Chapel Hill Magazine July/August 2022

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hen asked about the most salient trait of her late husband, Lauren Erickson Bennett didn’t hesitate for a moment. “Largest personality. Huge personality,” she says. “He was a show in and of himself.” After Beau Bennett’s untimely death from an intracranial brain hemorrhage at the age of 45 last October, Lauren affirmed that the most important way to honor and preserve his legacy was to simply “keep the passion going” when it came to his catering company, Beau Catering. Lauren, who also runs her own financial planning company, Erickson Advisors, has had to take on a much larger role with Beau Catering at a time when events are roaring back onto calendars. Through every busy day, Lauren continues to emphasize the importance of maintaining Beau’s level of infectious energy and treating clients the way he did. “He would bring the excitement level way up,” she says. “Continuing to engage with the customer that way is

Lauren Erickson Bennett at The Colonial Inn.

Favorite Catering Company

Comfort Food In the wake of Beau Bennett’s death, the Beau Catering team leaned on one another, determined to provide his same level of enthusiasm By B en Crosbi e


July/August 2022