Parts Req’d: Decal Kit (1) Includes 2 Little Flyer and 1 speedometer decal. P164 $6.99

The wheels really spin, the handle bars turn left and right, and the whole motor cycle rocks back and forth!

Guaranteed a roarin' good time for all!

PATTERN #WC-357 $19.95

Roarin' Rocker

This is hog heaven for every rider who has kids! Our exclusive, easy-to-follow pattern features simple tracing, and assembly guides. 29"H x 50"L x 16"D. Parts Req’d: Dowel (2) W-190. Mushroom Head Wood Plug (2pkg) W-205


Painted version by customer Gene Daniels


Dalmation Rocker Plan

Designed for kids two to four years of age. Build using standard 3/4" and 1-1/2" thick lumber. 22-1/2"H x 35"L



Little Duckie Infant Rocker Victorian Rocking Horse

A beautiful design that your kids and grand kids are sure to enjoy! 39"H x 69"W




Infant Rocking Horse

Designed for the safety of your child or grandchild. Make from 3/4" stock. 22"H x 30"W.


Parts Req’d: Dowels (1) W-190 & (1) W-120; Screws (2) S-240 & (1) S-250. 29"H x 14"W x 44"L. $13.95

Unicorn Rocking Horse

Parts Req’d: Dowels (1) W-190 & (1) W120; Screws (2) S-240 & (1) S-250. 32"H x 14"W x 44"L.


Classic Rocking Horse

Parts Req’d: Dowels (1) W-190 & (1) W120; Screws (2) S-240 & (1) S-250. 31"H x 14"W x 44"L.

PATTERN #1167 $13.95


Infant Rocker Turtle Chair

Designed for safety! Very simular to the ever so popular Infant Rocking Horse Chair #WC-216 Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) P123, $1.49/each 22"H x 30"L




Carousel Rocking Horse PATTERN #1168

Designed for safety! Very simular to the ever so popular Infant Rocking Horse Chair #WC-216 Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-524, 22"H x 30"L.


Kitty & Puppy Rocking Chair Plans

Clyde n' Dale Rocking Horse

Seat height 20" tall. Cherish it for years and pass it down to future generations.

PATTERN #WC-176 $13.95

Cute little rockers for ages 2 - 4 years old. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (4) E-515

PATTERN #WC-348 $12.95

#CP item numbers are for the optional COLOR PRINT price.



Swingers! Hang them on a porch or tree branch they make great decorative displays! Hot craft show ideas! Everyone loves them!

Two Old Crows Swinger 32"H x 28"W x 9"D. Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-190; Screws (2) S-230; Eyescrews (1) S-310.



Special! Any 2 or more Swingers $5.95 ea.

Teenage Crow Swingers

28"H x 21"W x 6"D. 2 Designs! Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-190; Screws (2) S-230.




A. Canadian Goose Whirligig

Quickly make a whole flock to adorn your lawn with whirling wings! 4"H x 14"W x 8"D. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) H-660.

B. Mallard Duck Whirligig

Popular at craft shows for pure enjoyment on windy days! 4"H x 12"W x 8"D. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) H-660.



Raccoon Swinger

PATTERN# 1823 $6.95 PLEASE NOTE! Item numbers that start with the letters CP are for the optional COLOR PRINT price, not the pattern price (See page 3 for details.)

Honey Bear Swinger

18"H x 18"W x 3"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-230.

PATTERN #1201 $6.95

21"H x 14"W x 3"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-240.

PATTERN #1550 $6.95

Old Crow Family Whirligigs

14"H x 12"W x 2"D. 4 Designs! Parts Req’d: Kit (4) H-660.




Cardinal Whirligig

A winner at craft shows everywhere! 3"H x 12"W x 8"D. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E409; Kit (1) H-660.



Beautiful Butterfly Whirligigs

Our winning collection of popular North American Butterflies as colorful whirligigs -they truly take wing in your yard! Largest is 2"H x 7"W x 8"D. 6 Designs! Parts Req’d: Kit (6) H-660.


Don’t forget to buy

Sherwood’s Whirligig Kit. You get enough parts to complete one whirligig. We use PVC plastic for the 4 spinning parts such as legs, wings, etc so that you can forget about sanding wood. Plastic is the best to use because it is flexible, lightweight and takes paint well. Lasts “forever.” Kit #H-660 for just $9.95




Roadrunner & Coyote Whirligigs

Largest is 9"H x 21"W. 2 Designs! Parts Req’d:Kit (2) H-660.



Exclusive Designs + Precision Plans = Your Project's Success!

NEW! Pocket Car Plans

NEW! Decorative Tissue Box Covers

What a great way to use up all that scrap wood that accumulates after each project. 10 designs! Approx. 3-1/4" to 4-1/4" Long. Parts Req’d: Hardware Kit (1) Includes enough wheels and axles to make up to 50 cars. P-146 $29.95 per Pkg.

Approx. sizes: 5" x 5" x 5-1/2" and 5" x 10-1/2" x 5"

PATTERN #2366 $14.95





Gardening Gloria

A delightful addition to any garden and a favorite seller at craft shows! 45"H x 42"W.

When you pull on the flower weights, these Butterfly-ers flap their wings! Fun and easy to cut and assemble as playful decor all year. 6 popular North American butterflies. Largest is 2"H x 20"W x 5"D. 6 Designs! Parts Req’d: Dowels (2) W-140 & (1) W-120.


PATTERN #1927 $9.95 ITEM #CP1927 $41.95



AIRBRUSH this project! (See page 32 for details)

Amish Swingers

Largest is 18"H x 24"W. 2 Designs! Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-230.

PATTERN #1831 $6.95

Lovebirds Swinger

A top seller at craft shows; perfect for “newlyweds” of every age! 20"H x 19"W.



Special Delivery!

Interchangeable signs for “Boy!” and “Girl!” This snappy stork's legs are made from 3foot-long rods (not included). 64"H x 35"W. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-220.

PATTERN #1117 $7.95 ITEM #CP1117 $49.95


›‹ Old Frog

32"H x 27"W x 5"D.

PATTERN #1918 $6.95

Beautiful Moth Collection

Skunk Swinger

22"H x 17"W x 3"D. Parts Req'd: screws (1) S-230.



Largest is 17"H x 20"W. 6 Designs!

PATTERN #2098 $10.95 ITEM #CP2098 $51.95

Special Both #2098 & #1214 Only $17.95 ! Beautiful Butterflies #2098-S Largest is 17"H x 20"W. 6 Designs!

PATTERN #1214 $10.95 ITEM #CP1214 $51.95

Call our Fast and Friendly Customer Service Team! 1-800-843-2571 15



Party Animal

What’s a party without the animal? 47"H x 56"W.

PATTERN #2191 $11.95 ITEM #CP2191 $57.95

›‹ Just Say NO Yard Shadow

›‹ Hillbilly Shine

Simular to our painted version (Pattern #2141 found here on page 16.) yet easier to make and just as affective. It will surely get it’s point across to your dog walking friends. 20"T x 27"W


Folks’ll shine purty smiles when they see this festive fella! Exclusive, full-size pattern is fun to craft. 60"H x 40"W.


PATTERN #1510 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP1510 $52.95

NEW! 3d Dachsund Planter

Holds two potted plants or flowers. 11"H x 33"W x 9"D. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) E-506

PATTERN #2409 $12.95

Hope For A Cure

Paint the ribbon whatever color your cause requires to show your support. List of colors and their meanings are included. 35"H x 41"W

Layered Raccoon Family Rail Sitters.

24"H x 18"W. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-320; (2) E-309.

PATTERN #2403 $12.95

PATTERN #2044 $10.95

Eager Beaver Greeter 33"H x 25"W. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-230.


WALL MURALS! Sherwood Patterns can also be used to make awesome wall murals! Just take a look!

PATTERN #1821 $7.95

Noah’s Ark Yard Art

Great project for Vacation Bible School! 46"T x 53"W

PATTERN #2342 $14.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2342



Just say NO yard sign

Your dog walking neighbors will sure get the hint when they walk by your yard. 20"H x 32"W

PATTERN #2141 $9.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2141 $18.95


›‹ Traveling Pee Wee Pete

Play the game in your neighborhood! Place Pete in your neighbors yard with the pre-printed note on the back and see how far Pete will travel. 20"H x 30"W.

PATTERN #2186 $9.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2186 $18.95

16 Call 24 hrs or 9am 5pm EST, M F for Live Operator 1-800-843-2571



A A. Northern Cardinals Plan 2 Designs! $6.95 PATTERN #WC-208

B. Scarlet Tanagers Plan 2 Designs! $6.95 PATTERN #WC-209

D. Eastern Bluebirds Plan

2 Designs! $6.95





F. American Robins Plan 2 Designs! $6.95 PATTERN #WC-272

E. Purple Martins Plan

2 Designs! $6.95



C. Baltimore Orioles Plan 2 Designs! $6.95 PATTERN #WC-210


H. Rose Breasted Grosbecks 2 Designs! $6.95 PATTERN #WC-274

G. Gold Finch Plan

2 Designs! $6.95


Gorgeous 3-D Male and Female Birds Plans Each plan includes FULL SIZE patterns for both the male and female bird. Measuring about 7 inches long, close to the actual size of real birds. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-509 Rod (2) H-675 per bird.

Try our Plastic Eyes! Many colors, shapes & sizes! Bring your animals to life with our Plastic Eyes!

(See page 38

for details.)

3D Quail

7-1/4”H x 6”W. 4 Designs!, Parts Req’d: Eyes (8) E-509



3D Ruby Throated Hummingbird 23"H x 19"W. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-120

PATTERN #2023 $12.95




B Trophy Coat Racks

Holds hats, coats and umbrellas. Make from 3/4" stock. Measures 36"L. Parts Req’d: Coat Hangers (4) #N-106

E This




All Trophy Coat Racks can be displayed with or without the coat rack.

A. Moose PATTERN #WC-236 $12.95 B. Buffalo PATTERN #WC-280 $12.95 C. Deer PATTERN #WC-278 $12.95 D. Big Horn Sheep PATTERN #WC-286 $12.95 E. Mt. Lion PATTERN #WC-321 $12.95 F. Black Bear PATTERN #WC-320 $12.95 G. NEW! Antelope PATTERN #WC-352 $12.95

means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!



Blue Herons

These impressive birds are sure to draw attention to your beautiful yard. Approx. 44" tall. Parts Req’d: Eyes (4) E-112

PATTERN #WC-187 $12.95

3D Crow

Standard 2X lumber and scrap wood. Feet designed to fit on 1-1/2” rail or post. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-515. 18"H x 15-1/2"W.

Giant 3D Chickadee Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) E-515. 16"H x 24"W.

PATTERN #2092 $11.95

PATTERN #2054 $10.95


Sure to raise a few eyebrows in your flower garden. 9"H x 18-1/2"W. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) P-123, $.95/each

PATTERN #2371 $12.95

NEW! 3d Prairie Dogs

Up to 16” tall. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) E-315

PATTERN #2404 $12.95

Canada Geese

Tallest is 13"H to 24"H. Parts Req'd: Eyes (2) E-515

PATTERN #WC-182 $14.95

3D Sandhill Cranes

2 Designs! Parts Req’d: Dowels (4) W-160, Eyes (4) E-415. Largest is 40"H x 34"W.



3D Basset Hound Set

Tallest is 16" Tall



3D Labrador Retriever Plans 3D Farm Animals Patterns



Animals measure from 18" to 36" tall.





25" tall

PATTERN #WC-198 $14.95 A. Foal Pattern #WC-225 $12.95 B. Calf Pattern #WC-226 $12.95 C. Llama Pattern #WC-227 $12.95 D. Lamb Pattern #WC-228 $10.95 E. Piglet Pattern #WC-229 $10.95

Exclusive Designs + Precision Plans = Your Project's Success!

The 3D Skunk Parade!

3D Raccoon Climber

Tallest is 18" tall. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-515, (6) E-509 4 Designs!

16"H x 37"W x 7"D

PATTERN #2189 $10.95

PATTERN #2051 $11.95

3D Rabbits

Largest is 12"H x 14"W. Parts Req’d: Eyes (6) E-509, (2) E-515. 4 Designs!

PATTERN #2126 $11.95

3D Killdeer

12"H x 15"L Parts Req’d: Eye (8) E-509 4 Designs!

PATTERN #2270 $11.95

3-D Peacock 34"H x 36"W x 16"D.

PATTERN #1541 $8.95

Red Tail Hawk

Provides a watchful and protective presence. Made from .75" and 1.5" stock. 22" tall. Parts Req'd:Eyes (2) E-315

PATTERN #WC-171 $12.95

NEW! 3D Squirrel Rail Sitters

Adorable lounging squirrels just hanging out in your front or backyard. 11"H x 15"W x 3"D.

PATTERN #2416 $12.95

3D Pileated Woodpecker

Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-115. 19"H x 11"W.

PATTERN #2097 $11.95


24"H x 21"W x 4"D. Parts Req’d: Rods (2) H-674, Plastic Eyes (2) E-515.



Great Horned Owl

3D Emperor Penguin Family

If these guys don’t give you happy feet than nothing will! Largest is 32"H x 16"W. 4 Designs! Parts Req’d: Eyes (8) E-515



Measures 19"H. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-124.

PATTERN #WC-113 $12.95

Call our Fast and Friendly Customer Service Team! 1-800-843-2571 19


Big 3-D Layered Cardinal

Extra-large, layered bird is simple to create. 17"H x 24"W x 3"D. Parts Req’d: Rods (2) H-674, Plastic Eyes (2) E-515.

