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Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)


Contact Address: Near Attock Petrol pumpPabbi District Nowshera. Cell No: 0344-8111825 0333-0222620 Email: Website: www.New

Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)

New Roshni ORGANIZATION PROFILE BACKGROUND OF THE ORGANIZATION: Social Education awareness and Development Welfare Organization (NEW ROSHNI), is a humanitarian, non political, non - ethnical and non - governmental registered organization. NEW ROSHNI is a registered organization under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and control) NEW ROSHNI has been started working in District Nowshera , Mardan since 2009 on self help

basis to aware , strengthen and facilitate the Youth ( Women & Men) of Nowshera , Mardan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and to empower the youth in any field of work in social sector Women rights, Social Justice like health, Education, Likelihood, Agriculture etc. NEW ROSHNI believes in contribution towards the civil society institutions marginalized groups for better social awareness and development. NEW ROSHNI has a group of well

educated committed & sound volunteer professionals who gave guidelines to mainstream. The activities towards sustainable development and focusing on social mobilization, community development, gender and women development, women empowerment, education awareness, non-formal education and reproductive health services with special emphasis on Fatal Diseases awareness and self protection

VISION NEW ROSHNI has basically developed to give helping hand to poor people, deprived society and

empower the Youth specially Women Empowerment. For this purpose there are many purposeful plans which are ready to be launched.


The desire of NEW ROSHNI is aware, strengthen and facilitate the entire youth and undertake a holistic approach leading to the empowerment of marginalized groups, work for the sustainable social development of livelihood health and education.


Social mobilization of community organization, its capacity building through a participatory process in order to empower the poorest of poor and acquire access to basic social needs on integrated health care education, early child development, vulnerable women development, skill building and linking up with other donors.

Aim: “NEW ROSHNI� aims at providing Socio economic well being of the masses through awareness, primary Healthcare, Mother Child Healthcare, skill development, employment opportunities, access to safe drinking water and provision of sanitation plus sustainable clean environment. This will help the masses particularly the lower strata of the society in advancement, survival of human beings and enhancing social development in rural communities so that all men and women, especially those living in poverty, may exercise their rights, utilize the resources and share the responsibilities that enable them to lead satisfying lives and to contribute to the wellbeing of their families, their communities and humankind. The aims are to work in partnership with other national and regional human service organizations and human rights groups, to bring

Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)

New Roshni ORGANIZATION PROFILE common objectives and issues to public awareness, to promote multi-cultural awareness, to relieve poverty, improve health conditions, to promote education, to improve economic and social conditions, and to save lives.

Objectives: To ensure access to clean and hygienic water in order to prevent the unavoidable human losses due to the unavailability of clean water To ensure the highest attainable standards of physical and mental health and the access of all to primary health care. To promote and attain the goals of universal and equitable access to quality education, for both male and female in the society. To disseminate mass awareness regarding human rights and human survival through conscious efforts involving educated youth. To ensure environment friendly sustainable development through efficient allocation of scarce productive resources and minimization of socio-cultural, political and social hindrances in the society To help eliminate any forms of gender discrimination in the society and uplift the status of the female both socially and economically without jeopardizing the traditional and cultural values of the local areas To create an economic, political, social, cultural and legal environment that will enable people to achieve social development. To assess the socio-cultural factors blocking human survival and development and to ascertain the real causes of wide spread socio-economic backwardness in the rural areas of Pakistan. To promote democracy, human dignity, social justice and solidarity, ensure tolerance, non-violence, pluralism and non-discrimination with full respect for diversity within and among the societies. To ensure that disadvantaged and vulnerable persons and groups of the societies are included in social development, and that society acknowledges and responds to the consequences of disability by securing the legal rights of the individuals and by making the physical and social environment accessible. To help people achieve maximum dignity through proper utilization of available institutions related to human resource development. To utilize scarce natural endowments an other manmade capital through community mobilization and participation in order to provide an environment to everyone that is

Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)

New Roshni ORGANIZATION PROFILE conducive to the realization of human potential authenticity and free from the menace of human destruction and downfall. To suggest immediate measures for institution building that enhances human survival, social justice and human resource development. To help the innocent victims of natural calamities such as earthquake, cyclone, drought, famine, floods, epidemic diseases and the victims of war. To eradicate poverty and child labor through decisive national and international cooperation, as an ethical, social, political and economic imperative of humankind. HISTORY: At the beginning of 2005, a group of some committed persons including male and female realized the need to have a forum to address issues/problems at local level. Their main goal was to work for the deprived and marginalized sections of the society particularly for provision of Primary Health Care Services, Mother and Child Health Care Services, Poverty Alleviation, protection of the rights of women and children and to contribute in the development of a peaceful and civil society in KPK of Pakistan. To give a practical shape to their brainchild, they formed a Community Based Organization (CBO) which worked in the filed of Education in the shape of establishing a private English medium school with the name Standard Public School Tarkha, provision of Water and Sanitation Facilities at village Ali Shah and Water Channelling through water users association in the area. At the beginning, it was restricted to the local areas of the District. During all this time, it underwent through different unfavourable circumstances but managed to overcome on these difficulties over the time. As a result, This CBO not only survived but also succeeded to start work as a full fledge NGO in KPK.


