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ReadtngTest 3

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Feadingiea - VerctonI


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60 !t!ut€

1l1@ are two edne !Nag6 rn tl,& ter. .Aftcrach or ec passg€ 'ru rfl turd a nD!6, acb rft! tou su€€6t€d slfu or @ys of Odsblig. you m6r.h@s orc lBw6 wrnci t@ tbr& ls b€t. For a.b qu6don, hdr€tc on you sl1ssE .be€r th. Lttd A B. c, o! D eg.lrEr lh. n@!d of thc qucadon,

Reoctingfest - Ve6ion I

Reading PassaseA Dmployment hn Ande60!,

rccords reveal the detsil of asbestos &rger


Alo a qMaer of rh€r€olle Bbo qolked in e aibe$osmile i! WsteD Anshalia be$eeo 1943dd defclosu.e,bfthepitlD I966 ue ateadysufleringfron disasesElated ro fien exloNre to thebliitlal, or iiat do i! tle tunr. Thisis the6t!n te of tsedcheN wbo saydat the ode\ dploynelt r@ordsbavee$bled th@ b carry oul otreof tbe fibre. nosr tho@en $udiesev€.oftle Iong-temteallb eileclsof exposuEto asbestos Ile ree, basedat the Udivesrty of Westemaustralia ud tle Sii Cldles Gairdner groupo'psplc ha fiosrirsliD Peab,s5r lbd i is theonl/ stud)r! whicha welldefiDed b@ erpced ro a sidglefomof Abslos o!s a tpeotcd D€dod Oftle 6502neo ud 410wotu! wbo wo*ed !t the nine, slbost 2000bavedwdoped or wiu develo! @!cei dd oder dhqses lelated b asbestos.The Arb*los Diseares Societyoi AustFlir, a groupfomed lo telp p@!l€ exlosed-lodbeslos,claim tlat 300 totur eork€rshavellrsdy diedof dis46 thst .re Nbest6-relaled. dibe &d mill rheDeorle,bon y b,srdl labouEFftoF tuope. wa*ed io anasbesos R3!se,abour1600ktlooPt4 oon! ol Pen-b ia Wirietr;o& a rowoi! lbe Hamersle] people, 4000 is row virtully desened Tbe lbre Wirl€loom, orce the hone for gove@eDt cui 4sdlial sflices lo tle ioM lsl ysr. Blue sbestos,d crocidolie, wd Ite res.dhes v€E ableto deftmine how muchatbestostbevolken wereexposedto o drsrlha $ere uleo d vdiou liFes dring by mhog calcJlalio!.baedod re€didB. lhemjF\ oDerar.o!rheDoq elteosveexpoluFlodb$to"o.crnedro$e mllwb{e orerd sroud dow! aodthefibre eItacted. Tte Alstralian study\rasputlisbedlst dotrt i! the MedicalJoumalofAshalia other radds of exDosuelo llue dbeslos- suchaslhoselid SoulhAftio - lave Dot!e@ as nsetulto es;cte$ s lhe drta ftom \vittelooB. saysWilli@ Musk,ftoE the UoiYelsiry Blue slbesiosfibEs aje verythin, straidt ald snall - about0 1 micronetrs in dieeter' As a resllt, tbeyalemorelik€ly lo.nier the lungsthe ofler twes ofasbestosfibEs Thev are alsorie leastlitely to sdbere10 and be inlerceptedby tbe prol@dvemucusin lle tbe fib.esrdrdedat Wit&loom witb t!re. D?esoi dise4e: haveassocialed Scienlists a samng oftbe LNg Mosl ofthe maljelMl DesoihelioM,luDgc@€r aDdasbestosk. p*iods oodlhs, Btlet th& vem Tle dheaes vorkec aere !i the niDe for only sbo( mayrale u! lo 40Y@sto develo!.

Raodingtest- Vetstonl

Tbe iecordsuntil 1986show94 casesofnesolhcliona.l4t lung canceAmd 356cases of asbestosis anong the wnGnoom worke6. ln rhegeneralpopularion, resotbeliona,a cancerofthe ourercoverin8oflhe lung,is rde, mcudine at the rareof tessrhanonc pcr njllion p€ople eachyed. The scie.lisrs say thal exposur€lo 6benos cm accouortor about 40 per cenl ofrhe casesol lung cancerat Wnienoon:tbe renaind€rq€re causcdby lhe over lbe .exl 30 yeds, lher€*ill be a s€v€nfoldincr€asein rbe nunber of casesof nesorheliona,accordinEto thercs€eched'esrimares. Tnerewill be asnany as 25 cases of lhe dne6e a yed by the yed 2010, The rem predicrsthatberween198?dd 2020,a roraloa 692 .ew casesoi ncsorhelionawilt €cur. Most will be in lhe luns tDlerral '. .a;. ;r tu"c m- oheliomz . bur rcn" sill be in rheabdotr.' , rrironerl ne,orhe.ioma cancermd asbedosdong theworkeGwill Eacha peat by abou12000, vid a lotd of r83 $d 482respeclively by theyed 2020. The AsbestosDiseasesSGiety claimstharlhe D.oblemvill .ol be contned io iomer sork€rs. About 6000 of the 14 000 wives ed cbildrcn oi work€rs ai witlenoon pill dso slifer frcn asbestos{elat€d disease, accordhgto rhes@iety. "Foriy onep€oplein rheir lat€30sor40s wbo p€rc havediedot oesorh€lioma.. accordi"! io R o o . r rv o t " ^ o v r . r h e P r e l o p n o r r h e . c . e r t H . o b r a . r e dI n e ! d r b r . ( s l r o m d ; r h cedificat€s. The universnr nudy only ermined rherords of porkeis. Last year, after a legal baute lasiing 13 years,csR. rhe ninins conpa.y whosc subsidiary,Au$ralian Blu€ Asbenos, operaFd fie plant, aereedin an our ofcoun seluened lo !q .omp€nsalion to fome. min€n fld residentsof wirerood. By 5 D€enb€r,350 peopleMd their familieshadreceiled.ompensation totaui.e $42 millioD. Th€ SEte Govedtoent hsumce Co@i$ion will shde the costsof conpcnsarion basedon eiposure to asbe$osar wiu€noon affer 1959. The paynems, pan of tbe l[ses industizl setl€menl i. Ausralia hislory, will rose in siz berwcen,4$30,000and


Ho*ever, we$em Aushlia ha anorherprobl€n. The rcd gorgeswitbin tbe Hanersley RuEe, inclu{iinsth€ Wnrehooh Corse, bare beome a rourist affaclion. Th€ millions of asbestos iaillngsrbatstil hler the dea aE Ea&dedas a h€althhaad, especiallyio childrenwto mishr be topted lo play on thc pilcs. Canping is forbidd€nin the ThestaleCoremmrt n consid€rinsburyingrhe|ailidesor pnrtingthen underthe *arer. will be elPensivc.Theabestosseiery is qing ro o6taintundsfromLaog Borhsolutions Hanco.k,themjnihgmranatewho openedrheminein 1belate 1930s,fld hclp r€norewirlen@n Corye,pbi.h ir sayscouidbe nade into a majortourisrafua.rion ,r rownro berelmared alsowanrslhe

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Peodinglest - Vedon I Dnptna@nL tmds

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have died snlm 1966 ot tue


nav€ alrddy gol stmptoms ofdn€

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oay suffer frcn dn.

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rehred dj$ses.

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hav€ dwelop€d nine rebr€d dtseasesor my do so.


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Thd dfl{ts oforry one fom ofasbcatds w€re stu.iled.


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or r}'. fonosirg rs not tl,! of blue asbedos fibEs?


T}e fibEs tre so sn ! that they enrcr rhe tungs easrly. 'rrie AbEs easry adnere ro !rcred]E mucus h the att*]s.

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Thepopuratsonofw'ttoen rs row dound 4.oo0 peopte. {r) (b) €rttndy shax. @ud 1.600p€opL. {c)


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tlTes or drs.asesas@rated vrtb asb€sbs nbres ar the wrr€nmn

mesorherom rs the E6t r€quendy ccurdru qTe. asbestosrsIs th€ mGt rrequentiy occurriqg 9T€ asbeslosisrs txe lest fiequduy occftg t,?€. ibg 6cer Is the reasltcquenuy ecuElnE ge.

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Reodlnglecl - VerstonI EatpbgMt

t@ftls rewtL\e

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t@ pEdict Uut by the y€r 2O2Orbft


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pedtonal ndtteuoD.

ll Dea robr ot ta3 esG of

Statlsue quotedrn lhc dtclc @ bsd on deth €mete. {a) (b) tc) (d)

Etnc dplorndt Eord!. carch cdrdud.d ar a wrv6rt'. 3ll of th€ .bove.


