Durham Magazine June/July 2022

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Bestselling products from our readers’ favorite local brands BRIGHT BLACK Durham candle, $30 for a 10-ounce vessel with 7.5 ounces of wax “We’ve been selling [this candle] from day one. … Customers have shared that the candle conjures up childhood memories and that they like the hint at tobacco without it being overpowering. Other customers have shared that it’s a hit among the men in their lives ... [and] that it’s a great gift, especially for folks who have moved away, are moving to Durham, and for friends or family who live far away to remind them of whomever is gifting the candle. Many customers say that the candle does a great job of capturing the spirit of Durham: downto-earth, a bit gritty, smooth, open and welcoming. We truly believe that we’ve been able to get where we are today with our business because of the Durham community. … Durham embraced us, supported us, encouraged us and showed us grace as we navigated (and still continue to navigate!) the rocky waters of being





novice entrepreneurs. Durham, built on the legacy of Black Wall Street, stands with us. We feel it and are incredibly grateful, and do not for one second take it for granted.” – Tiffany Griffin, co-founder and CEO DURHAM DISTILLERY Conniption American Dry Gin, $29.95, 44% alcohol by volume, 750 milliliters “A surprisingly large number of our customers tell us that they weren’t really into gin before trying this one. Many people can be turned off by the juniper-dominant London Dry gins and haven’t paid much attention to the

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