See page 38 for Plastic Eyes!

Big 3D Flamingos

PATTERN #1912 $11.95

Largest is 39"H x 31"W x 4"D. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (4) E-115. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #1928 $12.95

3D Beagle Plans

20" tall.

PATTERN #WC-201 $14.95

NEW! 3D Panda Bear

“Who doesn’t like Pandas?” You can have this adorable panda in your tree just by following our easy to use pattern and a few simple instructions. 20"H x 33"W x 10"D.

PATTERN #2415 $12.95

3D Bull Dogs

Who can resist these adorable dogs! Standing Bull Dog is 15"H x 21"L 2 Designs!

Crow Shadow Rail Sitters

PATTERN #2283 $12.95

Approx 17” long (one crow). Parts Req’d: Eyes (8) E-515. 4 Designs!



Black Squirrel Rail Sitters

These cool squirrel's attach themselves to any 2X4 railing and go well with our Crow Rail Sitters (#2094) 3 Designs! Largest is 11"H x 16"L

PATTERN #2302 $9.95

3D Chipmunks

These cute little guys will surely catch your eye on your deck, porch or in your flower gardens. Largest is 4"H x 9-1/2" long. Parts Req’d: Eye (6) E-509 3 Designs!

PATTERN #2242 $11.95 B

3D Birds and Perch!


3D Turtle

Easy to make and cute for any yard or garden! Full size pattern! 17"L x 12"W x 4-3/4"H






Display these cute birds together or by themselves on this attractive *perch. (*Perch sold separately #2169.)

A Lovebird 11"H x 4.5"W x 15"L PATTERN #2168 $12.95


B Parakeet 19"H x 4.5"W x 11"L PATTERN #2167 $12.95

Circle Perch 19.5"H x 19.5"W x 3/4" PATTERN #2169 $6.95 Buy all three and SAVE PATTERN #2167-S $29.95

For the Lowest Prices on Tools and Supplies, See Pages 34-40



3D Black Bear family!

You’ll bearly tell that these bears aren’t real. Make all of them for your yard and your neighbors will surely do a double take. Projects don’t come much easier than these. Simple to paint and to make from 1/2” or 3/4” plywood.


PATTERN #2083 $11.95 Mom & Cub PATTERN #2084 $10.95 Sitting Bear PATTERN #2082 $10.95 Climbing Bear Order all three Black Bear patterns #2083-S $30.95

NEW! 3D Raccoon Rail Sitters

These bandits are great conversation pieces for your backyard deck. Laying Coon: 19"H x 35"W x 4-1/2"D.

PATTERN #2418 $12.95

Tree Stand


Stands 53in. high. Birds sold separately.

PATTERN #WC-184 $12.95

Measures 24”H. Parts Req'd: Eyes (2) E-515


24"H x 8"W x 3"D. Parts Req’d: Rods (2) H-674, Plastic Eyes (2) E-515.

19"H x 8.5"W x 6"D. Parts Req'd: Eyes (2) E-112

A. Toucan Plan


Big 3-D Layered Woodpecker

Great Horned Owl PATTERN #2015 $11.95

PATTERN #WC-179 $12.95

PATTERN #1914 $11.95

B. Tropical Parrot

Measures 24" inches high. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-115.

PATTERN #WC-112 $12.95

C. Cockatoo

Striking 3D - look. 20" high.

PATTERN #WC-178 $12.95

Beautiful Layered Tropical Birds and Hanging Perch D. African Grey


Sea Gulls Plan

Standing gull measures 15"H. The landing gull measures 18"H with a 31" wingspan. Parts Req’d: Eyes (4) E-112.

PATTERN #WC-170 $14.95

3D Wild Turkey

36"H x 31"W x 35"D Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-515

PATTERN #2172 $11.95

18" Tall, Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-112

PATTERN #2046 $11.95

F SAVE!! All three! PATTERN SET #2049-S $28.95


E. Blue Macaw 25" Tall, Parts Req’d Eyes (2) E-112

PATTERN #2047 $11.95

F. Branch Perch

3/4"H x 21"W x 11"D. Parts Req’d Eyescrews (1pkg) S-330

PATTERN #2049 $6.95

See page 64 for current Shipping and Handling charges.



3D Snowy Egrets

Bodies are approx. 21" in length. Parts Req’d: Eyes (4) E-112, Rods (4) H-674

PATTERN #WC-239 $12.95

3D Red Fox

Heads will turn after seeing this cleaver fox in your yard. 18" Tall.



3d Bass Decor

17"H x 19"W plus dragon fly. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) E-112

3D Black Panther

26"H x 67"W.

PATTERN #2195 $11.95

PATTERN #2410 $12.95


3D Raccoon Family

Who can resist these adorable little critters. Largest is 13"H x 35"W. Parts Req’d: Eye (2) E-524, Eye (6) E-515

4 Designs!

PATTERN #2170 $11.95 Parts Req’d: Eye (6) E-509 3 Designs!

3D Squirrel's

10"H x 17"W x 3"D.

Layered Moose

38"H x 29"W x 22”D.

PATTERN #2202 $11.95

3D Mallards

Big 3-D Eagle

25"H x 12"W x 5"D. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-124.

PATTERN #1962 $12.95

PATTERN #1895 $9.95

Approx 15" long. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-509.



Patterns & Plans are


Eagle Sentry 20"H x 36"L x 7.5"D. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-120.

PATTERN #WC-110 $12.95




Stands 26in. high. Parts Req'd: Eyes (2) E-120

PATTERN #WC-181 $12.95

For Our Complete Catalog, Visit Us At

Bird Wind Chimes

Approx. 17"H x 6-1/2"W x 61/2"D Parts Req’d: Chime parts (1) N-100, (1) N-101, (1) N-102.

NEW! Spring Wind Chimes

Approx. 18"H x 61/2"W x 6-1/2"D Parts Req’d: Chime parts (1) N-100, (1) N101, (1) N-102.

PATTERN #2367 $14.95

PATTERN #2370 $14.95

Butterfly Wind Chimes

Flower Wind Chimes

Approx. 17"H x 6-1/2"W x 61/2"D Parts Req’d: Chime parts (1) N100, (1) N101, (1) N102.

Approx. 17"H x 61/2"W x 6-1/2"D Parts Req’d: Chime parts (1) N-100, (1) N-101, (1) N-102

PATTERN #2250 $14.95

PATTERN #2249 $14.95

NEW! Staircase Shelving Unit

This stylish bookshelf will compliment any home. 44"H x 43"W x 11"D. Parts Req’d: Wooden Plugs (1) W-205

PATTERN #2428 $14.95

Toy Tools Plan

Make these classic toy tools for your kids or grandkids. Circular Saw measures 6-1/2"H x 8-1/4"L 3 Designs!

PATTERN #WC-322 $12.95

Stackable Book Racks

NEW Circus Train Plans



A whimsical design inspired by the Barnum and Bailey/Ringling Bros. Cars average 7" high x 5" wide, 58" long overall 11-1/2"H x 15"D x 24"L

15"H x 22"W x 11"D. Parts Req’d: Eyes (4) E-324 per section. $11.95


NEW! Vintage Fire Truck Plan NEW! 1980’s Style Fire Truck Plan

Designed primarily for 3/4" lumber. Approx. 20" long. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-163 $19.95/pkg



Designed primarily for 3/4" lumber. Approx. 131/2" long. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-162 $9.95/pkg



100% Satisfaction is Sherwood's Steadfast Guarantee!



ITEM #CP2121 $64.95

Autumn Fairy


The Rabbit Hunter

PATTERN #1367 $9.95 ITEM #CP1367 $59.95


#CP Part Numbers stand for Color Print (See page 3).

Approx 38"H x 78"W. 2 Designs!


60"H x 45"W. Parts Req'd: Dowel (1) W-120.



›‹ Birthday Clowns

Add real balloons or a tray of birthday treats! Each clown pattern comes with interchangeable hands to hold balloons, tray or personalized sign. Largest is 50"H x 30"W. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #1268 $12.95 ITEM #CP1268 $65.95

Two Old Crows

PATTERN #2354 COLOR PRINT #CP2354 $49.95

PATTERN #628 $6.95 ITEM #CP628 $18.95

55"T x 41"W. Includes full alphabet for optional sayings!

Skate Boarding Clown

›‹ Garden Fairy Magic

Largest is 22"H x 21"W. 2 Designs! Parts Req’d: Rod (2) H-673.



Big Wheel Birthday Clown



Need we say more? A delightful gift for yourselves, or another special couple! 21"H x 24"W.


How cool is this? Your child now has someone new to skateboard with at his party! 36"T x 41"W

PATTERN #2359 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2359 $32.95


›‹ ›‹

Friendly Forest Totem II

Freedom Flyers

Friendly Forest Totem

PATTERN #2182 $12.95 ITEM #CP2182 $47.95

PATTERN #1250 $10.95 ITEM #CP1250 $66.95

PATTERN #1543 $10.95 ITEM #CP1543 $60.95

60"H x 36"W



72"H x 42"W.

60"H x 48"W.

For Our Complete Catalog, Visit Us At

Curious Birdies

Easily craft this garden or walkway design to greet your guests and make them smile! Easy-tofollow instructions feature our exclusive, full-size pattern. 24"H x 15"W.

Don’t forget Sherwood’s Staking Kits! See page 36

Layered Fence-Sittin' Dawgs

Our Fence-Sittin' Dawgs are dog-gone easy and fun to make! Layered for extra dimension and delight. Exclusive, full-size patterns. Largest is 20"H x 26"W. 3 Designs!

PATTERN #1742 $10.95 ITEM #CP1742 $56.95

PATTERN #1945 $8.95 ITEM #CP1945 $18.95


Out To Pasture

Exclusive, full-size pattern means quick and easy crafting; no horsin' around. 48"H x 57"W.

PATTERN #1957 $10.95 ITEM #CP1957 $59.95

Critters Garden Markers 9"H x 10"W. 8 Designs! Parts Req’d: Dowels (6) W-120.


PATTERN #750 6.95

Perky Pink Flamingos

48"H x 28"W. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #708 $7.95


›‹ ›‹ Wholly Cow! - Hayride 44"H x 64"W.

PATTERN #1488 $10.95 ITEM #CP1488 $61.95

Cute Cow Family

Largest is 48"H x 52"W. 3 Designs!



Peepers: Dogs & Cat

Largest is 16"H x 22"W. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) E-615, Eyes (2) E-701, Eyes (1) E-820. 3 Designs!


PATTERN #1935 $9.95

Peepers: Deer, Raccoon, Horse & Bear

4 Designs! Largest is 18"H x 24"W. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (6) E-830, (2) E-840.

PATTERN #1934 $9.95

#CP item numbers are for the optional COLOR PRINT price.



Garden Gnomes II

Everyone loves gnomes! Display these adorable hard working guys in your front yard or garden and watch them work! 5 Designs! Up to 20" Tall

PATTERN #2042 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2042 $18.95/Gnome

Garden Gnomes

Cuter than Snow White's crew, our Garden Gnomes are happy fun to craft, paint and display. Largest is 20"H x 15"W. 5 Designs!


PATTERN #1368 $10.95 ITEM #CP1368 $18.95/Gnome


Garden Gnomes & Tree Door

Mythical creatures known to bring good luck to visitors and goodwill to nature. Standing gnome is 13" tall. 3 Designs!

Turtle Swinger

20"H x 13"W x 4"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-240.

PATTERN #WC-330 $12.95

PATTERN #1834 $6.95


3D Gnome for All Seasons

Full alphabet and numbers included for you to come up with your own sayings. Use it for your address or just a simple welcome greeting. 21"H x 10"W

Garden Fairies

15"H x 9"W. 8 Designs!





PATTERN #2310 $12.95



H G. Eager Lawn Elves

H. Eager Lawn Elves II



Largest is 30"H x 43"W. 3 Designs! 30"H x 43"W. $8.95

›‹ Springtime Fairies

Largest is 34"H x 31"W. 4 Designs!


G ot-R-Done


This little gnome is kicked back after a hard days work. 47"H x 37"W




PATTERN #2179 $12.95 ITEM #CP2179 $38.95

Tonic & Hooch Largest is 36"H x 30"W. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #1958 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP1958 $47.95





means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!






›‹ ›‹

›‹ ›‹

›‹ ›‹



›‹ ›‹ ›‹ 100% Satisfaction is Sherwood's Steadfast Guarantee!




BU YA 3 L $ FOR L 2 18 3.95 44 -S


Stagecoach Stop

Westward Ho! - Westward Ho! - Ox Westward Ho! - Family 68"H x 40"W. Largest is 53"H x 33"W. Wagon PATTERN #1863 $7.95

67"H x 93"W.

PATTERN #1844 $8.95

42"H x 57"W.

BUY S ERN PATT #1861, , #1844 1862 &# -S #1862 ITEM$ 3.95 2

4 Designs!







Add a little country to your front yard! 15"H . 2 Designs!

PATTERN #2076 $8.95

The Statue of Liberty Shadow



PATTERN #978 $7.95

›‹ PATTERN #1499 $9.95

60"H x 45"W.



48"H x 73"W.

PATTERN #2074 $10.95

68"H x 68"W.


Biker Buddy

96"H x 32"W.

Trail's End

Westward Ho! - Horse

One Horse Open Sleigh 42"H x 96"W.

PATTERN #823 $7.95


Bucking Bronco

Fits on 1 sheet of plywood. 76"H x 57"W.

