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Walking Trails

Hiking Tips Buffalo Rock is also home to two live American Bison, Cocoa and Pebbles. The pair can be seen in their grazing pen, located across from the park’s baseball diamond. TIP: An early (8 a.m.) arrival rewards guests with an opportunity to see the Buffalo get fed and, occasionally, morning fog on the Illinois River.

te Park rrkk From two riverfront observation decks, you’ll be treated to a unique southward facing view of the Illinois River, providing a beautiful vista you can’t see at any of the other parks in the region.

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Stay On The Trails

Venturing off trails at any of Illinois’ State Parks is strictly forbidden, and for good reason. There are countless sharp drop offs, ravines, and dangerous plants off the trails. Admire the beautiful sights from only the clearly marked trails.

Dress Right

Wear well fitted shoes, preferably hiking boots with good traction. Dress appropriately for the weather, always anticipate it being cooler inside the canyons at Starved Rock and the dells at Matthiessen.

Bring Provisions

Hiking can be exhausting, and many hikers underestimate how much water they’ll drink out on the trails. Plan ahead and bring extra water and trail snacks for you and your fellow hikers.

Bring A Phone

These parks are large, and you can go long distances without seeing another hiker while out on the trails. Be sure to bring a cell phone so you can call for help in case of an emergency.

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Don’t Litter

Do your part to keep the parks looking nice! There are ample waste receptacles scattered throughout the parks, be sure to keep any waste you generate on the trail inside your bag until you find one.

Bring A Leash

Pets are always welcomed at LaSalle County’s state parks, but they must be kept on a leash, for their own safety.



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The Official LaSalle County Visitor Guide_ 2020  

The Official LaSalle County Visitor Guide_ 2020  

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