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Tips To Find Best Motels on Route 66 Travelling is one of the most enriching experiences that one can have. Every traveller has a wish to undertake a travel to Route 66 at least once in his life. The fun and excitement of this route can be dated back to 1930, Great Depression and since then its popularity has continued to rise for both historians and leisure travelers.

As Route 66 is quite a busy route, you can find a number of resorts, motels and hotels. No doubt it gives travelers a wide array of choices but also adds to the confusion of which motel to choose. If you have been contemplating a travel to Manassas, here are a few tips that will help you to select the best motel: 1. Online research: The best source to get the information on the route 66 motel is to browse the internet. You will find a number of websites giving credible information. Or the other way is to check the dedicated website of the motel to know about their rates. 2. Amenities: When selecting a motel there are few features or amenities that you must look for. A motel is worth of living only if it has the following features: 1 Clean and tidy rooms 2 A nice bed 3 Easily accessible parking 4 Friendly staff 5 Wi-fi connectivity 6 Local restaurants, bars, eateries in close by vicinity 7 Safety is of utmost importance and you must not compromise when it comes to it.

3. Accessibility to places of tourist interest: Prefer booking a motel that is not very far from the places of tourist interest. Check the availability and accessibility of the public transport from the motel before making your choice. Traveling should not eat all of your time and money. 4. Brand or No-Brand: One of the major question that haunts the travelers is what to prefer: established brand or one that is still trying to establish itself. While a brand ensures a particular service guarantee but they also charge a little extra for the same facility that you could avail at an unbranded motel for a lot less. 5. Motel Reviews: Internet has eased our life and there are number of ways to find out about a motel. Make appoint to read a few reviews by past guests of the motel to get a real review of the time they spent at the motel. Consider all reviews before selecting a motel to make a fair choice. 6. Negotiate: It is not very difficult to get a discount from a motel. The amount or percentage of discount rests on number of factors like season and occupancy. You can surely save a lot of bucks from the motel rent. 7. Check the deals: Before making the final selection don’t forget to look online for discount and promotional codes. It is best to spend some time online looking for coupons or code to avail discounts. Mostly all motels come up with special promotional or seasonal offers that guests must make use of. Most motels have tie ups with certain credit card companies and under loyalty program offer extra discounts or cash backs.

These tips will help you get the best motels on Route 66 and enjoy your stay without any inconvenience and hassles.

Motels on route 66 - Our location in the center of the charming historic area of Manassas, Virginia offers exceptional dining, shop...

Motels on route 66 - Our location in the center of the charming historic area of Manassas, Virginia offers exceptional dining, shop...