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Championing equality and diversity in particular the participation & contribution of women in society. Working with businesse s & communities to celebrate our diversity and contribute to positive change



FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN IN MERSEYSIDE IN THIS EDITION Boxing Lessons Herstorical Art All In On-Line A Women‘s Institution —The W.I. IN 2012 Life as a Mature Student Book Off!

What is SHEquality Matters™ Teen Review Green Agender Represent Her Local TV coming to Liverpool & much more ……….

Produced with support from:-

Jobcentre Plus (NEA)

Blue Orchid

East Lancs Moneyline

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ABOUT SHEquality


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All about environmental type things!




All about health & related stuff!




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Some stuff loosely related to the Arts/Creative! CONTENTS PAGE FOR SECTION — Page 40

About how women are doing in being representatives & what they are doing and related type stuff!




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SHEquality Matters ™ Magazine. InclusiVersity, C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35 Bold Street. Liverpool. L1 4DN.

SHEquality Matters™ Hello all, Welcome to the 1st edition of SHEquality Matters™ We hope you enjoy it. You can find out a bit more about what SHEquality Matters™ pages.

is and how it came about on the next few

At the moment we are new and the magazine will be evolving or SHEvolving over the next few months. Work is underway to transform & develop our two websites & . This will enable us to have all articles available on-line, and easier for readers too find & choose the content that is of most interest to them. We will also be able to add various stories & info in between the monthly magazine, and create more interactive activities. This is the 1st Edition, and is still very much a work in progress. We don‘t currently have a Proof Reader, and need a volunteer! Some volunteers have proof read early editions, but the magazine has been added to a lot since.

Advertise with us Contact Or call 07963 780 577 to speak to Tracey (Please leave voicemail message if busy & we will get back to you)

SUBMIT AN ARTICLE Contact as above Is there an issue you want to write about? Or do you want to tell us about your event, project or business? Send us your info & we will be in touch! (As long as it is legal, ethical and reflects the broad SHEquality Matters aims).

So apologies for any errors in advance. Every effort is being made for us to be Proof Perfect in future. We were very keen to get the 1st edition out by December!. Huge thanks to those who did manage to read through and spot some of the early errors!

We hope you enjoy the magazine, and will read future editions or even contribute to them. Tracey Hylton Editor (Not proof reader), Owner, Contributor. Cover photo Karen Choudhury from Liverpool Echo.Team GB‘s success at London 2012 has inspired Liverpool women of all ages to pull on their boxing gloves and get fit. Dawn Collinson 25/08/12. Photo by Colin Lane

SHEquality Business NW™© …..Coming soon!


InclusiVersity™ have made every effort to ensure that the information provided within this magazine is accurate. Under no circumstances, whatsoever will Inclusiversity™ accept liability for any error in or omission of any entry, whether relating to spacing, artwork position, wording or contact details. No part of this publication may be reproduced, scanned, or transmitted in any form or by any other means electronic, photocopying, or otherwise without the express permission of the publishers InclusiVersity™. Copyright © 2012 InclusiVersity™. All rights reserved. InclusiVersity™. Are publishers of SHEquality Matters ™ Copyright © 2012 . All rights reserved.



You might want to skip this bit and read some of the articles. Not everyone wants to know how we came to be. The option to find out is always on this page. X

SHEquality Matters™

- How we got here

How we got here. Well that could put probably take a very long time & a lot of pages so here is the abridged version. A more explanatory article may follow in due course, if need be. Last August I was volunteering with many others with Toxteth Against the Riots now South Central Active Forum. During this time it occurred to me there are some amazing women in the area, & indeed Merseyside. If all their skills, knowledge, and experiences could be brought together more often who knows what they could achieve? I wondered what existing structures there were to make this happen?

Then in jest I pondered why there was not a Women‘s Institute in the area. Then I thought why not contact the W.I. to see if it was possible, which they said it was and informed us of our nearest W.I‘s, which included the City Centre! Appealing though the W.I. maybe to some, it had a lot to offer but was not the structure at the time we were looking for. Ideally we wanted something free and flexible. This led to a loose group, mainly an information sharing point Toxteth Women‘s Organisation (TWO) on Facebook & informal networking.

However, the need for a tool for women in the whole of Merseyside to share information, network, highlight opportunities, create projects all for FREE was identified. There is so much positive stuff going on in Merseyside that people do not know about, and we don‘t want people to miss out. After numerous Fixed Term work contracts, and consulting over the years opportunities were reducing in line with ‗austerity cuts‘. Like many others I found people still needed my support, but few had resources to pay for services,. Activities developed into the role of ‗Professional Volunteer‖, doing ad hoc pro bono support. There is less money around for community focused activities, but you don‘t need money (or much) for a lot of things that can be positive. There are also still alternative, ethical legal and achievable ways to gain resources. So I decided to go self employed full time and work to make some positive from, all that negative. I then created and set up InclusiVersity™ a Social Enterprise which aims to address some of the needs identified. SHEquality Matters™ is a project developed by InclusiVersity™ to fill that identified gap in provision (as they say in funder speak). There are a lot of local or specific group focussed groups that do not necessarily interact with each other. There are also a lot of women led businesses, organisations to support them, but there are still enhancements that can be made (more projects coming soon)! SHEquality Matters™ & InclusiVersity ™ are both Social Enterprises (self funded via myself, New Enterprise Allowance and East Lancs Moneyline). Page 8 tells you what our aims are. By Tracey Hylton

She is a Lifelong learner, but could teach a few tricks!

Tracey Hylton


SHEquality Matters ™

SHEquality Matters ™

They may say I‘m a dreamer

But, I‘m not the only one …..

DARE DREAM DO SHEquality Matters ™

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: W: or


HUGE THANKS! To Jacqui Gill (who has seen this develop from some kind of W.I. /Organisation to something completely different), Tracey Dunn & Karen Choudhury who have seen me working through the process. They & others mentioned have all been brilliant sounding boards & encouraging, and crucially are contributors to this first edition (Art, Education, Prams. Feminism & boxing)! Also to Elaine Courtney of Blue Orchid who understood the ―vision‖ & supported me through the process of planning & my neighbour Toni who has been encouraging & keeping me on schedule. As well as Paul Sesay of The Diversity Group who has also been a sounding board, and pushing me into doing not just thinking. (though he probably wanted me to do it differently)! Very special thanks to my supportive family. Mam, Dad, sister Leanne, Brothers Tony & Robert Hylton, and my daughter (also Teen Review Editor) Sarah (extra special thanks)! In addition: Blackburne House, Community Bridge (Networking, Chips & tips), Liverpool Hope , Liverpool CVS, The Women‘s Organisation, Jobcentre Plus (NEA), Lodge Lane & District Credit Union, East Lancs Moneyline, Merseyside Network for Change , Susan Potts Alison Keen, Madeline Heneghan & Mike Morris of Writing on the Wall, Richie Hunter Nerve Mag,, Amina Ayan Ismail , Nathalie Nicholas, Anna Rothery & many others. As well as ….. Karen Gabay, Vera Green, Monica Golbourne, Julie Jackson. Amnah Vickers, Emma Rodriguez Dos Santos, Ayo Ogolo, Bev Williams of Steve Biko HA, and her Amadudu colleagues Kerry & Roni, Suzanne Morris, Michelle Bennett, Bridget Aden , Shirley Mello, Cherise Weaver, Sarah Blackstock, Louis Julienne, Ian Freeman, Leon Mussa, Hsui-Ai Chang-Taylor, Cindy Henriques, Louise Baldock & others. (Prof) Pete Fowler, Dave Cotterill & Caryn Matthews , Maximilian Zadow, and anyone else from the old International Centre of Content (ICDC) days not previously mentioned …. Good times! Finally also Maria Gornell, Clare Campbell, Bea Freeman, Anne-Marie Kennedy, Alison Bajaican, Carolyn Boyce, Coral Wint, Saundra Glenn , Gloria Hyatt MBE & Viv Ahmun, Lee Jasper, Zita Holborne , Yvonne Stennett, Yvonne Witter , Audrey Ennever, Neville Holness & Terry Benjamin. They (all of the above) do not always know what it is I am doing, but they are always supportive, helpful or inspiring!. They ―get it‖, and for that I am thankful. You have all been a help, support or inspiration in some way, even if you didn‘t realise it, One Love X : - ) Apologies to anyone I have missed out unwittingly. (It is a very big list, done lastmin,com in a stream of consciousness!). So many people to thank if I missed you, consider yourself thanked. X 7

SHEquality MattersTM


The SHEquality Matters ™ WO/MANIFESTO! A summary of aims, aspirations & ethos. To produce a Monthly Magazine For Women by Women in Merseyside. Initially as an on-line PDF magazine and developing into an online magazine site also and by mid 2013 also available in print. The Magazine to be FREE to enable inclusion & access. Funding is to be via advertising sponsorship, donations, and potentially grants as well as any surplus that is available from InclusiVersity™ A tool to enable achieving some of the aims of InclusiVersity™ - Celebrating the participation & contribution of women to society and their achievements Opportunities for women and relevant projects throughout Merseyside to raise awareness of their activities, concerns and passions by contributing to the Magazines content via:- articles, suggestions, volunteering, workshops - or other relevant activities that are inclusive &

SHEquality Matters™ is FREE & it always will be. We may though do some to pay for but inexpensive Specials for sustainability of which at least 15% of profit will go to local women focussed charities or projects SHEquality Matters™ is a Social Enterprise SHEquality Matters™ aims to be produced by a collective of women in Merseyside SHEquality Matters™ aims to be a tool to enable the diverse voices of women in Merseyside to highlight their achievements, projects concerns & passions SHEquality Matters™ aims to become a vehicle for women to influence positive change in Merseyside SHEquality Matters™ aims to work in partnership with the public, private & third sector to work towards positive change SHEquality Matters™ will continually SHEvolve !

- Accessible to enable participation By Tracey Hylton

Deliver workshops with community groups to produce content for the magazine and raise awareness of their projects or issues Develop events and relevant projects to enhance the InclusiVersity™ & SHEquality Matters™ aims & impact SHEquality Matters™ is not competing with other organisations or magazines. Our projects are created to address identified gaps, and enhance or compliment existing provision, and we seek to work in partnership with any relevant organisations to enable them and us to achieve our mutual positive aims. We welcome partnership working & collaboration.

The magazine and project is for women and by women but in the sprit of equality and inclusion of course men can read it, and if relevant contribute, if they so wish. SHEquality Matters™

To continually review our progress to develop & improve), and much more but that‘s the summary)!

We hope as the magazine progresses to include a wide range of articles, information and stories on issues and ‗stuff‘ that is not covered much (or at all ) elsewhere. We want to enable women's diverse interests and voices to have a place. We are aiming to fill a gap in magazines, and are focussing locally. We want readers to also be the contributors, a collective effort. However, we are not looking for stuff like ―I was kidnapped by a Werewolf Zombie who went to college with my stepbrother & got him hooked on Cat nip‖ type of stories, which are well catered for elsewhere. Having said that we may well publish ―I became a contract Bee Killer ! ―
















Jean Lenin — Green Tools


Nina Lenin — Green Tools


The Golden Agers Knitting Club — Green Tools



Green Tools Upcycling & Freecycle Wirral Environmental Network Merseyside Cycling Campaign & Wirral


The trials of a pram pusher on London Transport — Tracey Dunn



Women‘s Environmental Network (Information)



National Wildflower Centre (Information)



13 15 16






E N T S 10

G R E E N It says it got something about Green Tools in this bit. Why would you want tools? I‘m not into D.I.Y. I prefer S.E.D.I. ….. Somebody Else Does It! Yanno that ...


I mean if I was gonna get some tools just in case. I would get Pink Tools, obviously!


Dunno why a women‘s magazine going on about Green Tools like ….


Ma, Nan will you please stop laughing? La! (Sigh) ….

R By Tracey Hylton

Well Jean I‘ve always been mindful of the environment. I‘ve deffo got at least one ―Green Tool‖ in the house already! LOooooooooool! ……

By Tracey Hylton 11




On this page we put together some links to handy information on being more green.

Please share your Green Tips, projects or any activities you are involved in . We are keen to do what we can to improve the environment. You can contact us on:-

Ethical Consumer

Green Living Tips

Live Green

A G Love Food Hate Waste


Love Food Hate Waste aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste and help us take action. It shows that by doing some easy practical everyday things in the home we can all waste less food, which will ultimately benefit our purses & the environment too.



GREEN WOMEN—GREEN AGENDER GREEN WOMEN — GREEN AGENDER In future editions we will be featuring stories and information on environmental or ―Green‖ issues. We know that there are lots of women out there engaging in large scale and micro projects or activities to help improve their environment or their communities from allotments, campaigning, recycling, bee keeping, energy saving and travel amongst others. We will also be looking at Green Businesses. Other issues we will be looking at: -


Allotments Green Drinks Liverpool Ground Work West Lancs & Groundwork Cheshire Liverpool Food Cycle Liverpool Friends of the Earth Low Carbon Liverpool

Recycling , Slow Food, Cycling, Carbon Print, Urban gardening, Rambling

Merseyside Environmental Trust

& urban rambling, & more!

Planet St Helens

If you would like to tell us about your activity, business or project that fits within the GREEN AGENDER or know of some useful tips or projects please get in touch. E-mail:


Association of Liverpool

Project Dirt Transition Liverpool




She is a Lifelong learner, but could teach a few tricks!






What is it?

What is it?

―Upcycling is something we can do to help the planet become more sustainable by reusing unwanted items by turning them into new products.

The worldwide Freecycle Network is made up of

This in turn means we can reduce the use of raw materials and the energy used in the manufacturing of raw materials.

ting) stuff for free in their own towns.

Environmentally it is great… but, just as I important is it can be fun and give you more unique products.‖ We will have more on Upcycling in action in future issues as Merseyside has a lot of women Upcycling clothes, furniture, jewellery & other things for personal use or for sale


many individual groups across the globe. It's a grass-


roots movement of people who are giving (and get-


Freecycle groups match people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them.


Our goal is to keep usable items out of landfills. By using what we already have on this earth, we re-


duce consumerism, manufacture fewer goods, and lessen the impact on the earth.


Another benefit of using Freecycle is that it encourages us to get rid of junk that we no longer need and promote community involvement in the process. There is a Merseyside area Freecycle

Do you Upcycle?

Want to tell us about it?

Then please get in touch.

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: W: or



I‘ m telling you girls. That‘s what our Nina says our Jean said ….. ―Green Tools!‖. Hahahaha. She is a lovely girl but head in the clouds. I tell you ….. I know. You should hear our Suzy about her & her mates getting allotments. I told her your Granddad had one. We used to eat fresh veg & he sold some in the market, LOL!

Oh, it is funny the way they are all going on about green this & green that. Like they discovered it

I know Mary. I said to our Faiza ―Recycling is what the Rag & Bone used to do.‖ LOL! Yeah & I said to our Vee. Don‘t you remember taking your Pop bottles back to the shop for money?

Yeah. We‘ve always been ―cutting edge‖ girls, LOL!

And the knitwear range. Made from recycled wool, LOL! Amazing what you can do with old jumpers ..

We‘re still cutting edge girls. Well in on that ―Green Economy‖ malarkey ...

Yeah girls, We certainly doing well with the whole Arts & crafts thing too. They love us at them fairs & the on-line stuff.

We certainly are girls. Our little ―Vintage clothes‖ enterprise is going great. On-line sales are really good, LOL! Good job we bought so many clothes back in the day can still spot a bargain & sew, LOL!

Hahahaha! Remember when all our girls ordered clothes from our website to go to that 80‘s Reunion night? They still don‘t know it was us, and their old clothes. Preaching to us about recycling. Another classic, LOL!

By Tracey Hylton 14



What is WEN? Wirral Environmental Network is an environmental education charity (Registration No. 1068306) set up to promote and facilitate ethical and environmentally friendly lifestyles.


Aims: The aim of the organisation is to advance the education of the public about the preservation of our world's natural environment, ecological sustainability, natural resource conservation, waste management, recycling, & the principles of Fairtrade within Wirral and the surrounding area.


Where are we based? The Sandon Building, Falkland Road, Wallasey, CH44 8ER. Tel: 0151 639 2121 fax number 639 4826. to get there The office is halfway along Falkland Road look for blue railings and an orange roof. Our entrance is at the right-hand side of the building as you look at it. The entrance at the other end belongs to Energy Projects Plus.




Fairtrade: Finance:


Gardening courses: RePaint and Swap


Sustainability courses: Anything else:


When are we open? OPENING HOURS - OFFICE


MONDAY 9-12, 1-5








FRIDAY 9 -12, 1-5






After hours please leave a message on 639.2121 (for next working day) OR email (which may be picked up sooner)







A Merseyside Cycling Campaign was set up in 1985. The campaign has a central committee of volunteers who deal with Merseyside wide issues and campaign policy. If you'd like to see more facilities for cyclists on Merseyside then please support the campaign by joining (for which there is no charge) and communicating with your local council (see info on cycle forums here) Membership is open to anyone - cyclist or not - who supports our aims and objectives for safer cycling, traffic calming and a better, healthier environment! Benefits of Membership include: A copy of our regular newsletter "Pedal Press" Invitations to Merseyside Cycling Campaign social events The chance to make a positive contribution for cycling and cyclists on Merseyside AGM 2012, Saturday 1st December,

The A.G.M. will take place this year at The Royal Liverpool Education Centre Prescot Street Liverpool. L7 8XP,Click here for a layout map. The Education Centre is located to the right in this view. Free tea, coffee and light refreshments will be served at 10:00am and the meeting will begin at 10:30. We have, as our guest speaker, Louise Ellman, M.P. for Liverpool Riverside and Chair of Commons Select Committee for Transport.

Wirral Cycling Group was formed in 1990 by a group of cyclists who wished to promote more cycling on the Wirral, by organising escorted cycle rides suitable for 14 year olds to grandparents of all abilities. We provide support and a sociable environment in order to encourage more people to use their bicycles to explore the countryside and improve their level of fitness Do you want to get out on your bike more? Do you get bored riding on your own? Do you worry that you couldn't cope with a puncture?


If any of the above apply to you then why not come and join us on one of our rides?


We have rides starting from various locations throughout the Wirral that offer you great rides and good company, plus help with punctures if needed.


Our annual subscription is only ÂŁ3, although additional donations are always very welcome. As a campaigning organisation we maintain links with other Cycling Groups and with the local authority Cycling Forum. When possible we offer suggestions and advice concerning cycle routes on Wirral and into the Liverpool area, and often further afield when we can - please ask if you‘d like our help with suitable routes. We provide assistance, subject to volunteers being available with the annual Wirral Bikeathon in aid of the Leukaemia Research Fund, the ride which is held annually in June from Arrowe Park needs your help. Help Us?




Travelling in London. What has that got to do with Merseyside?


A. Travelling with children always needs planning, and some of the story reminds me of taking my daughter into town when she was little. If you are planning on taking your child to London here is the heads up on some stuff.

The trials of a pram pusher on London Transport


Unfortunately when we arrived at Tottenham Court Road tube station it got worse as we couldn't find the lift. We were well and truly trapped and it was quite scary actually.


by Tracey Dunn

I've recently been travelling frequently on public transport with a toddler in a pushchair and have been mortified at the lack of support.


It's almost like Transport For London are making small children in prams invisible, strange really when you think that we were all babies not so long ago. Only two pushchairs can fit on each bus at a time and because wheelchair users can generally only really travel safely on buses they get priority over pushchairs. Buggies have to be folded if there is a wheelchair which is very difficult if you have 2 young children & shopping. A few days ago I decided on a day out in London town using the London Underground with a family member also pushing a pram with a baby.

―I checked online at the 'Accessible London' website to make sure our tube stop at Tottenham Court Road had a lift. I saw a diagram of a wheelchair so presumed this meant we would be fine so off we went‖. I wouldn't have been able to travel from my local British Rail station as it had no lift so had to get the bus to an accessible station a few stops away where I met up with the other pram pusher. We had to change for the tube after a while and it was tiring standing all the way on the busy underground train with our prams on the journey.

