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April 2011

There’s never enough drama at St. James

The cast of “Hello Dolly” performs the closing number in the spring musical. Staff photos by Charlie Sabella

Charlie Sabella Staff Reporter class of 2012

Looking to broaden your acting skills? What about increase your speaking and stage performance ability? If so, Broadway Bound may be the perfect experience for you. Broadway Bound is designed for those who aspire to participate in official St. James High School productions. Although it is not required to be included in a play, Broadway Bound helps those interested by dedicating a class to help actors as they continually improve there singing, dancing, and speaking skills.

“Broadway Bound is a class designed for those who wish to participate in our school plays. Unlike regular drama classes, Broadway Bound isn’t for everyone. We look for aspiring actors and actresses that can sing, dance, and are serious about performing,” said St. James performing arts director Mrs. Angela Howard. All our welcome to try out, but unfortunately only a set amount can make the cut.” Broadway Bound is a separate program aside from regular drama classes; it focuses specifically on school productions and improving actors’ all-around performances. Broadway Bound

has been offered at St. James for five years. “The greatest joy of teaching is watching young individuals learn and grow as they continually improve their skills,” said Mrs. Howard. “It is a magnificent feeling.” “The school performances have had a very positive impact on many of the actors and actresses who have participated,” said senior Nick Liger, who played a lead role in this spring’s musical “Hello Dolly.” “‘Hello Dolly’ and even just acting in general has helped me to just let go and express myself whether I’m on stage or off,” he said.

Whether you believe that your into acting or not, take a minute to consider performing on stage or even just taking a drama class to see if you like it. And the next time a school




NEWS Spanish teacher Mrs. Melissa Schamel and the Shark Attack staff win awards at the Technology Fair.

OPINION What are you doing for Spring Break? Check out some cool ideas and important reminders.

ENTERTAINMENT Find out which spring movie releases are worth your time and hard-earned money.

production is around the corner or you are invited to an improv group performance, just get out there and see it because maybe one day you’ll be the one who people are coming to see.

11 SPORTS The Sharks spring sports teams, including the No. 1-ranked baseball squad, are off to fast starts.

shark news


April 2011

St. James High School brims with glee Josh Royce

beneficial part of our school. It would also give any student who staff reporter didn’t have the chance to sign up class of 2012 for a chorus class a chance to try With a full-fledged cast of out singing. Apparently the idea of a Glee choir singers and all the different programs that the chorus is Club has been tossed around a involved in at St. James, it’s very lot here. Mrs. Bass, the leader of hard to believe that there’s not al- the choral department, has conready a Glee Club. Well recently, sidered starting one, but it seems there has been much talk about the one thing that is stopping the club from startthe school starting one, and there “A glee club would be ing is the debate are many reasons very beneficial for kids over whether or not people would be instudents should be who want to express terested in joining. excited. But who wouldn’t Glee Club would themselves.” be up for the idea of be a place for any students who are interested in having a group that will help stuexpressing themselves, be it by dents in our school? Several students here have alsinging or dancing. As many students are already involved in ready showed interest in a Glee the chorus and drama depart- Club and have given really posiments, it’s fairly easy to see why tive feedback on the idea, like sethe Glee Club would be a very nior Alexandra Finch-Agee.

Is this a sign of things to come for the Glee club? Staff photo by Josh Royce

“A Glee Club would be very beneficial for kids who want to express themselves, and in a school that’s a very important aspect that we can’t afford to have too little of.” A junior student, Stephanie

Villamizar, had this to say about joining the club: “I love singing, and I love dancing. So why wouldn’t I join? It would be an amazing experience for me, and it would only help me improve myself.”

