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Valley sheltered workshop

Empowering people with disabilities

Valley Sheltered Workshop has provided dignity for persons living with disabling conditions in the Fox Valley area since 1966. VSW was founded due to the lack of sustainable work options for persons with disabling conditions. Today organizations like VSW remain a vital resource to the more than 11,000 individuals in Illinois that rely on sheltered workshops to provide the critical support they need to participate in work.

Since its founding, VSW has cultivated relationships with local organizations to create a safe place for our partners to participate. Since then, this vital work has happened through the generous support of our local community, who share in their mission. As the need grows, VSW continues to collaborate to meet our partners’ needs by extending our reach and services to meet them where they are and create a path toward independence, all while fostering hope.

Creating a place for permanent supportive work allows VSW to be a vital part of the community

to provide a safe place for adults with disabling conditions to participate in livelihood opportunities.

VSW, through its longtime relationships, such as life-sustaining grants from local organizations, charitable contributions from friends and neighbors, and support from its business partners that utilize services provided by sheltered workshops, VSW continues to support and build independence for adults with disabling conditions. VSW counts on the community’s continued support to bring about dignity and purpose to the persons they serve daily.

Valley Sheltered Workshop is located at 325 Main Street in Batavia and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM.

To find out more about what they do for our community and how you can help support this fantastic work, please visit their website at: www.valleyshelteredworkshop.org

Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 3

Dedicated to making a difference Geneva Community Chest

For 50 plus years, Geneva Community Chests 34 volunteer Board of Directors has raised funds that support worthy causes in and around Geneva, says President Kristie Dienst. This One-Stop Local Charity stands alongside and proudly supports vital social service. Organizations critical to the well-being of the people of Geneva and surrounding communities.

Through the diligence, Geneva Community Chest board of directors continues to work tirelessly in easing burdens and ensuring people get the help they need. “We have 34 volunteers on our board of directors,” details Dienst, “We have no overhead and 95% of what we raise goes directly back to help the 29+ charities in our community.

The mission of the Geneva Community Chest is to raise funds to financially support local 501(c)3 charitable organizations that help to promote the health and well-being of our Community.

Geneva Community Chests funding helps to provide:

CARE FOR KIDS: The GCC funds the donation of bicycle helmets and bike safety education for ALL Geneva first-graders, counseling programs to help children who lose a family member and supports organizations that help kids suffering from abuse or living in troubled home environments.

CARE FOR SENIORS AND HELP FOR THOSE IN NEED: The GCC funds organizations that provide services for such as Meals on Wheels,

special needs, elder care, food pantries, homeless shelters and organizations that provide emergency services.


The GCC helps literacy, housing and organizations, which work to improve conditions for local residents. GCC also works with high school students through our “Vikings for Our Community” service group and award scholarships to three deserving students each year.

If you can give a little bit of funding, it can go a long way in helping the Geneva Community Chest aid in the most efficient way possible for each charity. Dienst specifies the kind of contribution Geneva Community Chest looks to achieve, “We look forward to supporting those smaller charities in our community that need it the most and funding is a huge help.”

It is truly evident in their mission and attitude that they have strong dedication in helping others. To be a part of this crucial cause, visit their website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages to learn more about how you can take the next step and give back to the community with Geneva Community Chest.


Address: P.O. Box 441 Geneva, IL 60134

Email: info@genevacommunitychest.org

Phone/Fax: (630) 294-0062

4 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Sponsored by: State Street Jewelers

Giving Back is the greatest gift!

Our staff has supported and improved the communities where we live and work through a variety of programs. We have established a company culture that values strong citizenship and giving of time, talent and treasure.

2022 has allowed us to get back to a new "normal" as businesses and individuals. We continue to see generous acts of kindness unfold from so many peo ple within this great community.

The tireless efforts of the non-profits during this time has been absolutely essential to a growing number of those in need.

We are known for providing friendly service and investing in our shared community. We encourage our clients to do the same to create a better world for all.

230 W. State St. | Geneva, IL | 630.232.2085


Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 5

Salvation army Doing the most good

When you think of the Salvation Army, you may envision bellringers on street corners during the holiday season. But the Salvation Army does so much more to provide customized services in the communities it serves.

“While the Tri-City area is a well-to-do area, residents of St. Charles, Batavia and Geneva can face disaster at any time, such as losing a job due to a company downsizing, repairing a house after a tornado, or paying for costly medical treatment,” explains Lt. Scott Smith of the Salvation Army Tri-City Corps.

Roughly 34,000 people in Kane County over the age of 16 live in poverty with an unemployment rate of 11 percent. As communities continue to recover from the pandemic, unemployment is up, bills struggle to be paid, and Christmas presents are not a certainty. Even access to food is a struggle for many families in the area. Fortunately, the Salvation Army Tri-City Corps offers a food pantry three days a week. Four days a week it offers fresh foods donated by local grocery stores, rent and utility assistance, and help with holiday expenses.

PLEASE VISIT: www.satricity.org for more information about Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army Tri-City Corps understands parental need and provides affordable childcare, assistance that is especially vital in this recovery period. The average annual

cost of daycare is $4,714 — about 27 percent of income for parents making minimum wage. To help these families, the Salvation Army Tri-City Corps offers an after-school program for $115 per month with scholarships available up to 100 percent. The afterschool program provides youngsters with homework help, arts, crafts, snacks, and a gym for kids to burn off energy. During the summer, kids can find a haven at the Salvation Army Tri-City Corps’ Day or sleepaway camps.

Come December, the Salvation Army Tri-City Corps’ gym is transformed into a winter wonderland where parents can “shop” for books, puzzles, toys, and stocking stuffers that have been donated by the community. Parents can also receive gift cards for Jewel to buy all the fixings for a holiday meal.

