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vated battery, domestic battery, preliminary hearing Jan. 9.

tic battery, jury trial Jan. 22. Thomas J. O’Brien, 59, Machesney Park, theft, jury trial Jan. 22. Tremayne D. Porter, 40, Rochelle, possession of a lost credit or debit card, status hearing Jan. 28. Tony James Vencato, 29, Houghton,

Dec. 14 Eddie L. Barbee, 36, Paw Paw, retail theft, pretrial conference Dec. 17. Timothy E. McIntosh, 30, Alsip, aggravated battery, failed to appear, arrest warrant remains in force. Leann Komadina, 44, Rochelle, aggra-

Joel M. Moore, 31, Rock Falls, driving while license revoked, driving under the influence of alcohol, failed to appear, arrest warrant remains in force.

Jordan M. Bowden, 25, Rockford, aggravated domestic battery, 402 conference Feb. 15. Robert M. Disch, 47, Oregon, aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, status hearing Feb. 15.

Anthony M. Jaques, 20, DeKalb, aggravated battery to a peace officer, status hearing Jan. 11.

Casimir Williams, 20, Rockford, home invasion, aggravated battery, armed robbery, status hearing Dec. 31.

Swanson, 9802 W. White Eagle Rd., Maryland Township, $160,000.

Urban Development, 712 S. Seventh St., Oregon, $60,000.

Jaqueline K. Miller, warranty deed to Joshua P. Saldecki and Amy N. Saldecki, 307 W. Logan St., Forreston, $115,000.

Dec. 13 Carl W. Piper and Andrew Piper, quit claim deed to Andrew Piper and Robin Piper, 613 Mississippi Drive, Taylor Township.

W. Poliska, Bruce P. Poliska, and Ann L. Wilt, quit claim deed to Marvin A. Poliska and Evelyn M. Poliska, 5831 Blackwood Rd., Monroe Township.

PROPERTY TRANSFERS Property transfers are listed according to the date they were filed in the county recorder’s office.

The name of the grantor transferring the property is listed first, followed by the type of transaction, the name of the grantee, the address and city, village, or township of the property. Dec. 10 Gary A. Covell, quit claim deed to Enrique Sotelo and Andrea M. Sotelo, 311 E. South Park Drive, Rockvale Township. Jobert J. Hoagland, warranty deed to Michael A. Winch and Jennifer L. Winch, 325 Irene Ave., Rochelle, $104,000.

Dec. 11 Frank L. Masterman and Melba L. Masterman, warranty deed to Scott E. Haas and Lynda L. Haas, 813 Grandstand Court, Oregon, $176,000.

Dec. 12 Illinois Department of Transportation, quit claim deed to Alan Ranz and Judy Ranz, four parcels in Lincoln Township. Karen J. Price, warranty deed to John E. Deuth and Jean Deuth, 12703 W. Goose Hollow Rd., Lincoln Township, $135,000. John Deuth, warranty deed to Michael T. Deuth and Mallory Deuth, 12804 W. Goose Hollow Rd., Lincoln Township, $170,000.

Frederick B. Kenney, warranty deed to Roman Hasiuk and Nancy Hasiuk, 1280 W. Indian Heights Drive, Rockvale Township, $185,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon, formerly known as the Bank of New York, as trustee for Amresco Residential Securities Corporation Mortgage Loan Trust 1997-2, warranty deed to Steve Esterday and Colleen S. Esterday, 105 N. Roy Ave., Rochelle, $44,500.

Steven E. Swanson and Diane M. Swanson, warranty deed to Chad S.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, warranty deed to Secretary of Housing &

Thomas D. Murray, as trustee, quit claim deed to Kristopher D. Brantley and Shelly K. Brantley, 3967 W. Illinois St., Grand Detour Township.

James Snodgrass, warranty deed to David C. Eder and Amy S. Eder, 8213 N. Mill Rd., Byron Township, $190,000.

Ronald L. Bouland and Tamra A. Bouland, warranty deed to Steven G. Rains, 5592 Shady Pass, Flagg Township, $55,000.

Christopher A. Dufoe and Bethney A. Dufoe, warranty deed to Austin D. Luepkes, 8633 N. Winnebago Lane, Byron Township, $260,000.

Tonia R. Howe, Amber R. Browning, and Ashley N. Jones, warranty deed to Kevin R. Pemberton and Victoria L. Pemberton, 607 S. Third St., Rochelle, $30,000.

Terry L. Harms and Marilyn G. Harms, warranty deed to Chris Dufoe and Bethney Dufoe, 4412 E. Open View Drive, Byron Township, $285,000.

Signature Five Illinois REO LLC, warranty deed to Richard J. Harms and Janaan K. Harms, 1107 E. Ill. 64, Oregon-Nashua Township, $220,000. Dec. 14 Tricia C. Duffy, warranty deed to Christopher T. Menet, 138 S. Walnut St., Stillman Valley, $84,500. Lynn A. Poliska, Lisa M. Hardy, Brian

Kyle Gluck and Kayla Gluck, warranty deed to Marcus Reinhold, 324 Winter Rose Circle, Scott Township, $155,000. Timothy J. Graden, warranty deed to Christopher D. Bamborough, 3559 N. Alexander St., Lincoln Township, $78,000. Sonya D. Frederick, warranty deed to Joseph D. Beeter, 304 N. Seminary Ave., Mt. Morris, $54,000.


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• Friday, December 21, 2018

Ogle County Sheriff and Gary M. Sanders, sheriff’s deed to German American State Bank, Lot 14, Block 18, Forreston.

Alejandra Tenorio, quit claim deed to Rosa G. Gonzalez, 1651 Squires Landing, Flagg Township.

Marvin A. Poliska and Evelyn M. Poliska, warranty deed to Brent Bonne and Arlett Bonne, 5831 N. Blackwood Rd., Monroe Township, $120,000.

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aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, status hearing Feb. 21.

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