Officer Bush ensures Sharks’ safety Laiken Howard Managing Editor class of 2012

Every winter, officer John Bush (right) and others participate in the Polar Plunge fundraising event for Special Olympics. Photo courtesy of John Bush

Most students know him as “Mr. Incredible.” But his real name is John Bush, and he is the resource officer at St. James. Although he is a prominent figure on campus, few students know the man behind the biceps. His hobbies include working out, fishing, and most importantly, spending time with his family. Before he came to St. James, Bush played college football for the University of Rhode Island and then continued to play professionally for four years. Bush is involved in our school in many ways. He organizes Po-

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lar Plunge, which is an annual event that raises money for the Special Olympics. He also coaches football, softball, and he helps students with personal workout plans. When asked about Officer Bush, coach Adam Jones said, “He brings experience in coaching and in team building. He knows athletes and has us in peak physical shape and we are the most physically invested team in South Carolina. His value to our team is immeasurable.” Sophomore Kaitie Cook said, “It’s good to have him around because he’s a good fly ball hitter, and he is really cool to have around the field.” Officer Bush is trully an arresting and captivating figure on our campus.

It seems that everyone is in agreement that Glee Club is just what this school needs, so keep an eye out for anything involving the club, because the way things are going, we very well may soon have a school that’s full of glee.

Who is Officer Bush? How many tattoos do you have? Too many. What do you do on the weekend? Relax, and go to the gym. Who is your favorite music artist? Jason Aldean What do you do in your free time? What’s free time? What are your interests? Physical fitness and anything competitive. What is your favorite quote? “If you’re early your on time. If you’re on time you’re late.” What is one random fact about you? I taught high school education to juveniles in a detention center.

We are excited to see you at our new location opening soon! 749 Jason Blvd. (Off 17 Bypass, just North of 501)

shark news Sharks shine at Tech Fair

Schamel also entered in the teacher category, and she won 2nd place for the learning tools staff reporter she created. She did a twoclass of 2012 fold project of an instructional The second annual Horry smart board presentation that County Schools Technology functions like an iPhone and an Fair took place on March 1, and e-classroom. a group of St. James teachers “Students can access instrucand students took part in this tional videos, keep track of exciting event. classroom assignments, post e“The technology fair is an discussions, and participate in opportunity for students and class polls,” said Mrs. Schamel. educators to show In addition, how they are us- “The technology fair is an her page is linked ing technology in opportunity for students to other websites classrooms,” said and educators to show how where students can English teacher they are using technology play instructional in classrooms.” Sarah Kangarloo. games and comMs. Kangarloo plete assignments. took part in the fair as a teacher “When a student touches an entry. She teamed up with Eng- app, it takes them to Spanish lish teacher Rob Flynn from exercises like telling time, labelDelbarton, New Jersey. They ing body parts and Latin Amercommunicated over with each ican countries, text messaging other’s class via Edmodo and activities, animals, and foods.” Skype to talk about the book The smart board presentation they both read called “Speak.” also incorporates power point Spanish teacher Melissa presentations.

Annakai McFarlane

St. James

Participants in the 2011 Horry County Schools Technology Fair St. James was well represented at this year’s Horry County Schools Technology Fair. Clockwise from top are Spanish teacher Melissa Schamel, Spanish teacher Yohency Hernandez, English teacher Sarah Kangarloo, freshmen Madison Heavener, Sydney Wilder, and Quan Russell, freshmen Emani Collins, Lexi Lytle, and Hope Markley, and juniors Jake Wentz, Laiken Howard, and John DelBianco with English teacher Jerry Moore. Photos courtesy of Barbara Schlidt

Mr. Moore’s students entered three projects. His newspaper class presented their website, Juniors Jake Wentz, Laiken Howard, and John DelBianco attended the event, and the entire staff won 2nd place for the website. Mr. Moore’s English I classes presented their multimedia creations. Freshmen Quan Russell, Sydney Wilder, and Madison Heavener demonstrated their character perspective blogs. Freshmen Hope Markley, Lexi Lytle, and Emani Collins showed off their multimedia metaphor poetry. The technology fair this year showcased almost 400 students and 60 teachers with over 150 entries in seven categories. The seven categories were: Animated Graphic Design, NonAnimated Graphic Design, Multimedia Applications, Project Programming, Robotics, Creative/Other, and Teacher Category.



shark opinion

April 2011

Thank goodness for St. James High School Shelly Quintana Staff Reporter class of 2013

