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Architecture for the Family: Remodeling the Conventional Residential Treatment Center Spring 2013 Duration: 16 weeks Software: Sketch-up, Lumen LT

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Kensington, Philadelphia This thesis aims to put the family back into the forefront of troubled youth. Most youth social learning is derived from the family first. A re-connection that puts the family back into the central role can serve to encourage the troubled youth to act responsibly in their environment in spite of the obstacles brought on by peers, school, neighborhood, and a broader cultural context.

The 112th John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship in Architecture 2013 Spring 2013 Duration: 16 weeks Software: Sketch-up, Lumen LT

Bucks County, Pennsylvania Inspired by the Monastery’s legacy and commitment to the natural environment and its patronage to Architecture as a vehicle for technical and theoretical exploration, this competition explores the notions of Spirituality, Environmental Stewardship, Energy Neutrality, and Architectural Excellence via the design of a Monastery. Water management was vital to the survival ad selfsufficiency of the monastic community.Therefore, my design concept is a monastery that recognizes the importance of water by relying on water to sustain itself. Old traditions and new technology tnat incorporates water as its basis will be the driving force of the design.

Fall 2011 Duration: 16 weeks Group/Individual Project: Lavert Leslie, Zoe Chen

Toronto, Canada - “Lower Don Lands� Our strategy going into this project was to work with the natu- ral environment without dominating it to achieve co-existence between humans and nature. Therefore, we welcomed the in- filtration of nature in various aspects throughout our proposal for the Lower Don Lands as well as our individual proposals. For my part I have designed a environmental center that acts as a transparent oasis for learning and is positioned as a point of axis for all those who live or visit the Lower Don Lands. Today the environment is still not at the forefront of our con- science. We need to be reminded daily of our obligation to our planet. The survival of the Toronto Waterfront depend on this.


View from roof towards “Lower Don Lands”

Spring 2011 Duration: 16 weeks Software: Revit

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The new extension to The Curtis Institute of Music will be yet another cultural institution located at the historical Rittenhouse Square. The Square has been instrumental in the original Curtis Institutes’ development. The Squares role as an iconic place to the city grew out of its con- stant re-evolvement through tge decades. Its role as a public space that anchors the neighborhood is what makes it special. Therefore, my concept is to have Rittenhouse Square be the backdrop to my recital hall. The ability for visitors to con- nect with Rittenhouse Square through a large glass facade and enjoy a concert too, will create a unique visitor experience.

Spring 2008 Duration: 16 week Group/Individual Project: Jeff Garben, Noah Goldman Software: Sketch-up

State College, Pennsylvania The goal of this project was to pick a location on campus that would serve as a type of outdoor exhibit or form of recreation. Establishing a budget for materials, making constructing drawings, and meeting deadline were crucial in this project. Also the importance of being part of a team and distributing the work load equally.

Architecture portfolio  

School projects accomplished at Pennsylvania State University

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