Sadly on the busy tube no one had any intention of letting us sit in the seats next to the doors where we could have held onto our pushchairs and rested for the short journey.

E It was hot, airless, loud and busy and we were walking round and round in circles trying to find the elusive lift. No one seemed to notice us and I did get a bit panicky as there weren't any guards to speak to or buttons to press to at least speak to someone in authority. We had to practically hijack a few men to carry our prams up the long escalator and then up some stairs to get to the street.

―We clutched the children in our arms and felt a bit humiliated at losing our independence and having to rely on others. After a while we needed to catch a bus. We were the only ones at the 73 bus stop on Oxford Street and I was really keeping my fingers crossed that the bus would have space for us to both travel together. Trouble was when the bus arrived all these people barged on and I literally had to block the bus entrance with my pram to ask for them all to let the other pram user on.

I was raised to always give up my seat to those in greater need so this was a let down.‖




I asked them why they were pushing in when we were first in the queue but one person then actually forced their way past my pram and the others just moaned.

―When a spare seat became available next to the pram space I thought one of us could actually get a little bit of a rest. as it's really tiring pushing a loaded buggie, but no.. …the seated person's husband bagged it. He had been sitting in the seat behind her. If it was me I would definitely have offered it to a pram pusher.‖ On the way home we gave up on travelling by tube. Instead we walked miles down the South Bank of the River Thames after a kind man had carried our prams down the steep flight of stairs by Westminster Bridge. We then crossed the Millennium Bridge to catch a bus outside St. Paul's Cathedral. We made a pact to meet by our train platform at Liverpool Street if we couldn't travel together on the same bus. We had also decided to leave very early to beat the rush hour so we could give the children space in their prams … . and hopefully get ourselves a seat! We did have a fantastic day out but it was tarnished by Transport for London's failure to support pram users and sadly a few selfish people who didn't seem to be able to acknowledge there are small children in their midst whose carers could do with a sit down as it is exhausting pushing loaded pushchairs!






Advertise with us





I contacted Transport for London when I got home and they said I should have looked at the London Transport website in future. The accessible London website was unfortunately inaccurate. They also said they would look into my suggestion to design buses in future with more fold down seats so everyone on wheels is catered for. I am now nervous about travelling on trains with young children and feel quite sad that my trips in the London area will in future mainly stay local. I do appreciate though that Transport for London were very prompt and helpful with their replies and information. @SQTeenReview

Let's hope they take 'on board' my suggestions!



Women‘s Environmental Network is the only organisation in the UK working consistently for women and the environment. Central to our approach is the belief that women have the right to information to enable them to make fair choices. For more than two decades we have had a track record of being the first to raise awareness on issues, especially those concerning women‘s health and reproductive systems.


What Do We Do? A great deal!



we speak at national and international conferences and are invited to respond formally to government policy and proposed legislation.

we support local community groups across the country,

we work with minority ethnic groups who want to grow fruit and vegetables,

we research and educate on health, sanitary care, climate change and beauty products,

we lobby and campaign on environmental justice,

we partner with like-minded organisations on key issues,

we provide education and training and


we empower women to make positive choices that benefit their families, their communities and our planet. Join a local group . . .or start your own Concerned about risky chemicals? Want to find alternatives to harmful products? Want to chat about health and environmental issues from a women‘s perspective? Join our network of Women Taking Action for a Healthier Planet groups and contacts. Contact WEN on 020 7481 9004, for further information, to join or start a group or to become a WEN Local Contact. Reg. Charity Number 1010397 | Tel: +44 (0)20 7481 9004 | Email:




Court Hey Park, Roby Road, Knowsley, Liverpool, L16 3NA Seasonal Opening Times Visitor Centre, Conference facilities, Cafe and Shop open 7 days a week between 1st March and 30th September, 10am until 5pm (last entry around display gardens 4pm)

Out of Season



Wildflower walk for Health - Willow Weaving



Tuesday 4th December: Short walk in and around Court Hey Park ending with a willow weaving session. Meet at


Christmas Crafts



Cafe (10am - 4pm) and Conference Rooms (9am - 5pm) Saturday 15th December: 1pm - 3pm, For more information about this event please contact the Knowsley Ranger


VISITOR CENTRE: The Centre exists to promote the creation of new


wildflower habitats for people to enjoy and where wildlife can flourish and develop. It is a tranquil, family-friendly venue to visit and an urban haven where you will be inspired by nature. The aim of the Centre is to raise awareness about the importance of wildflowers to our environment and to educate the public in all matters concerning the creation and management of new wildflower habitats. By promoting new places for wildflowers to develop and thrive, we are playing a part to preserve our valuable native species and providing places where birds, insects and other wildlife can flourish too. We must act and do all we can before it is too late to preserve our natural habitat and the National Wildflower Centre is the place where you can find out exactly how to do it.


All of the money raised at the Centre is put back into our charitable work to preserve our native wildflower species, so by visiting you can be sure you are making a contribution to this essential and valuable work.


07592 054733

Nappy Cakes and Baby Showers are the latest craze. So if you are planning on a Baby Shower for yourself or somebody else, or you just simply want to buy a gift that is different and unique, then take a look at our Nappy Cakes and Gifts.


In association with









W E L WELLBEINGS Boxing Lessons!


Domestic Violence — Painful Times


Local domestic violence support






Jean Lenin—Boxing Lessons

Nina Lenin—Dancing around the world The Golden Age Knitting Club— Tea Dance







C O N T E N T S 23




Late in the summer (post Olympics) I finally followed through on a promise I had been making for some time to attend a Ladies Boxing Session delivered by Personal Trainer & Fitness acolyte Karen Choudhury.

Me during the boxing session in between boxing the punch bag (early part of the session). Photo by Karen Choudhury (who was also the Instructor) !


Many of you will have been unaware of Ladies Boxing Pre Olympics, but it has been going on for some time. Not to the levels of amateur and competitive boxing, but as a unique & fun way to keep fit (apparently). I was aware of a few people trying it out before me, and a few of them were older than me and one of them a whole generation up. Karen Choudhury : Personal Fitness Coach & Ladies Boxing Facilitator for beginners to Intermediate.

Secondly, I do need to up my fitness levels, and had made another promise to my brother (who is a dancer AKA fit) that I would take up some form of exercise because it‘s good for you & fun (again apparently). To date that promise was still in the ‘pending file‘,

Thirdly, as I want to highlight health issues in the magazine it would be beyond hypocritical not to do it myself and I intend as the magazine develops to try out all sorts of things and tell you about them from my actual experience, as opposed to what it says on the tin . So off I went, unexpectedly accompanied by my 17 year old daughter and her mate. At least I did not have to go by myself. I had very, very last minute tried to persuade a couple of others to go who had said they might be up for it, but they were having none of it/too busy etc. So off boxing with the teenager it was then! ……...


I had literally ran out of excuses ………

Therefore firstly the ―I‘m too old for this‖, was out the window (I‘m 45 if your asking, unbelievable I know, but my genes are good)!






It was hard work but I (kind of) enjoyed it!


There was quite a good turn out, especially for what was a miserable rainy day (which we had a lot of this summer).


Their was a good mix of ages from teens and twenties to middle agers (including me).


We were put into two mixed groups so we could all use the equipment. I started off in the ring learning basic boxing moves. Left, left, right punches, & repeat, & repeat and repeat …. This was followed by punches into a pad held by one of the others & swapping round.


At this point I thought well it‘s not too bad ….


Then we switched and went outside the ring and did step ups, and then sit ups and other such exercises. The bell was rung by the trainer and every time it rang we had a little (very little break) and then had to go onto the next exercise.


OK, it was getting a little more challenging now….


Then we went onto the punch bags. This is when I found out that just because it looks easy when Rocky, Joshua, Jonas & Ali punch it and it goes back and forth it isn‘t! In the movies and TV you see them punch it and it moves at least half a foot away, swings back, gets punched and same again. First few times I did it, the thing barely moved at all, and they are, despite appearances actually very heavy. The first time I punched it I was stunned . I naturally thought it was gonna swing away but it did not and I was shocked at the weight of it. I eventually got into a rhythm where it moved. Not exactly swinging, but definitely moving. At this point I was beginning to feel a bit pleased with myself for having done all that. Of course the teenage and her friend were doing it better, as you would probably expect. Anyway I was not there for comparison I was there too exercise. However, it was announced that we were going outside for a jog round the park or a Power Walk (I took the 2nd option). Off to the park we went, around the circuit a few times. The teenager took pleasure in lapping me a few times, not unlike the tortoise and the hare. Only this time the tortoise did not pull out a surprise ending and win! It was not a competition, it was about exercising at your own pace, thankfully. The drizzles of rain were but a bonus. So cliché but yes at times I did have ―that Rocky theme tune‖ playing in my head. Well you would really, coming out of a boxing gym in your sweats running around a park, LOL! We then returned to the gym and it was over. Unlike Rocky there was no raw meat on a hook to punch. In fact no more boxing. I must say that the punching exercises made me use muscles I probably never knew I had or have not used in over twenty years and had a few twinges for a few days. Nothing serious, just reminders that I need to be fitter.

VERDICT: Good exercise, good fun, hard work though but worth it as many of the women at the session said. Yes I will do it again (as I promised Karen again), but I am off to try some more gentle stuff first!

Me V Punch bag. Photo by Karen Choudhury


W E L L DM — Derry Matthews Fitness Centre 88-90 Great Homer Street, Liverpool. L5 3LF



No joining fees or contracts !





Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 p.m.

Instructor — Karen Choudhury


Suitable for all ages & abilities

Central location

Friendly atmosphere

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: or


W E L L Hi Brianna. Yeah, would love to go to the Ladies Boxing.


Yeah. I love it . Watched loads during the Olympics.


Whose fighting, Natasha Jonas ?

I Watcha mean, doing it! Not watching it?


Oh, worra shame! I got plans that night. What ? …..Paula Mac, Georgie Harry, Eddie Rings & Peta Bee all wanna go boxing first you say.

Stop laughing ……..


Spose ,I‘ll have to go if everyone else is ……

Oh, it is for all ages & abilities & you can train at your own pace.

I might just watch though. I‘m not that fit .

Your Mam & her mate is going too! Spose I‘ll have to do it then ….

Where is it on? DM Fitness, Great Homer Street. Yeah, I know where that is.

I‘ve just got back from having my nails and my hair done you know Briana.

Do you have to wear them hat‘s? Cos I‘ll have my hair in rollers. I hope they have pink gloves, gotta co-ordinate kid yanno!

Do they have Nail Protectors as well ? …..

By Tracey Hylton 27


W E DOMESTIC VIOLENCE — PAINFUL TIMES For anyone who is affected by domestic violence, the victims, their children, their friends it is a stressing and painful experience. The national charity Women‘s Aid have some disturbing statistics on the impact of the issue in UK!



What is domestic violence? In Women's Aid's view domestic violence is physical, sexual, psychological or financial violence that takes place within an intimate or family-type relationship and that forms a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour. This can include forced marriage and so-called 'honour crimes'. Domestic violence may include a range of abusive behaviours, not all of which are in themselves inherently 'violent'. (Women‘s Aid)


Does domestic violence only happen in certain cultures or classes?


Research shows that domestic violence is most commonly experienced by women and perpetrated by men. Any woman can experience domestic violence regardless of race, ethnic or religious group, class, disability or lifestyle. The incidents of domestic violence tend to increase during ―Holidays,‖sporting" events, and ―celebrations‖ (such as family and social gatherings like weddings, parties, etc). As we are nearing a lot of festive events information on where people can go for help from domestic violence is in this edition.

We will have more focus on the issue

THE FREEDOM PROGRAMME ―The Freedom Programme which deals with male violence to women and children.‖


Domestic violence can also take place in lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender relationships, and can involve other family members, including children.

Domestic violence is predominantly men being violent to women.

However, as currently being depicted in Coronation Street women can also be the perpetrators of domestic violence. There is a range of programmes and support from services such as probation to help perpetrators of domestic violence to address their behaviour. This includes the FREEDOM PROGRAMME. We will be putting more information about support in future editions. For perpetrators and victims.

The Freedom Programme is available as an on line course for £10.00. It is a combination of ‗Living with the Dominator and the ‗Freedom Programme Home Study Course‘. It can be translated by Google into other languages. To view the sample, click here

Domestic violence can also occur in same sex relationships. The National Charity Broken Rainbow specialises in support with domestic violence issues in the LGBT community.

The cost is £10 which includes access to an online copy of Pat Craven's book, Living with the Dominator. Facilitator Training Programme 2013 HERE



The The

This infor

This informat inform ToThis exemplify To exempli acter of the D acter of the tor's personal tor's person What are the signs of domestic violence?


Destructive criticism and verbal abuse: shouting/mocking/accusing/name calling/verbally threatening

Pressure tactics: sulking, threatening to withhold money, disconnect the telephone, take the car away, commit suicide, take the children away, report you to welfare agencies unless you comply with his demands regarding bringing up the children, lying to your friends and family about you, telling you that you have no choice in any decisions.





Disrespect: persistently putting you down in front of other people, not listening or responding when you talk, interrupting your telephone calls, taking money from your purse without asking, refusing to help with childcare or housework. Breaking trust: lying to you, withholding information from you, being jealous, having other relationships, breaking promises and shared agreements. Isolation: monitoring or blocking your telephone calls, telling you where you can and cannot go, preventing you from seeing friends and relatives. Harassment: following you, checking up on you, opening your mail, repeatedly checking to see who has telephoned you, embarrassing you in public.


Threats: making angry gestures, using physical size to intimidate, shouting you down, destroying your possessions, breaking things, punching walls, wielding a knife or a gun, threatening to kill or harm you and the children. Sexual violence: using force, threats or intimidation to make you perform sexual acts, having sex with you when you don't want to have sex, any degrading treatment based on your sexual orientation.


Physical violence: punching, slapping, hitting, biting, pinching, kicking, pulling hair out, pushing, shoving, burning, strangling.

Denial: saying the abuse doesn't happen, saying you caused the abusive behaviour, being publicly gentle and patient, crying and begging for forgiveness, saying it will never happen again.


Hidden hurt This information on The Dominator has kindly been provided by Pat Craven who runs The Freedom Programme © To exemplify the differing beliefs held and tactics used by the domestic violence perpetrator the Freedom Programme© uses the character of the Dominator, comparing it to the character of the Friend. The different faces or types of abuse are all aspects of the Dominator's personality which he uses to control his partner:

See information by clicking HERE









PO Box 252


Liverpool AMADUDU was set up to address racism and barriers faced by Black and Racial Minority women and children in mainstream services and wider society. Its objective is to work for the promotion of any charitable purposes for the benefit of women experiencing domestic violence, by the advancement of education, the protection of health and the relief of . poverty, sickness and distress.


L69 8NA





AMADUDU is a refuge for women & children fleeing violence, prioritising the needs of black women & children.


The service offers temporary accommodation, providing support understanding & access to additional services when required.


Services Provided include The service provided includes advice on :

Welfare benefits


WINNERS—National Diversity Awards 2012 in Race Category

Children's issues

Clients are helped to access:

Legal advice

Counselling & Interpreters

WINNERS—Environmental Impact Award 2012

Additional Information: Women can self refer to the service or be referred by another agency. AMADUDU ALSO OFFER TRAINING TO ORGANISATIONS ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ISSUES, CULTURAL ISSUES, & OTHER RELEVANT ISSUES & SUPPORT . AMADUDU have contributed to important

AMADUDU‘s website includes a translation facility into text and some speech for a variety of languages. We also have other information in different community languages .

research and campaigns locally and nationally for many years on issues regarding Domestic violence, The Women‘s Voluntary Sector and in particular those affecting BAME women


W E L Domestic Violence Support Services West Lancs



24 Hour Free phone Helpline: 0808 100 3062 01695 50600

Postal Address : P.O.Box 16 Glebe Road, Skelmersdale, Lancashire. WN8 6XZ Email ALL CONTACTS & CALLS ARE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Our organisation was founded in 1987, and has helped many thousands of people through the different projects that the organisation provides. Our mission is to reduce the harm done by domestic violence/ abuse and improve the safety, health and well being of all survivors & their children. To lead in preventing and

E Our aim is to Protect, Support and Empower women who suffer from domestic abuse, to live safe independent lives.


Our service is completely free, and is open to all women, regardless of age, sexual preference, social, religious or cultural background .


We are a specialist BME service with multi lingual staff and have access to interpreters and information in different languages. We achieve this through; drop in, referral and outreach service where we provide a range of support. You Are Not Alone We can Support you. We can advise you and help you with a range of options designed to meet your needs. We will not pressure you to do anything It is your choice . Please call us for a confidential chat or to book an appointment. Please ring 0151 263 7474









Merseyside Domestic Violence Services (MDVS) formally known as Chrysalis is a voluntary or-

KNOWSLEY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SUPPORT SERVICES Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services is a multi-gender agency which aims to offer comprehensive support and protection for people experiencing domestic violence. We aim to do this by providing existing services to sufferers of domestic violence and developing new services where necessary. For more information on the services we provide click on the links to the left of the page. There is also a link to contact us for more information. If you are experiencing domestic abuse and do not want anyone else to know you are looking at this website you can click on the rainbow at the side of the page at any time and it will take you to the BBC website, please be aware though that it will appear in your browser history so delete that as well.


ganisation working with women, children, young people and families whose lives have been affected in some way by the issues related to domestic violence and cultural/ honour based crime.


Since becoming established in 2003 we have developed a multi-agency approach that enables us to deal successfully with many cultural and societal issues, barriers, and stigma associated with domestic violence. Our new centre is based within Liverpool‘s China Town which is surrounded by diverse BME (Black Minority Ethnic) communities. We have a team of dedicated volunteers from within these BME groups who are able to translate many languages and reach women from within many of the groupswomen who access our centre are from the surrounding Arabic-Yemeni – Somalia and Chinese communities, and we are also supporting an increasing number of women from Eastern European countries who are fleeing from cultural based domestic/sexual violence.

Additionally we accompany women to solicitors, court, child protection conferences, welfare rights, C.A.B, (Citizens Advice Bureau) housing and other agencies. We also provide a range of learning programs, a designated domestic violence awareness program –a sexual health program and other leisure activities and outings for the women, children and young people to encourage participation, inclusion, and integration. We also run a range of educational and leisure programs.

Phone: 0151 709 8770

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W: or




Help-Line SLDAS is a charitable organisation that aims to challenge domestic abuse at a community level by providing information, practical and emotional support to women who have experienced domestic violence and/or abuse. We offer telephone or face to face emotional and practical support through appointment or by dropping in to our Garston venue. SLDAS support women through legal procedures, Social Services and other professional meetings.

SLDAS aim to support women to overcome barriers to accessing services and can support wormen in local venues across South and South Central Liverpool. We offer support services in a range of languages so that as many women as possible can gain support in the language that they are most comfortable with.

SLDAS offer structured group theraputic programmes, stressbusting and self-esteem courses and activity groups. We also offer formal counselling services and work in partnership to offer support from the Citizen's Advice Bureau and local Family Law Solicitors.

