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Holiday Dentistry with Smiles Away Travel Dental It’s been said that a smile is your best accessory. At Smiles Away Travel Dental we think so too. If you’ve ever felt too self-conscious to smile due to needed or desired dental work, by seeking dental treatment abroad, we can help you get the high-quality care you need at affordable prices!


50 to 70 %


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Enjoy All-Inclusive Pricing Full Implants from just â‚Ź 830 includes crown & lifetime guarantee

Instead of paying typical UK costs

We also offer additional benefits

for dental procedures, travelling


overseas will result in substantial

dental care an incredible oppor-

savings in the cost of your care,

tunity for yourself or a family

up to 50 – 70% off. Our team will

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negotiate your treatment costs

at no additional cost to you so

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with us. Best of all, our pricing is

wellbeing and comfort are para-

100% transparent, allowing you to


feel safe and secure in your decision without any nasty surprises.





Comfortable Care, Stunning Destinations Choosing to travel abroad for dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, dentures, crowns or bridges offers more than just a discount on price—you're receiving precise care at our network of clinics surrounded by incredible destinations like Bratislava and Vienna. With easy access to world-class shopping and stunning sight-seeing opportunities, opting to combine a short break with much-needed dental work has never been more convenient. Our team works with only the very best dental practices abroad, helping to plan every detail of your trip. For your comfort and convenience, we will happily provide an English-speaking concierge during your stay. Your concierge will be just a phone call away throughout the entire length of your visit.

Feel Confident About Your Care Originally from England, our founder launched Smiles Away Dental Travel because, like you, he wanted to feel confident about his smile but was deterred by the cost of UK dental procedures. He sought dental treatment abroad and was delighted to discover high-quality care in Hungary & Slovakia at significant discounts. Nowadays he is passionate about helping UK residents with their overseas dental needs. Our clinics offer a lifetime guarantee and long term guarantees for other treatments (terms and conditions apply), you can feel confident in making the decision to improve your smile by travelling abroad for dental treatment.


Our Special Offers Terms & Conditions The number of benefits that you qualify for will depend on the total value of your treatment. All benefits are for a maximum of two people travelling together (excludes air tickets). A full list of the benefits offered will appear in your treatment plan. *Conditions for flight ticket reimbursement – If you decide to commence your treatment within six months of having your consultation, your flight ticket from your initial consultation visit will be reimbursed as follows; A total treatment plan value of more than £1500; your flight ticket will be reimbursed up to a maximum value of £150. **Please note that a surcharge of €13 is payable on the free night if a second person is staying in the room with you.

Special Offers Available We will make sure that you get all the benefits to which you are entitled and have many different offers available. For example, we can occasionally negotiate additional discounts, especially for repeat visits once you have completed your treatment and would like to return to the same clinic for further procedures. You may qualify for one or more of the following (conditions apply): Free consultation and treatment plan Free dental CT scans, lab work, impressions, healing screws, antibiotics and pain medication 5% discounts for treatments over £3000 Flight ticket reimbursed (patient only)* Free one-night hotel stay** Free airport transfer (for up to two people)

Free sightseeing tours and entrance tickets (Vienna or Bratislava) Free public transport for the duration of your stay Free airport lounges (outbound only) Additional 10% discount in the Designer Outlet Parndorf shopping centre


ABOUT US Why Choose Us? Older couple on sofaYou might be wondering why you should choose Smiles Away Dental Travel. Quite simply, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to obtain the high-quality dental care you need and want. Read below to learn more about what sets us apart!

Transparent, All-Inclusive Pricing You won’t have to worry about confusing and complicated price lists or a final bill that is far beyond what you were quoted originally. Our pricing is all-inclusive, and the only additions would be for extra treatments that you require, which would be optional and agreed upon before proceeding.

Independent Specialists and Personalised Service We want to make your trip an overall positive, enriching experience. Since we’re not partnered with any particular dental clinic, we’re free to associate only with those that provide high quality care, killed dentists, modern equipment and guarantees about the materials and the dental work. You’ll be followed up after your treatment, too, ensuring that you’re satisfied with your results.