Our school is so stupid. I’d rather go to any other school than this one. I hate my teachers; they don’t know what they’re doing. My teachers hate me, which is why I’m failing. The people here are so dumb. Drama, drama, drama. Our pep rallies are so pointless, and our teams suck. The girls here are so stuck up. I just hate this place. I wish I could move; my life would be so much better. Walk the halls of St. James High School for one day, and this is probably what you are going to hear. I don’t think students stop to realize what actually goes on. Our school is actually a blessing to our county. There are people out there who go to schools with no computers, no textbooks, or textbooks from about 50 years ago with no up-to-date information in them. Actually, some schools don’t even decent classrooms, and stu-

Many schools are crammed with far too many children in confined spaces. Photo courtesy of http://i.dailymail.

dents are all crammed into one tiny space with a lot of people. Yeah, talk about OUR school being dumb and stupid. A lot of students here take for granted of what this school has to offer us. No, it isn’t perfect, but things could be way worse for us. Here we have classrooms that fit the right amount of people. For

the most part, we have teachers who want to teach us. Most of our textbooks are either brand new or less than two years old. How can someone complain about that? How can you complain about some biology teachers being able to have laptops to do projects on in our class? Not all schools have the privi-

lege of having such new stuff. For instance, one of our English teachers has a class set of iPod Touches for students to use in class. Other schools don’t have anything other than pencils and paper and a ratty, 50-year-old textbooks. “I feel lucky to be here to have a computer and textbook to do

my work. They come in handy,” said sophomore Shelley Rogers. Before you go and call our school “stupid,” you should realize how much we have here to learn in an environment that’s not crammed nor is it bad. Complainers really sound spoiled, especially compared to others who have nothing. Here at St. James High School, we get choices for lunch. We can also pick our lunch; some schools have sandwiches and milk. I don’t think our school is bad. In fact, as for the teachers and pep rallies, other schools don’t even have teams for students to play on or cheer for. “I’m happy our school has sports because I really enjoy swimming on the team,” said sophomore Danny Quinn. So how can our school, which at least tries to support and provide opportunities for students, be so dumb and stupid? It’s not; we should really embrace what we have because things could be much worse for us.

Spring fashion: dos and don’ts for warm weather Gabrellia Young staff reporter class of 2014

Spring is here, and along with the change in weather comes a change in students’ wardrobes. Some people think when it comes to girls it’s very inappropriate to wear short shorts and a tank top in school because it’s too revealing. I’m sure guys would still want to wear tennis shoes and a regular t-shirt, which is fine, but though girls and guys want to wear spring clothes at school, some types aren’t allowed. Substitute teacher Joseph Michael said for girls, “No short shorts because it’s a school rule.” Students in school need to wear appropriate clothes because they need to know it’s not cute when it’s not appropriate. Guys usually want girls to

wear “the most attractive thing that they could get away with,” in sophomore Palmer Sally’s opinion. Some students, especially girls, are upset by the new dress code in place this year. I’m a freshman this year and I know I was looking forward to the last year’s dress code, but this year they decided to change it. As we know, the rules are the dollar bill for length and twofinger width for shoulder straps on the shirt. And of course, boys can’t wear sagging pants. The administration is cracking down, and some students aren’t thrilled about it. I know a lot of my friends were looking forward to the high school dress code because it was a big jump from middle school. But it seems that most parents, teachers, and a good number of students are in favor of the dress code, so I doubt it will

change. As for outside of school, it’s somwhat different. You have more freedom outside of school, so you have more of a variety to choose from. Still, there are some things to avoid. “For guys, definitely not blue jean shorts, and for girls, no Uggs with shorts,” said senior Aubrey Fallon. And just because you’re outside of school doesn’t mean you have to have a huge difference in fashion. Being “cute” or “cool” isn’t really what fashion is all about. It’s also about being appropriate. “For girls, I would want them to wear something attractive,” said said Tyler Kauffman. Every year there’s something new about what or how people wear their clothes, but it’s important to remember that whatever the style, it should be appropriate at the same time.