SEFTON WOMEN & CHILDREN‘S AID Sefton Women's & Children's Aid, 166 Knowsley Road, Bootle. L20 4NR Tel: 0151 922 8606 IF YOU NEED HELP


'PHONE 0151 922 8606



SWACA's dedicated team help women, children and young people survive the impact of Domestic Abuse, by giving free, practical and emotional support. Our services are offered to Women, Young People & Children regardless of Age, Disability, Sexuality, Race or Religion. Our support can be given by phone, in person, at home, in school, in Children's Centres in the workplace or in our centre. Our team is available 5 days per week Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9.30am - 5.00pm Wednesday 9.30am - 7.00pm , Friday 9.30am 3.00pm

SLDAS provide an accredited OCN Level 2 Volunteer Programme

33 SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:



W E L L B E Voice for Change Are you a victim of Domestic Violence? Do you know someone who may need help? Do you know what to do? Do you know where to go? Call us now on Tel: 0151 345 8499 Voice for change is a multi-gender agency which provides


Wirral Women and Children‘s Aid PO Box 14 Birkenhead CH41 6PX


0151 643 9766

S We run a bright, friendly refuge for women and their children who need a WORSE KEPT SECRET

services to both male and female victims/survivors. Based within the charitable sector we are an independent agency not affiliated with any national body. We are relatively unique in the fact that we do not treat any one different, in our eyes every human is equal therefore we deal with each individual as an equal. Funding is a

FREE PHONE 'Worst Kept Secret' facilitates the development of a coordinated approach to tackle domestic violence, as well as carrying out direct work with survivors through a

traditional voluntary sector combination. We will commit to encourage positive changes in the lives of people who have suffered from domestic violence be it sexual abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, physical

'Worst Kept Secret' facilitates the development of a coordinated approach to tackle domestic violence, as well as carrying out direct work with survivors through a freephone helpline . '

abuse, financial abuse, at any time in their lives.

Worst Kept Secret' provides a listening ear to those who are affected by domestic violence. Anybody who is subjected to domestic violence or any family or friends who are worried about an individual can call the free phone confidential helpline 0800 028 3398. The phone call will not show up on land line bills.

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: or



Movema is an exciting and dynamic company providing world dance activities for the whole community. Our expert team delivers quality workshops, events and professional performance by using dance from around the globe to engage, educate and entertain. ―Movema‖

means ‗to move‘ in St Lucian Patois.

Pronounced ‗MOO-veh-ma‘


MOVEMA are currently recruiting for a P/T Admin and Marketing Assistant for 6 months (On self employed basis


Movema is an exciting and dynamic company providing world dance activities for the whole community. Our expert team delivers quality workshops, events and professional performance by using dance from around the globe to engage, educate and entertain.

Movema is an exciting & dynamic company providing world dance activities for the whole community. Our expert team delivers quality workshops, events and professional performance by using dance from around the globe to engage, educate and entertain. Movema Friends - have you signed up to receive the Movema newsletter?

Movema: Moving Minds—Various Locations Movema: Moving Minds is a project that delivers dance activities in an Arts in Health context. Its current focus is to aid the recovery of individuals suffering mental health concerns, with 1 in 4 people being affected by mental illness at some point in their lives. Moving Minds supports on the notion of treating wellness rather than illness and will look to provide dance services accessible by all, within the community for the general public, as well as in hospitals and clinical units. CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. CONTACT US:

Movema is an exciting and dynamic company providing world dance activities for the whole community. Our expert team delivers quality workshops, events and professional performance by using dance from around the globe to engage, educate and entertain. “Burn up to 1000 Cals per lesson!. Click HERE for the timetable

General Enquiries:

Telephone: 07548 365 869 Address: Movema, The Black-E, 1 Great George Street, Liverpool, L1 5EW Company Registration: 07031968



Special discounts for Mum's & Dad's too! Just ask Ayo for more details - see you on the other side of calm! THAI MASSAGE & REIKI

THAI MASSAGE is believed to have come through an African/Egyptian medical route, identifying the hieroglyphic text of foot reflexology as a main indicator for this enjoyable healing process & for over 4,000 years. THAI MASSAGE works on both the meridian and chakra points of the body, to decongest areas that are blocked. Lessening the pain in areas previously identified. Here are some common ailments that THAI MASSAGE can help alleviate

Arthritis, backache, depression, insomnia, foot-fatigue, hearing & visual impairments.

This healing practice has also identified that it assists with the densification of bone matter, which is associated to the deterioration of a person in their later life. Who can benefit from this type of therapy? Thai massage is a complete health and well being regime for everyone For all those singers, musicians, artists and actors out there, a face, head and neck massage is just the thing to get you in 'tune' whilst you are on tour and gigging. Hey business and self-employed people, had a stressful day at the office? - 'Quiet Mind' can offer you a real wind down session, so that you are able to maintain that efficiency at work!

I am a qualified practitioner of REIKI since 2001 – 1st Degree certification Qualified practitioner: of Thai & Reflexology Massage for 18 months after qualifying in Southern Thai Massage Foot massage Head, neck & back massage

If you would like a free consultation Please contact Ayo on 07446 608 366

Offices in Didsbury & Whalley Range, Manchester


Would you like to be taught how to Thai-massage, and its techniques; we offer various packages and courses that assist you on your journey of your own well-being and that of others! Perhaps you want to add it to your own holistic practise? Saw a friend, colleague, neighbour struggling with chronic back and joint pain...or would like to ease a loved ones discomfort? What ever the circumstances the diseaseease can be shifted to live in comfort! Please visit Quiet Mind website

I am available for events, relating to health & wellbeing within the North West. Here are a few testimonials by recent clients;

Lance Lewis: 'I am a sports professional, and have new and old injuries. I have had different types of massage, and over the years. I was pleasantly surprised by this massage as I came out feeling relaxed and very rested. Highly recommended for people with ailments connected to sports'. Alexander Connor:' I have been looking for a Thai practitioner for a while, and in fact it was Lance Lewis who recommended me to Ayo. She is very good, and will be asking her to come and do sessions at my new premises once opened in Manchester'. John Smith: 'I do Tai chi, so I am pretty flexible or so I thought. After the session with Ayo, I couldn't believe that my eyesight was a lot clearer!' Errol Reid: 'I found Ayo to be a great listener and made suggestions to assist with the actual ailments outside of the sessions. I have recommended a couple of friends who are into sports, and need this as part of their whole workout experience'. Jo Walker: 'I couldn't believe how great I felt after the initial session - it is one of the best massages I have ever had. I was so impressed, I was telling everyone about it in the local gym!' Maxine Campbell: 'I have always liked the idea of massage and was especially attracted to the fact that the massage could be done fully clothed!'

Offices in Didsbury & Whalley Range, Manchester

If you would like a free consultation

Please contact Ayo on 07446 608 366


I‘m telling you Suzy. Our Jean has gone Ladies Boxing at DM Fitness with her mates. All dressed in pink she was, LOL! I can‘t wait to see what she is like when she gets home ….

Got me thinking though. We did say we were gonna try and do some keep fit stuff this year & it‘s now December ...

Mmm so Vee & Faiza just called you about a taster sessions in Zuumba with Movema. Must be Vee & Faiza call waiting now. Dancing around the world, LOL!. Love it!

It‘s a bit more ―us". Lets face it us girls have done plenty dancing round Merseyside … so come on World, LOL!

By Tracey Hylton

So the daughters are doing Zuumba and Granddaughters and friends doing Boxing!

Still, we could diversify our Keep Fit Regimes a bit. Which brings us to Halima‘s item for the minutes.

I been trying to get Suzy to do the Tai Chi with me for years, LOL! You lot have done it with me & there is the WII Workouts we do.

Motion carried unanimously!

Now in the Club Diary. Happy Days!

So what we gonna wear girls? LOL!

Tea Dance at the Florrie. Might be a laugh ….. I second that motion, Well its exercise, LOL! 38

By Tracey Hylton





CARTOONS Jean Lenin — Local TV


Jean Lenin — A Sense of Sound!


ARTS Book Off!


Writing on the Wall—What‘s Your


HERstorical Art—Unmarried Mothers Homes. Tracey Dunn


Local TV is coming to Liverpool


Sense of Sound—Winter Concert. January auditions! (Information)



The Great British Bake Off— (Information)


















It‘s all about the books (and reading or writing them). Most of us have done it a least once. A lot of us have done it many, many times. Some of us maybe even be addicted.

We just can‘t get enough.

The autobiography of Liverpool‘s Actress & Radio Presenter Phina Oruche.

You might even get together with others to do it.

You might produce your own, or you might be a constant quest Liverpool‘s own Phina Oruche. Currently hosting UPFRONT on BBC Radio Merseyside. Mother of a to get it, whatever format, wherever you can find it . young child she is still also a working actress and most recently has been seen doing some stints on ADMIT IT – SOME OF YOU ARE HARD CORE Cbeebies Bedtime Story & the daytime BBC Soap Doctors. She is also a qualified Yoga Instructor! BIBLIOPHILES! We intend to have a regular book review section (there is a separate one for teenagers). This will be new books, particular interest in local writers, some classics, E-Books (but not Fan Fiction), autobiographies and whatever looks interesting!

Many will know her from The Bill, Hollyoaks & Footballers Wives amongst others in the UK. However, Phina started her career in the USA & appeared in shows such as Nip/Tuck, Diagnosis Murder, Charmed & even Buffy!

We would also love to hear from you and feature your reviews in READER RECOMMENDATION. So if you know of some great reads let Looks like ―Liberating Character‖ is going to be an the rest of us know.

Occasionally we may have a particular theme e.g. Crime, Romance, Gothic etc dependent upon what you tell us your interested in


I have to admit I have not as yet read the 50 Shades books, although I have had an overview. Apparently many of you out there are reading them, so if you want give us your review!

interesting and inspiring read.


I have come across a sub-genre that has materialised on-line referred to as 50 Chav‘s versions, but I don‘t think as yet we will be reviewing them either. But you never know, if enough of you want it. We aim to listen …..

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: or


A R T S Everybody has a story to tell. What’s yours? Writing on the Wall invites you to participate in What‘s Your Story? a creative writing initiative which aims to uncover new stories from unheard voices. What‘s Your Story? will be led by WoW‘s writer in residence Paula Currie who will guide participants through the creative process: from gathering ideas to completing a first draft. The course will provide participants with the opportunity to explore different forms of storytelling including; short story, poetry, screenwriting and spoken word. What‘s Your Story? is open to all sections of the community throughout the Merseyside area. What‘s Your Story? offers people the chance to tell their stories and will provide aspiring writers with the opportunity of developing their work in a supportive, creative environment.

Taster sessions: Monday 3rd December afternoon 12:302:30pm or evening 6-8pm at Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre and Tuesday 11th December 10-12pm at Croxteth Communiversity

And also in Croxteth on Tuesday morning at 10.00-12.00pm at: The Communiversity Creative Campus Back Gilmoss Lane Croxteth L11 0AY

Sessions will be held weekly, in a supportive group setting. Participants will read a variety of stories and discuss them, and will then be encouraged to write their own stories. Work generated by the group will be posted on the Writing on the Wall website and will also be displayed in a public setting. At the end of the course we plan to host a What‘s Your Story? celebration evening. This will provide participants with the opportunity of reading their work out in front of an invited audience. Courses run in Liverpool city centre on Monday afternoon at 12.30-2.30pm and Monday evening at 6.00-8.00pm at: The Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre, 4 Princes Road, Liverpool. L8 1TH




A R T HERstorical Art



Unmarried Mother's Homes were where you could end up if you were a young, single, pregnant female in the 1950's70's. “Many of these mothers had their newborns torn from their arms so it is no wonder some of the mothers are still in mental hospitals or have been traumatised and made to feel guilty for the rest of their lives.

Photos of Tracey Dunn‘s art installation by Tom Donahue UNMARRIED MOTHER‘S HOMES. Taken @ The Florrie, Liverpool in the Toxteth Art

Fortunately many mothers later tracked down their lost children and had happy reunions.” There were about 800 (probably more) of these homes in the UK and 80% were run by Churches. Unaware of their options most girls believed they had no choice but to stay in homes where religious beliefs and practises played a major part.

They could have stayed in Local Authority Unmarried Mother's Homes but the young women weren't told about these places.

I wrote the following article 'UNMARRIED MOTHER'S HOMES' for inclusion in an art exhibition at The Florrie, Mill Street L8 in October 2012. The exhibition was with the Toxteth Art Gallery and called 'Love or Nothing'. Part of the Liverpool Biennial INDEPENDENTS 2012. Most of the information in the article was found via an organisation called Trackers International who were based in Stockport.

The Churches used 'Moral Welfare workers' to get these young women into Unmarried Mother's Homes.

They took it upon themselves to make young women feel ashamed and punished them accordingly. They believed that single girls who gave birth out of wedlock should be forced to recognise their 'sinful state' and find redemption. Many women were made to carry out chores in terrible conditions such as washing clothes in a frozen outdoor cattle trough or scrubbing floors with toothbrushes.

By Tracey Dunn 46



The young mother's to be were told there was no money or housing for them and their babies. This was a blatant lie as there was money and housing available but the girls weren't told about this. The babies were passed over to infertile married couples which meant the homes were like an unofficial adoption agency. Many of these mothers had their newborns torn from their arms so it is no wonder some of the mothers are still in mental hospitals or have been traumatised and made to feel guilty for the rest of their lives. Fortunately many mothers later tracked down their lost children and had happy reunions.

These women don't want pity or sympathy. They want justice. Some are now campaigning for a Public Inquiry to expose this barbaric episode in Britain's Adoption history


My installation consists of a house shaped box covered in tiny photos of Unmarried Mother's homes in the North West of England.


I took them voluntarily over a two year period about ten years ago for Trackers International's archives.

Did you know? The photos were taken on my thirty year old Pentax 1000 SLR film camera and I would travel by train to any homes within day return distance. The longest journey was to Tottington, Bury when I travelled to Manchester Piccadilly by train then tram to Bury, bus to Tottington then a long walk through country lanes to Hol1 Linnet Lane 12 Gambier Terrace 13 Croxteth Road & 14 Ullet Road (site of the recently demolished Inglenook pub) Were all Unmarried Mother's Homes.


―I remember it was a peaceful, gloriously sunny day and I thought how Public Transport could really get you to almost anywhere in the country.‖ I still have many more homes to photograph. Photo of Tracey Dunn‘s art installation by Alice Lenkiewicz UNMARRIED MOTHER‘S HOMES. Taken @ The Florrie, Liverpool in the Toxteth Art Gallery Exhibition. October 2012.

The ones that haven't already been demolished anyway. The rest on the list will require hotel stays but I do hope to complete this important project in my lifetime.

I will hopefully have helped given a voice to the women who didn't want to give their babies up and therefore suffered unnecessarily. 47


Currently running Nerve Face book and twitter & writing articles

Liverpool Social Centre 2012 ongoing. Photo exhibition from „Wrekin Shropshire Protest against UK Coal Camp‟

Tenantspin/Fact 2011. Broadcasts for 6 weeks. exhibition

FACT Gallery 2 ‘Nerve Centre‘ 2011. Photo Exhibition. 'Democracy Village Parliament Square' . Internet activist workshop Peace Garden installation with child visitors

FACT : Short film—Tracey turns her Census into paper flowers for peace 2011

Liverpool Biennual Independents 2010. Installation.Toxteth Art Gallery at Toxteth Town Hall

Bluecoat — Bed In for Peace 2010. Nerve Magazine — Host & doing readings

Tate Liverpool/Citizens Online —Park Road. Online art project

Climate for change


A R T S (03/10/12)

‗Getting the Liverpool picture: how will


local TV work for the region?‘.

―Local TV is soon to be a reality, with the announcement of the award of the Liverpool licence imminent and ‗Getting the Liverpool picture: how will local TV work for the region?‘ is a half-day event focusing on how local TV could benefit Liverpool, and how those bidding for the license envisage working with stakeholders and communities across the city and the region.‖

―The purpose of the afternoon was to allow and encourage each of the organisations who have bid for the Liverpool licence to discuss their scheduling philosophy and model, and how they envisage working with the wider community.

(Please see events on above link, September archive & next column) I attended the above event at the new Liverpool Screen School in October.




Well since you ask it was for a few reasons actually. 1. It was on at the new LJMU Screen School. The LSS has been built on the site of what was the building I went to at University (Clarence Street, Built Environment) a a mature student in the 90‘s. I wanted to know what they had replaced it with and have a look inside. (Verdict— very nice, shiny , modern & new).

Institute of Cultural Capital

Liverpool John Moores

2. I was curious as to what the plans are for a new local Liverpool TV Station and that‘s what the event was about. So it kind of made sense if I had the opportunity to go. 3. The event was FREE & open to the public. (It is useful to know that there are numerous events on by the local Universities, Colleges and other institutions in the city which are open to all). As mentioned elsewhere in the magazine we at SHEquality Matters love FREE things.

Liverpool Vision

The following pages look at the bids and then a summary of what SHEquality Matters hopes for Liverpool‘s own TV station.




Applications to OFCOM


BAY TV Bay TV info on their website


Made in Liverpool Metro 8 Liverpool Metro 8‘s video on Vimeo (password: Liverpool) Our-TV Your TV Liverpool

Metro 8‘s video on Vimeo (password: Liverpool).

THEY SAY: ―Bay TV Launched November 2011 estab-

lishing the first broadly based IPTV (Internet TV) local TV station to serve the city region it‘s people and businesses. BTVL covers every aspect of life in the Liverpool City Region in it‘s video on demand format, which is limited not by its ambitions , but only by the restrictions of broadband delivery until true convergence arrives. The LDTP license would enable BTVL to expand it‘s coverage and to enable the widest SHEquality Matters™ say: Out of all the businesses at

the event making presentations outlining there plans or local TV in Liverpool if successful they were the 1st to present and actually our clear favourite. We were firstly already aware of BAY TV as we have watched a lot of stuff on their Internet TV, and think that it woud be great if their creative content and vision could be more easier available via TV. As they point out the Internet currently has limits on what can be produced. It was encouraging that they do plan a reasonably diverse range of programming in their offer, and plan to enable community involvement, and even drama. They definately come across a seeing their potential viewers as ‗not just consumers, but producers‘. This differs from others who at times came across at times as more focused on their ―offer‖ as a product (as well as a service), and a lot of emphasis on the sustainability issue (very important to the decision makers on who gets the license) via harnessing revenue from partnerships and adverts, etc. This of course is a ―reality‖ of Commercial TV, -

TV Channel Zero THEY SAY: ―Metro 8 Liverpool will enhance the

understanding of local, regional & national issues for the Liverpool community. Our All News, All Day™ format will deliver relevance by presenting the news from a local perspective. Our goal is to become Liverpool‘s complete singlesource destination for news, weather, traffic and sports. Metro 8 is committed to providing Liverpool with up to 79 hours (each week) of meaningful local news programming. Our coverage of local events and the introduction of new advertising options will foster local economic growth. We will increase employment and develop skills in the local media and creative sectors. As the broadcaster of one of North America‘s foremost all news channels, we have the expertise and experience to deliver successful, sustainable local television to Liverpool.



SHEquality Matters say: The Metro 8 Liverpool bid dif-

fers from the rest for a few reasons:The only bid without any local connection to Liverpool. Programming will be All News, All Day™ Their bid focuses more on the economic growth (and income revenues to them, as well as sustainability) via new advertising options, & increased employment in creative sector. ―Community‖ here is more looking at the viewers as consumers of their channel and advertisers, as opposed to actively engaged in production of content (although as local news they may be the subject). Metro 8 Liverpool is in fact part of the Canadian independent broadcaster company Channel Zero based in Toronto. As far as experience (and indeed infrastructure) they are indeed very experienced experts as they say. As far as local connections and knowledge that is opposite. They will recruit local staff. All the other bids do have local connections. Channel Zero have in fact bidded as Metro 8 in the other regions in UK that are currently receiving bids for local TV including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, & Preston. Therefore, it would appear if the Metro 8 bid is successful it ill be in contrast to the others part of a Network following a format delivered in other areas. This model has been very successful or them in Canada & North America, but appears to be locally focussed, as opposed to local led. In effect the station will be a franchised ―product‖ or McTV. There is market for that, and there are many in Canada/USA. However, in Liverpool we are ―different‖. We always have been. Liverpool has always had a unique identity a community of creativity & diversity. With the opportunity of our own TV Station we could build on that, and even create a template that others will imitate (as they have many other things from the city over the years). It would be a shame for the opportunity to be missed.

