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ISSUU Fashion Journal Spring 2014 Shannon Bauer


Table of Contents Entry #1: Historical Influences p. 3

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Entry #2: Cosmetics p. 4

Entry #3: Report on Oscar’s Red Carpet pp. 5-7 • •

Entry #4: Men’s Trend p. 8 Entry #5: Street Fashion p. 9

Entry #6: Home Fashions pp. 10-13

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Entry #7: Forecasting pp. 14-16


Entry #1: Historical Influences - February 2, 2014 One current fashion for Spring 2014 is Full, Tea Length Skirts. These skirts are typically high waisted, feature a full silhouette, and a mid or “tea length” hemline, falling anywhere between the bottom of the knee or the bottom of the calf. Tea length skirts first began to show up outside of the home in the 1920’s, and stayed current in fashion up through the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s. Two key elements taken from this past fashion are the high waist and the mid length hemline. The current difference however lies in the wide array of textiles used for this classic design. Black and white statement patterns (as part of a midriff baring top and skirt set!), metallic jacquard, and color shock with a waist belt are all examples of the updated take on a classic piece. 3

Entry #2: Cosmetics - March 6, 2014

The 16/24 nail polish shade pods spanning the rainbow are offered in Sephora’s new One-Time Use Nail Polish Set, $39.

Women’s Wear Daily (Beauty/Color Cosmetics): Sephora Launching One-Time Use Nail Polish Set: Have you ever purchased an entire bottle of nail polish in the latest modern hue, with a title like “Bikini So Teeny”? You just had to have it, yet you only used it to paint your nails one time, and now you’re saddled with a nearly full $8 bottle of nail polish that you may never use again. Sephora is attempting to solve this problem by releasing a $39 set of 24 one-time use nail polish samples. In addition to appeasing those who love to experiment with color, Sephora also notes that these nail polish minis will be ideal for travel. While part of me loves this idea for the array of colors featured, I personally would not pay $39 for the set of 24 one-time use paint pods, when I could purchase five full bottles of varying “sensible” shades, such as ‘red, redder, reddest, etc..’ If the set were closer to $30, I think Sephora would be able to make a good profit while drawing in the thrifty, experimental consumer. 4

Entry #3: Report on the Oscars Red Carpet - March 2, 2014 Red Carpet Trends: Strapless was a major trend on the 2014 Oscars red carpet. Gowns featuring this trend were seen on Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Bell, Kristen Chenoweth, Sandra Bullock, Kerry Washington, and others. Viola Davis’ strapless Escada dress featured an asymmetrical structured bodice, and Charlize Theron’s Christian Dior haute couture gown featured nearly invisible straps that provided the illusion of strapless dress.


Entry #3: Report on the Oscars Red Carpet - March 2, 2014 Red Carpet Trends: Deep V-Neck styles were seen on Lupita N’yongo in Prada, Karen O in Camilla Stærk, and Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace. Lupita, Karen, and Kate’s deep v-necks plunged all the way down to a high waistline! Charlize Theron also donned a deep-v as well as the illusion of strapless, incorporating more than one trend in a Christian Dior haute couture gown.


Entry #3: Report on the Oscars Red Carpet - March 2, 2014 Best Dressed: My ultimate Best Dressed pick is for the gown worn by Catherine Martin, who won for both Best Costume Design and Best Production Design for her husband Baz Luhrmann’s film The Great Gatsby. Catherine wore a vintage-style custom-made gown by Prada. The background color was a melon-y orange with a black dahlia print, topped with Swarovski crystals and stones, also in a floral pattern (offset from the dahlia pattern underneath) at the shoulders and also at the hip and waist area of the dress. The gown featured a v-neck (with a gathering at the high waist), gathered loop sleeves, a floor length hemline in front, and a small train in the back. This look was styled perfectly with Catherine’s platinum blonde locks swept to one side and cascading over her shoulder, a red lip, and red nail polish. Martin also wore a yellow diamond and amethyst necklace with a star spray shaped medallion, and black and sliver platform heels. This look qualifies for best dressed because it is unique(potentially trend-setting), well styled, and most importantly, it is personally expressive. It speaks to me specifically because it seems to combine influences from both the 1920’s and the 1970’s, which is my favorite combination of multi-generational style! 7

Entry #4: Menswear Trend - April 10, 2014 Menswear Trend - Skinny Jeans!: Meet Bobby, fellow patron of the CTA! Bobby is a fashionable young male, between the age of 18-22. He is short in height with a slim build, which makes him a good candidate for the skinny jeans menswear trend. I chose to photograph Bobby because of his varsity-style jacket, mint green skinny jeans, and teal trainers. Of his skinny jeans, Bobby said that he was the first person in his junior high school to dare to wear the trend. Bobby stated that he enjoys following trends such as this because it shows others that he is not afraid to experiment with something new. I think that this trend can work for men, provided they are of the appropriate build. Also, as with any trend, it is important to feel comfortable in order to look comfortable! This trend works for Bobby because his look reads stylish yet approachable.