Add-On Services Your dedicated concierge will assist you in every aspect of your bookings, including liaising with the clinic, booking your accommodation, transportation and sightseeing tours. If you’re interested in shopping, the Designer Outlet Parndorf shopping centre is situated a short distance from Bratislava or Vienna. We’re pleased to provide you a voucher for 10% off your purchases, so that you can take the money saved on dental treatment and spoil yourself with Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Armani, Gucci, Burberry, Lacoste, Porsche Design, Moncleur, Coach, Bally and more.


Our Guarantee The team at Smiles Away Dental Travel will always strive to exceed your expectations no matter which treatment you require. Our clinics provide guarantees on all the dental work that you receive. Here’s an example of a typical guarantee that a patient receives. We hereby certify that the treatments and materials used comply with EU standards and the following conditional guarantees apply; Aesthetic fillings – 2 years Metal-Ceramic crowns – 5 years Zircon Crown – 5 years Implants – Lifetime* * In the very rare event that an implant does not take, we will insert a replacement free of charge or refund the cost of the treatment. Where replacement implants are inserted, the guarantee is five years. Guarantee Conditions The Patient must comply with the aftercare instructions. The Patient must attend the annual check-ups. The guarantee does not cover accidental damage to dentures. The guarantee does not cover treatment resulting from infections in supporting teeth, under the denture itself (periodontitis).

Awards, Ratings & Reviews If you’re considering booking a holiday through Smiles Away Dental Travel to have your dental care completed, you’re probably wondering what you can expect. We’re proud to say that we’ve helped numerous happy patients that are satisfied with their results. Below you can read more about what they have to say.

100% Satisfied

I visited twice over a three month period. I am 100% satisfied with my treatments. Smiles Away are very well organized and everything went exactly according to plan. —Richard, WORTHING

The Results Are Great

Thank you Smiles Away. I saved a lot of money and the results are great. I will be back for implants in February. —Jonathan, LONDON


Our Services Dental Implants Benefit from the most modern method to replace missing teeth—dental implants. Missing teeth can mean you avoid eating certain foods or feel like you don’t want to smile. With this state-of-the-art solution, you can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing appearance and the full function of your teeth. The Smiles Away Dental Travel team is here to help you arrange every aspect of your treatment.

Replacing One or Multiple Teeth If you have a single missing tooth from an injury, accident or extensive decay, one implant with a crown placed on it is the ideal solution. More than one tooth can be replaced by a dental bridge on implants. If you’re missing more teeth, a denture fitted on a number of implants is a very good long term solution.

Why Choose Dental Implants? There are many advantages to replacing your teeth with dental implants: A high success rate A painless procedure under local anaesthetic Can have a crown, bridge or denture placed on it Feels like a natural, strong and healthy tooth No allergic reactions No compromising neighbouring teeth

What to Expect Once you have decided that you’d like to have a dental implant, the procedure will be as follows. A dental CT scan will be used to evaluate your teeth. Any underlying dental problems present will be addressed first. Local anaesthetic is administered and the implant placed. You’ll then receive a temporary restoration for the initial healing period (2-3 months). Afterwards, you can have your permanent restoration placed on your implant.


Our Services Fixed Dentures Dentures are a reliable replacement for your missing teeth. When you arrange your care through Smiles Away Dental Travel, you can be sure that the dentures you receive will be comfortable, easy to care for and allow you to eat the foods you love. Our experienced team and on-site laboratory simplify the process for you.

Replacing One or Multiple Teeth If you have a single missing tooth from an injury, accident or extensive decay, one implant with a crown placed on it is the ideal solution. More than one tooth can be replaced by a dental bridge on implants. If you’re missing more teeth, a denture fitted on a number of implants is a very good long term solution.