THEY SAY: MADE TV should not be regarded by viewers as just another digital channel offering audiences more repeats of already broadcast material. MADE Television is creating a dynamic new offering to a public that has long been neglected at a local level. Local TV has been gifted prominent EPG positions and as a result will need to offer a fresh and alternative viewing option to the channels surrounding it while blending seamlessly in terms of quality. Core programming will be exclusively local and include:

A dedicated local news service including twice nightly 30 minute programmes and regular news updates throughout the day. A news service that holds local decision makers to account and provides local perspectives and analyses to issues affecting us all.

Current affairs programming that facilitates civic debate in an open and accessible forum, giving the local audience a chance to get involved in local decision making like never before.

Local magazine programming focusing on entertainment and culture that makes the channel the ‗go-to‘ guide for what‘s happening in and around the city.

 SHEquality Matters™ least favourite bid. It may well though be popular with people who are very keen on the news.

Local sports programming that provides the in-depth analysis and behind the scenes access that national broadcasters can‘t provide. Highlighting the sports that are popular locally but neglected nationally. SHEquality Matters™ Says. Looks reasonable if a bit generic. Not very exciting! NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Made in that supports business. This is a group that has multiple applications for other local TV contracts in UK. One of our least favourites -Not local not interested. 51



A local application headed by the local TV Legend that is Phil Redmond. So anything could happen! Offer similar to BAY TV‘s. Using local talent and input in the production of content. A GOOD THING!


SHEquality Matters™ Says. Close favourite to BAY TV. Either of them would be ideal choice and both are local!

Extracts from the bids made for the license from the applying companies for local TV in Liverpool BAY TV



―Bay TV Liverpool sees the new local franchise as a great opportunity to cover local stories in a depth which is not possible for regional services like the BBC and ITV.

―From morning wake-up call to goodnight sign-off, Metro8 will inform, enlighten and entertain viewers with programming tailor-made to meet the needs and aspirations of Liverpudlians.

Where the regional services have perhaps 25 minutes a day to cover stories in the whole of the North West, we would have 24 hours a day to dedicate to news and events in the Liverpool City Region.

In year 1 we will offer viewers 79 hours of live news and information programming every week, with specific emphasis on events and stories that are of local interest and importance to the people of Liverpool.

―Localism and accountability will be the main underlying principles of Our-TV. Our-TV will not mimic traditional television by relying on formats that merely question those in power, but will also provide a more powerful tool – a means toward more effective dialogue: an open access platform that will promote better community engagement by allowing policy makers and service deliverers to talk directly to their respective constituencies and user groups… by allowing local communities to ‗answer back‘ and/ or demonstrate what they would like to see and get done, rather than ‘done to them‘…

So our programmes will cover the whole range of life here just as we do on our website: news, politics, sport, the arts, the environment, health issues, education, community news and so on. But we want to introduce a new approach to programming. Historically television has been very much a top-down affair where broadcasters decided what the public should watch and when. The television channels of tomorrow will have to develop a much more open and flexible attitude to their viewers. We see the audience as producers as much as consumers and we want to open up our schedule to local bodies and communities. We will offer them airtime, either for their own home-grown content or, if they prefer it, for programmes made collaboratively. The Liverpool city region has a wealth of talented and experienced independent producers with whom we shall work closely to identify areas of life which would benefit from new programmes and new thinking about programme styles and formats.

In short, All News, All Day™ Today, in a different market, we operate a sustainable local TV station built on similar levels of live local news programming. All News, All Day™ is thriving elsewhere and we believe that this is the model that will make Local TV in Liverpool a success. Our Metro8 Liverpool video (password: Liverpool) fully illustrates this point It is important to note that whilst we are planning to launch the service with what we have trademarked All News, All Day™ at Metro8 Liverpool you will note that we are making Programming Commitments that are lower than what our programming plans currently are. The reason for this is that, there is still much work to be done to prepare the market for local television in Liverpool.

• open access that means it is not always programme makers, politicians or officials who will set or mediate the agenda, but local people in their own neighbourhoods. Our-TV‘s overall aim is allow people to ‗talk to‘ rather than ‗at‘ each other. Alongside allowing people to create rather than simply consume culture. Our vision is to develop a media communications platform that guarantees airtime to every community, arts organisation or public body wishing to participate. Our approach to this will: provide an exhibition platform for talent; assist public services organisations to promote, raise awareness and make better use of their communication resources; build local community and production capacity through more open access to a broadcast outlet; provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs and businesses to advertise their services and products, at a price they can afford 52




―Made in Liverpool will reflect this civic pride, enabling citizens to engage with their city and its politicians, to inform themselves about local issues, to stay in tune with the cultural life of the city and to interact with great sporting traditions, professional and amateur.

Localism and accountability will be the main underlying principles of Our-TV. We aspire to be the place that people will want to go to first to get local news and information. We have devised a tight rolling wheel of content to deliver it and by making use of the latest play out technology will be able to operate 24 hours a day. Whenever someone turns to Your TV Liverpool they will get up-to-date content, which we believe is a better solution than live programming repeated each hour. Senior staff can keep a close watch on less experienced people, and maintain high quality production values creating professional accurate and informative output. As resource becomes available we will expand the elements of the wheel, increase the richness and variety of content and introduce more live and interactive elements. We believe it will produce a connection and dialogue with the viewer that television has never enjoyed

Our coverage will reflect as well the mosaic of Liverpool, with content in the first instance focussing clearly on the city itself, evolving over time to reflect areas within our broadcast footprint but outside Liverpool. Our proposition will provide incremental choice to local residents, and a focus not available through diffuse so-called ―regional‖ TV. Made in Liverpool will be strongly integrated into the local community, both for viewers and users and for local businesses keen to speak to the community in an effective, cost-efficient way. Newsgathering, which is at the core of Made in Liverpool, is absolutely central to our partner, the Liverpool Echo. This core strength is demonstrated day in and day out through the publication of the city‘s leading newspaper by an organisation who‘s people are steeped in news industry experience and who‘s skills, professionalism, efficiency and reliability are second to none. The publication of audio-visual content over the Internet has been a central plank of the Liverpool Echo‘s parent company, Trinity Mirror's publishing strategy for the past five years. During that time, hundreds of journalists across Trinity Mirror have received formal training in video journalism. Multimedia journalists are trained in shooting and editing and are equipped to file content from remote locations, to enable speedy publication of video content to Trinity Mirror‘s websites. In addition to coverage of breaking news, they produce several regular 'appointment to view' online videos. For the avoidance of doubt, Made in Liverpool will be entirely editorially independent. Made in Liverpool will have its own team operating independently but subject to winning the licence the natural synergy with the Liverpool Echo is one that will be explored.

News and information: the most important element and our key differentiator from other channels. The Channel will act as a hub for existing local information gathering services such as and other blogs as it brings hyper local information into the limelight


Community. Our ambition is to strengthen the community we serve by forging stronger links and better understanding among its constituent parts


Local democracy: We intend to strengthen local participation in the democratic process. A number of sections in the wheel centre on local decision makers and their policies. Entertainment: Your TV Liverpool . (Full info on the link). YOUR TV state they will be giving us

―INFOTAINMENT‖ SHEquality Matters™ Says. Another least favourite. Not that exciting. Another company that has made multiple applications for TV licenses in other cities. Not local—not interested!


A Should Local TV, actually be Local TV? It‘s your TV ….


Made in Liverpool TV should not be confused with & has no connection to MADE in Liverpool the local organisation that support entrepreneurs & their ideas.

Made In Liverpool TV & YOUR TV Liverpool …… are not actually from Liverpool . Both are part of organisations making Multiple applications for licenses in places like London, Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield, etc.

Metro 8 is also not a local company. It is part of a large Canadian owned Broadcasting company operating in Canada & North America—Channel Zero. They have also made multiple applications for licenses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Preston & other places.


A R T S La, I could get a job there! That would be Boss, that like. No Nan, not in the Canteen !

Oooh, Great! There is gonna be a local TV Channel in Liverpool.

Yanno, I wanna be an actress, since the ‗singing‘ never worked out. X Factor said ‗the market is not ready for my ―style‖ yet‘, like!

I wonder who will end up running it?

It‘s so unfair. All the great ‗artists‘ seem to have to suffer, and their ‗greatness‘ often not acknowledged til they are gone. I‘m too ‗cutting edge‘, They said the ‗quality‘ of my voice had no comparison to Marcus Collins, Esco Williams or Rebecca Ferguson Nan!

Yeah TV is where I am meant to be right now. Mind I dunno about that all news channel. I would look good behind the desk & I would prefer that to being at my office desk, LOL! The news is boring though La! Spose I could be the Weather person. I would be out from behind the desk, & get to show my whole outfit! Our weather is always the same though innit rubbish!

I would be a good Presenter though. Hey, it would be great if they did a Celeb Show like E-News ! That would be Boss that. They could call it the L-News. I would become a Celeb by interviewing Celebs‘.

Can you imagine. ―Hi girls, bad news. Put that red hot Summer dress back in the wardrobe again today. It is gonna rain, again! They got some lovely rain coats & brollies in Liverpool 1 though.‖ Oh, Nan, that would be boring that like!

Hey, you would have to have a brilliant wardrobe for that job like! Reckon they would have to get me a load of clothes from Cricket and Harvey Nichols, & that. Still gotta be glam on local TV yanno!

If Phil Redmond gets it he might be able to get me into Hollyoaks, or make me the star of a new show! Oooh, Ooooh, La, he could bring back Brookie! Mind I probably wouldn't get a designer wardrobe for that, like I would with Presenting. Know worra I mean, unless they cast me as the glamour like. Oooh yeah, that would be good that like ….. By Tracey Hylton Oh Nan, why are you laughing now? ………. Ma, get Nan some water please she is choking here ………. 55





Winter Clear choral concert with Sense of Sound Singers at The Bluecoat As 2012 draws closer to the festive season we have a really special choral concert in store for your enjoyment. The concert, Winter Clear, will take place in the intimate setting of The Bluecoat's performance space on December 13th. It will feature Sense of Sound Singers performing highlights from this year's previous projects plus some original and fun Christmas repertoire

Tickets: £10/£8 and can be purchased from The Bluecoat box office by calling 0151 702 5324 or by booking on line at The Bluecoat. to help celebrate the season in style.

Venue: The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 3BX. Date: December 13th 2012 Time: 8pm start

Sense of Sound Singers' Choir Auditions

JANUARY 2013—CHOIR AUDITIONS! Our Liverpool vocal ensemble, Sense of Sound Singers will be auditioning for new members early in 2013. The choir formed in 2005 has had an illustrious career since its formation working with many established artists internationally and featuring on BBCs Last Choir Standing, Gareth Malone's The Choir and BBC Choir of the Year.

We are particularly looking for more male singers specifically basses and baritones. We also need more sopranos.

We already have an extensive waiting list but we would like to add to that list by gauging interest and collecting biogs from other potential auditionees. Therefore, if you are interested in auditioning please contact the choir manager, Jennifer John by emailing her on . Please email her the following:A musical biography, A musical link to where we can hear you sing/see you perform, e.g. mp3, Sound Cloud or any other link,. The audition date will be announced in Sense of Sounds December's newsletter. Subscribe to newsletter HERE SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: or



I fancy going to that Sense of Sound concert. I remember them off that Choir thing on the telly.

I might try out for the Choir yanno Ma. Maybe the way to go in my singing career is to not be solo but blend my unique vocal talents with a group to highlight my range.

Yeah, I got loads of clips on You Tube and some cloud mixes yanno! Not many views. Think I been hacked or something. Some of the comments are horrible. They clearly haven‘t listened. My old singing coach said I was without a doubt the most memorable student of her career. Shame she moved. Course all the greats have haters. They are clearly well jell Ma. Think I‘ll make a new tape, my voice has matured now ….

Ma, will you stop laughing? Worra you laughing at now? Hope you not like that at college. (Sigh) ...

By Tracey Hylton

If you are actually a good singer and interested in joining SENSE OF SOUNDS CHOIR— see information on the previous page (The Editor)

Oh sorry babe.I was just laughing at something on the TV (honest)! I wouldn't mind going to see Sense of Sound with you. Wonder if your Nan wants to come ... Mmmm maybe you should try practising some songs with your mates first before you audition ANYWHERE … Maybe a few more singing lessons. …..

By Tracey Hylton 57


We‘re looking to find great bakers to take part in a fourth series. Can you bake a brilliant biscuit, ice an exceptional celebration cake or turn out a great loaf of bread? Do you fancy putting your skills to the test? Email:

Applicants must be 16 years of age and over on 1st February 2013. As an 'amateur baker' your main source of income cannot come from commercial baking and/or

cooking in a professional environment and you cannot have ever worked full time as a baker.

You cannot have any formal NVQ or other professional catering qualifications acquired in the last 10 years.

Other Terms and Conditions apply and they will be sent through on application.


07592 054733

Nappy Cakes and Baby Showers are the latest craze. So if you are planning on a Baby Shower for yourself or somebody else, or you just simply want to buy a gift that is different and unique, then take a look at our Nappy Cakes and Gifts.


In association with




Weddings - Events - PR - Imaging Wirral based and covering the whole of the UK, Funky Sunflower provides a fresh & funky approach to every project we undertake. We offer a unique service which is tailor-made to suit SERVICES INCLUDE: Venue Dressing Wedding Co-Ordination Wedding Fayres Business Fayres Gala Dinners & Awards Nights Corporate Events Open Days & Business Showcases Product Launches and Promotional Activity Open Days & Evenings PR & Marketing your needs and your budget.

THE FUNKY FILOSOPHY: Here at Funky Sunflower we have a simple outlook - every client is individual & they deserve a service which is as unique as they are. Whether it's events, PR, imaging or weddings; we create a package that reflects their style and fits their budget perfectly.

FUNKY HQ: Our showroom is located at Unit 2, The ies Centre, 142 Claughton Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, 6EY


We are open from 9.30am-6pm Tuesday through Friday and evenings & weekends by










Contact Your MP

63 54

Jean Lenin—Upcycling for Pussy Riot


Free Pussy Riot Women‘s Network


Jean Lenin—Contact Your MP!


Mind The Gap


Jean Lenin—Free Pussy Riot


The Merseyside Picture


Golden Agers Knitting Club — Community Service


Golden Agers Knitting Club — I‘m Spartacus!



No Nana! It is not an appeal for ski masks either. I‘m sure they will appreciate the efforts of you & the Golden Age Knitting Club to support them though.


I don‘t know what you can do instead with 100 assorted colour Ski Masks either Nan.


Mmmm , maybe you could upcycle them? You could offer them on Freecycle. Someone might want them …..


No Nan. That doesn‘t mean that the Cyclists want ski masks either …...

N T 62


By Tracey Hylton



REPRESENT HER This section of SHEquality Matters aims to look at how women are making their contributions to improvements in society. This could be as volunteers, in politics, campaigning or something else. In this particular edition we are having a look over at how many women represent us in Merseyside in local and national politics.

As women are about 50% of the population, are they 50% of our representatives in Merseyside? The short answer is NO! However, we are getting nearer to that figure to achieve equity in gender representation, quicker in some boroughs than other and none of the parties have achieved it locally yet.

Hello, is that my MP? Good, I want to talk about an idea I have to ―improve‖ the economy.

It‘s so obvious, a ‗no-brainer‘! Get rid of the VAT on shoes. Then people (me), could buy more. Simples!

CONTACT YOUR MP You can find the contact details for your MP here

CONTACT YOUR COUNCILLOR, MEP OR HOUSE OF LORDS You can find contact details for your councillor, MP, MEP, & the House of Lords here.

EQUALITY IN EMPLOYMENT (CHAWREC). Equality in Employment. You can view our new enewsletter, Equality in Employment here, and subscribe for future editions here! This is CHAWREC's new bulletin about equality issues, best

You should get Mary Portas to open a Shoe factory in Liverpool as well. Look what she did with ‗undies!‘ She needs to move on . And think of the free advertising from a TV series, & jobs for the city. Mmm … I could be in it, bring a touch of glam like ….

Hey, stop laughing . I‘m serious …...


63 By Tracey Hylton


R E P JEAN LENIN …... No, Nana ! I‘ve already told you. It‘s not about a Sale in a Pet Shop!




FREE PUSSY RIOT. In case you don‘t know about this No it is not a special offer to entice trade from female entrepreneurs in the erotic focused industries, or a feline furore.

No Nan ! It‘s not about a Sale on Ski Masks either!


Can you turn the News off now please Nan? Hollyoaks is due on.

I should be in that. Needs some ―proper‖ glamour. Hey, stop laughing …..

No Nan! They don‘t wear Ski Masks in Hollyoaks ….

E Amnesty International explains what it‘s all about:“Three young women are being detained by Russian authorities for allegedly performing a protest song in a cathedral as part of a feminist punk group "Pussy Riot”. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alekhina and Ekaterina Samutsevich were arrested in March 2012 and charged with "hooliganism". If found guilty, they could be jailed for up to 7 years. The three women deny any involvement in the protest although even if they took part, the severity of the response of the Russian authorities would not be a justifiable response to the peaceful - if, to many, offensive - expression of their political beliefs.”. Amnesty International UK Sympathy for their plight has been gathering apace across the world. Many have signed Amnesty‘s petition or set up their own protests. It is hard for many of us to comprehend that this can happen for protesting in the 21st Century, but of course we also know throughout the world there are many injustices and appalling treatment of women globally. . You can find out more about what is currently happening here.

By Tracey Hylton






The main objectives of the Women‘s Network are:

E To advocate on behalf of women‘s rights in Liverpool.


To ensure the voice of Liverpool‘s women is being heard by public, private and the voluntary sectors.


To inform the women in Liverpool about issues that are relevant and important to them.

E To provide strategic representation on issues effecting women in Liverpool on public sector


advisory boards steering groups and other forms of consultation.

To provide a network for women‘s organisations, organisations working with women and individual women in Liverpool to come together network and share ideas, discuss issues of mutual interest and concern and develop best practice.

To provide support to build capacity of the members to enable all women‘s voices to be heard effectively. To empower women in Liverpool to shape and initiate policy and services that help regenerate the city and reduce inequality to women.

Full membership is open to any woman over the age of 18 living or working in Liverpool, community groups with a female lead or female focus, and businesses working with or for women.

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:



I tell you girls. Sometimes I don‘t know how I keep my face straight when I‘m talking to our Jean. Her head is always in the clouds. Had some right howlers this week …..

That wind up you did about Community Service—CLASSIC Sadie, LOL! Your Jean forgets we all worked in the NHS, Probation, Social Services, Education, Charities and run businesses. She must think all we have ever done is knit.

Does she still not know we UpCycled her jumpers to make them ski masks? Oh my ribs hurt with laughing—LOL!

Ha Ha Ha ! She deffo don‘t know we wore those masks at a demo to Free Pussy Riot in London in the summer …...

By Tracey Hylton

That was a great Knitting Club Trip to London we did everything but the Knitting Show though, LOL! Let‘s hope Jean don't find out we just sold all them ski masks on E– Bay for a nice profit. Money for the club & a donation for Pussy Riot, the Keep Warm Collective , Amadudu, & SWACA Refuges. We made them from her jumpers after all ……. LOL!


R E P Merseyside Councillors (Knowsley Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton & Wirral)



Liverpool CVS recently had an event discussing the main points from this report into the gender gap for women, with a look at specific points in Merseyside.


We will be discussing this report in a future issue soon.


How far have we really come in 2012? MiningtheGapEventPresentationJuly2012.pdf


Men 64% (212) Women 36% (121)


By Tracey Hylton



Merseyside picture


As far as representation goes and participation in the democratic process women have come a long way from the struggles of the suffragettes to even secure the right to vote (so last century)! Indeed in 2012 we have women councillors, MP‘s and MEP‘S Merseyside‘s 1st PCC is a woman, and the UK has even had a female PM!