“This community has such heart,” says Lt. Smith, “We have about five to six staff members, but it’s mostly our volunteers who run our programs.”

With the holiday season upon us, the Salvation Army Tri-City Corps needs volunteers to ring bells and collect donations until December 24 (ringers get Sundays off). The agency’s goal is to collect $200,000

to support families in the Tri-City area. To put that into perspective, Lt. Smith says $20 buys a new coat for a child and $135 sponsors a kid for one week at day camp.

“If you sign up to ring a bell in the Tri-Cities, the money raised will stay in this area,” Lt. Smith encourages, “You really have a chance to support your neighbors.”

6 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Sponsored by: McNally’s Heating And Cooling
Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 7 S e r v i c i n g S t C h a r l e s , C a m p t o n H i l l s , B ata v i a , A u r o r a , E l b u r n , G e n e v a , N A P E R V I l L E , E l g i n , W H E AT O N & C h i c a g o s u b u r b s E

horsepower therapeutic riding

Harnessing the healing power of the horse

There are few things in this world that compare to the connection human beings have with their animals. These unique relationships are often more rewarding than we can ever imagine. HorsePower Therapeutic Riding recognizes the benefits gained from the bond formed between a human being and a horse. This remarkable organization was founded 10 years ago in the close-knit community of Elburn starting with only 9 riders. In 2020, HorsePower relocated to Honey Bridge Ranch in St. Charles with 66 riders, and 17 horses in the program, around 100 volunteers, and eight instructors who conduct both therapeutic riding lessons and equine/small animal assisted learning sessions.

The driving force behind HorsePower Therapeutic Riding is a simple but remarkably altruistic motivation: “To provide creative, inspiring, and challenging therapeutic horseback riding lessons and equine assisted activities to children and adults.” With patience and unwavering positivity, HorsePower’s volunteers and instructors assist with riders from every niche of their community; from children with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges to adults coping with traumas and addiction. HorsePower is truly

welcoming to all, yet another reason they seek to expand their program – it is genuinely a labor of love.

HorsePower needs your help and attention for an undeniably necessary cause. You can help in a variety of ways by donating, volunteering, perusing their ‘wish list’ or taking part in planned giving. Your donations and volunteerism are key in the continuum of programs within Horsepower such as: group experiences, field trips, vocational training and lessons. Visit their website to learn more about how you can be a part of this wonderful organization and make a difference in the lives of those who really need it.


Website: horsepowertr.com

Location: Honey Bridge Ranch 6N917 Rt. 25

St. Charles, IL 60174

(Visits by appointment only.)

Mail: P.O. Box 361 Elburn, IL 60119

Phone: (815) 508-0804

Email: Info@HorsePowerTR.com

8 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Sponsored by: Vertex resource group

As an industry leader in our 30th year, we work with a wide range of businesses – from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations – across a variety of professional sectors.

Through our family of employment and consulting companies we provide career opportunities from entry level to senior positions in numerous fields. To meet the demands of a growing and changing business environment, Vertex Resource Group offers comprehensive services to fulfill your company’s human resource needs. As a trusted source for employment consulting, Vertex provides complete recruitment, screening, interviewing and referencing services.

Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 9
The Point Where Professionals Connect
| 2570
Ste 200
Vertex Resource Group
Foxfield Rd.,
| St. Charles, IL


and refreshments in the dining room. It was a homecoming for a lot of our members.”

Garfield Farm Museum is a meticulously maintained, 366-acre farmstead from the 19th century that has been lovingly cared for since the project was created. Executive Director and co-founder, Jerome Johnson, recounts the many conservation efforts and family activities taking place on the farm today, and why their next project is one of their most crucial undertakings to date.

“We are celebrating our 45th year and are in the midst of the 2027 50th Anniversary Bucket List Campaign to complete as [many] of the physical plans here at the museum [as we can] in the next 5 years,” says Johnson. “We’re restoring a former Illinois prairie farmstead and teamster inn as an 1840s working farm museum.”

The pandemic pushed a lot of programming to the backburner, but now Johnson is hopeful their full roster of activities will resume shortly. “We’ve been giving individual tours and such, but the main thing is that we have various events

that feature things relative to the overall project,” says Johnson. “For example, we give tours of the grounds explaining the history and the restoration process and we have events such as the rare breed show, which involves historic breeds of livestock that you’d see in the 1840s.”

The museum also offers an heirloom garden show featuring historic varieties of vegetables and flowers. “We invite people who raise such animals and plants to those respective shows,” says Johnson. “We also give tours of the prairies, as we have over 16 acres of prairies that we’ve never plowed, and 55 acres of natural area we are restoring. We also have events like the harvest days that feature various household farm skills appropriate for the 1840s.”

Garfield Farm Museum recently held their first Candlelight at the inn celebration in two years. “It is a general open house reflecting the hospitality and the welcome sight of a brightly lit inn on a cold winter’s night after traveling on the open road,” says Johnson. “The house was lit with candles, and we had music up in the ballroom

The museum is unique and one of the only farmsteads of its kind. “This is a very unusual situation where the site is very intact historically,” says Johnson. “We have original buildings, furnishings and the part of the prairie that was never plowed that survived from early settlement, with the documentation. You don’t usually come across that kind of historic integrity with most sites.”

If you’re interested in volunteerism with this singular organization, Garfield’s has plenty of need for anything from helping with their historic breeds of livestock to building and prairie restoration. “It’s fun for all ages because people don’t expect it – they’ve never encountered it before,” says Johnson. “It’s a new experience and a wonderful opportunity for education.”

