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The New Year is finally here. Looking back of how 2013 was for me, I must say it was amazing. The All Purposes Show aired on KTVE and KARD Jan 2013. Now her I am starting the New Year off great once again. For this year, Oh boy… where do I start. Excited for the different project and event that I will be part of for this year. If you have a set plan, make sure you move forwarded. If you sit on your plans and goals. You may ask yourself later on, “Where will I be”? Take the action, long as you put the work forceful, you accomplished anything. If last year was rough for you change something different in your life that may be effecting you. If last year you great for you, stay on the path that you been on, cause you doing something right. The projects that I been putting together are business opportunity for this year Moving forward to help others. Stay focus ,don’t look back at any flaws for the bad. Use the negative energy and turn it to positive and get positive results. Our staff is designed to help you get exposure in print with our magazine. Let us spread your brand of business ! Happy New Year and I wish nothing but success for you.

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Frances Johnson CEO of Anjelica Records Founder of MUSIC LOVE AWARDS

Sunday Best Season 6 Finalists

Yakiima Shepard is 38 years old. She have been singing since 6 years old. She would mimic other gospel artist like Shirley Ceaser , Albertina Walker , Yolanda Adams and other artist. When she got older she begin to venture out singing solos for churches in her area and funerals. Not knowing that one day she would be recognized as one of the great singer in her own area. Yakiima love her music ministry and what it has done for her and well as others. In March 2013 she took a chance and auditioned for the BET show Sunday Best. Never realizing that it would open up doors for her. Looking back on the 38 years that God has kept Yakiima here and seeing that he brought her through so many test to have a wonderful testimony. . Keep your eyes open for Yakiima new single "Life after Sunday Best" coming 2014. For Booking please call Bishop James Wilkins at 1-219-898-1309 or 1-269-332-6618

V-Lo CEO of State 2 State Music Artist

Pryme Tyme has a unique style when he hits the mic. The Washington, Louisiana native has become a threat to other artists everywhere. He has always been known to deliver when the opportunity calls. He is continuing to grow and prosper in the music industry. More from Pryme Tyme is on the way in 2014 and beyond.

Neph aka Del-V brings a real life experience to his fans all the time. The Washington, Louisiana native has a passion for music like no one else. His persistence and ambition has lead him to accomplish a lot in life. The future is very bright for him so stay tuned for more good music from Neph aka Del-V.

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Facebook: Wideframe Twitter: @Wideframe Instagram: @Wideframemusic

Wide Frame aka Freddie Dolls has become one of the most highly anticipated artist from the Dallas area. Originally born in Arkansas, Wide Frame migrated to Texas in 2000 and has been electrifying stages ever since. Wide Frame has been surrounded by talented entertainers since birth. He was born into a family filled with the joy of gospel music. His mother is an ordained minister at the New Beginning Christian Ministries in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His father is a multi-talented musician. He played guitar and piano at various venues in Arkansas. It's no wonder why he possesses a voice from heaven that touches the soul. Many have tried to correlate Wide Frame's unique style to other performers, but there is no parallel to his characteristic tone. He gained recognition throughout the hip hop community for his standout hit making ability as displayed on his new single "Magnum" and "Hata Congratulator". His vision of making classics comes alive on the song "Mr. Hit That" which reached number three (3) on the billboard rap chart. Keeping true to form, he collaborated with Arkansas's favorite underground group Iced Out Clik on their hit single " She's On Rite Now" which is receiving major club play in Arkansas and Tennessee. He has made countless cameos with various artist such as Tech N9ne, Slim Thug, GS Boys, Definition DJs and many others. Wide Frame contributes his success to his work ethic and perseverance. Overcoming bad recording deals and bad management, he's been able to release two full length albums, secure a nationwide distribution deal, and maintain a profitable communication business. With over one (1) million plays and two (2) million views, on Myspace and YouTube. Wide Frame is a great singer, great entertainer, all around talent, Wide Frame is living proof that good things comes to those who wait.

PR-began rapping in 5th grade to keep my classmates entertained at lunchtime. Ever since MC Breed and Pac did " I Gotta Get Mines", he have been hooked on Hip-Hop. He breathe it, live it, love it!!! In 2001, receiving his first contract and signed with an independent label out of Baytown, TX. D.R.A.G. Constructions was distributed by Southwest Distribution and Select-O-Hits. Learned allot of the game from the CEO, Joe " J-Level: Ledet Jr. He was like the big brother he have never had. He the oldest out of 7 and since a young age had allot of responsibility. It helped him to stay focus on the goals at hand and see his potential to succeed in whatever he do. He stayed with D.R.A.G. for 2 years, then moved back home to Detroit. Doing the solo thing for a while with various emcees and producers. In 2008, he started AntHill Music Group with his brother, Bennie " B-Will AntHill" White and C.A.S.H.Commission was born. I released my first real solo album, " Detroit's Finest" independently on iTunes, Amazon, etc. They sold about 15,000 units but still didn't get the buzz they were looking for, but that doesn't stop the grind! Presently they have alot in the works and guaranteed you will hear them in 2014!!!

PR at the “Shanna’s Plugins Magazine “ pre-launch event .

Known now to many as King Renzy has won numerous talent shows and has entertained many all over the local communities and has become somewhat of a dance instructor and role model to many children. The young performer now lives in West Crossett, AR and is now back on the scene after a 3yr hiatus doing what he say's God put him here to do and that's entertain.


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Ruffa Breed Da Fam started in 2005 Mario aka Young Foolish created the name. Marc Looney aka Marcus and his twin brotherYoung Foolish have been rapping since the was very young in age. They started doing local shows and promoting their own music . It all started in Bastrop Louisiana. The Ruffa Breed Family love their music and work on different. There are also other rap artist they have added to the group. Be on the lookout this year 2014. Damien Duff aka Dizzy Dillah Nicholas Shelton aka St.Nicc Kourtney Bradley aka Cutie K.

Feb 1st 2014 will be Go Red in Crossett, Arkansas at 3pm at The Crossett Library

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Shanna's Plugins Magazine- Jan 2014  

Shanna's Plugins Magazine- Jan 2014 Issue

Shanna's Plugins Magazine- Jan 2014  

Shanna's Plugins Magazine- Jan 2014 Issue