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CHAN LITTLE Owner and head trainer, The 360° Approach ertified personal trainer and group Chan says. “[My clients] walk away saying, ‘I can do this.’” For Chan, fitness instructor Chan Little is up that’s a powerful and emotional feeling. “I’ve sat with so many by 4 a.m. and ready to get ahead of clients who have cried, who have been successful and who have her day. “I am definitely a morning failed,” she says. “It’s just a wide range.” person,” she says. These days, she Sariah Hopkins, a personal trainer at The 360° Approach, met says, are full of one-on-one workouts Chan years ago at the YMCA and describes her as a mentor. “She and group exercise sessions where she inspired me,” Sariah says. “I wanted to become a personal trainer after strives to help the people in her taking her classes at the YMCA. … [It] was wonderful community feel their best, both watching Chan build The 360° Approach.” Sariah is one physically and mentally. of six trainers/coaches on staff, which also includes three Chan left for the Air group fitness instructors and a nutritionist. “The studio Force after graduating isn’t like most gyms,” Chan says. “We don’t have a regular from Hillside High membership – just a lot of options for people to connect “In 2021, [we School in 1997, in different ways. We have a little more than 100 people moved] from a 1,900-squareand she served for who visit us regularly for classes and training, [and] foot space to eight years. “Outside another 100-150 [who are] served yearly through wellness 4,700 square the U.S., I lived in or weight loss programs. [Around] 150-200 other feet. It’s Germany and Japan individuals drop in for different reasons, from visiting our goal to completely [and] served four months town to training programs.” build out the in Qatar during Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Chan Chan says she loves Durham, going to exhibits at the space and moved back to Durham after her time in the military Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University and listening to continue to grow, shift and and worked for eight years at the Durham YMCAs as live music at Durham Central Park. She lives downtown, adapt to meet a personal trainer and wellness coach, and eventually near Durham School of the Arts, where her niece goes to the wellness became the director of wellness. school. “My niece is like my child,” Chan says. She also needs of our Chan says she truly enjoyed working at the YMCA, but volunteers by giving wellness talks at churches including community as it continues “as I was [moved] more into leadership management with Monument of Faith Church and United for Christ Church, to grow and each promotion, I was moved away from working with and enjoys spending time with her cat, Zora, and her dog, change.” people,” she says. “I decided to open a wellness studio, so Thor. “[Thor] goes to work with me every day,” Chan says. I could do more coaching and training and have more of “He’s the greeter [at The 360° Approach].” a direct impact on lives. … I wanted [The 360° Approach] Sariah believes that much of Chan’s success lies in her to have my full focus. [A place] where I could give 100%. power to build community and how she pays such close attention to “I feel really passionate about wellness,” Chan says, adding that The each person who walks through her business’s doors. “Probably the 360° Approach is about offering “a holistic approach to wellness” for thing I love most about her … [is] every time I see her, she gives me people and making it accessible to everyone. “There’s not [just] one a big hug and she says, ‘Do you know how much I love you?’” Sariah part of you … that individuals should focus on,” she says. “[Being well] says. “And it’s just wonderful. I don’t know if she knows how much that is not just about fitness, and it’s not just about what you’re eating.” means to me … it’s huge. She just shares her heart, freely.” Chan says her clients tell her that they walk away feeling “I absolutely love what I do,” Chan says. “I absolutely love being a encouraged and inspired. “I create change in the lives of people,” positive part of people’s lives.” – by Elizabeth Kane 






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