CONTACT INFORMATION Box 403 LaFox, IL 60147 (630) 584-8485 | garfieldfarm.org

10 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Sponsored by: Tricity auto, inc.
Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 11 From Major Collision Damage to Minor Dent & Scratch Repair Paintless Repair Lifetime Warranty TriCity Auto, Inc. - EST 1972 110 N. Randall Rd., St. Charles tricityautoinc.com Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30-5:00pm • Saturday Call for an appointment 630-584-5115 Rt. 64 Randall Rd. * CITY AUTO TRI CELEBRATING 50 YEARS SERVING THE FOX VALLEY AREA

To learn more or donate, please visit ahconnects.org. Together, we can bring people and animals together for good.

12 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Anderson Humane saves the lives of over 4,000 pets and more than 3,000 injured and orphaned wild animals each year.  A one-of-a-kind animal welfare organization, Anderson Humane focuses on creating and supporting mutually beneficial relationships between people and animals. This lifesaving work is made possible by the generous support of donors and partners.
WANT TO HELP? • Donate • Adopt a pet • Foster an animal  • Become a volunteer • Choose us as your Amazon Smile beneficiary while shopping online Fostering connections between People and Animals Donate today! VisitAhconnects.org/donate. HELP THE CAUSE

At Premier Living Real Estate, we take great pride in our local communities and deeply believe in giving back to the communities we live, work and play in.

Premier Living agents donate a portion of each and every sale to one of these local, well-deserving charities. We strive to make a difference in our community every day!

Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 13 SM-CL2036632
home sold by Premier Living benefits our community through our "we GIVE, where we LIVE" program
Contact us today for your real estate needs. 630-377-1646 EVERY
we GIVE, where we LIVE
ahconnects.org livingwellcrc.org
Main St., St. Charles, IL 60174 and 825 Village
lazarushouse.net fish-food-pantry.org
612 W
Qtr Rd, West Dundee, IL 60118

lazarus house provides shelter during life’s storms

Anyone can face homelessness. A job loss, a cancer diagnosis, a relationship ending – all can bring the risk of losing one’s home. Personal and societal issues can also come into play. Numerous other issues can contribute to the loss of housing, such as physical and mental health issues, substance use disorders, domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, loss of social assistance and other income supports all can be contributing factors. Homelessness happens in all communities, across all cultures and within all age groups. It is just not always visible. Individuals and families may find temporary solutions like doubling-up with relatives, living in motels or cars, couch-surfing or they may end up on the streets. Each story is unique.

and often witness their amazing transformation from despair to hope. We wish to thank you, the community, for being an integral part of this change. Through the time, talent and donations of so many, we can attempt to meet the needs of each individual or family no matter what circumstances bring them to our door. YOU create change in our community!

Lazarus House offers emergency shelter, transitional living and homeless prevention programs to individuals from Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and western rural Kane County. Our mission is to offer guests connected to these communities, who are homeless or in need, hope for the future by providing hospitality, food, safe shelter, and education – tools for life.

Lazarus House 214 Walnut St. | St. Charles, IL 60174 (630) 587-2144 | www.LazarusHouse.net

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Lazarus House strives to provide services to men, women, and children who are in need of shelter, food, homeless prevention services and resources. It is a great privilege to be able to lend support to neighbors in one of the most frightening times of their lives

If you know someone who needs shelter, encourage them to call Lazarus House at 630-587-2144. If you are in a position to help, please consider a monetary donation or purchasing an item on our needs list. For more information or to find our needs list, visit our website https://lazarushouse.net

14 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 15 SM-CL2039117 10216 Werch Drive, Suite 118, Woodridge, IL 60517 www.solutions-networking.com Running a business, we’ve got you covered. Our Managed Services provides a full range of IT services for business. We keep you updated and protected. ALL of your data is truly secure, backed up, and recoverable. Call today for a free analysis of your data protection. 630-378-2222 We offer Managed Services. © 2018 EMERALD MARKETING, INC. Proud Business Sponsor of Lazarus House

ComicBooks For Kids!

Comic books and Pop Culture toys for Hospitalized Children

ComicBooks For Kids! is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity whose mission is to provide comic books and pop culture toys and books to kids and teens in hospitals and cancer centers across North America. Supporting all demographics, they gift coloring books, children’s books, Pez, pop culture items, plush, Funko toys, T-shirts and of course, comic books.

In 2017 they had a simple desire to provide comic books to children and teens to alleviate stress and anxiety. They achieved their goal by sending 1,000 items to 20 hospitals and by 2018 had significantly grown their donations to 10,000 items in 110 hospitals. CB4K can now proudly say they are the largest charity in North America in this space supporting over 200 hospitals. Last year alone, they shipped over 90,000 comic books and toys across the US and have already surpassed that number for 2022.

Beyond helping those in hospitals, CB4K is most concerned with reaching anyone where these items can make a difference. “When it comes to kids, we don’t draw a line. We just help.” When two orphanages reached out to CB4K, they were added to the program. When a Washington State program

supporting disabled children reached out, they were added as well. When the Children’s Hospital Association asked them to sponsor their annual event to lawmakers lobbying for medical care for children in need, they didn’t hesitate. The team works every day, full time and the shipping never stops.

A remarkable six-year-old named Gabe, born with a congenital heart defect, is one of the many children who have been helped by ComicBooks for Kids! and their mission to generate happiness with comics and pop culture fun. Children like Gabe, who are faced with a tough situation, get the chance to escape their reality for a while and just be a kid, holding an adventure in their hands and wonderment in their eyes. Now, hundreds of thousands of kids have been blessed with this opportunity. This past fall, CB4K received palettes of donations of comic books, Funko Pops and graphic novels and immediately started sending them across the country, ensuring no child would be without friendly and colorful reading materials.