A 13-yar legsl batUefo. mpc@son of dts*e dccm6 Eult€d h (a) d ouFof-couns.tu@dt hwrilgla}tdt !y tm !ard6. cmp.@don pa,:n6t! ro fomd w6@oom , n6, lbl ontEEd@ tc, to 35o \{tteom rEtd€lt3. F rar! (d) d out-of-@un 3.| rnvo]llng paymot only by csR


$,brdrof thc fonowtE stat@dt. i6 &ost accEt ? Ial rhe }lllh @lM. oltouist tE6c ls .bdlng th. rd gorg€ot rl]c l{mNlqa Ib) (cl ldl


fod,sts h tbc Hd6tq Fangesulld tq!6uy ftrn !Ile. Culr'rg r. forbtdd.n tbeuEhour the g0tg6 of dE Hamdlitey Ranle. T.unsE tu a h€lri nsk ,n 6rs .rs of lne Hamdsjey R3n€re.

thc f!t@ oI touns ln \{4$mom c..g. d@dds on solvrrletrrc trobld ofhow to relo€te th. rom. 14 (bl $l!j,g the p:lbta of hw to rdo€re th€ lolBe. l() dls!.6ui€ ot Mpoladon cj,ms by tM6. (d) dl6pctn€ oftrsnhgs tenby a€!6tosnl, ng

Pedcling len - Ve6ion I Reading P.Aage B

The senses of the newborn Tests fot lvdltlg

otd Dilifr. harE tr,ptored

sL"Lcae{e\ dsriptim or rle infdr, "M.wliis atrdFrt itre i! 6e Dur* s @,"1 sas ehoed in UE atridds ordotuN dlie !ft.dury ne nerb.m baby*6 &oustl ro!c drossy, slee!. or ,1 tu. pe lsr ov6 rie .ryile, od ro erpeid@ De vond e a ssr. blooning,buitrA @ntusion. y* 30 rhd rbe h4khy nevb.E baby.d disrjdid& b.dd djtrercd *rsridns ftor ine Dad eDvnomenrdd spond ryi |nin hou.sor birdr rneb6bypix ldok d lne morheas face.and ti!6 tlE choie ldbom b.bbs prererrolooka! a c&d shNing |nefsrw or oorhd huh ftdEr jnb . leSeblr.k parrlr $d fte 6e fedE jmbred npo $e rdruc cotrd@s€d 'Irre

ft*bon b3bt s,.idr ooly I l% ofd€ iine aprte andatd itr rh. ftrn kk of ufe,a FoDonior ib!! .1ti! saitn"ctior or wrreftlrG hirdd.d rb0edtv d.vel0Dmar ot ris ro 2t% i. rhc four$ rel rr1rd djug!6poe meuodro'refus sns 1ir inp.@' h rddo debab.suc d;rcrbr'9@ drp sie? ar oo. etup ed .]ns ar rh. ol}4 - ed ftahd I gi b€havioElst6. Bozlorene ei iiis wrl b irdn ir@ orbish{ &uologicd n6cdd, ilcludibg risal andodirory FrpoNs ro r ex ardm!te, &d hi5n@rrl bdraviouraiffidr sl. is a ntu or $odDEh@c!iv. b.n!viour.7 $nr do re oed rord rhesrs

ol rie n€vbon?we wr ro .mre 0Errhebabvis ablero iDEer wirh ' d d' 'nqP s no mpdmetr 'o si" .;odoo"r. "ogr Live,Do lh3{tu6c dry€ropn tr! n i! on.n dirfi.uh ro Drcverbar dlr irr.s. ioo is.fieriv. rn FiniEjsinE hndicap, hi lise Gaidae - rd ilfu. $d d.rf cnndEtrnh.d wirhhaiu lids j! rh. fid sji holds o|rp ilE b. r. sFs h ds 60* ,'i.d ud r4nd .[ !sm6 ud nN @;* "s* m, w] *ou.d li*e rolrow of6y hddjep 6 @ly s pcsibh.

r.a"s "1."u.-a m.,i-i..,bod! or di,s be$s ed vsods

dirFtur, rhe) id dLqif t i4o* b s@o. t irus t d w r,s b i $6d cr,pdd r r.b3- b inreGsihs nois, vnn ,rr@d@ i, thenbr.rinins p.dd. E€r Do$d @snis rb* rspoEs, bur rhey@or bc usadro d.r€r dorb3bi6 Elhbly becauseof lne w'l!n 06 rudon rovdmts babics nate ed posdblebiaso! Ue pd of rhcobs!e*. nre u* or! sihpl. r,rit. ro p@due b4d Mhs h6 bea denbed.' bd de n day b€ ffiorded by devi.e iftdrponths oic.oprdsr scb 6 lne aud orr spoB dsdte (whicb snourd.libinat ob*ner biat ne sirivity sndst cificiry of llis ddl. h.v. rrild ud! riats,1o1r Dd rb. rud sid'ns ba b bevay toud(30,35.rB)ro rdl in a b.t vioral nsdr by l!€ b€by,so lhd Dod@t hdins l]s 0e nised. Ihe dehphJrldlosi.ll ESoe 1! sud my b. derd.d ry .udiob.ry brd m sked 6p.M in rhebBi! sh. ad rhisis colsid.Ebly ntr sftfu.. blve Sinpt5@d n@ poiable hzin s6 F@6 now b.@ daelop.n.u Mosr Meouy iabom bati6 haing b's betr enen by nsins oramsic .oi$i@q a f6. r@d.! by (@o i! 1973.! deliydrd rd a notut 6 rdlb ii !r '€ho" $und 3ad€d bt de ce a, rbich c@ b{ derere! by d niniabne miftoph@q Ihc nerhodis quid6 6d ld5 ilvaive lbd hain s6 rudimll-y sd cd deler *en nnd hdiol tos. Sr@ andhis oxe8u6 re@d346hrac atis* dd sho*.d rnar20of &e 2r w ifinrd-b *no *Ne ne8ari*rNlr & bratu3da i@erly5kofril.dondrcol@ounicBLrthisqo.kdsohiCnUSnEda mjo! Foblm - rhd or vllid!.iq rel}dds or File Flg i, fie ne*boln brby. Tln ta b he by rollo* up, ctetjDg rhe oul@nr ri6 drerdiry ftarbddsitat b@@c posibt. in $e otC{ iDtb! Srdok gloup rdud a tod cor€laioo belweb difr.rion 6in3 ot rhebabiet tariDg ar 3 norhi or ,se dd bEin srn eparct .onfimed by orha! 'rw. Eu5i los b. mor aurious in inre'ldin8 lhe n$us or.ldrophysiolo8iel ress in rbendbom Babiesiho Bivenegrive 6uts will ne.d E@sritrgedar rin* durirs rh. fd ts Thoushlns sly tirhs or hains aidsis d6icbr., 6e deSr@ofh.ding iepaioenr reeds rd & de y .sblishdl. pdiculrty rs tutudidi oflne andiiory parhmystuy bebrhs plae, axroud del.yed.

Reodingrest- Ve6lon l

lirr rtrmingro souid)lnis re$ mry norb. nli,6l., *p..iauy ir I'dcm i a h,thp.dkF0druTn-Nd '.,*.-,[.|d'R00"'.


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vissJ fuidior b only lnd rh. as. ot 2 moi'$ p€terenri,r lmrjns @hniqu

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PitMs mv 3r. i fasun or Tn. besrndhod oI n.aurins Ynud scunvis to us the nu 30 ves rso $i parened obla6

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Paodlng tesl - Ve6lon I rt@ se66

(a) tb) Ic) (o

oJtt@ @tnar

that lt rs fo. a n Nbom baby 10 a?enend tn. m.ld as a creat blomlig b@lng conluslon', tlEt babr€s d€ nuch mor€ rcsponsrvc to usual md audltory cu.s h iet sumundhgs thr w6 p.€lrously lhought. i]1e nd,bom trabtcs n slw to dd€lop . ftspon* sumutus, sce th€y e€ aw:Ie ody

thar babtds e ld$ abld to ds.ndnate betwecn drtr€rnt fatms envlftnoe.t tho us b€lded b &e arst half d t}l]s ceniuif,.

Accordhg to re.4h lal {b) lc) (d)


to li lhe ar{cl., a baby given a chole abour vhal to

oftnc 4-we.k-old


who trbc'tus.


none ortn. abo!..

whlch of tlle rono6g sblemnb ts tue? (a) There rs $ne evrdc.ce tlEt 6ly t tffnuon {.) (d)

of tne

fadar felures. a rd showl4 hind a €rd shMgjunbled a carn sho*lng a large black patcn. a black fld v}!re photocrap

the sn*s


to !1sual ad audno.y

9r€vent bmdjdps hddl€ps Therc rs Duch.vtdence that.dly liteNention ff mlt fu TheE 's $me e'1ddnc. t}al dly l'1eflentlo! (n njlnmtze h4dsps ihdreps. Therc t3 !o cvrdencethat @ly bteruen on lfu mldtfu



l,a Dcwbom bablcs ls d ncult for sI ol tc loUotug tusons.

Newbom bables sbow behallouJal respon$s to somd such 5 bunl(h8 dd D€aJbabres som.uDes rEk€ Do€menrs by chde *bd rnt€rcsthg nol*s obseFe6 @y be b,ased tr thet hierpretatlon ofbabres rcs9oFeg The eudtlory r.sFotue frdle do* rot masu€ nodenle b€:rtrg ros*s



Reoctngf€3t- version I 7tE sM



Otoaoustic i:dsrons


solnds deltured ro the cocht.a. ' sounds€D$d by clrck sttndl cltck sumult delvertd to a nro.ld. souds gm.Et€d by a tr)lrnale dcmphonc.

CompaEdwnh rhc u* of otoaco$ac entsdoft. brah std audrom€try cd detet @n hld heinrg b*.



ot th€ hcanrg t6dnE methodsdedb.d rn the t xt btu sten audlom.iry 6n.latcd w. nth9Ee!99enctqE.Ia) bd stm audlom.try @n€lat d v.u rntn dstnctro tesla€r. Col otoaoustic t€sts corlated poorly *lth b.ah srm audlonety. {cl otoacoustr.t€sts co@rat€dwlr dth dstracirotr 16thg. ldl

wrrrch retnod of tBllng llsron tn ner$om babrcsrs not lst€d ,r trie amcle? {sl lbl Ic) (d)

bln* h Espose to a b.rgh! !ght. . folld the ntre'@t or a r€d senm b.[ chce b€twem lookr.g at enbe. a sHled tape or stdped drum. ch@sebetRe! l@Hng a! .rt}le. tl.i. or pattded cads.

20. of ure p!bt€!o6 nst€d b th€ foohobs on ihe pace follov,hg th€ Eadbg passg€ all e ton loumals of psycholog/ or neuroloAr. {a) (b) nonc *{tn respotu* or behavloa of jrfdts. (c) Fost d.d $ttt the rtsponses or b.nadour of rrfsts. atl deal $'ttn lhe audlory respon* ot |fsls, {dl


k .rE dd



T€t - Anru

o! P4.


