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MAXPAK AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD Australia’s Leading Innovator & Supplier of Flexible Packaging Solutions

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About Us

Your packaging efficiency specialists MAXPAK is an Australian manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality packaging products that make your workplace safer, more productive, more efficient and more profitable. Since 1979 we have been supplying high quality, cost-effective and consistently reliable plastic bags, pallet wrap, food-grade carton liners and disposable packaging products. Our clients include many of Australia’s biggest retail chains, third party logistics providers, market-leading cleaning suppliers, food manufacturers and meat exporters. Our company is backed by experienced personnel, cutting-edge machinery and some of the latest generation manufacturing technology at our facilities in Australia and overseas. MAXPAK team discussing customer service improvements.

Company Profile • We manufacture, import and supply high quality products to service the retail, wholesale and industrial markets at competitive pricing. • Our Australian manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified, and regularly updated by quality audits and checks. • We were established in 1979 and are one of the country’s leading suppliers of disposable catering and flexible packaging products. • We supply quality products to the packaging and food service industries. • Along with our associated companies (both in Australia and overseas) we have undertaken an ongoing research and development program delivering proprietary knowledge and innovative solutions that deliver high quality products, economically. • Our sophisticated manufacturing facilities enable us to adjust product specifications to meet unique and specific client needs and requirements. • We are committed to innovation and prepared to work with customers in the development of high quality, low cost packaging solutions. • We have developed and established Envirogreen™ Degradable materials used in all kinds of applications, such as singlet bags, boutique carry bags, bin liners and industrial carton liners. • We train our staff in consultative sales to provide you with an invaluable resource to understand how to determine the most cost-effective packaging solutions for you. • In addition, we provide training to ensure your staff are using our products effectively and economically – yes, we teach clients how to reduce wastage and excess consumption. • HACCP Certified Food Safety Standards for manufacturing and distribution. • We create and supply custom printed carry bags for Australia’s leading companies in the retail sector.

Since 1979 we have been supplying high quality, costeffective and consistently reliable plastic bags, pallet wrap, food-grade carton liners and disposable packaging products.

Australian manufacturing facility: Bag Making Machinery

Parent rolls of polyethylene film at our Australian manufacturing facility

Australian manufacturing facility: Printing Machinery





Your packaging efficiency specialists We specialise in plain, printed, generic retail and promotional packaging products to service the domestic wholesale and high volume retail markets. We also supply quality stretch wrap and a variety of innovative and traditional catering products for the fast food catering industries.


Our range of quality products includes sheets and bags of various shapes and materials, paper, HDPE, LDPE, PP, BOPP, Recycled and COEX suitable for specific applications. We have facilities to print any combination of up to eight colours in one pass, enabling us to produce the highest standard of work quickly.

Secure and large storage facilities means your orders are fulfilled quickly.

• Promotional Carry Bags (Plastic and Paper) • Soft Loop Handle Bags • Die-Cut Handle Bags • Singlet Bags and Produce Rolls • Freezer Bags and LDPE Clear Bags • Industrial Carton Liners and Flexible Bulk Bags • High Clarity Polypropylene Bags • Resealable Bags • Pallet Wrap and Pallet Top Covers • Washroom Paper Products • Garbage Bags and Bin Liners • X- Ray, Radiology and Medical Waste Bags • COEX Satchel Courier Bags • Plastic Cutlery • Degradable Singlet Bags, Garbage Bags and Kitchen Tidy Bags • Paper Lace Doyleys • Degradable Dog Waste Bags • Disposable Gloves • Cleaning Wipes

Velocity High Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine Film



Paper Carry Bags

High Clarity Polypropylene Bags

Custom Printed Shopping Bags

Produce Rolls

Singlet Bags

Deli Sheets

Reusable Shopping Bags

High Density Freezer Bags

Garbage Bags and Bin Liners

Disposable Gloves

Carton Liners

Hair Nets and Food Safety Equipment

Washroom Paper Products

Pallet Wrap and Pallet Wrapping Machine

Courier Satchels

Plastic Cups

Resealable Bags

Cleaning Wipes



Mission Statement We are in the business of delivering the most cost-effective, consistent and efficient flexible packaging solutions to clients.