ComicBooks For Kids! is a 501(3)C organization and takes zero compensation for their efforts. They work closely with retailers, distributors, publishers, and consumers of the comic book industry to procure

inventory and income. This makes it possible for them to provide their numerous donations to the hospitals and medical centers in need of them. Additionally, comic books that are received and thought to be above a child’s reading level or where the content is too mature are provided to the military through their sister non-profit organization ComicBooks For Troops (CB4T.ORG). With this approach, all donated materials are utilized. Just this year alone, ComicBooks For Troops has delivered over 100,000 comic books to all branches of the armed services becoming the largest charity in this space within the US.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simply to contribute requested items or monetary donations. Even a $25.00 contribution means CB4K can ship books to a hospital. A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available for consideration; please visit their website for more information to learn more. Be a part of something invaluable and help provide a wondrous escape to kids and teens who need a little bit of light in their lives. In the words of ComicBooks For Kids!, “Maybe we can’t change the world, but your support is helping change that child’s world.”

16 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023

A Letter and the Kindness of Strangers! Project Mobility

Project Mobility was founded twenty years ago by Hal Honeyman, who was inspired to create an organization focused on adaptive cycling as his son, Jacob, was born with Cerebral Palsy. After Hal found a way for his son to join the family in their beloved pastime of bicycling, he continued to procure unique bicycles for other children with disabilities.

This past year Project Mobility has served over 120 Wounded Veterans in the Midwest through their new Veteran’s Cycling Initiative. They donated 12 adaptive bicycles through their Adaptive Bike Giveaways. Provided over 41 Adaptive Bike Days for over 2,200 children with disabilities and brought over 1,600 people together to witness their mission at their two signature events.

This past summer, Cooper Roberts was paralyzed in the tragic Highland Park shooting. Project Mobility was determined to help Cooper after some strangers messaged them through Facebook. These strangers read an incredibly moving letter written by his mother, prompting them to reach out to Hal to help get Cooper an adaptive bike.

“His mobility was taken away in a tragic incident,” says Simmons. “Cooper’s mom said in her letter that when he saw his bike in the garage, he realized he was not going to be able to ride it again.”

Hal worked to contact the Roberts family and meet Cooper, fitting him for a handcycle. “This is what we do, we surprise people all the time,” says Simmons. “His mom was 100% beyond ecstatic that Cooper would be getting a bike he could ride.”

“One of our Annual Fundraisers being held for the 11th year is Everybody Rides that is being held this summer. It is an all-inclusive bike ride where you can ride any distance up to 62 miles and then there is an adaptive bike giveaway and an after-party in the park.

Another fundraiser for Project Mobility is their Hops for Hope 5k Beer Run and BrewFest in St. Charles, endorsed by Mayor Vitek and celebrated throughout

the community. “Our 5K beer run is one of our main events,” says Simmons. “This 5K was named as an official signature event by former Mayor Ray Rogina, and is now considered the official BrewFest of St. Charles. Hops for Hope was awarded Top 100 Races in the Untied States by Bibrave.”

In the end, it is about the simple pleasure and autonomy of being able to ride a bike. “My brother Hal has always said, riding a bike is a rite of passage for a child,” says Simmons. This wonderful organization also runs in tandem with The Bike Rack, the siblings’

family business. “Before we lost my dad last year, he and my mom were working there every day, and my mom still is at 85,” says Simmons. “Because of what happened with Hal’s son, we started adaptive cycling and because of Jacob and what it did for him, we started Project Mobility. That’s the key to why we do what we do.”

Check out their website or Facebook page for 2023 event dates.

18 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Sponsored by: the bike rack Fitting Cooper to special order his hand-cycle. St. Charles Mayor Vitek kicks of our annual 5k Matthew, winner of the Facebook Contest

Hesed House:

Where needs are met with kindness

If you travel down River Street in Aurora, IL, you will pass by two very important buildings which make up the Hesed House campus. Hesed House is a national model for ending homelessness, and the area’s largest comprehensive resource center dedicated to helping people facing homelessness.

As the winter months approach, Hesed House continues to serve men, women, and children facing homelessness in a variety of ways. They are thrilled to have volunteers serving on-site again, something which took a temporary pause at the height of the pandemic.

“We have over 90 area churches, organizations, and even families who help us serve three meals a day to our guests. Between our on-site men’s shelter, women’s shelter, and family shelter, we serve hundreds of thousands of meals each year. Without the incredible generosity of our community, we truly could not do what we do. All of our donations help us meet the unique needs of each person, from newborn babies to veterans in their 70s,” shares Lauren Jernigan, Division Director of Development.

Hesed House has on-site shelter programs, on-site supportive housing, off-site supportive housing, street outreach, homelessness prevention services, and a number of other programs that help hundreds of people each day.

To learn more about the work they do, please visit hesedhouse. org or reach out to Lauren Jernigan directly at (630) 914-6428 or ljernigan@hesedhouse.org today! FOR

20 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Sponsored by: Mendel Plumbing and heating
MORE INFORMATION www.hesedhouse.org (630) 897-2156 | donate@hesedhouse.org
Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 21 SM-CL2036626 Thank You to all those who serve our Community . . . 630-377-3608 | CallMendel.com Being of SERVICE to
brings happiness!
others is what




CASA programs are the only volunteer organizations that are directly connected to the court. Our volunteers are sworn-in and appointed by a judge to advocate for a child who otherwise may not be heard. They research and learn what the child’s needs are to help prevent a child from falling through the cracks of the child welfare system.


casa kane county

Are you ready to change the life of a child?

