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A child’s education is vital to any parent. That is a universal truth. How they receive that education, however, is a gray area. We fully recognize that not all families have the final say in deciding where their children go to school. But for those who have the privilege to weigh multiple options, we were curious about the journey that led them to their children’s past and current schools. Here’s what they had to share with us: Durham Public Schools because we believe that only by doing so can we

work with others to secure the schools we all deserve.”

Mandy Patton Holt has a third grader and kindergartener at Excelsior Classical Academy “We applied to one charter, Excelsior Classical Academy, and were fortunate to get a spot there when

Mary Elizabeth Hill Hanchey has

a 3rd grader at Creekside Elementary, a sixth grader at Githens Middle and a ninth grader at Jordan High “The idea that children can opt out of their base schools for something better is incompatible with the idea that our entire society relies on an educated electorate and workforce. When we take a child out in search of something better, we accept the idea that there are children who are ‘others’ – who do not have the same value as our children. We choose to invest our time and energy in 60




october/november 2019

my oldest started school in 2016. Our middle son also started kindergarten there this year. While we had absolutely no issues with our neighborhood school and were more than happy to send our children there, my husband and I were impressed by ECA’s curriculum and modified year-round schedule.”

Martinette Horner has a fourth grader at Spring Valley

Elementary and other daughters who graduated from Middle College High School at Durham Tech (2018) and Hillside High School (2019) “We

chose to send our kids to public schools because we support our public schools and our public schools support the values we are trying to instill in our children as citizens of the world. Our children have a diverse group of friends, they are empathetic; and the older girls gained a sense of identity and justice as a result of their experiences.”

Kat Heller has a third grader at Little River Elementary “I am

assigned to Holt Elementary, but chose Little River because it’s K-8

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Durham Magazine Oct/Nov 2019  

Durham Magazine Oct/Nov 2019