Freshman Hannah Cooper looks very fashionable in her spring attire. Staff photo by Brittany Sloan

shark opinion

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Will locals cash in this Spring Break? Stepanie Panos Staff Reporter class of 2014

Everyone is looking forward to Spring Break. I know I’m excited about the beach, boys, and attempting to get a tan. I know besides summer, this is one of the biggest highlights of the year. There are parties, new people and endless fun no matter where you go. Many people travel for Spring Break, and some popular destinations are Florida, California, Mexico, cruise ships, and, of course, Myrtle Beach. A lot of business depend on Spring Break tourists and are wondering if this economy will affect their yearly travelers. My parents own two restaurants, Woodhaven Pancake House and Plantation Pancake House, and we look forward to the “sunny season” to keep us going through the whole year. I am personally looking forward to Spring Break because it is the official kick-off for money to start flowing again for the next couple months. With the

struggling economy, I wonder if spring break will bring as much money and tourism as it has in past years. When sophomore Carter Brakefield was asked if he thinks tourism will be just as good as last year, he said, “Of course because girls will come.” When asked the same question, sophomore Bradford Howell said, “I think it deffinitely will

because there will be vacationers.” Myrtle Beach is famous for its tourist attractions, beachwear stores on every street corner, and its up and downs with weather. What weather doeswill also affect Spring Break income for many local businesses. I know a couple days during Spring Break last year were a tad chilly. Lately our weather

has been hot a couple days and freezing the next. I hope the weather will be a steady sunny heat that will attract just as many tourist as it did last year, if not more. The majority of the businesses in Myrtle Beach rely on the Spring Break visitors. We are all hoping business will increase, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

How to make Spring Break a blast in 2011 Brittany Sloan Managing Editor class of 2012

Spring Break is a great fun time to get away from school, work, and stress. It is a time to chill, relax, hang out, and have fun with friends and family. But Spring Break can also be a nerve-racking time for parents worrying about their children’s safety. After all, it is sometimes a week full of teenagers acting recklessly. Here are some suggestions to keep you safe and put adults’ minds at ease. Don’t drink if you are underage. Don’t be stupid. Drinking underage isn’t cool. Know what will happen if you violate local, state, or international laws wherever you go. Do not ride with anyone who you don’t know or who might

have been drinking. Use a designated driver or choose public transportation. Never leave a member of your group alone. If their level of consciousness is too low or if they become dangerously sick, call 911 immediately. If you are at a hotel there are general, common sense rules:

Lock your door. Look through the peephole before answering the door. Don’t leave valuables in your hotel or motel room. Use the buddy system when leaving the room for any reason. Do not ride in elevators with strangers alone. Do not climb on balconies

or sit on balcony rails. You can fall and die or seriously injure yourself. If you don’t plan on partying, then plan a fun time with your friends and avoid driving because there are bound to be reckless drivers on the roads. Plan on everywhere you go being crowded, so make sure to take the right safety precautions. Students at St. James have a few other suggestions about how to stay safe. Senior Lauren Schneider gives a basic way to stay safe: “DON’T drive drunk!” Junior Mason Elliott says, “People should go on vacation so they don’t do stupid things!” “Just follow the rules,” junior Zach Stoltzfus says. Coach Anderson says people should “just spend all their time at the beach and hangout.”


shark entertainment

April 2011

Internet and TV just made a baby Jake Wentz Editor in Chief class of 2010

The latest step in home entertainment technology has arrived. As the biggest blockbuster since 3-D, the idea of Internet-television seems to have finally been realized. The idea, which probably came up in the minds of channel surfers and bloggers alike, is finally here. An interactive Web-TV is a wide-ranging topic, but at the same time it’s simple. You want all the programming options of the home movie and show packages with the ability to surf the Internet while you watch. News about this technology started to spread widely back in February of 2010. The first organizations to jump in the action were Google, Logitech, Sony, and Intel. Together they came up with blueprints by May 2010. The release of the first “Google TV” in stores was on Nov. 10. Google TV has been in headlines ever since, but it didn’t quite take off at first as predicted by financial analysts. Today many people still don’t know that Internet-TVs are here, but corporations of all sizes in the U.S. and abroad have joined together to make their own dent on the industry. Prices in the field range by screen size, name brand, and processing capability like a

