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Fibers A Study of Memory Disintegration


We don’t know the result. We set up the platform and the user interaction determines the mapping and the final aesthetic.


interaction design defined


info constant stream 4 the raw information before visualization

(negative) memories

visual form & mapping



structure launch pad core base can be the name

how we translate data

how it’s displayed visually shown

how user interacts experience






emergence = the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.

in-class brainstorming data


visual form & mapping

films, reviews, ratings preferences, personal info

Good Films Facebook

graphs pages of facebook

computer screen computer screen

finding/rating films viewing& sharing

tempo sleep

MusicDrive Dream Catcher

string balloons

car window tree trunk

swimming conversation



5 Dream Catcher is an interactive platform that shows dream correllations worldwide. It allows you to converse about your dream, then categorizies it and displays your dream categories on a map. This world map allows users o connect with dreamers with similar themes.

initial interaction ideas An app that helps you determine what to get rid of How to become minimal as possible An app to help you optimize your time based on how fulfilled you feel doing certain activites Exchange daily epiphanies with other users.

platform examples



users manipulate sound by placing objects and different proximites


edit and view photos using gestures


user can hail and select taxi from phone

buttonless remote waterboard scad sensorium creative process

uses gestures to function allows user to manipulate the downward flow of water allows students to sample materials and interact with them an artist’s representation of their own creative development


category brainstorm 8 data

affection positive intentions mood belongings time daydreams trash waste excess epiphanies cravings preferences memories

visual form & mapping



draw sketch imprint pattern message veins color doodles electric current gestures

water stairs cloth fibers wood metal waves screen paper

hugging brainstorming displacing removing exchanging passing logging conversing drawing sketching imprinting

Slot machine combinations data

cravings gestures memories waste unsaid emotions

visual form & mapping



patterns permanent marker X pattern imprinting gesture pattern

pantry face fibers/cloth tree trunk stairs window

displacing sleeping weaving cutting walking

descriptions of combos

+ more

Show cravings with patterms The items you pick up or displace from your pantry–tracks them Draws connections and comes up with suggestions to buy The things we down and the memories tied up in them Painful memories that we need to let go of Separate the fibers of that belonging and weave them in with others until the painful memories are indistinguishable WASTE EXCESS Show how much time is spent maintaining and keeping up with objects Add all that time up List cool things that can be done in that ssame amount of time Track the path of an unnecessary buy From start to landfill Stairs–show walking paths with imprints Xs from a show How we sleep, different positions Show subconscious gestures Touching your face Heat sensing Ranges of motion


final idea breakdown





A Study of Memory Disintegration

short description

Fibers is a project that seeks to understand the disintegration of memories as a healthy process.

user benefit

Users are encouraged to volunteer their own personally meaningful item(s) of clothing to both understand the path of a memory overtime and to heal from letting go of these memories.

long description

Clothing items are a source of significant emotions and memories, both good and bad. Through this installation, users are invited to bring a clothing item that holds a negative memory for them. By reducing this article to strips of fabric and joinging others in weaving the scraps into a grid of cloth fibers, they are able to let go of this memory in stages and watch as it becomes increasingly indistiguishable among the collage of fragmented memories.

planning 10/31 concept We often look at memory loss as a bad thing Use fibers to symbolically represent the memory strands Negative emotion, when put in a different form, becomes both positive and beautiful Incorporate the concept of impermanance

event Set aside a specific date Have people write a parting though–what was left unsaid Make a quilt? Negative to postive Have one side have people’s thoughts and the other just the weaving Utilize each side separately People write their parting thoughts with pens Then we wash it so they all bleed away Either the bleed or just the weaving are Record information during the event

problems People wouldn’t have that item handy on campus Have scraps of cloth that people could use Symbolize those negative emotions





planning 10/31 event logistics Keep it smaller Maybe on a Saturday? People will actually have time to reflect and get something out of it Ask class to start it off Test out the logistics of weaving Have it started so people feel more comfortable interacting with it Image capturing/recording Set up my computer and have someone man it Ask for help? Make short after effects presentation to describe to people? Many methods of gathering data Interview people while still there?