P6o.llng fesl - Vetslon2 Redaling P.Issdge A AIDS deaths blan€d on :mmune tberapy

THE DEATHS of rhr€c paticnG during trials of an expennental imnune lherary ior people *irh AIDS have Eneryed contrcve^y over exp€rine.ts ceied oul by the s.ien-ri Daniel Zag!ry. The affair bas aho hi8hlighied sbon onings in lhe syslemof , ha \. rd coauo'. over(lircal re<edh The French healrnmibisier. Btuno DDneux,recenlly thai e ibquiry4ad cleded Agury and nn tem al lhe Piere andMdie Cuie Un've6ity in Pais of alleged itreguleiriesin the way dreycondudedtestsof a potent'aiva.cinead an exP€ndenbl innune tberapyin patien$al lhe SainlAntoinedospnd (This week, 13 April) But Durieux tude no nentlo. of thE deatbswhich tbe jnquiry had EpolledFollovins EvelatiDns abou rh€ circun$ances in whi.h lh€ died, Dldeux h6 now d.oDnced a new asessnenl of lhe res6, to b€ undena,k€nby ANRS, rhe nationai

aseDcylor AIDS reemh. Lat July,Zlguryandhn coll.aguesreporledin a lentd ra TheLancet(aol 336,P 1?9)a trial on patientswnh AIDS or AlDsjelat€d conplex. Th€ patienlsrceived a robooqthenimutresyJen!. Fepaoiion bsed on protelnslromHN 'hd wa. designed The prep&ationvas madefiom smples ol tbe patientsown whitc blmd cells, punfi€d and cultur€d in lhe labohtory The rcsedches had jnfectcd dE while blood ceUs wnh a genetjcally engin€eredfom of the llccinia virus that had genesfrom Hlv inserted inro its DNA. The vaccinia, or cowPox, virus, had firsl been inactivaledwnh fomardehyde, said the rcsedches. Ld vek, the Chicago Trihune and t? Monde all€Ced that at le6r two or thc dearhsvee causedbr vacciniadiseNe.a ra.€ conPljcationof inf4tion with vecinir virus. vaccinia is harnless in h*lrhy people ed t!6 bec. used in ns live foF as rhe !ac.i.c asainsl 3nallpox porldwid€. But i. people whose iooDte sysr€ns aE suDpresed,th€ virus a6 @cdionally sPead rapidly in rhe body and kill A ?dh demalologil, tefl-Claude Guiurune, said that when he wmed ZaEuv s rean tharhe was collinced ohe ol thcn patien$ had contacied vacciniadisease rhe Esoonsewas thal lhis was not po$ible becausctb€ vaccinia had been inactivated. Shonly before hjs death,tbe pati€nt had consultedGDillaune aboDrldge, rubbery lesions Roujeau,aboul th€'rnc dhease cuillaun€ consulteda colleagu€,Jean-Claude Roujea! told thc ChicagoTibune rharhi rest on lhe tissuesamPles$,ken froh rwo Darienls&fore thev died bad derectedvaccinia vins in rh€n skin cells

Reoclingtesl- Vetsion2 The SainnAnroine kams po.tsonemr.rb d'd no'Evealva.drua Odil€Prard. cbo n 'n chageoradniDnerng tte trcarment, \ays$eE wereftee po$iblecau!.r o( death- vaccitia disease, heDesor a loxic reactionto lhe p@edureusedto prcpd€ white blood c.lls beforeinjectingthen into pari€nts.Zcgury,bovever insist d that oorhing auowsus ro afim n [was yaccinia]. h could havebcenheQesor Kaposis sscoma . Thetcstsde @ndnuing,he says. Luc Montagni€r,co-discov*er of HIV, called lor 6 imediare hah to the erperimcnts. Ite saysthrl intrarenoDsinjections conld lead to ecneralisedveinia disease. His t€ab al lhe Pasteu.Itrstitut€ hs alEady snop. in laboraroryrsls rhal vaccinialirus Dayb. dangerouif lre imun€ sysredis unable10Esistn. The findings!r rh€ P4r.ur InstitureeeE app@ndyunkroM to Zasury! tem, vni.h works with Montasniert rival, 1heEs.&cner Rob.rt callo- callo! @llalohtiotr wi$ Zagury ha ben susp€ndcd by rheNadonalL6titlt s olHealth in theUS becaus of Zagu.y ondhis lcan hav€ also deniedchdges that lhey covcEd up tne dearhs. whicbmnotnorionedin th€nteponinThebhcet.'Tbeyw.rcnor.over.d!!, Picdd said. TheyweE aeept€dlinro rnebia]l on comp4sionaEcrcDn<b. me lancet t pon .oncems2A padenE. 14wio wererr.aredmd i4 .ontrols eho wcr€noI ablelo Eciv. lhe trcarmenr.Picdd saysrh five orberpatientswee alsoeat d vilh rh. prcptradonbut were.ol comparedwirh rhe co.troh. Tten T4 c.ll coDnishad fallcn loo low to b. compdablewith th€ conrol gronp,so lh€y v€E .xclud.d froD rbc sludymd nol nerdor.d jn its Epon. AIDS pati€ntsm laniculely vulnerableb jnfecdon. Furibemor, tbe ethicscouncil hadsFcified thal yolunle.E shouldbe chose.b€caD$^tileirslarepd so advancedn .xclded ftstn€nl wilh AzT . Ar least sone of th. la.ienrs were beinE treat€dwnh AzT at tnesatr lin a imune rhenly. The councilbadale sLed to b. iofomed of the rcsultsol tlc uials ce by case, but had.o. ben lold of thc derths. Th€ Een€licistArdr€ Bou€,a n nbd oI Ibe coucil, eid: "Theethicscouncild@snot havejudicialpo*ers; w€ de not thefdud squad." Thc diElot otulte.AlDs resedch agen€yANRS. Je&-Paull,ra, js concem.d rhatax rhecontrov€dymarl!e44!o ! cisis of plblic conlideicebut laid the blm€ frtrrly at thed@r of theDediivh€rc ".xesive praisejs followedby ex.essivercjstion , kvy, who hadsdll h€ardnolhjne, "cv€ninfo@ally" from dle hcalthnjnistry the day aft€rDuteux lold prlimeor ihal ANRS wolld assessimlne lhedpy trials, said he wdted to sndy rheprobletu "i. d€plb,but .or in tbe allnosln€reof a trilunal . ANRS hasa panelof expensin $e6p€utic tnals, whjch, sayskvy, might *€k imematio.alconracr to obtain a broadcons.nsus on lne issuesinvolved. The.e seech agencyl rolc is lo carryoul a plrely scienrificevaluarion,norto 6sesswh.therdere wasa breachofethicrl guidelin€s,accordingro Lvy''If lh€govemnent calledon us lo exdi.e rhjscase,we could&l verygli€kly, saidPhiliD@Luc6 of th€€thicscomcil.

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orthe fonMg b FAISE zagury s exp€nnenls have been mntrov.rsbl belorc An lrqxiry found obvlous rftgulandes li zagJrlJs Mrk. ^NRs b 10re-€varlat zagurys tests zagury s hrenuon had bem io hcltd

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whlcb tl1e paucrts rdeived had be€n accrdenElly bfecled $4th a rom of tbe Ecdna *rus Ms mad€ from whtt. bled ccus vhicb }ad be€n ndufacr'ftd

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laboratory' had been stor€d ur tomald€hYde whlte blo.d cus wtu.h had bfrn bjr€n lrcm @nrahed bbontdy_treted

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Adordlng to the artrcre,va(fu a) rs poten!.Iy leftal ror ax humms. has been used b ng botn co*!d dd smarlpu all dound $e wrld b) c) @ be ddg€rous ln peoplewho haE abnord rmune svsr€ns lJr.oneollhe above. d)

es also a neober or zaguy s tem, esrfted oneof tlre p5lents who lrad been reIened to h]m bv zagurv s lrrom€d the ctilego Tnbu.e about lh. Esults or th€ tests on he dssue Ms/drd 'one offteabove.

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FAr-sE rlar llrdhgs at t})c Pasl€lr lnsdt e Ner ignded bY zaCJnYs tff. dld nol lcad to ,nr€ftntton by tne Nauotal lftututes ol H"lrn lnlecdotu were no1 g..d fo. padents dth wealrd showcd llEt bta*nors led to zaguJy s ted

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keephg qtner about the pallents vbo n'd dted

peoplewer€ lnjectcd dtn lhe prepdauon ln rhe id'P

wlrrch of tire fonodng starmdts descnb.s the tlual condtilon of the p€ople who took pan h ft. trlll? F€w.r $@ haif of them had AIDS

The Frcnch €$rcs 6mctl is aga]Ist &c u* or4zr 4 of the d4rhs wdtcd to rmaln glotut bJ rs dlttng to daluale th. td.r .) rd may pmKule zguys d)

A.(ordhg to Jee Paul L€ly

over-.ecuon h tie med, rEs l€d to a cnsb ln publc snnd€ne the healtn r dsty told hLimabout tne deatns rhe dav aner pdnoent cl d)

lhe ANRS ttrd nol eat to .onducl their ass*smmt b a pubxc mta ANRS nay pms{ub zagury s t€d ll tbev 6nd tbere was a brocb of dthc.l guld.lhes.