PATTERN #1235 $9.95






Ahoy, mate! 66"H x 48"W.

PATTERN #1283 $8.95

Captain Hook

Capt. Hook! 68"H x 69"W

PATTERN #1284 $8.95

Stallion Shadow 73" tall.

PATTERN #2030 $10.95


Decorate your mailbox with a simple project that anyone can do. Cut out of scrap 3/4” thick material, paint black and mount. It’s just that easy! 15” Long 6 designs in a set - 6 sets to choose from! Individual sets...$7.95 each.

Collect them all! Pattern Set #2086-S $36.95

Mailbox Cars Pattern #2086

Mailbox Farm Pattern #2091

Mailbox Dogs Pattern #2090

Mailbox Horses Pattern #2089


28 Call 24 hrs or 9am 5pm EST, M F for Live Operator 1-800-843-2571

Mailbox Wagons Mailbox Transportation Pattern #2088 Pattern #2087

›‹ Grazing Deer

›‹ Fire-Breathing Dragon

Scary, dragon keeping guard over your property. 47"H x 87"W.




Life-size 60"H x 36"W.

PATTERN #1978 $9.95


Grazing Deer

Life-size deer. Largest is 40"H x 53"W. 2 Designs!

Dog Shadow Collection Largest is 8"H x 9"W. 10 Designs!

PATTERN #1966 $9.95

Classic Car Assortment

PATTERN #1076 $6.95

Get most of our classic car designs in one package! Largest is 5"H x 9"W. 8 Designs!


PATTERN #1136 $6.95


Gruesome Gargoyles


50"H x 62"W. 2 Designs!


Really lights up! Parts Req’d: screws (1) S-240. 72"H x 48"W.


Indian Chief

Our watchful Indian Chief stands guard over the plains of his native land. He stand tall at 72"H x 24"W

PATTERN #1012 $8.95

PATTERN #1044 $9.95





Lil' Cowpoke Prayers Also in full color (see page 16). Largest (horse) is 40"H x 46"W. 3 Designs! PATTERN #1847 $10.95

Campfire Cowpokes 56"H x 84"W.





Ride ‘Em Cowgirl Ride 'Em Cowgirl 72"H x 85"W.


PATTERN #1809 $9.95

Farmers Wagon

Campfire Bears 46"H x 74"W.

Farmer and his tractor. 47"H x 57"W.








NEW! Turtle Xing

14"H x 32"W.

PATTERN #2387 $8.95

NEW! Deer Crossing

NEW! Bear Xing

PATTERN #2388 $10.95


44"H x 68"W.

30"H x 60"W.

Animal Crossing Signs


Useful signs, yet are sure to become the talk of the town. The make great shadows with out the text as well!




NEW! Duck Xing

13"H x 39"W.

PATTERN #2394 $8.95

means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!



#1355 48" Tall

#392 21" Tall

#65 17" Tall

#1269 54" Tall

#996 10" Tall #1276 72" Tall

#838 30" Tall

#786 27" Tall

#987 21" Tall

#1244 63" Tall #1253 48" Tall #1275 67" Tall

#2060 21" Tall

#1306 67" Tall #843 18" Tall

#1223 16" Tall #1832 40" Tall

#1013 48" Tall 3D

#995 54" Tall 3D

#26 19" Tall

#292 26" Tall #827 12" Tall

#993 14" Tall #840 8" Tall


#2031 18" Tall

#1358 21" Tall #783 30" Tall


#784 34" Tall

For the Lowest Prices on Tools and Supplies, See Pages 34-40

Special Silhouettes Offer! 1 Pattern $7.95; 2-5 Patterns $6.95 each; 6 or more patterns $5.95 each (Pages 30-31 Only) ›‹ We can reduce any silhouette at no extra charge. #23 20" Tall

#1024 35" Tall

#1017 33" Tall

#1018 35" Tall

#1019 21" Tall

#1020 22" Tall

#345 30" Tall

#1011 15" Tall #1022 36" Tall

#938 34" Tall #991 14" Tall

#1004 72" Tall #22 42" Tall #12 60" Tall

#1270 28" Tall

#981 41" Tall

#431 72" Tall #1009 12" Tall

#994 32" Tall

#1015 18" Tall

#1460 19" Tall

#999 42" Tall

#1843 21" Tall #1804 48" Tall

#998 40" Tall

#997 71" Tall

#849 19" Tall

#979 66" Tall

#1003 39" Tall 8 Designs

#824 30" Tall

See page 64 for current Shipping and Handling charges.



Airbrush Paint by Createx 2 ounce bottles of airbrush paint for both light and dark colored surfaces. Add Airbrush Extender to increase transparency. $4.65 each 1-2 bottles $4.50 each 3 or more

Glass Jar w/Lid 3oz

ITEM #A-78 $3.15

3oz Cover assembly ITEM #A-80 $5.24

SAVE! Set of 6 Bottles Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, and White. ITEM #A-13 $23.46

Glass Jar w/Lid 2oz

ITEM #A-77 $2.86

2oz Cover assembly ITEM #A-79 $5.24

Airbrush Extender 4oz. Transparent Base

ITEM #A-52 $5.51

Airbrush Cleaner 8oz ITEM #A-51 $6.25 A

Airbrushing with the Paasche VL 30min DVD Designed to educate the beginning airbrush artist.

ITEM #A-82 $21.96


22 lesson booklet is included with Airbrush!

Paasche VL Airbrush Set

We are proud to bring you Paasche’s best selling airbrush. Contains everything you need to get started (except the compressor) 3 tips & needles, 2 attachable 2oz jars, 1/4 oz color cup, air hose for air compressor, wrench and airbrush hook. A FREE 22 lesson booklet is included! What are you waiting for? Give your projects that professional look and paint them in less than half the time! $116.00

Paasche D500 Air Compressor

Economical and suitable for all airbrush spraying properly thinned fluids. 1/8th Horsepower It is quiet, lightweight, is oil-less and maintenance free. Maximum running pressure of 35 psi.

ITEM #A-75


Reamer Great tool to help keep your airbrush clean and

ITEM #A-81 clear of dried paint. ITEM #A-84 $8.14 SPECIAL $89.95 Other Paasche parts and accessories may be available please call for availability and pricing.



Exclusive Designs + Precision Plans = Your Project's Success!

Delta® One-Coat Acrylic Paints Acrylic one-coat paints are water-based for quick, easy clean-up. Rich, creamy-smooth, non-toxic; available in nearly 300 colors! Squeeze bottles.

Individual Paints 2-oz. Bottles

O — Opaque S — Semi-Transparent T — Transparent

1-5 . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2.25 ea. 6-11 . . . . . . . . . . . .$1.95 ea. 12 or more . . . . . . .$1.69 ea.

We do not show all colors, but we carry ALL Delta paints available to us.










White D-2505

Oyster White D-2492

AC Flesh D-2085

Sun Bright D-2064

Lt. Ivory D-2401

Ivory D-2036

Antique White D-2001

Flesh Tan D-2035

Lisa Pink D-2084




Opaque Yellow D-2509

Antique Gold D-2002



Bright Yellow D-2027



Crocus Yellow D-2459

Dark Golden Goldenrod Brown S D-2519 O D-2054


Raw Sienna D-2411



Yellow D-2504




Empire Gold D-2412

Georgia Clay D-2097





Maple Spice Sugar Tan Tan D-2062 O D-2063

Burnt Sienna D-2030


Terra Cotta D-2071

Napathol Napathol Red Light Crimson D-2409 O D-2408

Adobe Red D-2046

Dolphin Grey D-2457



O Old Parchment O D-2092

Walnut D-2024


Pumpkin D-2042




Butter Yellow D-2102

Bittersweet Orange D-2041


Opaque Crimson Fleshtone Tangerine Red D-2019 T T S O D-2043 O O O D-2076 O D-2507 Candy Bright Black Red Tomato Cape Cod Burgundy Mendocino Maroon Bar Red Cherry Iron Oxide Spice Blue Rose Red Brown O D-2503 O D-2098 O D-2133 S D-2020 S D-2075 S D-2484 S D-2406 O D-2123 O S D-2407 Poppy Pink Dunes Royal Pretty Antique Touch ‘O Hydrangea Straw Fuchsia Orange Quartz Beige Fuchsia Pink Rose Pink Pink D-2466 O D-2510 O D-2078 O D-2481 O D-2054 O D-2088 S D-2449 O D-2469 O D-2474 O D-2565 Medium Flesh D-2126

Santa’s Flesh D-2472


Cactus Green D-2463

OJ D-2649


Navy Blue D-2089

Blue Heaven D-2037

Forest Green D-2010





Opaque Blue D-2508




Mudstone D-2488

Brown Iron Oxide D-2023







Nightfall Blue D-2131




Lime Green D-2489


Denim Blue D-2477

Toffee Brown D-2086

Spring Green D-2517


GP Purple D-2091




Deep Lilac D-2577

Copen Blue D-2051

Butter Cream D-2523

Kelly Green D-2052





Purple D-2015

Blue Danube D-2013

Village Green D-2447

Jubilee Green D-2421





Blue Jay D-2059

Green Sea D-2445


Christmas Sandstone Green D-2068 S D-2402

Burnt Drizzle Storm Midnight Charcoal Umber Grey Grey Blue D-2436 T D-2542 O D-2025 T D-2114 O D-2452 O Bambi 14K Trail Light Silver Black Brown Gold Tan Chocolate D-2603 D-2506 D-2424 D-2604 D-2435 D-2022

Quaker Grey D-2057

Golden Brown D-2054


Lavender D-2047

Liberty Blue D-2416

Bridgeport Turquoise Grey D-2012 O D-2440 O

Apple Green D-2065

Laguna Blue D-2418

Spice Brown D-2049

Lilac D-2060


Ultra Blue D-2038

Chambry Blue D-2514

Periwinkle Blue D-2478 O Leaf Seminole Green Green D-2067 D-2009 O

Blue Lagoon D-2528

Brown Velvet D-2109

Wedgewood Deep Sea Blue Coral D-2069 O D-2124


Territorial Beige D-2425


8-oz. Bottles

Paint Sets of the Most Popular Colors ! In 10 colors . . . . . .$6.37 ea. AL I C Yellow . . . . . . . . . . D8-2504 Set of 15 colors; 2-oz Item #D-581 $23.75 SPEer 20%! Ultra Blue . . . . . . . D8-2038 Includes D-2506, D-2505, D-2042, D-2503, D-2027, s v O ving Pumpkin . . . . . . . . D8-2042 D-2019, D-2075, D-2452, D-2603, D-2068, Sa Spice Brown . . . . . D8-2049 D-2424, D-2078, D-2091, D-2037, D-2038 Christmas Green . D8-2068 Burnt Umber . . . . D8-2025 Glow In The Dark Paint A Navy Blue . . . . . . . D8-2089 Keep your projects glowing CLEARANCE with these Glow Paints. Great for Bright Red . . . . . . D8-2503 Halloween Projects! White . . . . . . . . . . D8-2505 Instant Wood Glue Get it B A. 6oz Spray Can Black . . . . . . . . . . . D8-2506 1/4 oz. of gap-filling, instantSet of 10 colors; 8-oz $56.10

ITEM #D-582 Includes one each of the 8-oz. bottles.

Must be shipped ground.

bonding glue. Great for wood!

ITEM #C-204

Use with your acrylic paints. Water clean up. Glows in the dark!

Paint Tray (Pallet)

ITEM #D-296 $3.74

7” dia., 10-well ITEM # D-123 $1.65

A. Exterior Gloss Varnish

Quality Disposable Foam Brushes ITEM# K-401 K-402 K-403 K-404

DESCRIPTION 1" Foam Brush 2" Foam Brush 3" Foam Brush 4" Foam Brush

PRICE EACH $.36 $.47 $.63


Quality Disposable Chip Brushes ITEM# K-500 K-501 K-502 K-503

while it

last! ITEM #D-295 $10.09 B. 2oz Fast Drying Medium


DESCRIPTION PRICE EACH $.55 1/2" Chip Brush $.70 1" Chip Brush $.87 2" Chip Brush $1.58 3" Chip Brush

Fast-drying, protective finish. Non-toxic, non-yellowing; easy clean-up with water. 8oz.

ITEM #D-7002


B. Gloss Spray

Simply spray this fine sealant for a glossy shine; protect your beautiful craft projects. 12-oz. cans. Must be shipped by Ground methods.

ITEM #D-7204




Call our Fast and Friendly Customer Service Team! 1-800-843-2571 33


Timesaving Markers! Acrylic Paint Pens

Pen Widths




M-532 M-533 M-534



Trace patterns and never leave a mark on wood! Quality hardwood handle; steel balls on both ends; no need to sharpen; lasts forever.

ITEM #K-6222


M-537 M-539

Huge tracing paper. Quickly, easily and cleanly trace huge, full-size patterns onto wood! Special smudge-proof formula; will not bleed through paint. Reusable. ITEM #P-8 34" x 22" 8(SH). $8.95 ITEM #P-9 8' x 4' 1(SH). $8.95



Blue-Fine Red-Fine Pine Green-Fine Dark Brown-Fine

$4.11 $4.11 $4.11


$1.03 $1.03 $1.03

Best Golden Taklon Brushes

$10.14 $10.14

Tracing Paper


Translucent paper for copying patterns. Don’t ruin your original patterns. Copy the pattern onto this transfer paper. 4 sheets of 23" x 35".