R Men 53% (48) Women 47% (42)

OK, so does that mean we are sorted as far as being equally represented then? NOT YET, BUT WE ARE GETTING THERE! The last 15 years has seen all parties adopt selection policies that enable all female shortlists and have tried to ―up their quota‘s‖ of gender balance representation. There is a lot more women in elected positions now, with the most famous sign of this being the 1997 election & the increase of women Labour MP‘s, tackily referred to as ‖Blair‘s Babes‖, by the press who clearly did not quite ―get it‖!

Men 67% (42) Women 33% (21)

SO HOW DOES FEMALE REPRESENTATION LOOK LIKE LOCALLY? Overall at council level women Councillors are still in the minority, but catching up and on the way to level! (see lovely pie charts for a breakdown of the figures).

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W: 67

R E P R E S Sefton 68% (45)


Women 32% (21)


Liverpool is the nearest to equal representation with just under 1/2 of Councillors being women (47%).


Wirral is the least representative with just under 1/3rd (30%) of Councillors being women. However, the other Merseyside boroughs are not far behind with Sefton having just under 1/3rd of women Councillors (32%), Knowsley with exactly 1/3rd of women Councillors (33%), and St Helens at just over a 1/3rd (35%). St Helens Men 65% (31) Women 35% (17)


So it would appear still some way to go in 4 out of the 5 Merseyside Boroughs .



Wirral Men 70% (46) Women 30% (20) These figures show that women are just over 1/3rd of all Councillors in Merseyside. (Please see chart in next column)

Well not surprisingly a most of the Boroughs are majority Labour it is the Labour party that ahs the most women councillors. However some of the smaller parties have 50% representation or some 100% (number of councillors as low as 1 to 3 for some parties). Overall the Conservatives have the least women councillors.

We will look further representation by women across Merseyside in future editions (with less graphs)!.

However, when looking at the figures per Borough it is obvious that ―some Boroughs are more equal than others‖!



I just realised the other day when my Union Newsletter came. We were all Union or Community Reps at one time .

We still kind of are .

Good times !

Fight the Power, LOL!

Representing & knitting Sisters, LOL !

Well the knitting keeps us warm at the Demo‘s & queuing to see our Councillors & MP‘s, LOL!

Oooh look what‘s coming on TV. Kirk Douglas! ….

―I‘M Spartacus!‖i

By Tracey ―I‘m Spartacus‖ Hylton

―I‘m Spartacus!‖

―I‘m Spartacus!‖

―I‘m Spartacus!‖

―I‘m Spartacus!‖

―I‘m Spartacus!‖ 69

R E P R E S E Cheshire, Halton & Warrington Race & Equality Centre is a charitable organisation based in Chester that aims to eliminate discrimination and promote equality. We offer a discrimination casework service to anyone who thinks that they may have been discriminated against. On this website you will find information about our service as well as information on the law and what steps you can take if you think you have been unfairly treated.

Our Service: We have been running a discrimination casework service since 1998 and have dealt with many successful cases. We were originally funded by the Commission for Racial Equality and then the Equality & Human Rights Commission to deliver this service free of charge, but from April 2012 grants have ended and we now offer this service on a chargeable basis.

Do I have to live in Cheshire to access the service? The short answer is no. Although we are based in


Our charges


Because our primary aim is to make sure that people who have experienced discrimination are able to get access to justice we don‘t make any up front charges.


We are not about making a profit, we just need to cover our costs. So if you use our service we will ask you to sign up to an agreement that allows us to take 35% of any award or settlement.


That might sound a lot, but it means that you the client doesn‘t have to take any risks – you won‘t have to pay anything until you secure your settlement or award at court or tribunal. Any money that we do make is ploughed back into the organisation to help other people in a similar

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:








SHEquality Community


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No Nan ! Volunteering in the community is not the same as Community Service.


No Nan, you don‘t have to wear an orange uniform!


No Nan I haven‘t got to pay a debt to society. I‘m just helping at a fundraiser. No Nan not raising money for bail …..

Because it‘s a cause I believe in Nan & some people from Hollyoaks will be there like. Yes what you & the Golden Age Knitters do could be called Community Service.


No Nan. I don't want to do anything with the Golden Age Knitters as well. That‘s your thing. No I don't think the Community Service people will want to do anything with you either. Yes, those ski masks might help them keep warm …… (sigh)!


By Tracey Hylton 72


In this 1st edition of has looked into the legend that is the Women‘s Institute.


If you read the item on how SHEquality Matters™ came to be you will know in the beginning it started albeit in jest investigating setting up a new W.I. So it seemed only right in our 1st Edition we had more of a look at it.

In future editions this section should contain articles about various community groups or projects in Merseyside. This will either be via contributors, stories about visits to them by a SHEquality Matters contributor or research. Ideally e would like you to contact us about your group, or even invite us to come over so you an tell us and show us what e do. We would love it if your group with us or amongst yourself came up with your own ideas and features for this section. If you do we will give you a few pages in an edition just for what your group comes up with!

If your really keen, your group could even have a regular monthly page. All contributions of course need to be ethical, legal & within the spirit of SHEquality Matters™ aims. Also if you send us details of your events, appeals and news we can include it in this section. Deadline for inclusion In the next edition is 15/12/12.


Initial investigations show a diversity amongst different groups as the old guard are being presented with the up and coming new vanguard W.I.‘s.


Interestingly 2 of the UK‘s newest W.I.‘s are in Merseyside!


It seems the newer generations have some different ideas about making the W.I. relevant in 2012, whilst balancing traditions. Historically more of a rural focussed organisation it now has urban branches!

In future editions we would love a W.I. to tell us about their branch and experiences themselves, or invite us over. We will be contacting them. X

You can contact us here We are also on Facebook and Linked in under InclusiVersity™ & Twitter as @shequalitymatte and @SQTeenReview

SHEquality Matters™ Please also e-mail us or send us feedback on the magazine and your ideas. We might put your feedback good, bad or indifferent in the next edition!

Your opinions will help us to grow.

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NEEDS YOU! Contributors — articles, ideas, focus groups, photographs Proof readers - Dot the I, cross the T, ….. Publicity — Networking, tweeting, awareness raising, etc Updates—What‘s new, what event? Let us know Multimedia — Wordpress, media packages, tech support, etc CONTACT US

What is in it for you? We are currently completely volunteer run. We can provide you with a current Referee/available reference Experience for students and those looking to work in the third sector, media or events, etc Something new to do, that is flexible and you can give as little as an hour or two or month. Contributing to positive change


C O M M U N I think I‘ll contribute to that SHEquality Matters magazine.. I‘ll email them,


I could send them information about the FundraisIng event work is helping with.


We might sell more tickets for the cause.


I‘ve already sorted the table for me and the girls right next to the people from Hollyoaks. So now I need to get more tickets sold. (just wont tell them got no chance of getting the ―good‖ table), LOL!

I should ask Nan if she wants me to send something to SHEquality Matters asking if anyone needs 100 wool ski masks, LOL! Or if anyone wants to recycle them ……. More likely, know worra I mean, LOL! Oh she cracks up my Nan & her knitting friends.

Mmm, I wonder if I Can put that down as doing PR on my CV? Hey, if I wrote something for them I might stand a better chance of getting a job with that news channel if they get the local TV contract …… Ma, what you laughing out? …...

You can let people know about your community events or projects by e-mailing SHEquality Matters to

By Tracey Hylton You can also contribute articles about issues or projects important to you ! by e-mailing SHEquality Matters to 75




U There are 198 WI's in Cheshire which offer a wide variety of activities and events. They will all be delighted to welcome you to one of their meetings as a visitor. The meeting venues, dates and times given below are for general guidance only and may be subject to change.

The Women‘s Institute — Alive, Thriving & Reviving in 2012! As mentioned in the back story of how SHEquality Matters came to be, there was a flirtation in the early days of starting a W.I. However, the idea evolved elsewhere!

Nonetheless the W.I. it would appear is currently thriving due to a number of factors: -

The Great British Bake Of



Of course even the new and less traditional W.I. will not be everyone‘s cup of tea (or slice of cake).


In which case if your looking for something to do you may want to look elsewhere. We will be looking at all kinds of projects, events and activities in the next year. Hopefully at least one of them will appeal to you.

We at SHEquality Matters are open minded and hopefully will get to visit a W.I. in the next few months and try it out (we will report back)!

We would love it if anyone out there is involved in a W.I. would like to do an article on their W.I. At SHEquality Matters our aim is to celebrate the women in the region d their achievements , participation and contribution to society & W.I.‘s actually tick a lot of those boxes.



About the WI‘s and federations

―The Women‘s Institute (WI) was formed in 1915 to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War. Since then the organisation‘s aims have broadened and the WI is now the largest voluntary women‘s organisation in the UK. The WI will celebrate its

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:


C O M WHAT WI‘S DO! Arts, Sports, Leisure & Science ―From competitions, astronomy, earthquakes, writing, photography and drama to walking, dancing and circus skills; the WI has something for everybody.‖


Craft ―Craft has always played an important role within the WI. Members are offered a wide range of craft opportunities, to develop their existing skills and

T Denman College

Food and Cooking ―The WI is synonymous with good food and its preparation and these traditions of healthy well made food and preserves continue in a wide range of activities.

WI members are committed to improving the nation‘s diet and health particularly regarding food and sustainability. The emergence of childhood obesity and the cumulative effect of advertising unhealthy food and soft drinks reinforce bad dietary habits and undermines parents and health professionals in encouraging healthier eating.‖

The W.I. College

―Denman College in Oxfordshire is the home of WI learning and hundreds of different craft, cookery and lifestyle courses are run every year to appeal to everyone - members and non-members alike.

What we do

―The NFWI trained cookery and preserves judges follow the WI publication On with the Show, an indispensable guide for exhibitors, judges and show committees.

A range of tempting recipes and for inspiring cookery courses visit our WI Cookery School at Denman College, Marcham, Oxfordshire.

Campaigning on food issues that matter to members.

Up to date information for members including food hygiene and nutrition.‖


Floral Art and Gardening ―The WI offers a wide variety of opportunities for members to develop their floral art skills. Whether you are interested in learning how to create a beautiful flower arrangement for the home, Christmas or as a gift, to the more technical side such as becoming an NFWI Floral Art Judge, there is something for everyone, from beginner to the more advanced.‖


Of course many of us don‘t live in rural areas, and some only make cakes (if at all) from supermarket cake mix packets. However, as shown with the establishing of a Liverpool City Centre branch Urban W.I‘s do exist, tend to be newer and some are bringing in new activities to the table (or at least presenting them in a different way), such as Bee Keeping, amongst others.

Information on local W.I.‘s is on the following pages (a selection of those that have websites, many do not as yet), for those of you who may want to get involved.

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W: 77






In May 2009 the Women‘s Institute arrived in Liverpool. Now, before you say ‗No jam and Jerusalem for me thanks!‘ PLEASE look on our website calendar & read a bit further about what we do.... you might be surprised.


We are Liverpool City Centre's first Women's Institute.


The Women's Institute has provided support and training to women since the early 20th century. Liverpool has a fun, outspoken group of ladies ranging from 14 78 years-of-age; everyone's welcome and our numbers are increasing every month. We get together on the second Monday of the month in Blackburne House. Meetings start at 7pm and we would love for you to join us! Our next meeting is on Monday 12th Nov 2012 and it's a demonstration of Scottish Country Dancing. All are welcome.

Y Interested in Joining Upton Village WI?

Then come along to one of our meetings – new members are always welcome. The Upton Village WI meets at 7.30 pm for an 8.00 pm start, on the first Thursday of every month (except August) at the Upton-by-Chester Golf Club .

To find out about meeting dates and themes please see the calendar.

Join us at 7pm on the second Monday of the month at Blackburne House. There is a small charge of £3 per meeting for trial visits (after that membership is just £31.50 per year!!).

Please let us know if you want to come along and feel free to contact us if you have any question.

For more information contact our joint President‘s Jenny Price or Eliza Austin Lea

If you would like to join Upton Village WI please send a signed copy of the form (downloadable on the website)

How our group began With a return to the traditional well and truly ‗en vogue‘ - knitting parties springing up left, right and centre and the good old credit crunch forcing us to get creative with our budgets - we decided to rally the girls and invite the wonderful women of the WI to tell us why Liverpool should start up it‘s very own group. They came, they drank tea and they conquered our imaginations - and so Central Liverpool WI was born!

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:



Thank you for your interest in Wirral Belles WI. We have put together the following information to explain a little more about our group and the types of things that we currently have planned; hope you

Stitch & Bitch We love learning some of the more traditional WI crafts such as making jam or chutney, knitting and


needlework, making jewellery, candles, chocolate etc. We usually meet once a month to learn


something new.

find this useful.


We meet on the second Monday of the month at 7.30pm at Neston Community & Youth Centre, Burton Road, Neston, CH64 9RE. We are always keen to if you have any questions or would like further informaencourage new visitors to our meetings. tion about our group, please visit: Guests are welcome to attend up to two meetings; after or email: wirralthis we ask that they consider joining the

cost of refreshments; we do this to be fair to those who have paid the annual subscription.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wirral Belles WI in the near future.


W.I. St Helens (WISH) was formed in January 2012 & is a group of busy, creative and vibrant women wantMembership currently costs just £31.50 per year. If you ing to bring something brilliant to St Helen‘s. decide to join us, as a fully paid up member of Membership

the WI you are entitled to 11 meetings a year which are We hold a monthly meeting where we are joined b infree to attend. Any costs at these meetings are spirational speakers and guests. There are many workcompletely optional and include things like refreshshops & sub-groups planned for the group, where memments, raffle tickets, etc. bers can learn new skills and crafts enjoying a social gathering at the same time. Other Activities There will always be something new to try and members As a member you also have the opportunity to take part can be as actively involved as they wish. The group is in any of our regular outings, activities and open to any women aged 18—100+ and no experience is necessary. sub-groups; the cost of these activities is met by the individual. Outings and activities are advertised in the monthly newsletter and in most instances you will need to reserve a place. We have a number of



group. Guests are asked to contribute £3 per visit towards the cost of the meeting, which includes the


You don‘t have to be a craft guru or a whizz with a sewing kit—just willing to have a go.

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 79 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:




SEFTON W.I. Aughton W.I.

Sefton Womens Institute meets Monthly on the 2nd Monday at 7.45pm at Moor Lane Methodist Church, Moor Lane, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 2UQ


Aughton Moss W.I.


Bootle W.I.

Crank W.I.


Eastham W.I.


Hooton W.I.

Leasowe W.I.

Sefton Womens Institute is Neston Riverside W.I.

Port Sunlight W.I.

Poulton Lancelyn W.I.

Lancashire Federation of W.I.s

Thornton Hough W.I.

Willaston Hey W.I.

Includes meeting details for : -

Ainsdale W.I. Bickerstaffe W.I. Halewood W.I. Halton W.I. & Others



Denman College Marcham, Abingdon Oxfordshire OX13 6NW


01865 391991



The WI Cookery School

―Drawing on the amazing range of skills and experience of the Women's Institute, the WI Cookery School is a modern purpose-built cookery school located just outside Abingdon in Oxfordshire. We offer a full range of inspiring hands-on classes for all ages and abilities, from knife skills workshops to family baking days, sushi masterclasses to seasonal Spanish food.

We welcome members and non-members alike and provide courses of varying lengths, from full day classes to four night residential courses for those wishing to fully immerse themselves in their chosen subject. We also run shorter


UPCOMING EVENTS—Christmas Fair and Real Jam Festival: 1 & 2 December

The Festival: Tickets for entry are now on sale costing £3 per person in advance or £4 on

the day with free admission for children 16 and under. Book online By Telephone: Just call +44 (0)1865 391 991 to speak to our Guest Services team. By Email: Send your ticket requirements and contact details to and someone will be in touch to take your booking.

This year the delights of the Real Jam Competition will be combined with a Christmas Fair. The festival will be packed with more activities over the two days including: • Santa’s grotto • Festive facepainting • Petting farm • A Christmas market – buy unique presents for your friends and family • Guest appearances and talks by experts in SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 81 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:


Jean Lenin ….. Her head is in the clouds, but she sees stars !

M U WOW! The W.I. looks a bit more interesting than I thought it would be ……..


I suppose I could join. I‘ll see when they meet ……….


Sorry did you say meetings start at 7:30 on Mondays & finish about 9:00?

es with That Clash ! ders, Corrie Corrie, En

I could record them I spose. Or watch the later omnibus, or internet catch up …..

e W.I. onder if th Mmm .., w ? I could gs n ti ir mee record the ting that ith the mee catch up w Facebook n you be a way. Or ca ose to skype in? Sp member or … now like … be all 2012

Oh Ma, Nan, watcha both laughing at now? ….

By Tracey Hylton



This magazine is intended to be for women by women with a local focus. As such I pondered over whether some people may perceive it as a feminist magazine, because it is a magazine for women. What even is feminism in 2012? When I was a child women were burning their Bras to symbolise the need for equality and gender equality legislation did not come through until I was 9. When my Grandma was born women had only just got the vote from over the age of 21. Ten years prior women over 30 got the vote! We now live in a different century with generations benefitting from the gains made by the suffragettes, the women‘s movement and various other campaigns. We now expect to continue working when we have children get equal pay, promotion, opportunities etc. However, reports continually say that we have some way to go before we break the mystic ‗glass ceiling 'and are equally represented at high profile roles such as Directors, Politicians, etc. We also have many women working in roles historically viewed as masculine e.g. Building, Science, Driving, Decorators, etc. Now many of us do not burn our Bra but can run quick to grab the last Wonder type Bra in our size at the sales! Some of us throw our bra in the air while swinging on a pole a career choice, and say we are empowered using our charms and bodies to get good money! So does Feminism matter today? This is the start of he conversation to ask you all what you think and an article on next page also for the debate. What we would also like to know is what about the women who made a great impact in society who are not written about. Much is written about well off benefactors who chose to use their income and privileges for positive change. But what of the less well off women who may have been involved in strikes, unions teaching charities and all sorts of things. Let us know about them. We would love to hear stories about positive things your Grans, teachers, neighbours etc did.

By Tracey Hylton


C O M M U So, what is feminism?


Basically, feminism is a philosophy.

Feminism Matters By Jacqui Gill What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‗Feminism‘?

A way of thinking about our place as a woman in the world.

The opportunities available to us when making decisions about what options we can choose in school when thinking about the type of work we want to do, who we vote for at the ballot box.

What we expect from our personal relationships, like when or whether we choose to marry or divorce for that matter, the choices we make with our bodies, whether or when and how we choose to have our children.


Many of these things we take for granted today. Yet these choices have only become available to us because of feminism.

When we begin to understand just how much feminism has changed the way women are treated by not just men, but also by other women, we begin to realise just how much feminism matters.

If someone had asked me that same question maybe 20 years ago, the word alone would have scared me half to death. In my mind‘s eye, feminism was something that I didn‘t understand. It was a word I had heard mainly in a negative context, and usually by men as a put down against strong minded women, a word used in such a way as to ridicule women who spoke up against things that went against personal beliefs, almost undermining a woman‘s femininity. Feminism was something I thought to be far and beyond my understanding, in fact, naively, I thought feminism had nothing to do with me. Yet feminist activism has helped to shape a world where I am free to be my own woman, to make my own choices as to what I want to do with my life, and more importantly, choices to be the woman I wish to be.

Feminism has gone through several phases over time, throughout each phase there have been different types of feminism that have come about as a direct response to the needs of women at each particular place in time.

«««««««««« ―If someone had asked me that same question maybe 20 years ago, the word alone would have scared me half to death.‖

In the mid 1800‘s, Feminism was something reserved for middle-class European women who were focused on the fight for women‘s rights in a world where men made the rules both in the home and the outside world, a world where good women knew their place, feminism was about bringing women out of the home and into the world of politics, work and education .



20 years on, I realise that Feminism is greater than the ideas of middle-class European women working toward a better way of life for middleclass European women.

Perhaps that is why for me personally, feminism matters.