Entry #5: Street Fashion/Subculture - April 15, 2014 Mary’s street style caught my eye because of her use of mixed prints, which is unique because few people dare to try this. The volume of this silhouette is balanced well; while the coat is at mid-length, she is wearing skinny jeans and a high-heeled bootie. The jeans are high waisted, and Mary has accentuated this feature and defined her waistline by tying her plaid top at the waist. While her leopard print is coat is classic in part, the trend is modernized with the the alternation of light grey and coffee tones underneath the rosettes. She includes a pop of color both in her orangey-red lip stain, as well as in her cognac booties. She accessorized her look with delicate gold necklaces and dangle earrings. Another fun twist is Mary’s unexpected use color with white nail polish. The overall look makes a statement but still reads cool and casual. Mary’s style is edgy and personally expressive. 9

Entry #6: Home Fashions - April 27, 2014 Home Fashion Trend #1) Pastels: Pastel hues of lavender, mint, and soft blue can be seen on walls, cushions, and furniture, as well as on modern suits and blazers. 10

Entry #6: Home Fashions - April 27, 2014 Home Fashion Trend #2) Black and White: Black and white home items such as ottomans and throw blankets echo gowns and jumpers spotted on the runway.


Entry #6: Home Fashions - April 27, 2014 Home Fashion Trend #3) Geometric Prints: Graphic prints accessorize home furnishings through throw pillows, and can be spotted on garments and accessories of all types!


Entry #6: Home Fashions - April 27, 2014 Home Fashions - Reaction: Why do home fashion trends echo that of clothing fashion trends? It is likely that the same type of individual who is attracted to and drawn in by fashion trends appreciates the ability to surround themselves with said trends not only in their clothing, but in their home accessories. Home dĂŠcor items such as throw pillows and throw blankets can be an effective, yet relatively inexpensive way to update your home to reflect the latest trends, as well as the colors and textures commonly associated with each season.


Entry #7: Trend Forecasting - May 4, 2014 Trend Prediction #1) All Eyes on You: This spring I have been noticing an up-andcoming trend of eyes: printed on dresses and bags, showing up in jewelry, and even in unexpected places like these Madewell gladiator strapped sandals (bottom left). Earlier this year in April, Lena Dunham, creator and star of HBO’s hit show Girls, Instagrammed a photo of herself in this light blue eye-print shift dress by Zara. I love this trend because it so feels fresh and unexpected. It is important to note that the eyes, while several in number within a print, are featured singularly, not as ‘pairs’ of eyes. In ancient Egypt, the singular eye served as a symbol of protection. When the eye was worn (usually in the form of jewelry), it was intended to “ensure the safety and health of the bearer and provide wealth and prosperity.” Bonus: it is unique and adorable to boot!


Entry #7: Trend Forecasting - May 4, 2014 Trend Prediction #2) Palazzo Pants: Palazzo pants, according to WGSN, are a lead trouser shape for spring/summer 2014, having shown up on the catwalks and now trending in stores. This trend works so well for warm weather because the pants are breezy (staying away from the skin) and are a fun twist on this silhouette which would otherwise only result from a midi or maxi skirt. The look and feel of a palazzo pant reads as bohemian (perfect for concert/festival season) or ‘vacationer’, and the surface area of the fabric provides for a brilliant array of eye-catching colors and prints to suit all tastes. store_trends/2014/palazzo_pants_instore_trend.html


Entry #7: Trend Forecasting - May 4, 2014 Trend Prediction #3) Crop Tops: Matching crop tops and skirts have already shown up this spring, and I believe they will have a stronger presence this summer. Because so many areas of the country are too cold to wear many of the spring clothing trends, especially a mid-riff bearing trend such as this, shoppers will be willing and eager to try out styles that they have only been able to browse, while yearning for warmer weather. An important quality that will make these recent crop tops more approachable to the masses is the pairing of high waisted pants and skirts. Thus, the exposed area is a band of skin just beneath the ribs, while the high waist bottom keeps the lower belly securely taut.



A Fashion Journal kept for Intro to Fashion Studies at Columbia College Chicago, Spring 2014.