ITEM #P-4 $6.19




Outdoor Polyurethane – Satin or Gloss Finish

Brush, spray or wipe on your outdoor projects for a clear, non-yellowing, extra-long-lasting, highly durable finish. Quick-drying; UV stable. One quart can cover 125 sq. ft.

ITEM# H-697 H-720 H-698 H-699

Finish Satin Satin Gloss Gloss

QTY Amount $26.95 1 qt. 1 gal. $69.95 $26.95 1 qt. 1 gal. $69.95

BE PREPARED! To prepare a perfect surface, lightly sand the wood and apply a thin mixture of Gesso. This will give you a wonderfully smooth surface to paint on.



F. Round Shader

ITEM #K-6004


ITEM #D-7008 $8.04


N. Crackle Finish

For an Aged, Cracked Finish Each ITEM# D-7009 2oz. Bottle $2.67 D8-7009 8oz. Bottle $8.04




Perfect for creative stroke work in flower details, commas, leaves. Easily apply acrylic paints or water-based varnish to large areas. ITEM #K-6155 $8.79


G. Liner

B. Rake, 1/4"

Feathered edges help you realistically paint grass & hair.

Perfect for steady-hand script work and fine lettering.

C. & D. Flat Shaders

H. White Bristle Fan


ITEM #K-6288 #10/0 $3.53

Create trees, feathers, foliage. Make easy work of floating and side loading. Ideal for acrylics on wood. ITEM #K-6243


C. ITEM #K-6105 #6 $4.15 D. ITEM #K-6106 #2 $4.15


I. Large Stippler

Use for realistic fur, foliage and more.

ITEM #K-6124 $4.94

E. Filbert

Perfect for blending, creating petals and other special techniques.

ITEM #K-6283 #6


Brush Sets

5-Brush Set (not shown)

4-Brush Set (not shown) Set of 4 includes: Rake, Filbert, White Bristle Fan and Large Stippler.

(Brushes B, E, H & I) ITEM #K-6177 $19.71

L. Gesso

Gesso is a sealer and a white, matte primer. Brush on wood to provide a smooth painting surface. Will not yellow or crack; waterproof when dry. Non-toxic. 8-oz. bottle.


A. Flat Background Shader, 3/4"

ITEM #K-6121

Hydrocote® Polyshield®



ITEM# 3 per pack M-140 Extra Fine Tips M-200 Fine Tips M-300 Medium Tips

Trace patterns onto light or dark, base-coated surfaces. Erasable, waxless, greaseless; will not bleed through paint. Reusable 18" x 24" sheets; 8 pieces.




SAVE MONEY! Extend the Life of Your Paint Pens with... Replacement Acrylic Paint Pen Tips

C. Graphite Paper


M-536 M-537 M-538 M-539


Buy all 4 for $15.13 M-540-S

B. Carbon Paper



Buy all 4 for $15.13 M-535-S


A. Tracing Stylus

ITEM# M-535 White-Fine M-532 Black-Extra Fine M-533 Black-Fine M-534 Black-Medium

Set of 5 includes: Flat Background Shader, 2 sizes of Flat Shaders, Round Shader & Liner.

(Brushes A, C, D, F & G) ITEM #K-6178 $23.36

All Brushes (Above) (Brushes A thru I) ITEM #K-6300 $39.95

M. TiteBond II Wood Glue

Water-proof Wood Glue. 16oz. Bottle. ITEM #C-205 $9.05 ea.



J. Fantasy Snow/Glitter

White, textured, 3-D finish creates realistic fur, beards and snow on clothing, Christmas trees, pine cones; all wood-crafting projects. Dries to a durable finish. Non-toxic; easy clean-up with water. 4-oz. jars.

ITEM #D-292


For Our Complete Catalog, Visit Us At

LAZY SUSANS Wooden Tie Pegs ITEM #P-158 $2.40/10pk.


Great for antennaes!


Pattern Storage Bags, Ziplock® Polybag ITEM# 25 per pack PB-101 10" x 13", 2mil tk Holds 15 sheets ea. PB-102 6" x 10", 2mil tk







9"dia. Round


ITEM #H-405 $6.58ea.

ITEM #H-400 6" SQ. 1-9 $3.08ea. 10+ $2.77 ea.

12"dia. Round

ITEM #H-406 $8.62ea.




H. Spindles, Birch

ITEM# 1-9 W-588 – 11"L x 7/8" dia. x 3/8" tenon $2.20 W-542 – 5-3/4"L x 1/2"dia. x 1/4"tenon$1.16

I. Wood Balls, Birch

ITEM# W-510 – 2-1/2" dia. W-530 – 1" dia. W-617 – 3/8" dia.

10+ $1.99

1-9 10-99 $3.63 $3.43 $.38 $.31 $.3 $.25


100+ $3.23 $.26 $.20

Wood Plugs, Birch

ITEM# 25 per pack W-200 Mushroom Head – 1/4" dia. W-205 Mushroom Head – 3/8" dia. W-210 Mushroom Head – 1/2" dia. W-215 Flat Head – 1/4" dia. W-220 Flat Head – 3/8" dia. W-225 Flat Head – 1/2" dia. W-230 Round Head – 1/4" dia. W-235 Round Head – 3/8" dia. W-240 Round Head – 1/2" dia.

1-9/pk. 10+/pk. $1.22 $1.38 $1.25 $1.62 $1.48 $1.53 $1.39 $1.19 $1.08 $1.58 $1.44 $1.44 $1.31 $1.58 $1.44 $1.30 $1.18 $1.34

Solid-Brass Flathead & Phillips – Top Quality! $ per pack ITEM# 25 per pack Solid $2.53 S-200 #6-18Tpi – 1/2" Brass! $2.98 S-210 #6-18Tpi – 3/4" $3.65 S-220 #6-18Tpi – 1" $4.43 S-230 #6-18Tpi – 1-1/4" $6.58 S-240 #8-18Tpi – 1-1/2" $7.50 S-250 #8-15Tpi – 1-3/4"

ITEM# 25 per pack S-300 – 33/64"L, 9/64"ID S-310 – 11/16"L, 5/32"ID S-320 – 3/4"L, 3/16"ID S-330 – 1-1/16"L, 13/64"ID

1-9/pk. 10+/pk. $1.75




$1.96 $3.71

$1.49 $2.95



ITEM# 1-19 20-119 W-360 Wheel – 2" dia. x 3/4" $.57 $.50 Tk x 3/8" hole W-395 Axle – 3/8" dia. x 1-3/4"L $.26 $.23 W-350 Wheel – 1-3/4" dia. x 9/16" $.32 $.27 Tk x 1/4" hole W-390 Axle – 1/4" dia. x 1-3/8"L $.22 $.19

D. Dowels, Birch – 36"L

ITEM# W-100 W-110 W-120 W-130 W-140 W-160 W-190

Dowel – 1/8" dia. Dowel – 3/16" dia. Dowel – 1/4" dia. Dowel – 5/16" dia. Dowel – 3/8" dia. Dowel – 1/2" dia. Dowel – 1" dia.

120+ $.45 $.21 $.25 $.17









$.99 $.77

$2.01 $4.18

$.93 $.60

$1.95 $3.82



E. Knob, Birch ITEM#


Brass Screws



Wheels & Axles, Birch

1-19 20-99 100+

Knob End Grain – Screw not included. $.50 1-1/2" dia. x 15/16" flat $.70 $.60 W-169


W-134 W-157

G. Shaker Pegs, Birch

ITEM# 1-19 20-99 100+ W-134 – 1-3/4"L x 1/2"L tenon $.20 $.18 $.16 x 1/4"dia. tenon W-157 – 2-7/16"L x 3/4"L tenon $.38 $.33 $.28 x 3/8"dia. tenon W-169 – 3-1/2"L x 7/8"L tenon $.64 $.59 $.54 x 1/2"dia. tenon

Wooden Light Bulbs

Wooden Candle Cup ITEM #W-664 6" SQ. 1-9 $.85ea. 10+ .77ea.

100% Satisfaction is Sherwood's Steadfast Guarantee!

ITEM #P-155 $2.95/10pk.




1 Sheet fits a whole sheet of plywood!


GIANT Plywood-Size Carbon Paper


Now just use one large sheet of tracing paper for an entire sheet of plywood! Save tons of time and aggravation. Trace a whole sheet of plywood at once! Our new plywood-size tracing paper is 8' X 4'.

ITEM #P-9 (1 Sheet) page 34.)


for additional sizes see


F. Paper Towel Holder, Birch ITEM# W-620 Paper Towel Vertical Holder –15"L x 1-1/4" dia.






Special Hinges

ITEM# 1-9 10+ H-608 Counterbalance Support/Safety Hinge $6.05 $5.95 NEW 65-95 in./lbs. of support, use L 4 - #6 screws (Screws not included) PROWER ICING ! H-607 Continuous Brass Hinge $ $ 36"L x 1-1/2"W 5.20 4.68 Brass-plated, use 36 - #6 screws (Screws not included) H-440 Country H-Hinge $2.15 $1.95 3-1/2"L x 1-1/2"W Black, includes black screws $2.15 $1.95 H-441 2-1/2"L x 1-1/2"W Black, includes black screws


Project Staking Kits ITEM# H-672 Small Project Staking Kit Contains two 1/4" dia. fiberglass rods 12" long, four clamps and 8 screws. Will hold projects up to 36" tall. Recommend one stake every 12". H-675 Large Project Staking Kit Contains two 3/8" dia. fiberglass rods 18" long, four clamps and 8 screws. Will hold projects up to 55" tall. Recommend one stake every 12". Fiberglass Rods H-673 Fiberglass Rods 1/4" dia., 12" long H-674 Fiberglass Rods 3/8" dia., 18" long Metal U-Clamps H-676 For 1/4" dia. rod, includes 2 clamps, 4 screws. H-677 For 3/8" dia. rod, includes 2 clamps, 4 screws.




ITEM# H-410






$ .67 $1.29


Rectangular Steel Hinge 65 .65 $ 1. $2.22 $ 1 $1.92 2"L x 1-13/16"W Zinc-plated, includes #5 screws


1/8" wide, 2 sanders to a pack.


ITEM# #C-123 #C-124 #C-125 #C-126 #C-127 #C-128 #C-129 #C-130


The last one you will ever buy! Made from Tungsten Carbide, second only to Diamonds in hardness! Sharpest and longest lasting ever! Welded to steel so it will never tear loose! Cuts and sands at the same time! 80 Grit.

ITEM# C-120 C-121 C-122

2 per pack 1-9/pk. 10+/pk. Rectangular Brass Hinge 8 8 $ .9 $ .9 $1.15 $.99 1"L x 1"W Brass-plated, includes #6 screws


Scroll Saw Sanders

DESCRIPTION PINNED 5"L x 3/8"W PINLESS 5"L x 3/8"W WIRE 5"L x 3/64"Dia.




$18.88ea $18.88ea $16.28ea

Extra Fine Pinned Extra Fine Pin-less Fine Pinned Fine Pin-less Medium Pinned Medium Pin-less Coarse Pinned Coarse Pin-less

PRICE $6.24/2 $6.24/2 $6.24/2 $6.24/2 $6.24/2 $6.24/2 $6.24/2 $6.24/2

Convert your scroll saw into a power sander. Files shape and sand complex contours and forms easily eliminating the need for tedious hand sanding. The silicon carbide abrasive is aggressive enough to cut as well as sand in most materials.

While supplies last. No longer in production!

Saves Time!

Miller Stepped Dowel

25% Faster than The new Miller regular dowels Dowel is a and screws! revolutionary

wooden fastener that offers unsurpassed joinery strength, easy and quick application, and superior finished appearance.

For more details on this product, visit our website at



Measures 1/4” x 15/8”, use on boards up to 1/2” thick.

Measures 3/8” x 211/16”, use on boards up to 3/4” thick.



Measures 1/2" x 37/16", use on boards up to 13/4" thick.

Miller Stepping Dowel Joinery Kits, Birch

ITEM# SIZE H-707 Mini-X H-701 1X H-704 2X

PKG OF 100 Dowels, 1 Drill Bit 50 Dowels, 1 Drill Bit 50 Dowels, 1 Drill Bit

PRICE $27.54 $32.45 $38.35

Miller Stepping Dowels, Birch

ITEM# H-708 H-702 H-705

WOOD Birch Birch Birch

SIZE Mini-X 1X 2X

PKG OF 100 40 40

PRICE $15.82 $9.64 $11.81

Miller Stepping Dowels, Walnut

ITEM# H-709 H-703 H-706

WOOD Walnut Walnut Walnut

SIZE Mini-X 1X 2X

PKG OF 100 40 40

PRICE $28.25 $15.40 $19.80

36 Call 24 hrs or 9am 5pm EST, M F for Live Operator 1-800-843-2571

Olson Highest Quality Scroll Saw Blades Sharper Blades That Last Longer

Olson Reverse Tooth

Reverse teeth for a smooth, splinter free finish on top and bottom surfaces. Excellent blade for eliminating tear-out on plywood. 5” long plain ends.


C-113-20 C-113-2 C-113-5 C-113-7 C-113-9 C-113-12 C-113-14



2/0 2 5 7 9 12 -

28/21 20/14 12.5/9 11.5/8 11.5/8 9.5/6 9/5


1-12pk. 13+pk. $5.31 $5.31 $5.31 $5.31 $5.31 $5.31 $5.41

$5.21 $5.21 $5.21 $5.21 $5.21 $5.21 $5.31

Olson Precision Ground

These Scroll Saw Blades are the best blades available! Their razor sharp teeth cut faster, smoother, and more accurately in both straight and radius cuts. Blades are 5” long with plain ends.