One example is Sojourner Truth. A powerful woman in her own right who fought for the abolition of slavery, famous for her speech ‗Ain‘t I a Woman‘ given at an 1851 Women‘s Convention meeting in Ohio, USA.

Want to know more?

There are so many feminist activists that have helped shape the world we live in, we just don‘t get to hear about them in our everyday lives.





20 years on, I am not scared half to death when I hear the word feminism.

Women‘s Suffrage became a National movement in the UK 1872

20 years on, I still hear derogative comments from men who are confronted with strong minded women, using the

Women were not actually prevented from voting until the 1832 Reform Act & 1835 Municipal Corporations Act

Now I recognise that those put downs are because women are more than somebody‘s other half, somebody‘s mother, sister or aunt.


Further reading sessions on-line to start you off.

word as a put-down.


Maybe one day, strong minded women won‘t intimidate those men who see feminism as a negative thing, but will be respected.

There are some amazing women who have been hidden in history.

A woman who dedicated her life to fight inequality, not just on behalf of her African American brothers, but for her African American sisters too.


Without women, there would be no future, that is why it is so important that we have people fighting in our corner for equality in what we are conditioned to believe is ‗a man‘s world‘.

Married women prior to 1882 & the passing of the Married Women‘s Property Act were not allowed to own and control their own property. Single Women could. Property could return to their ownership upon Widowhood. Women aged over 30 gained the vote in the UK in 1918 via the Representation of the People Act. In 1928 the act was extended to include women over 21. Information from Wikipedia where you can learn other ―fun facts‖! Women's_suffrage_in_the_United_Kingdom 27s_Property_Act

Tracey Hylton


C O M M U Hey, Ma ! Did Nan & her knitting mates burn their bras in the 70‘s for equality? LOL!

Well if they did they probably knitted new ones so they wouldn't have to pay ―the man‖ for them. Hahahaha …….


Oh, seriously Ma ! Can you stop laughing?


I‘m only asking Cos something was just on the TV about some documentary gonna be on, & I just read something about Feminism in SHEquality Matters magazine. Good mag, stupid name though, dunno where they got that from? They should change it to Merseyside E– News (MEN) ...

Watcha laughing at now Ma? I‘m trying to have a serious convo with you. It‘s important that I know about this stuff, history & that in case I get a job with the new local TV Channel.

You should read more or something Ma instead of joking all the time. I thought you Mature Students were spose to be all serious & into learning!. I‘m trying to be more serious. As an undiscovered future superstar/celeb I need to know things so I sound all clever when I get interviewed or if I interview celebs.

Anyway talking about recycling. Do you think me Nan & her mates could Upcycle them ski masks into Bras or something? ..

I‘m doing a self-help future Celeb Boot Camp. Fundraising, and mixing with celebs. Ladies Boxing ,the papers & mags love it when you do something different like that, and recycling & all kinds of things. You should be more supportive so I can be truthful when I tearily thank you for your support when I start getting awards like. Know worra I mean? ..

Oh, Ma ! Seriously can you stop laughing now? (Sigh) ... By Tracey Hylton












The To Do List NERVE Centre Libraries Tour


InclusiVersity (Information)


All in On-Line


Gambling - Myths & Facts








This section of the magazine is for articles that do not fit within the other sections. In future editions there will hopefully be some columns with various women discussing a wide range of subjects, or just their point of view! (Coming soon, one step at a time.)

So for this our #1 Edition it‘s a mixed bag of content from me myself & I.

SHEquality Matters ™ is intended to be a magazine FOR WOMEN—BY WOMEN, with readers also having the opportunity to be the writers or have an influence on the content. A vehicle enabling our diverse voices to be heard, and a tool for influencing positive change.




Whilst working away on this magazine and various other projects I have built up a big work ―To Do List‖. This is still ongoing despite the 1st edition now being out e.g. Proof Reading, getting out and about to get more stories, liaising with contributors and getting more, etc!


However, it also occurred to me, during one of my many moments of procrastination (I like to call it constructive thinking), that most of us have work or home ―To Do Lists.‖As well as this many of us also have ―The Life To Do List!‖ (A term I prefer to the more morbid Bucket List).

I also realised I have actually achieved some of the things on my list. Not the big ones like visit Africa, Great Wall of China etc. I also realised I have done many of them without even making a mental note that I had achieved them. So I am trying to (when I get time) to list what I have done and at some stage the list of stuff left to do. I might even, eventually make a Plan of how and when I am going to achieve them. My current planning of my list is to a lot of it before I‘m 50. That is now a lot nearer than it was when I thought of them, so some planning or revision of timetables is required!

Whether it‘s Bee Keeping, Knitting, Opera, Golf, Rugby, Football, Jam Making, Occupying, Volunteering, a project, or something you care about. If it happen in or affects Merseyside we want you to tell us. The page is yours!

I am not about to list the Top Ten of my ―To Do‘s.‖ I am mentioning it to remind us all that we do have our own personal lists and at least some of it is achievable. Maybe we should take more time to get at least some of them crossed of your list. You might even want to tell us about it.

Some stuff I have done recently on the To Do Life List (without realising at the time)> SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W: or




Toxteth Library , Saturday 16/08/2012 InclusiVersity™ delivered a workshop at this event in Toxteth Library giving people from the community the opportunity to discuss issues of importance to them to be included a publication or online at a later date (which is this). Issues raised of particular relevance to the libraries:

The effects of public sector cuts (including funding to the voluntary sector) in the community on essential and supportive services e.g. Libraries, Dingle Opportunities, Liverpool 8 Law Centre, increases in transport costs, etc The potential affect of more public sector cuts to come such as the extra room penalty in housing benefit and proposals to end housing benefit for the under 25's and other issues. A range of other issues were also discussed including: The affect of media on the self esteem and aspirations of young women Increase in gambling on-line, including bingo

The debate had a good number attending with people coming into the discussion throughout the hour.


As well as those previously mentioned numerous issues managed to be discussed and were recorded on post it notes.


Issues ranged from the Occupy Movement, Feminism, Campaigning and Social justice, Pussy Riot, healthy living and various other topics. There was a range of activities in the centre throughout the day including "We are Timepiece" by Pidgin Films and discussed by Pidgen's Bea Freeman, the Youth band Bolshy, art installations, spoken word, musicians, face painting and more. A short film of the event was also made. You can see it here. The film was made by Toxteth Community Reporters. The TCR project is run by Toxteth TV‘s charitable arm Splendid Things. Their main partner are Peoples Voice Media. Nerve Magazine was founded to promote grassroots art and culture on Merseyside.

Increase in use of pawn shops to get money for bills, and little hope of being able to afford to redeem Increase in use of alternative loans and excessively high interest (payday lenders, home collection lenders, etc) Lack of knowledge of the new Stop & Account, and continued concern over the ongoing issue of Stop & Search and various other issues

They also found out about various initiatives such as:-

The Nerve Centre

Community Organisers, which is part of a National project based in Grantox

Pidgin Films Double Dutch Project

South Central Community Active Forum

Time Bank - Lodge Lane

There are also some short films made by the Tiber Film Project & also some articles over the last couple of years about their aims, activities & achievements below. Tiber Young People‘s Vision October 2011)

Tiber Youth—These Streets (November 2011)

Toxteth teens and Liverpool housing charity to host LA youth group (July 2012)





U R ™



InclusiVersity™ is a new Social Enterprise in Merseyside. Set up in July 2012. Championing equality & diversity . In particular the participation , contribution & achievements of women in society. Working with businesses and communities to celebrate our diversity and contribute to positive change

Over 20 years experience working and volunteering in Community Development, Equality and Diversity, Capacity Building, Training, Research, Consultancy, Evaluation & Fundraising.

Workshops Community Engagement

Founders of SHEquality Matters™ Magazine

Research Fundraising


Project development & Founder Tracey Hylton


Shequality Business NW coming soon!

1800+ Connections, 2 Recommendations. Over 50 endorsements including over 30 for Community Engagement, 25 for Fundraising, 12 for Equality. & more. 20+ years experience.







On-line gambling is one of the issues discussed as a concern at the workshop held at the Nerve Magazine Libraries Roadshow at Toxteth Library in August.


It is also an issue that I have become increasingly concerned about as its profile appears to have grown enormously over the last few years.


There has been a huge increase in adverts on TV for On-line Bingo, Poker and betting


There is not a day that goes by I don‘t get an invitation from an on-line bingo company to join them in my e-mail junk messages

Gamblers Anonymous

Many newspapers & magazines now also have their own on-line bingo games prominently advertised in the publications.

Gam Care

Such an increase in profile has led me to wonder -


Gordon Moody Association

National Problem Gambling Clinic

How many people are now addicted to On-line Gambling or Bingo, & at what cost? A quick search on the internet found many articles on this very subject, and confirmed my concerns.

Britain‘s new addicts: Women who gamble online, at home and in secret. A new generation are hooked on betting websites and many are unaware of where to go for There may be as many as 250,000 problem gamblers in help. (Tracy McVeigh, The Observer, 17/01/10) the UK. The anticipation and thrill of gambling creates a What are the Different Reasons Due to Which People natural high that can become addictive. The internet has are getting Addicted to Online Bingo Sites? There are made gambling more accessible, allowing more and more various reasons why more and more people are getting people to do it from home. This is thought to be one of addicted in playing online Bingo games: the reasons for the increase in the number of women gamblers. There's also a link between gambling and alco- Easiness of the game: Online Bingo gaming is very easy to hol abuse. Many gambling addicts are also addicted to play at. This is a game of luck purely and no tricks can be alcohol. Rates of depression and attempted suicide applied to manipulate the game. The rules and regulaamong gambling addicts are around double the national tions are extremely easy, whether the game is 75 Ball average. Gambling addicts are also more likely to go to Bingo game or 90 Ball Bingo game. prison as a result of criminal activity. This is almost entirely theft and fraud. Free Game: This is a unique feature of online bingo sites as they are absent in the land based bingo halls. The playThere's evidence that gambling can be successfully ers can play their favourite games at free of cost, which treated in the same way as other addictions. Cognitive helps them to practice and know the game in a better behavioural therapy usually has the best results. way without having the fear of losing their own money. Facility of Chatting: Chat facility is available in most of the online Bingo sites. It gives its players to chat, gossip and banter with the other players of the site. 92




Unless you have been hiding under a rock or extremely lucky you will not have failed to notice we are currently in an economic recession.

The various ‗incentives‘ that are used to encourage people to access the sites such as free credit to sign up usually of £10 to £30 are how most people end up making their initial visit. Most of them do require people to deposit some of their own money and ‗set up an account‘. Once set up it is vey quick and easy to transfer money from your bank account to your gaming account which is where the problems begin. Unlike traditional Bingo games in Bingo Halls or community centres it is generally available 24/7.


People are being made redundant or having their hours cut, changes to Tax Credits has led to some people losing benefit, and the price of utilities, food and other essentials is going up, as pay is frozen.


Many households are struggling. The lure of easy money from on-line bingo , games, internet or shop betting for many maybe tempting. Especially when it is so accessible and has added features such as free games, chat groups etc. However, many people are losing too much, and getting themselves into further debt & despair.

The operators of these enterprises though are doing very well. Many people may for years have had regular nights at he Bingo Hall, budgeted for as they knew how many games there would be, how much and that the sessions would finish within a few hours. Often people would go with friends and ―share‖ winnings or stakes, reducing costs and increasing chances of winning something. This was part of their social life, and they knew how much would they spend. However, in the last few years many Bingo Halls have closed, some say partly due to smoking ban and also more lately due to the recession as people start cutting on the luxuries or non essentials. Sadly some people have then started to access on-line Bingo, usually through free offers and some are becoming addicted with terrible results. There are reports of people turning to crime, having cars and homes repossessed or evictions, bankruptcy, etc. This is also true of a growing number of people becoming addicted to Online Casino‘s and betting. They will often feel to afraid to tell anyone, feel depressed, frightened and trapped. THERE ARE HELPLINE CONTACTS ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE FOR ANYONE AFFECTED BY THIS.

―Between 2009 and 2011 the number of high-street betting shops increased slightly, from 8,862 to 9,067. Last year their gross gambling yield—a measure of profit before operating costs—increased by 5%‖. (The Economist, 14/04/12) So you would think this rise in Betting Shops at least means more jobs (wrong at least in Betting shops. There will be an increase in call centre roles, but much is done on-line via account transfer, reducing the need for people to handle transactions). ―Instead, bookies are being kept alive by fixed-odds touch-screen casino machines . These can take thousands of pounds an hour in bets, either in cash or from a credit card. In a fiercely competitive industry, executives privately gush about how they allow bookies to make more money with fewer employees and overheads (betting shops have shed one-tenth of their staff in the past two years). Between 2006 and 2010 the number of machines doubled from around 16,000 to 32,000. Last year the yield they earned increased by 10%, to £1.3 billion ($2.1 billion).‖ (The Economist, 14/04/12)

THERE IS HELP! Of course many people regularly play Bingo in Halls or online, and bet play the Lottery etc and manage their limits and time on it well. They are all much loved and traditional leisure past times. May you carry on enjoying it safely. There is information on the Myths and facts of Problem Gambling & Gambling Addiction at the end of this article.


F E A You may also think that with all that gambling going on at least there is a boost in revenue to the Treasury to reduce the deficit, which could be used to subsidise some vital services instead of subjecting them to ‗austerity‘cuts. The short answer is NO. ― UK consumers currently spend about £1.7bn a year – roughly 18pc of total UK gambling revenues – with online gambling companies. Such operators escape the 15pc gross profits tax levied in the UK by locating their internet operations in low or nil-tax environments. Bets placed online with William Hill and Ladbrokes, for example, are routed via computer servers in Gibraltar, while Paddy Power‘s internet operations are based in Ireland and the Isle of Man.‖ (The Telegraph, Alistair Osborne, 03/01/12)). The same article discusses that a report submitted to the Treasury by accountant Deloitte (Commissioned by a Book Makers company) argues strongly against Government proposals to introduce a point of consumption tax for online betting. The report says that the proposal to levy 10% would ―seriously hurt the Government‘s ‗consumer policy protection objectives‘ & that at least ‗27% of current revenues would disappear into the ―grey‖ aka unregulated market. ‘They also say up to 40% could be lost if the tax levy was set at 15%.‖

―The RGT Chair spoke positively about the way in which RGT was 'reuniting' the two functions of raising funds for gambling treatment and research, and commissioning them, which previously had been separated, and suggested we should be proud of the fact that the British gambling industry was contributing around £5 million a year. I suggested that combining the two functions was exactly what should not be done if obvious conflicts of interests were to be avoided, and we should hardly feel pride that the industry was raising such a meagre amount. He avoided my question about what percentage of total gambling industry profits £5 million represents – I believe it to be approximately a tenth of one per cent‖ (The expansionist aspirations of the UK


So at the moment the situation is the Gambling Industry contributes funds for gambling treatment & research of less than 0.10% of their annual profit.


Most do not pay UK Corporation Tax, and no Betting Tax is paid to the UK as companies are registered abroad in Tax Havens.


Staffing is being reduced, and much of the pay for the roles is minimum wage or below the ‘Living Wage‘ from what can be seen in usual job adverts for the roles.


Often staff work part time. Many roles advertised at 16 hours. This means that many of the staff may have to have some of their income subsidised by Tax Credits, and others may now not be eligible for them since the introduction of changes to Tax Credit Rules from 16 hours to 24 hours. So workers income is being subsidised for massive industry grossing over £1 Billion (nearly £2 Billion) profit a year, who are not paying Corporation or Betting Tax. The industry want to expand on-line activities in Europe and our lobbying Government to support this in the EU. If successful that will surely lead to more jobs and outsourcing abroad, aka job losses in UK, and I suspect no change to the current tax, or lack of tax arrangements for the industry.

We will be returning to this issue in future articles.




Myths & Facts about Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling


MYTH: You have to gamble every day to be a problem gambler. FACT: A problem gambler may gamble frequently or infrequently. Gambling is a problem if it causes problems.


MYTH: Problem gambling is not really a problem if the gambler can afford it. FACT: Problems caused by excessive gambling are not just financial. Too much time spent on gambling can lead to relationship breakdown and loss of important friendships. MYTH: Partners of problem gamblers often drive problem gamblers to gamble. FACT: Problem gamblers often rationalize their behaviour. Blaming others is one way to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, including what is needed to overcome the problem. MYTH: If a problem gambler builds up a debt, you should help them take care of it. FACT: Quick fix solutions may appear to be the right thing to do. However, bailing the gambler out of debt may actually make matters worse by enabling gambling problems to continue. Source:

Responsible gambling -The role of the Gambling Commission The Gambling Commission recognises that gambling can lead to a range of problems for a small minority of individuals and their families. We have a responsibility to measure and monitor the proportion of adults in the UK with gambling problems. This is done through the British Gambling Prevalence Survey. We work closely with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) to ensure that:

problem gambling is adequately understood and researched

our policies ensure that gambling license holders act in a socially responsible way towards their customers.

RGSB‘s role is to provide independent advice to the Gambling Commission,

On 1 April 2012, the Responsible Gambling Fund and GREaT merged into the Responsible Gambling Trust. The Responsible Gambling Trust raises the required funding and delivers appropriate programmes for research, education and treatment, taking full account of the priorities rec-









Life as a Mature Student — Jacqui Gill


Free Training Opportunities


Community Philosophy


CAB—Financial Awareness for Frontline Workers





Nina Lenin—Community Philosophy


Golden Agers Knitting Club— Community Philosophy 2



Jean Lenin—Superstar courses


Nina Lenin—Complimentary Thera-



Open Learn




A Community Philosophy Course Faiza? Oh, it‘s free. Sounding better already, LOL! Well we have done the Philosophy in Pubs before. Yeah our Ma‘s didn‘t believe it was a real thing until they came once. We made them buy the drinks LOL!

Yeah a Lifelong Learning skill we learnt from them. Crafty that lot ...

Dunno how we‘ll all fit in yet another course Faiza, we are all that busy. True if it‘s worth doing, make time Faiza. That‘s my philosophy too, LOL! By Tracey Hylton

One of our Faiza‘s latest ideas.

I see our girls are on about doing a Community Philosophy thing now, LOL!

I know I said to Our Suzy that‘s what your Gran used to do over the garden fence.

I told her that‘s not new. It‘s what we been doing for years, LOL!

I can see them all now putting the world to rights over a pot of tea,

There would learn a few things if they listened to us more often, LOL!

By Tracey Hylton

As long as they are happy. That‘s our philosophy ! 98


Blackburne House

RETURNING TO EDUCATION Changes in what employers want when recruiting, wanting to change careers or move into one after a break, plenty of skills but no qualifications? Or just want to do something different or learn something new? There are numerous reasons as to why people return to education and numerous reasons why they don‘t! Cost, time, distance, fear of failure, lack of confidence in ability, etc. Every individual will have their own reason. However, training, returning to study or just doing a course on something of interest need not be as painful as many think it will be. There are all sorts of opportunities, nearer than you think, and often very cheap, or depending on your circumstances FREE! They can be half a day to a few hours or a day a week, for an exam or just for pleasure. For teenagers just leaving compulsory education it is just as daunting, and they often don't know what they want to study, and feel the pressure too. Most people are not immune to doubts & fears. This section of SHEquality Matters has some quick links to where a diverse range of training and study opportunities can be found, & on following pages info on FREE COURSES! In the next edition we will look more closer at opportunities as often when New Year approaches we are full of god intentions and resolution, and lots of courses stat in January. There is also some insight from the perspective from a current Mature Student & SHEquality Matters contributor/writer Jacqui Gill. I myself was a mature student, and I know many others so a range of perspectives will be included in future issues.