computer. They are still in stages of higher prices because demand hasn’t spiked yet. Prices range from $400-700 dollars for an average size set. With the original purchase, you get many of the major networks as well local stations for the TV section. You also have full access to the Internet from the start, and additional application technology is available to buy as you go. Televisions with Internet built in are sold in most major stores, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Sears to name a few. Many of the competitors have websites for further comparison of the heavyweight options. Originally the product came with mixed reviews and had the bugs commonly associated in any new invention. Although they were selling and revenue was up, there was controversy about whether or not a winning business model was in place to keep the idea going. Despite that criticism, in early 2011 the trend was looking bright when Google TV became just one of a many major market forces. At St. James, some teachers view these new tools as ways to help the school system. Obviously there are question of budgets and funding, but classrooms with Internet-capable televisions could benefit students. Frequent substitute teacher

These are some of the newsest models of Internet-capable TV sets. Many have the option to be enabled with more apps later, even if they are not equipped right out of the box. Staff photo by Jake Wentz

Many televisions on display at Wal-Mart in Garden City are enabeled with Web applications and Internet capabilities. This Wal-Mart location in particular will receive more shipments of Google TVs in upcoming weeks. Staff photo by Jake Wentz

at St. James Mrs. McGuire was asked if she thought Web-TVs could be incorporated in the high school setting. “I do, it would be really helpful to teachers in the classroom,” she stated. The students, who are the future consumers of such technologies, also have their opinions when it comes to the products at hand. Juniors Anthony Welborn and Blake Bailes gave their input. “I believe it replaces most need for home computers due to the fact that it can browse the internet and that is mostly what people do on the computer,” said Bailes. He added that he is a supporter and would be interested in buying his own. “I think it’s a good idea because if you get bored of TV, you can just switch to the Internet,” said Welborn. After hearing student testimonies, many are leaning towards believing that these products have a bright upcoming future that may very well play a part in schools. Research does state that this technology is still only in its infancy, but with Google TV spearheading the market, many other companies have their

own Internet-connected televisions now. Apple TV is already a trademarked corner-stone of the market. Microsoft was the first of the groups to add in the ability to give applications or apps to the Web-TV. Android Apps and Verizon are set to team up with Sony at Google TV, and others also plan apply the Android applications to the new tech. Until stocks really take off, this will stay off the radar of anyone who doesn’t research the newest inventions of the integrated technology world, and better business models are needed to get the products in more news. The focus, however, is the future, and the accomplishments of the present are that there are TV/computer hybrids on the market. In fact, the home computer could become less of a necessity because of a TV. Imagine, you’re on the couch

watching the Game Network when the program goes to commercial. While you watch as capitalism does its job of advertising products, you remember that you need to e-mail your boss about something concerning revenue reports. In days past, you might have had to start up your computer or recharge your smartphone, but you don’t even have to move. You grab your remote, turn on the touch screen of that clicker, and go to your fast-track e-mail app. You open your G-mail in seconds running off your Internet engine, Google Chrome. While typing on your personal keypad, you can also surf the web for what shows come on HBO for when you want to switch back to TV. After the e-mail, you can relax, order something off of Netflix, and reminisce about the Dark Ages when TV and Internet were in two different places.

We want to hear from you! Send us your responses to articles, story ideas, and questions, comments, or concerns. E-mail the editor at or Mr. Moore at Letters to the editor my be published in later issues.