The MAXVALU Promise Our promise is that, as packaging efficiency specialists, we’ll deliver maximum value and greater cost savings to clients – with our maximum commitment. In fact, our brand name is MAXVALU [Maks Val-Yoo] and it stands for MAXIMUM VALUE and MAXIMUM COMMITMENT. These are not just mere words. It’s a big, bold and ambitious promise that we’ve been delivering on since 1979. Carefully checking orders prior to dispatch.

Quality products that protect your workplace, brand and reputation We have been assisting high-end retailers, grocery store owners, food processors, commercial cleaning companies, logistics and manufacturing industries eliminate those embarrassing accidents, breakages, and splashes that cost clients in lost productivity, time, and resources. By combining our attention to detail, sheer determination and loyalty for clients, along with the support of honest and trustworthy suppliers, we have been able to produce reliable, cost-effective and consistent packaging products that keep clients coming back, again and again.

As packaging efficiency specialists, we’ll deliver maximum value and greater cost savings to clients.



Our Unique

Business Strategy As packaging efficiency specialists, we consult with clients to find tailored packaging solutions that are the most cost-effective for all their packaging needs. We take the time to analyse all the requirements of clients, and then devise effective budget-focused solutions that enhance their operations and improve business productivity. That’s why our brand has been trusted and respected by clients since 1979!

We put clients before profits...seriously. As packaging efficiency specialists we will show you how to use LESS of our product, so you can achieve greater cost savings while eliminating waste and redundancy. What that means to you is that we will show you how you can buy less from us – if it means delivering the best possible efficiency to your company. This is unheard of in our industry, but something that keeps our clients coming back again and again! We’ll come to you in your work place to understand your long-term and short-term goals, and to be able to devise effective packaging solutions that meet your strategic and financial objectives. Then we’ll test our solutions at your premises so that you can be certain that you are making the right decision by choosing us as your preferred packaging supplier. We’ll work together with you and your key people to ensure that the solutions we offer fit the scope of your operations and objectives, while saving you money and improving your productivity. Many of our clients feel protected by the fact that we have been part of a solid supply chain for over three long decades. Not only have we been in business for this time, but many of our clients and suppliers have been with us all along – for the whole time! This relationship longevity, envied in the industry, is achievable due to our high standards of ethical business practices and dedicated focus on long-term mutually beneficial relationships, combined with our MAXVALU commitment to delivering maximum value to clients, with no exceptions.

The HACCP Food Safety work group discusses manufacturing procedures.



Driven By

Science & Innovation Here at MAXPAK we are proud of our passionate and dedicated founder – John Young. A high achiever from an early age, John, was awarded a scholarship and studied chemistry at the prestigious Harvard University, Boston (USA), the school of 8 US presidents which was established in 1636. John realised that the packaging market in Australia was antiquated, supplying products that were not optimised to deliver the greatest value to clients. That was back in the 1970s, and even then he knew that quality packaging solutions reduce freight, storage, handling and inventory costs for the company, and would make it more profitable and successful and (ultimately) help solidify the economy of this great country. One of our bag making machines.

While others were selling plastic bags and bin liners, John could see the Big Picture – he could see himself as a packaging efficiency specialist. Using his keenly-developed knowledge of chemistry and plastics, he would painstakingly develop a small range of products to his exacting and excruciatingly high standards. Then he worked closely with his clients to continually develop innovative improvements that were necessary to supply high quality, cost-effective and consistently reliable packaging products over time. His great passion for making a difference at a micro and macro level, combined with his hard work, personal ethics, integrity and strong business acumen and scientific background, has laid the foundation for the unique set of values and customer-focused operations that we are guided by and respected for in the industry today. In the beginning, Maxpak would faithfully serve Melbourne’s small fruit shops and supermarkets from a 1978 Nissan Urvan, and a suburban garage. Today our clients include many of Australia’s biggest national retail chains, global logistics providers, international food manufacturers and national cleaning and fast food service enterprises.