Why Choose Dentures? You may prefer dentures if you do not want to have dental implants or a fixed dental prosthesis such as a bridge. Dentures are cost-efficient and quickly made. The process doesn’t involve any pain or inconvenience for you. Dentures made from top quality materials are provided; they are natural-looking and work just like your teeth should.

Partial Teeth Loss If you have just a few missing teeth, a partial removable denture may be the ideal solution. It’s attached to a bridge that is affixed to your remaining teeth with a specialised bracket. If needed, a crown can be applied to your existing teeth to give them greater strength and stability, upon which the partial denture can be placed. If you have molars that are missing, we recommend an attachment prosthesis with a dental bridge and a dental attachment that will slide into the removable part of your denture. When all teeth are missing, a complete denture is appropriate.


Click Dentures

All-On-4® or All-On-6

Those with too few teeth to have fixed dentures may choose to have click dentures. Dental crowns that are placed on existing teeth can have the click denture affixed to them. It can be removed for cleaning or brushing as needed. As the closure is located under the denture, it won’t be visible yet it will stay securely into place.

If you’d like a denture that is permanently in place, it can be affixed to denture implants. An implant will create a steady point on which your denture can be fixed, which will improve your quality of life.

Cosmetic Veneers If you’re concerned about the appearance of your smile, dental veneers can mask a broad range of imperfections. Created from resin composite or porcelain, veneers cover the surface of existing teeth to improve the way that they look in colour, size, shape or length.

Why Choose Veneers? Veneers are a cosmetic option that will transform the way you look and enhance your self-confidence in showing off your smile. They are effective for addressing teeth that are Discoloured from stains, certain medications, excessive fluoride, large fillings or root canal treatment Worn down Irregularly shaped, uneven or misaligned Gapped

What to Expect The procedure for getting veneers involves one or two trips to the dentist depending on whether you’d like composite or resin materials. The first appointment consists of discussing what you would like to achieve and having a thorough examination. To prepare your teeth for veneers, some of the existing enamel will be removed. With a conservative approach, the dentist will remove as little as possible. If you have porcelain veneers, impressions are taken and used in the laboratory to create your veneers. If you have composite resin veneers, they are applied layer by layer, painted onto the front of your teeth. When your porcelain veneers are received back from the laboratory, they’ll be securely bonded into place. Your dentist will make sure that you are pleased with the way that they look and function before cementing them into place.


Our Services Porcelain Crowns & Bridges You deserve to have the freedom to smile, eat and speak as you choose, without feeling like you need to hide your teeth. The team at Smiles Away Dental Travel can arrange for you to have a high-quality crown or bridge that will restore the appearance and function of your smile. Dental crowns and bridges have several advantages: A natural look Strong and long-lasting Cost-effective Can receive an implant-supported prosthesis Made from non-allergic materials

Years of Experience in Restorations Our dental team has been creating crowns and bridges for decades and have an on-site laboratory to ensure precise, rapid results. You won’t have to worry about long waiting times to receive your restoration. We provide a guarantee with our work so that you can feel confident in deciding to proceed in getting a crown or bridge with us.

What Is a Dental Crown?

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Crowns, or “caps” as they are often called, are custom-made covers for teeth that have had a root canal (leaving very little tooth structure), cracked or weakened teeth or teeth that are so decayed that a regular filling is insufficient. The framework of a crown is created from metal alloy to give it greater stability. The framework is then covered with a tooth-coloured material and placed over the tooth for a completely natural look.

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, you might have experienced problems with speech, a change in your bite and have a greater chance of tooth decay or periodontal disease. A bridge is affixed to the teeth that neighbour the gap, suspending a fake tooth into the open space.


Teeth Whitening The Zoom whitening system from Philips is the number one option requested by patients and chosen by dentists around the world. The dedicated concierges at Smiles Away Dental Travel is here to assist you in every aspect of your booking to make the process simple and convenient for you. You may have noticed over the years that your teeth aren’t quite as bright as they used to be. Ageing, staining foods and beverages and the use of tobacco are just a few of the reasons that your teeth might look like they have a yellow or gray tint to them. With our teeth whitening option, you can regain a bright, beautiful smile.