shark entertainment Stuck between a rock and a hard place 7

Gage Davis Staff Reporter class of 2013

What is the worst moment in your life? Maybe you broke an arm or maybe a leg. You might have gotten into a fight with a friend, and now you aren’t friends anymore. Sometimes rumors go around and people think that you did something wrong or mean. Well, nothing compares to the story of this guy who had a job that became his worst nightmare in the new movie “127 Hours.” In May 2003, Aron Alston went on a hike and found out that sometimes jobs aren’t what they seem to be. On this specific day Aron, was just going and doing his job, but while he was on this hike he also recorded ev-

erything he did. But when Aron decided to descend down a cliff, the boulder that he was hanging onto fell suddenly. When Aron tried to stop himself from falling by sticking his arms and legs on the side of the cliff, his arm got caught by the boulder and got stuck. Once his arm was stuck, he thought he could get out of the situation if he just pulled hard or poured water on his arm to help it slide out. Unfortunately for Aron, it didn’t happen. So hescreamed at the top of his lungs, and he didn’t stop until nightfall. Aron was stuck, and with no one coming to help him he was stuck for a long time, 127 hours to be exact. With nothing to eat or drink, Aron had to resort to desperate measures. He took the clothing off of his arm with the

Invasion hits Hollywood

John DelBianco managing editor class of 2012

Earlier this month, a movie full of alien invasions and an epic battle for Earth came into theaters. “Battle: Los Angeles” was released on March 11. This action science fiction film was directed by Jonathan Liebesman and stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and Ne-Yo. The movie is rated PG-13, and the movie made an estimated $36 million dollars in the first weekend. After years of documented UFO sightings in countries such as Brazil, France, Germany, and China, Earth is finally attacked by unknown forces. All major cities around the world start to fall, and all hopes of humanity rests on the city of Los Angeles. What was once just thought to be a meteor attack turned into an alien invasion that struck throughout the entire world. This invasion started with just robotic aliens that came in from the beaches after ships crashed in from space. These forces started killing ev-

erything in sight. Eventually computer operated aircraft took care of the U.S. Air Force as they tried to contain the situation before it spread. The major shooting of the movie is on Eckhart and his new platoon. They were assigned to go into enemy influenced territory and save civilians stuck in an abandoned police station. As the unknown forces take over survival mode kicks in. One by one, the platoon shrinks and Eckhart leads his team back to base. When they arrive to base no one is alive and they must retreat to a temporary base where the military is taking civilians and remaining soldiers in the Mojave Desert. The movie continues on where Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz (Eckhart) must make a life threatening decision to complete his mission and safe the world from destruction. “Battle: LA” is an actionpacked movie influenced by both military strategy and survival of the fittest. It will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

dull pocket knife that he had, and he put his clothing in his mouth to try to relieve the pain. Finally, using the same dull knife, he had he had to cut his own arm off. Then he had to climb back up the tall cliff and a long way back to base camp to find help. The movie chronicles Aron’s dangerous adventure from start to finish. “I haven’t seen it yet but this movie seems so cool I want to see it,” said sophomore Jeromy McAlister. When asked if he would ever cut his arm off to stay alive, freshman Logan Singleton said, “No, I would never cut my own arm off, I would just keep screaming for help.” “127 Hours” came out in theaters on Jan. 28, and the DVD and Blu-ray came out in stores on March 1.


shark entertainment

April 2011

‘Black Ops’ down

Jack Younan staff reporter class of 2012

It was one of the most highly anticipated first person shooters of all time. With over $1 billion in sales and 8 million copies sold it has become one of the best selling first person shooters ever. Four months after its launch date, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” has seen its skyrocketing success plummet. It isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. “Black Ops” has lost a lot steam in the past few months. The reason is simple: people have simply played it too much. “‘Black Ops’ was really fun at first. My friends and I would play for a few hours a night. But after a while it just got really repetitive. I ended up selling my copy for store credit at Game Stop,” said junior Bryce Causey. Another issue was how long it took for a map pack to be released. For three months, gamers played the same online maps until the map pack “First Strike” was released for the Xbox 360. “First Strike” has

‘Limitless’ film opens limitless possibilities Taylor Threatt staff reporter class of 2011