We will work closely with you to continually develop innovative improvements that are necessary to supply high quality, cost-effective and consistently reliable packaging products.

The bag making section of the factory

Highly trained staff do careful quality control as products are manufactured

Plastic Film Laminating Machinery to combine the properties of different materials

SCEC Approved

Multiple South

Tamper Evident Technology


(used for Government Security Products)

Electronically Secured Warehousing facility with CCTV

monitoring and Swipe Card Protection

Proprietary Degradable Plastic Technology

Continual Research and Development into Polyethylene Raw Materials

Melbourne based office National distribution


Public Liability


Wide Range of Generic Consumable Wide Range of Generic Plastic bags

Able to provide Custom Made Flexible Pol

Experienced Team to provide technical assi Work With Both Government and Industry

Owned and Operated vehicles

for Melbourne Metro Distribution


On Site Support and Prod

Flexible and Comprehensive Data Reporting

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ring facilities

HACCP Certificate Registration No.: 2827

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification for Australian Manufacturing

Summary axpak IN OPERATION SINCE 1979 Products

Food Safety Certification for Australian Manufacturing Australian Distribution SE Asian Manufacturing

Provide Practical assistance in cost reduction with packaging efficiency appraisals

Australian Manufacturing Facilities

lyethylene Products

istance and advice

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Up to Colour Flexographic Printing

Bag Making Machinery



The Difference That Makes The Difference

Here at MAXPAK we pride ourselves on having no red tape. We’re less bureaucratic and more flexible, and thus willing to walk the extra mile (or more!) to keep delivering on our bold customer-focused MAXVALU promise, and the excellent quality products that we are known for. We can make your life easier, and your company more profitable and productive with our innovative packaging solutions. Remember, we are not just ‘packaging people’ – we are THE packaging efficiency specialists! At MAXPAK we hold our inventory in a secure 6000 square metre warehousing facility located in Huntingdale, South East Melbourne. Vicpac Flexibles Australia

Vicpac – our strategic partner At this site, we are joined by our local manufacturing arm, Vicpac Flexibles Australia Pty. Ltd. – an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified and HACCP Food Safety Certified company and a leading innovator in customised flexible packaging solutions, composition, professional design and sustainability. Vicpac has a heritage and tradition of consistently excellent quality, reliable service and continual improvement and innovation in our systems and products to the benefit of our clients. Our partnership allows Vicpac to focus on it’s core competencies: • Providing efficient and responsive, high quality local production • Providing research and development of printing and converting techniques for flexible materials Vicpac has the capacity to produce: • Printed polyethylene satchels for mailing houses and logistics companies • SCEC Standard Tamper Evident bags for government departments (police, customs) and enforcement agencies • Printed plastic carry bags • Food service packaging lines (Rewind printed films, printed pouches) • Industrial bulk packaging products

Vicpac Flexibles Australia



Business Contingency As a supplier to many “time critical” industries for many years, we have made a serious commitment to ensuring that our clients are serviced with adequate stock levels at all times. We understand that continuity of supply is of crucial importance to the retail sector and that any stock shortages would lead to the disruption of the retail sales process. With the goal of maintaining a steady, continuous supply of stock, we have undertaken four definite steps to reduce risks and improve efficiency in the supply chain:

We Cover Your Back

We have multiple reliable overseas manufacturing sources. In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as shipping delays, materials shortages, and industrial accidents, we can supply from an alternate manufacturing facility. In addition to our local operations we operate extrusion, printing and converting capabilities in Penang, Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand.

We Protect Your Stock

We have the ability to maintain several months’ worth of stock for our clients in our large fully-owned and protected storage facility. Our fireproofed warehouse is equipped with CCTV camera security, swipe card access and 24-hour alarm monitoring. We take proactive measures to reduce the risk of unforeseen theft, arson or vandalisation affecting our capability to supply.

