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’VE ONLY LIVED IN DURHAM for eight of its past 150 years, but almost immediately, I fell hard. I revel in hearing stories of people who’ve lived here for decades, or their entire lives. The folks who remember the strong, sweet smell of tobacco wafting through downtown or watching Durham Bulls games in the Historic Durham Athletic Park. I used to go down wormholes on Open Durham (back when it was Endangered Durham), spending hours digesting the vast history of our city. Back when Durham was just getting going, I’m sure it looked a lot like many small towns in the Carolinas: family farms, general stores, a couple of main crossroads. What really set it in motion were the people. A doctor who donated some of his land to a railroad, establishing “Durhamville,” which became known as Durham Station, and then Durham. An enterprising tobacco farmer and his equally industrious – and philanthropic – sons. A former slave and pastor who established a church at Fayetteville and Pettigrew, setting the foundation for the tight-knit AfricanAmerican community that sprang up around it and became Hayti. Today, Durham is a city like no other. And it’s because of the people who came before us. It’s because of the people who are featured in the pages of this issue. It’s because of you, fellow Durhamite. That’s why I’m #BullCityProud.

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Beauty, Artistry & Tradition FOR OVER 40 YEARS


by Kevin Brown 4



april 2019

A special thank you to everyone at Museum of Durham History, Durham 150, Discover Durham,

5634 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham, NC


North Carolina Collection at Durham County Library, Watts School of Nursing, Duke Regional Hospital and the many, many others who helped with source material for this issue.

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Durham Magazine April 2019  

Durham Magazine April 2019