space 14

Use scrap fabric–textile floor Lawn in front of Stauffer-flint Enough room People can have time to care Each person can weave it themselves

planning 11/5 Talk to some art galleries Lost Art Space/Wonderfair Room on textiles floor Set the environment Have food

structure Frame–long and thin Make sure strings are close enough for tight weave

event End moment–closure Washing it–drip bleach, effect of washing it away Burn it? How to explain it to people Make a facebook event Record it–Photo/video Stop motion–fragmented


building logistics Materials 4 boards 178 steel nails 1� 1 bottle wood glue 2 spools mop cottom 3 x 4 feet 1 inch thick boards mortis and tennon joint allows it to collapse for travel



message You are invited to this event because I want you to help me create something. Read on if you’re interested. || Concept || The objects we own contain a great depth of emotions. This is especially true of clothing items. Through our experiences, we love and lose, and a residue of emotions gets left behind. Holding onto these items isn’t always positive. Sometimes we need to let go of both the belongings and the emotions, allow them to disintegrate and fade away. Through this process of letting go, we lose the negative emotions and are left with something beautiful.


|| Action || Next Saturday, I’m going to have an experiment at the Art & Design building. And all of you are going to help me create something. || What to bring || I’m asking each of you to bring a clothing item that holds negative emotions that you’re willing to part with permanently. If this is too much to ask, either bring a clothing item to represent it (i.e. an old tshirt, a scrap of cloth, etc) or I can provide something for you. Ideally though, it would be awesome to have the authentic item. || The result || At the end of this, we will be left with no longer just the memories and the old tshirts, but one big, beautiful weaving. I’ll explain more in depth when I see you all. If you’re in, come Saturday sometime between 12 and 2 with your clothing item and an open mind, and I’ll feed you. You can stop by quickly or hang out for a while. I’m bringing cider and cookies and probably something healthy. Feel free to bring goods if you love baking. Also, feel free to come even just to watch, and if you can’t be present, you can still contribute an item. Talk to me if you have any questions/ideas. I’m excited to see what happens.


planning 11/7 presentation Stop motion Add video? - people interacting and sharing Show both the interaction and building the weaving Invitation - put short description first Business card to explain it shortly to people? Specifics of the event

event prep


Rent camera and use my own Set up one taking snap shots and have someone take video Have paper for people to write closure if they feel comfortable Keep these anonymous In video, pan over weaving and overlay those writings? As if part of the weaving Make food Reserve room? *Determine video aesthetic and tone that I want to achieve


scissors fabric notebook to record names scraps of paper to write on cloth bag + hamper bag music? - laptop + charger food - cookies and grapes make paper sign for front door camera (mine + brenna’s) writing utensils

Morning of Make sign Test loom (tension and weaveability) Bake cookies + get fruit

final concept Fibers is an installation piece that studies the disintegration of memory as a healthy process. The concept is that we all go through experiences in our lives. We love and lose, and a residue of emotions gets left behind in the objects we own at that time. THis is particularly true of clothing. SOmetimes we hold onto these objects too long. sometimes we need to let go of both the emotions and the object itself.






REFlection This project was wonderful in that it both forced me and allowed me to think in a different way. It was interesting to focus almost completely on the user experience, as it was my job to make people feel comfortable enough to a) want to be a part of this and b) want to share some pretty personal emotions. Also, I think what made me somewhat successful in this project was my ability to narrow down my ideas and pick one very early on in the process. This is something I will attempt to carry over to my future projects.


As far as struggles go, I think video is at the top of the list. We all had to tackle media that were foreign to us in this project, and as you said, I think it’s most effective to just throw yourself into it and learn in the process. This was slightly uncomfortable for me, but at some point, I had to tell myself that I was capable even working in foreign territory. I really look forward to continuing to strengthen my video and my video skills in general.

see video for event + more process


A Study on the Disintegration of Memory

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