NEW ROSHNI provides awareness raising and capacity building on specially

selected areas where needs are high and lacks basic facilities, as women development through informal education, importance of literacy and necessary vocational trainings etc.


To develop linkages with educators, health organization and vocational training institution for coordination. These interactions help for involving women in specialized institutions after acquiring the basic skills.


NEW ROSHNI coordinates with national and international NGOs for creating

Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)

New Roshni ORGANIZATION PROFILE awareness in the community helping with disability and facilitate access to basic and special services.


Rehabilitation of drug edicts and coordinate with anti-narcotics agencies.


To create awareness about pollution-free environment.


Administration, elected representatives, youth groups, clergy etc) in eradicating violence from the society.


To educate, impart trainings and conduct workshops for creating consciousness among youth and women against drugs, narcotics, hepatitis, and other fatal diseases and to work for the welfare of youth, children and women.

Develop an action plan for underprivileged communities to raise awareness and sensitization on the issues of human rights, gender equality, development, SWARA, honor killing, violence in the institutions of marriage, dowry and roles of different change agents (media, men,


Health Care Education Women Rights & Justice Research, Awareness, Advocacy and Social Organization Human Development Human Rights Rehabilitation of Disabled Poverty Alleviation through Resource Enhancement

AREAS/LOCATION WHERE NEW ROSHNI WORKING: Social Education Awareness and Development welfare organization (NEW ROSHNI) is intended to work initially in the IDPs and Flood Affected affected Districts of the KPK including. ♦ ♦

District Nowshera District Mardan

ACCOUNTS AND BOOK KEEPING: NEW ROSHNI has a transparent and well established account system, headed by well qualified Financial Manager/Officer. The organization has developed a well systematic method for maintaining accounts on daily and annual basis. The organization prepares the books of accounts manually with a double entry system as it is in the process to develop a computerized account system. NEW ROSHNI also keeps separate books of accounts for different projects and at the end of the project; Auditor is closing all these accounts.

ARES OF RESPONSIBILITIES OF KEY STAFF ARE UNDER AS: Executive Director; provide leadership and oversight of the Operations, Administration, Finance, Commodity Management, Interactions with national and international organizations and

Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)

New Roshni ORGANIZATION PROFILE Strategic Planning and Management. This includes supporting the organization in ensuring a work environment that motivates and challenges employees to constantly improve performance and to assist with other programming tasks as needed by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors of the Organization. Deputy Director; responsibilities include, keeping informed the Chairman, Executive Director about various activities and financial position of the organization and taking all policies of the organization to the Chairman and Board for recommendation. To establish, revise, amend penalties and disciplinary action as required ensuring adherence to the condition set forth in personal policies, the implementation of all these responsibilities subject to the approval of executive Director and Executive committee. Provide sound, timely advice to senior management and, as delegated, to the Board of Directors of the Organization. Develops, directs, and/or evaluates different program and coordinates plans and policies, resources, and mission as well as goals, vision, of the organization and prepares and updates plans and priorities. Administration and Finance Officer; responsibilities include, overall office management i.e. overview of policies and procedures, employment, volunteer and internship agreements and maintain day-to-day financial control of the service within budget, plans and oversees the financial operations of the organization and directs the formation of budgetary and accounting policies in consultation with managers, advise on the proper allocation of resources, prepare and review detailed budgets for approval by the management, ensure that all administration and financial reporting obligations are met, develop and oversee appropriate publicity through effective relations and undertake such other duties and tasks as may lie within the scope of this post to ensue the effective delivery and development of the service.








NEW ROSHNI has developed close collaboration with number of international and national organizations. These linkages have been established to share expert opinions, experiences and to seek their technical and financial support for carrying out various activities/projects. Following is a list of NEW ROSHNI current donors and others co-partners:

In addition, NEW ROSHNI has established a strong network with local CBOs in the target areas where the organization is working.