Crisis Management Procedures in Place

Our staff constantly monitor stock and usage rates. Several months’ stock for each product line will always be kept on hand. Additionally, “back up” stock is also retained and is ready for dispatch in case of unforeseen circumstances arising. We leave nothing to chance.

Manufacturing in Melbourne

Our manufacturing arm, Vicpac Flexibles Australia Pty Ltd also has the capacity to produce many items locally in the event of unforeseen circumstance or extreme urgency. Our local manufacturing plant is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified and HACCP Food Safety Certified facility, complete with eight colour Flexographic printing press, lamination facilities, slitting and rewind machinery, and a variety of bag making conversion machines. Timely delivery and reliable service are strong characteristics prevalent throughout our history. We have a legacy of delivering during times of intense pressure and in the crucible of “peak season” for many industries. We do this with extensive consultation with the client, and detailed planning. We have a reliable system and infrastructure to ensure that you always have access to stock in a timely fashion – a system that has stood the test of time.

Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified and HACCP Food Safety Certified facility in Melbourne.



Information Reporting Capability

Our clients appreciate that we are able to provide them with relevant and important data when We have a flexible, customisable information technology system which can extract relevant and important data like: • Purchasing histories • Spending analysis • Backorder reports. We can also supply you with performance review reports when needed, all to help you run an efficient business. Reports can be provided in PDF format for easy viewing, and in other formats fit for further data indexation, evaluation, data mining and manipulation. Our team includes several full-time IT professionals, so constructing custom reports to fulfil unusual and non-standard reporting requirements for our clients is quick and easy.




Improvement Programs Maxpak Australasia continually examines opportunities to save costs and improve efficiencies for our customers. Below are examples of specific results that we have achieved for our customers. Client

Type of issue

Savings / improvements generated

How this was achieved

National Retail Chain 1

Carry bag cost reduction and environmental impact reduction.

Achieved a 36% cost saving by optimising blended materials. Degradable additives were also introduced to allow the bag to lessen the environmental impact of carry bags.

Using new blends of materials, we were able to reduce the gauge of the material while retaining the strength of bag. Degradable additives blended with the raw materials allowed the bag to degrade in the environment.

Large Exporter of Australian Beef

Carton liner cost reduction. 18% saving achieved in the cost of bulk carton liners.

This was achieved by the development of co-extruded materials to replace antiquated poly material. This allowed us to reduce the gauge of the material without compromising the strength of the carton liner.

Large private Reduce the impact of hospital hospital waste on the facility environment.

The hospital was concerned about the impact of the amount of waste it generated and its impact on the environment. Degradable products were introduced at prices comparable to regular products. A big win for the client!

Maxpak introduced degradable bin liners and degradable aprons which are now in use. These products degrade in the environment as opposed to persisting, as regular plastic does.

National Fast Food Chain

Reduction of costs of plastic consumables.

15% savings achieved in the cost of plastic consumables.

Achieved with the optimisation and rationalisation of plastic specifications to proprietary resin formulations.

National Retailer 2

Reduction of costs of printed plastic carry bags

Achieved a 40% saving in the cost of printed plastic carry bags.

Re-engineered existing printing process and introduced property plastic formulations to reduce raw materials usage and costs.

Flexographic Printing Machinery

Innovation In 2001, we were one of the first companies to introduce degradable technology to Australia.