C-110-5 C-110-7 C-110-9



5 7 9

12/9 10/7 8/6


1-12pk. 13+pk. $7.60 $7.60 $7.60

$7.50 $7.50 $7.50

Olson Pinned

For machines that require 5” pinned blades. Perfect for Sears Craftsman, Penn State, Delta, Ryobi, all 15” and 16” imported scroll saws.




C-116-15 C-116-10 C-116-9

Reg Reg Skip

15 10 9/5


1-12pk. 13+pk. $5.57 $5.57 $7.29

$5.47 $5.47 $7.19

Scroll Saw Sanders

Olson Crown Tooth

Unique tooth design allows the blade to cut on both the up and downstroke. Blade can be turned over for a fresh new set of teeth. 5” long plain ends.


C-112-2 C-112-5 C-112-7 C-112-9



1-12pk. 13+pk.


2 5 7 9

20 16 11 6

$5.94 $5.94 $5.94 $5.94

$5.84 $5.84 $5.84 $5.84

Olson Spiral

These blades saw in all directions and have 360º cutting capability. Use for cutting all types of materials including wood, plastic, wax, non-ferrous metals, plaster, bone, horn, etc. Increase throat capacity and cut longer pieces without turning!5” long plain ends.


C-114-2 C-114-4 C-114-6



1-12pk. 13+pk.


2 4 6

41 36 30

$5.20 $5.20 $5.20

$5.10 $5.10 $5.10

Olson Skip Tooth

For hand or machine sawing of wood, plastic and fibrous materials. Skip tooth blades cut fast, provide good chip clearance and smooth finishes. 5” long plain ends.


C-115-20 C-115-2 C-115-5 C-115-7 C-115-12



1-12pk. 13+pk.


2/0 2 5 7 12

28 20 12.5 11.5 9.5

$4.68 $4.68 $4.68 $4.68 $4.99

$4.58 $4.58 $4.58 $4.58 $4.89

Christmas Lights BELOW COST! 50 lights in each Set with plug and receptacle, 24" lead, 3.5" light spacing, 2 spare bulbs, 1 flasher, 1 spare fuse. Meets UL safety standards. Set remains lit even if one light goes out.

Sand Edges of Every Project in a FRACTION of the Time Required for Hand Sanding!

ITEM# L50RD – Red

1 or more

Reg $3.99 NOW $1.00


Clipboard Clip 1/4” 1/2” PRICE Mounts on most scroll GRIT WIDE WIDE 4/PKG saws, turning them into Pinned Ends Item# Item# versatile "Precision Power 120 grit C-150 C-156 $7.50 Sanders"! 180 grit C-151 C-157 $7.50 Threads Quickly Through Combo* C-152 C-158 $7.50 Small Holes Plain Ends Removes Bumps Gouges, 120 grit C-153 C-159 $7.50 Burn Marks, and Feathering 180 grit C-154 C-160 $7.50 Reaches into Corner and Combo* C-155 C-161 $7.50 Curves Made from industrial sand * 1/4” Combo has 1 each: 120, 180, 220, 320 grit paper to last a long time 1/2” Combo has 1 each: 80, 120, 180, 220 grit


Clipboards are easy and fun to make. Make your own using scrap wood and this handy clip!

TEM #P-149


Safety Glasses

Provides excellent side and front impact protection as well as comfort. Tuff-stuff scratch resistant lens, vented brow guard and adjustable temples.


ITEM $7.90

Crimp Beads

2-1/2mm Gold Finish Pkg. of 100


ITEM #N-100 $17.49

Wind Chime Tubes 4 Hollow Chimes 41/2" to 6" long; 3/8" O.D. Gold Anodized Finish

ITEM #N-101




Stringing Line Transparent Nylon Sturdy 6 lb. Test 50 Yd. Spool

ITEM #N-102


SAMPLE (Goose not included!)

Whirligig Kit

Contains two hubs, brads, enough PVC material for four wings, dowel and screws, washers, brass tubing, rod and ball bearing. (Whirligig patterns are available in this catalog.)

ITEM #H-660


means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!



You asked for it...


E-106 E-109 E-112 E-112 E-120 E-124

6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 20mm 24mm

$.40 $.40 $.45 $.50 $.60 $.75

E-206 E-209 E-215 E-220 E-224 E-230

6mm 9mm 15mm 20mm 24mm 30mm

Green Cat Eyes

ITEM# SIZE 1-9 E-406 6mm $.40 E-409 9mm $.40 E-415 15mm $.50 E-420 20mm $.60 E-424 24mm $.75


E-606 E-612 E-615 E-618

QTY 10-99 100+ $.35 $.30 $.35 $.30 $.45 $.40 $.55 $.50 $.65 $.55

QTY 1-9 10-99 100+ $.40 $.35 $.30 $.40 $.35 $.30 $.50 $.45 $.40 $.60 $.55 $.50 $.75 $.65 $.55 $.90 $.85 $.80

6mm 9mm 15mm 24mm

$.40 $.40 $.50 $.75

$.30 $.30 $.40 $.55

Glue-On, Moveable Eyes

ITEM #E-900

QTY ITEM# SIZE 1-9 10-99 100+ $.40 $.50

Green Eyes

QTY ITEM# SIZE 1-9 10-99 100+

E-306 E-309 E-315 E-320 E-324 E-330

6mm 9mm 15mm 20mm 24mm 30mm

$.40 $.40 $.50 $.60 $.75 $.90

$.35 $.35 $.45 $.55 $.65 $.85

$.30 $.30 $.40 $.50 $.55 $.80


1" Long 2-3/8" Long



ITEM #P-123

Cartoon Eyes

P-157 1-5/8" wide .85ea.

Hang your projects or pictures with ease using these sawtooth hangers. ITEM #N-108 ITEM #N-109

Used primarily for the animal planters, but can be used in a variety of projects. 1-7/16" dia. 1/4" dia. hole


Sawtooth Hangers

hangers hangers

Brass Plated. Two styles to choose from. Many possibilities!


Don’t mar you furniture. Self-adhering stick-ons for the bottom of your project. Pkg of 6. Item #N-105


Plastic Eye Drill Chart

EYE SIZE 6mm 9mm 12mm 15mm

EYE SIZE 15/64" 23/64" 15/32" 19/32"

DRILL HOLE 5/64" 1/8" 3/16" 15/64"

EYE SIZE 18mm 20mm 24mm 30mm

EYE SIZE 45/64" 25/32" 15/16" 13/16"

DRILL HOLE 3/16" 15/64" 15/64" 15/64"

Light w/Cord Coat Hangers

Felt Pads


Glow in the Dark! 100 pcs. $4.39 ITEM #E-700

Drill Size for both is 1/4"

$.45 $.60

QTY AMT 144pk $1.86 144pk $2.96 144pk $4.94 144pk $7.69 $.11 Each $.15 Each

Assorted shapes, sizes & colors.

Oval Eyes - Black E-701 30mm $.50 E-702 42mm $.75


$.35 $.35 $.45 $.65

QTY 1-9 10-99 100+ $.30 $.25 $.40 $.35 $.42 $.37 $.50 $.40

$.35 $.45 $.47 $.60

ITEM# SIZE E-806 6mm E-810 10mm E-815 15mm E-820 20mm E-830 30mm E-840 40mm

QTY ITEM# SIZE 1-9 10-99 100+ E-506 E-509 E-515 E-524

9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm

Glue-On, Moveable Eyes



Bring Your Projects to LIFE!


QTY 10-99 100+ $.35 $.30 $.35 $.30 $.40 $.35 $.45 $.40 $.55 $.50 $.65 $.55

You got it!

HOT Items!

A. Single Hanger Item #N-106 $3.11 B. Double Hanger Item #N-107 $7.27



6’ white extention cord with a 7-1/2" watt bulb. ITEM

#N-110 $10.89

Light Bulb

7-1/2" watt bulb ITEM #P-122 $1.69

How to Sell What You Make

Easy-to-Make Whirligigs Complete patterns and easy-tofollow instructions for making 30 whirligigs.

ITEM #B-618

So you’re making beautiful woodcrafting projects. Learn how to become successful, and sell them for cash!

Fishing Lures

Learning how to make your own fishing lures is easy and rewarding. 176 pages of high quality paper and full color images walk you through 11 projects step -by-step to ensure your success. 13 bonus patterns!

ITEM #B-535 $14.95

ITEM #B-630 $19.95


Easy to Build Birdhouses

26 Designs made from inexpensive materials. 144 page.

ITEM #B-633 $24.95


I Can Do That!

128 pages. Shows the beginner woodworker how to build 20 projects with just the basic tools.

ITEM #B-624 $19.95


Action Whirligigs

25 Easy-to-Projects with simple instructions & measured drawings.

ITEM #B-619 $10.95

Great Book of Wooden Toys

More than 50 easy to build projects awaiting to be made! 212 pages.

ITEM #B-629 $19.95

Making Wooden Chess Sets

15 one of kind designs. 136 page.

ITEM #B-634 $19.95

For the Lowest Prices on Tools and Supplies, See Pages 32-38


Wild & Wacky Birdhouses and Feeders Kid Crafts Woodworking

100 pages filled with colorful photos and instructions on how to build over 20 projects designed for kids.

ITEM #B-625 $12.95

Fantasy & Legend Scroll Saw Puzzles

80 pages filled will dragons, gargoyles, unicorns, mermaids and griffins. 25 puzzles to choose from.

ITEM #B-608 $14.95

Making Lawn Ornaments Book

Detailed instructions cover from choosing wood to painting. Includes over 20 ready-to-use, full size patterns. 130pgs.

ITEM #B-588 $14.95

Making Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Creating Heirlooms from Photos & Other Favorite Images. 104 pages.

28 colorful and creative projects meant to bring out the fun in building birdhouses.

PATTERN #B-637 $19.95

ITEM #B-632 $14.95

Birdhouses you can build in one day. 128 page book jammed packed with over 50 projects to choose from to easily attract birds to any back yard.

ITEM #B-613 $24.95

How to Carve Faces in Driftwood 144 Illustrations show you how to carve wizards, gnomes and more in weathered wood.

ITEM #B-603 $8.95

Make Your Own Dinosaurs

Classic Woodturning Projects

12 skill-building designs and fun-tomake, classic projects that will ultimately improve your woodturning expertise. 72 pages

PATTERN #B-635 $14.95

How to Carve a Woodspirit on a hiking stick Step-by-step instructions with many options to choose from.

Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets:

The ultimate designs to creating the coolest car! Expert tips and techniques and step-bystep instructions. 106 pages.

ITEM #B-621 $12.95

Make Your Own Walking Sticks

Relief Carving Wood Spirits

ITEM #B-607 $17.95

ITEM #B-604 $19.95

15 projects from the simple to the more complex. Covering the tools, the wood, and the technique.

PATTERN #B-636 $14.95

Pinewood Derby Designs & Patterns

ITEM #B-605 $9.95

7 fascinating dinosaur models-just like those sold in museums-from a piece of plywood. 26" x 40" Dinosaur modelor scale the patterns to your liking, from tabletop to life-size! 7 Patterns, 72 pages.

Prepair to carve an amazing wood spirit and 10 additional projects with detailed instructions.

Design and build the Ultimate Car! Hundreds of color photo’s, diagrams and illustrations. 106 Pages

ITEM #B-622 $12.95

Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw

80 pages with 30 readyto-cut interlocking puzzle patterns.

ITEM #B-609 $14.95

Zany Wooden Toys that Whiz, Spin, Pop, and Fly 28 Projects You Can Build From The Toy Inventor's Workshop. 224 pages.

ITEM #B-626 $19.95

Wooden Puzzles

31 interlocking projects and patterns designed for your scrollsaw. 111 pages.

ITEM #B-627 $17.95

How to make Picture Frames

Frames are expensive to buy. Why buy them when you can make them! 120 page.

ITEM #B-631 $19.95

Scroll Saw Holiday Puzzles

Wooden Clocks

ITEM #B-612 $14.95

ITEM #B-628 $24.95

30 seasonal patterns for a variety of holidays.

See page 64 for current Shipping and Handling charges.


Make time to Scroll a Beautiful clock! 31 projects. 152 pages.




Dress-Up Darlings Thanksgiving

Largest (boy) is 34"H x 23"W. 3 Designs!




Largest (boy) is 35"H x 17"W. 3 Designs! $7.95

Dress-Up Darlings Franken-Couple

Dress-Up Darlings Happy Birthday!




Largest (Girl) is 31"H x 22"W. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #1348 $7.95



Largest (girl) is 34"H x 23"W. 2 Designs!

Dress-Up Darlings Firefighter

Dress-Up Darlings Patriotic Parade PATTERN #1916



Dress-Up Darlings Fishing Pals

Largest (boy) is 31"H x 19"W. 2 Designs!

Largest (boy) is 36"H x 17"W. 3 Designs!

Dress-Up Darlings Halloween

Largest (girl) is 34"H x 26"W. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #2105 $7.95 PATTERN #1124





›‹ Dress-Up Darlings Garden Pals

Dress-Up Darlings In The Swim!

PATTERN #2071 $7.95


Largest (girl) is 31"H x 21"W. 2 Designs!


Dress-Up Darlings -Valentine's

Largest (Boy) is 30"H x 25"W. 2 Designs! $7.95

Largest (Boy) is 31"H x 16"W. 2 Designs!