It was one of the most highly anticipated first person shooters of all time. With over $1 billion in sales and 8 million copies sold it has become one of the best selling first person shooters. Four months after the launch date Black Ops has seen its skyrocketing success plummet. It isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. Call of Duty: Black Ops has lost a lot steam in the past few months. The reason is simple; people have simply played it too much. “Black Ops was really fun at first. My friends and I would

play for a few hours a night. But after a while it just got really repetitive. I ended up selling my copy for store credit at Game Stop,” says Junior Bryce Causey. Another issue was how long it took for a map pack to be released. For three months people played the same online maps until the map pack First Strike was released on XBOX 360. First Strike has also received much criticism for the lack of diversity the new maps bring and only one zombie map being released. “The game really didn’t live up to the hype. At first everyone really loved playing it but after a while everything we thought was going to be awesome ended up just getting re-

ally boring” quotes Junior Gage Glover. The truth is everything gets old after awhile. It shows in the online numbers dropping and more gaming fans looking to new game titles. “Black Ops doesn’t fit the new age youth of gamers anymore; the attention spans of people are much shorter. Video game developers only have a small window to create something awesome before everyone feels it is outdated” says Junior Gregg Johnsen. So what’s in store for the future of the Call of Duty series? Don’t count on it falling out of the limelight; Modern Warfare 3 is slated to have a release sometime in this year.

also received much criticism for the lack of diversity the new maps bring and only one zombie map being included. “The game really didn’t live up to the hype. At first, everyone really loved playing it, but after a while, everything we thought was going to be awesome ended up just getting really boring,” said junior Gage Glover. The truth is everything gets old after a while. It shows in the online numbers dropping and more gaming fans looking to new game titles. “‘Black Ops’ doesn’t fit the new age youth of gamers anymore; the attention spans of people are much shorter. Video game developers only have a small window to create something awesome before everyone feels it is outdated,” said junior Gregg Johnsen. So what’s in store for the future of the famed “Call of Duty” series? Don’t count on it falling out of the limelight; in fact, “Modern Warfare 3” is slated to have a release sometime later this year.

shark opinion


Are you too cool? Justin Webb staff reporter class of 2013

Warning: This article is entirely based on my opinion; I’m not calling anybody out or anything. If you’re truly offended, I apologize. However, this was written with the intent to express a personal opinion, while also making jokes and being humorous. Honestly, I think school cliques are overrated and so blown out of proportion, teenagers are starting to put stereotypes on themselves due to some of the things that they do. I never realized how trendy and cool some people try to act until I stepped foot into high school. Truthfully, I think it’s pointless; trying to fit into a group of kids who probably

front their own personality, just to fit in. Sure, everybody goes through a phase where they try to make a lot of friends and to be cool. That’s not the case though; it isn’t just a phase. It is really a way of life that people choose or have been trying to fit in for so long that they don’t know how to be themselves. It’s really impossible to guess what caused people to be so spurious, but cliques really impact everyone. Cliques have really changed the image of teenagers forever, and at this point, I don’t think there’s a way to stop it. In school, you generally hang out with a certain, small group of kids who are interested in the same things that you are. You’ve got athletes, skaters, that

group of kids that rep Guy Harvey shirts every day, etc. And what about those kids who aren’t in a group of friends? Do you ever consider the handful of students who might be lonely and hurting as you as you roam around with group of clowns, even to the bathrooms? How cool does that look, a group of nine dudes just walking into the bathroom together? In the end, who people hang out with really can’t be changed. However, I don’t think that all these little cliques are pointless. Nobody can be cooler than anybody else, it’s impossible. Don’t act like you’re better than somebody else because they aren’t in your social category. Don’t front a personality to fit in to a group; that won’t make you any real friends.

Students congregate in small groups at the Shark. Staff photo by Justin Webb

Glasses vs. contacts: an eye-opening debate Wayne Huggins managing editor class of 2011

Many students at St. James are plagued by bad vision and have to choose between eyeglasses and contact lenses. I myself have switched back and forth throughout my life. A person has many different things to consider. With glasses, a person has the chance to find a stylish pair of frames to rock and be able to see while doing it. Today, glasses come in an unlimited variety of colors, designs, and sizes. You have the opportunity to get them customized to be perfect for you. Glasses are the better choice of corrective eyewear for people with most types of astigmatisms. They are easy to take on and off and a lot easier to find when they get lost. With technology today, glasses can even darken all by themselves to protect your eyes from bright lights. “I’m grateful for modern technology when it comes to glasses,” said librarian Barbara Schlidt. “If we didn’t have it,