Edge Hill University


Greenbank College


Halton & St Helens VCA


Hugh Baird College


Kirkby Unemployed Centre

Knowsley Community College

L Knowsley CVS

E Liverpool Centre for Arts & Development

A Liverpool Community College


Liverpool CVS


Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts


Liverpool John Moores University


Liverpool Media Academy


Go Higher If you would like to take a degree at The University of Liverpool but have no formal qualifications then Go Higher is for you. Go Higher is a one year part-time course that will help you develop the confidence and skills needed for degree level work. After successfully completing Go Higher you will be eligible to apply for a wide range of University degrees including Sociology, Social Work, Law, Archaeology, Geography, Irish Studies, English Language & Literature, Politics, History, Popular Music, Environmental Studies, Business Studies plus many, many more!

Rotunda Community Learning Resource

St Helens College

Sefton CVS

Toxteth TV


L I LIFE AS A MATURE STUDENT By Jacqui Gill ―Here I was amongst people who were the same as me, had the same fears, the same doubts regarding capability and ability.

People who like me had felt they had been failed by secondary school education in one


People who like me had felt they had been failed by secondary school education in one way or another. In 2010 I enrolled at the University of Liverpool to complete the Go Higher course, one which welcomes mature students from all walks of life.


The main aim of the course is to prepare students to go on to degree level. Tutors & mentors alike were very supportive and encouraging to all of us who came in at varying levels of education



Life as a mature student has taught me so much, both from an academic & personal perspective.


I have just returned to University for year two of my degree and can‘t wait to tackle the challenges that lay ahead that will prepare me to go on for my Masters.

If someone had said to me 20yrs ago ‗one day you will go to university‘, I would of laughed at them and probably said something like ‗people like me don‘t go to university, that is for the rich, the middle and upper classes or the super intelligent‘.

Something that at one time I would not have even dared to dream of. Let alone be confident enough to see it as the next step towards my future.


Jacqui Gill – Mature Student


In my mind, people like me, a working class girl, didn‘t go to university, we got on with life on a day to day basis with no dreams or real aspirations more than getting a job, finding a partner and settling down to have a family.


Returning to education was something I had mulled over for a long time before finally taking the plunge. The mulling over period was consumed mainly with fears, doubts and a lack of confidence, especially since I had left school with hardly any qualifications.


Probably one of the most important things I realised was that returning to education as a mature student was nothing like school as I remembered it.


Here I was amongst people who were the same as me, had the same fears, the same doubts regarding capability and ability.

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:


Wonder if there is any courses for future superstars? Anything …..

Alright Ma I‘ll look up what there is at the Community Colleges and that. I‘m listing them now, hold on & stop laughing …. Liverpool Community College, St Helens, Knowsley, Hugh Baird, Southport, West Lancs & Wirral Met for starters. Yes Ma and Liverpool Media Academy, Greenbank College & Blackburne House …. LA, its gonna take ages ….

Right then spose there is a lot of things I could do. Celebrity Hairdresser, Celebrity Events Management, Celebrity PR, Celebrity Make Up Artist, Beautician, Actress, Writer, ………. LA there is loads of stuff I could do!

Still someone of my talent shouldn‘t waste it. I should have Celebrity Hairdressers doing my hair. Some of Them jobs are hard work, and take a few years to qualify. I wanna be a celeb sooner than that like …. Do you think I should apply to LIPA or some of the Performing Arts, Film & TV courses at Hope, LJMU. Liverpool Uni, Edge Hill? Oh & SAE, Chester … Stop laughing Ma! What do you mean as long as its not the one you go too when you pass your acces course? Hmmph

By Tracey Hylton Honestly Ma I‘m being serious about my future superstar career here. Stop laughing …(Sigh)! 101


Please give us feedback on the information we provide, let us know if you went on any of the courses, & of course if you know of or have any opportunities please get in touch so we can spread the word!





We update the InclusiVersity At SHEquality Matters we aim to look at stuff not generally included in a traditional magazine aimed at a female readership.

facebook page with information regularly too if you want to check between issues!




This course is a project of SAPERE. SAPERE is the Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education.

SHEquality Matters


Community Philosophy promotes philosophical practice within local groups. Using facilitated enquiry, it helps people to engage, and promotes thoughtful social action in community and cultural life.




An adaptation of SAPERE‘s Philosophy for Children, Community Philosophy is successfully practiced in an increasing number and variety of settings, including within youth and community work, the Philosophy in Pubs network and housing associations.


Community Philosophy helps develop selfdetermining and self-sustaining democratic communities of enquiry and action.


You can find more details here




Therefore we have had a good look around the internet, and information from contacts to see what we can find that might appeal to some of you.



Aims to extend the number and variety of settings where Community Philosophy is practised, by training and supporting facilitators to incorporate Community Philosophy into their practice, or start new Community Philosophy groups.


Of course as we acknowledge & celebrate different things appeal to appeal to different people. So if none of this information interests you maybe next time?

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:


L I F Training begins with a 2 day course in one of 3 locations as below: 

West Yorkshire. Leeds or Bradford, January 17th+ 18th, 2013.

Greater Manchester. Manchester, January 24th + 25th 2013

Merseyside. Liverpool Hope University, Jan 31st + Feb 1st, 2013.

To apply for a place, complete and return the application form. Application forms are available from Jan Marples


Training Course Coordinators:


Graeme Tiffany Steve Bramall


Facilitators will then receive support from a regional support person and through the facilitator network over the following 6 months. If you join, you‘ll be in one of the first training groups for this new, and developing, training course. You‘ll work with like- and other-minded colleagues to develop your skills and networks. You‘ll have opportunities to make positive differences to lives and communities.

You don‘t need formal qualifications or any background in philosophy

And due to the generosity of the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, there‘s no charge. If your application is successful, we will ask you to pay a £50 deposit, but that will be returned to you at the end of the project.



―Philosophy can be used to improve teaching and learning, for the lasting


benefit of


individuals & communities‖


And we hope you‘ll take an active role in helping us to develop Community Philosophy Facilitator Training.


You do need to commit. We need you to organize and facilitate Community Philosophy in at least one group that meets regularly over the six months of the pilot. And we need you to be available for support visits, to attend a review day, and to give us feedback.

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:


L COMMUNITY PHILOSOPHY The Practical Thinking Model



Community Philosophy is concerned with encouraging, promoting and improving thinking: thinking for pleasure, thinking as action in itself, and thinking for Initiating and guiding social action. The Community Philosophy Practical Thinking Model reflects this action

The Practical Thinking Model promotes 5 types of thinking. 1. Creative Thinking – inventing, playing and imagining Asking new questions Generating hypotheses Making up thought experiments Seeing things from another perspective Concept formation 2. Critical Thinking – challenging and clarifying Challenging reasoning Questioning meaning, beliefs and values Testing hypotheses Analysing arguments Analysing concepts 3. Collaborative Thinking – building and enabling Caring for others and for communities Respecting the abilities and interests of others Enabling and supporting voices and actions Co-facilitating enquiry Negotiating 4. Reflective Thinking – reviewing and evaluating Summarising, abstracting Developing meta-cognitive understanding Reviewing and evaluating




This is a free, interactive, half-day training session that includes games, quizzes and discussion.


Wednesday 5 December 2012 10am-1pm


North Liverpool CAB 37-39 Walton Road Liverpool L4 4AD.


It covers: -


Types of credit

Credit options for disadvantaged clients

Priority & non-priority debts


The training is suitable for:

Volunteers and paid workers not working in advice or related areas


Volunteers and paid workers new to advice work


Volunteers or paid workers looking to develop skills in delivering financial skills training


To book a place, Joe Lavelle by e-mail at

5. Active Thinking – making changes Planning Decision making Applying conceptualisations in the social world

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:




They have some very useful courses for instance on Excel and Access if you need to learn them or brush your skills!


Open Learn — Learning Space

O ALISON On-Line ―ALISON provides 400 free interactive multimedia



courses through the course categories listed below. We


invite you to study with us for free, and to explore and discover new learning opportunities.


Within the ALISON free course list, there are interesting learning and up-skilling opportunities for everyone.‖

There are loads of courses as ALISON say above. ALL TOTALLY FREE. Courses are not accredited but you can get a cer-


What is the Learning Space?


tificate for each one completed.

Try over 600 free online courses from The Open University.

If you don‘t use computers then this method of

Available from introductory to postgraduate level, each takes between 1 and 50 hours to study.


the courses are interactive and include a lot of

Complete activities to assess your progress and compare your thoughts with sample answers.


video also.

Sign up for free to get started!

learning may not appeal to you. However all that is needed is the ability to use the internet. Many of


If your not good on-line why not see if there is a course near you or if a friend or family member an


help you to get on-line? There are so many courses to choose from includ-


ing in business, I.T, Finance, Health & others.


SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:



Cool, so that‘s all sorted then Suzy. All the girls are gonna do the Zuumba with Movema, but we are also booking in with Ayo in Quiet Mind for a Thai Massage after. Cos we‘re worth it. Well, we will have earned it like, LOL!


You new Faiza and all her new age stuff. She‘s on about doing a Complimentary Therapies Course next year. Wants to know if we are up for it.


Already a bit busy with my access course & working. But we are all busy spose ….


Apparently there is a few good courses around town. Not that expensive, a few hours a week. So maybe? Yeah there is a few at WHISC. Or you can get treatments. I‘ll just check what they do. Mmmm .. Reiki, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage loads of treatments! Love me Thai Massage from Quiet Place though …. Relaxes me after our Jean & Ma do my head in, LOL!


The Mothers AKA The Knitting Crew are apparently doing The Inspire Programme at The Health Place in Blackburne House. A Wellbeing course for women over 50 apparently ...


Yeah I know. I can‘t believe they admitted to being 50+ either. The number of years they all insisted they were 49. I said Ma I‘m 45,do the maths, LOL!


Yeah they do treatments at The Health Place too. Yeah they got courses thee too. One on Counselling, right up Faiza‘s street, and some Meditation stuff. I should get Jean to meditate, calm her down a bit, LOL! They got NVQ Courses in Complimentary Therapies & Reflexology at Blackburne House as well. Never mind Faiza, I should send our Jean so I can get some ―complimentary ― therapy from her, LOL! I should tell her to train to be a Celeb Complimentary Therapist. That should do it

Your right Suzy, it just could work, LOL! Laters babe ….

By Tracey Hylton 106

@ S Q T e e n


R e v


i e w


@ S Q



Film Review


TV Watching


Book Review


T e e n R e v i e w C O N T E N 108


@ S Q T @SQTeenReview




Breaking Dawn 2


This section is being developed in the next issue & therefore just has a few items in this one.


If you want to contribute to this section then please contact the Youth Editor— Sarah: -


Twitter— @SQTeenReview Or



As you all are probably aware the epic conclusion to the twilight phenomenon "Breaking Dawn Part 2" is out now!


I was lucky enough to attend the complete twilight saga in the Odeon cinema Liverpool one!



I sat there for 12 hours watching every twilight saga film on the big screen for the very last time!


With the final movie Breaking dawn part 2 premiering at 00:01 am, although there are a lot of changes in the movie compared to the book with them cutting out almost the entire middle of the movie that was in Jacob's point of view, other than that I found the movie "TWI-TASTICAL" (a combination of Twilight, Fantastic and magical) no other word would describe this epic conclusion to the saga that had consumed my life since 2008.

"TWI-TASTICAL" (a combination of Twilight, Fantastic and magical)

I highly recommend this to EVERYONE of all ages!!! If you haven't seen the other 4 films in the saga you may of been under a rock for the past 5 years??? Review by Sarah ‗Lola‘ Hylton

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: W: or @SQTeenReview


@ S Q Currently watching on TV




Perfect Chemistry — Simone Elkeles Suburgatory


E4 — Tuesday @ 9:30

n R e

2 Broke Girls E4—Thursday @ 9:00

v Good girl vs. bad boy, rich vs. poor, forbidden love from people from opposite sides of a town, the story we‘ve all heard, read and watched a million times before, but Simone Elkeles tells this story like we‘ve never experienced with the complex background of the Mexican heartthrob Alejandro Fuentes from the wrong side of town, we see him try and deny his feelings for the beautiful blonde rich girl from the opposite side of town, Britney. As he tries to escape from the world of gang violence, being forced to deal drugs and other crimes he is dubious about, all to protect his family in the absence of his father. Meanwhile Britney is trying to convince her mum that the best thing for her older disabled sister is to keep her looked after at home and not send her to a care home.

Big Bang Theory E4—Thursday @ 8:30

This story is not your typical boy meets girl it‘s a heart tugging story of two people who couldn‘t be more opposite stuck as chemistry partners all year and the struggle between them to overcome social prejudices and be together whilst fighting their own private battles, will true love conquer all or will their differences seem too large for them to overcome? This is a must read, along with the two sequels in the Fuentes brothers trilogy chain reaction and rules of attraction, you‘ll fall in love with each brothers story and won‘t be able to put any of the books down!!! Review by Sarah ‗Lola‘ Hylton


i e w







Contents Page


Jobs Worth


Useful links


CHAWREC Discrimination Casework Service (Information)


Various vacancies



Jean Lenin—Jobs for future superstars!


Jean Lenin—Money Matters


Nina Lenin—Changing jobs



The Golden Agers Knitting Club — Social Enterprise



Nina Lenin—Sorted!




C O N T E N Wonder if they‘ve got jobs in here for future superstars? Or at least something creative. I don‘t mind starting at the bottom if I get to the top. Sooner rather than later like ...


Nowt. Well there is a job at The Reader Organistion, but I only really like reading mags like. One at Bluecoat, but working with children & young people. Mmm No! Some fundraising jobs at Roy Castle, Everyman, & Nugent Care. Well I am helping with that fundraiser at work with the Hollyoaks people coming. Maybe I should specialise in being a celeb fundraiser …..

OH Ma! Worra you laughing at now. Everything is a joke to you. I‘m being serious about my career here ….. (Sigh) …. By Tracey Hylton 112

C A R E JOBS WORTH Many people, especially in these times of austerity AKA short/fixed term jobs redundancies, etc are looking for jobs or to change jobs. It can be difficult, and very competitive, depending on the type of work you are looking for, and where you are, as well as individual circumstances e.g. P/T jobs, or within practical travelling distance/cost, etc. In future editions there will be some useful tips from professionals involved in Careers, Guidance and Recruitment that may help. This 1st edition has a mixed bag of current jobs being recruited for that has previously been found on a general job search, primarily within the charity and social care sector, but includes admin. Jobs are also posted on-line on the Facebook & Linked pages.

USEFUL TOOLS In this section are some links to handy tools that can let you know how much your take home may be, if you are possibly entitled to any benefits (including housing and council tax benefit), and other useful information. These ar of use to Job seekers, and those looking to change jobs., but are also useful to people on other benefits to check they are receiving all the help they should.


TAX CREDITS CALCULATOR — HMRC Tax credits calculator - find out how much you can get


―This calculator tells you roughly how much tax credits you could get in total, from today's date to the end of the 2012-13 tax year. You'll see your result as a lump sum. The calculator uses current rates (it can't calculate tax credits for future years). It will be updated from 6 April 2013. It should take 10-15 minutes to complete.‖


Important information about the calculator ―It‘s important to remember that the calculator can only give you an estimate of what you might get, based on the answers you give. You should take care to answer the questions correctly, as this could make a difference to the result you get. There are also some extra steps you may need to take before you answer some of the questions. These are explained in the relevant sections.‖ (Follow the link above).


―Turn2us helps people in financial need gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help – online, by phone and face to face through our

The Salary Calculator The Salary Calculator enables you to work out what the salary is in that job your looking at to take home after deductions. SO you know if it‘s worth it before you apply, or how much better you will be! It also has a feature that will work out all your deductions including student loans—which will be very handy for some. Other features include Pro-rata Salary Calculator for part time work, as well as required salary, mortgage repayment & debt consolidation calculators!

partner organisations. We are part of Elizabeth Finn Care (link opens in a new window), a charity registered in England and Wales: 207812 and Scotland: SC040987.‖ ―You, like many people, may be missing out on financial help that you are entitled to through welfare benefits. This easy-to-use calculator may be of help to you if you are unemployed and looking for work, on a low income, retired, bringing up children, ill, have a disability or care for someone. Use our simple Benefits Calculator to work out how much you could claim.‖



Some of you will be looking for work, thinking about returning to work, or have children or relatives looking for work. Also you will mostly know where to look for work or support to find work. However, there are many people chasing the same jobs, and it can be difficult. You may keep your searches to particular routes, if so there is no harm in trying something different or seeing if there is other options you had not thought of. Some of you after contacting a support agency may for instance decide you want to retrain or become self employed.


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In future issues we will talking to professionals who support or give guidance and information on options for work, self employment & returning to education or retraining.

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Needs are different as time goes on in any event, so some of the links may not be relevant now , but maybe of use in the future.

The current list is just a ―taste of information‖ and does not include absolutely all the support in Merseyside. We will look to get a SHEquality Matters ™ Information Sheet early next year.



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SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W: 114

C A R E E R S Cheshire, Halton & Warrington Race & Equality Centre is a charitable organisation based in Chester that aims to eliminate discrimination and promote equality. We offer a discrimination casework service to anyone who thinks that they may have been discriminated against. On this website you will find information about our service as well as information on the law and what steps you can take if you think you have been unfairly treated. Our Service: We have been running a discrimination casework service since 1998 and have dealt with many successful cases. We were originally funded by the Commission for Racial Equality and then the Equality & Human Rights Commission to deliver this service free of charge, but from April 2012 grants have ended and we now offer this service on a chargeable basis. Do I have to live in Cheshire to access the service? The short answer is no. Although we are based in Chester, anyone who lives in England or Wales (the law is different in Scotland) can use our service. If you live further away we may need to do more via telephone and e-mail, but that is all. Anyone can come to us who thinks they have been discriminated against.

Our charges Because our primary aim is to make sure that people who have experienced discrimination are able to get access to justice we don‘t make any up front charges. We are not about making a profit, we just need to cover our costs. So if you use our service we will ask you to sign up to an agreement that allows us to take 35% of any award or settlement. That might sound a lot, but it means that you the client doesn‘t have to take any risks – you won‘t have to pay anything until you secure your settlement or award at court or tribunal. Any money that we do make is ploughed back into the organisation to help other people in a similar situation. I want some advice, what do I do? Visit our contact page, call us on 01244 400730 or e-mail


C A MOVEMA are currently recruiting for a P/T Admin and Marketing Assistant for 6 months (On self employed basis. DETAILS HERE.