Disintegrate By Oxidation, Heat, and Sunlight

We have a research and development program which is designed to deliver improvements and cost savings to our customers. We first launched degradable polyethylene products in 2001 into Australian supermarkets. We were one of the first companies to introduce this degradable technology into Australia. That’s a long time before many of our competitors were even considering degradable bags! We are also on the cutting edge of flexographic and gravure printing technology on polyethylene materials. Presentation is everything in the representation of your brand and image, and while we are focused on providing you with the most cost-effective solutions, we never cut corners or compromise. Some of our Innovative Products we have launched over the years include: • EnvirogreenTM - Degradable Checkout Bags, Degradable Printed Retail Bags, • EnvirogreenTM - Degradable Garbage Bags, Kitchen Tidy Bags. • EnvirogreenTM - Degradable Animal Waste Bags. • Tamper Evident security bags (SCEC Standard for government use) • Zip seal carry bags • Mailing satchels with clear film pockets


Environmental Management Policy

Maxpak is committed to continually improving products and service in the context of socially responsible environmental behavior and sustainability. Our objective is to minimise environmental impact whilst maintaining the heritage of our high quality standards that have existed since 1979. Environmental Responsibility is an integral part of our operations and to this end we specifically undertake to: • Conduct operations in compliance with relevant local environment legislations, regulations and licenses. • Prevent Pollution and strive for continual improvement of environmental performance through economically viable best practice. • Achieve optimal energy consumption and waste produced per unit of production • Communicate openly and constructively with our team, clients, suppliers and the wider community on the known environmental impacts of our operations. • Establish and consistently review environmental objectives and targets. • Ensure that our team and contractors are aware of this policy. • Educate our team and contractors, ensuring the requirement for environmental responsibility is integrated into work practices, training and decision making, and is included in performance assessment. • Conserve material usage with research and development of innovative raw material formulations. • Design the packaging materials for our products to use minimal materials required for adequate product protection. • Maximize the use of recycled materials and our internal recycling facilities when suitable.




Product Integrity

Quality and Safety Policy

Maxpak Australasia Pty Ltd specialise in the manufacture, receival, storage and distribution of the entire range of food grade packaging materials, plastics and kitchen consumable products. It is our objective to ensure that all products received, stored and distributed by Maxpak Australasia Pty Ltd are received by our clients in a condition that meets or exceeds their requirements. Quality and safety is achieved by complying with the legislative requirements detailed below and applying the associated international standards to ensure that all potential hazards are recognised and controlled during all processes. Maxpak Australasia Pty Ltd complies with: • The principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) • The principles of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 • Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Food Standards Code “3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements” • Victorian Food Act (1984) The purpose of these standards and requirements are to maintain and apply specific principles for safety and quality to our processes and is central to the effective operation of our establishment. These requirements include those for food businesses and food handlers that will ensure food does not become unsafe or unsuitable. The Good Housekeeping Principles outlined in this Quality Management System are applied to maintain the safety and quality to all products under our control. Our Quality Management System specifies process control requirements to adequately control all potential hazards at each step of the product handling process. The management team is seeking to continuously improve our operation through ongoing training of our employees and constant reviews of our systems and procedures. We will ensure that all employees are aware, trained and perform to the levels required at this establishment. Maxpak Australasia Pty Ltd is committed to continuous improvement to ensure ongoing productintegrity, quality and safety.

Working in the MAXPAK Warehouse

Ethical Manufacturing

Supply Chain Conduct

Being aware of concerns over poor working conditions in developing countries, Maxpak has made efforts to ensure that labour conditions in its manufacturing supply chain broadly reflect the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ethical labour. At its heart, it’s about making sure our products are made as sustainably, ethically and responsibly as possible within a commercial framework. It’s about ensuring that our products are produced and delivered in a way that does not involve the abuse or exploitation of workers. Each of our main supply facilities is inspected to ensure that: • Working conditions are safe and hygienic and that safety is effectively managed. • Employment is freely chosen and no forced or bonded labour is used. • Labour practices do not involve the harsh or inhumane treatment of employees. • Exploitative child labour is not used. • Fair and reasonable wages are paid to employees and working hours are not excessive. • Their employees’ rights to trade union membership and collective bargaining are respected • No religious or racial discrimination is practiced.

Maxpak Australasia Pty. Ltd. 1355 North Road | Huntingdale, VIC, 3166 | Tel: +61 03 8523 8200 | Fax: +61 03 8523 8210