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1 Durham Tech alumnus Jimmy Acevedo, a project leader for a Durham Tech group involved in the High Altitude Student Platform flight program, connects a pump for a test exercise. The NASAinvolved project will involve a dozen colleges and universities from across the country. 2 Dan Daugherty, a Durham Tech alumnus, explains how a Bluetooth-enabled testing rig streams data to a laptop used in a NASA initiative during an on-campus testing day.

Photo by Jenny Warburg


The Final Frontier A group of Durham Technical Community College students and alumni, plus a few students from other Triangle universities, are participating in the High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) flight program, a NASA initiative designed to foster excitement in aerospace careers and to boost student excitement in the industry. In September, students will travel to the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where they will hand off their project to NASA and help launch the payloads into the upper atmosphere. The Durham Tech team’s contribution to the platform is the Greenhouse, Ozone and Atmospheric Trace Gas – or G.O.A.T. – project, which will collect sulfur dioxide and atmospheric gas in the stratosphere.

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Durham Magazine September 2017  
Durham Magazine September 2017