Appointment will be subject to receipt of a satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau. The Art Valley project is a joint initiative between the Everyman and Playhouse and the Bluecoat organisation in a partnership between our two cultural organisations, the council, the PCT and social registered landlords. ART Valley was created to bring a programme of arts activities across Alt Valley for people to get involved with both in their community and in the city centre. ART Valley offers arts opportunities, taster sessions, workshops, performances and exhibitions. The ART Valley Outreach Co-ordinator is an experienced Project Manager and arts advocate who is responsible to the Outreach Manager and Theatre and Community Director for Liverpool Merseyside Theatres Trust, and the Participation Manager for the Bluecoat Creative Arts Hub. Download the Application Pack Download the Application form in Word Deadline for applications: Monday 3rd December 2012 at 10.00am Interviews will be held in Liverpool during the week commencing: 10th December 2012 Completed applications should be returned to: Recruitment - Ref: AV Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse 13 Hope Street Liverpool L1 9BH Applications can also be sent electronically to:


Art Valley Outreach Co-ordinator A fixed term contract from January 2013 – January 2014


R Appeals Manager Liverpool‘s Everyman and Playhouse theatres together constitute one of the country‘s leading theatre companies. We are in the midst of a period of rapid fundraising growth, prompted by the redevelopment of the Everyman and the award of £240k from Arts Council England‘s Catalyst Fund. This position is a new role that will join the existing two members of the Development Team. The main focus of the role is to manage the theatres‘ relationships with our recently-recruited supporters and to generate new donors towards the Everyman redevelopment and Talent Fund. The role will also focus on developing a programme of regular giving as a legacy to the Everyman appeal, to support our ongoing artistic and community work which will encourage existing donors to continue supporting and attract new donors. Download the Application Pack Download the Application form in Word Deadline for applications: Monday 10th December 2012 at 10.00am Interviews will be held in Liverpool during the week commencing: 17th December 2012 Completed applications should be returned to: Recruitment - Ref: APM Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse 13 Hope Street Liverpool L1 9BH Applications can also be sent electronically to: AboutUs/CareerOpportunities/JobVacancies.aspx

116 SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W:



Get into reading project worker—Merseyside 1 full time post. contract until 31st March 2013. c.£15,000 subject to experience. Flexibility is required as there may be a need to work in the early evening as appropriate


The Project Worker is required to set-up, establish and facilitate weekly shared reading groups to promote reading for pleasure, well-being and good mental health within a range of settings, including Libraries, Schools, Care Homes and hospitals, working with a wide variety of people from looked-after children to elderly people suffering from dementia. In addition, the Project Worker is expected to take an active role and interest in the core business of TRO which includes training others in shared reading techniques, communicating the work of TRO effectively, and fundraising. The delivery of the reading groups will take place throughout Merseyside, including Wirral. The Project Worker will work closely with a range of key organisations to promote the shared reading groups, recruit group members, enlist the support and collaboration of relevant staff and develop a culture of reading within library and outreach settings. Please see the job description for more information: download Job Description To apply, complete this application form and a covering letter describing how you fit with the person specification and why you are suitable for this post (not more than 1 side of A4 please) and email to Michelle Barrett: If you have any questions regarding the application process or forms please contact Michelle. Closing date for applications: 3pm, Wednesday 12th December 2012 Interviews will take place on Tuesday 18th December 2012. Candidates will be shortlisted by Friday 14th December 2012. If you have not heard from us by this date, please assume that you have been unsuccessful. Please make sure your contact details include an email address and a phone number by which we can contact you if you are called for interview. The appointed person will start work as soon as possible.


C A R E Business Development Manager VoiceAbility is an advocacy charity which works across England with people who are vulnerable or marginalised to raise their voices and have their rights respected. This is an exciting but challenging time for us as the external environment in which we operate is increasingly competitive. The need for greater internal efficiency is a priority, so that we can deliver more with less – reaching more people, championing their rights and working with them to change their lives. Advocacy Experience is a small social enterprise within the VoiceAbility Group which has been trading for 12 years delivering advocacy services across the North West of England and North Wales. The new post of Business Development Manager (Advocacy Experience) will play a key part in Advocacy Experience’s successful growth, working closely with the Managers and their service teams to ensure we win new contracts and maintain the contracts we already have. This will be achieved through research and writing and submitting tender responses. Reporting to VoiceAbility Deputy CEO, the Business Development Manager will be responsible for meeting Advocacy Experience’s growth target. The post will require regular travel within the region and occasional overnight stays. The successful applicant will be experienced in all aspects of public / third sector tendering – with a good track record of winning work through competitive tendering processes. Knowledge of public sector commissioning processes and successful fundraising principles is essential, together with experience in project management and collaborative working. You will be an excellent communicator and have the ability to work closely with people who use the services, ensuring their views and expertise is incorporated in the work. You will also be numerically competent with the ability to develop budgets. If you are interested and are ready to play a key role in taking Advocacy Experience forward, please email for a job pack. No CVs or agencies please. Closing date for applications: Monday 10th December 2012.

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 118 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W: or



British Red Cross The Bluecoat

Pad Coordinator (children and young people) Maternity Cover Post

Business Development Manager, Merseyside, Manchester, Lancashire. Closing date for applications 3 December 2012.

£20,000 (pro rata 21 hours per week) Minimum six months The Bluecoat is seeking someone experienced and flexible to coordinate and facilitate an arts programme for children and young people in Norris Green as part of our successful ART Valley programme, run in partnership with Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres with support from Cobalt Housing. The successful candidate will be experienced in working with children and young people who might be considered hard to engage and at risk of involvement in crime and anti-social behaviour. They will have a genuine commitment to using the arts as a vehicle for change. Based at ―the Pad‖, a hub for community arts activities in Norris Green working with a small team of staff and freelance practitioners, the Pad Coordinator will support the delivery of sessions for young people and will lead on the delivery of the children‘s programme.

Application pack

Deadline for applications: 5pm Monday 3rd December 2012 Interviews: Friday 7th December 2012 The Bluecoat is striving to be an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of the community

£25,626 - £31,648 p.a. Lancashire, Merseyside & Greater Manchester - negotiable. 35 Hours p.w.

The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We are part of a global voluntary network, responding to conflicts, national disasters and individual emergencies.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of the management team in Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester. This senior post plays a key strategic, advisory, capacity building and developmental role.

The postholder will be responsible for implementing the national strategy particularly in relation to - growing our services - proactively creating and developing contracting opportunities - improvement and quality Please apply online at Jobs Alternatively, if you require an application pack please e-mail for an electronic application pack. If you would like a paper application, please send a stamped addressed envelope with postage to cover a large letter up to 100gms to British Red Cross Recruitment, 11-14 Pittman Court Pittman Way,Preston. PR2 9ZG.Please telephone 01772 707329 for further information. Closing date 3rd December 2012. Interview date: 14th December 2012. Previous applicants need not re-apply.

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W: or



C A R You will need experience of working in the volBritish Red Cross


untary sector, project coordination skills and awareness and understanding of refugee issues.


Good communication and organisational skills are also essential. Excellent communication and

Service Co-ordinator - Refugee Service (Drop in) Reference No. Location Merseyside Division—UK Service Development Position Type—Fixed Term Contract Service Co-ordinator - Refugee Service (Drop In) Closing date for applications: 12 December 2012


organisational skills are essential for this post. Occasional travel and out-of-hours working may be necessary. As part of its Recruitment and


Selection procedures the British Red Cross undertakes criminal record checking of all indi-

The Salary British £10,814 Red Cross - £12,526 cares for(per people annum) in crisis at home

viduals who regularly work with or have access

and Hours: abroad, 21 meeting per week the(Wed-Fri) needs of vulnerable people in

to children and vulnerable adults.

times Fixedofterm emergency. contract until 31 December 2014

Location: Liverpool The refugee and migrants project have been supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Liverpool since May 2009 and the service is currently undergoing expansion. This

Closing date for receipt of completed application

is an exciting opportunity to coordinate and develop an

forms is Wednesday 12 December 2012. Interviews

outreach drop-in centre which provides a welcoming

to take place on Thursday 20 December 2012.

space for vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers newly arrived in Liverpool. Amongst other activities, you will

To apply online go to:

help beneficiaries to access key services, help them to

vacancies or email recruitment-

familiarise themselves with local amenities, signposting to request an application

and making referrals where appropriate. You will also

pack. Alternatively you can call 01772 707 329.

provide practical and emotional support. As part of the service development you will explore opportunities for

We are committed to welcoming people from the

setting up a second drop-in in another location in the

widest possible diversity of background, culture


and experience.

You will be recruiting and co-ordinating volunteers to

The British Red Cross Society, incorporated by

provide support at the drop-in to service users, network

Royal Charter 1908, is a charity registered in Eng-

with partner agencies and generally promote refugee

land and Wales (220949) and Scotland (SCO377738)

issues in the Liverpool area. Click here for more information on this vacancy

Service Co-ordinator - Refugee Service Drop In 11.12.docService Co-ordinator - Refugee Service Drop In 11.12.doc


C A R E E Project Manager – Youth & Schools, Merseyside Permanent 35 hours per week Based in Liverpool The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. The overall purpose of the post is to build partnerships with schools, extended services and other youth and voluntary organisations to increase our reach of Red Cross humanitarian education, first aid and promote our humanitarian values to young people. The post holder will play a significant role in developing educational awareness and educational projects focusing on four of the Schools and Community Educational themes: First Aid, Refugee awareness, Disaster Preparedness and International Humanitarian Law. There is also a responsibility to work with young people, service staff & volunteers across the organisation to improve volunteering opportunities, experiences and participation. The post holder will also work to manage and deliver the CPD (continual professional development of teachers) programme.


The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation currently has a vacancy for:


Community Fundraiser Salary : £20-£24k We are seeking an experienced Community Fundraiser to manage an ambitious strategy to achieve further growth in voluntary income across the UK and allow the charity to lead the fight against lung cancer. You will be a dynamic and experienced Fundraiser with a successful track record of income generation and donor management of individuals, groups and organisations. Closing date: 17th December 2012

Closing date Sunday 9th December Interview date: Thursday 13th December, Liverpool If you are invited to interview, you will be asked to deliver a 5 minute interactive presentation on a topic of your choice.

We are committed to welcoming people from the widest possible diversity of background, culture and experience. As part of the recruitment and selection process the Red Cross undertakes CRB checking of all individuals who have regular contact with children and vulnerable adults.




SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W: or



Cancer Research UK

Shop Manager (Liverpool, Bold Street Shop)SHO00643 North West-Merseyside-Old Swan Full Time 37.5 hours per week £15,600 per annum Closing Date - 10/Dec/2012, 11:00:00 PM Description Cancer Research UK needs a hard-working and innovative Shop Manager who truly understands the people of Liverpool to turn our charity shop into a commercial Success

About the role

At Cancer Research UK, we need shop managers who are commercially minded: hard-working people with initiative and imagination to drive our profits and help us to realise our vision of beating cancer. We‘re currently recruiting a Shop Manager to take the lead in our Bold Street shop, managing a diverse team of volunteers and employees, displaying products, coordinating incoming stock and being responsible for the takings which help fund our research into the causes and treatments of cancer

About us Cancer Research UK is the world‘s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. Our groundbreaking work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has saved millions of lives. Survival rates have doubled in the last 30 years and we have been at the heart of that progress. With over 3,500 staff, we are a large, complex, dynamic and diverse charity

Essential Criteria •A positive and service orientated attitude •Excellent interpersonal skills •A natural team player, is supportive and enthusiastic •A flexible approach •Demonstrates an understanding of high street fashion •Experience of leadership •Comfortable with till systems •Strong numerical skills How to Apply All applications should be made via the Cancer Research UK careers website, where you will need to create a profile before you can submit an application. Our online application process also involves attaching your CV and Covering letter which should outline your interest in applying for the role and explain how you meet the set criteria. You can apply for a job by clicking on the Apply Online link at the bottom of each job posting. If you experience any technical issues when applying, please email us A full role profile is available here (pdf) Location: Liverpool, Bold Street Hours: 37.5 hours per week Contract type: Permanent Salary: £15,600 per annum Closing Date: 11/12/12 Assistant Shop Manager (Liverpool, Bold Street)SHO00642 North West-Merseyside-Old Swan Full Time 37.5 £13,650 per annum Closing Date - 03/Dec/2012, 11:00:00 PM Shop Assistant (Weekend) (Liverpool, Bold Street)SHO00641 North West-Merseyside-Old Swan Part Time 15

£6.19 per hour

Closing Date

- 03/Dec/2012, 11:00:00 PM

SHEquality Matters ™ is a project & magazine produced by InclusiVersity ™ C/O Merseyside Network for Change, 4th Floor, 35-37 Bold Street, Liverpool. L1 4DN E: M: 07963 780 577 W: or




Yes Ma your right. If I wanna work in TV or something I should look on their websites. So I‘ll start with BBC, ITV, ch4, & the rest. Oooh there is that local TV coming too. Course by the time they start they might be Headhunting me. I‘ll be a fundraiser for the celebs by then like …..


Yanno, I‘m gonna use that Salary Calculator they have on here. It lets you know how much you actually have to take home after tax and that. Gonna start putting in what I should be earning by this time next year. Course when your on big celeb money you pay loads of tax. I might have to find myself one of the tax loopholes like the pop stars & comedians ...

Mmmm, yeah Ma , your right. I shouldn't do that. Leaving the poor to pay off the debt & bear the brunt of the austerity cuts is not right.

Seriously Ma. Can you please stop it with the laughing. Have you got laughing fever or something? …. (Sigh) ….

By Tracey Hylton

I wanna look at that SHEquality Matters properly when your finally finished with it. Some of them jobs are Part Time aren‘t they? That‘ll go good with my studying. Sick of working nights all the time. Still I get to read my text books though working night duty. I miss daylight though ….

By Tracey Hylton

Did you say it‘s got an Entitled To link as well to help you find out if you qualify for any tax credits or housing benefit and that too. Handy, I‘ll have to tell Suzy about that Cos her hours getting cut at her place. OOH, might be some jobs for her in there too ... I like the look of them part time jobs at the Cancer Research UK Charity Shop. I‘ve got loads of retail experience & I can do good too. Fancy the Deputy Manager job. I‘m deffo Management material me, LOL!


Our Jean says she might be applying for a job in a Charity Shop.

Apparently our Suzy is as well. They both trying to get daytime jobs. Suzy needs more hours anyway cos they cutting everyone‘s hours

Our Faiza looking for another job too & Bell‘s girl Vee and Iva‘s Nia. We should get them working for us …..

By Tracey Hylton

Yeah I thought about that. But do we really want our girls to know exactly what we are up to & all our little earners?

We could get the to do some our shifts in our POP UP Charity shop in the interim that we do every year for the Women‘s Refuge‘s.

No girls they don‘t need to know about everything. The recycling, the cakes, the arts and crafts the on-line etc. We can just tell them about the Charity stuff. They know about that anyway. We have always done a lot of charity stuff.

That is all or charity though. We don't‘ get paid. We do it for nothing. And make all the stuff, get the donations and everything.

Good idea Mary. I suppose we could also say we found them a few hours with someone we know & get them paid work on some of our arts & crafts stalls, LOL! (What they don‘t know). Free up some of our time ...

As long as they don‘t find out about the vintage clothes & that. They‘ll go mad if they found out we sold them their own clothes, LOL!

But we we will be giving them up to date experience & can give them a reference for them jobs they want. A ―WIN-WIN‖ as we used to say in the union, LOL!

We can at least get them to cover so we can all go the Florae Tea Dance & a few other things that‘s on, LOL!

They are all clever girls. Probably go into business themselves. Suzy & Faiza already on about them all doing some green biz things with their veggies ... 125


Various opportunities at Liverpool Direct


JOB TITLE FUNCTIONAL AREA LOCATION Benefits Assessment Officer(Please note: this link Revenues & Benefits Liverpool will open the page in a new browser window.) ICT Operate Trainee(Please note: this link will open Apprenticeships & TraineeLiverpool the page in a new browser ships window.) Trainee Customer Service Advisor (Careline)(Please Apprenticeships & Traineenote: this link will open Liverpool ships the page in a new browser window.) Trainee Project Officer (Please note: this link will Apprenticeships & TraineeLiverpool open the page in a new ships browser window.)




Faculty Administrator – Liverpool Hope University Business School (Ref: 4ABUSIM5) Apply early 100 application limit


We are looking to recruit an experienced Administrator to support the Business School in its vision to promote the highest quality teaching and learning in Business and Management and support the accreditation ambitions of the School.


The postholder will provide first class administrative support and management of the school‘s administrative processes. Previous experience of working in a similarly responsible role within Liverpool Hope University or another similar organisation would be desirable. Role Specification Ref: 4ABUSIM5 Salary: £21,802 to £24,520 (Grade 5) Closing Date: Thursday 13 December 2012 at 5pm Department Job Description Person Specification Application Process

Various academic roles at Hope


Clerical and secretarial vacancies Job vacancy Reference Development Officer S-580863/WWW Corporate Communications Administrative Assistant (Finance) (Part- S-576015/WWW Time) School of Health Sciences Management Services Administrator S-581350/WWW Grade 4 (Part-Time, 0.4 FTE) Faculty of Health and Life Scienes, Institute of Psychology, Health and Society Secretary / Clerical Officer Maternity S-581344/WWW Cover (0.8 fte) Grade 5 Human Resources Department 3 Customer Service Assistants Grade 3 S-578051/WWW Residential, Sport and Commercial Services, Halls of Residence Administrator (Finance and Research) S-575691/WWW Grade 5 School of Histories, Languages and Cultures

Closing Date 11 December 2012 6 December 2012 13 December 2012

11 December 2012 11 December 2012 6 December 2012

Notice for applicants The Recruitment and Advertising team is currently receiving a large volume of application forms for all support posts. Therefore, please note if you are applying for a support post it is essential that you submit a complete application which includes the following:

 

Equal Opportunities Form Application form If these documents are not submitted or are incomplete, your application will not be considered.





Peace at last all jobs done! Essay done, check. Conned Jean into sorting out the shed and back bedroom to look for Upcycling stuff, LOL!

Got Ma and the knitting crew to sort all us girls out a temporary part time job in one of their (but we not spose to know) little enterprises . As well as volunteering in the Pop Up Charity Shop which helps with me job search and finishing my ASDAN Volunteering qualification to help my UCAS points & new references.

Got Jean & Her mates to pick up some stuff from Freecycle that me and the girls are gonna use in our new bix next year by paying for the taxi for her to pick up something she wanted from thee a few streets away. Got mother to make me some of her Bestest Cake, while I watched how she did it.

Me & the girls managed to get Ayo from Quiet Mind to give us all a relaxing Thai Massage while Jean was sorting though all that stuff. I feel great. And I ordered a lovely Nappy Cake on-line from Marguerita‘s Nappy Cakes & Gifts for my neighbour who just had a little girl.

Nearly finished filling out the application for the charity shop. Eating some of Ma‘s lovely cake. Totally relaxed & debating whether to fill in the application for the Great British Bake Off … now I have some of Ma‘s recipes, LOL! It‘s all good. X

By Tracey Hylton 129






Tracey Hylton:

Jacqui Gill:

Numerous jobs over the years. Started off doing admin/civil & public service. Have done Bar Work, Tele Sales, Call Centre. Mini mid life crisis/epiphany led me to become a mature student at 30. Last 12 years worked in Social Housing, Policy, University Researcher, Consultant, Community Development, back to the Civil Service and now back into the Third Sector as a Social Entrepreneur. Risky as there is a lot less funding and contracts in this age of austerity, but then there is not too many jobs either. So I made my own. Making something positive out of a negative.

I have been a shop assistant, a mobile hairdresser, a shrimp sheller, worked as a cleaner in a nursing home, a vendor at southport pleasureland, Admin accountant at the Charles WootTon, operator in call centres.

Middle aged mother, sister, daughter. Bit of a Hippie (so some say). Not a fashion icon. Not everyone gets my sense of humour (they are missing out probably!)

YOUTH EDITOR/SQTeenReview: Sarah ‗Lola‘ Hylton: A full time student in Film and TV production. Has worked in retail, and done various voluntary work including with the Equality & Human Rights Comission. @SQTeenReview


My voluntary work has been at Charles Wootton College arranging open days and children's fun days and in SLDAS providing 1-1 emotional support, advocacy &d admin duties, also I had involvement in TAR . In between all that, I have completed a number of educational courses such as Women's Tech, BTec OND in Computer programming and Business studies, a couple of pc maintenance courses, Medical Secretary course, Access at the Octagon, GoHigher at University of Liverpool. I am currently in 2nd year of a degree course in Sociology and Social policy at Liverpool University. EDITOR NOTE: Jacqui is also a Grandma, Mother, Sister, carer. Last year she won the Education award at the Merseyside Black Achiever Awards and this year has been awarded a University prize. The Evans Memorial Prize, presented by the University of Liverpool's Vice-Chancellor. The prize is one specifically awarded to mature students who work hard both academically and in contribution to the University.

I am currently writing articles for publication online and in print as well as doing social media for Nerve magazine. I am an activist, artist, campaigner,photographer, food grower and traveller. Mostly I am trying to make the world a better place by exposing the truth.


EDITOR NOTE: There is more information on Tracey‘s art work following he article on Unmarried Mothers Homes.



T E A M # 1




ADVERTS Margueritas Nappy Cakes & Gifts

2, 21, 59,133

Quiet Mind Esco Williams Funky Sunflower SHEquality Business NW


36,37 41, 42


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S # 1

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