An Innovative System for Whitening In less than two hours, your teeth will be whitened up to eight shades. Zoom corresponds to the EU standards with a 6% concentration of active agents, which ensures the protection and safety of your teeth. The Philips Zoom whitening system presents numerous advantages: Accelerated by a specialised light Decreased sensitivity afterwards More than 4 million satisfied customers Professionally supervised Reliable results

What to Expect Once your treatment has started, your gums will be isolated to protect them from the whitening agent. Then, the gel is applied to the surface of the teeth. After a time, a UV light is used to accelerate the whitening process, giving up to 40% better results than other systems. The procedure is repeated four times to achieve your smile goals. You’ll be pleased to know there is no pain and nothing invasive involved in treatment.


Meet the Dentists The clinics we work with provide affordable solutions for restoring your oral health. The dentists speak a range of languages (including English). They are well-qualified in their fields. Their facilities are premier centres for high-quality dental care.

Dr. Zoltán Marton Languages spoken: Hungarian (native), English Qualifications: Dentist, specialist dentist, implantologist Dr. Zoltán Marton graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at University of Szeged in 2001. He continued his education with postgraduate courses and took a specialty exam in General Dentistry and Oral Diseases in 2003. Following, he completed courses in Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics in 2006 while getting his Implantology qualification. Dr. Zoltán Marton believes dentistry to be a continuously progressing field, and by visiting domestic and international conventions, he aspires to educate himself constantly. He combines his expertise gained through experience with his knowledge acquired by implantology courses in order to guarantee patients’ satisfaction without any compromises.

Dr Zoltán Veress Languages spoken: Hungarian (native), English (advanced), German (intermediate) Qualifications: Dentist, specialist dentist, implantologist Several members of Dr Veress’ family were doctors and pharmacists for generations. He knew that he would enter a similar profession. “The key to success is to create trust between the dentist and the patient.” His specialisations are in implant surgery, implant procedures and denture preparation. Each procedure is completed with calmness and empathy. He educates each patient with detailed information. In his spare time, Dr Veress enjoys travelling, sailing, reading, listening to music, playing tennis and going to the theater. He is married with two children.


Dr Tibor Koltai Languages spoken: Hungarian (native), German (intermediate) Qualifications: Dentist, specialist dentist, implantologist An uncle who was a dental technician recommended to Dr Koltai that he pursue the dental profession. Dr Koltai has never looked back. “I like meeting people and helping them solve their dental concerns.” He strives to provide aesthetically pleasing solutions with no pain or stress involved. His specialisations include implantation surgery, bone grafting and other complex cases. In his spare time, Dr Koltai enjoys sailing on Lake Balaton, reading, going to the cinema or theatre. He also likes playing table tennis and spending time with his three sons

Dr Krisztina Szabó Languages spoken: Hungarian (native), German (advanced), English (advanced) Qualifications: Dentist, specialist dentist During childhood, Dr Szabó’s mother worked in a dental office, and as a result she was there often. As Dr Szabó got older, she gladly assisted in simpler treatments. “One of the most important aspects of my job is that patients have accurate, satisfactory answers and painless treatments given with empathy.” She has a special interest in dentures that are aesthetic and permanent. Outside of work, Dr Szabó likes to travel, explore, see musicals at the theatre and read books. She enjoys staying fit with aerobics and snowboarding and puts her family first.

Dr Orsolya Gömbös Languages spoken: Hungarian (native), German (advanced), English (advanced), Italian (intermediate) Qualifications: Dentist, specialist dentist Dr Gömbös believes in a preventative approach to dentistry. She provides patients with the information they need to improve their oral health. “I try to establish a calm atmosphere where patients can forget any previous worries when they see us.” With high-quality materials, she provides the best possible treatment for each individual.