CASA Kane County is a non-profit, volunteer organization that trains everyday citizens to serve as a GAL (Guardian ad Litem) advocate for a child who has been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect.

“Cases have skyrocketed,” AnnMarie Fauske, Deputy Director at CASA Kane County shares. The number of children served in 2019 was 332, 431 children in 2020 and 572 children in 2021. CASA Kane County will serve well over 600 children at the end of 2022. The average length of each case is one to three years. Child

victims come from every economic and cultural background in the community. “The effects of child abuse to a child and a community are long-lasting and community support is the key component to the success of our children,” Fauske notes.

CASA volunteers are ordinary people, trained by CASA Kane County, to be a voice for abused and neglected children with the goal of making sure each child is placed in a safe, permanent home. The CASA volunteer is often the only consistent, stable adult presence during a tumultuous time in a child’s life. A CASA volunteer is often the first step in breaking the cycle of abuse and making a lifelong difference in the life of a child. In the words of a former foster youth:

“My CASA gave me two things that can’t be measured. First, she gave me hope. She made me realize that I wasn’t just another “kid in the system,” that things would get better, and that I could have a good life and that I deserved a good life. Second, and most important, she believed in me. She believed I was a great person and I just had to get over some rough spots. She believed in me so much that I finally started to believe in myself. And that was when

my life started to turn around. I know with certainty if not for my CASA Debbie, I would not be here today. I would be in jail …or worse.”

-E.G.T., former youth in foster care

Get involved with CASA Kane County and support the mission by attending or sponsoring a CASA Kane County event throughout the year. First, being the Annual Children’s Champion Gala in March, Hands Around the Courthouse event in April, followed by the Annual Golf Outing, Clays Shooting Tournament, Bourbon Tasting Event, Superheroes Luncheon, and many other fundraising events to participate and learn more. We also look for individuals or businesses to host a third-party fundraiser that benefits CASA and helps spreading awareness and fundraises or collects donations.

CASA Kane County is dedicated to recruiting additional volunteers so that they can continue to serve 100% of children who come into the Juvenile court due to abuse and/or neglect. If you are interested in finding out more information on becoming a volunteer, please visit our website casakanecounty.org , email us at info@casakanecounty.org or call 630-232-4484 . If volunteering is not right for you, consider donating or helping CASA spread the word on social media.

22 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
S. THIRD ST. | GENEVA, IL 60134 | 630-232-4484 | CASAKANECOUNTY.ORG
The volunteer provides a judge with information about the child to help the court make decisions for the child’s future and their home placement. The volunteer learns by researching, interviewing and listening to the child. The CASA volunteer makes recommendations and follows through until the case is closed.
FINE CUSTOM CABINETRY AWARD-WINNING DESIGNERS AND ARTISAN TRADESMEN FOR ALL YOUR REMODELING PROJECTS 321 Stevens Street, Geneva • 630.232.9500 • www.genevacabinetgallery.com HOURS: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or by appointment Inspiration awaits....visit our Geneva showroom for your next project!

Tri City Health Partnership Cares for All

Medical and dental care can cause hardship in the lives of many community members, regardless of circumstance. Individuals can be forced to make tough decisions regarding their health care or dentistry, choosing to forgo necessary and routine care to avoid the burden of its cost.

With Tri City Health Partnership, individuals in need can be assured of quality health and dental care, giving them the opportunity to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Tri City was created with the purpose of providing free health care to residents of Lazarus House and, additionally, to ensure treatment for others who couldn’t afford alternative options.

“The founder, Dr. Patrick Gannon, was working at a clinic in Elgin that had the same model a little more than 20 years ago,” says Kim Lamansky, executive director. “When they shut their doors, Dr. Gannon realized that this model was still (necessary) within the community.” Twenty years later, Tri City is still providing lab work, exams, and medications, free of charge. Furthermore, after little more than a decade, Tri City added dentistry to its services, increasing its comprehensiveness of care.

Tri City doesn’t just serve low-income residents;

many working-class people walk through the doors of the Partnership, receiving the kind of care that higher insurance premiums have prevented them from using in the past. “There are a lot of people within the community that don’t have access to care and there are many people that can’t get Medicaid because they make too much money,” explains Lamansky, adding, “Free, on-site visits are up over 60% in the last 5 years,” says Lamansky. “We will hit over 5,000 this year.”

Lamansky often sees patients working in the service industry, among other vitally important roles within the community. “A lot of people don’t realize they do qualify,” she says. “For example, we bump up the federal poverty level cutoff to 250% for people living in this area. It is that middle-of-the-road gap of income where so many people benefit from these services. Our patients are those we see in our daily lives: waiters, hairdressers, lawn care, even clergy. Everyone needs help now and again.”

Volunteerism takes center stage at Tri City Partnership, serving as the lifeblood to this important organization. “We have a small staff of about eight people here,” says Lamansky. “We have about 160-170 volunteers and while the bulk of the

medical and dental volunteers come to the clinic and treat for free, we have another select group that will take patients at their office on a referral basis. Care is up for those in need, but revenue is not. We need help to continue our mission.”

Lamansky emphasizes the significance of Tri City’s doctors, nurses, and dentists. “There’s no way we could complete our services without these volunteers, they are incredibly giving of their time and energy,” she says. “They are able to treat based on what the patient needs and they’re able to get back to why they got into their practice in the first place. They leave here feeling as if they have truly impacted lives.”

Tri City Health Partnership continues to be a successful pillar of charitable works and health and dental services within central Kane County. The organization celebrated 20 years in business this past summer, recently added a second building to their organization and anticipating a steady increase in patients for years to come. Visit the organization’s website to learn more about how you can contribute or contact Tri City Health Partnership to see how you can benefit from their comprehensive and quality care.