FUTURE PLAN OF ACTION Social Mobilization, Organization and Capacity buildings NEW ROSHNI is dedicated to mobilize and organize people at the gross root level of the community, which is the right way for any type of social work. In this prospect, currently, NEW ROSHNI has desired to provide Women Right, Primary Health Care Facilities to IDPs living with

Host Families and facilitate them with the Health Education through constitution of special health committees. NEW ROSHNI also feels that the existing facilities available at the primary level in the field of health are not sufficient to cater for the needs of local communities as well as the IDPS living in the Catchments areas of these first level health facilities . NEW ROSHNI therefore desires to have a partner for strengthening the health facilities in term of human resource and technical support. It aims to educate the masses through lectures, seminars, and health sessions

Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)

New Roshni ORGANIZATION PROFILE at the community level and through distribution of literature in the health education session to be held at School, Hujras, and Madrassas. The schemes of NEW ROSHNI also include the education of Mothers on preparation of ORS, Health Hygiene and breast feeding through organizing special events at home level by the Female Social Organizer and Hygiene Promoters of the organization. The organization desires to set Medical Mobile Teams (MMT) with Male and Female Doctors equipped with Ultrasound Machines and mini pathological laboratory for delivery of Primary Health Care Services to the people of the IDPs & Flood affected areas at their door step. Community Participation NEW ROSHNI intends to undertake large integrated rural development projects in NWFP through

village based organizations mainly consisting of the local people, who actively involve in identification, planning and implementation of the village level development activities. Throughout this program, NEW ROSHNI aims to strengthen public-private partnership and encourage the burgeoning dialogue between communities, government and NGOs. Its focus on institutional development is intended to improve overall capacity and efficiency, to encourage good governance, i.e. transparency, accountability, checks and balance system at the grass root level. In all its work NEW ROSHNI strives to make a reality of the participatory approach in mobilizing communities. Projects will be planned in an informed way with community perceived needs and community knowledge will be given due consideration. All these efforts will create a sense of ownership and long-term sustainability of the projects. Self-Sufficiency/ Breaking the Dependency Syndrome NEW ROSHNI strongly believes in community ownership of the programs, which in turn creates a sense of self-reliance and therefore, breaks down the dependency syndrome. The concerned project community will identify projects and will participate in its planning, designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Once they are given full participation and authority, they will sustain it with their own resources. This approach will strengthen CBOs and will increase their sense of ownership, determination and commitment during the life cycle of the project. It will help in institutionalization of various program components and make them sustainable at the community level. This will also help in creating and building the capacity and morale boasting of local activists and institutions to become more aware, independent and selfreliant in the future. One of the objectives of this plan is to involve the community as a partner during the implementation of the project and as the sole owner after the completion of the project. This is completely a new approach on the part of NEW ROSHNI and for successful completion, it is imperative that NGO and GOs (Governmental Organizations) must recognize the CBOs as the RPI (Real Project Implementers) with supervision and technical support from the NGOs and GOs.



is primarily working in district Nowshera.


Nowshera District with an estimated population of 1.5 million having two Tehsils (Nowshera itself and Pabbi) and 48 Union Councils with a very low literacy rate as compared to the other provinces of Pakistan.


Out of total population 72% are women & children.

Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)


Awareness regarding basic concept of education, good health, in time referral and primary health care services are negligible in district Nowshera.


Poor practices of personal and environmental hygiene, low literacy rate, scares income generation possibilities and high level of poverty presents a gloomy picture of the targeted area.


Early age marriages, high infant and maternal mortality rates and high level of morbidity made the area vulnerable and prioritize to initiate community mobilization and development program in partnership in the community.


By profession the people are mostly; farmers, and business persons at small scale.

B. CHALLENGES To work in a conservative and underdeveloped society one has to face several challenges but it must be the aim of the civil society organizations to overcome these challenges and get the support of the local communities. KPK in general and the rural areas of KPK in Particular have highly conservative societies and the communities always have doubts about the working of NGOs in these areas. The religious minded people of these areas normally use the innocent and unaware people for their personal agenda and normally they create hurdle in various developmental activities in the area. NEW ROSHNI since, its inception has closely interacted with the local communities and religious scholars and has invited them to its various programs. Moreover, NEW ROSHNI has adopted

such approach in interacting with the local people that the ethics and values of our religion and Pukhtoon must be preserved at all costs. NEW ROSHNI has qualified, experience and professional staff who are well aware of all the social

and cultural norms of the people and, therefore, are able to accomplish their tasks within stipulated time in a challenging manner.


Near Attack Petrol pumpPabbi District Nowshera Email ID: Contact No 0092-344-8111825 0092-333-0222620

Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)


Social Education Awareness and Development Welfare organization (NEW Roshni)

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