Dress-Up Darlings Play Ball!

Dress-Up Darlings Air Force

Dress-Up Darlings Fore! Fun

NEW! Dress-Up Darlings-Band Buddies




PATTERN #2009 $7.95

Largest (boy) is 30"H x 16"W. 2 Designs!


Largest (girl) is 31"H x 17"W. 3 Designs!




Dress-Up Darlings Pumpkin Pals

Largest (boy) is 32"H x 17"W. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #2010 $7.95


Largest (boy) is 33"H x 16"W. 2 Designs!



Largest (boy) is 34"H x 17"W. 2 Designs!


Dress-Up Darlings - Marines

Dress-Up Darlings Winter Wear



Largest (boy) is 32"H x 16"W. 3 Designs! $7.95

Largest is 30"H x 27"W. 2 Designs! $7.95

Exclusive Designs + Precision Plans = Your Project's Success!


Dress-Up Darlings! Our Dress-Up Darlings have interchangeable clothing for every holiday, season and occasion! Full-size patterns are easy to trace and cut. Creative fun to paint and display! Many patterns come with free 2 or accessory patterns, too, so you can personalize your Dress-Up More Darlings and make them even Outfits for more distinctive! $6.9 5 ea. Order our exclusive Pattern #1122 or #2417 as the starter pieces, then pick out darling clothes to dress them up for different seasons and celebrations. Collect one or more! You'll love 'em all! Anyone can create these cute kids to decorate your lawn, garden or home throughout every season.

Dress-Up Darlings! - Starter Pieces

These cute kids are your starter pattern. Paint them in swimsuits for summer fun. 2 Designs! 29"H x 16"W.



NOTE: The following Dress-Up Darlings are OUTFITS ONLY. You MUST purchase #1122 in order for them to display as shown.

Dress-Up Darlings Cutest Cows


Largest (boy) is 31"H x 22"W. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #2008 $7.95

›‹ Dress-Up Darlings Cowboy & Cowgirl

Largest (Girl) is 32"H x 17"W. Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-160. 2 Designs!



›‹ African American, Dress-Up Darlings- Starter Pieces!

Dress-Up Darlings Wedding Outfits

Long over do! Make the same clothes as our original starter pieces (#1122). Let us know if you would like to see other races as well! 29"H x 16"W

Largest (boy) is 34"H x 16"W. 3 Designs!


PATTERN #2417 $8.95




›‹ Dress-Up Darlings - Easter

Dress-Up Darlings - St. Patty's



Largest is 36"H x 20"W. 2 Designs! $7.95

Largest is 34"H x 21"W. 2 Designs!



Dress-Up Darlings Graduation Largest is 32"H x 17"W. 3 Designs!



Dress-Up Darlings Spring Showers!

Largest (girl) is 30"H x 25"W. 2 Designs!



Dress-Up Darlings - Football Fun!

Largest (boy) is 31"H x 21"W. 2 Designs!






Dress Up Darling Butterflies

Largest (boy) 34"H x 38"W 2 Designs!

PATTERN #2257 $7.95

Dress-Up Darlings Woodworker & Painter Largest (girl) is 31"H x 24"W. 4 Designs!


Call our Fast and Friendly Customer Service Team! 1-800-843-2571 41




NOTE: The Dress-Up Darlings on pages 40-42 are OUTFITS ONLY. You MUST purchase #1122 in order for them to display as shown.


Dress-Up Darlings - 4th of July Largest (boy) is 34"H x 16"W. 2 Designs!





Dress-Up Darlings Santa & Mrs. Claus

Dress-Up Darlings - Army

Largest (girl) is 31"H x 16"W. 3 Designs!


Largest (boy) is 30"H x 23"W. 3 Designs!






›‹ Dress-Up Darlings Outdoor Fun!

Dress-Up Darlings Firefighter


2 Designs! PATTERN #1549 $7.95 2 Designs! PATTERN #2072 $7.95 PATTERN #2011 $7.95

Largest (Boy) is 33"H x 22"W. 2 Designs!


29"H x 16"W. 3 Designs!


Dress-Up Darlings Skaters

Largest (Girl) is 31"H x 19"W.

Dress-Up DarlingsSnowKids

Largest (Girl) is 31"H x 19"W.



›‹ Dress-Up Darlings Clownin' Around!

Largest (boy) is 32"H x 21"W. 2 Designs!

Dress-Up Darlings Nativity Largest (boy) is 33"H x 20"W. 3 Designs!

PATTERN #2007 $7.95 PATTERN #1343 $7.95


Dress-Up Darlings Fall Duds

Largest is 32"H x 20"W. 2 Designs!



Dress-Up Darlings Hockey

Largest (boy) is 30"H x 18"W. 2 Designs!






Dress-Up Darlings Indians

Dress-Up Darlings Navy

Dress-Up Darlings Police Pals

Dress-Up Darlings Gingerbread Outfits





Largest (boy) is 37"H x 22"W. 2 Designs!


Largest (boy) is 30"H x 16"W. 3 Designs!




Largest (girl) is 32"H x 15"W. 2 Designs!

Dress-Up Darlings Eager Elves

Dress-Up Darlings PenguinKids.


PATTERN #2070 $7.95 PATTERN #1338


Largest (Girl) is 31"H x 19"W. 2 Designs!

Use Velcro to Hold Your Outfits to the Bodies DRESS-UP





Dress-Up Darlings Fall Farmers

Largest (boy) is 30"H x 20"W. 3 Designs!


Largest (girl) is 35"H x 17"W. 3 Designs!

Largest (boy) is 31"H x 23"W. 2 Designs!


Dress-Up Darlings Race Car Drivers

Largest (boy) is 29"H x 19"W. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #2192 $7.95

Staple the Velcro (Has glue backing.) to both halves for easy change-out! 3/4” x 5’, Black Velcro

Item #P-110


For Our Complete Catalog, Visit Us At

$11.95 ea. Buy 2 or more $10.95 each

100% Satisfaction is Sherwood's Steadfast Guarantee!



Wooden Toilet Paper Roller Fits the Potty Chair Plan #WC-106.

ITEM #P-108 $1.92

Plastic Squirt Deflector

Fits the Potty Chair Plan #WC-106.

ITEM #P-109 $3.30

Potty Chair

Fits the Potty Chair Plan #WC-106.

ITEM #P-107

PATTERN #WC-175 $9.95



Save Money! Make-ityourself, we will show you how! Quality Quilt Rack


Attention all Scroll Sawers! 60 designs to choose from or make them all! Great for craft shows. Up to 5.75” long.



NEW! Four Tier Plant Stand

Display your most precious quilt. Also fits behind your couch for easy access to afghans & quilts. 30"H x 24"W x 11"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-230.

PLAN #246

Holds microwave popcorn packets! 11.25" x 9"H x 6"D. Parts Req’d: Decal (1) P-117 $3.82

Plastic Potty

Practical and decorative, this potty chair is easy to make from common-size boards. Has a toilet paper holder and book rack. 22 in. high. Parts Req’d: Bowl (1) P-107; Roller (1) P-108; Deflector (1) P-109.


Pop Corn Holder


Countertop Tower

A great space saving project for your kitchen countertop. Project holds a roll of paper towels as well as utensils and spices. Have everything just a quick spin away. Patterns drawn FULL SIZE. Measures 17" H x 10" W. Parts Req’d: Paper Towel Vertical (1) P-113.

Who wouldn’t want to have this in their own house? Beautifully designed to match any interior and with a storage compartment to store all your planting tools. 32"H x 34"W x 15"D. Parts Req’d: Hinges (2) H-440, Knob (1) W-619

PATTERN #2314 $14.95

PATTERN #WC-212 $12.95

Oak Applique #W-301



Hope Chest

This roomy cedar-lined chest comes with a drawer inside that slides side-to-side. The top stays open with a safety hinge. 18"H x 18"W x 44"L. Parts Req’d: Hinges 1 ea. H-608 & H-607; Screws (2) S-200, Wood Applique (1) W-301.

PLAN #881 $12.95 KIT #881-S $36.95 (Save 10%) (Includes: 2 hinges, screws, applique & plan)



#CP item numbers are for the optional COLOR PRINT price.

Decorate your child’s or grandchild’s room with this great storage idea created by you! Personalized Toy Chest

Imagine the excitement of putting “my” toys in “my” box! Easy-to-open Personalized Toy Chest stores oodles of playthings (or bundles of clothes). Doubles as an “extra-special” seat or stuffed animal display. 24"H x 19"W x 40"L. Parts Req’d: Hinge (1) H-608; Hinge (1) H-607 Screws (2) S-200

PLAN #210


Toy Chest Hardware Kit

Includes Plan #210, H-607, H-608 Screws (2) S-200

ITEM #210-S



Toy Trucks

Your fleet includes a flatbed, tractor-trailer, tanker and hauler-engines that hitch and unhitch. Great fun for kids to help you make; hours of playtime fun when complete. Largest: 7"H x 4"W x 16"L. 3 Designs! Parts Req’d: Wheels (30) W-360; Axles (30) W-395; Dowels (1 ea.) W-100, W-110, W-120, W-130; Plug (1) W-210.

PLAN #470


Toy Train

A great family project to “conduct” youngsters’ creativity. Four-car train can be uncoupled and re-coupled in any order. The perfect gift for every young engineer. 6"H x 4"W x 42"L. 4 Designs! Parts Req’d: Wheels (16) W-350; Axles (3) W-395 (16) W-390; Dowels (1) W-100 (1) W-120.

PLAN #323


Birdhouse Village

Largest is: 15"H x 9"W x 9"D. Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-120. 2 Designs!

Wagon Wheel Table

Unique design with a western flair. 36"H x 49-1/2"W x 36"D


PATTERN #494 $6.95


Wagon Wheel Coffee Table

Attractive western furniture. A great addition to our Wagon Wheel Table (#2235). 20"H x 36"D x 48"W

PATTERN #2236 $14.95


Patterns & Plans are

Largemouth Bass 25-1/2"T x 21"W PATTERN #2357 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2357 $18.95 Blue Marlin 28"T x 21"W PATTERN #2358 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2358 $18.95




›‹ Picture Frame Wall Divider

What a great way to display all your family photos! 60"H x 11-1/4"W (one panel).

PATTERN #2256 $11.95

means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!



Patterns & Plans are


Landscape Timber 46

For the Lowest Prices on Tools and Supplies, See Pages 32-38

See page 64 for current Shipping and Handling charges.

47 Landscape Timber

Turtle Planter

Landscape Timber Wagon Plans

10-1/2"T x 181/2"W x 301/2"L Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) P-123, $.95/each

PATTERN #2344 $11.95

Build these great looking planters for your yard using our easy-to-follow woodcrafting plans.

Large Wagon 25"T x 40"D x 28"W PLAN #2184 $12.95 Small Wagon 16"T x 30"D x 36"W PLAN #2346 $12.95



Tractor & Wagon Set Includes Plan #2273 and Plan #2184

PLAN #2184-S $22.95

NEW! Giant 3d Tortoise

Landscape Timber Tractor

An 8 sided turtle to display in your yard or garden. Easily made from standard Landscape Timbers. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) P-123 $.95each 13"H x 16"W x 27"D.

Displayed here pulling everyone's favorite planter; the landscape timber wagon 38"H x 24"W x 76"L

PATTERN #2400 $12.95

PLAN #2273 $14.95 Optional Front Loader Planter for Tractor

Front Loader Flower Bucket

Designed to fit on our new tractor plan as shown. Tractor plan sold separately.

PLAN #2297


NEW! Market Cart

Attractive display for flowers or selling vegetables by the road. 75"T x 42"W x 48"D. Parts Req’d: Mushroom Head Plug (3) W-205



Deer Planters

30" Tall. 2 Designs! Parts Req’d: Eyes (2 per deer) P123, $.95/each

PATTERN #2347 $12.95

NEW! Market Cart Planter

46"T x 64"W x 35"W


Wheelbarrow Planter


16"H x 40"L x 17"W.

PATTERN #832 $8.95

Train Planter Plan

Border your flower garden with this attractive and unique train planter or place anywhere in your home for a splash of color. 13"H x 9"W x 24"L

PLAN #WC-296




NEW! Trough Planter/Feeder

Can be used for a deer feeder too. 29"T x 48"W x 21"D


See page 64 for current Shipping and Handling charges.


Save time with Color Prints! See #CP for price or call! 1-800 843-2571 Desert Welcome Plaque

Full-size pattern and simple painting guide. 24"H x 21"W.


›‹ Cowpoke Pups

Beagle, Shelti and Dachshund. Largest is 24"H x 18"W. 3 designs


Chief Gazing Meadow

PATTERN #1592 $9.95 ITEM #CP1592 $18.95


26"H x 21"W.


PATTERN #2005 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2005 $18.95

Steer Skull Wall Art

Southwestern, Layered wall display. 24"H x 24"W x 2"D.

PATTERN #1298 $9.95 ITEM #CP1298 $18.95

Bear-y Happy Fence Sitters

Cowboy Cats


›‹ 19"H x 21"W. 2 Designs!

Largest is 25"H x 27"W. 3 Designs!



PATTERN #1538 $9.95

›‹ ›‹ Cowpoke Kids Fence Sitters Just Horsin' Around

Our exclusive rolling horse design brings rollicking smiles! No jockeying around to make it, either. 48"H x 60"W.

PATTERN #2002 $11.95 ITEM #CP2002 $63.95


Largest is 30"H x 21"W. 2 Designs!