24 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Sponsored by: sterling bank Pictured: A patient and his grandson. The patient came to us with no insurance and was very ill, with no idea why he was losing his sight. He was concerned he couldn’t work or provide for his family. He told us he honestly thought of giving up. He came to TCHP and was diagnosed with life-threatening diabetes. We were able to care for him and get his disease under control. He said that not only did TCHP save his life, but he received the gift of watching his beautiful grandson grow.
Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 25 Your Future Is with Us! St. Charles 10 Illinois Street | (630) 549-7065 | www.sterbank.bank Community oriented. Community minded. Community answers. community bank.

Northern Illinois food bank

Neighbors. Empowered.

“Neighbor.” Such a simple yet powerful word. When you hear neighbor maybe you think of a friend next door or a family up the block. For years Northern Illinois Food Bank has referred to those courageous enough to ask for help and engage with our pantries and programs as neighbors. This year we realized we are all neighbors, whether we are the ones giving or receiving help, and it became even more clear to us that, when we unite together we are empowered to build a stronger, healthier community.

The Food Bank is empowering our neighbors experiencing food insecurity by designing with them for better choice, better access and less stigma. For years it’s been important to provide food choices to our neighbors, allowing them the dignity to shop for their own groceries. Empowerment emerges when we provide choices in how neighbors access food.  Through our spectrum of programs, neighbors are given choices to resources they need to thrive. Neighbors can shop at a pantry, drive and pick up at pantries or mobile markets, order online for at-home deliveries, call, text or even chat online with one of our team members to get registered for SNAP benefits.

We are enhancing our food supply by providing nutritious food, consistently and equitably. This past year we provided 78M meals—a sharp increase of 13% above pre-pandemic levels. Our food mix has also changed drastically in the past two years compared to pre-pandemic. We purchased 26% of our food, compared to about 10% pre-COVID to make up for the decline in government and donated food and to be sure we are offering the nutritional food our neighbors need and want.

Like most organizations we have faced many challenges this past year. From inflation and rising food prices to supply chain obstacles and great economic uncertainty. But through it all, our team at the Northern Illinois Food Bank has focused on evolving, adapting and growing to better serve our community.

A proud member of Feeding America, we provide food—250,000 meals per day—and resources to empower neighbors in 13 counties throughout the Chicago suburbs and Northern Illinois. Each day we bring together manufacturers, grocers, farmers, corporations, foundations and individuals who donate food and funding. Each week nearly 1,000 volunteers help us evaluate, repack and distribute food. We also partner with 900 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and youth and senior feeding programs, providing the food and resources they need to serve their communities.



Donate. Every $1 donated helps provide $8 worth of groceries. That means a $100 donation can feed a family for a month. Visit SolveHungerToday.org/Donate Volunteer. We have hundreds of volunteer opportunities each week to evaluate, repack and distribute food. Visit SolveHungerToday.org/Volunteer Spread the Word. If a neighbor, friend, co-worker or family member is struggling to make ends meet, encourage them to visit their local food pantry or visit a mobile market.

If You Need Free Groceries. Visit SolveHungerToday.org/GetHelp or call us toll-free at 844-600-7627.


273 Dearborn Court, Geneva, IL 60134 | 640-443-6910 | SolveHungerToday.org

26 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
Sponsored by: Northern Illinois food bank


we thrive tomorrow

What you do today impacts our tomorrow. By supporting Northern Illinois Food Bank, you help build a stronger community. From nourishing our children and seniors year-round with easier access to fresh, nutritious food to connecting neighbors with resources at our network of 900 food pantries and programs — when you give today, we thrive tomorrow.


Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 27

The last few years have been stressful and once again proved to society that mental health is as important as physical health. At TCFS we are here to help! Our mission is to provide quality mental health services that are accessible and affordable. We support, encourage, validate, and respect all.

Counseling is at the core of our work. For more than fifty years, TriCity Family Services (TCFS) has served the needs of the community offering counseling and educational services to children, teens and families across all life stages.

As a 501(C)3 agency, TCFS offers family-based treatment for eating disorders (FBT), emotional wellness workshops and support groups, an employee assistance program and a wilderness challenge program - a yearly week-long camping trip designed for teens.

TCFS continues to see more and more people reaching out to us for assistance – our caseload has increased and our waitlist continues to grow. In 2021, our agency provided more than 41,000 hours of service in the community – a 14% increase from last year. Our FBT program has increased by 50%. Our therapists provide amazing care to clients to help them lead productive, satisfying lives.

We collaborate with other community non-profit organizations such as the Kane County Health Department to help clients receive access to the services they need. And we count on our “Helpers With Heart” volunteers who help coordinate events to raise money and awareness. With the support of the community, every holiday season TCFS provides Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday baskets to hundreds of families in need. Our annual gala, held this year at the Q Center on March 18, 2023, helps us raise awareness for our agency. Please consider joining us that evening to help us raise funds for mental health.

Around the holidays, mental health is particularly important, TCFS is here to assist. If you or someone you know may be seeking help, a simple phone call to us will begin the first steps in a journey toward mental strength. TCFS will welcome and help guide you or a family member in the right direction. TCFS also provides an anonymous Online Mental Health Screening.

Our clients thank us every day for helping them change their lives for the better. Please visit our website to learn more about the various programs and services we offer or to donate so that we can continue to serve those in need. Thank you for all your support.