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s hard act

Rese{ch groupsdound the eorld d€ olrinisric tnar they tue n*jng prcgEss rovards developingtbe dng insulh in a fom thrt cd be ulen by nourh. Many diabeticsnnsr inject$enseleeseverydayvirh insulinro belpcontrolrnebvel olsugtr in th€irblmd For decades,scienrisrshavebeenlookingfor fl effecdveway to giv€ p€oplej.sllin by Insulin is tu essentialhomonc for genihg glucose fron the bloodstreo i.lo body celh, a.d nost peopleproduceit narurallyin tbe pancrea. Peopb*nh diabebsneUnus produce €ither nor enoughinsulin or noneat all. Th€ homo+e .dDor nomally be bl€n insulinnoleculesde desrroyed by digestire enzyhesin the glt Tnus by mouthbecause nust inj€crrhen{elves*itb insulindaity. my diaberics

Researchers havethercforebeenaimingro packagerhe homonc in somewat so md n ca sudive intacrln rhesur dd crosslhe aut wall into theblo.dst€m. The curenl expcrioents &e all at an €dly nage. Evenif tneydo l€adto an efi4tive lrcatmc.r,it nay not bc suibbl. for everydiabclic. lnos aosl likely io benefir de p€oplewho find injecionsdifficult, suchN blind peopledd younSe.children. This monrha leam in Ohio is applyingfor pemission lo tesl its oml insulinon p6ple. The rable! js a geladn capsulewhich contains insulh od a drug sinile ro aspnin and sodiun bicdbonate. Tbe gelatinha a coning of wal€rproofplasticlhat becomes Muday saffrs, Nho is lexdingrhd rcsearcbar rh. Medical Collegeor ohio in Toledo,saysthe plast'. ba*d on a polyner phose structtr.€co.lainscenain nrlrose. t.ogen bonds l6own as u o bonds. In rhe gut, bacrena bpsL dowt the do bonds, ed the pl4tic becones pemeable to warer wat€r eniers th€ capsule ed causesa reaclion belw€entbeaspirinlike drg a.d rhesodiun bicrbohde. eivirg off cdbon dioide ad ruptuongthecapsul€. Tbe E sedchersbciieve the dpinn.]itc drug nay also h€tp the in sulin to be absorbed. Th e idsulin is absorbeddnecrly frcn the sut inlo tbe veh carrying llood lo tbe liv€r. hav. so fd caried our tials oi tbe.apsnlcin ratsand Saffianandbn colleagues nost recenlly diabeticdogs The resetrchersfound that lh. level of glucosein lhe iron nore than400 to 120 nillisrans ler decililreaier blnab bl@d rell, on averaSe, rcceilirg rhc capsule.Al the sme rinc, thc insulin lereh in lh.n bbod rose,showing they bad absorb€dlhe homone.

Peodinglest - Vetslon2 A.othergrouphasalready stded Gninga differentinsutincatsutein humabs, perrod€d havingtrsr animalriais. Hanch Bd-O. andbis colleagles artheHad4sab Hospiralin Jerusalenhavepalenred rheircapsule, whi.n is coaredso rhatn is nor j.sulin and oth€r desrroyed by rhe sronachacjd. BaFOnsaysrhecaDsute contains in8redienrs which helpro e.nan.erhehomones absor?rionin rhegrr andto inhibn tbe SoId, thetrialin Jeosalenhas6€n snall,involvingontyeigblheatlh votunree*. ln futuE, Br-on wantsro exrendlhe rriak to diaberi.s.bur he stresses the n&d for moE Eseach b€forehe cd do so. Th€success of rhetestssoId ha be€nlinited,burencouraSing, saysBr-On: in rhrceot$e.igh! thelevelolsugtr in thei. bloodfell afie. lhey rooktbecapsutefroD loo njllieraosPerd4ilite to berveen 80 and85. Ar in. sametine, theinsulintevclin then bloodwasscn 10rise to a FaI rhenlail oft For 1heEroining five F€opte,lher€wd .o significar .ff€ct from |hecspsule. A lhird proj€d n led by Youeh Cho at MurdochUnive6iry in Penrr,Aunralia, tosetberwnh Conecs,a conpabyjn Isle wonh nearLo.dor. Cbo hasdeviseda conbinaron ol insDlin&d faq nobcules, encapsulared i, Belarin.The fafiy nolecul€s. ahichoccu!naturallyin rbegurass producroiihe digestion of fal, de esily absorbed frcm lhe gut andcdied ro rheliver. Insulinarrached ro rhesenolecutes canenlerthe bloodstrem. Cho gaverhE diabeiicn n lhis prepdalion,in liqdd lom, In eachof lbe men pas th€r a subsrdtialreducrionin rhelevelofbl@d sugd. Tnei insutinlevelswere aho seento p€ak a.d tail ofi The tean naspnblishedrhis {o.k in The Lancet(vol ii 1989,p l5l8), ahdclinicaltlailsof rhecapsule &e dueto stansoonar CuysHospiraj, in Ther€ft. however,severalproblenssirh oral insulir. Firs! n h reldively inefiicient: eledl timesasmucbinsulinis.eededlo a.hievethesanedioDin bloodsu!tr r h a r a . p e ' r ." m o u n r c o ual d . t u . v c' r , n , e ce d T h i i \ u s € e r sr h u" , i g n' i , - r o o u n i o t insulinis still b€ined.sgoyedin rhegut. Also,lbe amoDntof insltin that witl b€ absorbed is unpr€dictabledd €d bc distupred,for exmplq by illnes.

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a uab)e oral lom of he'nh hs be'n de!'loptd be dev'lop?d t"ulf rovsd a*t " *on.-

of hsulln MsHn T1!em:ror probl€n k$ o oral rom ou'5d' th_ pan ds p'odu.Lna tr ln sufi'rentq6dur' at deltetue tr ddmgcd br l'' t''' 4u| dr€*uvr "/tTca u o* '*"*g ", .--r"e qarr bF Lhesroodsen '"'m$o'eeut ;* "*";..,"'o ;'

tobe testcd b ol{o r casurcvhlchls chld'r voungft p'ople dd v,tl also b? t.\cd on blnd dd sodrum htdbonatc a codbhatlon or lnsult' 6pttt ;dns the pr€r4ous ercbros to otrcme "*""". ;;-.""-."""

d r€ctron bet'rtn tne €Psde @d ,s rkelY to desEdyrh€ tnstu @uscs lhe hslrh

dd 1}r. sptu_llke

dng ro bc raken hto u'

nroducescdbon dioide asa bv prcduct io pass hto ue ; oe hsdrn od the sodrumbicdbonare



at tlE M€dical college of Oblo h Toledo

has shom srgnsol bebg successtut does has beenorded out on diabeijc rars dd 'n rhFddcrs resre' his>nod m dc ers. hblmd F\rl

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rn resrs(rdcd our a1rlE Hadas$l1 Hospft2rh Jerusar€o aJ saflre s upsutc has had sht' r€suuswtth humdb b) Satr@ s eraute nas nol had sinid resdts srh hurms cl tne l*dhe6 haw useda capsulewl1lchls ardosr rderucat ro saitrd s d) the epsule bebg used ont hs subsr2ncesto protccl rhe ituutjn anacKrg r. fte sto@ch

wlrrch ol the follo*1ng sbtemnts ts TRUE a) Bd-On lE used he.ilhy drab.{c lolunreec errlusrvcly ln hls trials Bd-On rs ready ro e\t.nd hls dats bl c) Bd-On has not tfrn d,*ouEg.d by rtsulrs b dat€ dl Less lhd s0% or Bd On 3 sublds erTeFiencedmlijmar clhge or hsutr!

rn rh. ^ustraxd pm&d a) ratty noleal€, jnnu to those fomd natuaxy{ccu.r'rrg ,n tn. body, de uscd to .osr th€ rnsulti,g€tat1n.ombbitjon tlE artxicraily'xrtioduced fatty mole.ules soldtt rn t}je gut fatty mlecures 6iy $e tisuib lhe gcla n.nlm tn€ bbodsrr.

a) b, d

the s ofchos resl subj4ts ln what fom tie pr@ddon ws adnjrl]stcred wndl1s tne r4l ol t srln tn the subjsb hcrcased ornot

wtuch of tn€ folo*.tng rs NOTgtvcn as a probtd v,lth d oEt fom oflrtn i? al lt ls dlnrcul to *ur( out how much InsuIn needsro be addrsieEd bi trrm *.Eiy p.ople who ffi unabre10swallow capsuressucftsstuny cl the Et. of rftuxn abe.puon may be atr*red b', the generajbearthof rhe diabedc patjents wodd nftd to be grvm srbstanualy moE hsulh uE they .wen y d)

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5 yo boy, erc tllbat md busky vorce, -ldge, t ectedtonsnssth @date. -tdnde' mlrged rMGr 'odes Penlcltln v 25omg qrd ror 7 daYs

Mum rol.l.ed tnat .tarnl€ had brM trtue 4 days a€o. she sys he G dftd dd 'etn4b No I'rstory ofii.quercr. dysuna d tEUm. ENT tonstld h4ertrophy UdnarYsk - nacoscopid lt@tuna. ? Posi siEpr@c€l nephtus


R/v rn 2 days; drjnt plenty or nulds In€suaauons.-FaE + difi Urea + cr€atirnne -Etectror)tes Ascrr flde -MSU M/C/S + ceUborphology

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Patlentsdl] asl.mplotuUc BP r 10/90Notc^ BP, -) r''_tl'rulvS" - -"*".opr" nu*ut'ru -tBE'nomal -Ure + c@tL1nc - sl. d@ldl -rsoT - dealcd *++ -MSU- 4 x r0 | RBColtual odglr' Postslrepto@c@ln€dn$s s4th @rlv re&l failft Rda to pa.dlatrlde Di F. Goldmn.

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lo! l! th€ @e !ot€e, rdt€ a l€ficr of refcmlitolDr. lletlgrn. blor r7r !'tctod! Prnds E !r Merbo@a

F. Gltdne,


caB€ Do NOT @e not. fod tn th€ l€tt€t; .rpmd ate rel.vut &nt€.ceE, ane letter 3toutd t. 1n-2o lln€r lo!4r onry the fst 26 ll.$







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to Mr. B. Door.v.

