Accelerate Australia & NZ #8 Summer 2018

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THE BIG COMEBACK Facing the highest energy costs in the world, leading Australian independent retailer Drakes Supermarkets is more committed than ever to its CO 2 transcritical future. ― By Devin Yoshimoto & Caroline Rham


1 July 2017, South Australia made global headlines. On that day, the state over took Denmark for the dubious honour of having the world's most expensive electricity, repor ted the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

In a retail sector where profit margins are already razor-thin, fluctuating energy costs can have a dramatic effect on a supermarket’s bottom line.

The ABC article detailed energy price hikes announced by Australia’s three largest energy retailers in the middle of last year.

The company, founded by Roger Drake in 1974, began as a single three-lane supermarket on Henley Beach Road in Torrensville, SA. Today, Drakes Supermarkets is the largest independent grocer y retailer in Australia, with an annual turnover of over $1 billion.

F e w u n d e r s t a n d t h i s b e t te r t h a n D r a k e s Supermarkets, which currently operates around 60 stores in the states of South Australia (SA) and Queensland (QLD).

Drakes' Foodland store, North Haven Accelerate Australia & NZ // Summer 2018