PATTERN #1636 $9.95

Lil' Cowpoke Prayers

Largest 40"H x 68"W 5 Designs!

PATTERN #1815-S $23.95

Call our Fast and Friendly Customer Service Team! 1-800-843-2571 49


Country Hall Hideaway

Features a hinged seat for extra storage in even the tightest hall. Great for changing before leaving the house. 33"H x 36"L x 13"D. Parts Req’d: Spindles (9) W588; Plugs (1) W-205; Screws (1) S-250.

PLAN #360


English Garden Bench

A comfortable classic to build. Solid design; leave outside for years. 37"H x 48"L x 25"W. Parts Req’d: Screws (4) S-230.

Patterns & Plans are


PLAN #543


Deacon’s Storage Bench

NEW! Mermorial Bench

This will look great in your yard, or on your deck. Great for Parks too. Great way to pay tribute to the ones who passed while in service. 26"H x 48"W x 26"D.



Add extra seating and valuable storage space wherever you need it! Distinctive Deacon’s Bench boasts ample, hinged-seat storage and comfort for your guests. Perfect in a hallway or decorated with dolls. Simple to build in a day! 36"H x 21"W x 47"L.

PLAN #98












C NEW! Doll Furniture for 18” dolls. (Perfect for the American Girl® Dolls!)




A. Armoire Plan #WC-316 $12.95 B. Sofa and Chair Plan #WC-314 $12.95 C. Coffee and End Table Plan #WC-318 $8.95 D. Dresser Plan #WC-315 $12.95 E. Four Poster Bed Plan #WC-317 $12.95 F. Table & Chairs Plan #WC-313 $12.95 G. Rocking Horse Plan #WC-327 $12.95 H. Arbor Swing Plan #WC-328 $12.95 I. Steamer Trunk Plan #WC-329 $12.95 J. School Desk Plan #WC-333 $12.95 K. Horse and Sleigh Plan #WC-334 $12.95

Exclusive Designs + Precision Plans = Your Project's Success!


NEW! Close & Carry Barbie® House

Patterns to make everything you see here and it all folds away inside this handy carrying case. (Barbie® not included.) Expands to 6 feet wide! Hardwood! PATTERN

#WC-353 $18.95


Marble Derby Plan

Your kids will have hours of fun. Adults like it too. 34" Tall. Parts Req’d: 20 Large Game Marbles (2pkg of 10) P-148 $3.23, Marble Derby Decal (2) P-147 $4.06

PLAN #WC-299

Folds up!


NEW! Two Bedroom Barbie® House

Bubblegum Moose

Lift the tail and a gumball will drop. Holds about 125 standard size gumballs. 15"H x 15"W x 5"D Parts Req’d: Refill Plug #P-144 $.79

PATTERN #WC-200 $12.95

Includes patterns for deluxe fireplace, logs, andirons, shutters, planter box and 13 piece furniture set. 21"H x 44"W x 11"D.

PATTERN #WC-349 $14.95

NEW! Doll Tree House Plan Enjoy playing with your American Girl® dolls

in their very own tree house. 36”H x 30”Sq.



Build a family heirloom!

Victorian Barbie® Dream Home

NEW! Doll Buggie Plan Take your American Girl® doll for a stroll in our Baby Buggie. 15”H x 15”L



Just imagine your daughters eyes when she sees this beautiful home for her Barbies® to play in. Open back design for easy access to large Victorian rooms to decorate! Designed for years of enjoyment and made to be handed down from generation to generation. Truly a masterpiece and well worth the time, cost and all the efforts to build! Optional stand plan included. Approx. size. 50"H x 60"W x 40”D.

PLAN #WC-340 $24.95

#CP item numbers are for the optional COLOR PRINT price.


SAVE $ Buy 2 or More Paper Towel Holders for ONLY $6.95 each!

Kitchen Kritters Paper Towel Holders Largest is 10"H x 9"W x 8"D. 3 Designs! Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-190.



10"H x 9"W x 8"D. Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-190. 3 Designs!



Woodland Paper Towel Holders

Happy Home Paper Towel Holders

3-in-1 for extra value! Fish, Moose and Bear paper towel holders are popular craft show products. Largest is 10"H x 13"W x 8"D. 3 Designs! Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-190.

Largest is 10"H x 14"W x 8"D. 3 Designs! Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-190.


Country Kitchen




Flower Pot Planter Plans

Super easy to make. We used 1x8 green treated pine so no additional wood finish was required. Turtle measures approximately 18"L, Frog measures 15"L, Lizard measures 33"L, Snail measures 17"L, Alligator measures 53"L and Iguana measures 26"L. The Chameleon measures 20-1/2"L - 25"L and the Horned Toad measures 20"L. Patterns for all projects are drawn FULL SIZE. Order one pair of eyes for each planter. Uses standard 8" dia. flower pot (alligator requires two flower pots) for each project separately below. Parts Req’d: Eyes (2) P-123, $.95/each (Flower pots not included.)


A. Turtle B. Frog C. Lizard D. Snail E. Alligator F. Iguana G. Chameleon H. Horned Toad I. Hippo

Plan Plan Plan Plan Plan Plan Plan Plan Plan

#WC-218 #WC-219 #WC-250 #WC-251 #WC-255 #WC-257 #WC-258 #WC-259 #WC-310

$12.95/each $12.95/each $12.95/each $12.95/each $12.95/each $12.95/each $12.95/each $12.95/each $12.95/each







E NEW! Ant Farm

Watch and learn about the facinating world of ants. Fun and educational for all ages! Plan also includes an inexpensive source for ordering ants. 17"H x 17"W". Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) P-157 $.85each Tie Pegs for antennae (1) P-158 $2.40 10/Pkg. Clear Acrylic 8" x 10" x 1/16" Thick (2) P-159 $2.29 each.

PATTERN #WC-342 $12.95


3D Bear Wine Holder

Bears like wine too! A perfect accent for the cabin and a great gift for anyone who loves wildlife. Keeps the cork moist!



52 Call 24 hrs or 9am 5pm EST, M F for Live Operator 1-800-843-2571

Water Pump Planter

Wagon Wheels

Make your very own wagon wheels with these simple to follow patterns.

Reminiscent of days gone by, our Water Pump is the prettiest planter for flowers and foliage of the season. 16.5" hexagonal opening. 53"H x 23"L x 23"W. Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-130; Eyescrews (1) S-330.

36" DIA. PATTERN #2224 $12.95 24" DIA. PATTERN #2225 $12.95

Patterns & Plans are


PLAN #826 $10.95

Wagon Wheel Planter

Build this very unique and attractive planter for your yard. 36"H x 37-1/2"W x 36"D

PATTERN #2226 $14.95

Great for lawns without trees!

Wishing You Well

Table top size wishing well holds a standard 8" pot of pretty flowers. Easy to make with just a few standard tools, this is a popular seller at craft shows! Exclusive design is quick to cut and assemble. 24"H x 15"W x 14"D. Parts Req’d: Screw (1) S-230.


How to Build 35 Great Clocks

Compete with working plans, drawings and instructions covering 4 basic types of clocks.

ITEM #B-617 $19.95




Simple to build in a weekend!

Planter Tower

Wishing Well

A unique flower box hangs on the handle rod! Planter box plan included! 64"H x 29"W x 29"D. Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-190; Screws (1) S-230.

PLAN #32

Miniature Wooden Clocks for the Scroll Saw 250 unique patterns to choose from.

ITEM #B-616 $16.95


This multi-use planter is made from simple landscape timbers and towers over 6-feet tall! Brackets at the top hold hanging baskets, wind chimes, bird feeders. Potted plants and garden accessories can be placed in the center and around the bottom. Beautiful! Holds up to 7 pots. 72"H x 42"W x 42"L. Parts Req’d: Eyescrew (1) S-330.

PLAN #1431


Under-Standing Wood Finishing Book

Wooden Clocks 2nd edition

Ultimate Guide to the Router Table

ITEM #B-602 $19.95

ITEM #B-615 $19.95

ITEM #B-623 $24.95

Everything you need to know about finishing wood project. 308 pages

184 pages. Step-by-step photo chapters. Features plans, parts lists and instructions for 37 clocks.

means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!


128 pages filled with how-to instructions, safety, feed direction, operation, bit choices, and a whole lot more!


2 Size Options Classic Picnic Table

8' Table: 30"H x 66"W x 96"L.

PLAN #445


6' Table: 30"H x 66"W x 72"L.

PLAN #446

Octagonal Picnic Table


The self-contained table and bench design provides a lot of seating in a small area. Table top is 4 1/2' across. 7' Dia x 29"H

PLAN #WC-1439


Gazing Angel Plan

Tiered Flower Planter 17"H x 24"W x 24"D.

PATTERN #1516 $7.95

The 40 inch High angel is made from .75 and 1.5 inch stock. Accommodates a standard 10 inch gazing ball (not included).

PLAN #WC-203 $19.95



Old English Letters

Display your last initial with pride on the peak or chimney of your house. 18" Tall. PATTERN #2078 Letters A-F PATTERN #2079 Letters G-L Patterns & Plans are PATTERN #2080 Letters M-S MADE IN THE USA PATTERN #2081 Letters T-Z (sorry there is no Q or X in this alphabet)

$8.95 each or $29.95 for entire set. ITEM #2078-S

Fire Engine This simple, sturdy design uses standard lumber and only takes a weekend to build. Kids will love it. 47"H x 101"W x 37"D.

PLAN #1864 $14.95

Hanging Planter Box

Place blooming plants in the box, on four hangers and add a plant on the top, too! 74"H x 37"W x 37"D. Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-240.



Lakeside Planter Box II

Lakeside Planter Box 22.75"H x 27.5"Sq.





Use a scroll saw to create captivating scenes of bear and deer on the sides of this keepsake planter box. Simple to build. Precision plans ensure success! 22.75"H x 27.5"Sq.

PLAN #1598


For the Lowest Prices on Tools and Supplies, See Pages 32-38

Angel Trellis Plan


Project is pictured in natural cedar. It can also be made from pine and painted completely white. Measures approx. 73"H x 32".

Make from 1 sheet of 1/2" plywood, 1 sheet of 3/4" plywood and common lumber sizes. 78"H x 26" dia. Add optional revolving lighthouse beacon (#H-610).

PATTERN #WC-183 $14.95

Revolving Lighthouse Light #H-610

PATTERN #WC-118 $24.99

 Turn your lighthouse into the real thing!  Uses std. 4"x 4"Electrical Base  3 Lenses  Unit is 5" Tall  Revolving Focused Lenses - Works Like A Real Lighthouse!  Custom-Built  Uses std. Appliance Bulb  120 Volts AC  Rugged design - lasts forever

ITEM #H-610

Simple to build in a weekend! Just trace and cut.


Spirited Stallion

This striking stallion will look spectacular at the entrance to your garden, or make one for each side of your porch, entryway or driveway. Made from layers of 1x12 and 2x12 stock. Measures 41”H.

Tree Faces

PATTERN #WC-180 $19.95

Make your trees come to life! The eyes, ears, nose, and mouths can be arranged in many combinations giving your tree its own magical character and personality. Parts Reg’d: Eyes (6) E-220. 3 Designs!



Lion Sentry


Place this beautiful lighthouse on your lake or pond to mark your location for the late night fishing trips and always find your way home safely. 72" tall. Parts Req’d:Revolving Light (1) H-610

PATTERN #2234 $14.95

NEW! Bench Planter 46"T x 54"W x 15"D



Save Money! Make-ityourself, with our easyto-follow woodcraft patterns and plans!

Deer/Bird Feeder

Holds 50# of cracked corn or bird seed. Covered Hopper helps keep food dry! 40"H x 47"L x 19"W

PATTERN #WC-242 $19.95

Pictured with a standard 10 inch gazing ball which is not included. Standing almost 33 inches high.

PATTERN #WC-174 $19.95

l! Specia ill m d in W e& r Hardwa r fo s Plan $ 9.95 only 2 #828-S Windmill Bearings & Hardware

ITEM #H-623 $22.95

Soaring Windmill

You’ll be amazed how simple this Windmill is to make! The most complicated tools you’ll need are a table saw and jigsaw. Watch it spin for hours on end! 91"H x 34"W x 34"D. Parts Req’d: Bearing Kit (1) H-623; Lazy Susan (1) H-400.

PLAN #828 $10.95

See page 64 for current Shipping and Handling charges.



3 Designs!

3 Designs!

Dog Bank Patterns

How cool are these? Build your favorite breed (Daschund, Golden Retriever or German Shepherd.) or build them all! Tallest is 12" Tall. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-145 $8.74 per bank.



3 Designs!

Dog Bank Patterns II

(Chocolate Lab, Boxer or American Beagle.) Tallest is 12" Tall. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-145 $8.74 per bank.


Woodland Baby Banks


3 Designs!

Largest is 5-1/4"H to 8-1/4"H. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-145 $8.74 per bank. Eyes (2 per bank) E-509.

PATTERN #WC-323 $12.95

Cartoon Car Coin Banks

10" to 14" long. Parts Req’d: Cartoon Cart Kit (1) P 116 $13.18 each.

Big Bug Banks Plan

PATTERN #WC-207 $12.95

6-1/2" to 8-1/2" long. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-150 $8.74 each. Eyes (2) P-123 each, Tie Pegs (1/pk of 10) P-158

PATTERN #WC-359 $12.95

Zoo Animal Coin Banks

3 Designs!

9"H to 16"H. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-145 $8.74 per bank.