TriCity family services





Anonymous Online Mental Health Screening: www.tricityfamilyservices.org/anonymous-online-mental-health-screening

28 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
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OFFICE: 1120 Randall Court, Geneva, IL 60134 HOURS: Monday – Thursday 9 am-9 pm and Fridays 9 am-5
OFFICE: 2570 Foxfield Road, Suite 101, St. Charles, IL 60174 Hours by Appointment
Winter 2022/2023 | GIVING BACK | 29 EVERY CHILD DESERVES Fox Valley United Way is committed to ensuring that all young children, birth to age five, have equitable access to early childhood resources and education. Investing in the health, education and financial stability of all individuals in our community provides children with a strong foundation to achieve success in school and life. 630 896 4636 info@foxvalleyunitedway.org foxvalleyunitedway org @FoxValleyUnitedWay 44 East Galena Blvd. Aurora, IL 60505 LIVE UNITED Donate at foxvalleyunitedway.org BECAUSE TO SUCCEED Aurora Big Rock Bristol Campton Hills Elburn Geneva Hinckley Kaneville La Fox Little Rock Maple Park Millbrook Montgomery Mooseheart North Aurora Oswego Plano Plattville St. Charles Sandwich Sugar Grove Wasco Yorkville Communities We Serve SPONSORED BY:

More charities to support in our community

Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry and Clothes Closet

100 Flinn St., Batavia, IL 60510

Food Pantry: (630) 879-3784

Clothes Closet: (630) 406-0036 bataviafoodpantry.org

Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry and Clothes Closet is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization created by local churches with the simple goal of serving the needs of Batavia and Batavia Township. They serve a myriad of individuals in need of clothing, food, non-food, and household related items as well as personal items. The Food Pantry has been open for more than 30 years and BIFP is also a member of the Northern Illinois Food Bank Cooperative. At BIFP, there are several ways to shop the pantry: online, by appointment, and a limited number of walk-in availabilities. Please refer to their website for further instructions on how to drop off donations, view the Clothes Closet wish list, hours of operation and closure dates.

Casey’s Safe Haven 8N005 IL Rte. 47 Maple Park, IL 60151

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 103, Elburn, IL 60119 (815) 762-1983 www.caseyssafehaven.org

Casey’s Safe Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is focused on being a holistic rescue for equines. This sanctuary provides healing for any mules, horses, donkeys, or ponies sent to their way. Casey’s Safe Haven accepts any retiring horses from police forces, racetracks, lesson programs or pony-ride and animal control facilities. The best way to support Casey’s Safe Haven is to donate directly to the cause, shop for items on their amazon wish list, donate “In Memory Of…” or send Visa/Restaurant gift cards. All donation links can be found on their website. Otherwise, it is equally important to volunteer your time if you are able.

Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation

411 Stevens St., Geneva, IL 60134 (630) 909-9411 changingchildrensworlds.org

Changing Children’s World Foundation takes on the noble task of reducing “exposure to violence and aggression for every child and caregiver, allowing positive development and well-being.” For the success of this endeavor and to give the best chance of a positive outcome, CCWF provides adolescents, adults, caregivers, professional leaders and communities with vital information and support. CCWF strives to build a strong foundation of knowledge and the encouragement to move forward. Volunteer or donate to CCWF directly and don’t forget to check out their wish list located on the foundation’s website. This year, CCWF announced that their program “Best Start for Families-A Health Equity Approach” was evaluated as an Effective Practice by a board from the Center for Disease Control.

Exchange Club of the Tri-Cities www.tcexchange.org

Exchange Club of the Tri-Cities is a group of men and women who have worked for more than 30 years in a tireless effort to improve their communities, prevent child abuse, exalt patriotism, and recognize student achievement. On average, Exchange Club of the Tri-Cities donates $20,000 per year to a multitude of local charities including: TriCity Family Services, Fox Valley Pregnancy Center, CASA and Lazarus House- all focused toward families and community outreach. Help the Exchange Club of the Tri-Cities by becoming a member and assist in event planning and fundraising, an essential part of this club. Exchange Club of the Tri-Cities meets at the St. Charles Veteran’s Center, 311 N. 2nd St.

Fox Valley Food for Health

Box 532, Geneva, Il 60134 (630) 377-0789 fvffh.org

The goal of Fox Valley Food for Health is to prepare nutritious and fulfilling meals for individuals who are in the midst of a health crisis or on their path to recovery. Adult volunteers are trained to help guide teen volunteers in creating delicious and organic meals they then bundle and deliver to clients’ homes via their Delivery Angels and Client Liaisons. The philosophy of Fox Valley Food for Health is rooted in preparing healthy, nutritious meals for those who need to focus on health recovery while simultaneously raising awareness, gaining support, and highlighting community compassion. Volunteer or donate to Fox Valley Food for Health by making individual contributions, purchasing a cookbook, or becoming a Healthy Hero.

Kane Senior Council

P.O. Box 769, Geneva, IL 60134 (630) 338-0999 www.kaneseniorcouncil.org

Kane County Senior Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity self-described as a “Meals on Wheels” for seniors in need. They also provide other services to seniors to keep them active and social. Such services include wellbeing checks, health and wellness education, and pet and food assistance. Additionally, they offer an “intergenerational activities” program where kids may socialize with seniors by putting on plays, concerts or even assembling gift bags and greeting cards. You can get involved Kane County Senior Council and be a meal delivery volunteer or donate directly to the organization.

