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green & the toilet paper Chun-Jung Chang FdA Design for Graphic Communication

content life styles of 20 - 30 style concious green topics green messages small company concept scenario format: toilet paper concept challenge format: toilet wallpaper concept channenge

brief style concious 20 - 30year olds become greener small company

life styles of 20-30 style concious

Food Gourmet, diet food...

Stuff Fashion, electronics, accessories...


Activities Parties, movies, music, clubbing...

green topics Recycling, Global warming, Animal issue, Save energy, Pollusion...

green messages "Think green", "Save energy", "Global warming", "Stop...", Warning phrases...

small company Defination: A small business is a business that is privately owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales. Typical examples include: convenience stores, bars, clubs, fried chicken stores, phamacy, coffee shops, restaurants, hairdressers, tradesmen, lawyers, accountants, online business, etc.

concept scenario According to my survey on 20 - 30 style conscious people, 53.7% of them go clubbing sometimes, while 24.4% go almost every weekend. So I'm going to do something on night club, where most of them will go, to remind them of being green.

Small company: Night Club

20 - 30 Style conscious

Become greener: Avoiding the waste of toilet paper

format: toilet paper

concept challenge Inspiration: Run out of toilet paper

Formats: "Avoiding Wasting toilet paper roll"

Toilet paper Kraft paper

concept challenge Inspiration: Hand tissue paper

Formats: Hand tissue paper poster

Fake hand tissue, just normal paper

format: toilet wallpaper

concept challenge Inspiration: Messages on the wall + Toilet wall paper

Formats: "Green-conscious room". 3 different themes: Forest, Rubbish Mountain and Green Messages

final outcome Design for: Toilets in clubs Formats: Toilet wallpaper + Toilet paper + Hand tissue paper


Become Greener