PATTERN #WC-213 $12.95

3 Designs!

3 Designs!

3 Designs!

3D Waterfowl Banks

Largest is 9"H x 13"W. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-145 $8.74 per bank.



Dinosaur Baby Banks

Largest is 5 1/4"H to 8 1/4"H. Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-145 $8.74 per bank. Eyes (2 per bank) E-509.

PATTERN #WC-339 $12.95

3 Designs!

Farm Animal Banks

Tallest is 12" Tall Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-145 $8.74 per bank.




3 Designs!

Farm Animal Banks II

Tallest is 12"Tall Parts Req’d: Kit (1) P-145 $8.74 per bank.



56 Call 24 hrs or 9am 5pm EST, M F for Live Operator 1-800-843-2571

NEW! How to make Picture Frames Frames are expensive to buy. Why buy them when you can make them! 120 page.

NEW! Elegant Easels

Locking Gun Rack

ITEM #B-631 $19.95

Locking ammo box with key. Holds 4 guns safely and securely. 35"H x 24"W x 4"D.

Up to 86" Tall 4 Designs!

PLAN #1789

PATTERN #WC-351 $14.95


Ninja Display

Your little ninja can display all of his or her’s martial arts weapons proudly in this unique lockable display rack. 22"H x 25"W x 6"D.

PATTERN #2381 $12.95


Plastic Bag Holder & Matching Waist Basket 2 Designs! Bag Holder is 20"H x 10"W x 4"D

Plastic Bag Recycler

19.5"H x 7"W x 6"D

PATTERN #2378 $12.95

B There’s something about these giant guns that people can’t resist!

PATTERN #2379-S $14.95

A. Big Game Shot Gun Plan


Locking Hand Gun Rack

Parts Req’d: Wooden Buttons (2) W-205. 13"H x 13"W x 7"D.

PATTERN #2397 $12.95

A massive 6-1/2 feet long (Decoration only) Includes plan for wall mount.

#WC-336 $14.95

B. Walk Softly Plaque

Brass colored plastic laminate 3/4"T x 7-3/4"L.

#P-154 $5.49/ea. C. Big Pistol Plan

Old fashioned Giant six-shooter (Decoration only). Includes plan for wall mount. 29”L x 11”W.

#WC-337 $14.95

Monitor Stand & Organizer

5-3/4"H x 19" x 13"D.

PATTERN #2385 $12.95

Rifle Floor Rack

Display your guns in style in this attractive and easy to make floor rack. A lock can easily be added to the cabinet doors to keep your ammo safe and secure. 31"H x 34"W x 12"D.



PATTERN #2396 $12.95

means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!



A. Pumpkin Patch-Pals 31"H x 45"W.


Special! Buy A, B, & C for only $22.95 ! #1388-S


B. Pumpkin Patch-Sign Post 52"H x 42"W.



C. Pumpkin Patch-Frog 29"H x 21"W.




›‹ Spooky Tree

60"H x 48"W.


Relaxing Skeleton



37" tall x 45" wide.

PATTERN #2323 $10.95

Pirate Jack-O-Lantern


Halloween yard cutout.23"H x 24"W

PATTERN #2426 $8.95

For more holiday patterns visit our websites at or


Trouble's Brewin'! 60"H x 48"W.



Candy Canes

Line your driveway or yard! 48"H x 23"W

PATTERN #2286 $10.95

Gingerbread Outhouse 48" Tall

NEW! Tree Delivery

PATTERN #2223 $14.95



Our deer and elves return in this comical display on how not to move a Christmas tree. 37-1/2"H x 84"W.

PATTERN #2436 $13.95

Nativity Pieces below...

Three Kings on Camels 38"H x 96"W PATTERN #2325 $14.95 Two Shepherds PATTERN #2326 $10.95 Two Sheep PATTERN #2327 $9.95 Cow & Donkey PATTERN #2328 $10.95 Angel 19” x 26"W PATTERN #2329 $9.95

NEW! Reindeer Wreath 21-1/2"H x 25"W

PATTERN #2433 $10.95 #1151 #2329


NEW White Nativity Set

(Includes Patterns for everything shown here!)

PATTERN SET #1151-S $58.95




Nativity Add-Ons (Includes everything shown except #1151) PATTERN SET #2325-S $47.95 Winter White Nativity 50"H x 50"W x 35D" (Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus & stable) PATTERN #1151 $11.95 See page 64 for current Shipping and Handling charges. HOLIDAYS 58

Special! Buy all three only $29.95! #2391-S

Holiday Baskets

Great for flowers, candy, kitchen utensils and more. 12"-13" tall.

•Jack-O-Lantern Basket

(#2391, #2393, & #2392)

PATTERN #2391 $10.95

•Snowman Basket

Easter Baskets

Your kids are sure to smile when they see these adorable Bunny and Egg Baskets filled will candy and gifts. •RABBIT PATTERN 15"H x 16"W x 12"D. Parts Req’d: Plastic Eyes (2) E-702 #2401 $10.95 •EGG PATTERN 15"H x 12"W x 12"D. #2402 $10.95

•PATTERN SET (Both #2401 & 2402)

PATTERN #2393 $10.95

•Turkey Basket

#2401-S $19.95

PATTERN #2392 $10.95



His Welcoming Arms

Celebrate the resurrection with this joyful Easter display. A wonderful gift for your favorite pastor. 66"H x 64"W.

AIRBRUSH this project! (See page 32 for details)

PATTERN #1183 $8.95 #CP1183 $92.95

LIGHTED DISPLAY- BEDAZZLING BUNNY! Add wow-'em nighttime lighting to your splashy springtime yard display(optional)! Easy-to-follow cutting, painting and lighting instructions. 48"H x 54"W.

PATTERN #1553 $8.95


Animated engineer waves everyone aboard for a Happy Easter! 40"H x 50"W.

Easter Swingers 21"H x 23"W x 4"D. 4 Designs!

PATTERN #1218 $8.95 ITEM #CP1218 $43.95

PATTERN #747 $8.95


PATTERN #1998 $12.95 ITEM #CP1998 $83.95

Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus making their way to Nazareth. 54"H x 71"W.

Hoppy Easter

Kids will just love this yard display and hop along side this spring. 50"H x 31"W.

›‹ This


PATTERN #1221 $12.95


means the Pattern can be Reduced. See pg 2 for Details!



Born to ride!

The Easter bunny’s taking a break this year. No more hopping down the bunny trail for this guy. This bunny’s got a new ride... 45"H x 60"W.

PATTERN #2077 $10.95 ITEM #CP2077 $59.95

He Is Risen!

70"H x 48"W.

PATTERN #1182 $8.95


›‹ Bunny Buggy

Hare Force

PATTERN #1535 $7.95

PATTERN #1534 $8.95

36"H x 64"W.

40"H x 29"W.

EggstraFast Delivery!

40"H x 55"W.

PATTERN# 1533 $8.95




His Tender Arms

Easter Totem

The hottest new trend in yard displays; our towering Easter Totem shares bright, happy spring wishes. 72"H x 13"W.

PATTERN #1179 $6.95 ITEM #CP1179 $20.95

Patterns & Plans are



Colored Egg Delivery

Neighbors will chuckle when they see this little chick pulling this wagon of Easter eggs across your yard this holiday season. 40"H x 40"W.

PATTERN #2239 $10.95 ITEM #CP2239 $35.95

Our life-size Jesus cradles a child - the perfect year-round, keepsake display for home and church yards. Especially appropriate for baptisms, Sunday school rooms. 64"H x 28"W.



Bunny Train

It's the ultimate Easter yard display! Exclusive, full-size pattern. Easy-tofollow cutting and painting instructions. 21"H x 96"W.

PATTERN# 1531 $10.95 COLOR PRINT #CP1531 $44.95

Bear-y Happy Hearts 10"H x 9"W.

PATTERN #101 $6.95



#CP item numbers are for the optional COLOR PRINT price.








Bunny Planter

40"H x 20"W. 4 Designs! Parts Req’d: Screws (1) S-230.





36"H x 35"W.

PATTERN #1219 $8.95 ITEM #CP1219 $27.95

Mosaic Cross Stain Glass

Brighten up your yard this holiday season with these stunning. Mosaic Stained Glass Designs! This projects are guaranteed as fun to paint as they are to enjoy. 48"H x 29"W.

A. PATTERN #2232 $12.95 B. PATTERN #2231 $12.95 C. PATTERN #2233 $12.95

Cupid's Call

Jumbo Grade AAA 28"H x 50"W.


AIRBRUSH this project! (See page 32 for details)

PATTERN #1537 $6.95 ITEM PATTERN #CP1537 #1223 $30.95 $7.95 16"H x 29"W.

›‹ ›‹


Hatch a Happy Easter!

36"H x 36"W.


Our eggs-clusive hare is an entertaining entrepreneur! Colorful and compelling lawn decor is amazingly easy to craft; fun to paint! Full-size pattern. 30"H x 48"W.

PATTERN #1220 $6.95 ITEM #CP1220 $31.95

PATTERN #1222 $7.95 ITEM #CP1222 $28.95

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REGULAR SHIPPING AND HANDLING* CHART USA CAN $00.00 - 10.00 $3.95 $5.95 $10.01 - 20.00 $5.95 $7.95 $20.01 - 30.00 $7.95 $9.95 $30.01 - 50.00 $8.95 $22.95 $50.01 - 75.00 $9.95 $23.95 $75.01 -100.00 $10.95 $24.95 Over $100.00 $12.95 $26.95 NEED IT FASTER!

For shipping charges on orders to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories or Overseas, please call 1-800-843-2571.


He Is Risen Cross


94"H x 48"W.


*Add $5.00 for Priority Shipping and receive your orders in approx. 3-5 business days. (U.S. Only)

PATTERN #2059 $9.95 COLOR PRINT #CP2059 $98.95



Order Form is now available to copy on page 63.

Bouncing Easter Rabbit

This cute rabbit is bound to get some laughs as it bounces across your front lawn. 47"H x 30"W.

PATTERN #2246 $10.95 ITEM #CP2246 $30.95


›‹ Easter Peepers

Here's a fun and simple family project! These whimsical window peepers can be made in a weekend with just a few paints and supplies. Full-size, exclusive patterns. Largest is 18"H x 18"W. 2 Designs!



Easter Bunny Boxes

Easy to cut, assemble and paint. Great springtime gifts! 12"H x 10"W x 8"D. Parts Req’d: Dowel (1) W-190.



NEW! 3D Giant Slotted Easter Eggs

These towering eggs will surely look great in your front yard this Easter. 2 Designs Per Pattern

A. Large is 45"T Small is 32"T Pattern #2308 $11.95 B. Large is 45"T Small is 32"T Pattern #2309 $11.95

Bunny Artist

38"H x 32"W.

PATTERN #925 $6.95

Garden Bunny 41"H x 30"W




PATTERN #831 $8.95 ITEM #CP831 $26.95

AIRBRUSH this project! (See page 32 for details)

The Easter Gnome 34"H x 44"W

PATTERN #2247 $12.95 ITEM #CP2247 $34.95



Exclusive Designs + Precision Plans = Your Project's Success!

GUARANTEE: With more patterns than ever, Sherwood guarantees fun-to-do designs our customers appreciate. Backed by our great prices and customer care, we guarantee your success. Love it or return it with no questions asked. GIFT CERTIFICATES: Gift Certificates are available in any amount. They must be prepaid like a regular order. Please include the name and address of the lucky recipient on the order form. RETURNS & EXCHANGES: Please call us tollfree at 1-800-843-2571, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am 5:00 pm EST, if you would like to return or exchange your merchandise. Sorry, we cannot accept C.O.D. packages. BACKORDERS: With Sherwood, you pay for shipping and handling only once! If any of your items are backordered, we’ll ship them ASAP and pay for the shipping and handling! Backorders will be shipped via regular shipping methods. CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have any questions of any kind after you’ve placed or received your order, please call us toll-free at 1(800) 843-2571, Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. ORDERING INFORMATION: CALL TOLL-FREE, 24 hours a day: 1-800-843-2571. To speak to a live operator, call M-F, 9am - 5pm EST. Order Online, 24 hours a day: FAX your order to Sherwood at: 1-810-629-4038. MAIL your order to: SHERWOOD CREATIONS, INC. 1459 N LEROY ST FENTON, MI 48430-2763 Prices in this catalog supersede all previous catalogs, and are subject to change without notice.








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NEW! Landscape Timber Bridge Bench

NEW! Timber Basket Planter

Simple, elegant & strong that will brighten up any yard or garden. 27"H x 72"W x 24"D

Make from standard Landscape Timber. 38"H x 44"W x 32"D.

PATTERN #2459 $12.95

PATTERN #2458 $12.95

NEW! Timber Basket #2 38"H x 44"W x 35"D

PATTERN #2451 $12.95

NEW! Clay Pot Holder

Great for indoors or out. Securely holds three 7" clay pots. 8"H x 36"L x 7-1/4"D Parts Req’d: Wooden Buttons (1) W-235, $.93/each

NEW! Large Flower Bed Box 29"H x 79"L x 31"D Parts Req’d: 2-1/2" Wooden Balls (4) W-510, $.5.98/each

PATTERN #2450 $14.95


Patterns & Plans are

PATTERN #2461 $12.95




Current Resident or


For a Live Operator, Call 9am - 5pm, M-F, EST

NEW! Large Lattis Planter

Beautiful planter for all your climbing vines. Great for roses! 104"H x 53"W x 28"D

PATTERN #2449 $14.95

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