Relax, We’ll Help You Plan


Getting Started We’re Here to Help At Smiles Away Dental Travel, we believe in providing high-quality dental care at affordable prices. There are just a few simple steps involved in getting the dental care you need. Contact us. We’ll gather the details of the dental work you require, then provide you a detailed treatment plan complete with costs. Treatment plan approval. Once you agree to proceed, we can begin on planning out each aspect of your visit. Trip planning. Our dedicated concierge will assist you each step of the way. All you have to do is book your flight. Travelling to the clinic. You’ll arrive at the planned time and be picked up at the airport, as well as brought to the clinic. Each patient receives a welcome pack on arrival with a map, our contact details, a copy of your treatment plan and information on local attractions. Treatment commences. At the clinic, you’ll pay 50% of your total costs when you arrive, then clear up the balance when your treatment is completed.

Our Concierges

Your dental care should be convenient for you. With our dedicated concierges, we’ll assist you in each aspect of your booking. All you need to do is book your flight, and we’ll help you with your hotel, transport, tours, liaise with the dental clinic, meet you at the airport and bring you to and

from your appointments. We’ll even be there during your procedure in case you have any questions for us. All our concierges speak English very well and have a background in dentistry, so they’re knowledgeable and qualified, allowing you to relax and know you’re in great hands.


Quality and Safety Smiles Away Dental Travel’s network of dental clinics were chosen based on their staff’s experience and knowledge. Thanks to their years of training and continuing education, they’re well-informed on all the latest dental techniques and procedures. Only the highest quality of materials is used in their products so that you can feel confident that your dental care will be long-lasting and is tailored to meet your goals. The clinic exceeds the legal EU regulations, following the most stringent safety and sterilisation procedures to protect your wellbeing.

Comfort and Care You deserve to feel comfortable and relaxed when you’re at the dentist’s office. If you have ever felt apprehensive about dental care before, we want you to know that Smiles Away Dental Travel is here to make your appointments easy and straightforward for you.

Feel At Home At the modern dental clinic, you’ll sit in our comfortable reception area and be offered coffee or tea if there is a brief wait before you see your dentist. Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available for you to browse the Internet. For your procedure, you can choose from a range of anaesthesia options to make sure that your treatment is pain-free and you feel no worries.


Beautiful Results

Highly Trained Dentists Are you wondering what you’d look like with a transformed smile? You’re probably curious about what you can expect when your dental care is completed. You can check out our before-and-after images Contact Smiles Away Dental Travel today to get started with your booking! Our dedicated team is here to address your questions and help you organise your trip.

Dental Phobias SHave you ever felt worried about visiting the dentist? We understand that many people suffer from dental phobia, usually due to past negative experiences they’ve had. At Smiles Away Dental Travel, we want you to know that every possible step is taken to ensure your comfort and reassure you that you’ve made the right choice for your dental care.

Sedation Available There are various anesthetic options available including full sedation (general anesthetic) administered by a fully qualified anesthetist. Please inform us in advance about your concerns and we will arrange the best solution for you during your treatment.



The Climate in Bratislava

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is a gorgeous medieval city complete with winding, picturesque streets. You can stroll along the Danube River, take in an unparalleled view of the city from the rocky hill of the Danube Castle, sample traditional Slovak wines and cuisine, enjoy visiting richly appointed cathedrals, frequent the cosy cafes and be wowed by the architecture of the many historical buildings.

Getting to and From the Bratislava Airport Bratislava Airport or Bratislava-Ivanka, also referred to as M. R. Štefánik Airport, is the main international airport in Slovakia. It is about five miles northeast of the city itself, making your trip to and from the airport a seamless experience. The airport is one hour from Vienna.

You won’t have to worry about rainfall ruining your holiday. Bratislava is one of the driest areas in Slovakia, no matter which month of the year you choose to travel. You can enjoy the warmer temperatures in the city between April and September. You’ll certainly be able to sit outside at the many restaurants, bars and cafes during these months. If you prefer cooler climes, you might want to visit between October and March. Bratislava Airport or Bratislava-Ivanka, also referred to as M. R. Štefánik Airport, is the main international airport in Slovakia. It is about five miles northeast of the city itself, making your trip to and from the airport a seamless experience. The airport is one hour from Vienna.