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DO NOt G€ aote fo.m tn the re$€i €rpand the r€tevut cse !ote. tnto f!,1 D€ r5-2o ltne. loag; olrt the trrsi 25 riner Bill b€ sestenc.r, Tle letter.nodd



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Witing lesl - Vetslon3 OCCI'PATIOI{rI, ENGLISII AF-ST WRTTINGTgS?: DOCTORS tnne 6ilosed: Re.d th€ .a*

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paln.llll pBot sharp & constant wo6e dturg up, %rllJne 01bddne No urhary or bos€l srnl1dns ; ro hrlrlr€ or Eusa. No loss ofrt+h! i no charg€ or borel hahr,

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Noboed modonsnce 26/1/89 : Fa8s.dbardsto.l i{rh bd&r bloodo! thc outstd..

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Listeningfesl - vetslon I gXrlIFlCArlO\S couNc[. oN or?RsEAs PRoFESSTONA! OCCU?ATIONTLENO'I$T TEST



pan of a pog6me .bont snorhg You t01 har the rl1sddo6. Yo! must a'ls@ th. quesuoG ln lh. spac€lrodd€d Thel:€'in !€ tl'n.€d 6c queuons for you to r€d €ch your sns6. us. not€ tomi dont vastc tln. Etlutlg .omple!. har

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N@e de of th. o&er lrcdlsposlnâ&#x201A;ŹfactoE n6tloned L lhls secUon.

Is lt esy for a C.P, to make a de6dte dragnost oI OSA:

wlEt cosequace of OSAis eduon.d h thls s(fldn?

clve on ol &e rqh conclnstotuof tne Datlsh study.


Uslanlnglest- Ve6lon I

lvtEt turths po$tble conscqude of osa Is !@uon.d h tbrs sed.n?

rvha! tro tttngs drd the grouls mattoned ln &. study haw h comon?

ar --.........


i I .::I -...-.,..-.........,,

A nmber oI @16 fo. snorrr4 ar. mmuored h tlrs sfttlon. Arâ&#x201A;Ź rh.t ]@m6ded

Nde ole of thâ&#x201A;Ź suggested cours* ot acflon for sullerss of OSA mentlon.d ln trns

Lidenkg fen - Veglon I

How etretlve L drlg irahdt

\that ns.ondluon

\raEt slndlm.

for sr,llelft

of OSq?

ls mentlonedL1lils secuon?

rs poslbly assclat d r,lth ttus @nduon ln babls?

crve dâ&#x201A;Ź cdet ol sleephg pnb and t-dqutlxs6

on oSA sufi@6.


d' 4

4 .4

.4 4

e ,d

Uslenlngfesl - VerclonI


ls @ dldt oI alâ&#x201A;Źohottr rdauon to OSA?

wbat sstoE cotu.qu6c6

of Fpai.d

.lmhol hta!.

ln OSA sull46

at.! 13r-hc .nd of ldr A

i! mctdon.d


Llsteningfest - veEion I

PARTE - rtltening

tD i condbtion

In thrs part of trlc t61. you u4n nclr a doctor ln Sencralpractlc. cotducdng a consultauon wifi a ns patlent, Ma€aret Budd. a 32 y4r old come10seet}le do.tor be€Ee oI pa]n 1nhd hMds. Yo! edl lar the lnieFlil once orny. Your las! ls to mar{endtes about the cdnsdlauon und- dle l-edrrg" gvrn on di. nqL M pag6 of b. Ms* 5 5F"a Tuflove and €d rbroleh n16e hedrtls !oP. Yonfin ha* onenlnlte to do ftrs You nlsr glve as fluch r- omatlon as you 6 under e.h ol the had1ngs pror'lded Thde stl there Mx be pa!s6 durhg the corerllbdon f.r tou to strte vou d$e6 also be a tw nxnutes dta ai the 6d for you to cof,llet vou o$6 G1veydu dse^

h nor. fom. Dont Msle tr,n€*rtdng ful sentdcB

R@mbs, Youe,Il har the h

Lbleningfesl - Ve.slon I

Maketut6 aboutdE cons'nbdon uder .ach oI tre h€dhgs b.lo*. Tine of on*t ol std!lo@:

Deb ! ol Ddtoit colnddlng tiih odet ofrtDDt

r&r TSREEmy.ln


rblch tt€ p ta '. ue hcbcenafi.ct€dhv

ActtF t6L.n b rmprcre pd!:

th' Dat!

Lbteningfesl - VetslonI

Timc vrE!



of fdxt

13 soFt:


ts@ltl bl.iorvl:

Dlr€!@ts gt@a by the doctor:

Lhlenkg lest - Ve6lon 1 qn.t do.s rhedocrorpoDr dtto






the docto. for hfornatton

That I! i.tâ&#x201A;Ź â&#x201A;Ź!d of the list.ning r.rt.


lisleninglesl - Verslon2



occlPAToNArEncu$l Tast

In tbis patt. you pin her a talk on Hw End AlD6 glv.n by lrr Dorcta Gddc of tb. MacfarlaneBmctt Cetr. for M.dI You nll hE lh. t k onc. only, ln s.cuore. You tuu6t 9lNd thc quefom spac* pmvtd€d, T!@ dn be ttne durtng the ta!{ foryou ro rad ach queuon,


oq dd look qulckly rbft!€h the lapd now. Yourtl lar d.

You @t wite as )ou !!ten. ed you cu completeyonr dws


,ru rtlt hd

lhe tap. ole



tn th. and to

to do thi5,

li the paus6 betsd

Lislenkgfesl - veBion 2

hok rt guation

r !ov.

gudtion 1 b6 teen done for yor

Amongstsbtch gmup of psple in lhe USAms ADS lst idc.tiled?

H orr!2S? n

EFdmrobo/ t! the stxdy of the txstory md detomrmts of rllsasc rn poldauosH@ has eplddxolog n€Fed to conrrolthe ADs E,donrc?

There ar. three vays h vhlch the rll@n


hmuno-deftrtency Vlrus (tllv) €n b€

tl th€ E$t qoal€ of lnndlsto!




wtut tnlofl.tlo!

ts gtven l!o!t


tLe €lEciency of tmbtEton?

Urlenlng lej' - Ve6lon 2

wblt is the 6.cond dod. of te.blsston





Wh.r ts lh. t rd mo.t of (@sDhsrotr mendomd?

t'F. tupl6

metrtt@€d orttls

mode ortmnanbdlo!?




The spek r m.ntrons Mys tnat tlds modc of t4rsErsston


what de tvo ofther€ mt!?



{rhat bJoftadon ls proided about th€ nedla! tine t!.hen for AIDS to dw.lo! fmtu Ihe ume ofHlvlntudon?

Listenlngfesl - vetgon 2


ot aiDs? iixa! l,Idmudor ls givenon rne usual slfl]va1 tln€ 2fter the oreet

xw tlEt ona AID.StEs ddelop.d h wm@ they do no!

fne!.s ab01$o qT "O" *auo@ * *o *t*" *a

'_thlt difierddr!'

llv2 'In'2 ftom BIv12

($rHOlliguc fhe speaks dGcuse World Health Organj?'don !In/ dd AIDS dound th. sodd dout i. !tle! wlat tlfodttlo!



ovet the llBt


7 ? t ,

7 -

Lisleninglest- Verclon2

,! Elde fd th€ yeu 2ooo?


whrt !4dictto!


The spsk r dlsdsd th. lattan of s!@d ot Hw, which flctoE d€ ldenttfied e trctlttr.g the dpsll:t



at ?



a .a

.t tou.t"-




7a -.-


7a I





wLrt t. ti. 6D.ailelo pEdrctt@ rbdt



to t!. $rso, rh.t C@o&8toa of aDs lrohtly?

lr th.






.a a, .a I

th. 6pr€.d of AIDS nr Ada dd Afrlo?


a, .)

7 7 .-

7 7 7 7 t7 7 4 -7

nre Fp@l<erdl,scussesthe dmstug

efiets ol AIDS on Afrle. wherc r lrt 40 adults de

m gly€n for the npid .pr€ad of AIDS in Atrt@?


Listeningfest - version2

'It€ .peake. discu*6 th€ gror9s of p@pleatrectedby HnlADS rn dlfierenlcountrlF, conplete the foll@irg t!}le to li$ tne goqs of peotL aff..t€d




&bort th. rat4 0l IIIV tnfecrton foi the (t)


LHenkg fetl - Velsion2



il@s tte 6letrcr gtt. fd t$5 .ntrtion?


R€cdtly, arsttilra bls scn no hd@. w!!t


der rh. .!..lcr

h thc ndbd

gr4 loi tht ?

Th.r Ir the etrd of lrJt A

ol nq dragnose of AIDS !€r

Lislenkgfest - ve$ion 2


p€cuce sulgerv IttdleFlng h d s pan of ure t*l vou vIl h€r a doclor tn Ed't"t dct D3ke nots about G@ll Bm. a !au6t vnh a rcc.nt p@b14. aq vou lGta vo! sh the c.reLnt ton !nde. tbe hadrngs Elvo on th' ds'J do thls tltroug! lne. hadrigs now Youwgl haft o@ mlnqte to tbe hedhgs prodded Yon nusl gv€ a3 mrch trfomatloa s vou can ddd ach ol note undet the fndc arl be !aus6 dltltg the .otsuliadon ior tou to compbt' vou There sll alsd te a !s txnutd sta at thc €nd for vo! to nrn5b rel@n! !€{!ng,

Giv. yrlr alNN

ri lote lom. Don t Mst€ lhe ntidng tull stdc6 ;

RdeEbef. you wt! ha! tne hldr1w

@lt onrv'


e d

at al


a at a

a7 € €

a €

Listening lest- Ve6ion2 .ach Dr the hedt4s

below. C$e as much

Resotr ror prtiedr8 vGrt

p4Jr-rs-.qlter.Lh.e-]gat . ............ .Chesj 2.]/]ceks


de.criprton of conrution olcludtng 6ymptom. Ed prcctpttattng

LisleningTesl- ve$ion 2

(al c.r.ral

@.ncd tjstory

r€sr€ lalR.3urBorlr.vloB medr@r

D D p il ?