Sponsored by: northern illinois food bank
30 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023



1S450 WYATT DR., GENEVA, IL 60134 (630) 593-5500


1435 SUMMIT ST., ELGIN, IL 60120 (224) 523-7530



Marklund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides residential, therapeutic, and educational services for persons with developmental disabilities and specialized healthcare needs, from infancy through adulthood. Its mission — or promise — is to “make everyday life possible for individuals with profound disabilities.” Marklund is home to 178 residents in three different locations: Marklund Hyde Center in Geneva, Marklund Wasmond Center in Elgin, and Marklund Philip Center in Bloomindale. The Marklund Hyde Center is a licensed Intermediate Care Facility for adults 18 and up, while the Wasmond and Philip centers are licensed Medically Complex/Skilled nursing installations for both children and adults with developmental disabilities. Marklund Day School also operates in these three locations, providing a day program that works in tandem with local school districts to assist children on the autism spectrum and those with specialized needs. Not to mention, thousands of volunteers and over 500 staff members serve as the backbone for all Marklund facilities. You can help support this wonderful organization in several ways such as donating, participating in the monthly giving program, or volunteering--to name a few. This year, Marklund opened the Marklund’s new Nathan Education Center in Elgin, a brand-new location for adults and children with developmental disabilities and autism. Check out Marklund’s website to learn more.

Mutual Ground

418 Oak Ave., Aurora, IL, 60506

Domestic Violence Hotline: (630) 897-0080

Sexual Violence Hotline: (630) 897-8383

Main Office: (630) 897-0084 mutualground.org

Mutual Ground is an organization dedicated to supporting victims of sexual and domestic violence. They provide services to families and individuals by bestowing education and awareness to abolish cycles of violence in their communities. Volunteer with Mutual Ground as a hotline worker or victim advocate upon completion of a 60-hour certification. Take part in their GEM program, participate in a meal train, check out their Winter Wonderland Client Shoppe, peruse their wish list, or donate to their cellphone and jewelry campaign. Get involved and visit their website to learn more about how you can help.

Not All Wounds Bleed

408 Bennett Dr. North Aurora, IL 60542 (708) 738-1557 www.notallwoundsbleed.com/home.html

Not All Wounds Bleed is non-profit agency that was founded in 2015 whose mission is to generate a central database of information and resources for individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as raise awareness for the affliction. They work tirelessly to “break the stigma” surrounding PTSD and they dedicate themselves to PTSD victim advocacy. Each year, Not All Wounds Bleed holds different events to raise awareness and involve their communities. Not All Wounds Bleed encourages donations of any size, just refer to their website for all details as well as the link to their merchandise store in order help support a worthy cause.

Starfish Animal Rescue

204 Dearborn Court Unit 101, Geneva, IL 60134 www.starfishanimalrescue.com

From 2006 to present, Starfish has helped facilitate the rescue of around 4,000 dogs and focused their efforts on two high kill shelters in Kentucky that average about 200 dogs and puppies a month. Partnering with Safe Hands Animal Rescue in Minneapolis, Starfish receives donations of vaccines for puppies that enter the shelter, a key component to animal transport. Despite the abuse and neglect Starfish often finds these animals suffering from, this organization devotes itself to finding the best rehabilitation and homes possible, cutting down euthanasia rates to near zero percent.

Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity 1300 S Broadway Rd. Suite 101 Montgomery, IL 60538 (630) 859-3333 www.chicagolandhabitat.org

Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity thrives as the cornerstone of hope and community for those who seek to create a solid foundation in their lives. Their vision is to see “A world where everyone has a decent place to live” and their mission fosters “God’s love into action.” Through a herculean effort of the community and dedicated volunteers, Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity “builds and rehabilitates simple, decent homes” for those who need it the most and can work towards home ownership. Check out their website for volunteer opportunities and items in need of donation.

Cal’s Angels

2422 W Main St. Unit 3B, St. Charles, IL 60175 (847) 960-5317 www.calsangels.org

Cal’s Angels is a Chicagoland based 501(c)(3) pediatric cancer foundation established in 2007 in memory of Cal Sutter, a 13-year-old who lost his battle with leukemia. Cal’s kindness and generosity inspired the start of Cal’s Angels. For 15 years

they have been able to bring hope and support to thousands of kids fighting cancer and their families. Everything Cal’s Angels does is centered around their mission of granting wishes, raising awareness and funding research to help kids fight cancer. Visit their website to learn more about their many charitable programs like Fantasy Flight and 12 Days of Christmas. Donate, volunteer or attend events aimed at raising more funds toward a vital cause.

LivingWell Cancer Resource Center

442 Williamsburg Avenue, Geneva, IL 60134 (630) 933-7860 livingwellcrc.org

A part of Northwestern Medicine, LivingWell Cancer Resource Center is a 501(3)C non-profit organization located in Geneva that truly demonstrates an understanding of where help is critical for those who need it most. It goes without saying that cancer insidiously afflicts not just the person diagnosed, but those closest to them as well. LivingWell Cancer Resource Center is there for every individual involved with the devastating diagnosis including patients to caregivers and family members. Their mission statement is simple and all-encompassing: “LivingWell exists to provide compassionate care that empowers, encourages, supports and offers hope to patients with cancer and their families”. In a happy update, programs are officially back in-person at the center. Visit their website to learn more about how you can help support their cause and donate today.

The Funding Project  2930 Campton Hills Dr., St. Charles, IL 60175 (331) 442-0179 www.thefundingproject.org  tammy@thefundingproject.org

The Funding Project’s is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide the education, resources, and inspiration for parents, therapists, social workers, and more, by teaching them how to raise the funds needed for the products, services, and therapies that their child with a disability, autism, or cancer needs that insurance won’t pay for.

The Funding Project achieves its goal through three main components: getting the Funding Guides into hospitals to be distributed to families and healthcare professionals; educating families through in-person or virtual workshops to teach families how to raise needed funds; and educating healthcare professionals through in-person or virtual workshops and training to teach them how to use the Funding Guides.

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32 | GIVING BACK | Winter 2022/2023
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