Shopping in Bratislava Would you like to combine your dental visit with world-class shopping? The world-renowned Designer Outlet Parndorf shopping centre is a spacious outdoor mall that attracts numerous international visitors. With over 160 designer stores such as Adidas, Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren and Prada, there is something for everyone. Located just 20 minutes from Bratislava, you’ll find many popular fashion and lifestyle brands with prices from 30 to 70% off. Enjoy the Austrian inspired architecture while you dine at chic cafes and restaurants. Just off the A4 motorway, you can reach the shopping centre with ease. You can arrange a taxi through Smiles Away, make the drive yourself or take a train from the Bratislava-Petrzalka railway station if you prefer to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sightseeing Opportunities in Bratislava Are you wondering what to do in Bratislava? The city is extremely walkable which makes for easy sightseeing. Many attractions are located in the Old Town, with the rest of them being accessible by public transport. Bratislava Castle

The Old Town Square

Bratislava Zoo & DinoPark.

Additional Attractions

Danube River Cruises.

A Variety of Tours

Devin Castle.

Flights If you would prefer to make your holiday in Bratislava, you can reach the city directly from these UK locations: Birmingham






Located 15 minutes from Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava’s airport can be reached via Ryanair, Wizz Air and other air carriers. With daily flights from major international airports, there is sure to be a flight that meets your travel needs.



The Climate in Vienna

As the former centre of the Habsburg Empire, Vienna offers dramatic baroque streetscapes, imperial palaces, grand monuments and architecture that will take your breath away. Its museums are filled with masterpieces of art. You can listen to the captivating music of the many composers from Vienna such as Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Brahms. Enjoy the coffee house culture, dine in elegant restaurants and wine bars and explore the numerous world-class museums the city has to offer.

Getting to and From the Vienna Airport Vienna International Airport is located in Schwechat, 11 miles southeast of the city centre. As the largest airport in the country, it’s a hub for many airlines and is easily reached from numerous UK destinations. You won’t have to be concerned with stopovers, since many of the flights available are direct.

You’ll find that Vienna tends to be dry and chillier during the winter and sunny in the summer. You can experience a beautiful snowfall in Vienna in the colder months and soak up rays in the summer. Christmas in Vienna is popular thanks to the city’s many markets that offer handcrafted goods and seasonal treats. It’s also a fantastic destination choice to visit during the spring, autumn or early summer.


Shopping in Vienna If you enjoy doing some shopping on your holiday, you can’t beat the offering at Designer Outlet Parndorf shopping centre. Numerous international visitors flock to this spacious outdoor mall. It has over 160 designer stores such as Adidas, Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren and Prada. Located just 30 minutes from Vienna, there is a daily shuttle bus to Parndorf from the city to make your travel to and from simple and easy for you. Inspired by Austrian architecture this beautiful setting boasts several cafes and restaurants. With over 100 popular brands and prices from 30 to 70% off, it’s the perfect place to find what you need.

Sightseeing Opportunities in Vienna With its rich history, there is no shortage of attractions you’ll want to see in Vienna. Over 150 palaces and 27 castles are just waiting to be explored. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the highlights. Schönbrunn Palace.

The Spanish Riding School

Vienna State Opera

Vienna Zoo


Additional Attractions

Vienna Old Town

A Variety of Tours

Flights There are several daily direct flights from the UK to Vienna. You can leave from any of these major cities: Bristol






British Airways, easyJet, Austrian Airlines and Jet2 are just a few of the airline companies that provide a direct flight from UK cities to Vienna.

Contact Us Smile and Save If you’d like to smile brilliantly for less, we invite you to contact Smiles Away Dental Travel today. You can enjoy a confidence-boosting smile and a holiday without breaking the bank! GIVE US A CALL OR FILL OUT OUR FORM BELOW TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION.


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