Lldenlngted - Ve|slon2

o 7a

Far .Iy tudior

t I ?

o ?

? o ? ? ? ? ? 7 u 7 ? ? I I I




I I a, I N I I



7 7 7'

7 7



F udenlng fest- velsion2

P@6lbl€ Edds

for coniUdon

lrDpo.ed M@!g€ otcondtlrd


dd t4tecfio4

Uslenlnglett - Velsion2

ReEon for..€Llng sgeat art .dm

sEp8 lr t@td..t

ro be uden!}..


erd of the llst€lhg te6t, bin!1.3 to cleclr you usrem,

Speoklngbn - Role-ployCotd I candt rdE c4rd No I D@6s

""*,*-l"J) .



Tb.ls42-yd-old has bad Mll]@t bllary couc ovd tv€rve monrhs. ,t!93!9s4! shows a srrgttuv tEcdonhg ganuadd.r slth thtd cal-94l0tdleilng ahol€cftctomvlTst

R'ls€rthc Er?bh lb€ ultrasou4d 6tdltgs. E*pLrn tEt cboleystatonv slth thc lattat tuuth.. btrt that the gd@l as6thcsla fo. errl€ a sma! nsk s4get mlllng lor lala aftigc slrgay sben .ofld'rdr

Rtlepldtl€B ca'd No t Dxtts

Yoa d. 42 ya6 old. Oad tbe bst yer you haE had 6dtlar lbot ad.cks or ga'rbLddd p6h. vou d hoasl'lely rcnsed !b. tequdcy of $. atracLe and the nrcd for lnjedo6 to releve You $l6h to tod tb€ redts of an ulLa3ound t6t ldlomed d@tor, You woads about bav[rg ruotly on thc adltctofyor


a, 7,

a, a,

4 ?, -)

-2 -l


y9!a!ax-4d4s ftdd

rdo"cd sfgrc.lty.

hvolvc, and dy


nnd out about PtEt tlis



h6ltancy abolt $rg€ry tut ey you telly ent




Speokkg lest- Role-PloyCatd2 CuJtdidate Cnrd, No 2 DEbrc

Sxblrnd Cd@l P.acu€ Thrs lJty y@ old psudt nas hrlatenl @tancb and ls wodtcd that he/she rs go1"€lllindE*platn td lhe pad{t tlat he/she lDs bllaidal callects. Ressu'. rhar tb4 Is an opaadon o cofe(t rl-r Probl; Grv4 thc pauofs agel. ca]n !.nnlsslon to anang€ the


ctrd No 2 D@16




Yon e 6Jty y€4 old. Y@ bav. nouced lnrest'glt d€r the past fd oonth!-

loor Mdon

Fiid out nlh Jhe&do@tyiLs5@@tfleetqry:q,oqqi

You arc vdy s6!.C t.b3tyou a. gohs bund dd aE indauto you @ havc You l€t @dif knoe rJ t!bF B @ trebdt pcoplc luvhg opd?tsore on fi@ .rG bur k soMd3 hd]ly ds!t,


n 7E

Speaklng l€st - Fole-ploy Cold 3

7 fl

fr, fl


7) ?)

Thi.r hjrty year old pftnt ts concemed abou! hts/he. ch d\ foream, whrch appears brck aboul t}re tratrncnt ed lflhe fracture * afieci tut!re Crdtu.

rf fl

v, a a a 7'

rbd oul how rt happencd. Eenhaton shows that rhe chxd bas suffered a g]€as[ck frsdure vhlch l'lll requft a ptaster -


7' 7' 7'

d, d a d, ? ? 7 ? 7 ? 7 a ? ? ? 1 I 1 1 1' ? ? I ?

cener, Pr?crice

,urureSro{nnsho'irdnorb€impaired approx. 6 weel* ro beaii xdbio.s

,,J s \-.rr tpea t' uE.. ^ J,Z .ryyf


of wearlig ptasler


cotd No 3 D@rot

suburbd cenerzl haclle You de 1netlirq/ yed old penr of a lour yed old chud. (Mellssa) You were carled ro her kjnderganen as shd had r2rren rrom rhe praygrcund .qurpment You nouce that your cblld h5 a swolcn Find out rf your .bld s m is broken. F ld out whal rrahent rs necesszry. FInd our lJ lr.. am sn grow propffly l. rhe tuture. I}is as she rs h a tol ofpdn, sd has never bad any aeldent llke thts before. what can be done

Speoklng lest - Role-play Cot.l I cdndlddk

card N. 4 D*bE

Thls nlieteed year old pad€nt h hlT€Fenllalng ttrst ume lt has ocard.

This i3 thc

;J)""6;"",",.*6;)" p-nr6 *,m-"d... rryod sF**1 3ruatron atuae



cdrd No 4 Iteto€

a g e a a

You de nhet*n yrN old. on your way home 6:otu work you r€el very desp.ete od Dodm a lot of dfncdty br€&1n9.

You ftrl that you ac Eohc to pas out o. dte. You feel vcry frlghtcn€d. You continuaxy ask t}l. doctor lor rcassurdce md wsl to knov shat rs eohc rmre. If asked. you ce

re,uctantly dd graduany glvc the fouoMne


you m lanappy Mt}j you lob 0dtch€nnddli


you re u$appy about your appeamcei you havevery low self esr€em; you nnd ll hard to male rri€nds; you I'kh you had a gdrnend/boyfrtend

d d 6 d d d



- PeodingIesl AnswetKeys Answens








t2_ 3.

6. 3. 9.


Answe6- wtilinglesl - vetslonI - SompleAnswel OCCr]PATIO lt' ENCLISH TDST aItrTrNc


DOB:l015/45 .BFq

Four wc.k! latd Jrnl

lr{tLIly lrsdt

qtu/ d qnrhbnstuu3 on Lhe2ol12/sdd

d Pllh Pa,..d€s @doscoplc na@tuda.

syhptoo appar.d to be Ltldg,


h'leJtropny hrs BF 90/60 ud dalFs

H!-or v oth6



on rcvlw rlodsJ,-],n4bga bons showrd a n dly elRsrcd ure and cr€bilne. lE@r@ or dDl onar. ss n6uy\t!6-i;Got-nF6d Pau@r'sblmd p$s@ ey

hE tnc.d


to rro/90.

'elbntB Md lhat hc t! at nsl ot ddclopltg I berwe Jsd. b.s p6t s|J.!tmo(al snd d,na€ fard. I roLnd appredar. you s*nql '.-";-"

Rr'.] 7\.

Answers- Wtitinglest - Ve$ton2 - SotnpleAnswel OCCI'PATIONA! ENCLISII IEST

a€iks for s€e,ng Mr. smrth. a 77 yar old redr€d fame., He 8Er pr6ar€d to m€ tn Novdbd rsgr $4th a nvc l€r bstory of rlght ht! paln. 4t rlls dne he brd a tso norrh htsiory of sade pali h rb. dght lrlp whlcb Ms ,ro! repond,ng ro s,rnple endg6ia. He foud rt dfic'rtr to ber edghr dd hrd a drrased Fnge of novd€nt on hrs lrghl dde. othds4sc, qznd@uon qs nomrt. x.Ey !t tlljs the shwcd modeate

d.€6.Euon oI r}l. rgbr hlpjornrcomror vu,os*oanrms

I colme.€d }lllr or rrdom.thadn s0 ng t.d.s. . I'ntlany trs r€sponse,as Eoodbrt niJortundteiy hc 6dt*d a furlhd ltsn !p llr Jdury 1992. hdoE.rbad, G recomeft€d ar t s trn. brr eased sjEinn@t dysp€lda. I thcr€foE co@aced Mylmta ad cl@ged nrm on to T cout 25 m8 reo rrbs dary. unfortl&1ely, tls hlp larl has coneud to 'o6en and the .br,gc h lh@py n:! nor h€lpcd. I {ourd ap!.eclatc you opblon re€lrdrng bls ilrure lnd {odd htftsied to know lf he @uld be a slttabt. 6dt.lalc lor a t p repla@mt. thanks fo!youol'lJ



p Answet - Llslenlngfecl- VersionI



3 3 3


rrolll pdsslblemdks tor t s s.cuon: 22 nsrrGl




a 7 .c 7 7 7 7 ? ? 7'

? 7 ? ? ? ? 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ? ? 7 7 7 ?



Durtn€ tne apnoeic d.dte, wblt ls tle cfi€.t on hlood !E3sde?

During the .ploetc 6r!t . shlt Is th€ ef.ct o! orvg€n t4veb in iie tlood?

Eow torg do4 tae Fhole cYcb r6t? et r{ara rDl4te 130seond6) ll ddk) b) ln se\e €ses, how mdy @lsod6 oI OSAmay ocdr pei nlght? Sd€ral lundr€d (I !ulk)

ttulst!? flny s l@y slnen6 of osA qllt Lnlv 9q1!o P.t 'ir.y donr rc5lar lhry lEv€ bes warM8 dunng tn' rJehl TF4r dodors Uru* lcrr s1eepL16shas E psycbologrcal€se (r mr[i gqFEln O Nm. t@ factoE ftntch pEdr.po.e I pc6on to.!tter,n€ o{ote ansN a)Agc


be glvo h uy ord( I trk

(Not€:arsoe!.w S*, ddo th. stllld6

d€ sdq

osa a b€ltroned tn tbtE

for ach ffi61

50 )

qlrfll&r-z tn tl13 s.cuon' Nde d€ of th€ oth€r Ptedbposhg flctoG !e!tt6ed , ru'k 'or anyoneot sm6llld.rjaw {ehld lfuDs h€ longua i.g*-r _') rittng dentue pmblms assoctatedq,lth,tonsljand palak:6;aad1v ..-


Il tt easy ior€ c.P. to malle a d€ iuagnGt. ot osa?