glasses would be bulky and not nearly as helpful.” Some of the downsides of having glasses are that they interfere with your natural appearance. Some people don’t think of glasses an extra accessory they get to wear. Glasses can interfere with your peripheral vision and are not good for

playing sports or driving. Even the smallest, most subtle pair of glasses can fog up or create a blinding glare. Some people prefer contacts because they don’t obstruct your view at all. They do not require frames and fit right into your eye. With contacts, you have a huge variety of

brands that offer a large variety of styles. Some contacts can stay overnight in your eyes, but others cannot be slept in. There is also a wide range of materials that allow more or less oxygen and water through, depending on what your eyes prefer. The only real downsides to

contacts are that you have to touch your eyes to put them in and they are hard to find if you lose them. “I prefer my contacts because I can wear them almost everywhere,” said senior Ashley Webb, “unlike my glasses that I can’t wear to the beach or with sunglasses.”

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April 2011

Shark school notes

Attention spring sports fans: The stadium field house is under renovation throughout the spring season and therefore the gate entrance has been changed to the north end near the blue shed. We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to ask all parents and fans to park in the parking lot and refrain from driving and parking in the area near the gate entrance. The track is off limits to all vehicles as well.

After-school activities: Once the bell rings for dismissal at 3:15, students not staying with a teacher or a coach should leave campus. Spring Break information: St. James High School will Close at 3:15 p.m. on Friday, April 15 and will reopen Tuesday, April 26. Several athletic events will be going on. Check the St. James website athletic page for schedules and more information.

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shark updates


Sharks cruise in spring action

John DelBianco managing editor class of 2012

Members of the St. James varsity baseball team celebrate after sweeping their way to the IP Tournament championship. The Sharks are now ranked No. 1 in the state and No. 33 in the nation. Photo courtesy of Kevin Randall

Baseball: With five straight wins to open the season, the Sharks are now No. 1 in the state and, for the first time ever, ranked nationally, coming in at No. 33. The Sharks recently won the IP Classic Tournament in Gerogetown, including a victory over then-No. 1 Brookland-Cayce. C/P/3B Robert Troiano was named athlete of the week by WMBF news for the week of March 14-18. Girls Soccer: The Lady Sharks have started out undefeated for the season. A huge win came against the defending state champions Waccamaw Warriors Lady Soccer team. They Sharks

have set a soccer record for the best South Carolina ranking in school history. Freshman Jenny Breeden leads the regino with seven goals. Tennis: Earlier in the month the team took a chunk out of the NMB Chiefs by taking six of seven matches. Jeffery Dayton, Taylor Sellers, Ross Durant, and James Lynch all won their singles matches. Track and Field: The Boys Track team expaneded their undefeated record to 4-0. Billy Krier set a school record in the 3200m with a time of 10:35 and Corey Morrison set a school record in the 1600m with a time of 4:45. Although the girls team was defeated by Carolina Forest earlier in the week, Lauren Bradley and Heather Jewell finish first in their events.

St. James choral students recognized

Tri-M Music Honor Society

St. James Chorale

All-State Chorus Members

SCMEA Solo and Ensemble Participants


photo frenzy

April 2011

St. James students get hands-on experience

Cosmetology students at St. James learn to professionally style hair, paint nails, and do makeovers right here at the school. Staff photo by Nick Tate

St. James offers strong band and chorus programs. Junior Wesley Trentacosta practices a piece on the violin in the band room. Staff photo by Nick Tate

Art students sketch their concepts before starting a class project. Staff photo by Nick Tate

Improv group acts ‘Out of the Blue’

Junior Cody Dean and freshman Victoria Sloan perform a father-daughter sketch as part of the “Out of the Blue” Improv Group. Staff photo by Jonathan Mattias

Junior Blake Bailes and freshman Sarah Quinn play an improv game.

Freshmen Tyler Dinunzio, Kayleigh Harrington, and Josie Thompson warm up for their next game. Staff photo by Jonathan Mattias

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Shark Attack Print 4/11

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