. ,---./


AnsweE- Lhlenlng lesl - veEion I

ryblt con.eqrcnce or oSA ls oenrbned rn tlls 6ection? H]gh broodlressu€ o1r.pedenslonlo neru

Gire one of $€ mai' co4lErorc oftl. D.ntd}, Any one ot snor€F tEve hlgher bloodpraslr€i morea!gi!a: dd moreaderlal dtsa€e 1ntle lcgs ind non-snoEF O nru

what rurtn€r po$lble coGequde of osA b mddo!€d t! tb& 6ecdon? rrnparrmdr of lt6rn irncuon o narkl

tro thrn€! drd 6e gol'3 mentioled tn tle .tudy hlv. i! .omon? @ rre gvd 1ndy ord;: r l6k ror ech ew6) 0{o1€rds6


b) borh s!fiq€d qce$ivc dattjne d€@n6s

A n@b€r of c@5 tor .noilng 4 m€ntion d ln tlls secttoa Ar. th€y rccolo€ld€d lor .off€rcF of oSA?

Nme ole of th. 6r€ge.ted coa$

of &cd@ for .u6€EF of OSIAm€ndded tn ttt!

r mrk for dy one ot lostlg I0% o! noE welebt 0I the sutrd ,s ob*)i surge.yisuJEl€l blPass of lhe obsbacsofl.

lta .fi€ctte t3 dflg tr€ate€lt Not voy efecdvc {t marr<l

fo. suttered or osa?

rYhrt fte coadidon is mentloned ln thi 8..tio!? Cent$l aPnoca(1 mark)\


AnsweE- Ustenhgtest- Vedon I

rz 9rrlsrran rfh"r .y"d':i vttt tnir c@t&rd rn a.brdt ,qirTtj!:.ocbt4d , Srddenhfant dath slndDmc\oi d€tn) O @kl

Cte one e6ect of.l.epi.g ptue ed tEqdtlb4 o! OSA5rfieE6, Any one oi de!!s replEtory ddver,nt€riE€ euh Epom t! bodys o.rgd.y ptutong apnoelc eplsodeiturth.r rd!.. oxt€6 ldab rn lh€ tlood. lr @dd


whlt ll o!. .flsct or.lcoLol tn rehdon to OSA? dMdon tn otuDlDryngar msilei d.prse Any one ot tncr*d tBphiory rldvei sl@ up €r<hg epms.i cd Indlce cdt6l apnoqi prcmot* snodrg (1 D.r:kl q!e&!-2o whli ..d@

mnequelce of re!€rt€d qlcohor l!t6!e t! OSAaufeB t! E@ttd.d

llot l lGsltne adks tor tlrs 6€cuon:25 l

I :doe-d-orr!!al-!rer!!a8r ''!ast f@ dal€'/ dd of b5r weak /^Ir 16 bcn occurtng orcr th. wa\" 11narri xEbtr3 ol ftidd

minddlng vrtl dr.r .f rm.tGi: Unusualy busy pdlod at wort, l,th dadrng (1 trEru

EriblttjaDr trDU opetor/k

yb@d op€dtor/wod prcGtor op@ior O lru

@ Note: ansc6 en be gv6 tl any o.ddi 1 mrk prssws) a) Tllrd^tn€ doh a loi blPd prwdt he dotnguugs dr home,6ped:xy ho dfg urrr€s cl t{as rrxm srne otrwork


4 Answe6- Listeninglesl - VetsionI





adra! t!le! iqlallaie.'erL Putshdds urdo coldQro o mdkl


cl c ct

Lybg dow ai ddht (h b.d) o nfkl

No olha oajor s'tptoG (1 mar4 ErLhuot "ose sboJdo/ne<kpcrn:los or appeua(, rukt ;,


per.n! or..drv h,cldmmd r.odd n'iroFr: 2 goud ohld.m lt nark) Husb3frl r. a 1ach6 (l ndk)

d d d 4

n6s6 (l mr}]

No s8dnqt




c, I, c,

Rsl (r@ed!rc st6]n irjlry) O ndk) vh.r

dos .h. d.dd

No le'l:hat


d4 r!:4e$!,. lnjury or lncapacrt/"{r .s,rt

tn€ o!&{ri o -*u )

(Note a@€ 6 be glvd tn dny orddi I Ifuk a) (I'medrat ) retln to work ''

rE uswd)

cJ RelMdon |}teEly / / dJ Modniadoc to wrk svtrcmenl/tuFniure/rc!3ne/as

(Notei @sc


6 6 6 d

be gven tn dy ord€ri I mdr

4 4 d

q ,q q

pd d$d

dnn r€ ofretm toE.k bl 9de-,lr.cts of anargescsor othe.o€drquons .l kr€tn oI duauon of srrnptons 4 Jwntten)adtce onviar @/@ r be doncar vork. at hom€l





e .1 4

led - vetshon2 Answers- Uslenhag Ln A - o! EV/^!DA. It Do6t! C€rdc l mdl rrrtd.d

for €tcn.oftct


1O!61&L! doneror .ddldat6) o@tton 2 {wty. rn Fhtch ettdetliorog b helpt g to cdir.r


- :-sedl+ .d!6uon - cladne)nod6 or L€n@l$16 a-.=irsdrfrpffidon ptuEds :Ge;6r.-nd 3Ded (ordsas.)



3 (a metno& oftntrElslo!



ofAIDsl of EIv)

Eod€ ot tdn.bnlton


- u!rctec|d q/dptutet contact/s4uar ntdolF

d s@sl I'rtdcos./

(.dcr.n.y ol !

or IrIU

- more €liclat

mare b fdmle t}l3n fdEL



to malc / M to F !.ttd


toM / 4peda[yMt F, oi - 1%dlk of t rsrrsron / l% 6r€ of dndmcy D)


N (o)


md. oi tld@letotl

/ hocgatron le/th Uood oi btoodpod&r5l rtfeted Uood d t1..d !rcductr/1rf*ted blood/@nlact s{h tnood, or: - t€nersslon ua brood(or u@d Fodrctsl (2 et@lrE

of t!j! doir. oltt@E


2 m.}s for arly tee ol th€ fdndr.p€ 3 pohls 0! dy ordrl: - E$stuslon ofrrlood/trdGtuslon olttood or t'lood prtducts,'blood tr&sluson/ttrsfus,on. dd or - sbann€ r6dl6/sbanrg hjddlg dtug .qulpddt/Glng Ldeted / n;a;u&,n,w



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2 m.ks fdr any t*€ oatne lonodig 3 pol,aLs0n dv ordd): - (dlnng PreEMncY,and/or (durinelbith Proc63. {d/o.: - {lhrongt brast nlnk g!€Etior 4 (Pbgteslon fton lrw t o r{D51 A)

@edru tr4. for.t elolm.nt


(Gu.l s@i*t


(n@oG for ron.!


t4to dDs)

tlme ft@ th€.reveropmert olAIDs)

rfth Ar,s not nd!€ s rong u E n)

2 drrks ror uy M of the fouorttS 3 po,r16lu dv orddl ' ddascd

acc6s to helur @/pdor h..lth l8/41luc acc6s !o halth @.

- lard draetus.d t!:n E6/1ale dlatnosls dd/or ddve t€Endt lals tnd nd/not L€led dlvllatt (NOTE:7x = ftatndtl guesdon 6 (tm l6t|@



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2 t@Ls lor sv tlo of Ih€ follostng 4 poltrts iln ev otdfJ - lodd ln w6tAfde/'$/6rnfd€, dd/or ' ld l6s Nmon lhd Hnrr/f,r l6s comon dd/ot procr€e.lontd ds ron€ to dderop alAs/pFg6ston ' l6s €1!d6tly ba.s!tded,46


ta!6 ldngd.


glesrton 6 Erobar .ptd€&roroA. or Ev/AIDs) Al


on ne Ev bJectl@ @d tn€ lBi 6 mont&)

- 30 ro 40r Dlot..r: . I rtllon nd lnfecsos, or: ' 1 pson l.Idted ddy 15 20 seconds/l litelcd sery 15 20 s< B)

lprc<licted 6gEt lor trre ted 2ooo) - r0 nl]lron uitdet€d orpnds

Ancwe$- ldanlng fe^n- Ve'Jon 2 g@tim rrl 3 '6ls

7 (pdt n of .pud

of Ev grotilt)

{frctoF facutat!'g tne 6poad or ArI)s !t loBi rr*! for dy tE*

ol th. fono}{,rgnrc !.nn!e (li my orddl:

, socro-snobrc &cto6/!d.rty, ad/or - lo,tUer @d cdturar bddF. and/ot - etot otgMtanv. ,rltdduon, dd/d - (pr@la.e o0 o6s sdu]ry hlG'llttcd ds.€s/othq gcr{r,r r,rcRtson B)

(wEO l'to!@tr@ - het@al



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{,n ddtlop[ig wdd) tetre!

alb url atdd ln th. lealtcicat .!sal


- astq si]l supds AAre ltl nqt 10yq4/Asla dlr s@ slrrqss Afd€/Asla vln

g!€!tr@ a f€Dd.

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or ^lDs h Afttcal

2 marks for dy t@ 6f drc IolropLg 4 lol'lts 0r ay orddl: - pderv, ud/c tac& orm.dcar @€, ed/or - hrgh pffiaro.e of geilbl lr.ddon/gddt3r - utu to ruEil mov@atll'l€rauon e g6up.



tr Brv/ADs rn dme@t 66ttte)

eohts li dy ofttd rbsutholt ou€don 9) COUNIRY

MAINCROUPSAIIECIED - hletrr€ dtu€ u€6/Iv drug ss, sa MrkG/ pbsdtute, ud/or - het6sdla1l gaffi I polulatun - losutut6/sd

work6, dd


Answe6- lislenlng lest - veEion2

LaJ€clne dru€us*/n/ drugus6 ' hjccdng dig rs6/rv drug uffi, homGmal md, and/o.


gu.rtlon 10 (Er,/AIDs tn AEtnr!) rl

trrfoE.tton d tt ivo nddlbrpa inf.ct d ltr rtGtnlirl

orp€olr. tu.t


2 na*s ror !!IIr of rh. folotuC lolrll9 lh ey od€rl I


h hje.tnr€ drue u6/low€!


low6t lslorfdn


hrghGt tn honosdual ncn/flrlr

ir dru€ Gd3/<2%


y homGqual o@/3696 honos*ual

(Reo.ore4En tor tlll snutror) 3 ldks for sy lbl$ of the lold}{ng 6 pohtsi - Isuesturl ps4don progIma dd/o! - .ootengon bed dd/or afidt d md ue dd go@dl. ns{, ad/or .du@uon !rccrm ldbet d t@fds rrdn.salzr t hav{ou cbdg., !d/or ' hdtr ml,rnlellon/n It lv ddg use6 .dlc ddiarg. progre/mtl]niedon

brghaems of Hn/. ud/or - hr€htGBnCfo. HIv guestlon 11 ( for ptlteau ln au!.r

of r€w dtagr@e. of AlDs t! Alsintla

2 rorks to! blb of lhe lono*{ng po,tlts (l,r dy ords): ' use ofdrugs/sydouihe/.{2Tlaru for AIDS. tEhrent/tratmcnt

ret ovltal t-€h.6ts/ns


Answe$- Ll'lenlnglegl - vedon 2 M/1RMNG SCHEidE AI{D IGY




- ch6t lerc

fd pEd@t 3 vlllt wd rhc llst 2 w€qks {done fo. ddtdatGl

t3tl6t . d.!cdrt!o! of @ndnio! (lncladl,4 clrcllfui,n.B, syEpt@ ud usckied sy&!to@l NoTE: lo,rls 0 t. n! @y b. h dy ordd r ffik

tor dy @ ol dE fonoFhE4 po,r !:

- clmtrlg statB/got,g lFstala

r mrk lordt!!cof therollo*,lng3point : . - sght pdns ,.@ fr@t of ihcl/pah/s€htn* strclo\e aclN r.od oq oflain a.N clt€t^dd - !€inltqbhc do6 not hw./pdn do6 not Edlatc/parn do6 tu: 8o .ladbw - pafiltl€hurG g06 s@y rnd 3-4 d.s ct/psrn d@ mi last long/pdn sulslde aftd 3 4 Elnute Evpsln g06 amy by lts€{/pah sulrslde by ltldI r mrk for the folodtrg poril - lhon of b@ih/6one shorttres of brerh/a$odrt€d


e[esrb! a)


M€drcd Blstory


rdedtc.r Ebtort


NorE: poht n ' rv) My b. rr sy oldd - nnd da!et6/dtabe!6 m€lltus - (dsgnosrdl l0 y6 agolhld for t r0,€s/5r0 yeF - alpddetony at lslFhd a teEgd - G.d to snok€/$ok€d up to ]s ya6 agolmok€d tion renag€ to 30 tG/q' snol€r/c€sed soldrg at 30 yF dgarettGl Nqa snoks/sokB

- .ontroned by dtet/no oedl@don ned.d/dtei - not ov@deht/lomal xd8ht

@ltrol or y/ci ttx det,rong/or'

Answe6- llslenlng lest- ve$ton2 R4drtr 6fpedou

mediclr t .t

- dDlest€rol ovchol NAD/chol6rerot NAD,o!: bloodIat OK/,tlood lat NAD ft{oT cnoletdot oR Broodr.! gEsfid



medjcli rulbry

- n:d hrgh blood pres@/nad mch Bp/h.d n]Idradon^ad - di€d ot stmk€/dred oIcvA

ll:rN, and


- rlldftlood pus@/hnd Bp/trJld hrlen.ndon/rlld IIT, am - on m.d1@tlonfor blood p@ur/rabl.i for btoodpBurc/daty lEs@/tablct

for Ry forBp

- broih- drd 6rstE 6n./bror!s guetror


tlhlet Ior llood

ed d6td or/brdlhs sd stsrd rdl of nore


- artste to hc.Jt Em@d edlor brocked/lor €no4h orrg€n (o2J Ecrlng to hd/'blood suppty to hen b nor eood

guestr@ 6

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to. m.trdoD

' dlabet€s,dd/or - &rnJy hsrory/fanl]y Hd tr(:ltas nsk3). ed/o. - elmrcd btoodp@E/h€h bloodpEs@/r1ch Bp,lh}lcltdslon/


gre6tl@ 7 !&nrg€eent ot cotrdifi@ (d.rans ofactoF t bc ctrccled and morntor.d t6rs ro be undenlla m€dre on etc. . l0orrrorlasss rffilble tactoB/monltor eleuve NOIE: PolntsX) - Ivl fono*lng nay be I,r uy ordd - nornto. djabele/c!€ck dtabetG

bur coferabte

Answe6- Usteningfe't - Ve,6ton2 - re do blood t6ts. &{l/or dek broodfatslrwd ofn@d fak^lood .ail, and/or - aheri chol€t Fl/Chot, and/or - ch6k trrttceddG/"rc -lact to, conrr'otbtood6tE kc.p d €yeon bloodpr6sw/nor tor bloodpresuE/check blood pcsuE/@tch BP,and/or - ihak 'dsht/Fatch ec,€ht. ddlor - Etih dcvnor ro. dlcr ' reld to helt sp€crrlsi lnd/or - treadnllll t€vmorttorh€r md@qr bd6 sr!6r, and/or gerlda orsd61qors ndor/e.r lda or dtot of tuno&rrg or ane.l€,

Medtcltl@ dd tEtftctloE - hedlo uoDro open up bhod Bsds/h.ddu6 ro LbpB. btood suDpy ro nedlangtue (NoT rrbt.t /l)lht6 roelrdrn.l, drd/or - slbnnguel iabrctsforlEh {rn.fugmo!/r!k.onc dui,g!.h/tak one to !l@nt p.inlr.L r to rcld. rqln, dd/or - t lr. one b.foE ddcGe/q.rdon, a,rd/or - rabler wlll help 6nnm dagnosls 9@3don 3

t{eaon fd eertu!

EC.nt Dedtc.t .nentto!

-IIt k r tabl.r. no .dtef aod 10_r5 &r\ take doth6. no r€uef/tf take 1 tabLt, R€ti 10-15rnn, tatre dothd, dd6n,t wor!<.nd 5- rO n n, or , ongoingp.h not Frd€d by nedl€dor o. - dsk ofaote myoerdlal ldarcdon/rr.k ot,1Ml/d6k ot Ml/rjsk of nyocarrtiar rrlaedor/rls.t ot h..Ji e1ta.k



at rF b tl€rreelt

to lE ud.narE


stmde r6is/btood r€16, dd/o. - 6dtognpb/EcC/(obrahl basel'rE Lace. md/or - lpecnbq able1s/medle{on, dd/o.

rdcr to hart spectrtsr/refml to left spc.raltst. TIIIO Is tIIE ANDOFPARTB

Answe/s- Llslenlnglesl - Vetslon2 !rl

- re-do ttood t6ts. ed/o. - che.l ttood rats/l*€l ofllodd rdrsAroodfats. and/lr - chol6t.ol/Chol, and/or - ahek td€tcdid€,-rrc -(a.t tol @ntrol blmd fats - kep d ey€on bloodpEsw/nonltor pcsurc/utch BP,@d/or - che.k edlht/etch werthr, dd/or - @tih devnoirto. dl€t




- refd to hen s!ar.l6t, ddldr - hEddll tevf,ot'rtd hert nmt bd6 6tr6s, andlor Id4 ot s*rlty of6ndr6on/gcr Ga ol drdt ol mE v1ng of aridre, e.t


ual trtftctl@

- medleuon to openup Uood r*d6/nedr6uon to irlldeblood seply to ltdn/angldne tabr.ts/nr!!t6 (NoT E!dyc.rhe), drd/or - 8ub!4ual tabLt! tor paln lEtu€dd!/tlkc @e ddnng Fdn/r,ike one to I lo relrde ald/ot Pddl Pah/l3ke Pst! - t3l. on bdorc dd.rsc/q.ruon, aid/or - tauel *{l hdt @nim d1agrosls g@ltlon 3


rd *ethg

Eedlcd llteltlot

,lt he 1 tltid, no r.lldaltcr 10'15 rlln, t 1| eotha. m rdl.f/Ut lr€ t lablei Fati l0-r5 rnh, ral@dotlE do6nl wrk aftq 5- lo 61n, or - onSo'ngp.h n t rdrd€d by m.dr@dm, or - rlsL ofa@t€ rlyo@didl bfarcuon/.ts! of AMI/dsk ot Ml/rrsk of myocsrdial Irfandm/rtsL of h@n a[ack

g@su@ I

st p! tn ln:ie6t

.o te ddenlre!


- s,rnpletets/blood t€t , sd/or - erdioElaph/Ecc/(obtdi) basella. iEce, ed/or - (pecrtbe) tableis/nedr@don, ddlor


rder ro h€rr speddst/rdqEr ro herr spedalist. IHAf IS TTIE!trD OF PART B

OET Medicine Booklet  
OET Medicine Booklet  

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